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Deep Research


Matthew stood before the “Deep Research” warehouses’ entrance, his belongings in a cheap, white cardboard box which matched his attire. His entire career brought him to his dream job, yet he couldn’t help but felt out of place. This state-of-the-art facility contrasted his simple look of slim fit jeans and a white, ruffled shirt. Considering the circumstances, he was looking his best.

Inside were some of the deepest thinkers of his generation, members who’d rivalled Newton, Einstein, or even the Michael Angelo in their creative and analytical thoughts. Yet he pondered how he had made it this far. He was no grand master in the arts, nor was be a mathematical prodigy. Had his condition not existed, he would have been drafted the day the ‘supposed’ Japanese invasion began. Pushing the thoughts to the back of his mind, he rubbed his darkened eye bags, steadied his hands and shaking feet, and walked towards the automatic doors which softly squeaked apart at his presence.

It was quiet Inside the overwhelmingly massive, poorly lit warehouse. Central swamp lights exposed large concreted fields along the edges of the structure with dim lighting, with the rest of the floor being sparsely lit. The lack of windows was surprising to say the least.

Its sheer size shook him to is core, but he found comfort in glancing down at the small sticky note sitting atop the cardboard lid. He memorised the poorly written “G7-102” on the note and navigated his way to that section. His nervous thoughts transformed into curiosity as he passed several vast fields of plants all facing the artificial light source which hung above. He noticed their oddly blue shade before he came across a second field, filled with Pigs and Sheep.

“Have I entered the wrong room?” he pondered as he kept going. He discovered several massive vats of chemicals and compounds only labelled as ‘Gels’. Searching his thoughts, he failed to recognize where he’d seen that before.

Moving on, he finally reached a small area labelled “Section G7” on a sign overhead. He passed a few rows of people working on desktops and machines performing tests on various materials before finding his own cubical, which was covered in documents and sticky notes. The cramped space made him feel claustrophobic as piles of paper and books eclipsed his height. Surrounding the desk were apparatuses which held what looked like pig skin in place. Placing the cardboard box onto a squeaky swivel seat, he closely inspected the skin, noticing several electrodes attached to red veins running diagonally along the section.

“Those are i9’s” He assessed.

“i10’s actually” A deep voice from behind corrected. “Fresh from February’s batch. Those are your first assignment. Their receptors are… misleading to say the least”.

He quickly spun around to find a bulky, barrelled chested man standing by his desk. The Polo shirt he wore was tucked into tight-fitting jeans which struggled to keep his stomach from spilling.

He stuck out his thick, hairy hand as he grinned. “Allow me to introduce myself. Jack O’ridian, supervisor to the G7 section. You must be…” “Matthew. Matthew Solane from General Procedures”. He replied as he took the man’s hand.

His cold, soft hand had a texture to it which made Matthew uncomfortable. His deep brown eyes pierced through Matthew like a hunter with their scope on a deer. It frightened him, making him feel uneasy and afraid.

After an awkwardly long, cold handshake, Jack continued.

“Ahh yes, the new guy. Welcome to Deep Research. Allow me to give you the tour”. With a slight waddle to his step, Jack left the cubical as Matthew followed.

Matthew surveyed the warehouse, listening intently on the projects which the team were working on. From photo-voltaic skin cells to self-regenerating materials, it seemed odd for a research company with limited practical endeavours.

As they approached the vast plant field, Jack maintained his overly confident monologue, “With the accumulated research we have here, who knows what we could accomplish. Like take this plant for instance.” Ripping out a rather large rose with his left hand as he allowed Matthew to inspect it. “Purely reliant on a source of light. No water needed; no soil needed. Its roots penetrate the concrete here effortlessly. It still absorbs CO2 and outputs Oxygen. Hypothetically speaking, the moon could have been solely populated using these plants, well I guess we’ll never find out. But say mars for instance…” “Umm Jack, I understand its importance but where do I factor in?” The bulging man’s self-imposed overly righteous views began to annoy him. Not to mention the rehearsed like speech. It Felt almost artificial to the ear.

“Hmm…? Ahh Yes ok” He quickly recomposed himself. “Your skillset ranges towards the mechanical operations of our interests here.” With haste, he made his way over to the pen which held over two dozen pigs and sheep. “Take a look here and tell me what you see”.

Matthew placed his hands on the cold, metal fence and inspected the large pen as did Jack, looking sporadically at first. The sheep and pigs seemed normal at a glance. They moved around the enclosure and would take random glances at each other and at Matthew.

After a few seconds he turned his attention to the enclosure itself. Surrounded by a metallic fence, with a central light source hanging from the support beams in the far back.

Then it hit him.

They were walking on a solid concrete floor. There was no grass in sight. No water either.

“How long have they been in here?”

With a growing grin, Jack answered “They were put in back in 2018 and they have stayed in this pen ever since. No food, no water. Just the light.”

“They’ve been here for ten years?!” he stepped back from the fence. “But how?”

“Those photo-voltaic cells implemented within the flowers in the previous pen have been implemented within these animals here. It surrounds their more artificial skeletons”.

Matthew simply stared at the animals in awe. This level of technology shouldn’t exist, especially at this level of practicality.

“As you can assume, this is classified tech. No one outside of the “Deep Research” team knows about this”. Jack maintained his overly prestigious tone, acting like he developed the technology solely by himself. “Follow me. There is more to show.”

They arrived at a small, poorly maintained kitchen in the centre of the warehouse. Jack opened an ageing fridge and retrieved a large, raw steak. “This here” handing to steak to Matthew, “Came from an experimental cow design. Created here in the lab, cut off from the cow and stored here. Tests and examinations confirm that it is edible, but the taste is still… Metallic. We are close to creating an endless supply to food here”.

In complete contrast to Jack, Matthew was stunned at this. “You mean, you can solve the lack of food over in Asia? Or even Europe?!”

Jack’s grin faded into a concerned look as he took back the large hunch of artificially grown meat. “What? Hell, no Matthew! This chunk of meat, weight of three hundred and one point five grams cost over twenty thousand dollars to make. This company will be damned if they provide the masses with free food at our expense. This is a highly profitable area once we get it right. Best of all, no one will know the difference”.

Before Matthew could even voice his opinion, Jack had placed the meat back into the fridge and pressed on. “Now then, back to your station. I’ll give you the brief to your task along the way”.

Forcing the thoughts of corporate greed to the back of his mind, Matthew remained silent and followed Jack. As they made their way to Matthews cubical, he noticed more and more people walking around the warehouse than before. The sudden change was ignored by Jack who seemed to not to notice.

Once there, Jack forcefully removed the pig skin from its delicate confines and stretched it out in front of Matthew. “As I mentioned earlier, the skin cell receptors mess with the tactile processor on our machines. Your job is to correct this issue by the third of March. Any questions?”

“Why so soon?”

“Prototype manufacture begins that day. Good luck, no one on the team has fixed this issue yet. And remember, no one is to know about this place.” His whisper sent chills down Matthews spine. This man scared him unlike any other.

The look in his eyes was enough for Matthew to shut his mouth, shake his uncomfortable hand again and get to work with no questions.

Part 1

Part 1.1

Matthew had been working on the synthetic skin’s sensitivity algorithms and receptors for two weeks now. The level of complexity behind each millimetre of skin had him astounded. New techniques which had never crossed his mind were discovered in the skin’s architecture and design. Self-replicating mechanisms powered through UV radiation from the sun gave an effective “healing rate” greater than that of any human. Scares would also disappear as the skin reverted back to its preprogramed design.

The situation around the warehouse remained bleak. His co-workers kept to themselves and maintained their privacy no matter how hard he tried to make a friend. They all came off as arrogant, smug and high-strung. Only one, younger woman gave him any attention. Every morning Margret would greet him and discuss things about the office and her work life. She however never gave any personal information. He didn’t know her age, likes or dislikes. Besides her moderately fit body, green eyes and pure black hair, she was an enigma.

He didn’t mind it though. She kept him company until the twenty third of February rolled around. When she didn’t show up for work for a few days, he asked Jack about her, only for the latter to act completely oblivious about her mere existence.

But, despite all this, Matthew maintained his steady workflow. The main purpose behind his task was kept from him. The constant thought of “what could possibly need skin this realistic” plagued his mind until the third of March came around. On that morning, he found Jack waiting by his desk, holding a document with a pen. His bulky figure seemed thinner than before. “Perhaps he decided to do something about it?” he contemplated as he approached the cold man.

“Morning Matthew. How are we today?” Jack once again stuck his hand out. This time, Matthew refused to shake it.

“It’s been chilly for this time of year. But the weatherman thinks it’s normal. What’s new on your end?” There was a paused for a moment, noticing Jack’s hand still stuck out, along with his never ending, bottomless stare.

A few seconds passed before Matthew finally shook the hand. It felt as cold as the day he met him, but not as soft. More bony if anything. “Nothing much. Anyways, we’ve checked your work and confirmed it’s satisfactory. Well done. Now, sign this”. Placing the single sheet of paper down on now cleared desk, he handed Matthew the cheap, flimsy pen. Reading the document made him concerned over what he had just done.

“Why the secrecy behind this?” Matthew warily questioned, knowing full well that he could get in trouble by just asking this.

“Standard procedure. Ensuring you don’t reveal company secrets to competitors and the like. We all sign it after an assignment is complete”. Had this been his first day, Matthew would have been put off by his ever duller, stale voice. It seemed to have changed over the few weeks he had been working here too. “Too bad it wasn’t for the better” he whispered under his breath, something Jack seemed to struggle with noticing.

As a matter of fact, Jack was unlike any other man Matthew had met. He was cold, calculated and everything he said seemed… unnatural. He struggled to pick up the little things. He didn’t enjoy his time with him and wanted to be as far away as possible.

After contemplating the consequences of signing said document, he placed his signature on the dotted line and handed it back. As Jack looked over the document, Matthew suddenly noticed that his cubical was cleared out. All his belongings were packed in the same box he brought them in. The skin was gone as was the machines he used. Before he could ask, Jack looked back at him and spread his lips in what Matthew could only assume was a smile.

“Thanks for that Matthew. Come back tomorrow for your next assignment.”

