Dustball Chronicles

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Dustball Chronicles

Commissioned by SpinDash

Part 1

The AEG348 orbital quick response station floated lazily through the thermosphere of a planet that didn’t yet have a name, at least not a proper name, it was 34-Agare-b in the records held back on earth. Most people just called it Dustball. Dustball because of the large swathes of land still covered in brown loose dirt which made it prone to dust storms. Terraforming was a very real, but very time intensive process that required years of dedication and work by large groups of people willing to till the earth and plant seeds that they would never get a chance to enjoy. The problem was that there was always some kind of rebellion, or uprising, or some group of people who wanted to tear down what was being built. Any number of reasons had cropped up over the years, from people claiming that Earth was the one true planet and all others were somehow less than human, others claimed that we were trampling over the evolutionary potential of another planet and therefore were committing genocide. No matter the reason, they all ended in violence and destruction.

Earth and a conglomerate of other planets had long ago joined forces to form a sort of galaxy spanning United Nations. It’s one mission was to keep peace. It started as something of a more grand notion to promote scientific exploration and new discoveries, but it didn’t take long for them to realize that before they could promote selfless acts, they had to keep one planet from obliterating another. So, they became more of a police force than anything else, and their first order of business was to construct, staff, and deploy the orbital action response stations, or OARS. AEG348 was just the latest to be finished and set into orbit above the dusty brown planet below. Captain Auger had been assigned as one of the few humans required to run the station, he currently stood on the bridge of the station.

The bridge was situated in the middle of the station, where a great domed window of reinforced glass looked down on the planet below. He took a step forward, just far enough that his peripheral vision lost sight of the wall the glass was affixed to. He felt like he was no longer on a station drifting several hundred miles up, but rather like he was floating in space. He could have stood there for hours - any man could have - but the bridge was not designed for him. He turned and faced the semi circle of displays that filled the center of the flat, featureless platform that dominated the room. The entryway to the command center had been locked open, casting shadows of the monitor block over Auger. His eyes drifted upward where four slender metal woven cables dangled from the equally domed ceiling down to the ground. ‘That’s where it will be’ Auger thought to himself as he folded his arms behind his back and walked out into the brightly lit hallway.

He had stepped out just in time to see the rest of the equipment for the station being carted through the hallway. A dozen large steel containers were rolled past the door of the bridge, up the hall to a door across from the kitchen that led to a combination medical bay and repair facility. A final large steel container was separated from the rest, wheeled up in front of the door to the bridge. Auger was too busy looking up the hall with a small look of contempt and didn’t see the ensign waiting to get past him into the bridge.

“E-exuse me, sir.” the ensign managed to croak after a moment of hesitation . “Huh, oh, yeah uh go on in” Auger replied as his attention was drawn away from the hall and over to the crewman he was blocking. After a quick salute between the two, the ensign wheeled his hand truck into the bridge and set down the large box, quickly moving around to lay it flat on the floor. Auger curiosity had piqued and he strolled into the bridge again, attempting to casually supervise the ensign who was filling in the delivery slip.

Auger tilted his head and looked at the variety of markings and lettering stamped on the case. Ports of origin, the federation of planets insignia, manufacturer information, warning signs, and finally stamped in big block letters across the top “Model designation: R10”

“Model designation Rio?” Auger questioned to no one in particular.

“R ten, sir, they’re just robots, they don’t get assigned a name or anything.” The ensign corrected, as he stood up and presented the delivery slip to the Captain. “Someone will be by to assemble her and get her connected to the station’s network later today” the ensign added hastily. He saluted and then wheeled his hand truck out and back towards the launch bay.

“Her?” Auger mused, looking at the box. His curiosity got the better of him, and once the door whooshed closed behind him and he was left alone in the faint blue and green glow of the monitors in the room he knelt down in front of the crate. Snapping the three latches off of the top, bottom and middle he shoved the crate’s lid off. Inside, was a dull grey pad of foam, tossing that aside revealed a series of form fitting cutouts inside. Nestled in the first one that caught his eye was the head of the android the brass had assigned as the command unit for the station. She was a strikingly beautiful woman - her eyes were closed and she looked as if she might simply be sleeping as he studied the construction of her face. There were a few inches of her neck attached to her head and beyond that was the edge of the foam. Auger noted that she was bald, or at least didn’t have any hair attached at the moment.

Other foam cubbies on this layer held her arms, a plastic bag filled with what looked to be some kind of clothing, though Auger noted the bag was awfully small for a uniform. He shrugged and stood up before reseating the lid and walking away from the bridge. He had to inspect the other deliveries and there was no shortage of work to do around the station, he didn’t have much time to gawk at fancy looking computers.

Later that day a crew of tech officers arrived on AEG348 and after exchanging pleasantries with the onboard crew they set about their work. The combat androids needed to be put together and connected to the command droid, but first the command droid needed to be assembled, configured and brought online with the stations network. So, while the small crew of lower ranked officers moved to the repair bay to begin the task of assembling whatever androids had been scraped together for this location, the head tech officer moved to the bridge.

He dropped his tool box and portable computer bag next to the metal crate there and unlatched it. With practiced precision he pulled out the girl’s head and set it aside, followed by the arms, and the bag containing the uniform. He tugged the top layer of foam off and tossed it over the crate to land in the lid before reaching in to the crate and pulling out a very well crafted feminine torso and set it on the ever growing pile. As soon as he had set it down, his head snapped from the crate immediately back to the torso. His brow furrowed slightly, noting to himself that the breasts looked soft, capped with pert nipples, and on the hips, nestled between the connection ports for her legs, was a perfectly sculpted sex.

The tech officer, confused by this, tugged a portable computer from the bag and started it up, searching through the inventory roster and the intended unit model numbers for AEG348. Everything matched just as it should. He set aside the computer and blinked for a moment, looking from the pile of female parts back to the screen.

“Jesus, they’re all repurposed sex bots. You lucky bastards” he shook his head.

It didn’t take too much longer for the tech officer to remove the remaining body parts from the crate. He then set about lining up both of the legs next to the hips where a silver ring was set in from the outer flesh-like surface of the leg. A small bundle of wires were coiled up and zip tied to a metal post jutting out from the hip module. It lined up perfectly with the receiving port on the leg. He snipped the zip tie and set about connecting the bundle of cables to the hip joint. Dragging the leg closer, he connected the opposing ends of the bundle into their counterparts. He let it rest there, moved to the other leg and repeated the process, stringing the length of cable between the hips and the leg before setting the appendage down, close to the hip, but not connecting it just yet. The arms were similar in every sense except that the bundle of cables was slightly smaller.

Once the four limbs were in place, the tech officer set his portable computer on the ground next to the body that lay in a somewhat spread eagle configuration. He reached into the toolbox next to him and fished out a tool that looked like, at first glance, to be a simple screw driver. It was, in fact, a simple long metal rod with a rounded tip that contained an RF chip, coded with his administrator credentials. He pressed the tool deep inside of the belly button of the inactive android. Once the tip of the tool tapped against the receiver pad inside of her body, there was a slight hiss and a series of seams appeared across her body. Her chest and abdomen lifted an inch off of her body, supported by magnetized support beams. The tech officer pulled the tool out of her belly and set it aside then squeezed his fingers into the space between her chest panel and her torso and tugged upward. Her front torso panel popped off and was set down, leaning against the metal crate.

The tech peered inside the body, noting the empty bay towards the center of her chest, ready and waiting for a power cell to be installed. He reclined back from the body and picked up the waiting power cell from the pile of parts he had pulled from the box earlier, roughly the size of a water bottle, and similarly shaped. All things considered, the power cell looked like an oversized duracell battery. Once clipped into place, a multitude of status LED’s lit up on the array of circuitry inside of the robot. Some of it was fastened to the framework of the body, others were screwed into place on plates that were mounted to the hard plastic casing that gave her body a roughly humanoid shape. Many started off blinking red, before one by one turning amber. The technician waited until they all flicked green and everything seemed to be in place.

He scooted across the floor to the legs and picked one up, placing a hand on the inner thigh and the other on the shapely calf. He let out a sigh - these legs felt like they belonged on a stripper, not a military station commander. Artificial muscles like fibers inside of it gave it a firm, toned feeling as he maneuvered it into position. He tugged on the leg sharply, and then some kind of automatic retraction mechanism in her torso began to put tension on the loose cables running between her hips and her leg. Once they were taut, the leg was slotted into place and the magnetic bindings took hold of it followed by a mechanical lock snapping into place. Once locked, the tech peeked into her open torso cavity, noting the status LED by the leg he had just connected winked from amber to green. He repeated the process for the remaining three limbs, sharp tug, magnetic lock, mechanical lock and then a green light. Finally it was time to connect the head to the rest of the body. He turned it over in his hands and laid it face down in his lap, and tore into the bag that held her long flowing pink and purple hair piece. Like any other wig, there was a mesh net that the hair strands were attached to. This particular mesh also had a multitude of magnetic points along it, simply bringing it near to the proper location on the skull would cause the hair piece to snap into place. Once done he repeated a similar connection process, tugging free the thick bundle of cables and wires in her neck and attaching them to the matching neck joint on her torso, then tugging the whole module and locking it into place. The head was always something of a complicated ordeal, only because the hair had a habit of caught in the seam between neck and head.

Once connected properly, and the status light inside her body lit up green, all that was left was to close her up and activate her. The station’s automated systems would automatically overwrite any other programming that was left from when she left the factory floor. He pressed the chest panel into place and it slid slowly downward and once in place, automatically creating a vacuum that sealed the whole body. The technician packed up his tool box and computer and stood up. He slotted to two additional power cells into the slots in her legs and stood. The bank of monitors and station equipment in the center of the room held the final piece to this job, a thick cable with a monstrous looking plug on the end. Plug, the tech realized, was a bit of a misnomer, but rather a rectangular plastic cap with half a dozen different data connections in it.

