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The sun is just setting on a winding coastal road as a small red sports car quickly zips around the curves.

"I don't even know why you hang out with that guy. He's such a pig…" Natasha, a athletic-looking brunette in her mid-twenties with a conservative bob cut, wearing a tight white sweater top and charcoal skirt, complains to her boyfriend Kevin. She sits in the passenger seat with her arms crossed, staring out the window scowling as she barrages Kevin. "…I mean, he always makes those idiotic, male-chauvinist jokes… He's always drunk, talking about porn and stuff. I just don't know why you're even friends with him, or why I let you drag me up here to have dinner at his place."

Kevin, trying to calm her down says, "Honey, you know John and I have been friends for years. Sure, my tastes have grown a bit more sophisticated over time than his have…"

Natasha interrupted, "And some of the bimbos he has hanging out with him sometimes… I mean, what is that? "

"Sweetie, can you just try to pretend like you don't hate being there for a couple hours? Please? I promise I won't bring you up here for a long time if you just try not to get into any arguments tonight." Kevin pleaded as he drove along the clear blue ocean.

"Fine. Whatever." Natasha huffed.

"Plus, we don't have premium cable and I wanted to see the boxing match tonight. Okay?" And with that, Natasha resumed her silent stare out the window for the rest of the ride.

Fifteen minutes of strained silence later, they pulled up John's steep driveway, and parked in front of his house. Natasha gave the small but very attractive house a disapproving glance as she waited for Kevin to come around and open her door.

As she stepped out, she told him, "You know, for a guy with next to no social graces - John sure has one hell of a house. What does a jerk like him do for money again?"

They walked up to the well-landscaped porch and rang the bell. Kevin replied, "I'm not sure, I think something like software engineering. Research and development stuff for some tech think tank or whatever. Remember honey, you promised?"

"All right, all right. I'll try to be nice." Natasha forced a fake smile in his direction, then turned to look at the door, which promptly swung open.

John opened the door, a clean-cut man in his early thirties wearing a nice suit, drinking a beer, "Hey, Kevin!" He greets them with a big hug and slap on the back "Good to see you! And I see you brought my favorite feminazi!"

Natasha just rolled her eyes at him and brushed past him into the house.

John gives a small laugh and turns inside, "Good to see you too, Nat."

"Don't call me Nat. You know I hate that." Natasha grumbled.

John led them into the kitchen and motioned for them to sit at the bar, "Dinner's almost ready. The girls should just about be done." As the three of them sat down, Natasha noticed the two gorgeous women leaning against one of the counters, each with a glass of wine in their hands, giggling. Obviously, the hosts have all had a few already. John introduced them, "Kevin, Natasha, these two lovely ladies are Jennifer and Nicole."

Jenny and Nicky were two supermodel-esque blondes, each wearing a beautiful evening gown. Kevin didn't hesitate to introduce himself, but Natasha just uttered a sarcastic, "It's a pleasure."

Nicky piped up, "Why don't the three of you sit at the table, and Jenny & I will bring out the food?"

John, Kevin and Natasha each grabbed a fresh drink - wine for Natasha and beer for the guys - and headed over to the dining table as Jenny and Nicky skillfully placed a gourmet dinner before each of them.

Over dinner, the conversation turned to politics, one of Natasha's obviously favorite topics. She was in the middle of a tirade on the plight of women in the middle east when John butted in.

"Nat, you've been spouting off so much, you haven't even touched your dinner." He told her, smirking.

Disgusted, "Sorry. I guess I'm just not hungry. What about you two, Jennifer & Nicole? You didn't even set plates for yourselves. Drinking your dinner tonight I take it?" She asked the two blondes, who were sipping on some Merlot.

Jennifer answered cheerfully, "Well, a woman has to watch her figure, you know!"

Natasha was growing more and more displeased with the other dinner guests, noticing John had been not-so-secretly rubbing his hand up and down Nicky's leg, seated next to him.

The rest of dinner went pretty much the same way, then John had the two blondes clean up after them and everyone moved into the living room to watch the boxing match.

As they all sat down on the couches, John turned to Jenny & Nicole, just entering the room, "Hey, why don't you too go change into something a little more… revealing?" He was clearly getting tipsy.

Natasha looked baffled, and even moreso when she heard Nicky's reply

"Sure, we'll be right back in." Nicky cooed. As she and Jenny left, John gave each of them a smack on the ass, at which they each giggled.

Natasha leaned over to Kevin and whispered into his ear to please leave.

Kevin says, "Can we just see the rest of the match? Please? Then we can go, I promise."

She didn't reply, but seemed placated for the time being.

Jennifer and Nicole finally came back into the room. Only this time, they were wearing only skimpy black lingerie with thin, sheer robes draped over their amazingly toned bodies. Before they had a chance to sit down, John told them to bring some fresh beers in for him and Kevin. This was apparently too much for Natasha.

As the two blondes returned from the kitchen with the beers and sat down on either side of John, Natasha blurted out, "Why do you two put up with his shit?"

Jenny & Nicky just giggle a little bit and continue sipping on their wine.

John, still staring at the TV screen, says half-heartedly to Natasha, "You know, Nat, you're actually pretty hot for such a tightly-wound bitch. I mean, you've got a killer rack, about as nice as Jenny's here, am I right Kevin?"