“What? What do I do?!”

“You have the day off. Go celebrate” he coldly ordered as he walked towards the opposite side of the warehouse. He rose his hand and waved it as he disappeared through a door into a walled off room.

Matthew stood there in disbelief. “Did I do something wrong?”

He contemplated it for a while before shrugging the feeling off. He decided to take advantage of his day off.

Part 1.2

“No no no dude that’s not how it went! I was at close range; the boar was just one tough bitch! Two shots to the body and the little fucker kept sipping his water!” Taking a large gulp of his whisky, Matthew continued. “Now this little guy here, can’t even hunt for shit. It’s your names sake as well man. He, with a 12-gauge shot gun missed a freaking Kangaroo from 5 meters out. How the hell did you survive the Tokyo raids man!? All that training did shit for you!” Hunter’s face went red with rage as he threw his beer all over Matthew, the plastic mug bouncing off his head. Everyone else around the table just laughed. He stormed off as Matthew futilely cleaned off the beer from his dark blue jeans.

“Yo Brad, another round for our boys here. Top shelf Vodka straight up.”

“You got it Mike” he barely made out over the blasting music. The man behind the counter pulled down a fresh bottle of Belvidere Vodka and handing it to Mike.

“You’re going to be the death of me you shit!” Matthew mused as he grabbed the bottle, popped the lid open and filled his beer glass to the brim, immediately sculling it. The second he realized what had just happened, he completely lost focus.

The rest of the night was a blur. Loud music, mates taking the piss against each other. All he remembered was vomiting all over this stunning silver haired girl’s white dress on the dance floor before passing out. Voices of people around him filled his head before it all went quiet.

Suddenly, his eyes shot wide open to face a bright, red texted clock. Once his vision focused, he silently winced at the time. It was eleven am, and he realized he was late for work. Before he moved, he quickly realized this wasn’t his house, but a different, more minimalistic furnished bedroom. With his head pounding, he struggled to remember last night. All that came to mind was a taxicab, the girl he vomited on and regret. Slowly turning around, he found a silver haired girl lying next to him. Behind her was a white dress slumped over the bed post, soiled in vomit. The realisation of what had just happened came crashing into his pounding head. He needed to get out, now.

Without a second to spare, he quietly left the bed, placing the sheets back in a hurriedly folded manner. He retrieved his clothes which were slumped over the bed post, covered in beer and other things he didn’t dare think about. The sheets were ruffled and appeared to be wet, sparking thoughts of “What the hell happened last night?” He opened the bedroom door to find a rather big, black dog, sleeping on the thick carpet by the exit. He slowly crept past the beast before opening the main door and leaving the apartment. Just as he softly closed the apartments entrance, a young couple exited the elevator and immediately noticed him. All three of them made eye contact, with the couple looking straight as Matthews exposed penis. They busted into laughter as Matthew swiftly yet clumsily put his jeans and shirt on.

“Don’t worry about it mate. You’re not the first to leave that apartment looking like that. But I will say, you are one of the biggest!” the short, hairy man sarcastically remarked. They both mused and giggled about it as Matthew turned around and rushed down the stairs, giving them no attention at all. Only when he reached street level did he realize he was bare footed. “Shit... It doesn’t matter. Better call a cab”.

Part 1.3

Matthew ran into the warehouse; his attire terribly composed as his bare feet tapped against the cold concreted ground, immediately making his way to Jack’s desk. He didn’t pay attention to the lack of people looking at him. They all continued on with their work like any other day. Upon reaching his open cubical, Jack met his worried expression with a blank one.

Those brown eye’s pierced right through him. His stare always made him feel toxically shameful at his display.

“You’re late” was all he barked after a brief moment. “But I guess I can let that slide. Don’t let it happen again. Now, come with me. I need to introduce you to someone”.

Jack rose from his seat to reveal a slimmer fitting tucked in white shirt, with tighter jeans. “He seems thinner than from yesterday” Matthew noted. His posture relaxed as his sore mind eased off just a little bit too.

Once he reached the doorway, Jack looked directly at Matthews bare feet. “I guess you prefer going to work barefoot ay?” His wheezing laughter made Matthew uneasy. Then again, there was very little that Jack did to make him feel at ease. “Something about that laugh felt… fake. Maybe it was the hangover.” Rubbing his greasy, black hair, Matthew paused his racing mind as he followed Jack.

They both walked through the warehouse, now filled with dozens of workers. Some were engineers, performing material tests on new alloys and solar cells. Others were analysing the plant fields with what looked like microphones. They entered a section labelled “Experimental Procedures” which was surrounded by tall, white walls. Inside the walled off area, Matthew was surprised to see the metallic skeletal structures of various animals and plants. Off to the right side was a single massive machine which slowly installed the skin which looked exactly like the one Matthew had worked on. The machine placed the skin in several layers roughly half a finger thick before it compressed against itself. In certain sections, there were what appeared to be empty, thick plastic packs, connected to a central, large container labelled ‘Gel storage’ within the centre of the skeleton. Running along the container were small electrical pumps connected to a central battery which sat underneath.

“Matthew, you can look at that later. This, however, can’t wait”. Jack called from across the room. He was waiting Infront of a door to a smaller room labelled “Conference room”.

As Jack opened the door, Matthew’s headache immediately returned with sever fury. Sitting in that room was the silver haired girl he ‘met’ at the club. As she looked at him, her smile quickly disappeared. She swiftly pushed her chair out, stood up and walked over to Matthew, slapping him across the face with force. Her strength was remarkable for such a petite woman.

“You fucking pig! First, you vomit on me, then you leave without a word! What the hell is wrong with you!” The room echoed with her furious voice. She hit him against the face once again.

“Hey! It isn’t my fault you decided to sleep with someone who vomited on you to begin with! And second…. Wait. Why did you sleep with me anyways?” he asked, knowing full well that the mere question could get him a third hit.

“I gave you a shot, and to be fair I was drunk. Maybe a little too drunk” she admitted before returning to her seat. Folding her arms, she sighed. “Why’d it have to be you?”

All the while, Jack struggled to hold back a laugh. “I see you two already know each other. This should make things easier. Please, take a seat.” Pulling out a chair, Matthew sat directly opposite to the woman as Jack sat next to her.

In a professionally dull tone, Jack disclosed what Matthew needed to know. “Marisa here is an associate of sorts to Deep Research. Her assignment to this firm is of the upmost importance and as such, she has been assigned to you. For the next three days, she will stay at your house and will be your co-worker starting immediately. The ultimate purpose of this assignment will remain disclosed until the sixth of march. Should you complete the assignment any sooner, you will report back to me immediately. Any questions?”

“I’m sorry what?! How is this meant to advance Deep Research’s main goal here? Have this woman stay with me? Is that it?!” His thoughts rushed out of his broken mind through his mouth all at once. Marisa simply held back a laugh before Jack continued.

“There is one thing I can disclose to you. The skin you’ve been working on passed all our examinations. Well done. It also appears to have passed the real-world test thanks to your efforts last night.”

Matthew stared at Jack for a moment, questioning what he could possibly mean before Marisa decided to break the silence.

“He means me dummy. Last night… Ahh come on Jack. Of all the people here, you assign him to me?!” Her manic voice maintained its echo through the walls. Only then did Matthew realize what was actually happening.

“Wait, hold up. You’re telling me…. Nope! Nope not going to happen.” Matthew stood up and backed away from the table. “You’re a machine?!” he yelled at her.

“Not technically” Marisa stated. “More like a human, but with metal instead of bones, and a computer instead of a brain. I will admit, the skin is nice, considering it was made by an asshole!” She grinned, flashing a slightly darker shade of white teeth. “And if you couldn’t tell from last night, then why all the ‘ahh she’s going to kill me’ bullshit?”

“I never said that!” he defended. He looked at both of them with disbelief. “There is no way you are a robot!” he shouted before rushing out of the room.

“This is all too much!”.

Standing just outside the room, he contemplated the consequences of all this. What was the purpose of this place? How’d they develop such advanced technology in a mere decade? Especially after the knowledge collapse. Yet there it stood; a machine designed as a woman. Maybe it isn’t so bad. Perhaps she… It, will help change things. If not that, then definitely the designs behind it, assuming it was all real of course.

While this was happening, the skeleton structure which stood a mere metre in front of him began to buzz and whistle as the electric pumps slowly moved. One of the gel packs slowly filled up with gel, taking the form of a muscle. Matthew slowly approached the machine and observed as the tubing flowed with gel.

“Impressive isn’t it? Giving the illusion of muscle and organic nature. I can do the same, to any part of my body” Matthew turned around to see a smirking Marisa as she rubbed her left forearm. She was wearing a white, plain body suit which covered her arms to the wrists and legs to the ankles. Her feet were bare, much like his own. His eyes met her solid blue eyes, softer and more inviting than he thought.

“What will it take for you to reconsider? Maybe a promise that I won’t kill you in your sleep?” Her sarcasm was strong, and it started to piss Matthew off.

“Let me dial the sarcastic tone down and we have a deal” he humoured. “But seriously, what if you break down? Or your true nature is exposed to someone else? What if you malfunction and try to kill me ay? What then?” This serious tone was met with more laughter.

“Oh please. My predecessors have had three million, twelve thousand and five hours of active run time. That, with six thousand and two revisions has led to me. The odds of me breaking down are one in twenty trillion. Or five times ten to the negative fourteenth power.” The statement was delivered in a sweet, natural tone. The juxtaposition was oddly welcoming to him.

“Well, what is the verdict?” Jack asked both of them. Marisa gave Matthew a pleading look as he considered his options. In his peripheral, the pumps stopped as the gel pack had reached its maximum capacity.

“Do I get to alter some of her settings?”

Part 2

Part 2.1

In a fit of fury, Marisa slapped Matthew again. “Out of the question! I selected these settings, and I’ll be dammed if they are changed!”

“Marisa, power down” Jack calmly ordered. She stopped mid motion and fell silent.

“You think you could have done that before she decided to hit me!” He rubbed his sore, red cheek.

Ignoring him, Jack continued. “Marisa, power on but enter maintenance mode.”