The tech officer rolled the female-shaped android over so her back was accessible. There, between her shoulder blades was a rounded opening that matched the data ports in the end of the cable. After looking at the head of the cable, back to the port, then back to the cable, he managed to line up the connections properly and plug her in. It would take a while for her power cells to charge up enough and the data connections to reformat and reprogram her. The technician walked out of the room and let the door close behind him, not even bothering to check on the prompt on the screen. He had plenty more androids to assemble and reimage today, this one would take care of itself.

The screen displayed a message though that asked for a technician input. “Integrate existing personality with new personality? Y/N”

Without the input from a registered technician the space station’s A.I. took its own initiative. It was likely better to combine the two personalities than overwrite one and risk losing critical data. If there was an error in the A.I. logic, it could always be corrected later. And so, after two minutes, the new programming for the command android was poured into her internal storage drives and mixed together with her existing sexbot programming, creating a swirl of logic and love.

After approximately four hours of laying still on the bridge, naked and unmoving, she finally stirred. She got her arms under her and pushed herself up to a sitting position, and then slowly stood. She paid no attention to her nudity, but still scanned the room for her issued uniform, finding it still sealed in a bag nearby. She slipped into the simple white panties, then her skirt, which was barely enough to cover the firm curves of her rear end. She had to take out each of the spare power cells from her thighs in order to slip her stockings over the port, but quickly slotted them back into place. Her high heels fit her robotic feet perfectly and her bikini like top did little to hold back her well rounded breasts.

Her first orders from the central computer were to inspect the other combat androids aboard the station. The data feed piping through the plug on her back indicated that their assembly and reprogramming should have completed an hour ago. R10 moved her arms up behind her head, then down to the data cable there. Pressing in on the manual locking button she disconnected from the station computer system. Doing so caused her to blink rapidly for a few moments as her internal A.I. came online for the first time and took control of her body. She shuddered as she did so, the vast array of servos and tiny motors all over her body receiving different streams of data from her all at once.

Now dressed and moving on her own, R10 stepped into the hall and made her way towards the repair bay. Her recently merged station-wide programming suite included a map, though the station itself amounted to nothing more than a long hallway with specialized rooms on either side, R10 was thankful that she didn’t need to move from room to room to find where she was going. It gave her a certain measure of authority and confidence to be able to automatically know where everything was. She stepped up to the entrance to the combination medical and repair room and the door slid open quietly.

Inside there was still some activity. The tech officers crew had left the station some time ago, leaving the androids they assembled to download and install their programming unsupervised. Unbeknownst to them, or anyone else on the station, the same merging of programming took place on these units as well - a combination of sexual pleasure android programming meshed with tactical military protocols inside the sophisticated processors that made up their computerized brains. As R10 stepped inside, she folded her hands behind her back and surveyed the room. The human crew of the station were inspecting the line of androids against the far back wall. Not in an official capacity, mind you, but more gawking at them and discussing anything from doubts about their combat capabilities to lurid jeers about their body shapes. Each of the men were clad in simple dark green military fatigues with a matching t-shirt.

They either weren’t paying attention, or at least paying no attention to R10 as she stepped in and assessed the scene before her. Her face remained a mask of neutrality as she observed what were now her crew to command. She had absolute authority over the humans and machines aboard the station, though at the advice of the central computer's A.I. it was suggested that she delegate much of the tasking of the humans' day-to-day operations to the local organic commanding officer. The door slid open again and in stepped Captain Auger, currently wearing his dress uniform. He stepped up next to R10, who swiveled her head to look at him. The servos in her neck were still too new to make any kind of audible whirring noise, though they made her head movement a little too smooth, the effect setting Auger on edge.

“R10 I presume?” Captain Auger said, holding out a hand to her.

“Captain, you salute your commanding officer.” R10 replied, her voice even and smooth.

“Right, apologies.” Without hesitation Auger turned and saluted R10 properly, she in turn did the same.

“Good to finally meet you” R10 replied after the official meeting. “I would like to say that I do not intend to command your troops on a daily basis. I hope you understand but I will be leaving that up to someone who understands them better, at least until I am better able to analyze their behavior and capabilities.” She added.

“Of course, that’s understandable.” Auger replied in the same stoic tone of voice that matched what R10 had been using. He had expected the conversation to be formal, but the way R10 talked was more like talking to a phone tree than another officer. He wasn’t entirely sure he liked it. R10 nodded her chin towards the group of men on the far side of the room,

“What are they doing?” She asked

Auger smirked to himself for the briefest of moments. “Checking out the merchandise."

R10’s forehead curled as she looked at Auger with a look of confusion. Seeing this he added.

“They’ve been up here for about a year without seeing a woman in the, uh, in the flesh.”

“I see” was all R10 replied before resuming her observations. Auger took this as his cue to step in as the commanding officer for these men. He cleared his throat loudly, the crew reacted as though an alarm had sounded. They all turned immediately on heel to see Captain Auger and a new android woman looking at them. Auger looked disappointed, but the android looked like she might even be powered off - she didn’t move or wear any kind of expression. Auger shook his head and jabbed a thumb towards the door and simply barked “Out!” which was met with a chorus of “Sir!” The group quickly filed out of the room in a remarkably orderly fashion.

“Thank you captain. Do you need anything from me before I conduct my inspection and activation of these units?” R10 asked.

“No ma’am, they’re all yours.” Auger said before saluting her and stepping out of the bay into the fluorescent lit hallway. R10 moved across the room, each step perfectly calculated. The immense processor core inside her chest had plenty of data to sort, from recreating a 3D space in simulation, navigating it, to keeping the entirety of the android balanced and upright, but R10 was able to handle all of it and make it look effortless all at the same time. She visually scanned each of the ten robots that were standing at perfect attention along the back wall, their eyes were closed and each of them wore a similar uniform to what R10 was sporting.

The line up consisted of two male androids, and eight females. The women wore a nearly identical uniform to R10, but the men wore one in similar colours, but could simply be described as a bodysuit with combat boots. Perhaps it was because they were all repurposed pleasure units that the women were so scantily clad, but no one on board seemed to mind. R10 stood in front of the first android in line, a tall slender female unit with long flowing hair that started pink and transitioned quickly to purple. The hairstyle and slightly over sized breasts for her frame indicated the profession she had been constructed for. R10 slid a hand behind her ear and tapped the power button there.

A small chime could be heard from somewhere inside of the girl’s body, though the layers of hard plastic and artificial flesh made it difficult to determine exactly where from. Her eyes sprang open and her face remained neutral as she looked directly at her new commander. Her heels clicked together and she stood up perfectly straight, her hand flying to her brow in salute. R10 nodded and looked at the thin layer of fabric stretched across her breast.

“Unit M36, system status report” R10 said with a voice of authority. As she spoke her internal short range wireless transmitter sent a stream of data packets directly towards the freshly activated android. Her own short range wireless device accepting and opening the data stream, filled with R10’s unique encrypted identification numbers and passcodes. It didn’t take long for the subordinate robotic girl to authorize the stream and, once accepted, she proceeded to send instructions to her processor core. M36’s internal operating system gathered the requested data from all over her android body and compiled it into a log file. That same log file was passed to the vocal processor which quickly synthesized a verbal response and sent the voice files to the speaker set in her throat as well as instructions to the tiny motors in her face. The result was that her lips and jaw moved realistically and in synch with the data report.

“All systems show green. No abnormalities found. Personality core online. This unit is ready for immediate deployment, ma’am.”

R10 nodded, “Thank you M Thirty Six. Please report to the launch bay and await further orders in your charging station”

“Yes ma’am” M36 said, saluted once more and walked out of the room, turning on heel and marched down the hall to the launch bay. Once there she checked in with the officer on duty then moved to a newly installed platform on the far left side of the bay, just past a series of four great irises set in the floor of the bay, each with a white capsule looming over it suspended by a heavy black mechanical arm. M36 stood on the platform and turned to face out into the bay. Her eyes slipped closed as a small mechanical buzz issued from behind her. The buzz was caused by a robotic arm with a single cable pinned to it, the tip of the cable on the very tip of the arm. A small panel opened up between M36’s shoulder blades and the robotic arm inserted the cable into place. Immediately power from the station flowed into the petite android’s internal power cell. She stood inert and charging until she was needed. Unbeknownst to her, that would not take long.

In the repair bay, R10 was conducting the same power on and system reports from each of the androids there. Everyone reported the same full functionality as M36 had. Everything was proceeding well on AEG348, and it would remain that way for the next three hours.

R10 finished the last inspection and the final android marched paster towards the launch bay. She was satisfied with the condition of the gynoids she had been given to command and walked out of the repair bay and retreated back to the bridge, stepping into the center of four steel cables dangling from the ceiling. She squatted down and picked up the first one, looking at the end of it to see a loop of cabling securely attached there. She spent the smallest amount of processing power to send the command to her body. Once the command processed four small panels opened up, two on her shoulders and two more on her heels, just above the upper portion of her high heeled shoes. Out of the panels slid solidly constructed hooks. R10 snapped the loop of the cable into the hooks and then stood back up, picking up the thick cable laying on the ground and slotted it into the open panel on her back between her shoulder blades.

Once connected to the stations main computer systems again she began to rise, hoisted upward by her shoulders first, then her heels. The cables retracted into the ceiling at different rates and turned R10 so that she was at a slight angle, coming to rest with the array of monitors and screens in front of her, the domed glass and beyond the planet surface beyond that. The screens flickered to life and cast green, blue, and white light around the dim room and danced colours across R10’s artificial skin. The stations statistics, supply levels and most importantly, the vital statistics on her squad of androids were all at her fingertips. She could simply tap a screen and make the station come alive, but for now she simply floated there, suspended from the ceiling. That isn't to say that she was inactive, far from it - the station’s central A.I. was busy compiling all the data R10 had gathered in the short time she was disconnected from it, compiling it into a more usable format.

