Denial Of Service Attack

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Bex had seemed quite overwhelmed with her new boss’s friendship. She had worked for Kyla for nearly two weeks now as her personal assistant and the older woman had groomed her trust and companionship carefully. She had selected the mid twenties blonde from several dozen gifted and eager applicants not only for her impressive professional resume but also for certain other traits which her sources had revealed. Sure enough her candid treatment had flattered the up-and-coming young lady and they had quickly become friends.

When Kyla had invited Bex to dinner that Friday, she had clearly seen the rapid flicker from surprise to pleasure then to pride and ambition in the younger woman’s eyes. She knew exactly how powerful her new patron was and how many others in the business world would give their right arm for an hour to deal alone with the beautiful but enigmatic tycoon. As chief executive of Teknix Holdings for the last year and a half Kyla had been the statuesque brunette rock on which a dozen careers had broken. She had taken the Company to the top of its game and still nobody seemed to know anything about her beyond her stunning looks and utterly cold business sense.

So they had come here, to chief exec’s glass penthouse suite enjoying magnificent views over the constellation of lights in the city below to the dark bay beyond. The meal had been perfect for the two ladies; light and delicious. Kyla had invited nobody else for this evening and their only company was Elle, the android maid, who gracefully served the courses which she had prepared herself. Kyla caught her blond guest glancing at Elle’s long glossy legs as she cleared away. The android was certainly beautiful, deliberately so as Kyla’s need for privacy and security meant that she often used the machine to give her the most intimate pleasures; but tonight she felt the need for human company. Her careful research and experience told her that this carefully cultivated fruit was ripe for the picking. Elle would not be in service this evening…

“Would you like a breath of air before coffee?” Kyla gestured to the terrace and led the way knowing her star-struck employee would follow. They stood at the rail, Bex gazing over the jumble of lights and towers, as they finished their discussion. Kyla knew from extensive background checks that Bex had written an acclaimed PhD thesis on the economics of the African Exclusion Zone. She had planned exactly which buttons to push to excite a passionate response and sure enough Bex took the bait and listed the many shortcomings with the UN’s management of the issue.

Although the days sweltered it was now cool in the evening air. Both ladies had come from the office and, while Kyla had slipped into a light black dress, Bex was still in her business skirt and thin blouse. The conversation ran on for ten, fifteen minutes fuelled by the young woman’s intelligent passion and by the glasses of wine they had brought out with them. Kyla reached for her guest’s glass to refill; “I must say you make an excellent moral case, Bex, but surely micro-finance represents a market opportunity without detriment to…. But look, you’re freezing!” Kyla grasped Bex’s shoulders and rubbed her arms as she ushered her inside.

The passionate blonde did not seem to have noticed her own icy fingers, the cold flush across her skin or her hard nipples pressing through the white cotton. The look in her eyes suggested that the latter might not be wholly due to the cold. Kyla recognized the look and maintained her hold on her prey’s arms, their eyes meeting without words. She reached up to sweep Bex’s windblown hair from her face and her touch lingered on her soft cheek, “Bex…” They moved together and kissed delicately, “Oh…!” “Shhh…” Their long slim arms slipped around one another, the moment of hesitation past, as they pressed together passionate lips, tongues, breasts, hips, thighs, bellies. Kyla would have a new conquest tonight.

“Would you like coffee now mistress?” Kyla looked impatiently at her android servant and lover. She would have liked to bring her into the bedroom, her perfectly smooth glossy limbs were built for her pleasure, but she could feel her young lover’s tension and regrettably decided that that threesome would have to wait.

“Sorry…” she whispered in Bex’s ear as she guided her towards the polished walnut sideboard with a firm hand on her waist. They kissed again hard against the wood, reassuring each other as Kyla fumbled for the slim chrome remote. Still kissing she turned it towards Elle; “Mistress, would you like…” The android deactivated abruptly and stood stock still with her head cocked, eyes wide. The lovers made their way past the frozen catwalk figure across the wide living space towards the bedroom, never leaving each others’ arms.

The seduction had gone exactly to plan, they always did. Just like business, Kyla planned and researched her personal life meticulously and tolerated no mistakes. She knew that Bex was bisexual and had a weakness for voluptuous brunettes. She knew she was ambitious, that she would take Kyla’s bait of friendship and the status that went with it. She had been finally sure on meeting the young woman, her fresh innocent features, eagerness to please and softly petite body offered just what the busy exec wanted.

They soon found themselves out of their clothes and all over each others’ perfect bodies. Kyla knew that Bex would not be disappointed; she was a full double D with perfect rounded breasts coming to a smooth point at the nipple, her skin was perfect and her limbs and belly firm and athletic. She was surprised though to see just how good Bex’s little body was, she was Kyla’s perfect woman; not too athletic but petite and rounded, an innocent plaything that would do as Kyla pleased. They pleasured each other, spreading wetness over naked flesh and exchanging moans and snatched words of praise and lust. “Lick my pussy, Bex! I want you to make me so wet, lick me!”

