Down On The Farm

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Part 1

Down on the farm was the last place I really wanted to do work experience. I was studying business at college and we had all been split up and sent out to the world of work. Fellow students of mine got to go to Internet companies, mass marketing franchises and online games companies, but not me. Oh no, I was sent from the sprawl of London to the sunny fields of Yorkshire. On the bright side though at least I would get a holiday.

I had packed my clothes the night before. I had done my research and opted for mainly denim in the form of shorts, jeans, bras and some cotton cammy tops, tie up shirts and a bikini or too for good measure. The world was a warm place these days. I made my way to the shuttle. There is one in every city. Can take you anywhere in mainland Britain in about 40 mins at most. It only took me 28mins to complete my journey.

When I got there I swiped my I.D. and got nav directions to the pick up point. A small ZOOT bot grabbed my luggage and followed silently behind. The man that greeted me looked friendly enough. He was wearing jeans and a white T-shirt that fitted his well built body.

"You must be Miss West." He smiled.

"Please just call me Alison." I offered

"Ok Alison, I'm Phil. I work on the farm but I would imagine its the office side that they have sent you here for."

"Well I am studying business. What's it like to work there?" I inquired

"Its really good. I've been there a long time and they are very good to me. I think you might enjoy it." He smiled again, a wide cheeky grin playing upon his lips.

"Maybe I will."

The ZOOT was already loading the luggage into the MCV (multipurpose carrier vehicle). I took the time to check my personal organiser and photograph the area for my project. I took some photos of Phil as well feeling that he deserved a place in my project already. We soon set off, hovering in our little vehicle over wire roads. I had never seen such beautiful countryside and was amazed at the difference between it and the city in which I lived. The fields were beautifully colored with all sorts of crops. The atmospheric containment fields creating the right weather patterns for the crops underneath. Where the fields ended there were little patches of cacti growing in the natural heat. It was breathtaking.

When we reached the farm I was amazed by how big it was. We have big offices in the city but this was something else. I was too busy staring up at the buildings to notice when I was greeted by the farm manager.

"Ahh, Hello Miss West I am Miss Alender but you may call me Gloria" Said a loud female voice.

I turned to see a woman only 5ft 2 in height and about 7ft in personality. Her broad shoulders and large bust were only accentuated by her well tailored suit and gave her a fearsome appearance. I had every confidence in her business skills.

"Please, call me Alison." I said giving my hand out for shaking.

"Phil, if you want to continue with your duties I will look after Miss West now."

"Yes Miss Alender." Phil replied eyes slightly glossy

Gloria turned back to me and gestured for us to walk.

"Phil seems like a good worker, how long has he been with you?" I asked

"Oh Phil was here even before I took over. He is one of our best. A brilliant model."

"Model?" I asked confused

"Oh yes. Phil is a multi function android model 88mu. We were worried he would break down due to it being an old model but we have an in house mechanic called Ruth who deals with upgrades and has recently refitted him with all the newest features."

"Wow! He looks so real though." I said

"I know, droids are a part of our society now and personally it has brought me nothing but joy and profit working with them."

I recorded what she said as she told me about the other droids on the farm as it would be useful for my project. She showed me the main buildings where they set up the atmosfields, store grain and other machinery.

The last building she showed me was the repairs workshop. We were greeted by and attractive woman, who I estimated was in her 30s. She had glossy brunette hair down to her shoulders which complimented her fair skin beautifully. She smiled as she put down the tools in her hand and approached us.

"Ruth, this is Miss West, she will be staying with us for the week to study business."

"Please call me Alison." I smiled, getting weary of that phrase.

Her handshake was firm and her skin a little cold but then she was working in a cooled building with metal. She showed me around the repairs workshop. It was quite large and had many boxes of bits. Some large machinery was at the back along with the more complicated tools. Facing the entrance was a table which resembled a medical bed. It was white and flat with little cushioning. There were monitoring machines and cables assembled round it. All of it I was sure was for the maintenance of the droid workers.

"So your in charge of all the maintenance?" I asked surprised it only took one person.

"Yep. I really enjoy it. I have been here a long time now but it is the perfect job." She smiled.

"Actually Ruth I have an important vidcall to make so if you could perhaps show Alison round the grounds, maybe the pool and such then that would be great." Gloria asked turning off her organiser alarm.

"Of course Miss Alender." Ruth responded.

Ruth lead me out of the workshop and onto one of the many stone paths that lead their way around the farm. To cut down on accidents all natural dirt paths had been replaced years ago with a tasteful, natural look yet easy to walk on old looking stone. As we walked past the side of the workshop she explained that this area had once been the gardens for the manner house that had owned the land. Miss Alender had been so taken with them that she had them all safety checked and decided to keep them as a perk to her employees and herself. The gardens were truly beautiful with huge trees and lush grass. Our path seemed to lead us through a woodland.

"So where does this lead?" I asked

"This will take us down to the old lake. Its all been refitted now with pure water but it is still a beautiful place" Ruth replied.

She wasnt wrong either. The lake was oval shaped with Willows and flowering bushes round the edge,not a cactus in sight.

"It looks so nice." I commented

"If you are hot, we could always go for a swim? Most of the staff do that after works done." Ruth offered

"But I dont have my swim wear on." I replied, actually quite disapointed

"Doesnt mater, neither do I but its so hot we would dry out by the time we got back. You are wearing underwear right?" Ruth said slighly

"Yes. Well it is really hot and if people usually go swimming here then I suppose its ok." I gave in.