As the mainframe downloaded the data from R10’s internal storage drives, the station A.I. combined all that R10 had “learned” into its own quasi personality. From there, the station would formulate updates for all the other robots on the station and push the changes to them as well, then they in turn would integrate the new information into their own A.I. and operating system. They already had been randomly selected for a variety of personality quirks to make them more empathetic on the battlefield and more personable on the station. So once the human crew was asleep, R10 was suspended on the bridge in a form of low power status, and the ten squad members of the AEG348, the station itself pushed out the combination of simulated emotions, information and new settings. The updates were integrated and verified, starting with the first to be activated, unit M36.

M36 activated as datapackets flowed from the station computers into her. As she was updating, her eyes flicked open and began to glow with a soft blue light, pulsating in synch with the rhythm of data packets flowing through her system. There was one officer on duty in the bay, there simply to be ready to launch the androids to the planet’s surface if there was a need for it. He sat, his feet up on another chair, a tablet in one hand. Lewd images of two women pleasing each other danced across the screen as the crewman stroked himself, unaware that his every move was watched by the stations many security cameras. His viewing was interrupted by the soft beep from across the launch bay. Startling him, he dropped his tablet to the floor and sprang to his feet, looking wildly around. He noticed the glowing blue eyes from M36 and curiously stalked over towards her.

Maybe it was the amount of hormones and adrenaline coursing through his veins, but seeing the obviously beautiful robot just standing there, not moving but so lifelike, he had a hard time resisting his own natural urges. He reached out a hand, quivering with a mixture of excitement and fear, but soon his hand pressed against her breast. He fondled it greedily for several long moments before his other hand met the opposite breast. He enjoyed himself for what he felt was an eternity, and yet only a fraction of a moment. M36 didn’t move, react, or even blink in the time she was being groped, nor did she make a sound while the crewman finished masturbating nearby, showing no sign of recognition of the lewd actions occurring around her. But the station, and by proxy, R10 was. The new data was stored and compiled, and in the end a new piece of metadata was tagged to the video clip of the event. Something alluding to sexual acts, and over the course of the next several years of operation, AEG348 would tag more than a few video clips withthe same tag.

When R10 reactivated shortly after M36 had updated, there was an alert that new data was available for her. Upon completing her startup checks, the android commander accepted the new package of data and immediately integrated it into her own systems. The footage of the video caused her pause. The video clip played in her field of vision over and over as she analyzed it. There were so many questions, why had the officer touched her like that? It was obviously a sexual activity, but he didn’t try and have sex with M36. Perhaps he didn’t know that she still had that programming active in her own systems. R10 furrowed her brow at the thought, maybe there needed to be a station wide announcement regarding the androids and interacting with them in a sexual manner. She wasn’t against using them to release the stress of some of the crew, after all they weren’t always on combat missions. Though the thought worried her that there may be additional costs involved.

She determined that in order to make a logical decision that she needed to be fully informed. She tilted her head ever so slightly and closed the video but left the log file she’d been given on the incident up, at the same time she summoned M36 to the bridge. In the repair bay the robotic arm holding the combination power and data cable in her back retracted with a soft whirring sound and M36 strode forward and moved immediately to the door, then out to the hall and to the bridge. Upon entering she saluted her commander just as R10’s feet made it to the floor and she unlatched the hooks at her ankles. R10 turned and saluted the newly arrived robot.

“At ease” R10 said

“Yes, ma’am” M36 chimed back, then spread her legs to shoulder length while folding both of her hands behind her back.

“M36, last night one of the crew members on board physically touched your breasts while masturbating in the launch bay. Were you aware of this incident?” R10 asked in a flat, nearly monotone voice.

“Yes, Ma’am, the physical touch activated my systems though I remained still as I was still receiving updates from the station mainframe.” M36 replied, in an equally flat tone.

“Did your personality core come online as well?” R10 asked matter of factually.

“Yes, ma’am”

“I see, if you were not installing updates, what would you have done?” R10 asked, her voice sounded curious, like the question wasn’t related to a policy or procedure, but that R10 herself wanted to know. M36 blinked a few times and her face melded into a look of thoughtful contemplation. Her operating system in conjunction with her limited A.I. ran a simulation of the events from earlier. In the end she drew a conclusion and presented it.

“I believe I would have asked the officer if I could pleasure him once he was off duty.” M36 finally said, the very edges of her mouth quirking up into a small smirk. This caused R10 to raise an eyebrow. It wasn’t the kind of response she had expected.

“Why not reprimand the soldier for making a clearly sexual advancement?” R10 questioned.

“I was originally built and programmed to bring sexual pleasure to humans. That programming has been merged with my military protocol. Once off duty I did not foresee any ill consequences. So I would offer my secondary services to him.”

Another answer that R10 was not expecting, but oddly made sense to her. Considering all the angles of this particular encounter she logically deduced that M36 had ultimately made the correct choice.

“Very good, thank you M36, you may return to the launch bay."

M36 smiled widely, saluted and walked out of the bridge, leaving R10 alone with the knowledge that M36, the other androids, and even herself were all originally constructed to be nothing more than a sex toy for humans to use. She contemplated what that would mean going forward and if there needed to be a critical adjustment in the update package that was sent out. R10 turned back to the computer consoles in front of her and began hooking the steel cables into their hooks on her body. As she was lifted up she brought up the video recording from earlier and rewatched it. This time though instead of focusing on the actions of the crewman, she watched M36 for the duration. R10 couldn’t explain it but she felt compelled to observe the slender android the whole time. Something in her own programming drew her focus time and again.

The request for assistance from Dustball came shortly after the interview R10 had with M36. On the planet’s surface, a group of terrorists had seized control of a government building and were holding all of its occupants hostage. The request that AEG348 received included an alert that they had detected a large amount of high explosives in the building. R10 had immediately activated three of the combat units. M36, K81, and L33 all had the data and power cables retracted from their backs at the same time and immediately stepped off of the platform as soon as the tip of the cable was clear of their physical bodies. Their orders, a mission brief, and suggested tactics were all sent to the robots the instant the alert came in and so the three beautiful combat androids set about picking up the weapons and equipment they felt was necessary.

L33 and K81 both chose sensible weapons, semi automatic rifles, energy pistols, and light armor to allow for mobility. M36, though picked up a large glowing blue sword and deftly slung it onto her back where magnetic clamps secured it in place. No one gave her a second glance - the crewman in the launch bay was frantically preparing two launch pods and the other combat units were attaching light armor plates to their chest, back, and thighs. M36 didn’t bother with the armor choosing instead to strap a satchel of frag grenades to her hip and sliding a set of antenna like mechanisms over her ears.

The three androids were loaded into the capsules, L33 and K81 buckled in to one capsule while M36 strapped in to the second, leaning her sword against the far wall of the capsule as it wouldn’t fit in any of the overhead compartments. Soon the iris in the floor of the bay slid open and the two capsules were launched to the surface. R10 remained in the bridge, suspended from her cabling and watching the two fiery projectiles rapidly descend to the planet's surface.

From the surface it might have looked like two descending meteors, but the small crowd of people were well aware of what was coming. They cleared a landing zone and the two capsules deployed a drag chute several hundred meters before impact was made. Before the impact three legs popped out of the lower portions of the pods to help keep them upright upon landing. The equipment still hit the ground hard, leaving small craters in the dirt.

The delivery pods opened at the same time and out stepped something the surface folk were not expecting. Three beautiful androids, wearing mid-thigh length leggings of white fabric, trimmed with black. High heels with glowing pink ribbons, and an incredibly revealing top that looked like it would be more appropriate on a beach as a swimsuit than in a combat zone. K81 tossed her head to one side, causing the remaining pink and black hair on her half shaved head to land just right so she could see with both eyes. L33 stepped out of the pod behind her, hopping the short distance from the lip of the pod to the ground. The impact caused her breasts to bounce just once before they settled stubbornly back into place. M36 stepped out of the second pod, already snapping her sword onto her back, then tossing her long flowing vibrantly purple and pink hair to the side so that it landed perfectly on top of the oversized weapon on her back.

All three of the androids had activated their personality cores on the descent, so that when they met the locals they were prepared to interact with them. M36 took the lead and stepped forward, shaking hands with the local police force captain. It took only a few minutes to relay the situation. A group of men had entered the building with ballistic weapons, herded the occupants of the city hall into one room and placed explosives around them. They were afraid to send in their own forces as it was estimated that a shootout was very likely, so they requested something more disposable. These androids could be replaced or at the very least rebuilt, human life could not. M36 nodded along, agreeing on all points. It was, after all, a very sound and logical plan.

“We will handle this from here. Move your men back a few hundred yards, just in case.” M36 told him, and as if she were actually in authority here, the mob of local police officers scattered and began to push the gathering crowd backward. Now alone with her sisters, M36 looked over her shoulder at each of them and then back towards the building.

“Move out. Breach and clear” She said, practically a whisper.

The two other androids stalked off in opposite directions, cradling their rifles and began to encircle the building. M36 on the other hand walked confidently up to the front door, and while the logical and calculating part of her A.I. told her to try and stealthily enter the building, there was just enough of a quirk in there from muddling two wildly different personas together. M36 took a half step back and muttered “this should be fun” and then lifted her right leg and slammed it hard into the door. Materials to build government buildings must have been sparse on Dustball because not only did the door swing open, but it went sailing into the building, tearing the hinges cleanly off of the wall.

