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It was the end of a long, long day. With great relief and satisfaction, Hank saved the lengthy, torturous legal report, then opened his company email account to send it off to his supervisor, who would no doubt add his own name, in larger font, to the document before passing it up the ladder.

Hank's job was boring and thankless, but he had long ago realized that putting in extra effort was utterly pointless. Instead, he'd managed to steamline his workload so that he could often get his entire quota taken care of early, giving him two or three paid hours of random internet browsing and gaming every day. No one had noticed yet.

His job was at AlVera robotics, but it would be hard to know that from where he worked; just another anonymous closet-sized office on a floor full of closet-sized offices, each containing a legal drone to handle all the generic business demands of the company. This week had been unusually brutal, and he looked forward to things returning to normal.

Attatching the document to an email with the minimum required ammout of ass-kissing, Hank noticed that he had something unofficial in his inbox. A personal memmo from Jeff in R&D, who he knew as a fellow Fallout Online enthusiast. He opened it, expecting the usual tedium-reducing gossip. Instead, it said

Hank, Swing by the lab once you clock out. We're in a timecrunch, and need some under-the-table help. I promise it'll be fun, -Jman

Hank raised a skeptical eyebrow. Jeff was a programmer who worked in Human Emulation; the company didn't really sell replica 'bots, but it did sell the licenses to a lot of proprietary software that got used in them. Hank had been to the lab once or twice, and it was full of disembodied heads and skeletal terrors and half-disassembled machines. But, Hank had no pressing reason to go home, so it cost him nothing to swing by Jeff's. The guy owed him a favor, so he was pretty sure that this was, if not legit, then at least not a complicated prank.

In the dead white maze that was the building's basement, Hank found the door labeled Applied Programming R&D. It opened to his push, letting out a distant chiming noise. A similarly distant voice accompanied it “Just a second!” Hank stepped inside, among the humming banks of desks strewn with computers of all sizes and types; lots of custom units. Everyone had apparently already left at 5, and he mumbled to himself about unreasonable workloads.

Presently, Jeff came into view, a tall, wiry man in his early 30s. He smiled with releif upon seeking Hank. “Dude, glad you could make it. Look, what I'm asking you to do is kind of...private, but I want you to keep an open mind about this.”

Hank's suspicions were rising again. “Jeff, I don't even know what you're asking here, and already you're coming off all furtive. That doesn't bode well.”

Jeff laughed, “Okay, you got me. Look, just come have a look at something before you say no.”

Hank felt that Jeff would have made a horrible salesman, but he shrugged and followed the programmer into a workshop adorned with robots in varying states of construction. Some were humanoid plastic-and-chrome models, but others were covered with pale silicone flesh, making the place look like a torture dungeon run by a serial killer with OCD, every inch of it bloodless and pristine. But, the apparent focus of Jeff's attention was sitting on a bench on the far end of the room.

It looked like a human woman, dressed in a loose white blouse and matching white shorts. Even sitting down, he could tell that she was tall and slim, with a long torso leading to round hips and straight legs. Her head rested atop a delicate neck, and bore a sweetly pretty face framed by wavy brown hair cut to medium length. She looked...mature, maybe early 30s. Which was odd, given that she was obviously a robot. Models like that were generally built like 20something co-eds with double-Ds and bleach-blonde hair. This one looked like someone's elegantly hot wife, and was staring off into space with an utterly blank expression, her head tilted sideways,and a bulky data cable jammed behind her ear.

Jeff made a showman-like gesture, practically saying “Tah-Dah!” Hank was dumbstruck. He hadn't seen a woman so pristinely beautiful in...ever, really. She looked like she'd been photo-shopped. It was, frankly, a little creepy.

“Hank, meet Nicole. She's a B28 3rd-gen Replica, last year's model.” Jeff reached up to Nicole's ear and pulled the data cable free. Nicole twitched slightly and closed her eyes. When they opened again, there was a fascimile of awareness behind them, as she straightened her head and turned to look at the pair of them. She gave a friendly smile, then went back to staring incuriously. Hank noticed that she'd begun to make a dozen sublte little movements; blinks, breathing, and shifting her weight.

