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Part 1

Dear diary

I brought you today as I am going to be upgraded in a few days. I dont know how much of my memories it will wipe but some of the errors I have are connected to my memory banks and I must have them replaced. So I shall write a record of the things that have happened to me that I can remember.

It all started in Japan. Its the first thing I remember. Opening my eyes and seeing the white pristine laboratory. Just a head with no hair and wires sticking out all over the place. I didn't feel back then, I just remember seeing and taking in the data. I watched for hours as people attended me, tweaking with the bits in my head-casing. I remember watching other models being wheeled in on trolleys, each of us different looking. Myself unaware how I looked.

I saw my body for the first time when they wheeled it in in a create and laid it on the table. 5ft 7, 36B bust, 28" waist, 34" hips. Perfectly slim yet sturdy. The next time I opened my eyes we were attached. I could feel hands and feet twitching. The lovely Dr Amaki was looking over me, palm-pad in hand. She smiled and pushed her long dark hair back behind her ears.

"Dont try to move just yet." She said "There will be time for that later, for now we are going to sink you into a fluid bed to let the nanobots strengthen your connections and shell"

And with that she pushed a button and I sank into a tank of liquid. I was not the only one floating in the amber coloured goo. 5 other fembots were there, naked and perfect. Looking around I realized we must all be variations of the same model. I wondered if we would be working together. I didn't know what my work would be as it seemed I wasnt programmed for that yet. I closed my eyes and let the nanobots do their work.

I shall write more later as I have work to do.
Bye Diary

Part 2

Dear Diary

It is now the weekend thus my writing willl only be impeded by the things my master asks of me. He is a kind man and does now ask much. I shall continue to write down my creation and life thus far:

The next time I opened my eyes I was in a glass pod being held up by small t-shaped poles. They were placed under my head, legs and back at balance points so I did not fall. Warm air was rising up from underneath me, the nanobots seemingly in stasis now. My sensors informed me that I should stay still and thus I only moved my eyes to look round. I could just make out other drying pods but my main focus was the celling.

Dr Amaki came to look over my pod. This time she was in an all black and quite tight outfit consisting of trousers and a turtle neck top. She tapped at the control pannel and my pod opened as a board rose underneath me. "You are fully functional now though in need of some programing. You and the other 5 units here are K.A.I.A. we intend to sell you to one of our exclusive clients dependent on what they want you for. Now get up and follow me." Dr Amaki smiled.

I followed the Dr as she opened the other five pods whilst repeating the speech that she had gave me. Although we were the same model there were many differences between the six of us. I was labeled as Six and the other numbers one to five.

One had Shoulder length red hair, a small overbite that made her plump lips beautifully full, freckles, deep hazel eyes, perfect finger nails and a slighter body with a smaller yet pert bust and only a small tuft of pubic hair. Two was stunning. Long deep purple hair down to her bottom, sharp blue eyes, flawless skin and tribal tatooing round her hips and underside of her breasts. She was shorter than the rest of us but had screws in her feet so was made for wearing cyber heels.

Three had bobbed black hair with red tips and fringe. She had thickly lashed black eyes set into pale synthetic skin. Her bust was much more than mine at 36dd and her hips more curvey. Her lips were full and red highlighting a vicious smile.

Four was andro. Short punky girls hair in a chestnut brown same as their eyes. A smaller bust lead into a sloping waist and boyish hips. There was no pubic hair but a pannel above their vagina. The pannel would open to reveal a fully errect and useable penis.

Five was cute. Ditzy looking with green eyes on a heartshapped face frammed with Dark auburn hair. Her bust was ample and bounced as she moved. She had no pubic hair. She was also shorter as well at 5ft 5.

I was unaware how I looked until we were lead into a room full of mirrors. It turned out that I had large amber eyes, short and sleek black hair and the same slight over bite as One. I felt nothing for my features though I was aware that I was designed to be attractive to a certain market as were the other fembots around me.

We were lined up in number order and told to wait. It turned out that the giant mirror infront of us was actually a huge door and when it opened we were on a stage. About 30 clients filled the room all of mixed age and gender. Most of them were european.

An enthusiastic short Japanese man mounted the stage with a microphone on his ear and started to talk. "Hello esteemed clients! I welcome you to Nataku Inc. Today we will be auctioning our K.A.I.A. models. This stands for Kinky; fully sexually compatable, Assasin; programmed to protect and kill for you, Intellegence; able to learn from experiance not just download and Android . All this can be yours if you bid today. We have six lovely models for you. We shall start with One. One come forward."