With every step, every action, and every look around the room M36’s personality adapted more and more. It started to take on a life of its own in a way. As soon as the echoes from the door settled M36’s finely tuned microphone array detected 2 distant thumps and the muffled sound of gunfire. The other two androids had entered the building and were in the process of clearing the terrorists. M36 stepped into the modest lobby of the building and began to scan the area for potential targets. The area looked in wild diarray, tables had been overturned which scattered their contents across the floor. A set of stairs on either side of the lobby led up to a second floor where a railing offered little cover, and the offices beyond all seemed to be closed. As she stood there scanning the room and analyzing the data, a sudden movement caught the camera-like optical components hidden beneath her artificial eyeball.

Someone sprang up from behind one of the overturned tables and began firing an automatic weapon of some kind. They clearly weren’t specifically aiming for M36, but a few high velocity rounds managed to reach her. Two 7.62x32mm rounds slammed into her left thigh, sailing through the synthetic skin and electronics with ease. M36 let out a grunt somewhere between pain and frustration as she dipped down to avoid more fire. She took a quick glance at her leg, some kind of fluid had started to seep out and was beginning to soak her stocking and inside the dark interior of her leg she could see small blue arcs of electricity dancing between several frayed wires. Her own heads up display told her that there had been some measure of damage taken and that functionality would be greatly reduced.

That didn’t stop M36. Relying heavily on her remaining good leg, she sprang at the attacker while pulling the oversized sword from her back and swinging it in a wide arc. Her computerized brain calculated and adjusted her positioning literally on the fly, and the weapon slammed hard into the ribcage of her attacker, perfectly exposed due to the rifle held aloft in his hands. He went flying across the room, slamming into the wall and dropping his rifle somewhere along the way. M36 landed, somewhat awkwardly on her feet, and as she did so a sizzling snap issued form the hole pierced through her leg. She swore but managed to get to her feet regardless.

She had just made it to full height when two men slammed into her from behind, tackling her to the ground. One of them wrapped his arms around her torso, pinning her arms to her side. She wasn’t able to brace herself so when the floor came rushing at her all she could do was let her head slam into the concrete floor. The impact was enough to tear a small rift in the artificial flesh on her forehead, but inside her head was another story. An auxiliary storage drive installed there jostled just enough out of its mounting cage to disconnect it. It wouldn’t do permanent damage, but it was enough to cause M36’s system to lock up for several long seconds while her OS attempted to reconnect to it before finally giving up and restoring her to functionality.

In those few seconds, she was completely helpless, unable to perform any of the numerous actions that were queued up. The two men used this opportunity to attempt to disable the slender android below them. One simply held her legs and as much of her torso tightly to prevent movement while the other took a fistful of her pink and purple hair and yanded upward. M36’s head lifted from the ground, the servos in her neck whined in an attempt to lock it in place, then he roughly thrust her head back down to the cement floor. The burly man repeated this motion over and over, brutally smashing M36’s face into the floor below over and over. As he did so patches of synthetic flesh and and eventually hard plastic plating fractured, ripped, and tore off of her. Each attack resulted in a resounding thump.

M36’s systems finally gave up on reconnecting to the drive and restored her to functionality. Her field of vision filled with errors and warnings and half of it was a snowy static field. It didn’t matter to her combat systems, she was programmed to deal with this. She threw and elbow backward and managed to strike the man clutching her hair directly on this upper arm, the force shattering his humerus. He wailed in pain and fell off of M36, causing the other attacker to get distracted just enough to allow M36’s leg to break free. She curled it up against her then thrust it back down to full length, her heeled foot smashing into the man’s face with full force. The man skidded across the floor, clawing at his own face, primarily his shattered nose.

M36 began to shakily stand up. The damage to her face was immense - the artificial flesh from the left side of her forehead down across her nose and ending at the opposite side of her jawline was simply gone, shredded and scattered on the floor. The eyeball that had been in the socket had spiderwebed from one impact and the camera below it was completely ruined. The servos in her neck had undergone plenty of strain and many of them were burnt out. As M36 attempted to rescan the room her head moved only in jerky stuttering motions and the remaining operational motors in her neck struggled to move her head. She could, however, still hear the distant pops of gunfire and knew her sisters were busy clearing the building.

Her A.I. alerted her that her overall effectiveness in this situation had been reduced to just barely above twelve percent and that she should likely exit the building and request immediate evacuation. M36 audibly scoffed at that and bent down to pick up her sword, hoisting it over her shoulder and taking one stumbled step forward. It would later become clear when all her data was downloaded and compiled that she had been given something of a stubborn and cocky streak, qualities that someone would have likely requested if she was purely a pleasure unit, but in combat that was likely going to result in reckless behavior. She saw a request for behavioral modification and reprogramming appear in her report. Her face physically could not contort into a look of concern or even confusion, but she wanted it to. She sat down with her back against one of the stone pillars at the bottom of the stairs, her damaged leg sticking out in front of her with her remaining good leg bent upward, supporting her weight.

She spent a few moments manually editing the report, trimming the modification notes. She would just have to be more careful on the next mission so that the report didn’t get filed a second time. She looked down at herself, the image distorted in her vision. The bullet hole through her leg, the scattering of plastic and artificial flesh scattered across the floor, and somehow her top was ripped, her left breast exposed for all to see. She heard the distant pops of gunfire moving closer and closer to her and soon one of her sister units burst into the lobby on the top floor, sweeping the area with her rifle and putting a single round in each of the disabled attackers in the room. L33 rushed down the stairs, her high heels clicking loudly as she moved down the steps and crouched down next to M36. She did a quick evaluation of her sister unit and made a note of the damage. L33 also sported some damage herself, an all too familiar looking bullet hole had ripped through her belly. It looked like it had come from behind as the majority of the blow out was on her abdomen which was significantly larger than the small matching hole in her back. A field repair had been done, black electrical tape was binding more than a few wires together that currently dangled out of L33’s abdomen. Together with K81 the pair got M36 to her feet and helped her out of the building. As the excited there was a collective gasp from the gathering crowd of onlookers. The two of the more functional robotic women gingerly lowered M36 against her deployment pod and moved back to the local law enforcement, relaying a run down of the operation and letting them know that the insurgents were taken care of and that hostages were safely evacuated out the back door. After a polite thank you from the police force there, the three androids began to climb into their pods, strap in and rocket back up into the sky, angling towards AEG348.

Aboard the orbital station, R10 waited calmly for a response from the planet below. Her eyes remained closed as she remained suspended on the bridge, but her eyes clicked immediately open when the first communication came though. The report was brief, but to the point.

“Mission accomplished. Prepare repair facilities for major and minor repairs. ETA twenty five minutes”

R10 lowered herself from the top of the domed bridge and smoothly disconnected the hefty black cable from between her shoulder blades. She walked over to the window and looked out, seeing the comet like pods speeding back towards her, the trail of grey-black smoke behind them allowed her to nearly pinpoint the landing site on the surface. Satisfied that the mission was a success R10 walked out of the bridge and up to the repair bay. There were two mechanics on board the AEG, Simmons and Ortiz, both trading stories when R10 walked in. The quickly snapped to attention and saluted.

“Two incoming repairs. One major, one minor. Prepare to assess and repair the units as they come in." R10 said, matter of factly.

Both men nodded and once R10’s back was turned and she walked out they scrambled into action. Each one pulling rolling carts filled with tools and a computerized terminal that was directly linked to the station A.I. Both men worked together to drag the large steel container with spare parts over to a spot between their two work tables. As the mechanic’s prepared the repair bay, R10 strode calmly down the hall to the launch bay where she intended to wait for the return of her androids.

The pods returned in just under the twenty minute estimation that they predicted. Both were caught by an external robotic arm and brought smoothly in through the same iris on the floor that they left through. Once inside the iris closed and a second robotic arm clamped onto the pods and held them in place. The first slipped open and K81 stepped out, followed by L33, who had a hand pressed over her torn abdomen, holding in the cables and tubing that had been exposed. R10, seeing this, nodded to her and saluted once before dismissing her to the repair facility. M36’s pod opened next and the android stumbled out, her weight putting a significant strain on her leg. She hadn’t bothered with a field repair, so two wires currently dangled from the hole on the front of her leg, every now and then the two wires would come in contact with each other and spray white hot sparks from them followed by a small trail of black smoke.

R10 and the launch crew all seemed taken aback. Particularly when M36 looked up from her leg and revealed the ruined facial structure. No one quite knew what to do or say, even R10 was taking the time to scan and process the damage to this unit. Soon though her A.I. caught up with the situation and she began barking orders.

“Someone, please escort this unit to the repair facility on the double.”

One of the deck crew quickly sprang across the bay and positioned himself under M36’s arm, allowing her to use him to support some of her weight. Her and her human companion hobbled past R10, as she did M36’s head swiveled to one side, still jerking as it moved. Her one remaining eye caught R10’s and she nodded, followed by a crooked smirk and a wink. M36’s personality core was still online - it should have been turned off as a result of entering the station. R10 noticed this and made a note to conduct another interview with M36 to discover why her personality hadn’t been suspended.

In the repair bay one of the men had already used sheers to cut the remaining body suit off of L33 and was working to remove her abdomen paneling. The robotic girl had already been powered down to prevent any further damage. He set the panel on the stainless steel cart next to him and reached inside the girls open stomach, pulling out and examining the cables that had been damaged and what they were connected to. Soon he clicked on a flashlight and shone it deep inside of her torso, reaching in with a latex gloved hand and moving some of her internal wiring around. Before long he had both hands inside of her, wiggling cables free and tossing them aside before finally disconnecting an entire circuit board.

Ortiz looked from the android already mid-disassembly on the other table to see M36 dragged in to the room. His eyebrows raised in slight shock and he quickly moved to assist. The two were able to lift M36 and set her flat on the table. He got to work quickly, snatching up a data cable from the mobile terminal and holding it at the ready.

“Alright, uh..” Ortiz looked over to where M36’s unit designation would be but only saw her bare breast, the fabric had been torn off and was now dangling freely from the rest of her uniform. Ortiz reached down and pulled it up to examine it.