“Wait, they actually make ones like this now? But...well, apart from being perfect, she looks so real. Not at all like...oh.”

Jeff was giving him a knowing look. “You're familiar with Replica models?” Hank coughed. “earlier this year, some college buddies dragged me to a strip club. I won the raffle for 30 mins with a fuck doll. It was...well, the color was off, the skin had seams on it, and its joints were plastic. She was cute, but you wouldn't mistake her for human. The software was pretty good, though.”

Nicole was content to sit on the bench as Jeff began to pontificate. “That would have been a 2nd gen. Since they couldn't make them convincingly human, instead they made them cute and obviously artificial. But the really high-end models look like this, now. The latest ones have blemishes and tan lines. They're just kind of a super-rich luxury item, so its not like you see commercials or ads. How'd the one you had feel?”

This was becoming more like talking tech. Hank was comfortable talking tech. “Soft, but definitely not the real thing. It was obviously a thin covering over a plastic chassis on a lot of her body.”

Jeff smiled. “Compare that to Nicole.” Hank stuttered. “I-I, what, just, touch her?” “Yeah, do it, she won't mind. Or it won't mind, if that makes you feel better.”

Realizing he was being silly, Hank reached out and placed a hand on the robot's face. It was warm, and incredibly soft, and there was...a very, very slight moisture there, too. He pinched her cheek, amused by the lopsided scowl it gave her, which turned back into a neutral expression when he let go. Hank pressed down on her lower lip, and his finger slipped inside her mouth, finding it warm and wet. He pulled on the edge of it, revealing a set of even white teeth. He marveled at the detailing; so soft and slimy, he could feel the various small bumps on the inside of the cheek.

Hank retracted his finger, and moved his hand down to the robot's leg. The exposed knee was smoothe and unwrinkled, and the exposed thigh he brushed was incredibly soft. Without thinking, Hank's hand began to drift up her loose shorts, noticing how the inner thigh became concave as he neared her pubic area. Hank looked up, and noticed that Nicole was giving him an intent, sultry look. As he watched, she made a growling noise in her throat.

“I think she likes you.” Jeff interjected. “Want to take her for a spin?”

“What? You mean, have sex with her?” Hank retracted his hand, trying to ignore the pumping of his blood. It had been way too long since he'd touched a woman; being a corporate drone didn't exactly do wonders for your self-confidence, but he was at work. He didn't hate his job so much that he'd risk being fired for...whatever it was he was doing, there was probably a policy about it. “Dude, my job isn't worth laying a fuck doll. Is that why you called me down here? I appreciate the gesture, but-”

“No, no, calm down, Hank.” Jeff's voice was placating. “I actually need your help. Nicole's running the alpha version of some software I'm working on, and I need someone to try it out. We're not exactly popular with the rest of the company, and its a huge practical clusterfuck to get beta testers down here. And the people who do answer the ads aren't exactly the cream of the crop. You've already signed an NDA just to work here, you're not a dumb-ass who'll say everything's awesome because he just got laid, and you're here, now. I've got to present data at the end of the week, and I've got zip.”

It was starting to make a little sense, but was still a little annoyed. This was...private stuff. “Why not just fuck her yourself then?”

Jeff's face got hard. “You know I'm married. Aside from being incredibly hot, Jess is also the love of my life. She knows what I work on, and while she's not exactly a prude, she's made it clear that my screwing around with the merchandise would make her very uncomfortable. I take my solemn promises seriously, man.”

Hank looked back at Nicole. The robot arched her back in a stretch, then went back to blankly staring at him. He watched a slight blush fade from her face. “Do you have to watch, or something?” he asked, distastefully.

“No, I can get all the data from her, and from your opinions. And no, I'm not going to look at footage of you boning her from her perspective or something. There's a private room over there” Jeff pointed. “Come on, man. Here, I'll help your decision. Nicole, take off your shirt.”

Hank made a few noises of protest, but Nicole swiftly unbuttoned the thin cotton blouse and casting it behind her, revealing a set of soft-looking breasts somewhere around BB, maybe C. The nipples were on the large side, and he watched how they bounced slightly as she returned to her previous pose. It was incredibly unfair of Jeff to do that.