One walked to the front of the stage and performed various tasks as required from breaking bricks to handling kittens. We were all auctioned off within the next hour. Two went for the highest price. Once we had all been sold we were lead back to another labratory by Dr Amaki.

We were put in large backless leather and metal seats as finishers set to work adjusting us to our clients needs. The changed our voices, programmed us with extra abilities. One got secretarial skills whilst I got full cooking skills and recipes. We each had four finishers attending to us. They changed our bodies as well. Two got some nipple piercings whilst Five got her hair in pigtails and Four got its cock molded to the right size. We all had vaginal adjustments. We had to lay back on our chairs as a finisher unhinged the top inside join of our jegs to adjust the size manually. It had been that the size and fuction was controlled by our computerized "brains" but it had lead to many an accident when there was a malfunction and now all adjustments were manual.

Shortly after we were taken to dressing room and put in clothing that had been purchased with and for us. One was in a tight office outfit, Two was in leather, Three was in red and black corsetry and kinky goth clothes, Four was dressed in Japanese lolita and Five in pair of very short jean shorts and a tied up country shirt. They dressed me in a high neck black PVC top that clung to my skin like paint and a pair of purple leather shorts over black stockings and finished the outfit with knee high boots and purple lipstick. We were ready to meet our masters.

I shall write more later but I must go cook for my master and then help in the shower.
Bye Diary

Part 3

Dear diary

Back from my choirs and ready to write more.

We were all filled into the mirror room again and lined up in order. As the door opened I was confronted with another fembot. She looked most like myself except her chest was bigger and her hair white. She was wearing a nurses uniform and was accompanied by two armed guards. Dr Amaki showed her to the beginning of the line. When the door opened again it was our masters. They sat waiting to inspect us.

"If you could please step forward stating your name, owner and designation. Once collected the next one may step forward. Please wait with your new master over by the plinth so we may do final prep before you leave. Start" Dr Amaki ordered.

The new fembot stepped forward. "I am Zero, a Military, Intelligence, Nurse, Kinky, Android, M.I.N.K.A. I belong to the Japanese army under General Mikata" The General stood up and walked slowly round Zero. He ordered her to show her weaponry and folds of skin and metal peeled back to reveal quite a defense system. Lastly he stuck his hand up her skirt and with a smile lead her to the prep area.

"I am Abby Watson" One said stepping forward "Sectary and P.A. to Mr Douglas C.E.O. of Americas primary electronics company." Abby smiled and greeted Mr Douglas with a hand shake.

"I am Lilli, bodyguard and assassin for MisoMiso eccentric head of the Tokyo Yakuza" Two guys in suits lead Two away, now much taller with her heels screwed in, perfect for fighting.

"I am Viella Darkspell, fetish model and assistant to French gothic clothes designer and alternative photographer D'Raviern" "Marvelous darling! Just what my studio needs. This bot will be a brilliant muse. Ohh! She is just perfect" Expressed D'Raviern as he swayed up to her, kissed her on the cheek and lead her away.

"I am Yuko. Maid and personal assistant to Ayami Takada,lady of leisure and beauty." Four said in a voice low yet sweet, her/his head bowed. Ms Takada gently hugged Yuko and placed a beautifully crafted metal and diamond collar around his/her neck.

"I am Bobbie Mae. Cover girl for Big Joe Colesons farm produce! The best steak you'll ever taste! I am also the personal assistant to Mr Joeseph Coleson." Bobbie giggled.

"Well, Isnt she a beaut!" Roared Mr Coleson. "Just perfect. Cant wait to get you home." He winked and then lead her off stage whilst boasting his companies merits.

Then there was me. I wasn't sure what would be required of me though I presumed some house duty due to the nature of my programming. I stepped forward.

"I am Mai. I am housekeeper, assistant and help to Dimitrios Novikov young Russian artistic genius." An old and stern woman in a long black dress came to collect me.

"I am Mrs Kane. I am the house and family keeper for Mr Novikov. You will be in my charge till we get back to Russia" And so I was lead away to the finishing area.

The purpose of the finishing area was to update our memories with anything we would need. The clients themselves provided the data which was then checked for viruses and inserted into us. A technician opened the panel which ran from the nape of my neck to the back of my head and inserted a disk. I felt my systems flooding with new information, pictures of art and mechanics. Then all went dead.