“Mmmm, oh yes, you’ve got such a beautiful pussy!” Kyla straddled the blonde’s head as she lay on her back and spread her creamy thighs to lower herself to the eager lips. She grasped the bed-head and began to enjoy the ride. “Oh my god you’re good at that!” For once the words were completely true; the seduction, this girl’s hot body and her really eager tongue were giving Kyla more pleasure than she could remember. She nestled her body lower onto her lover’s face and arched her back as the flicking tip and sucking lips teased her most sensitive part.

“Oh Bex yes, I love what you’re doing to me!” The little blonde’s hands crept around Kyla’s slender waist, groping for her tits and grasping her round buttocks as she rode the sensations between her dripping thighs. “Oh… my! Your going to make me come… Oh… Oh… Wha?” Bex backed off her eager tonguing and blew gently on the brunette’s perfect pink pussy. “God Bex! Mmmmm…” She slid two fingers through the slick of juices covering Kyla’s entrance before slipping them inside her boss. She brought her face back to the tiny stiff clitoris begging for her attention as Kyla gasped above her. “Shit, you bitch Bex…. Lick my clit, oh, I’m so close… yes – lick me! Oh yeah…”

Kyla was in heaven, her catch tonight had been outstanding, somehow the little blonde had taken her to the very final point before climax and held her on the threshold, now she was building her up again and it felt even better. Used to being firmly in control this was new to the brunette but somehow she couldn’t seem to take things into her own hands again, this woman seemed to be pushing her buttons perfectly, as if she was in her head.

The perfect ride seemed to go on for hours but Kyla knew it had been no more than thirty minutes since she first sat on her new lover’s face. Every time she neared orgasm Bex seemed to know exactly and backed off just enough to keep her on a high. She yearned to go over the edge and unleash the scream of ecstasy through her frustrated body, she seemed unable to resist the perfect sensations rising through her whole body through her pussy from below and gradually her commanding tones took on a pleading edge, “Oh god, yes… Oh Bex – please! Make… Ohhh, oh yeah! Make me come Bex, please. Oh that’s so good, I want to come Bex, oh…’re the best…” The blonde kept teasing and the brunette kept helplessly riding, never allowed to go over the abyss into ecstasy nor to cool off enough to gather her wits.

“Oh, shit, Bex – stop! Hmmmm… Stop!!, oh God, that’s good… Bex stop now! Please, you don’t understand… Oh!” The blonde ignored her boss’ plea, “Bex, Rebecca, STOP! I’m… serious; you don’t understand, I’m… Oh shit, too late!”

Kyla’s fluid rhythmic movement was interrupted as she jerked sharply against her lover’s pretty face, “Bex I’m a… Error 362209: AI input buffer over capacity. I’m a robot, I’m a perfect android replica of a woman. Please under… Error 3362217: Purge failure. Error 362209: AI input buffer over capacity.” The error messages interrupted Kyla’s words as she realized her employee was still pleasuring her, now with renewed vigour.

“Bex! Stop! Your too good, you’ll make me malfunction! Nobody has ever been this good… this good… this good… nobody… Error 5529750: AI buffer reset failure. The beautiful woman jerked and bounced on her persistent lover, losing herself in a confusion of error and ecstasy. Her machine nature was her closest secret, never revealed except when Elle serviced her complex systems in the secure privacy of her penthouse. She was perfect in so many ways, far superior to her human rivals, and she took her strength and elegance for granted. This, her first malfunction brought her vulnerability into sharp relief, heightening her arousal; why didn’t Bex stop? Elle was shut down… would Bex understand? She felt utterly vulnerable, reliant on her junior employee, a young girl who she had manipulated here for the rush of sex with a human. If her secret was known, that she was a mere appliance rather than a person, then all her power, her influence and wealth would count for nothing. She climaxed and malfunctioned simultaneously crashing her mind into a jumble of 1s and 0s.

Bex squeezed her way out from under the malfunctioning Kyla. She showed no surprise at her perfect boss’s condition as she twitched and squirmed on the bed, bent over backwards from a kneeling position with her breasts skyward. With every robotic jerk the smooth double Ds undulated, the android’s body was truly indistinguishable from a human woman’s, only it’s sheer perfection giving a clue, even in these times of cosmetic alteration. The ice blue eyes were no longer filled with intelligence and cunning but gazed emptily, doll like into space. She stuttered as her body jerked, “Reset… reset… re… re… reset re re reset… I am a ro… I am malfunctioning… reset… reset… re… malf- Error 426756: AI not responding – manual reset required… I am a perfect repl… perfect repli… replica… reset…” In automatic response to the failure of her complex systems a concealed panel had opened in the android’s body inches above her glistening pussy. The small area of smooth flesh had retracted into her body and upwards to reveal a service panel with several interface ports and buttons.