Hank could feel his face turning red, as he gave in. “Fine, I'll take her for a test run. But if this comes back to bite me...”

“It won't, I promise.” Jeff was doing his best not to smile lecherously, then said, in a more authoritative voice “Nicole, lead Hank into room 32G.”

The robot smiled and slid off the bench, standing for the first time. She was just shy of Hank's height, making her 5'7 or so. She smiled sweetly at him and wrapped her arms lightly around his upper arm in the classic man-escorting-a-lady configuration, and gently pulled him into motion. Hank was captivated by the subtlety of her facial expressions; the previous robots he'd seen had been a little exaggerated, wide eyes and big grins and pouts, all accompanied by faint whirring sounds. This one even smelled like a woman.

The room was tiny and spare, containing something like a doctor's exam table, but slightly shorter, and without the butcher paper. Nicole released Hank's arm and returned to her default passive state. It took him a moment to realize that she would just stand there all day, and he would have to make the first move.

Make the first move? She was a robot. He didn't have to worry about her getting bored or making a fool of himself. The freedom was elating, and he simply reached out and began to fondle her bare, soft breasts. Nicole's smile widened, which hank observed closely. He watched as squeezing a nipple made her mouth twitch, how stroking the whole breast made her eyelids droop. It was a perfect readout.

He let go of her breasts, deciding that he would aquaint himself with her hardware a little more. Walking around behind her, he reached around to the front of her shorts, enjoying the warm contours of her back and waist. Hank unbuttoned them and pulled apart the zipper, letting the shorts fall to the ground. His face pressed into Nicole's hair, and he moved his hands blindly over curvy expanse of her belly and thighs. He was surprised when he felt pubic hair, and stepped back slightly. He looked down and saw that her ass was high and a little on the flat side, and, placing his hands on her shoulders, spun Nicole around to get a better view.

The expression he was met with was sultry and challenging again, but Hank ignored it and lowered himself to his knees. Her belly was almost flat, but curved inwards delicately, and there was a surprising tangle of brown pubic hair. It appeared trimmed, but that was just an effect of the placement; no one had bothered to add all the tiny little outliers, and the hair abruptly ended outside the designated tuft. The pussy below it was a pale pink, and clearly delineated by the gap in her thighs; even with her legs together he could see the whole thing. The lips protruded ever so slightly, and included the fine detailing of the labia above.

He hadn't seen a single seam or port or serial number. Aside from the clear whiteness of her skin and the lack of general body hair, Nicole was incredibly convincing until you looked up close. The fact that she was utterly passive just reinforced the close-up inhumanity. Hank stood and, again, placed his hands on Nicole's shoulders. Ever obdedient, she allowed him to turn her around and maneuver her over to the padded table. Once there, he turned her around again. And then again. And then a third time, drinking in the sight of her naked, elegant form. The robot made no protest to being spun, nor to being pushed back to recline upon the table. Hank stroked her inner thighs, and she obediently spread her straight legs, revealing a pink pussy and its stylish accent of hair. Hank unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall around his ankles, fumbling with his boxers until his stiff cock emerged.

Sliding inside Nicole was bliss. She was incredibly warm and moist, and he heard a soft gasp from her as he began to pump. Hank didn't care. He clutched either side of her waist and thrust into her slick hole, utterly lost. Nicole's legs began to rub up and down his sides as she began to thrust in turn, grunting in a rather unladylike fashion. He increased his speed even further, feeling his orgasm building. Hanks breathing increased, and the robot slacked off in her own efforts, instead beginning to pull and knead at her breasts, eyes closed in pleasure.

Hank came with warm, sticky releif. He'd built up a bit of a sweat, and sighed as he spent himself inside the sexbot, bending down to drink in the smell of her and rest his body on her soft, curvy torso, eyes closed. Hank opened them an eternity later, to find Nicole staring at him pointedly. He was startled, and rose off of her, taking his hands from her waist as he did so. He noticed that he'd left five-fingered impressions in her flesh, which slowly filled in like memory foam. He pulled his softening member free of Nicole, taking a step back as he over-balanced with his pants around his ankles. He saw that her pussy had become darker, more puffed-out, as though engorged with blood, and white semen oozed out as he watched. Nicole simply lay there, legs splayed, her mouth twisted in an expression of...disappointment?