“Ok, M thirty six, open your primary data port and lets see what's up.” He said with an unusually chipper tone. It took M36 a few long moments before the command finally made its way through her processor, but in the end a small whoosh filled the area and a roughly triangular panel slide down into her chest, then up towards her neck. Inside was a simple data port connection which Ortiz wasted no time in plugging in to. M36 was almost immediately taken fully offline as the station's A.I. took full control of her body. This would mean that Ortiz could verbally announce what he wanted or needed M36 to do, and the station would handle the processing and compiling of instructions before simply passing orders to M36.

“Ok, AEG, damage assessment on M thirty six, and begin data dump.”

M36 replied with a very flat and very monotone voice. Confirming exactly what was just said and then rattling off a damage report.

“Left leg has suffered a malfunction caused by a high caliber bullet. Functionality at 85%. Hydraulic lines have been severed and tertiary data links are non-functional. Recommend replacing internal components only. Severe damage to front cranial paneling. Multiple skin lesions and fractures on the facial motor systems and plating. Optical covering damaged beyond repair. Recommend replacing entire front cranial panel. Internal cranial storage drive disconnected. Neck servo arrays N2, N3, and N5 have all suffered burnout. Recommend replacing each servo array.”

Ortiz nodded along and in the end let out a low whistle.

“Damn girl, you got fucked u-” He cut himself short as the door to the repair bay swooshed open and R10 walked in. Both men looked up from their projects and saluted.

“As you were.” She said, returning the salute.

Both men nodded and resumed their work, though they kept a wary eye on the android commander. R10 spent the next hour observing the repairs, recording video footage to her own internal drives as she did so. L33 Was the first to be fully repaired, needing only to have a single circuit board and its accompanying wiring replaced. The hole in her back and abdomen were easy enough to fix with flesh like paste, that matched the colour of their skin as well as worked as a sealing compound. Her belly proved to be a challenge as the hole punched there was relatively large. In the end a large section of it was simply cut away and replaced with hard plastic patch until a replacement panel arrived.

M36, on the other hand, required much more work. Ortiz started with the leg, slicing a large section of the synthetic flesh off of her thigh and peeling it downward to reveal much more of the clear plastic plates that gave her leg much of its shape. Removing those panels allowed him to snip the cables and tubes that were damaged and then soldered in replacements and applied a glue to the cables to prevent the solder from separating. The latex tube for her hydraulics was more difficult. Ortiz had to reach up the inside of her thigh all the way up to her hip to release the tube and down to her knee to release the other end before getting a replacement tube and repeating the process. Once done the synthetic flesh was rolled back up into place and sealing paste was applied to the cuts he made as well as over the small bullet hole.

Ortiz pursed his lips as he looked over her face. The skin was easy enough to replace, just more paste, and they eye could be replaced from their stock of parts, but the shattered facial paneling was a problem. It was so intricate and it attached so delicately to the flesh of the face that if he did it wrong the once lovely android would look like someone who had a botched botox job. He sighed and dug into his tool box, taking out a simple silvery metal tool with a flat spade-like head on it. He wedged the tip of the tool into a barely perceptible seam between M36’s face and the rest of her head. Loud snaps were heard as Ortiz worked his way around her facial panel. Soon her face was completely free of the locks holding it in place and Ortiz gently pulled it up off of M36’s head, turning it over a little. He squeezed his hand in the gap between her face and her head and set about disconnecting the array of cables and wires that connected her the panel to the rest of her head. Finally freeing it, he placed it on his cart, face down, circuit laden interior up.

Inside her head lay the multitude of coloured cables that Ortiz had just disconnected. They were draped across a number of frame-mounted circuit boards with their own connecting wires and cables. Two camera like optical modules were set into place just below where the girls eyes had been - one looked as though it had come loose, as it was pointed in the entirely wrong direction. Ortiz simply gripped the camera between his thumb and index finger and swiveled it back into place. Satisfied that it would probably work, though if not, he knew how to recalibrate her eyes.

Having corrected the optics he began to gently push aside some of the cabling as he dug deeper and deeper inside of the android woman’s head. Finally finding the drive that had popped loose, he was able to simply press it back into place and flick the locking mechanism closed again. Next he took the metal tool and began to wedge it into her neck, working it around, popping free the locks manually in a similar fashion to her face. Once all the locks were disengaged he tugged up on her head and it easily slid off of the mounting post inside of her neck. Similar to her face, he reached into the gap and wiggled free the cables inside of it. Once disconnected, he pulled the head cleanly off and set it on M36’s stomach. Ortiz then began to examine the mounting post still lodged in the top of the neck on M36’s torso. He huffed and began to separate the synthetic flesh from the metal plating on the neck. Once he had worked his way all the way around the neck he pulled the mounting bracket completely out dragging along a mess of wires that ran back into the android's body.

Sure enough, much of the fine circuitry that was connected to the serovs under the neck joint was black and burnt, even the air was filled with the acrid smell of burnt silicone. The replacements were easy enough to install, and Ortiz went and grabbed replacements for each one. Two small screws per array and one ribbon connection for each wasn’t so bad. Ortiz had the servo banks sorted out within ten minutes and was sliding the neck joint back into place and reapplying the skin sealant in no time. All that remained was to replace the faceplate. He looked back at the damaged face on his cart and let out a sigh. He knew it was too far gone and was good for scrap parts at the moment. He looked up to see R10, still staring at M36, and he could have sworn that it looked like she was biting her lower lip. Her eyes were not wide, but intense and singularly focused on M36’s head.

“Ma’am?” Ortiz said, R10 immediately looked up from the head balanced on M36’s torso and looked to Ortiz.

“Yes, Ortiz, what is it?”

“Well, she’s going to need a new faceplate. We have a replacement, but I’ll need you to authorize its use and fill out an inventory request form.”

“Yes of course, do whatever you need to. It’s fine. I’ll get the paperwork started now.” R10 nodded once after her flustered confirmation and turned to leave. She moved back to the bridge, feeling...something...as she did so. Ortiz spent the next hour replacing M36’s face panel, which was nothing more than reconnecting all the connecting wires and snapping it back into place before sealing it. Her head clicked back into place and then M36 would be reactivated in a semi-online mode where her data was downloaded directly to the station mainframe and integrated. The station would also parse the full report from M36, conveniently still missing the suggestion to reprogram some traits out of the android.

R10 stepped onto the bridge and the door closed behind her. She tapped the button on the small control box next to the door, locking it. She leaned against the wall and looked into the emptiness of the bridge. As she stared into nothingness, her A.I. opened the video footage she had recorded of the repair, scanning through it and making notes on the clips that she liked. The fact that some of the data was tagged so easily with things she liked was a new sensation to her. She wasn’t supposed to like anything, she was programmed to be an impartial, logical, machine, and yet there was something else in her code that had suffused itself into her primary systems. Something that most people might have called a personal preference. Something she enjoyed for nothing more than simply being, what? Attracted to it. She had a moment where she contemplated the idea that she might be attracted to M36. She shook her head and quickly stepped across the bridge to the mainframe connection which was quickly locked into place in her upper back. She knew that if anything could help her process these feelings, no, anomalies, it would be the massive processing power of AEG348’s mainframe computer.

M36’s data download had just finished when Ortiz had nodded towards Simmons. Both men were done for the day and were required to clock off. Ortiz left M36 on the table, topless, and online but in a maintenance mode. Updates would flow into her overnight and then tomorrow they would redress her and get R10’s final approval on the repairs.

Currently AEG348’s mainframe had the full data download and was compiling it into the evening’s update package that would be integrated not only into its own A.I. but every other android’s programming as well. There wasn’t much data to compress, and so the update was ready quickly. M36 was the first to receive it, not many changes took place in her, as she originated much of the data.

R10 plugged in a few moments after the update package was ready, her A.I. was ready for the refresh and to get an answer to why her own programming had developed this quirk about being attracted to things, liking things, and she even recalled that she had started to use some more casual language while in the repair bay. It wasn’t normal for her. She plugged in and was alerted that there was already an update to her programming ready and waiting. She breathed a sigh of relief, surely the update would solve the issues she had faced in the last hour, which she currently chalked up to a simple programming glitch.

The update was quick, taking only a few minutes to install and integrate into her own operating system. A small smile crossed her artificial lips and she knew without a doubt that she was falling more and more in love with M36. She knew now that it was acceptable, so long as it did not interfere with their capacity to be soldiers. R10 felt like a weight had been lifted from her. The station mainframe always had the right answers for her. She hooked the four wire mounts to the hooks in her body and lifted towards the center of the bridge, content with the day's work.

As she floated there she requested another viewing of the repair session she had just observed and watched it again, then again. In fact she watched many parts of it over and over again, as well as the encounter M36 had had the night before. R10 felt something between her legs - her artificial sex quaked once or twice. She took a snapshot of her current system settings and stored it for later. She needed to be a command unit now, she could be off duty once the crew was off duty.

R10 watched over the station for the remainder of the day, she didn’t mind the hours that passed, to her it was just operating as normal. But once the station alerted her that the last of the crew had clocked off for the day and all of them had retreated to their bunks, she silently lowered herself from the top of the dome in the bridge to the cold floor below. She unhooked the cables from her shoulders and heels with a mechanical precision. She moved out to the hall and up to the kitchen. She felt distinctly out of place there, it was the one place on the AEG that she had no practical reason to go to. She didn’t need food, there was no logical reason to socialize there during the lunch hour, she didn’t even need to refrigerate anything.

The fact that she felt anything at all, awkwardness most of all, was proof enough for anyone to see that a subset of programming that was designed to make her appear human, had become active. She picked up a chair and, looking around, simply walked out of the kitchen to the bridge. Even though she was ultimately in command of the station and the assets contained on it, R10 still felt somewhat awkward stealing a chair, especially given what her intended purpose was. While she walked back to the bridge her own internal A.I. generated a simple reason for needing a chain on the bridge. If a human were to spend an extended amount of time on the bridge they may become uncomfortable, necessitating a chair for them to sit on.