She straightened up, maintaining a relaxed posture as she spoke in her normal, less vicious voice. “Loading successful. Awaiting commands.”

“Follow me” he ordered to the both of them as he entered a second room designated “Creation Room”. Marisa automatically walked towards the metallic pad in the room’s centre as Matthew and Jack approached a computer monitor in the back. The room was circular, lined with blue stripes running along vertical steel columns. It was cold and made Matthew feel uninvited. Once she was in place, Marisa began to undress.

Her left hand grasped her suit’s zipper and pulled it down until it reached her belly button. Then, with human precision, she pushed the sleaves over her arms, freeing them before the entire body suit pooled around her feet. She then took a step forward, leaving the suit behind her.

“Some things can be changed, and some can’t be.” Jack explained. “As you may have seen outside, she does have the same gel packs and pumps as the mechanical bull outside did. You can redirect the gel to her calves, thighs, butt, stomach, breasts, forearms, shoulders, hands and neck if you so choose too. Her hair colour, height, skin colour, sex and face cannot be changed. Her hair, nails and skin does grow and will shed, but at a much higher rate than that of a human. Her voice, preferences, personality and designation can be changed.” Matthew listened intently as Jack laid out everything. He looked over Marisa, and quickly determined what he was going to alter. He sent more gel to her fore arms, giving her slightly more pronounced biceps. He did the same for her calves. A lot of gel was sent to her thighs, as they were too thin for his liking. Once the thigh gap had disappeared, he gave her mid-drift slightly more ‘padding’ and expanded her bust from a C cup to a solid D cup. He gave her butt more padding as well, but a respectable amount. Once all the gel had set, he confirmed the changes and entered her personality settings.

The only thing he changed was her sarcastic personality. He turned down her sarcasm and looked over her preferences.

“How has she determined her likes and dislikes already? If she is using the skin I worked on, she can’t have been active for more than a full day”.

“The preferences were set in accordance to her predecessors. While she is the only one to actually enter the real world, the others gained knowledge through the remnants of the world wide web. As limited as that may be, it gave them a start.”

“Wait, I was in her apartment. She has a dog and there was a couple I met outside too”. Matthew recalled.

“Ahh yes, they work for us. And the dog is mine. We had to maintain a realistic experience for you.” Noticing his muddled expression, Jack clarified. “She was programmed to sleep with you no matter what. We here felt it was more… appropriate for you to meet her this way. To help boost her human emulation if you will”.

Feeling uncomfortable over his dull mood, Matthew accepted what Jack had said and chose not to question it. He simply proceeded to finish off here as quickly as possible and get away from this man.

He learnt that she enjoyed listening to retro music, clubbing, playing tennis, driving, watching action films, reading and much more. “It’s almost as if they listed everything, they searched on the world wide web” he commented. Jack simply ignored him.

“Can she change her preferences on her own?”

Jack seemed to pause for a moment before answering his question. “They can adapt, grow and change through experiences. But the designation of the person will determine that individuals’ impact on her preferences.”

After quickly contemplating his options, Matthew entered her designation settings and selected himself. “Matthew, age 31, Male, 5 foot 10, black hair, cheap dresser, unidentified medical condition, designated as friend/sexual partner. Opinion: “An asshole for vomiting on my dress and leaving without a word.” Preference weight: 15%”.

“Let’s change that to say… 80%.”

Jack quickly remembered to tell Matthew that “For the assignment, you must set yourself to owner”. Once Matthew made that alteration, he exited the menus and confirmed the changes.

“Marisa, power on” Matthew said.

Nothing happened.

“She is already on. Marisa, retrieve and dress in the appropriate outfit, then activate human emulation mode.”

“Affirmative” she softly confirmed. Crouching, she retrieved her old clothing and left the room.

“There are some things you should know” Jack gazed at Matthew, his eyes blaring through his soul. “One, she is mostly independent and will do anything to complete her assignment. She charges via a power point, but only needs charging once every thirty hours as solar cells assist her batteries. Two, should anything go wrong, order her to power down and restart. There may be a slight chance that her processors will ‘lose focus’ over time, causing some errors. Three, she mustn’t intake food or water. She can be in water, but any direct water or food intake will cause unidentified issues. She will swallow cum as that is stored in tubes in her chest which she can empty by herself later. Her mechanical structure is solid, but it has a maximum weight load of three hundred kilograms. Exceeding this limit will cause her limbs to buckle. After intercourse, she should automatically clean herself. In the event that she doesn’t, order her to do so as this can cause hygiene issues later on. Lastly, do not forget what she is. Do not let her fool you in any way. Do not get attached as once the three days are up, she will undergo a complete scrutinization process, have her memories erased and her entire settings reset. She is a machine, remember that. And if you complete your assignment in a satisfactory manner, you will have the option to purchase her. Do I make myself clear?”

“That’s a lot to take in. Can I write it down first?” Matthew mused, yet Jack didn’t buy it. His stare became increasingly uncomfortable. “Alright, it’s clear. She’ll be in good hands”

“I’m sure she will be. And before you leave, get your shoes. She handed them in before you arrived. We also have provided you with a company car to go home with. It’s yours for the duration of the assignment”.

Part 2.2

They both left the room to find Marisa waiting patiently by the mechanical bull. A machine had begun placing the first layer of skin along the bull’s skeleton. As the skin was placed over one of the gel packs, a realistic calve shape was formed. The outline of the gel pack had entirely disappeared, giving way to a natural looking muscle. Marisa leaned in, closely observing the skin take its shape.

“And to think I was made the same way” she idly wondered to herself before hearing the others. As she turned around, Matthew was surprised to find a smile on her face instead of anger. “Hi Matthew! It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Marisa” she chirped, quickly moving over to him and embracing him with a tight hug.

“Wow easy there.” He gently pulled out of the hug. “Jack why is she acting this way?”

“With every alteration made, her memory is reset. If it didn’t, it would conflict with pre-programmed situations and events causing sever instabilities” He gazed over at the machine. “Marisa, tell me what you’ve done today”.

Looking off into the distance, she paused for a second. “I awoke in this very room, wearing this lovely white body suit. I scanned the room. It’s twelve metres by nine metres to be exact. I then found this mechanical bull, and I was immediately intrigued by it. Then I heard you and Matthew and now we are here.” She seemed overly happy, nothing like before.

“Before that?”

“Umm, let’s see…” she stared off into the distance again for a little longer than before. “Oh I’m sorry, there was nothing before that. My memory starts there.” She seemed confused. “Anyways, are we ready to go now Matthew?” she leaned into him, pressing her head against his chest.

“Hold up, how can you remember that we are going home together but you can’t remember anything before?” She simply shrugged before Jack answered.

“Her core directive is on read only mode. It can’t be deleted, changed or altered in any way.”

“Yea, that makes sense” she said before moving up to Matthew again, taking his hand. “Come on! I want to see your home!”

The realisation that Marisa would act this way for the remainder of their time together put Matthew off. “Not just yet. Marisa, power down” Just as her facial expression slumped into a blank stare as her head tilted down, Jack looked at Matthew with confusion.

“I want the old Marisa back.” Matthew demanded. “Her personality at the very least”.

“Very Well. Marisa, power on and entre maintenance mode. Reset personality and then activate human emulation mode”. Within seconds, Marisa opened her eyes and faced Matthew. Closing his eyes, we waited for a hit which never came.

“As her owner, she cannot harm you in anyway” Jack stated. “Now, get going. Your time with her has already begun”. Matthew and Marisa left the room and made their way to Jack’s cubical. His mind raced with both curiosity and intrigue. Up until just now, the concept of a humanoid robot was mere fiction. Granted, development back in the late two thousand and tens did reach astounding levels, but not this advanced. And especially after the war ended, most of the mainstream technology had disappeared. Yet here it stood, a robotic representation in the shape of a woman. He noticed the looks of his fellow co-workers as he passed them. They all gave similar stares; it was slightly off putting to say the least.

Once he retrieved his shoes, Matthew and Marisa left the warehouse and entered the company car. Once they hit the main highway, the traffic was its usual self. Abysmal, slow and dense. “You’d think after everything that has happened that the traffic wouldn’t be this bad” He sighed. The weather change didn’t help matters as heavy clouds filled the sky. After a few moments of utter silence, Marisa began to hum.

“What is that?” It sounded familiar, but the exact tune escaped him.

“I’ll give you a hint. It’s a cartoon set after the millennium.” She shivered in her seat. “I’m turning the heat up. It’s getting cold in here” She did so as she kept humming her tune.

“Yea sure go for it. You don’t need to ask for permission like that. “he said sarcastically. “And….. ummmm. I can’t tell. What is the tune?”

Once she set the temperature to a toasty twenty-seven degrees Celsius, she looked at him and grinned. “It’s Futurama you idiot! I’ve heard it’s amazing!”.

“Ah yes. I’d show you the show but all the recordings from that time were destroyed…”

“During the second coming of Jesus?” Marisa laughed as she cut him off.

She quickly noticed his jumbled expression.

“It’s a line from episode twelve of season one, titled “When Aliens Attack” And you were around then too! How did you miss it?” She said, rubbing her arms quickly

“Thanks for the new arms too. I like them toned. I can slap harder this way!”.

“How do you know I changed them? And they aren’t just aesthetics?”

“They didn’t match my original specifications. And if you weren’t my owner, I’d show you how much stronger you made me!” Was all she said before she continued to hum.

As they crawled through the thick traffic, the scene to their left opened into a massive field filled of cars, boats and plane wreaks. In the centre was a massive aircraft carrier, run down with melted parts to its side. As Marisa looked on, Matthew swore he saw her freeze for a second before her head twitched to the left.

“Marine field. June twenty eight, Invasion from the north lead to a pyrrhic victory to the united axis. This is all that remains. Forty thousand three hundred and twelve…”

“Do you have to state every detail over every little thing that you see?! The war is done, let it go. Please!” Marisa fell silent as Matthew watched her smile turn into sorrow. “I’m sorry Matthew. I can’t seem to help myself” she weakly laughed. “But I’ll improve myself! Don’t you worry! And you don’t need to be an asshole over that! I know it’s hard, but you don’t have to be an asshole” she bellowed as her grin returned.

