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Empty City - Prologue

The City took decades to die and its corpse has been decaying for decades since. There was no cataclysm, no turning point. It is difficult to say when the death occurred but it is clear now that this is a lifeless place. The time of foxes and rats and flies and maggots has long passed; what wildlife there is lives here as it does in nature now rather than on the long gone debris of man. Patches of grass and scrub fight their way up past the concrete and glass but The City will still be a desert to nature for a long time to come. Despite the rain.

For years men lingered on in The City, tied to their old home by the habits of generations, farming under lights and then on rooftops but eventually the forces of demographics, economics and simple time drew them away, a few at a time, towards new ways. Populations slumped and slumped again making the very reasons for megalopolises such as this redundant; economies changed too and the once mighty boardrooms and cabinet offices lost their command over the massive resources that were the lifeblood of The City.

There had been wars of course: small, vicious and frequent but mostly far away. It was paranoia in The City while it was still quite full that led it to cripple radio traffic across the globe, seeing plots in any communication outside it’s own regulated hardwire infrastructure. The climatic trigger, an unintended consequence of hundreds of - so called clean - nuclear detonations in the upper atmosphere probably only hastened The City’s demise.

Less than a hundred million people live across the globe now, spread thin and with little reason to hate or envy one another. Technology is very much alive but desires and ambitions are simpler. During the last years of The City’s death - or perhaps the first years of it’s decay -men came back often to mine the wealth of technology and resources. They scarcely come any more; things left of any value are spread thin now and ‘New Mankind’ can meet their own needs. For the few that do come there is still danger.

Rain beats down hard against the flaking concrete and smeared glass of The City most of every day. The flat hard sunlight, unimpeded by the shredded upper atmosphere, slashes through heavy clouds that would have defeated it fifty years ago to cast a patchwork of blinding white and impenetrable black that drifts constantly across the still, silent buildings. Miniature rainbows form and move and fade amongst the light and dark City in a display that is both beautiful and horrifying. Little lives here; almost nothing moves. The dying City had sought to protect itself and reached predictably for its solution to everything: technology. Little moves here but some things still watch…

Empty City - 1

The City was not quite empty. Hidden amongst the shimmering moving rainbows and patches of brilliant sun, through the rain and mist was a smudge of smoke and a small but definite heat signature. A broken duct running up from a crumbling municipal building was in use. Only six floors high, the concrete and glass building looked as silent and empty as the rest of The City, undisturbed rubbish and mould covered the office floors and the half filled shelves of what had been a library or archive but a careful look – very careful, very close – would show the sensors concealed to cover entry points. The fibre cables were well hidden too, they ran together and down into the basement car park and down again into the sub-basement. This was one of few sub-levels in The City not to be flooded: it was warm and dry… and clean.

The cables ran under a barred and locked door, reinforced on the inside. Behind the door a small steam engine chuffed efficiently through a hopper of compressed paper to charge a wall racked to the ceiling with salvaged vehicle batteries. The machine was modern and sleek, wasting only a fraction of its energy up the flue and into the world outside.

The rest of the old boiler room was filled with salvaged parts, benches and tools: old electronics and robot parts mostly. A pretty woman sat motionless on a swivel chair, softly freckled and dressed for the office. A bundle of wires ran out from her blouse into a mash-up of computers and heavy batteries on a trolley beside her, all switched off and silent. A rhythmic noise came through a curtain from an adjoining room, a little light leaking through the rough cloth.

Inside this smaller room, moving together in the dim reddish glow of an oil lamp, were two smooth bodies. The glow shone back from the long glossy limbs of a golden-tanned beauty as she thrust her pelvis back and forth against her little blonde lover’s face. Her long dark hair hung thickly over her own face buried between the blonde’s thighs as she lay on her side, glistening breasts bouncing with every movement. One long perfect leg thrust upwards as she grasped her own ankle with her manicure hand. She purred breathily, “hmmm, oh Cassie! Oh yessss…”

The blonde’s head rested on her magnificent lover’s thigh as she nuzzled eagerly into her sex, short tousled hair framing a pretty young face, tongue flickering between pale lips. She lay on her side against the other woman; a shorter, paler, almost boyish figure with little breasts topped off by hard pink nipples pushing out eagerly for the occasional caress of the brunette’s free hand. She said nothing but moaned urgently as the other’s head moved under it’s dark curtain of glossy hair, “ughh… oh! Ughh… urggh…urr… oh!” Her legs were spread as wide as they would go under her lover’s face to open herself completely to the pleasure.

The blonde’s pale white skin had a slight sheen that didn’t reflect the light in the same way as the tanned perspiring flesh moving beside her. Shiny metal at the joints of her ankles, knees and shoulders made it obvious she was a robot and, as her lover moved her onto her back to slide on top of her, a small panel of controls set high in her belly became clear. Several small points of light blinked rapidly green and amber amongst the switches and ports.

The brunette grew more and more urgent, moving on top of her robot partner, pushing the pale plastic thighs down on the rough bunk with her head buried between them while she thrust herself back and forth across the pretty face harder and harder. Both women were panting and moaning now without inhibition. The robot girl’s hands roamed over the magnificent body pinning her down, caressing her thighs and back and breasts. The blonde cried out suddenly and her little body convulsed against the soft flesh on top of her, hands gripping the golden tanned butt above her face, back arching and thrusting in the grip of her programmed orgasm response, “Ah! Ahh! A-ah AHHHH A-ah aaah ARHHHH!!”