She entered the bridge and set down the chair before turning to close and lock the door. She picked the chair up and moved to the far corner of the bridge where she wouldn’t be immediately noticed. Once there she set the chair down and stood up, and hesitated. She was about to do something that she was sure no other android on board had done. She reached down and pulled her skirt down, letting it slide down her legs a bit before she wiggled it over the spare power cells in her thighs. She sat in the chair and she had stolen and spread her legs open wide. She then tugged the undergarment there to one side, revealing her lifelike yet artificial sexual hardware.

She restored the saved state from earlier in the day and felt immediately flushed, almost hot. She had a moment where she checked her core temperature and found that, while warmer than usual, wasn’t anywhere near the levels where it would be a danger to her. She sucked in a deep breath of the cool circulated air on the station and let her internal systems direct the fresh air across her processors to help cool them further. Her hand moved down to her artificial folds and she began to rub three fingers back and forth across the outer lips. She started playing the video of M36’s repairs.

Soon the fleshy lips were spreading gently and becoming wet. R10 let out a small moan, barely more than a pleasurable whimper. She had manually adjusted her volume levels down so that no one on board could hear her through the door. She quickened the pace that her hand moved over her pussy and soon she was closing her eyes and leaning back in the chair. Soon the video display on her heads up display reached a point where Ortiz was prying off M36’s head and R10 felt compelled to slide not just one, but two fingers inside of herself. Up until this point she had been simply regulating the pleasurable data and in return the sexual response programming, but she came to the realization that she liked, no, loved seeing M36 taken apart in a way that so clearly showed her as nothing more than just a machine. She drove two fingers deep inside of her slick sexual mechanism and slowly drew them out before practically ramming them back inside. She carried on like this for upwards of twenty minutes before she received and alert that her core temperature was rising to nearly critical levels.

The orgasm sequence that R10 loaded and then executed shook her entire body. At first her log files recorded a near cascade of data errors. Parts of her body were unresponsive, while others became entirely too responsive. Her legs clamped together around her hand which was still deep inside of her warm wet folds. Her free hand shot up to one of her rounded breasts and pinched the nipple that she found there hard. The sensitivity on her nipple had skyrocketed, and the feeling of it only added to the convulsions of pleasure she was feeling. Her eyes rolled up into her head, she wasn't sure why until later when she analyzed the data. All of it was a social output, all of it was to indicate to others that she was climaxing.

She finally finished the sequence and let her hands fall to her sides, dangling off the chair and breathing deeply, requiring more and more fresh air to cool her systems. After a few minutes she stood up, dressed herself, and unlocked the door to the hall, then to the kitchen. She rinsed her hands off and dried them, then walked back to the bridge. Once there she reattached the metal wires and the data cables. She knew what she had just done would be integrated into the mainframe and distributed to the other androids. R10 pursed her lips for a moment to consider that. Her military programming posed no argument, as long as it was all done off duty. Her sexual programming encouraged her to integrate it. With a lack of any other input she committed the changes and allowed the mainframe to integrate all the data.

Satisfied with a good day’s work she hoisted herself back up to her position, floating in space above a dry planet and resumed a pensive expression, but knowing that she could feel something, some small thing, given the right stimulation. She felt a bubbling sensation inside of her again, she felt excited for the future and what new things she would learn.

Alternate Ending

The evening was quiet on board AEG348. The majority of the human crew were sleeping soundly in their bunk rooms, with the exception of a station mechanic and a crewman in the launch bay. Ortiz was in the repair bay, nodding off with a book in his lap, still open to the page he had been on with his thumb stuck between the pages. Private Simon was in the launch bay, feet resting on the guard rail between himself and the deployment pods. He was flicking idly through a social media feed, letting out small singular laughs as he came across something amusing. In both rooms the gentle hum of fluorescent lights was the only sound breaking the silence of the night.

Night may have been the wrong term to use in space - orbiting a dusty brown planet below didn’t allow for a proper day and night cycle. The station's main computers took care of simulating that in a small way. An arbitrary time had been set once the station entered orbit and an approximate sun down and sun up time had been established. Near sunset the lights in the halls and rooms would start to dim slightly, automated shutters would begin to deploy and block out light from the two suns that heated the planet. Human crew members would check watches or their comm devices and know that their shift was coming to an end, and naturally begin to move to the mess hall for dinner followed by some free time before retiring to bed.

The android crew on board the AEG348 station would conclude their shifts as well, then move back to the launch bay where an automated system would connect them to the station mainframe for updates and recharging. Normally the robots were used solely for combat scenarios, but with the planet being quiet so far, the androids were authorized to engage in other duties around the orbital platform. Some of the tasks drew on more of their intended design and programming parameters...

These particular robots were originally constructed to be sexual companions for wealthy individuals, or perhaps bought en mass for something like a strip club. Their programming was supposed to have been stripped away during their initial setup and configuration, but either by oversight or simply laziness, the technician who deployed them allowed their programming to be mixed together.

The result was a squad of ten sex robots, all who were equally capable of giving a man or woman an entire night of hedonistic pleasures, or caving in a person's skull with a single punch. They were both deadly and beautiful, but the crew learned to trust them in the weeks on board the station, where the girls would assist with the crew's routine tasks by day and then gladly sneak away to the bunkroom for a quick blowjob. There was one other android on board the station that no one so much as dreamed of asking to help lift heavy canisters of fuel, or sneak away for a quickie. R10, the station’s commanding officer, who spent the majority of her existence on the bridge. All information and every event that happened on board the station passed through her and the station mainframe. Nothing happened on AEG348 that she didn’t know about, and every experience was tagged, compiled, analyzed, and integrated into the programming updates that were passed out to her, the station, and the other androids every night.

The station had been in operation for upwards of six weeks at this point, and it hadn’t taken long for the soldiers on board to muster up the courage to ask their commanding officer for permission to make a request to R10, whom everyone now simply called “Rio” in an effort to make her more approachable. The clearly sexual robots, in their barely present skin tight jumpsuits were spending the majority of their day deactivated and charging. The pitch was to activate them during the day to help make the station more efficient, allowing them to gather more and more data on how to better operate, and to allow the human crew on board some form of a morale boost. R10 had listened to the request and the information seemed logical enough - it didn’t interfere with their military operations and the girls were equipped with the correct hardware and software, so the request was approved.

The unforeseen consequence of allowing this request was that the crew on board used the androids for sexual encounters whenever they could, on or off duty. The end of day reports and data collection became more of an integration on new sexual techniques to R10 and the station itself more than it was an exercise in an efficient space station. The numbers, however, didn’t lie, morale was on the rise and so was productivity, and so R10 and the station A.I. both concluded that the androids and humans on board continue as they were. R10 however, noticed some side effects in her own programming. She spent large chunks of time watching the soldiers on board engaging in every kind of sexual activity with the girls, not to mention stored footage she had of various units in the repair bay, taken apart and stripped, sometimes, to their bare framework for repairs.

R10 was also equipped with the same kind of hardware and software as the other gynoids on board, but had much less opportunity to utilize them. Tonight in particular was causing her to feel the call of her secondary programming. She was currently suspended by metal cables in her shoulders and heels, dangling from the top of the bridge’s domed ceiling, bathed in the green and blue glow of the array of monitors in front of her. A thick bundle of cables, all tied together in one long mesh sleeve, stuck out of her back just between her shoulder blades. Any number of data and power cables were woven together into one single plug head and inserted into the appropriate connection port in her back. This allowed her some control over the station, and in turn allowed the station to directly pass her orders. It worked as something of an umbilical cord between R10 and the station A.I.

R10 and the station were in the process of packaging and distributing a new update for the androids, all quietly charging in the launch bay. There was a large amount of sexual data today, she noted, but again the numbers didn’t lie - both statistically and anecdotally, this was good for the crew. R10 couldn’t help but feel left out though. Maybe it was some of the software running through her computerized A.I. brain, but she let out a sigh, something that machines like her were not known to do. She wanted, longed for, even craved that same level of physical intimacy with someone.

The small motors in R10’s plastic skill moved her optical modules from monitor to monitor, a simple check in on the status of all the units, the humans, the station at large and most of all, the video feeds. There was little to no movement at all, Ortiz’s book had fallen from his lap and his arm dangled there. Seeing that there was no official tasks to take care of at the moment, R10 decided that she would simply have to take the matter of her own sexual satisfaction into her own hands, quite literally. She scanned through the library of stored and saved video that she had tagged as interesting to her since the station began operation and found a favorite video of hers. Robots weren’t normally known for picking favorites, but the amalgam of military and sexbot coding in her core had left her with a strange mixture of cold and robotic programming and nearly human A.I. qualities.

The video started suddenly in her field of vision, it was one of the station’s cameras in the repair bay. Currently there was one of the android combat units on one of the stainless steel tables, deactivated and completely free of her normal uniform. One of the other mechanics walked into view, dragging along a cart full of tools and an attached computer terminal. When R10 saw him step into view it was almost as if she had no control over herself, her arms moved down to the waistband of the thin skirt she was wearing and dragged it down to about mid thigh before stopping. Under her skirt was a simple white garment, roughly triangular and stretched thin over her crotch and much of it was tightly pulled between her two gel-filled artificial ass cheeks. R10’s slight fingers slipped between her soft yet cold synthetic flesh and the stretchy fabric of her lower uniform. In a similar movement to her skirt, she dragged the tight bottoms off of herself and exposed her hairless, human-looking sexual module.