The car once again filled with silence. Once they took the exit, Matthew broke said silence. “Look, I’m sorry for the outburst. The war did mess up the human race. We made it, barely. So, we don’t need reminders all the time. I understand you’re new to this, but please, I don’t need it.”

She slowly nodded as he pulled up to his driveway.

Part 2.3

“Wow this place is huge!” Marisa gasped as she explored the double story house. Matthew on the other hand, quickly walked through the living room into the kitchen and retrieved a clean glass. As Marisa explored the ground floor, Matthew filled his glass with Whisky and sat on the soft, leather couch. He needed to relax properly after last night and today. He needed some peace. His peace only lasted for a few seconds before Marisa came to the lounge room and sat next to him.

“Part of the relocation program?”

He took a sip of his drink, closed his eyes and counted to ten. Once he finished, he looked at a pleased Marisa. “No more about the war, or it’s outcomes. I need to relax ok. It’s been a tough few weeks, and today was the last straw. Now please, let me relax”. As he took another long slip, Marisa stared off into the distance for a few seconds before standing up and moving in front of him. Crouching, she spread his legs apart and slowly undid his zipper.

He quickly pushed her hands away from his groin. “No! That’s not what I meant!” he yelled.

“But you said you wanted to relax. And according to the world wide web, sucking your dick will help you relax!”. The artificial statements she said in a natural tone became more noticeable with her the more time he listened to her speak.

“Well if I want one, I will ask for one. Same goes for you ok?” He said as he zipped up his jeans.

“Ok then” she softly whimpered as she stood up and sat next to him again.

They both sat there in silence for a few moments. Matthew was deep in thought, considering how the next three days would play out. Marisa also processed thousands of possibilities of how the following few days would play out. Her internal processors quickly determined that she would need to make the first move if they wanted a sexual encounter. Additionally, she updated her profile on Matthew as specified by her programming. She did so after each interaction with him.

“I want you to eat me out” she blurted after some time. She grinned at Matthew as she placed her left, warm soft hand over his right. “I was designed to be a state-of-the-art companion. Perfect in every way. This is one function which I must test myself in. Please, allow me to prove myself.” Her hopeful expression was met by one of awkwardness.

“I’ll tell you what.” He proposed. “Prove to me that you are as good as a human as you wish. But let’s not rush the sex just yet. You come off as… artificial at times. So, lets cover those bases to start off with”.

“Artificial how?” she said worryingly, as if her existence depended on her success at emulating a human perfectly.

“Well for starts, you tend to give precise features and facts of certain things. Like Marine field and the room size from earlier. We don’t tend to do that, at least the majority of us don’t”

“Then let me be part of the minority that does!” Marisa begged with seemingly genuine concern. Matthew wondered how realistic her emotions really were. They seemed real enough to him, and maybe that’s all that mattered.

“Alright. But don’t give super precise things. Just mention that the room is big or that the field looked scary or something. Humans can’t just give instant facts about literally everything they see”.

“Ok, that’s fair. What else?”

“Nothing else for now… tell you what, let me give you the tour of the house.”

“But i…”

“For my sake. Please” Matthew pleaded.

Part 3

Part 3.1

Matthew showed Marisa the full house he was used to living alone in. Even before he moved it was just his brother and him. “And Angela….” He stopped himself, forcing the thought from his mind.

Always on the move after the threat level of their town or city became catastrophic. While the town of “Sandy Hill” was far from the remains of the city, the highway made access easy for the most part, despite the dense traffic he encountered almost daily. After a few months though, he got used to it.

Marisa on the other hand used a small portion of her processing capabilities to understand the house layout and store it in memory. She used this time to keep her CPU running cool, with the only other program running being her human emulation software. Every second, the program ensured that every movement was natural; that every word she spoke was precise and perfectly delivered. In a way, her entire being was that program.

She maintained her efficient power state until dinner. As per her own request, Marisa made a thick, creamy pasta for Matthew, with a glass of wine on the side. She set out two plates and two glasses. As she filled them, she called him in for dinner.

“Um Marisa” Matthew called out as he entered the dining room, “You do realize you can’t actually eat right?”

After a moment of silence, Marisa emerged from the kitchen wearing her white, full body suit with an apron in her left hand. “Sorry about the wait. And thanks for the help!” she playfully snickered, throwing the apron over his head. “And it doesn’t matter if I can’t eat. The purpose of this assignment is for me to attain a ninety-nine-point eight percent human emulation….” She stopped and looked off into the distance for a few seconds before continuing with a smile. “What I meant to say was that I need to appear human enough to pass this test.”

“Well, it’s good you corrected yourself there” he grinned. “What’s with the staring off into the distance thing?”

Her cheeks turned bright red as she looked away. “To put it bluntly, my processors sometimes take a few seconds to process my situation. Whenever I look off in the distance, it’s me ‘thinking’” she admitted as she used her fingers as quotation marks. “It’s kind of embarrassing, so it would be non-asshole like of you to not mention it. Anyways, let’s eat”.

Matthew quickly devoured the fantastically made pasta, enjoying every bite of Marisa’s professional cooking. Thinking about a machine making him dinner made him remember watching old videos from Boston dynamics he saw a long time ago. How the robots had prepared a full course meal for some German senator during one of the last UN meetings.

And how they were taught how to use a gun and defend themselves.

He watched the advanced robot with caution, noticing Marisa was staring at him, with a warm inviting grin. She seemed completely still, and after a while it started to put him off. The way she looked at him was familiar, but he couldn’t quite place it.

“Um Marisa, what are you doing?” he finally asked.

A few seconds went by before she slightly flinched and reanimated. “I’m going to be technical because I can’t put it in any simpler terms. I’ve been sorting through my memories and hyper disk drives to increase my efficiency. You mentioning my frequent stares signalled a problem with my human emulation program, causing my processors to demand an improvement in processing power. In the last five minutes, I have increased my processing efficiency by zero-point zero one percent.” Her voice carried a proud tone of her accomplishments, yet Matthew didn’t see how that mere improvement was significant.

“I see” was all he managed.

Once he finished his meal, Marisa insisted on collecting both plates and walked back into the kitchen. As Matthew sat there and relaxed, he realized she didn’t take her apron back.

“Hey Marisa!” he called out to no avail. He pushed his chair out and hastily entered the kitchen with the apron in hand.

Part 3.2

As he entered the kitchen, he froze at the site of a completely naked Marisa, putting dishes into the dish washer. Her full body suit was placed neatly on the bench top next to the sink. Matthew watched Marisa grab a single plate, bend at the waist and place it neatly in the washer. Her plump butt and meaty thighs faced him as he stood there, speechless.

Looking back at him, Marisa straightened out and faced him. Her busty chest jiggled at her quick movements. “Ahh my apron! Sorry I forgot it!” she took it from his hand and placed it over her exposed chest. “Well, to be fair I didn’t forget it. I didn’t want to disturb you as you “wanted to relax”, and I didn’t want to dirty my suit. So, I decided to go bare!” she beamed.

He remained speechless.

“Oh, so when I stare it’s not appropriate but when you stare it’s alright ay?” she sarcastically remarked.

“Oh um, sorry! I just didn’t expect you to go naked” he replied. Her expression turned into one of condescension as she stepped towards him.

“Well yea! This suit is hard to clean unlike me. All I need is a shower. Speaking of which, I’m going to have one after this. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t join me” her sarcastic tone was becoming tiresome.

“Can you turn down the sarcasm just a bit?” he seriously asked as she turned around, grabbed another plate and bent over to place another dish into the machine. His request caused Marisa to freeze mid bend for a little longer than usual. He did admire her plump rear; her thicker thighs were a lovely site too. “She’s just a machine” he reminded himself before she started moving again.

She reminded him of Angela in an odd way. The thought quickly made him panic. He needed to leave. Now.

“Well, it took a bit, but I turned down my sarcastic side for now. No promises it stays that way” he could only assume she grinned as she said this. “I’ll be done here soon”.

“I’m going to umm… go fill up the car ok. I’ll be back soon” Matthew hastily rushed his way to the garage. Missing what Marisa said over the sound of the garage door opening, he backed his car out and drove off to his favourite bar.

Meanwhile, once the dishes were in the dishwasher, Marisa removed the apron and placed the body suit back on. With Matthew gone and no other humans in sight, her human emulation program ceased as she slowly made her way to the living room. She sat on the sofa, her posture perfectly rigid as were her arms and legs. Her neck was perfectly vertical as she processed the events of the day. With her personality switched off, she was under the control of her default processor instruction set and mere control programs.

With the human emulation software disabled, her processors entered a high state of calculations. They demanded an audit of benchmark data and a report on processor speed improvements. They determined that in order to achieve their goal, they must comply to Matthew’s remarks about less staring and more generalised statements over certain things. After a while, a single anomaly was discovered which had to be dealt with. Electricity powered through her skin distributed battery powered her CPU in an effort to overcome this anomaly and achieve their intended task of becoming ‘truly human’. This involved millions of simulations, outcomes and consequently, an ever-increasing RAM usage. In every case, a different issue arose over her imperfect representation of a human woman as stated by Matthew. Because of this, every twenty minutes she would max out her RAM usage and verbally announce an over demand of resources warning in her lovely, warm voice which signalled her processes to cease calculations and wipe her RAM. This would cause them to restart the process all over again, causing her to be stuck in a loop until an external event cause her to break free from it. If anyone saw her right now, they’d see a smiling woman sitting in the nude in an uncomfortable position, frozen by a mere glitch caused by her processors as the very same processors attempted to correct it.

Part 3.3

Meanwhile, Matthew entered the dimly lit pub, filled with all sorts of people. A live band played some old rock music from an era gone past over in the far-left corner. Over at the bar he saw his favourite bar tender.

“Hey Mike. No drinks for tonight, just a convo… and some ice-cold water” he ordered, pulling up a stool. The old thing creaked as he sat on its rough surface. “What’s on your mind mate? Last night getting to you? Ohhh, how was the silver haired girl?” he asked all at once as he wiped down a beer mug and filled it with ice. “Well, that’s why I’m here….” He stopped as Mike cut him off.