The brunette stroked her lover’s thighs, moving her head more slowly now as the robot’s ecstasy died away. She lifted herself up to kneel astride the blonde’s face, trailing one hand down to rest on the smooth white vagina, sopping with artificial juices and slipping a perfect red-tipped finger inside. She sat back and smoothed her long dark hair away from her face as she began to ride the eager face hard enough to have smothered a human lover. She was truly beautiful: sapphire eyes set in a timeless image of loveliness, perhaps mid thirties and smiling at the pleasure coming from below.

“Oh Cassie, that’s good! Oh yes, hmmmmm! Oooh! Ahhh…”

She grasped her own soft tanned breast and pinched her nipple as she increased her rhythm. Neat black curls of pubic hair were split by the wet pink gash that her pumping thighs drove up and down her lover’s face. Her back arched and flexed as her gasps and moans became more and more intense. She kept her finger working inside the smooth wet plastic slit on the android girl’s sex and was rewarded by another shuddering robot climax below her; the sounds of release muffled by her own sopping pussy but the intensity all to clear in the sudden fury of fast blinking amber LEDs just below the blonde’s perky little breasts.

The hard helpless convulsions of the robot girl’s second climax, if anything stronger than her first, seemed to tip the brunette over the edge towards her own release. With the blonde’s body still spasming under her she threw her head back and ground downwards as hard and fast as she could.

“Cassie! Hmmm! Oh, yes! Faster! Faster Cass… oh… oh! OHH! Oh, Cass, I’m coming! I’m coming! I’M COMING!!! OHHH!! OH! AHHHH!!!”

Arching her back, every fibre of this beautiful woman was taken by her orgasm. Eyes screwed closed, mouth agape in a silent cry, her face was a picture somewhere between pain and confusion: the exquisite agony of orgasm. Her neck and breasts flushed; sweat beading on her lip and chest, nipples pointing hard from the soft round swell of her shuddering tits as her body pulsed with release. She opened her sapphire eyes, her orgasm still rippling through her.

“Oh god! Oh… OH! OHHH!” Helpless desolation swept across her face again as her body was swept up towards another orgasmic peak.

There was a tiny electronic sound. The passionate beauty stayed pressed on her knees over ‘Cassie’s’ face for a moment more then slumped slowly backwards against the head of the bunk to lie still, arms akimbo and eyes staring widely into nothing, her face a frozen mask of pleasure.

The little blonde robot pulled herself free with a struggle, pretty young face wet with juices, and knelt up to look at her suddenly immobile lover. “Shit, not again!” she muttered bitterly but without much surprise. She ran her hands over the brunette’s perfect body and curled her fingers through the wet pubes, noticing how the other woman still leaked her warm fragrant juices even de-powered. She made a move to get up but suddenly gasped in surprise. Looking down at her controls, past her still stiff nipples, she noted several steady red lights amongst the still furiously blinking indications, “Uh-oh…”

Cassie visibly struggled to maintain control but was powerless to prevent a third orgasm sweeping through her systems as a backlog of sexual data executed. She shuddered, gasping helplessly against the inert brunette, automatically fingering hard against her own smooth plastic clitoris even though she was already well above operating limits. This time her orgasm ran on as her over-taxed CPU struggled with the volume of data. She froze intermittently, jerking back into motion, her panting moans cut ragged. She began to spasm as undemanded motor inputs jerked her body and limbs; she gaped wildly, unable to execute any verbal functions, grey eyes wide in shock and ecstasy as she experienced a full-blown system malfunction leading to the inevitable involuntary shut-down.

The little blonde android lay helpless and inert on top of the equally immobile brunette android which had been so vivaciously fucking her only a few minutes before. Cassie’s arms and legs were thrown wide leaving her face up, her short blonde hair nuzzled between her lover’s full tanned breasts. The polished metal joints in her limbs reflected the guttering lamp flame and her smooth white skin was blemished only by the drying smears of artificial juices. Her eyes were wide and blank, mouth agape and, more importantly, the status lights set just below her small breasts were all dim: completely shut down.

There was a loud beep and one amber LED began to flash steadily. After a few moments several other indicators joined it as the little android began her auto-reboot sequence. She sat up smartly on the bunk, face expressionless and began to speak:

“CX264-003 starting up. Searching for boot script. Backup located at CT3422-89-005-2. Initialising from CT3422-89-005-2. Please wait. Please wait. Improper shutdown detected – checking drives. Please wait. Malfunction isolated in OXS System. Fixing errors in CX264 driver. Please wait. CX264 online – power 27% - OSX System not available. Searching for default applications: Loading CXSim2.3.exe Please wait. Loading Archive 1.0 Please wait. Please wait. Loading CAS1.exe Please wait.

Hi, I’m CAS1!”

The blonde blinked several times as she got her bearings and looked around.

“Shit, you’re good!” She muttered admiringly as she stroked the inert brunette’s hair back from her face, still frozen in wide-eyed orgasm.

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