I shall write more when time permits. I think I am getting the hang of this diary writing. I can see why humans would do this.

Part 4

Dear Diary

I am finding it increasingly interesting to reanalyze my memory banks as I am programmed differently now. I understand things now that I did not then. It is good to have a record of my beginnings. My master is also very interested as he has not been told everything of my past. I wonder if he has been sneaking looks at this. I do hope that anything written will not upset him. I should continue.

When I next opened my eyes I realized I was in a create. The smooth wood in front and around me gave me little room for movement. I could hear the sounds of engines and knew I was in the back of a lorry. I searched inside myself and did a memory and systems check. Everything seemed to be working. I located my new programs easily. I could now cook, clean, sew, gather sculpture materials, know a paintbrush or pencils make just by a quick glance and had new optic programing for spotting layers in paintings and possible fakes.

The ride was bumpy but I was sturdily strapped into my casing. Once we had stopped there was a lot of shouting and I heard the back drop. From there I was wheeled to my destination.They put me down with a thud! My sensors could detect the cold all around.

"Young Master Novikov! Your package has arrived." Ms Kane shouted.

There was the hurried sound of doors slamming and feet rushing. Fingers pulled at my case and the front panel broke off into slender fingered hands. In front of me was a boy no older than 17. His hair black and his eyes a piercing blue. His body near skeletal yet strong cloaked in a tight black turtleneck and loose jeans. He leaned back as he stood staring at me, his bare feet on the cold marble.

"Good." Dimitrios smiled taking my hand and kissing it "I am Dimitrios Novikov, man of this house. Orders from me will override any others. You will be taking orders from Ms Kane as to house affairs."

Dimitrios uncabled me from the create and took time walking round me, inspecting.

"Show her the house and grounds. Make sure she knows the house rules." He ordered Ms Kane. "The rest of you set up her quarters, she will need a place to recharge. Do it in the adjoining room to mine."

Dimitrios then scampered back up the large marble stairs and vanished leaving me with Ms Kane.

In the next 3 hours Ms Kane showed me the grounds and explained how the house worked. Dimitrios was not to be disturbed if his door was shut. I was expected to cook breakfast and wait on Dimitrios personally as his father still lived in the house but was suffering a degenerative disease that required all of Ms Kane's attentions. Ms Kane seemed to be annoyed at the choice of a bot instead of her niece as house keeper. Complained about the expense too and how if I did anything wrong she would take pleasure in sending me to the scrap yard. Lastly I was shown my room.

It was a small room with the standard upright recharge unit. The sort you rest back in and have to plug into manually. There were also all my coolant and oil supplies, some tools and various repair kits. The double doors joined our rooms.

"I shall leave you here. You can find Young Master Novikov either in his room, across the hall in the library or outside in his studio. You are not to go in the West Wing of this house as that is where the Master is and he is very ill and does not need the attentions of some machine." Ms Kane explained before trotting out of my room.

Deciding on the best course of action I first checked all of my electronic gear. I made sure that they had all been connected properly being aware that the Russians who put it together may not have appreciated the instructions being only in Japanese. There were only a couple of cables I needed to rescrew and change socket.

I decided that it would be best to recharge for a while until I was needed as I had been informed that Dimitrious slept till noon most days and was up all night. I unzipped my black skin tight top and folded it leaving it on the floor. I walked backwards into the semicircle of metal, light and wire that was my recharge cradle and once in I triggered the start with my foot. Thin metal rods pierced my back and neck sending electricity through me and into my power cells via my spine. I bit down on the nozzle in front of me. Its girth almost filling my mouth as it pumped oil and other much needed lubricants into my systems. I shut my eyes and monitored the process from within.

13 mins later I sensed someone enter my room. The steps were very quiet and stopped a few feet away. I could hear a deepening of breath and quickening of heartbeat. A tentative hand brushed my face. Seeing as I had not been requested to open my eyes I did not. The skin was cold as it glided down my neck to my chest. I felt a body awkwardly lean against mine as the hand caressed my left breast. Fingers ran over my nipples. Due to charging all sexual systems were off but it would turn out they were not needed. I heard barely audible gasp and then nothing. I heard the door close. They were gone.

It is night now and my master requires my attentions. He is worried about my body change and update and has put it back a month. At least this will give me more time to write.