The petite blonde left the bedroom without a backwards glance and strode naked across the living space to the entrance. The shut-down Elle gazed blankly past her, mind blank and totally unable to attend to her malfunctioning mistress. Bex opened the door to four shadowy figures who slipped in swiftly before she closed it behind them. “Over here”, she led the group to the bedroom.

Two men moved directly to the malfunctioning android. They placed a small case on the bed beside the still feebly jerking woman and, with gloved hands, connected a number of cables to her exposed ports. They discussed encryption algorithms in low voices across the unhearing woman’s heaving chest as they hacked into her commercial files. She continued to utter a stream of malfunction warnings and garbled phrases as they worked.

The other two figures stopped briefly in the living space where the taller handed a thick envelope to the shorter. This figure leafed through the bundle of credit notes inside and stuffed them into Bex’s handbag sitting on the sideboard. Satisfied they followed their companions.

Bex was standing simply to one side still naked, her mission complete she had no need for her previous life or passion. The larger figure unpacked his black holdall, breaking out two other matching bags and some tools. He then turned to the Bex android and turned her off. Without protest she let him press the long probe into her belly button then collapsed into his arms. He laid her roughly on the floor and began to work rapidly at the joins of her arms and legs, packing each limb away into the bags as the complex cable and alloy connections were severed.

The fourth figure was a girl. Short and petite, she threw back her hood and slipped out of her long black coat to reveal a soft naked body underneath. Letting her hair down it was clear that she was the spitting image of Bex, her body identical except to the closest examination which would show her human flaws against the android Bex’s perfection. She stuffed the coat, hood and her long black boots into one of the holdalls, alongside a shapely plastic and metal replica of her own leg and extracted a tube of bedroom lube. She liberally applied this between her legs and tossed it back. Gazing past the two hackers at Kyla’s perfect twitching body she began to gently stroke herself, aiming for a state of arousal approaching that of her android counterpart minutes before. Assisted by chemical aids taken previously the real Bex quickly became hot and wet.

“Tell me if you need a hand…” One of the hackers leered at the little blonde, “Shut up!” The group’s leader snapped his team into focus as he packed the last parts of the decoy android away, “Get a move on…” The hackers turned back to plundering Kyla’s digital mind for all it could offer. Her business secrets were their first priority but also of value were her personal files: memories and the AI drivers that controlled how she thought, who she was. Some files were not available covertly and their value was far greater if the owner had no idea they were taken so the men were careful to leave no damage, no sign. Their only parting shot was a tiny electronic pulse through the helpless woman’s RAM which scrambled her unsaved data, a few seconds of memory corrupted beyond recovery.

“Ready!” As quickly as they had come the two hackers disconnected their equipment and packed away. Bex slithered back into position where her doppelganger had left a warm patch and placed her lips against the hot wet twitching junction of Kyla’s thighs.

Two figures hefted the heavy bags and left, the third, the leader, leaned over the bed and looked down at Bex. “The rest will be in your account as soon as you confirm a clean breakaway. Remember what I said, this bitch will kill you without a thought at the smallest hint of compromise so you’d better fuck her like you’ve never fucked before…” He touched Kyla’s ecstatic but vacant face and traced his hand down her neck and across her chest, arched up towards him as she lay. Squeezing a breast in his hand he commented, “magnificent…” and reached into her open panel to depress the reset switch as Bex began tonguing the perfect replica sex pressed into her face.

The man collected the remaining bag and stood in the bedroom door to watch as the panel cover slid softly closed leaving no trace on the android woman’s lower belly. Nothing happened for a second then, with a shudder, Kyla’s systems started up again. “Arghhhhhhh!!!” Her body jerked hard, shuddering with released passion this time as she yelled out the first orgasm of a cascade of pent up responses. With her eyes closed tight and all her resources processing stacked orgasmic responses, she was unaware of the shadowy figure turning unhurriedly from her doorway and disappearing.

Kyla felt utterly satisfied as she came down from the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced, her system exercised fully to its limits. She was at a loss as to how this sexy little human had been able to tax her powerful systems almost to failure. As she recovered, collapsed in her young lover’s warm arms, she noted that she had suffered a serious malfunction during the intense multiple climax. Her memory was corrupted and several seconds were missing completely, she had no idea how long she had orgasmed for but her internal clock confirmed that the period of their lovemaking was nothing suspicious. She would require an extensive service from Elle later tonight to ensure her perfect function; it had been reckless of her to deactivate the support unit. Fortunately her superbly designed and powerful backup systems appeared to have corrected the malfunction before she was compromised. Certainly her young human lover showed no sign of knowing that Kyla was a machine. No doubt any sign of the incident had been masked by their lovemaking.

In the meantime though she had more pressing concerns, “Hmmm, you’ve earned something very special my talented young assistant….” She slithered down Bex’s body, rubbing her hard nipples against the creamy blonde’s skin on her way to return the favour. The superbly beautiful, intelligent and ruthless Kyla knew her ability to lick pussy was unrivalled, she was designed and programmed to be a perfect lover, a perfect woman.

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