"This is what I'm talking about!" Natasha yelled to the girls, "Doesn't it piss you off how he treats you, and other women for that matter?!?!"

Nicky: stops giggling, "What do you mean?"

Natasha continues, "The way he treats you like some sex object… I'd be furious if I had to put up with it, but you two look like you're enjoying it! You should be wanting to kick his ass right now."

Jennifer answers simply, "We would never think in such a manner."

"Why not?" replies a bewildered Natasha.

"We are incapable of that kind of thought." Nicky finally chimes in.

Natasha looks like she's going to crack, "What the hell are you talking about, have you been lobotomized or something?"

Nicky, laughing as if it's some high-class joke that Natasha's not in on says, "Jenny and myself are companion androids, silly. We don't even have brains. Only microchips, wiring and processors."

A look of disgust comes over Natasha. She thinks this is all some sort of rude joke on her behalf, "Really. You're robots."

Jenny cheerfully adds, "Yes. We are 0700 - series units, programmed for dining, housekeeping and many forms of sexual interaction. See?" The last part said with a sly smile across her perfect lips as she undoes her bra, a front-clasp and a small access panel opens below her large yet perky breasts.

Natasha doesn't know what to "Oh, my, God this is disgusting. Here I thought you two were a couple of dumb bimbos, but you're just two trumped-up sex toys?!" Looking at me, then at Kevin "Did you know about this?" in accusing manner.

"Well, sort of…" Kevin sheepishly replied.

Natasha stands up to leave "This is ridiculous, I'm getting out of here. You two perverts can do whatever you …" Nicky places her hands on Natasha's shoulders, stopping her from walking away from the couch

Nicky pleads, "Wait." She places a finger on Nat's lips. Nat stops talking. "Let me show you something that might change your mind." And begins doing a small striptease dance in front of Natasha

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"Shhh. Just go along with it. Trust me." Natasha coos.

"I'm not a lesbian, you robot whore! I, uhmmm…" Nicky plants a huge kiss on natasha's lips, thrusting her tongue down her throat before she has a chance to say more. Natasha's eyes open wide and she still tries to mumble. Eventually relaxes her stance, slowly brings her arms up to embrace Nicky as she begins rubbing Natasha's breasts up under her top, which Nicky removes like a pro, quickly followed by the bra.

Natasha opens her eyes "Mmm… wait, I uh, … I uh… I'm not really sure what's going on here…. I … oh …"

Nicky has bent down and is removing Nat's skirt and panties and rubbing her hands up and down Nat's legs as she begins to lick her pussy. Jenny walks around behind Natasha and wraps her arms around to grasp her breasts from behind. She massages them deeply for a few minutes.

Natasha is now moaning and breathing hard with her eyes closed, her brow furrowed and mouth open. Jenny takes one of her hands and reaches down to rub Natasha's firm ass. She then starts sliding her fingers in and out of Natasha's anus, which makes her squirm a bit.

Finally, with the two fembots going to town on Natasha's privates, she seems to come to a bit, shaking her head a little, "Wait! What the hell am I doing? I'm not a lesbian, I… uh… oh yes… this feels wonderful, don't stop… stop… Stop! I'm not this kind of person, I - Kevin! Help! I can't, I… can't control my body! What the hell is happening to me?!"

Natasha began making jerky movements with her arms and head, attempting to look over at Kevin, who along with John, was just sitting there watching. They seemed amused but neither was making a move at her current pleading.

She continued, "What is wrong with me?!?! I can't… can't… ERKKKHXX!!! ERROR! -BEEP!- MALFUNCTION IN PRIMARY PERSONALITY MATRIX…What the fuck?! I didn't say that… I… yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!… Help! ERROR…CRITICAL.SOFTWARE.MALFUNCTION…Rub my clit! …RESTART…you assholes!…RECOMMENDED…" Natasha was making clicking and grinding noises as something in her began working against itself. Her head roughly jerked back to Kevin, who was getting up and walking over to her. Her eyes had lost the hard look they had not a few minutes ago, and now looked scared. She pleaded to Kevin, "What is going on!?!?!"

Kevin calmly replied, "Honey, you're having a malfunction. Don't worry, I'll fix you just like all the other times."

"Fix me?! ERROR… oh yes, keep rubbing my tits!….Oh.. yes… ERROR… What is this?! Kevin, what am I?" Natasha asked, almost screaming now, her body locked in an odd jerky dance while the other two gynoids probed her privates with their artificial tongues.

"You're a sex-bot just like Nicky and Jenny. John and I built you, along with dozens of others. I've told you this a number of times, but don't worry. I'll erase your memory just like all the other times you've broken down. This will feel a little weird." And with that, Kevin reached up and pressed behind both of her ears. A small panel opened in her chest, Kevin pressed a small button inside and Natasha slowly bent at the waste, powering down like a broken toy.

Jenny and Nicole each stood up, went over to the couch and sat down with blank looks on their faces.

John stood up, "See, Kev. I told you we can't program her personality as a straight feminazi and then just slip an invasive lesbian program into the mix. Unless she's to be conscious of her artificiality, she needs to have any possible personality features woven into the matrix to begin with. Otherwise we're just going to keep getting these conflicts."

Kevin sighed. "Yeah, I guess you're right. I just wanted to run another test to make sure. Back to the drawing board, I suppose."

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