Part 2

At the lake....

Ruth found us a spot by the lake with several large stones and convenient trees for hanging things on, such as clothing. It was probably part of the design considering that there was also a small slope into the lake there as well.

Whilst I perched myself on a rock and argued with my boots, Ruth pulled her top up over her head to reveal an impressive figure. Her hair fell over her breasts and bra like a waterfall of chocolate. I realized at that point I was staring and after turning red got back to undressing myself. I unbuttoned my shorts and slid them down over my thin legs.

"Nice pegs." Ruth complimented.

"Thank you." I replied embarrassed "You have a better shape though."

"Nah these thighs are all big." She smiled

To prove her point she unbuttoned her black leather trousers and removed them from what I could only describe as the most womanly thighs I had ever seen. She was perfect. Her body was not the slim long figure of youth but the full curvy figure of a woman.

"I think you look anmazing." I said

"Thanks." She blushed. "You ready?"

"Think so." I smiled.

Ruths underwear was black and silky. Sensible yet sexual. Mine was purely sensible. It consisted of a deep blue bra and matching girly boxers (they are like tight fitting undershorts for girls). Ruth took my hand and lead me into the water. It felt good and cool in comparison to the heat of the day. I let the water carry me and just laid back, floating happily.

"So what do you do for fun in the city. I hear it is very orgainsed?" Ruth asked as she floated beside me.

"Hmm...well our days are orgainsed. Everyone works nights or days. Thats 9am till 6pm, except Friday when its 2pm or 9pm till 6am except Fridays. Its good cause you get 3 hours of together time if you have friends or partners on the other shift. Plus when one comes home they can wake the other for work. It all works out really well. I have friends on both shifts though I work days." I explained

"Seems they were right about it being orgaisned. So what do you do for fun considering you arent working all the time?" Ruth asked

"There is lots to do. I depends what you want. If you want to dance then there are various music clubs. Most have 5 floors. Usually the club with have a genre and then the sub genres will be on the other floors. If you want to do something creative then there are work houses. You go and create and after you can either pay for the materials you used or sell you item to pay for the materials and you keep the profit. There are a lot of genre based hook-ups as well."

"Hook-ups??" Ruth looked confused.

"You dont have them here? I though everywhere would. A hook-up is a place where you go to meet those you want to be intimate with. There are different ones for different things. If you want a long term partner then you go to those ones, type in your details and get a badge. Then if someone has matching details they can find you. Whatever your interest you can find a place that will cater to it."

"I forgot to ask if you have a partner."

"No I am single. I hook-up when am bored but I dont plan on long term yet. I want to be able to support us first." I confessed

"So what do you look for in a 'hook-up'?" She asked smiling.

I thought about it for a minuet then replied, "Im quite fond of females, lids, ando and techs,

(Explanation - lids stands for liquids these are people of both or liquid gender. In this future you can change gender easily. Andros look androgynous and perfect. they hair beautiful everything but are generally one gender or the other theough it is hard to tell. Techs are robots/androids. And you all know what females are

Though men are fun sometimes they are usually in high demand from breeders. I am one of the non meaning Ican't have children."

"Wow. Sounds like the city is interesting. Ican't have children either so dont worry about it. "

Ruth moved over to where I was and ran a hand gently down my stomach. I started at her touch and nearly capsized.

"Didnt meant to startle you." She laughed as I surfaced my hair all wet and everywhere.

"Thanks ok. I just dont know what the customs are out here int he country." I said trying to reign in my hair.

Ruth moved behind me and started to collect my hair up. She ran her fingers through it combing out the tangles. As she put it up in a pony tail for me I could feel it already drying in the sunshine. She stroked her hands down the sides of my neck and shoulders. I let out a soft sigh of gratitude.

"This ok?" She asked softly

"Yes.."I sighed

Her long figured delicate hands ran themselves down my back and round under my arms to caress my small breasts. She ran them over the bra first before slipping them underneath. The feeling of skin on skin was wonderful. Her hands dislodged my bra exposing my breasts to the sunshine. I got the feeling she had done this before as she stroked the sensitive underside of my breasts instead of going straight for the nipples. The whole feeling was electric and I felt like I would melt under her touch. Her soft lips started to nibble my neck. I felt the sudden and awakening need to have my lips on her so I turned round and did exactly that. Her body was pressed against mine as we kissed. I felt very boyish in comparison to her soft and curvy form. She wrapped a leg round me only to accidentally knock me off balance. We suddenly found ourselves underwater. I struggled as I was pinned under her. I was gasping for air as I surface. I was about to laugh the whole incident off when I suddenly noticed Ruth had not surfaced. Searching frantically I found her under the water and with all my strength dragged her up. I pulled her to the shore hoping that she would be alright. As I laid her on the bank I noticed she wasnt moving. I tried to remember what to do and so opened her mouth and jumped back as she coughed up water her eyes wide open. She blinked a bit, turned to me and tried to speak.

"I..i...i...i..mmmm...Soo..rrry, Soorryyy....ssssooooorrryyyyyy......" She stuttered mechanically.

It was then I realized that Ruth was a droid.

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