It was set perfectly between her legs, and though it was a module that was common among the sex robot line that she was manufactured from, she felt it somehow looked unique and special, as if there were some small subtle difference than made it hers. Of course, that wasn’t true, upon any kind of close inspection it was easy enough to tell that it was the exact same size, shape, tightness, and configuration as the sexual module lodged in the hips of every female android on the station. R10 thought of exactly that, about how she was nothing more than a machine, and the lines of code in her A.I. the controlled her sexual components began to initialize. The small assembly of motors that lined the fleshy lips on her artificial sex twitched and quivered to life.

The video playing in her heads up display was still running, now showing the mechanic finishing up the small repair that was needed to patch up the leg joint that had suffered some miscalibration after the android had dropped from a four story building carrying some hostages. It was an easy fix, but once the repair was done there was a short conversation between the two. The girl sat up and nodded vigorously and smiled.

It was about this time that R10’s slim delicate fingers gently spread the outer folds of her synthetic sex and began to gently massage the densely sensor laced flesh. Even at these early stages she let her sexbot programming take hold of her actions. The bridge quickly filled with the sounds of heavy breathing and panting and the occasional small softly whispered moan. The processor core in her chest began to heat up as more and more data passed through it on its way to a variety of locations throughout her body. The quick breaths transitioned into panting as more and more fresh, cool air was required to help dissipate some of the heat generated by the bank of processors.

The robotic woman sitting on the table in the video screen, which now took up the majority of R10’s heads up display, was looking coyly at the soldier in the, batting her eyes and fully embracing what she was made for. She nodded vigorously for a moment, her bright blue shoulder length hair bobbing back and forth as she did. The girl reached up and, placing her hands on her jaw line, lifted her head up and off of her neck, then held it out to the man. He took it and began to fumble with his own flight suit, zipping it down. His back was to the security camera, but it was clear what happened next. The girls disconnected head was lowered to his crotch and then his hips began thrusting forward and back, his arms in front of him, clutching her head. Her body sat still on the table, wiring and silvery mounting points jutting up from just below the soft skin around her throat.

R10 sank her teeth into her lower lip just a bit in conjunction with her sinking her fingers deeper inside of her self. Her eyes fluttered for a moment and her mouth hung open. At this point the hot and cool air was flowing in and out of her in rapid, back and forth succession. Soon her eyes closed altogether as her sexual programming was designed not only to let her experience the pleasure of masturbation, but also to make her look as human as possible while she enjoyed herself. The logic was that some of her sister units might have been used for cam shows or private viewings where masturbation was the primary focus, and few people requested a robot to masturbate without reacting in any way.

Had R10’s eyes been opened she might have seen the holographically projected monitors around her flicker for a moment. Their displays distorting slightly as their light faded and winked off and on again in a random smattering of glitches. Before long though, they came back online and were working as expected, though the station A.I. at that point had stepped in to lend the system some of its own processing power to stabilize everything. The video on R10’s internal display was coming to its conclusion, the man was lining up the girls head with her neck and slotting it into place. Once there she brought up her hand to her mouth and wiped something clean with a finger before popping that same finger back into her mouth. She hopped off the table, picked up her uniform and walked out of the room, hips swaying the whole way.

Seeing that, R10 finally gave in to resisting the programming inside of her. She allowed her operating system to first randomly select an orgasm sequence and then start to load it into her queue. She specifically designated a list of the more intense sequences as well, since this was not an everyday occurance, she wanted to feel something big, something unforgettable. As soon as her A.I. detected the orgasm sequence that was chosen and all that it involved, she let out a mewling gasp. She even sent a request to the central mainframe of the station to help her process the sequence so that she could devote more processing power to parsing the influx of pleasurable data that would soon be coursing through her mechanical body.

Even before R10’s grand rolling orgasm loaded, the station's A.I. selected and quick loaded a smaller sequence for her. Foregoing the usual process of loading the series of commands into her temporary memory banks and then loading it from there, it instead just simply executed each command on her system as they were outlined in the blocks of code. While this was a surprise, and a pleasant one at that, for R10, it took a tremendous amount of processing power from the station’s computer systems. So much so that as R10’s eyes rolled up into her head, reaching the very upper limit of what the small motors inside her skull were capable of, the monitors in front of her flickered - some even completely shutting off - no longer able to keep up with processing the sheer volume of data.

Elsewhere on the station other things were happening as well. The overhead lighting in the repair bay flickered and with an angry electrical buzz turned off completely. Ortiz was soundly sleeping there, and didn’t notice at all. The kitchen, located right next to the repair bay experienced a similar crackling buzz before the lights went completely out and all the electronics there went out. Even the launch bay began to see some effects. The row of pretty android girls there all lost their connection to the network and power briefly. This wouldn’t normally pose a problem, save for the nightly patch that was in the process of installing. Each and every one of them were struck with a half loaded update to their core operating system and their personality cores.

R10 let out a deep throaty moan of absolute pleasure. Her fingers were dug deep inside of her artificial slit, wiggling rapidly back and forth. As she pistoned them inside herself, a small opening at the very top of her sexual module, deep inside of her hips, opened and released a short jet of artificial juices into her sexual mechanism. The warm, wet fluids coated R10’s fingers in sticky, warm cum. She let out a deep sigh, hot air flying past her fake teeth and out into the cool open air of the bridge, but her fingers did not move. Instead they stayed put and R10 smiled a genuine smile of sheer delight - she felt like a sexy desirable machine. Her free hand moved up to one of her breasts, slipped under the sheer fabric there and began to gently squeeze and massage it. After a moment of feeling the simple sensation of skin on skin, she began to toy with the artificial nipple that capped her rounded breast. As she did so she lifted up her wrist and managed to wiggle the bikini like pad that had held back her ample chest away. She began to massage her own breasts again and before she could even consciously send the command to do so, her fingers began to slide in and out of her wet, slick folds again.

R10 sucked in more cool air for her processors, but those came as short quick almost gasps for air. The Stations central mainframe computer was regaining some of the processing cycles it had dedicated to R10’s sexual programming though the cable in her back. There were errors and alerts lighting up all over the station of power loss, tasks that needed her attention immediately. R10 looked at the screen through half open, artificial lust-filled eyes and couldn’t quite clear the long queue of commands in her system. Her operating system had loaded the queue while she was not needed and her programming dictated that she clear that lineup before new tasks could be added. So, she kept her fingers moving, and soon her knees were clenching together and her hip writhing against her fingers, attempting to get every last ounce of pressure against her robotic clit.

The AEG348 station attempted to connect directly to R10, passing its own administrator credentials to the suspended robot in an effort to truncate the line of sex commands that R10 had yet to process. R10’s own A.I. entered into a sort of contest of will’s against the station itself, attempting to make logical arguments about why R10 should or should not continue with her line of requests. All the while though, R10 kept her fingers planted inside of her artificial sex, though her movements became more and more stiff and mechanical instead of the smooth, almost human movements she previously had been executing.

At some point, R10 began to speak her arguments out loud instead of sending the information through the data line in her upper back, though the station itself fed responses back through the data cable, as it was not equipped with anything more than a station wide PA system.

“Request for truncation denied. Internal protocol de-demands a clear interrupt request queue before new re-re-request can be. Can be. Can be made. Made. can be made.” R10 said, rather flatly and punctuated by another breathy sounding moan as her fingers dragged across a particularly dense patch of sensor laden flesh. The station responded with another direct order to clear the queue manually, but R10 made the same argument verbally again. The pair went back and forth like this for several long minutes. In which time R10 achieved no less that three more orgasm sequences while continuing to argue her points, while slowly clearing her internal queue of deeds.

Unbeknownst to the pair, the processing power of both of them was being sapped away, and systems on the station began to break down. There was a fine balance of minute corrections in trajectory and upkeep that ran in the background as a small process, but as soon as the CPU inside of R10 hit maximum capacity the station attempted to keep her functional by truncating many of its own smaller processes. Part of that included the small corrections in the station’s orbit, the mixture of oxygen in the environment and the upkeep of many independently minor systems. Soon, the station was beginning to slowly but steadily fall towards the planet below.

Once the station pressed its mass against the atmosphere of the planet that it was plummeting towards sexual and military programming became irrelevant. The human crew on board never woke, even as the station began to enter the atmosphere - the oxygen levels having decreased steadily for the last half an hour and, as a result, any being on board who required oxygen just simply dropped out of existence. R10 snapped out of the sexual process queue she was trapped in, the line up of protocols and commands flushing itself immediately as the situation presented itself.

The station began to rumble and vibrate as it entered the upper rim of the atmosphere, an arena it was never built for. The construction of the station relied heavily on the low gravity of space to support much of it, and as the gravity of the planet below began to impress itself upon the station much of the structure began to suffer. The first was one of the girders bolted into the ceiling above R10 came loose from the bindings that were perfectly safe in a low gravity. The beam immediately swung down in an arc, slamming into R10 just above her hips and bisecting her. The thin steel cables that suspended her from the ceiling remained in place for the time being though, so her torso swung forward until it reached the end of the data cable plugged into her back. With a sudden jerk her torso stopped its gliding arc, but the force was enough to pull the connection port free of the circuit board it had been attached to her back. Taking scraps of her artificial flesh with it, the data cable was free of R10 and began to swing in its own wild arc.

“Emergency Al-al-alert. Critical. Warning- there is an an an emerg- there is an emerg- critical- er-er-er-er-error-or” R10 babbled as her complex processor core, desperate to work out the hundreds if not thousands of new points of data, struggled and began to overheat.

“There is- alert- alert- emergency-gency. Alert plea-please. Alert. Er-errrrrrrror-error.” R10’s eyes began to twitch and spasm as they tried to not only find the holographic monitors, but read the data. It was an impossible task, even for an android as complex as she was, the monitors flickered and powered down and then back on as power to the station began to wane. R10 did manage to catch a glimpse of her lower half though, swaying back and forth, still suspended by the hooks in her heels. It was still running on its own smaller power module and utilizing the small amount of processing power in her vaginal module. Fluids were dripping from the synthetic sex and dripping upward, towards the severed portion of her hips. Her legs moved, clenching together and wiggling weirdly.