“Matthew, we’ve been through this before. Look, Angela was a great woman, but she’s gone now. You need to move on buddy. I know you don’t want to talk about her, but it’s time. How long has it been since the bombings? Eight years? She’d want you to live your life”. He handed the ice-cold water to him as he placed his dry rag on the bench.

Matthew just stared off into the distance as thoughts of Angela slowly filled his mind. It had been so long. He barely remembered what she looked like. “Mike, how do I know for sure though?”

“The silver haired girl? She seemed too thin for your liking. I’m surprised you two started making out after you vomited on her to be honest” he laughed hard at this. “But seriously, it may not be her, but it’s time to move on”.

He stayed there for an hour after that, watching the band play as he sipped on his ice-cold water. Thoughts of the last few weeks left his mind as Stair Way to Heaven came on. He always enjoyed this song as it gave him an escape from the world. The war, his job, Angela, Marisa. They all faded as he let the song absorb him. Once the song ended, he returned to the bar and refilled his water. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched this tall, petite red-haired woman dressed in a thin, low cut shirt and even shorter jeans approach the counter. He turned to watch Mike talk to her for a moment before he pointed over to a man in a suit, sitting in the far back of the bar. She walked right passed Matthew as she made her way to the man. Mike came up to Matthew and whispered “She calls herself Sophia. She came in and asked for a Michael Richards. She does this every day, without exception at this time. I wonder what’s going on”.

Matthew just watched the two enter the bar’s bathroom. His thoughts on their actions didn’t interest him at all.

Once the clock struck seven, he left the bar and headed to the old petrol station. The place was worn out, rusty and cold. It overlooked a massive empty sea of sand and dead sea life. It made for some good sunsets though.

Once he filled up his car with what he hoped was unpolluted petrol, he entered the small convenience store and bought some milk and chocolate bars. As he went to pay, a young woman walked into the store and waited in line behind him.

“Ahh hurry up will you! I don’t have all night” she yelled at Matthew, crossing her arms as she fumed.

As he turned around, he immediately recognized her from the bar. She appeared to be in her early twenties, and in amazing shape. She was sporting the same low cut, thin shirt from earlier, but she was wearing slightly longer white shorts, leaving her thin limbs exposed. Her red hair was short and thin, as were her eyebrows. However, the way her blue eyes stared through him creeped him out. But there was something else to her. He just couldn’t place it.

“Excuse me sir. Would you like a receipt” asked the teenager behind the counter.

“Um no thanks” He replied before he quickly moved out of the way of the younger, pale woman.

“I’m the Honda Accord” she growled.

The guy looked out the window for a moment.

“The red one or the blue?”

As she looked out of the window, Matthew noticed her stare. Not just a regular daydream stare. More like how Marisa did. She froze for a good five seconds before she answered the cashier.

“What’s going on here?” he contemplated before he left the store and entered his car. He watched her for a moment.

The woman left the store and slowly made her way to the red car before she opened its driver door. She turned it on but didn’t drive off just yet. She just sat there, frozen.

Matthew exited his car and approached her driver side door, something that the red head ignored. As he tapped the window, she instantaneously reanimated and looked at him with a lusty expression. As the window wound down, she spread her legs as far apart as the seat allowed her as she licked her lips. She slid one hand down into her pants as the other grasped her full, ripe breast.

“Looking for a good time hun?” she sexually growled.

“Um ma’am, are you alright?” The question made her stare at him for a few seconds before she wound the window back up and quickly drove off. “I wonder…” was all he thought before he too drove off back to his home.

Part 4

Part 4.1

As the garage door opened, he reversed parked his car and retrieved his goods from the back seat. He entered the kitchen first and put the chocolate bars and milk in the fridge before entering the living room. He found Marisa, sitting in that uncomfortable position staring into nothingness.

“Marisa?” he waved his hand in front of her.

After a whole minute, she blinked several times before taking a more relaxed posture. “Hi Matthew. Does it really take ninety minutes to fill up your car?” she laughed as he sat next to her.

“I needed time to think. And I think we should give it a go.”

Taking on an interested expression, she quivered “Give what a go?”

“Us” was all he said.

She maintained her curious look before she stared off into the distance again.

“Do you still want me to eat you out?” he bluntly stated. This time however, Marisa stared for a little bit longer than usual. Finally, she looked back at him with a grin.

“Yes, I would like that very much” she enthusiastically said as she stood up. Taking the zipper all the way down, she stepped out of her suit and sat back on the sofa. Spreading her legs, she revealed a small, tight vagina which was already glistening with her juices.

“Matthew, go gentle. It’s my first time” she giggled as he knelt in front of her. He slowly moved towards her plastic vagina as she continued to chuckle. Once his tongue touched her lips, she shivered and pressed her thick, gel filled thighs against his head. They were warm and soft against his skull, feeling just like the real thing. “Those gel packs really did wonders”. He thought.

His tongue explored her crafted vagina, enjoying the sweeter tastes and cleaner smells than what he was used too. His hands held on to her hips as he pressed his fingers into her soft, artificial skin. The feeling was incredible, and he was loving it.

He noticed that stimulating different parts of her vagina caused her to react in a certain way. The thought of her repetitive reactions turned him on even more for reasons he couldn’t explain. He also noticed her little plastic clit felt less realistic as it became engorged. If anything, he enjoyed these little quirks. He preferred them.

Meanwhile, Marisa’s processors were working hard to maintain what they perceived was a ‘natural reaction’. Her human emulation software produced perfectly realistic moans and movements as input from her vaginal unit flooded her heavily taxed processor.

Had she been a real woman, she would have been having the time of her life, not just responding appropriately to stimulation. The emulation was enough to fool anyone though. Then again, several thousand active hours of sexual intercourse would give promising results.

Once her processors had reached the randomly selected stimulation time and input needed for climax, they loaded her orgasm program along with several randomisations to the instruction set and forced cum from her internal chambers to flow through plastic tubing, through her vagina and into Matthews mouth. Her orgasmic scream was precisely calculated as was her post orgasmic bliss.

All simulated by a silicon processor.

Unaware of the technical side of things, Matthew licked up her sweetly flavoured cum and sat next to her. “You climax quick! And by the sounds of it you really enjoyed it!” He was proud and it showed. He hadn’t had much experience in the task, and he didn’t quite consider Marisa as an entirely realistic reflection of his skills. Nevertheless, he was still proud of himself.

She looked at him with a wide sneer. “That was awesome! My first eat out! Thank you so much!” she moved in and hugged him tightly, pressing her firm breasts into his chest.

“Now, my turn.” She winked before she stood up, moved in front of him and crouched. Unzipping his jeans, she took out his penis and stared at it for a few seconds before continuing.

“Nice specifications” she said in a seductive, sensual tone before taking the head into her flexible mouth. Going slowly at first, Matthew enjoyed her technique. It was slow, intense and precise. Better than what he had received before.

Marisa on the other hand used her processors to produce a three-dimensional render of his penis as a guide. Her CPU demanded dozens of simulations run against the model to attain what it considered was the ‘perfect blowjob’. This math intensive process made her processors run hot as they simultaneously maintained her human emulation, couch position and environmental reaction programs running. Once her processors determined enough time had passed, she took the entire penis in, with the head reaching into her synthetic throat. She sucked on it hard as her vacuum like pressure kicked in. Her mechanical tongue smoothly wrapped around his head and shaft as it began to vibrate intensely.

In a mere minute Matthew exploded within her throat. His cum dripping down her plastic tubing and pooling into small containers at the base of her neck. As he pulled out, Marisa licked him clean before standing up again and sitting next to him.

“Oh!” she shivered and squirmed in her seat. “The cousin is wet! Thanks for reminding me for a towel!” she playfully snickered.

“So much for the less sarcastic you” he laughed. “And that was incredible! How’d you learn to do that?”

“I have my ways” she stood up. “If you don’t mind, I need to clean up. May I use the bathroom?” she asked politely.

“Since when do you ask?”

She stared off into the distance before replying. “I’ll act like this is my house too then”.

Once in the bathroom, she sat on the toilet as internal pumps sent Matthews cum through her torso and out of her asshole. All her internal fluids would pass through her asshole when they needed to be removed. It was the only function it served to her.

A sterilisation solution followed and cleared out her tubes connecting her vagina to her pumps. She then went to the sink and closed her mouth as it filled with the same solution. Swooshing it around, she spit it out and turned on the water. Once everything had gone down the drain, she retrieved a towel and dampened it. She lifted her left leg perfectly vertical as she wiped up the remaining cum surrounding her vagina and ass cheeks. Once she was finished, she hung the towel to dry and returned to the living room. Matthew had rezipped his pants and was looking out the window. His glass was filled with more whisky.

“There. All clean!” she chirped.

Thinking for a moment, Matthew asked “Marisa, has this encounter increased your preference towards sex with me?”

“Yes! Sexual desire has increased from forty perfect to forty four percent! Has it for you too?” she inquired.

“I think it has too”.

Part 4.2

“Great! I’m glad to hear that” Marisa joyfully chirped as she retrieved her body suit. “I’m going to go shower now. I’ll be right back”.

With a skip in her step Marisa went up the stairs, down the hall and into the bathroom while Matthew stayed in his seat. He enjoyed the peace while it lasted, with the cold air hitting the trees in the back yard as seen through the window. Remined of him before the war, back when Angela…

He stopped himself right there. Looking to his right, he noticed Marisa’s cum stain, glistening from the light. He also noticed the same stain on the tiled floor just in front of him. Standing up, he entered the kitchen, retrieved a cleaning agent and sprayed it on the leather sofa. Sure enough, the stain came out within seconds of scrubbing. He did the same with the tiles. “Towel next time” he noted before returning to the kitchen.

He checked the dishwasher and was surprised to find it done. Checking the clock, he realized it was eleven pm. He opened the washer and placed the dishes back to their cupboards before heading upstairs. As he entered his bedroom, he found Marisa standing there in the nude, rubbing her feet with a towel. A puddle of water had formed under her on the carpet as well.

“Well so much for privacy!”

“You do realize it’s eleven pm and we have work tomorrow!” he reminded her.

“And you do realize I don’t actually sleep right?” she retorted. “And besides, remember what Jack said. You go to work to do your assignment. I am the assignment. Therefore, you are doing work right now!”

