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Written by Mirage


It was late and I was still going over some of the new schematics. My phone started to ring.

"Hello?" I answered.

It was one of the guard of the front gates, "I got a lady here saying she has an interview with you... Miss Thompson from the Science Bugle." the voice informed me on the phone.

"What??..... I don't know what the hell you are talking about!!!!!!" I yelled at him, while checking the camera view on the front gate.

"Holy crap, she's a babe! Let her in!" I instructed him.

"But sir, she has no clearance..." the guard responded.

"I'll take care of her, don't worry!" I quickly said, tucking my shirt in. I ran out my office and through the dark hallways and corridors of this new nuclear plant.

"Hello, Mr..." she hesitated.

"Call me Max, Max Sterling! Nice to meet you! Please come in my office." I told her, chuckling.

She was a beauty, wearing a pink tight dress, long sexy legs with a nice chest size.

"So, you are to interview me?" I asked her, after offering her a chair to sit in my small office.

"Well, yes, my readers would like to know more about this new energy source you are making here." she asked, writing notes in a pad.

"You know, cold fusion... right... well, here, we develop the opposite, hot fusion... The hotter it is, the better we like it.” I said, laughing lightly at my bad jokes.

"And how many gigawatts of electricity do you make per day?" she continued with her questions.

"Well, a lot, much more than most power plants around the world... It's all new technology, you know..." I smiled.

"Can I see the new main reactor?" she asked quickly.

"Well, sorry, but no, it's still top secret. That is why we have lots of guards around... We are scared of spies.. Many people would love to have our schematics and plans of this place." I said, looking down her dress.

"Please, I just want to see it for a second..." she begged me, stretching her body so I could see most of her cleavage.

"Damn sex appeal! "Ok... but no picture or cameras!" I told her, knowing what I was doing was beyond stupid.

We walked for a few minutes, passing along dark corridors and security doors.

"Being the main scientist here, I got all the clearance you need!." I bragged to her.

She paid no attention to my remarks, just studying the walls and stuff.

"There, see that door, there is it! We can see the reactor through this protective glass wall." I told her, pointing to the reactor.

"Excellent!" she said, smiling.

She then did something I was not expecting. She punched through the glass wall.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!!!!!" I screamed at her, panicking myself, alarms going off, and red lights flashing everywhere.

I then gasped at the scene, her skin ripped off from most of her left arm, revealing her true nature. "What the fuck are you???" I asked her quickly.

"An android, stupid human!" she said, turning to me.

"How can it be!!!! We haven’t achieved this kind of technology yet!!!!! Are you from the future???" I then asked her confused.

"Future???? My master built me to infiltrate this place!" she yelled to me.

"Your master???" I yelled back. I then saw her chest open in two and she reached in and took a huge gun out.

"Fuck me!!!!!" I yelled to myself.

"You wanted to see my master, here he is!" she laughed out.

I then heard an extreme loud mechanical voice.

"Hahaha... Stupid fleshling, your planet will be mine, one day!"

I tried to see where the voice was coming from. I then saw the owner of the voice. The gun suddenly jumped out of her hand and expanded in size, twisting and changing more and more, growing huge in size, until, the gun was now a giant menacing robot, barely fitting in the room.

"Thank you for letting me have your power plant and new technology, fleshing." the giant robot smiled to me.

"What... are you?" I mumbled out, scared out of my life.

"I AM MEGATRON, LEADER OF THE DECEPTICONS!!!!!!!!!!!" he yelled out, just before he pulverized me and the rest of the room to ashes with his big fusion cannon on his left arm.

I knew letting her in was a bad idea!

The end

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