Door To Door

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12:44 pm Saturday afternoon: "What a night..haven't had 1 like in ages" I mummbled to myself while lifting my face off the poker tablein silence I heard the chips that were pressed againest my face hit the ground...where'd they all go? I asked myself walking to the fridge, there I found my awnser...a note stuck to the beer in the fridge read, "morning Dave! whateva was in that salmon dip last night sure did and the boys left early this morning for some looked pretty comfortible where you were, see you when we do - Comrad"

While drinking my Hair of Dog I soon realized...i haven't eaten...summoning up the motivation, to make myself lunch while gathering greasy ingrediants my mouth watered as I knew me getting over this splitting head ache was at hand!

Suddenly, I hear a if someone wraping at my chamber-door (Authors note: I always wanted to use that!! lol!) It was sunny outside so on with my glasses before I started to proceed down the hall to the door. The Figure still stood still with not even a sound, opening the door all I saw was a young women with a clipboard, dressed in a ladys blue business suit,her brown hair was down but kept out of the way looking her up and down I noticed her curvy hips and her large yet ohhh so pert breasts...myself being very anti-corprate, peering through my glasses I exclaimed "shouldn't you be baking cookies for a company function now!!?" a little taken by my reaction she put a foot back and started to talk "Hello, My name is Rena and i'm a sales representitive with i-help....joking around I could help reply "u-help?" she stooding holding her mouth giggling, finally some emotion! No, She said "sir Walking past I noitced your yard was a bit over-grown a bit...looking at the door I replied "yeah, ummmm I got some kids that do that but there on holidays" Then perhaps I could show you our range of products, she said with a hopeful glee. Sure, i'm not doing much at the moment but you may have to excuse the mess, Stepping aside I let her in the door....ohhhh her backs almost as good as her front! I think to myself as she turns around settle in 1 of the arm chairs, "excuse me a moment i'll be right with must be thirsty after walk, could I offer you a drink?" "No thank you sir" she said sharply...pausing a moment another thought occurred to me....did she come alone?

Walking into my lounge I saw her looking at the computer equipment (sp?) "may I ask what you use this for?" Rena inquisited Siping my beer I replied "i used to manufacture mechanical arms and aids for the disabled...but alots changed since these Synth-Helpers appeared on the market...but none the less it has proven handy for study reasons, to see the programing that goes into them" I said sheepishly while shoving a mother-board away from my feet.

"Ahhhh so you are familiar with our models then?" she said, following the sound of a low hum I heard from her neck area "only a little" I said cautiously she then opened her clip board to show me what was on house was quiet unlike outside I could hear all kinds of hisses and tones coming from her....Could it be possible that i'll be seeing my friends again sooner then expected?....ohhh the brain ticks with ideas! just when that thought fleeted I saw a catalog under my nose...."my they look pretty" I remarked to her, Rena then rebutting "these models are our maintance models, the kind that be most helpful to you in your yard work....we have hire packages for those on a budget but we can finance it if you wanted to own 1 yourself, yourself" Did I just hear right...i think she just repeated herself....must be the cheap "heat-resistant" skin they give these models effecting her my suspicions were confirmed.

Faning herself with an extra catalog....her in her business suit and me still in my ripped jeans and "Whores Not War" was amazing how composed there programmed to be....any human would be gone from here by now! Turning to me she asked in a soft tone...."do you have a fan you can use in this room?" was different...when she spoke it not only came out softer by reverbed off the walls making it all the sweeter....Blankly I stood up and said " right back"...walking down the hall I shook it off....either she's a very pursuasive Unit or this is another marketing scam....doesn't matter now I wanna have some fun....reaching for the fan and placing it near my bed room door I then walked into my closet to find ol' diagnostics were in business, I picked that up in the case it was in and the fan, then made a quick pace back to the lounge...there she still was...hardly hadn't moved a hydrolic muscle. I pluged in the fan just behind her head.....if what I thought was right then her processor should be in her head region...switching it on I did notice the difference...she wasn't so tence...."Thank You sir, but I cannot stay too longer" ohhh? I said disappionted, "i was just going to decide which unit I was going to rent out from you people....i shouldn't be too long in my decision. Excellent! she said!...indeed I remarked with a snicker....without her noticing I managed to get the arm chair to recline....while I got myself online i'll let her relax her systems a bit more..i sat at my desk behind the lounge-sweet it looked like she was completely oblivious...i'm not sure weather to be disappointed or happy for the lack of a fight she put up....but I haven't done nothing yet. My PC gave the tone....i was online...time to get to work.

Opening a panel that was on her neck I noticed a connection port, sorting through my attachments I hoped I had the adaptor...ahhh! success! I then plugged it in..with Renas eyes still open, I hear from her in a more mechanical voice...Warning.forigen connection being Shit!! ummm umm..looking at the exposed panel I saw what looked like a modem...then it came to me as I heard a dail tone coming from her chest..."its in there!!" reaching into her back with a light and wire cutters, I found its power-supply....and cut it off.....then I heard the most blissful words emit from her animated voice box "conection terminated" damm right!!! I said spinning around in my chair!!!

Luckly enough I had swiped the beta-versions of the control software for these driods, when I got "fired" from mech-help before it was i-help....but do they work...lets try something....typing a phrase into vocal operations commands...upon pressing enter I hear "What white rabbit?" it time to find out a bit more about you.

Activate Vocal system responce, "con.firme.d" Is Rena you Unit models name? "" what does it stand for? I asked hearing a seris of buzzes and clicks she then said "Responsive.Emotinal.Negotiations.Assistant" sure is a fancy way to say sales I mummbled to myself....State current programming..." programmed as door representive.and also a model" Is Programming indefinate? I asked "" hmmmm....its not like formatting a hard drive....or is it? I thought to myself. who am I kidding....this is about revenge and eyes focused on my screen I started looking for overide-files....i would plant a virus but i'd want a blank slate to futher work with. Recite Models Manufacture number with a more high pitched winding in her head on abdomin I heard " 44-7317-10" eeeeeeeeeeexcellllent..that was all I needed....with the overide file now set up to the units spesifications....i look 1 more look at that still body in its polyester suit...those firm round breats...her hair, half of it hanging down next to her while the other rested on the head cusion of the chair....her eyes opened wider then i've seen, it was when I noticed that I got excited and started the orveride.

Unit.s.cache.desorted.ddddddissssssssstorting.....almost there I said to myself waiting for her to shut down....convulsing on the chair she started whining with a electronic was then I felt like goving myself a pat on the back....but i'll get her to do that....her panels were moving as to let air pass through them...kinda like a cooling system but not....each panel that opened exposed more and mopre intricate motherboards,panels...a neo-arrey of flashing lights...her nipples stiffened after she parted her was then then I started wondering what her new mission ni life was going to be....private maid? rent-a-whore? who knows but I knew now what I had to do....paying no attention to Rena I walked away to fetch the I sat down to dail I heard from Rena's lush mouth,

holding off to dail the last number I did so as she finished her little process...she looks so cute all vulnigribal (sp?) and such....but its too much fun to just not do something about it!

The phone on the other end started to ring, Allo I hear on the other end "Comrad! ya meaty-fella....i got something lushious here no its not that....i snagged me a synth-girl, yeah! no shit! think she'll fetch a good price?.....yeah I thought about keeping her too....hey come around and we'll both decide what to do! bring more beer!"

i guess it was now that time to do a dance of celebration.....possibilitys now were boundless. Maybe now we'll have someone else at the table on poker nights....or under it!

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