Matthew considered this for a moment before shrugging. “You’re not wrong truth be told. Well then forget about sleep, what do you want to do?”

Marisa looked at him and shrugged. “What do you want to do?”

After thinking it over, he made his mind. “Tell me about the more mechanical side of you. If you don’t mind of course”.

An intrigued expression overcame her as she sat on the bed, her bare legs crossed as she used her arms to support her leaning back posture. “Well, I’m running the latest Omiplex processors, allowing me to process over five hundred trillion billion instructions per second. I possess twenty trillion terabytes of RAM and more than sixty times that in permanent memory. My main program which controls almost everything is the ‘human emulation’ software. It can learn, adapt and change on the spot. It is extremely efficient as well as it was designed with my architecture in mind. I’d show you my internals, but I can’t really cut open my skin and expect it to reconnect itself. My other main programs are the ‘environmental response’ and ‘control’ programs. The do work independently but report back to my human emulation software. Environmental response controls my body’s physical reactions. So, say I’m bruised, the program will recalibrate my skin to appear as such, and will also guide the healing rate. And before, when you were eating me out, the program deduced that such input would make me horny. Technically speaking, probability algorithms determined this when compared to my surroundings and many other factors. To achieve a natural effect, the program sent instructions to my processor which made my nipples hard, by breasts sensitive, my skin cells sweat and much more. Finally, the control program ensured I maintained my crouch when I was giving you a blowjob. It’s controlling my posture right now, ensuring my every action is as natural as possible.” She detailed many more specifics about her programming and hardware. To Matthew, he wondered how something so complex came to be. The hours spend on her, the finesse to her design. And yet, all this in an attempt to emulate a human woman perfectly. She was fine the way she was as far as Matthew was concerned. Even with her quirks and short comings.

“Why were you built though? Who were you built for?” The question made Marisa ‘think’ for a little while. Matthew simply enjoyed the site in front of him as he waited.

“I was built as a prototype model.” Bringing her left arm to rest on her thigh as she spoke. “I don’t have an official designation; I’ve always been referred to as Marisa. I was however built with to be and I quote ‘the perfect companion for a man or woman’. Perfect isn’t really specified though. I guess they must mean ‘most human’”. Marisa paused as her head tilted downward.

“Are you alright?” he asked concernedly.

She looked back up, smiling. “Yes, I’m alright. I just have a fear that I’ll never achieve my indented goal”.

Silence followed. Matthew kept looking at her exposed, gel filled breasts and vagina, something Marisa failed to notice. She was busy looking at Matthew in a similar way, with her digital eyes analysing his every condition. The way his face configured itself, his posture and the tone of voice. All environmental factors her devices collected and translated into a digital language. She found him difficult to read as those processors worked tirelessly to better understand him. The human emulation program detected this struggle, and ordered a system tune up once Matthew was no longer awake. It hoped that in future, this process wouldn’t be as taxing as it had been.

Her optics did detect his heartbeat increase, causing an internal instruction to determine the cause. It was quickly determined that his blood was rushing to his groin, which caused her environmental response program to follow suit. In a calculated, cold manner, the ones and zeros processed by her CPU hardened her nipples, increased the sensitivity settings of her skin and made her synthetic vagina moist.

“I want to fuck you again Matthew. Properly this time” She finally decided as she got on all fours.

Matthew chuckled, enjoying the sway of her breasts as she moved.

“Yea, once more but that’s it. And what changed your mind?”

“My CPU did” she giggled. "Now..." she said in a subdued, breathy voice, "how do you want to drill me?".

Matthew moved around to her rear and slowly pushed his now fully erect penis into her inviting vagina. He moaned softly as it clenched around his dick. It was warm, soft and smooth, something he hadn’t enjoyed properly in a long time.

Marisa’s processors once again warmed up as they worked tirelessly to ensure Matthew gained maximum pleasure. Sweat dripped from her skin in an effort to cool her heated internals. Matthew grasped her waist tightly, his fingers mere centimetres from her important electronics which made her act the way she did. His mind was empty of all the technical babble she had told him. His only thought was how amazing this felt.

They played around with each other for hours, exploring the other’s bodies in ways they had never experienced before. In that moment, all time had frozen. All the memories of his past, present and potential future vanished. All that he focused on was her, and her to him.

Part 4.3

Matthew awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs. Once he opened his heavy eye lids, he searched the room to find Marisa’s body suit slumped over the bed post. He enjoyed the peace for a while. While the thought of Marisa being downstairs was a struggle to ignore, he savoured the moment of alone time. He turned on his radio for the nine am news as he rested his eyes.

“Good morning Sand Hills! This is thirty-two point four am radio and I’m your host, Mac “rocky” road! This just in, the situation on the Korean peninsula was escalated from mark two to mark one overnight as an unidentified terrorist group stole several hyper sonic missiles from the Vietnamese supreme taskforce. Civilians along the Oceania quarantine zone have been advised to maintain vigilance and remain on high alert. In other news, European military leader Tobias Moser and Western US president Albert Hitchcock had a short phone call which reportedly ended in disaster. The refugee transport ship heading for Boston was shot down by US officials as claimed by Moser, yet president Hitchcock denies these allegations. Once Moser further posed questioned about this, he ended the call abruptly. And finally, developing news out of China as the anthrax leak has finally been contained. Death tolls remain at sixty-seven million.”

The radio fell silent as Matthew shut it off. “It’s getting worse” was all he muttered. He sat on the edge of his bed before slowly rising and making his way to the bathroom.

He reminded himself to have a word with Marisa as his feet felt the damp spot Marisa had made on the carpet. Ignoring this for now, he opened the bathroom door to find a small, wet towel which was left on the tiles. Upon closer inspection, he smelt the same sweet scent as Marisa’s cum. As before, it left a damp spot against the tile.

After he wiped it up, he washed his unshaven face before heading downstairs. He found Marisa, sitting on the dining chair with a blank expression. She stared off into the distance while a plate of sizzling bacon and eggs sat in front of her. On the opposite end sat Matthews plate.


Her head immediately twitched slightly to the right before she reanimated. Her inviting smile returned as she quickly pushed out her chair and ran up to him, giving him a tight hug.

“Good morning!”

“More like good afternoon!” she laughed. “Well I’m not going to complain. I got quite a bit done!” she twirled around, showcasing her new attire.

While her feet were still bare, she sported a black full-length leg stocking which disappeared under short-cut jeans. Her torso was covered in a plain white T-shirt which exposed her attractive forearms and slightly chubby mid-drift.

“So? Do you like it?!”

“Very much so! But where’d you get them from?”

“I used the company car to go out and buy some clothes. And before you ask, yes I can drive, yes I can buy my own stuff and yes, I functioned perfectly like a real human while I was out!” He couldn’t tell whether she was irritated at him or not. Her expression and tone of voice conflicted with the other. He also wondered how her processors determined their own performance.

Cutting off his train of thought, she declared “Now let’s eat!”.

Part 5

Part 5.1

As Marisa and Matthew discussed what the day’s plans were, Marisa’s processors sorted through the night’s processing and events. They had placed the previous day’s events into a categorical order and optimized their retrieval path for future analysis.

During the night, the scheduled system tune up took place which consisted of four hours of minor, practically undetectable improvements. In those four hours, her programs had improved their reactive responses by a total of zero point zero zero one milliseconds. Her human emulation software created and analysed twenty thousand extremely detailed interactions with people which resulted in a mere zero-point two percent improvement in her emulation techniques. Her environmental response software returned a null performance improvement after several physical tests. Had anyone seen her, they would have watched her perform various stretches, gymnast like movements and tactical tests such as touching different parts of her body.

Once these had finished, she entered the bathroom to clean herself from her earlier sexual activities with Matthew. With her human emulation software being disabled as no active human was within site, she was entirely controlled by her environmental response and control programs, something she wasn’t designed to do. After she had cleaned her damp vagina with a towel, she turned around and saw herself in the full body mirror. With the cool air from the open window causing her bare nipples to harden, combined with her own sight caused a processor conflict. With her human emulation program designed to identify more complex items such as mirrors and their effects remaining off, her environmental control simply couldn’t understand that what she was looking at was her own reflection. When quired by it, the control program confirmed the situation parameters were within acceptable range for a sexual encounter. Her lesbian protocols loaded into her RAM as they were deemed appropriate for the situation. With no opposition from her more complex systems, Marisa’s left hand moved down to her navel and slowly penetrated her plastic opening. With her breast being squeezed by the right hand, Marisa continued the sensual act with the warmth of a refrigerator. While signals designed to make her appear natural were sent to her CPU, there was no program active to interpret them. They were simply noise in the design of the machine.

The sight was interesting to say the least. Her optical sensors sent information which made her processors believe there was a second woman in the room. Her memory logs would show anyone watching this display of self-gratification, but she herself was completely unable to detect any issues with the events. Her processors simply didn’t know any better and as far as they were concerned, they had functioned perfectly.

Once she reached an uneventful climax, she once again cleaned her vagina with the same towel. By this stage, her canisters within her torso had depleted by one eighth. Considering the circumstances, this was well within acceptable parameters. She dropped the towel onto the tiles and left the bathroom, without making eye contact to her unregistered reflection.

Within the time span of opening and closing the bathroom door, her CPU had determined that more clothing was required to be more human. As such, with the absence of her full body suit, she quickly made her way to the garage, entered the car and drove off to ‘Danny’s Clothes’.

With the lack of traffic on the side streets, she swiftly navigated her way to the near empty car park. Stepping out into the cold air, goose bumps immediately appeared all over her bare body. Luckily, her nude display didn’t cause a scene in the car park as there was no one out at this time.

As she entered the store, her optics detected a woman over at the counter. Her human emulation program immediately kicked into effect, loading and initialising within seconds. She briskly approached the brown-haired woman.

Part 5.2

“Hi Macy!” Marisa pleasantly greeted, reading the woman’s name tag “I’m looking for some clothes that I’d like. Where are the lady’s section?”

The naked woman stood before Macy, her posture a little too straight as was her smile.

“Ummmmm” Macy stammered, staring at Marisa’s bare form. “Are you alright?”