Bye bye

Part 5

Dear Diary

Today I must hurry as my master is awfully busy. Something about his parents visiting...

Shortly after I had finished charging I decided to go and find my new master Dimitrios. I moved the nozzle out of my mouth, hit the power off with my foot and detached myself from the rods whilst my back sealed itself. Now I was powered up I would be able to last at least 3 days without needing to recharge though at under 30% my capabilities would be serverly hindered.

Before redressing I examined myself for marks from earlier. There was nothing so I zipped my top back on and went looking for my master. My sound sensors informed me he was across the hall in the library flicking through a book.

I entered the room quietly as to not disturb and shifted into his vision. After a few minuets he looked up, blue eyes locked onto mine.

"Join me, come sit at my feet as I read" Dimitrios said softly

"Yes master Dimitrios" I replied positioning myself next to his large leather chair.

"I much prefer Dimitri or just Master"

"Yes my Master"

For quite a while I sat there whilst my Master read The Idiot by Dovstoiesky. He seemed to get more distracted, suffling and itching and changing position as he read. With great speed and unexpected strength he threw his hardback book across the room before almost kicking me off his leg. He stormed towards the door as if to walk out only to lock it instead.

I waited for my orders as I sat on the floor. He came over to me, crouched down and looked at me. Then his lips were on mine. My body automatically matched my kissing pattern to his as not to disapoint. He rolled forward onto his knees leaning me back till I was flat on the varnished wooden floor.

"Am I your first?" He asked

"I've had testing but not with a human"

"Good, you are not a machine as all consciousness is reality and you are as real as anyone or thing" And with those words he unzipped my top exposing my breasts. My nipples were errect as my body had gone in to sexual mode and my personality was adjusting to match.

I gasped and moaned as he sucked my nipples. I could feel that he was hard through his jeans as his body rubbed against mine. My programming told me that his behavior demanded a submissive but caring partner. I blushed as he undid my the button on my shorts after kissing his way down my stomach.

With fumbling hands he pulled them off to reveal that I had no underwear.

"Tart" He smirked as he positioned his head between my legs. At first he licked cautiously before parting my lips and exploring with his tougue. He soon got the knack as my moans told him where was good.

I felt so hot and breathless as mouth pressed against my pussy. Soon I was writhing and begging for him to fuck me, so close to climax. I could feel my synthetic muscles contracting and my lubrication pumps working at full. He slid two wet fingers inside me and I orgasmed hard on his hand,arching my back, my legs shaking and soaking the floor with my juices.

Eger to repay the favour I sat right up and undid his jeans pulling them and his pants off at the same time. His cock fell forward slightly, heavy and errect. I looked up at him through my thick lashes as I slid his cock into my mouth. My body provided extra lubrication to my mouth area as I caressed his cock with my lips. I started slowly, bobbing backward and forward, teasing his end with my tongue before turning on some suction and bringing him right to the edge of orgasm.

I then leaned back, smiled at him and then laid myself down. He moved forward on his knees and I put my legs up against his body, resting my feet on his shoulders. He leaned forward, hesitated for just a moment and entered me. His cock was the perfect size, but then that was the way I had been designed. I couldn't help but let out a small noise as it happed.

He started slowly getting used to the position. It felt odd yet good to have something warm inside me.

"Are you durable?" He asked "Yes, very" I smiled. "You want to fuck me hard? I dont mind, I would do that for you" "Good" He replied as he thrust deep inside me.

There was much gasping and grunting as our bodies beat against each other like a stormy sea on rocks. I could feel my internal heat rise as he got closer. My body, sensing he was close, brought us into sync.

"Oh, yes..harder...oh" I screamed

He pushed in deep and quick, once, twice and ...

"Ahhhhh" we sang out in unison as his hot cum spurted into the depths of my body only to be washed back by my own orgasm. My muscles spasming round his cock, drawing the pleasure out.

And with that I lowered my legs and he collapsed on top of me.

I think I should go and see what my master is doing.
I shall write more soon
Bye bye

Part 6

Dear Diary

My master is awfully busy entertaining tonight. I am not required thus I shall continue my story of my origins.

