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I woke up early morning, and I had that horny feeling again. So I figured it was time to take out Emi. I stretched, kicking off the blankets. The cool spring air was refreshing against my naked skin, although my cock was naturally averse to the nippiness in the air.

I lazily swung to my feet, taking a few blurry steps to window, pausing only to inhale the sweet spring air before I drew the heavy drapes across. This was personal, private.

Reaching to the bedside drawer, I pulled out the middle drawer. The remote control was exactly where I placed it from the last time. I didn't hesitate to press "On". A red LED lit up, indicating that the remote was now active.

Satisfied, I walked over to the closet, and opened the door.

Emi was right where I left her in standby mode, her face blank. Literally blank. There was the usual camera/sensor array where eyes would be on a human. I smiled before the camera, knowing that she would automatically be recording my goofy grin in her hard drive. I'll remember to delete it later. I hated my crooked smile.

"Hello Emi," I said, still smiling. "status please."

"Emi-bot is ready and awaiting command." replied a cold mechanical syntesized voice.

"step out, Emi." I commanded.

Emi walked out of the closet and faced me, waiting for her next command. My eyes roamed her body, admiring the pale, almost translucent plastic housing that housed Emi's mechanical parts. It was soft to the touch, and it was already getting warm. Soon Emi's flesh - for that was what it was, will be as warm as any living human's.

"Emi, detach head module," I commanded, while fiddling around in the closet. I heard a soft click and whirr behind me, but this time, there was no thud of her head falling to the floor. That new software plugin I installed did its job.

Ah, there it was. I reached behind some boxes of old clothes, pulling out a disembodied human head. I smoothed out the thick dark hair, admiring the features, the small imperfections on its skin. The head belonged to Kris, a friend of mine. As a matter of fact, it was the head she was born with, and when she cloned herself for the first time, knowing of my tastes, she had given the old body to me. I already had Emi then, but there was something deliciously perverted with this gift which was too good to miss out on, so I had the head converted into a memory expansion module for Emi, and the skin made into her current outer cover.

"Emi.." I whispered, glancing at her headless body. As per programming, her chest just under the collarbone was already starting to redden with arousal. I stroked the Kris's head one more time, before quickly pushing Kris' head down on Emi's neck. Emi shuddered a little as the new Kris personality routines were loaded. I smiled with satisfaction, fighting off the urge to stroke my stiff cock by grabbing emi's normal head and placing it back in the closet.

"Oh my .. what's going on?" said a female voice behind me.

"Hi Kris," I replied, trying but failing to wipe that shit-eating grin off my face. "Wanna fuck?" I asked, brazenly discarding all social pretenses.

"Umm.. no?" Kris replied. It was so much like the real Kris I had to giggle. "What's going on?" Kris' head asked again, starting to be aware that her body was not what she thought it was. Here it comes, that look of surprise mixed with dawning horror.... her mouth opens again to scream..

I'm too fast for her. I have already pressed the Command button. Immediately her eyes went wide open, as if in shock, but I know it wasn't shock. I know Emi's programs have now overriden the copy of Kris' personality that was in her head.

"Awaiting command.. Master" Kris said, in a flat, monotonous droning tone. Oh hell yes. I loved it when the programs switch.

"Run program thirty-one," I commanded, pulling up the chair that was next to my dresser. My legs were already trembling in excitement, and it was best that I enjoyed what was to come... sitting down.

"Program running," Kris's voice replied, and she stiffly walked towards me, each step calculated and precise. She went on her knees before me, assuming the position. Then, in a routine that she was programmed to do with perfection, and one that I never tired of, she began to suck my cock.

Kris' head was special. It wasn't made in some dinky part factory in Asia, it stood on a real woman's shoulders for 18 years, and when the owner cloned herself into a new body, she gave me the old head. So, given that it was once flesh, Kris' lips felt wonderfully silky and smooth as they clamped gently around my throbbing cock.

A moan escaped my lips as Kris' head, mounted on my precious Emi chassis, sank down two inches, precisely two inches, the lips applying just the right amount of pressure as half my cock disappeared into her mouth. Then she raised her pretty head, exactly one inch, before plunging in another three inches, leaving only the base of my cock exposed. Kris didn't have a tounge anymore, but no human tounge could ever replace the vibrating pad I installed in her head where the tounge used to be. I feel it hum into my cock, sending waves of pleasure that permeated my member.

Then the extruders came out of the roof of her mouth. These two inch long rubber extruders were made of slippery siliconized rubber, and they functioned like tentacles that wrapped themselves around the head of my shaft, lightly teasing my turgid member, while I moan, a low, animal groan of satisfaction that mixed with the soft mechanical whirr and hum of the machinery inside the robot head.

I pressed the Command button again.

The blowjob stopped. Then time slowed down as Kris' personality reasserted itself. Then came the delicious look of terror as the digital copy of a 18 year old high school senior's personality realized what she was doing. Quick as lightning, she spat out my cock, and backed away, skittering backwards on Emi's hands, using emi's legs to kick herself backwards into a corner.

I couldn't suppress my giggling.

"Hello, Kris," I said to the simulation of a frightened 18 year old, "I'm here to rape your various entry ports." She whimpered. "And it's not rape, because you're not even... human", I relished the last few words, even as I keyed in the next routines.

Then to Kris' utter horror, her body started moving on its own, crawling towards my erect cock. Her eyes were looking away, and the look on her face switched from utter horror to abject disgust even as Emi's body,carrying Kris's head on its shoulder got closer and closer. Emi's body automatically adjusted, bringing Kris's face level with my cock, which now aching so bad from the wonderful sight of terror and obedience before me.

I ground my hips on Kris's face, feeling the wonderful softness Oof plasticised human skin and muscle, much better than anything they came up with. It was both soft and firm in the right places, and my cock sent back pulses of pure pleasure up my spinal cord. It approves so much of frightened robot girls.

The emulation programs ran perfectly, as frightened little whimpers came out of Kris's voice synths, even as the Emi-bot body it was mounted out ran the sex program perfectly, even randomizing some thrusts, managing to catch my stiff penis.

I grunted, spurting ribbons of thick, white creamy cum down the robot’s mouth, where complex, automated subsystems will break it down into base sugars, and from base sugars, into energy to power the head module.

I pulled away from the madly sucking robot, my cock still hard and sore. I knelt and took a look at the mouth module of my wonderful fuck machine. My cum was still there, and the tounge subsytem was still circling around a non-existent cock.

I grinned, and reached for the remote control, shutting Emi off, putting the remote on my bed as she wound down and collapsed into an untidy pile, limbs splayed at unnatural angles on the floor.

Time for shower and work, I guess. I’ll turn her on again tonight.

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