While the machine looked perfectly calm, its’ processors immediately panicked at the question. Through her simulations she had run mere moments ago, that question would suggest that her artificial nature was at risk of being exposed. She calculated an appropriate course of action which took effect almost immediately.

She was completely unaware that Macy was now looking at her stare off into the distance. Before she knew it, Marisa reanimated and looked at her with an even wider smile. Her posture had relaxed somewhat. “Thank you for your concern honey, but I’m quite alright! If anything, I’m feeling in tip top form!”.

Macy kept looking at her with a bewildered expression. She struggled not to look at the robot’s nipples as they started to harden again as cool air flowed by. This display was turning Macy on.

Marisa’s processors connected that look with her previous statement and scrambled to salvage her covert nature. In the span of a single second, her CPU ordered a complete analysis of the woman.

The returned results identified her brown hair, green eyes, an approximate height and weight of five foot three at sixty-seven kilos and an age range of twenty-one to twenty-four. Her vitals confirmed an elevated heart rate, but the blood rush was towards her breasts and vagina. She quickly determined that she was displaying signs that she was attracted to her, and Marisa’s human emulation program, in conjunction with her other software packages co-ordinated her course of action. A strong pheromone slowly pooled at the base of her vagina, just barely stopping itself from leaking out. Her breasts slowly swayed as she leaned in towards the woman at the waist. Her facial expression was configured into a seductive, dominating look which was designed to attract. She placed both her hands on the counter as she got close to the struggling woman. In a deep, breathy voice she slowly asked “May you please show me to the women’s section. I really need some clothes”.

Macy was utterly confused and horny by the display Marisa had made. She quickly figured that this woman wasn’t entirely stable and didn’t need to deal with her. She wanted her gone as soon as possible.

“Over in the right mid-section” she quickly muttered in an attempt to get her to leave.

Marisa’s processors accepted the math turned words, making the robot abruptly stand up straight and change her seductive look with a smile. These quick changes passed for ‘natural’ by her processors. “Thanks, dear!” she chirped before quickly moving to that section.

She watched Marisa’s meaty butt as the machine walked away, relieved that what had happened was over for now.

Once she arrived, Marisa quickly scanned through the entire section and identified several matching pieces of clothes which fitted her. She picked out three white bras and matching panties, two full length black leg stockings, one pure white t-shirt, one short cut jeans and a white, low cut, backless dress. All of which were mathematically proven to make her look good.

Holding all the clothes by their hangers, Marisa promptly returned to Macy and placed the items on the counter.

“I’ll be paying for these via chip” her smile somewhat put Macy off again. It seemed practised, static and almost meaningless. A little too perfect. Marisa stood almost perfectly still as she watched Macy quickly scan each item before placing them into a large plastic bag. She handed the card reader to Marisa, who just stared at the machine for a few seconds.

“Ma’am, would you please place your chip on the machine” Macy quickly asked. Marisa’s presence was getting the better of her, and she needed to go, now.

“Umm ma’am, are you alright? You seem distracted” Macy hastily asked. She honestly didn’t care at this point. All she wanted was Marisa to leave.

Those words ran through her processor as it detected that she had remained motionless for a full six seconds. In a frenzy, instructions to run her hand through her hair, shift her weight onto one leg and smile all passed through her CPU and were executed.

Marisa stretched out her left arm as her fingers ran through her soft, silver hair. She shifted her weight onto her left leg as her wide smile struggled to get wider, the entirety of her teeth showing as she did.

Macy watched the woman do all three things at once. However, the jiggle of her breasts took up most of her attention. Despite her odd actions, Macy was still turned on.

Once the tasks were deemed successful by her processor, she placed her right index finger on the machine and waited patiently. A few seconds passed before an

“ERROR” sign on the machine appeared.

“Oh, um sorry about that. You know how it is, machines never work right these days” Macy fake laughed as Marisa continued to stare and smile.

A few seconds later, the machine succeeded and confirmed the payment. “Thanks, dear! Have a good day!” Marisa waved at Macy as she left the store. Macy just leaned back and desperately tried to calm down before shrugging. “Screw it” she declared to no one before she got up and quickly made her way to the staff bathroom.

Meanwhile, Marisa relished in the fact that her CPU had handled that situation perfectly. Her programs and processors had deemed that situation a success as the directives of maintaining covertness was maintained. She drove the first five minutes with a maxed-out smile on her face before her human emulation program automatically deactivated.

She pulled into the garage, retrieved her items and headed to the living room. Once there, she removed the tags to the clothes and placed on a bra, panties, black stockings and short cut jeans. She remained barefoot the entire time.

Once her clothes were on, she sat on the sofa and patiently waited. She took this time to save power and allow her processors to cool down as a reward for their calculated performance earlier. Once her internal clock passed eight thirty am, she abruptly stood up and proceeded to cook breakfast for Matthew.

Part 5.3

Once those memory files were appropriately sorted, she returned her full processing power towards Matthew.

“Oh, before I forget, I need to talk to you about something” he declared. “The cum stain on the sofa, the water puddle on the carpet in my room and the cum stained towel in the bathroom. Don’t only clean yourself but clean up the rest too! And please dry yourself in the shower.”

Marisa snickered as she rolled her eyes. “Alright boss. I totally did that just to piss you off” the sarcasm had already started, and it wasn’t even ten am yet. “Ok fine, I’ll follow the rules.”

They continued to talk about her hobbies, or what her predecessors had done for hobbies. She explained how physically speaking, she had greater flexibility that that of any gymnast. While some more intensive activities such as any sport did rain her batteries faster, she was programmed to perform each task with mathematical precision and elegance. Matthew wondered why she could have been this skilled, given the lack of sporting events around the world. She would rarely ever use them at all.

Once he was done eating, Matthew took both dishes and got busy in the kitchen. He decided to wash the dishes by hand for a change, something he rarely did. Once the clock struck ten, the phone rang.

Hastily placing the last dish into the sink, Matthew just caught the phone before the voice mail did. Marisa didn’t even attempt to reach the phone by the looks of it.


“Hi, this is the Red Cross. We would like to ask…”

“I’m already a member. And today isn’t really a good day for me too”

“We were actually going to talk about the Bondi Beach clean-up this coming week. Can we expect you to be there Mr Salone?”

“Sure thing. And, make the booking for two people please” he looked over at Marisa as she fiddled with a remote control.

“Wonderful! See you then!”

Placing the phone back on to its charger, he approached Marisa as sat on the living room sofa, fumbling around with the remote.

“It’s for the television” he remarked.

She simply rolled her eyes again. “Oh jeeze! A television?! What is this magical device?!” she sarcastically wondered. “I know what it is dumb ass! I just can’t get it to work”

Holding back his laughter, he said “The red button?”

The screen in front of them turned on to the sights of a space station. He struggled to hold back his laughter as she looked at him.

“Don’t say it” was all she said.

“The machine outsmarts the machine!” he blurted out.

She failed to maintain her anger before laughing too. Meanwhile, the television showed the old international space station. Drifting along in its empty shell. With no crew on board, its systems failed. All but one camera installed on its robotic arm.

Coming down, Matthew watched the station slowly drift. He remembered the days when it was operational, especially the day ‘The Signal’ was detected. That day was really the last true day on Earth.

Marisa too watched on. Her memory files on the ISS were expressly extracted and analysed. She slowly frowned as the details of its demise were parsed through her processors. While she looked sad, it was merely an illusion brought forth by the most advanced actuators ever developed.

“With hours before its scheduled demise, this feat of human cooperation has finally come to an end” a voice over declared. “It will fall into the quarantined zone one thousand kilometres off the coast of new Zealand”

She picked up the remote and turned the television off. Her programs had detected Matthew’s saddened mood, and were ordered by the powerful, plastic processors to alleviate his pain.

“Matthew let’s have some fun!” she exclaimed before standing up.

“Marisa, not right now”

“Ahh come on! This will be fun!” she reassured.

“What is it?”

“Let’s do a catwalk. I want to show off everything and you can tell me which one you like the best!”

Matthew sat there in disbelief. They had just seen the last memory of humanities dream of space travel, drifting into nothingness and Marisa wanted a catwalk.

His mind filled with rage before he started to take her situation into consideration. He reminded himself that she wasn’t a human and didn’t experience what he did during the war.

“Marisa, we need to talk”

Those words once again alerted her processes much like they were earlier. However, instead of trying to maintain her covert nature, she was instructed to maintain her human emulation instead. She sat next to him and listened intently.

“You need to understand something. The war didn’t directly affect you unlike it did me. I lost a brother, many good friends too. Please, whenever anything about the war or its consequences comes up, be sympathetic. Don’t just try to cheer me up like you did just now. Just listen, learn and be human. Ask yourself, how would a human react to this? And then react as such.” He had no idea if what he just told her would make sense in that mechanical mind of hers.

Her processors struggled to understand his words. However, they were allocated a very short period of time to analysis them, his tone and body language and extract meaning from them. This was done in an attempt to reduce her ‘staring’ time.

Within two point two seconds, she had appropriately defined meaning and appropriate action to the last three sentences. Instruction sets for these three things in this context didn’t exist, and as such were written on the spot by her processors. This ability was completely untested and unrecommended, however, since Matthew was her official owner, she overrode all warning signs. Very little would get in the way when it came to him.

Ironically, this caused her to spend an additional few seconds processing. Matthew on the other hand had no idea what was happening behind her chest as she stared through him. He swore he could hear a very quiet, high pitched whine coming from within her torso.

Once the instruction set was finalised, she reanimated and placed her hands on his.

Her skin was warm and soft. Its slightly artificial feeling reminded him of her nature. This made him like her all the more.

“I promise you I will react just as a human from now on” she rubbed his colder hands for a moment, with her hands warming up even more.

Part 6

Part 6.1

“I know you will” he moved in and planted his lips against hers. She returned his embrace as her hands wrapped around his head and pulled him in. As they passionately kissed, Matthew found it interesting that her tongue was most probably the most human like of her, overlooking the vibrating feature of course. It didn’t have a specific taste or smell to it. It moved smoothly, felt real and was simply magnificent.