Weeks went by with simple routine in the Novikov household. My Master would often work until the early hours of the morning thus I would cook so that he would remember to eat and try to make sure he found bed or at least some soft place to sleep. He was often driven, moody and obsessive. I was there when he needed me and gone when he didn't. My calmness in the face of his outbursts would anger him but usually lead to love making. One minuet he would call me a whore, a temptress and a distraction and the next moment I would be on the floor and he would praise me as his muse.

Our love making became more varied and deviant with me being bound or him dressed in my clothes and begging to be hurt. I complied to his orders and he was always good to me afterwards. Despite his roughness he never damaged me. I was very satisfied that I could complete the duties I had been charged with.

Then one night everything changed. "He's back, at last! Oh Mai, you must meet him" My master beamed running into my room.

"Who has returned my Maaster?" I asked

"Before you arived there was a friend who would frequently vist. He was called away to the military. I have missed him greatly"

"When will he arrive, should I prepare something? Or perhaps you would like me to wear something interesting?" I offered.

"Actually yes, if you could go and pick up some good cheese and port, oh and Absinthe and Vodka for later. Only the best."

"Yes my Master. And my attire?" I enquired

"Wear the shiney black number with the buckles."

"Yes my Master"

"Now go, for he arrives tonight at 9pm. Oh and tell Ms Kane to have his quarters cleaned" My Master ordered.

He kissed me on the cheek and hurried off on his pale bare feet. I gathered my going out clothes which consisted of a long dress and a hooded cloak trimmed with fur and went to see Ms Kane. I found her downstairs in the library selecting a book for the old Mr Novikov. I informed her of the situation at which she smiled cruely and shooed me away.

My trip into town was the same as always. I brought the finest items I could according to my vast database of items. I wanted the evening to be good as my Master was very excited already. It would be good for him to take a break from his work. His health signs were often low and I had already taken to putting suppliments in his food. My mission was to take care of him and that was what I would do.

By the time I arived home I had found that the place had been cleaned and a banner hung to welcome a Vaska Radimir home. I scurried to the kitchen to prepare for the evening only to find another girl already cooking. I looked her over. She was 5ft 2, very curvy and really quite buxon.

"Oh, you must be Mai" She said walking up to me "I can see how perfect you are, no wonder he choose you"

"Thank you, and you are?" I replied

"I am Oksana Kane, Ms Kanes niece." She smiled. "My Aunt has spoken about you. She has some insane idea that I should marry into the Novikov family. Personally I am after Vaska. I am just so glad he is back."

"Yes. He seems to bring much joy to my Master. Is there anything I can know to make Vaskas being here more joyful to my Master?" I asked

"Well they like to drink together but I see you have that covered already. Vaska has a reputation for being a bit of a fiend when it comes to the girls but I think its all talk. With looks like his its not suprising there are rumors. He is awfully rich too." Oksana spurted out.

We carried on talking and I helped her to prepare food for the homecoming. By the time we had finished there was a feast and we were ordered to place it all on the floor of the library. Oksana invited me back to her quarteres so that we may dress together and 'be girly' as she put it. Her room was painted in pale orange with ornate wood furniture. It looked as if it should be a villa somewhere hot.

"Im usually here only in the summer. Otherwise I am at boarding school. I was brought up by my Aunt and she says I can come and live here when I leave school at the end of this year. It will be nice to have another girl around, even if you are just a doll."

"My master says that I am as real as a person cause I can think and learn." I replied.

"Yes, thats cause he wants you to be real. Never had a girl before and now he wants a perfect one. At least when he finds a real one he can just shut you down. No messy break ups or tears and midnight phone calls."

Oksana pulled out a dress from her wardrobe. "How bout this one" She asked waving the red velvet infront of me.

"It will compliment your blonde ringlets and deep sprakling eyes" I replied. In truth I was processing what she had said. Would the Master just switch me off? Am I just a toy? This conflicts with my programe of trust with my Master. But then he is mentally stable? Am I wrong, am I just a doll? He said I was real?

All this continued in my mind as I helped Oksana on with her dress and painted on her make-up with machine precision. After this was done I got to work on my own looks. The outfit picked out by my master consisted of a small velvet skirt and a black pvc top that had buckles to do up at the front. I painted on some dark make-up as my master prefered and red lipstick to match. Looking in the mirror I noticed that I looked like Three, now Viella Darkspell. I thought briefly of her and what she may be doing.

The clock was striking 9 as the doorbell rang and I heard my Master run down the stairs to the door.

I must finish this for now as my master will be home soon and I should clear up some before he does.

Bye bye

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