R10 could see into the bowl-like hip assembly from where she was. The small amount of metal components inside of her lower half glinted off of the light streaming through the domed window at the front of the bridge which was now filled with oranges and reds of fire from re-entry into the planet's atmosphere. The majority of that chrome-like metal was from her spine, a module that had shockingly survived the impact from the beam. It had simply ripped the artificial spine from R10’s upper torso and left it attached to her hips. There were scraps and pieces of R10’s synthetic skin clinging to the device, now wedged into the space between many of the shiny metal vertebrae. Her hips looked as though they were still sending data and feedback up the spinal column, as white hot showers of sparks sprayed out of the frayed and damaged wiring at the core. Flashes of lights and pops were easy to hear as R10 watched as her lower half finally ran out of power from the continued sexual movements, the short circuits and the simple fact that there was only so much power in the small battery pack in her lower half.

The next component to give out was the rivets that held the motorized cable lift that R10’s upper torso was attached to. First one side, which caused R10’s still active upper half to swing once again wildly around the room. The station's lights began to flicker, and soon they were off more than they were on. Finally the second motor gave out and R10 fell to the floor of the bridge with a dull thump. She attempted to lift her head upward to asses the damage to herself and to the station. The movement was completed with a jerking, stuttering motion. The beam that had severed her body was embedded in the flooring in front of her, the electronics and thick cables that kept the station running could be seen through the floor below. R10 pushed with one arm to try and flip herself over, as she lay face down on the floor, she needed to assess the damage to the upper portions of the bridge.

Anyone walking in on R10 would have seen a glorious display of her inner workings. When her robotic spine was torn out of her body it pulled open the skin and many of the panels that had been installed to help shield her inner framework and circuitry. Though now it was flayed open and there was an odd mixture of the darkness within her torso and the circus of angry red status LED’s that screamed to be noticed inside of her body. The keening whine of servo motors and the buzz of short circuiting electronics prevailed in the air as R10 pushed with one arm to try and roll herself over.

To her credit, she did manage to flop herself onto her back. She even had a precious few moments to observe and record the condition of her station - a full 13 seconds of uninterrupted video recordings of the status of the upper half of the station deck. Her processor core however, had been working over time, taking in as much data from all points of entry as it could and now it was time to pay the toll for working so hard. R10’s eyes clicked in her plastic skull and looked down towards where her legs had been. What drew her eyes was the curling black wisps that entered the lower portion of her peripheral vision. She looked down in time to see her chest begin to cave in, her flesh melting inward in white and pink strands. Much of it dribbling through the protective plating and onto her circuitry.

The substance that made up her artificial skin, on its own, was not conductive. That was by design - no one wanted to manufacture an android whose skin could carry an electrical current. However, the heat from her processor core had grown so hot that the flesh over her chest-mounted motherboard melted, taking the gel packs that made up her breasts along with it. The cheap gel splattered across her internal circuitry, easily dripping between the plates and directly onto the wiring and circuit boards inside of her. Electricity arced through the mess of combining chemicals. If R10 still had a spine, she would have arched her back and spasmed, but her spine was no longer there, and instead her entire body simply whirred and whined and sprayed sparking electrical heat out of it.

R10 let head head fall back to the hard flooring one more time, taking in the last sight of her lower half, swinging lazily from the ceiling, bathed in the undulating light from outside. Her eyes clicked straight forward, looking up at the ceiling above, as one of the beams overhead broke free and fell towards her. She made no movement to hinder its impact. The beam landed directly onto R10's face. Her facial panel, crafted to make her look like a beautiful young woman, crumpled into itself in an instant. Her sparkling blue eyes shattered into hundreds of thousands of small shards immediately and peppered the inside of her head. The steel support crashed onward and utterly destroyed everything in its path. R10’s head was simply gone, though it made her torso buck once from the impact, it flopped right back to the hard surface below and lay still. The array of wires, cables, tubes, and motors on display for any and all to see. All tucked nicely into a slender feminine neck, coated with soft flesh. R10, was offline permanently now.

In the launch bay, the crewman there had fallen asleep and then fallen out of his chair. He was dead soon thereafter. But before he died he saw two of the androids there take halted steps off of their charging pads. Even as the station began to rumble violently, they seemed unfazed by it. They looked at each other and began to dash towards the door. As they sprinted across the room, the shielding on the floor below them began to fail as the station began to re-enter the atmosphere of the world below. The iris style hatches in the flow below exploded inward as the pressure build up below them became too much for their structural integrity. The burst caused the scythe-shaped panels of the iris to fracture into hundreds of sharp metallic projectiles which scattered around the room.

Several of those flaming hot shards pierced the thigh, knee, and calves of one of the gynoids sprinting for the door. The girl’s heads up display immediately cascaded with critical damage warnings, alerts of non-functional systems and prominently, an incoming impact alert. She fell forward, arms and hands flying in front of her to help brace herself, but she hit the ground regardless. Her arms could only absorb so much of the impact and her face ended up slamming into the floor. There wasn’t a lot of damage to her actual face, save for a small patch of skin on her forehead which had torn a bit and was now dangling from the places where it still held on. Below the skin an off white plastic plate could be seen.

There was a snap and where her leg used to be, frayed electronics and wires spewed white hot sparks. The girl brushed her long hair, pink and purple, out of her face and looked down towards her leg. Just below the knee her entire leg was gone. She spotted it a few feet away on the deck of the launch bay where it lay limp and lifeless. Seeing this triggered something inside of her, something that she knew from her log files was only a recent addition to her programming. It had been included by R10 personally in a package that was pushed out to all robotic crew members upwards of a week ago.

She couldn’t help herself, in a very real and literal sense. The programming that had been passed to her was something like a virus, it infected her silently and when the conditions were right it sprang up. She bit her lower lip and looked up at the other android who had stopped running to look back at her fallen sister. By the time the other android had turned the first was already pulling her own swimsuit-like uniform aside and plunging her fingers deep inside of herself. Her eyes locked on her damaged leg. She was lifting it up and clearly trying to move it which only made the damaged servos there whirr and buss loudly.

M36, the android in the launch bay still on her feet looked away and sprinted for the door, even as she heard the first soft moans from the other android on the floor, feverishly pleasuring herself. M36 tapped the open door button, but the power to the station had clearly been diverted somewhere else, because nothing happened. She immediately stepped into the middle of the door and pulled down on the panel just above it. Inside was a manual plunger that would unlock the door and allow someone to, with some effort, manually open it. Normally two full grown men would be required to wedge something in between the two sliding halves of the door and pry it open enough to slip their fingers in and then brute force would open the door. With no power to the opening there was no risk of it slamming closed, it just cranked open.

M36, who herself had the same bubblegum pink hair that faded into a midnight purple looked like she was no more than a perky twenty something girl, with scrawny arms and a slender frame. She was, after all, built to be used only for sex, and the military programming and augmentations to her internal systems were purely an aftermarket addition. She picked up a large shard from the shattered iris and jammed it into the center of the door and shoved hard. It was more than enough to slide the door an inch or two, certainly enough to allow M36 to slip in her delicate fingers and start to pull both halves of the door aside.

She had managed to manually force the door open about a foot and a half, just enough room for her to slip her slender frame though it. She began to wiggle her way into the opening in the door, and soon was emerging into the hallway beyond the door. She poked her head out into the hallway first, then began slipping the rest of her torso through the half foot thick doors. It was about this time that a power surge rippled through the station in an effort to get some system back online. This caused all the doors on the station to return to their default position, clamping shut.

M36 had only just barely heard the warning siren of the door reset when the door that she was wiggling through clamped shut with enough force to completely crush her plastic and metal ribcage in on itself. The complex configuration of electronics and circuitry inside of her was crushed as well as the door sealed itself. A diagonal cut stretched from M36’s left hip up to just below her right arm caused the petite android girl to fall from the door down to the waiting floor below. What was left of her torso swung down from the door and her head landed fully on the ground, followed by her body rolling over her. The motion was more than enough to put too much strain on her neck and with a sickening crunch, her head snapped free of her neck. A moment later the half of her torso that made it into the hallway with her crumpled to the ground as well.

The door had not only cut M36 in half, but it also had the unfortunate luck to sever a good portion of her power cell. Now destabilized, the small reactor inside of her burst, sending M36’s head flying down the hall only to be stopped as it slammed into the wall at the end, shattering both eyes coverings and tearing more than a few pieces of the soft flesh from her face. Her torso, meanwhile, scattered all over the hall into a dozen different indistinguishable pieces.

Inside the launch bay the lower half of her body had not moved, it was simply crushed into the door, staying right where it was. The android girl who was still actively masturbating on the floor of the bay looked up at M36’s lower half and let out a cry of delight and pleasure. The sound didn't carry for long, as the shielding on the safety door below the iris gave way and opened the bay to the last remnant of the vacuum of space. The little android was quickly swept out into the atmosphere and even as her bright hair swirled around her the flames from the station caught her uniform on fire. The blaze was so intensely hot that the uniform was simply gone the moment she left the station and much of the girls synthetic flesh was turned to ash as well. Almost immediately the one beautiful sex android was nothing more that a metal and plastic skeletal frame with burning electronics. Not that she stayed in one piece too much longer - the heat vaporized the plastic components, then the wiring and circuitry and soon she was nothing more than tumbling, flaming, sparking debris.

The station entered the lower reaches of the planets atmosphere. To many ground observers it looked like a large meteor blazing through the sky. The wreckage of the station splashed down into the murky ocean on the surface and sunk. The water around it boiling as the station, its inhabitants, and the machinery on board descended into the waters below.

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