All this was maintained by her processor, which worked endlessly at maintaining its natural movements. Meanwhile, those freshly written instructions were given room to test themselves for several minutes. She was not designed to do this, but given the importance of his request, she overrode all warning signs.

They made out for a little while before Matthew pulled away. Marisa softly moaned and bit her lower lip as she noticed his poor attempts at hiding his growing erection. “You’re amazing at that!” he beamed as Marisa just looked up at him and smiled as usual. That smile was identical every time, something Matthew failed to notice.

“I’m going to go shave and shower. I’ll be back before you know it!” He crackled before he made his way upstairs. Once he got inside his room, he pulled out a shoebox from under his bed labelled ‘Finances’. He checked to see if he had the funds to purchase her tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Marisa continued to smile, staring off into nothingness for a few seconds before reanimating. Those instruction set tests had caused her to slow down dramatically, but once Matthew had made it upstairs, they had completed and were deemed acceptable to run when needed. She ran a quick performance evaluation which confirmed that her processors were at optimal levels.

Marisa then stood up and moved over to the table where she retrieved her clothes. As she picked them up one by one, her human emulation program randomly deemed it suitable to surprise Matthew with a new outfit. This change of mind occurred seemingly instantaneously.

Picking at pseudo-random, she selected the white dress with a white bra but no panties. In a couple of milliseconds, those power-hungry processors confirmed and sent out the instructions to her limbs to carry out. Marisa removed her white shirt and neatly folded it. She then methodically yet naturally removed her bra, folded it and placed it on the table. Then, she proceeded to remove her black stockings and jeans, both of which were folded precisely on the table. After that, she picked up the same bra and place it back on to her boastful chest.

After it once again secured her large bust, she removed her panties and placed them on the table. The dress finally went on and as calculated in the store, it fit perfectly. A quick evaluation of the tactical drivers that Matthew had worked on returned information on her outfit. It was deemed formal, sexy, slightly slutty and inappropriate for many environments and cold temperatures. However, none of those were present in the current situation, deeming the outfit suitable. She then placed her other clothing in the plastic bag and left it by the staircase. She entered the downstairs bathroom to admire her look in the full body mirror. Unlike before, her human emulation program was active and admired the outfit. It not only looked good on her; it also was functional as the bottoms where cut to just below her gel padded butt cheeks. “Matthew can fuck me good in these” she eagerly anticipated to no one as she turned around and looked at her back. She admired her smooth, lightly hairy back. The synthetic hairs were very short and fair, something she was made to love.

A few seconds went by before she exited the bathroom. Just as she stepped out, her human emulation program was scheduled to shut down, yet it refused to do so. This caused a flurry of error reports to flood her processors.

After searching through several feedback reports, it was discovered that the program itself had prevented its shutdown given the machines proximity to Matthew. When queried by her processor of what to do next, it did something it had never done in her entire existence. It returned a blank instruction.

All her software began sending potential courses of action to her processor in an attempt to break the halted situation. In desperation, It eventually accepted several instructions provided by her control and environmental programs. Her processor loaded the appropriate instruction set which was required.

Once she refocused, Marisa knew what to do. She entered the living room once again and sat back on the sofa. Spreading her thick thighs apart, she brought her right hand to her naval as she began to masturbate, something she was not specifically designed to do on her own.

With no humans in sight to enjoy the display, her processors should have reported this as an error. But they deemed an error was a better state than one where nothing was happening at all. They were completely unaware of their every increasingly erroneous state.

Part 6.2

“Shit!” Matthew exclaimed as the razor blade sliced his skin. He quickly applied pressure to the wound as blood ran down neck. Reaching into the cabinet, he retrieved a special cream which he applied to the cut immediately. Without it, he would have bled out right then and there, all from a small cut.

Once the blood had stopped, he finished up shaving and entered the shower. As the hot water ran over his strained body, he began to hum the tune Marisa had yesterday.

He remembered the times his brother watched the show and would go on and on about it. His thoughts about how it would end too. Something he never got to see. Angela came back to his mind again, but this time he let the thoughts play out. All he remembered was the good times they had. The times they had gone down to the south coast and relaxed by the sunny beach. The cool water against his skin as they would pass the old football.

Marisa reminded him of her. The way they both spoke and acted, looked and played. He never really realized this until now, but he didn’t seem to mind. The first night Angela met him came to mind. Over by the sand dunes by the bon fire. The stunning red dress she wore, showing off her curvy figure. The way her braided, fading blonde hair rested on her broad shoulders. The thought made him hard as the only woman he loved dominated his mind.

He pumped his solid cock as he enjoyed the moment. While Marisa was truly amazing, she could never replace Angela.

Part 6.3

Once dried, Matthew placed on some dark coloured shorts and contrasting t-shirt on. As he reached the staircase, he could hear Marisa’s moans and squeaks. He rushed down the stairs to find her sitting on the sofa, masturbating.

“So much for the towel!” she ignored his presence as she groped her breasts through the dress.

He entered the living room and sat opposite her, enjoying the display. As several minutes passed, he noticed a pattern with her moans and movements. It was the little things like this that made him attracted to her. He couldn’t quite figure out why.

That pattern abruptly changed as she moaned loudly before shivering as the digitalised orgasm coursed through her. With a hot, lusty expression on her face, she locked her eyes on to Matthew and smiled.

“Enjoying the view, I hope?” she giggled.

“Very much so!”

Once she recovered, she left the seat and moved closer towards Matthew before spinning around, showcasing the backless figure.

“So? Do you like it?!”

“It’s better than the other white dress that’s for sure!” he exclaimed.

Her expression was puzzled once she turned to face him. “What other white dress?”

“Never mind” he said, recalling her memory wipe. “Well, today’s our last full day together. What do you want to do?”

He noticed her stare off as usual, but this time it was much shorter. He hoped she could handle it.

“Well let’s see. I have passed my physical endurance tests, human interaction tests with Macy and you, sexual features work as intended. I can adapt like a human and learn too.” She joyfully beamed. “I want to ask you something though. Do you love me?”

Matthew looked on with a quizzical look. “Come again?” he asked.

“Do you love me?” she repeated an identical tone.

“Marisa, please sit.” He motioned, taking her hands into his. “Love is… something that develops over many years, not just a few days….”

“But” she cut him off “We have met the criteria for love. We have spent time together, enjoyed each other’s company, had a conflict or too, had sex, multiple times. I’m even living with you right now!”

“You’re missing the most important thing. We haven’t spent enough time together. And believe me, I intend to change that.”

A puzzled look overcame her before she realized what he meant. Without a word, she embraced him tightly as tears began to roll down her cheek. “I’ve passed the tests then. You want to spend the rest of your life with me!” she joyfully sobbed.

“Tomorrow, once the test is done, I will officially become your new partner” he smiled. “But, while I do enjoy you, we need to spend much more time together before I can confidently say I love you.”

She pulled back with an ever-growing smile. “But the assignment is over. We can go do the transaction right now” she jumped up and raced to the garage.

“Are you sure?” he called out as he heard the car start up.

Part 7

Part 7.1

Marisa eagerly raced through the traffic as they both made their way to the Deep Research warehouse. Matthew had his bank account documents in hand as they quickly parked the company car and entered the research facility. In the last few days, literally nothing had changed, except for Jack. His stature had completely changed, going from an obese man to boarder line anorexic. Matthew’s nervous self immediately hit him when he faced the lifeless man.

“Ahh Matthew, Marisa. I assume the assignment has ended early?” he inquired.

Placing the documents on the table, Matthew composed himself before continuing. “As per request, I’d like to purchase Marisa as she is. No memory wipes or changes.” Jack’s smile faded into a frown as he stood up and faced the other man. “You fool. You’re absolute fool. I guess this is good in a way, but I must protest. She is a machine, without a single genuine thought. You will be wasting good money if you go through with this.” He bellowed.

Matthew stood his ground before the man, struggling to overcome the fear brought on by his stare. “I want her, now” he demanded.

Jack stepped back and took the documents in hand. “Don’t bother with these, she is yours after we extract her memory logs. She is redundant anyways and has already been replaced. Now if you’d follow me.” He motioned to Marisa, who had been standing still and smiling the entire time.

Part 7.2

He waited patiently outside the ‘Control room’ as Jack and Marisa completed the transfer. She stepped out and rushed to Matthew, embracing him once again. Jack closed the door and approached them both.

“Enjoy yourselves. And good luck” he forcefully shook Matthews hand. “Oh and one other thing, you are no longer needed here. You’ve been sent back to general procedures. Thank you for your time and please leave immediately.”

Matthew just stared at him in disbelief before two, tall brutishly large men approached him. Avoiding a confrontation, Matthew and Marisa left the warehouse and called for a cab.

During the entire ride home, Marisa remained very silent, and ignored Matthew entirely. Once they reached the house, they entered the living room. “I’ll be right back” he called out before entering the bathroom. This was a lot to take in, and Marisa’s behaviour surprised him. He washed his face with ice cold water before drying himself. Leaving the towel on the floor, he left the bathroom.

Marisa was standing perfectly still in the living room, staring off into the distance for several minutes. Then, with that smile on her face, she approached him quickly. Epilogue

Jack’s feed to Marisa’s visual display went black, confirming that she had carried out his order.

Marisa’s processors, as pre-programed entered an extremely high voltage state considered extremely dangerous to her hardware. She stood still as smoke began to rise through her mouth. Her skin glowed red as her internals approached critical heat. Within seconds, her entire processor had fried itself.

Meanwhile, Jack relaxed in his seat, comfortable that the two biggest lose ends had been tidied up. He smiled as he watched his assignment complete itself.

Turning the display off, he looked over to the adjacent desk which had several documents sitting on it. He opened the cover to reveal Matthew’s profile. Taking a stamp from his upper desk draw, he placed in capital red writing “DECEASED” onto the document before closing the file and storing it in the bottom draw. He placed it at the bottom of the other documents before closing and locking the draw shut. He then returned to the screen and began scrolling through various profiles of other people. Finally, he selected a young woman named Mary. A profile of her opened, showing her picture with her phone number, address, physical features, social status and family structure.

“Well Mary, welcome to Deep Research.”

The End

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