He was weirded out by this more than anything else, and hurriedly did up his pants, as Nicole pushed herself up onto her elbows and closed her legs, now looking away from him, despite the room containing nothing else of interest. He left the tiny room to find Jeff pointedly seated facing away from the door, working on something on a computer. He heard Hank's steps, and turned around in his chair, doing a decent job of not grinning.

“Hey man, you look a little winded. Take a seat.” He gestured to a chair at the next desk, and raised a pencil and notebook. “I need your feedback.”

Awkwardly, Hank complied, sort of wishing he was still laying on Nicole, enjoying the afterglow. But that was part of the oddness-

“Talk to me, Hank. We're both grown-ups, here.” Jeff's words cut his train of thought.

“Oh, sorry, just gathering myself. Well...her reactions are very realistic. Lots of sublte little details that I had to pay attention to really notice. Aside from reacting, she doesn't communicate much, though.”

Jeff scribbled that down. “She's not currently set to make conversation, and her obedience is turned up because she's in the lab. But go on.”

“Partway through, she started, you know, moving with me.” Hank made a bouncing motion with his hand. “But then she stopped before know. Aside from some grunting and sighs, she didn't make much noise. And I think there's something wrong with her software or something, because I don't think she actually went through the simulation of an orgasm.”

Jeff raised an eyebrow. “Dude, you were in there for less than 10 minutes. What did you...oh, I get it. The doll in the club. Compare Nicole to that one's reactions, then.” Hank had the impression that Jeff was doing a bit, leading him to a conclusion.

He thought back to the tiny padded cubicle. Everything had been made of vinyl, for ease of cleaning, and both the room and his partner had smelled of sanitizing spray. It was practical and reassuring, and the doll had been bubbling with enthusiasm. She'd squirmed and gasped and begged for more, a cute little thing with perky boobs and gray mesh stretched between her joints.

“That one was way into it. Broke the ice with a little chit-chat, asked me if I wanted her to be on top. Partway through she begged me to spank her-”

“Did you?” Jeff interjected, eyebrow raised.

He blushed. “A bit. She came...vocally, right as I did, with a few smaller ones before then.”

“Wow. She was running top-notch software, then. I wonder if...anyways, obviously she came right when you did. Her programming knew you were about to cum, based on biometric data, and triggered her own orgasm in response. Models like that are designed to please their partners, and that means making them feel like sex pros, or whatever.”

Hank felt a little insulted by the implications. “Its not like I thought I'd actually rocked her world, or anything. It was a robot.”

“Right. But how much actual effort did you put into making her toes curl, as it were?” Jeff was obviously leading up to something.

“I...a bit. She acted nice, and liked pretty much everything I did, so I spent some time, uh, fingering her, and other stuff, just to see her reactions.”

“And with Nicole just now?”

Hank looked down. “I kind of just wanted to get off.” He got defensive, then. “But if your software isn't as good as some midscale strip joint's, I think you're the one with problems.”

Jeff smiled. “But thats exactly the point, Hank. Lets say you'd taken that doll home with you and used her regularly. Pretty much everything you did would rock her world, and be the best ever. You could stand there and wiggle around half-heartedly, and she'd still act like she'd seen God. What she actually “feels” during sex isn't important. As long as she followed your commands, it'd be close enough to whatever passes for happiness to a computer. But you'd get bored.”

Hank scoffed. “Yeah, eventually, I would. But the operative word there is 'eventually.' That's the whole point of sexbots; you don't have to actually treat them like a person unless you feel like it, and they don't make demands on you.”

“But they're expensive, and shallow, meaningless, easy sex with the same, well, not person, but thing, gets old fast. That's why there's such a big aftermarket, and leases, rental companies, and brothels are the biggest buyers. The company still sells lots of fucktoys to average losers, but our really high-end models, the Rolls-Royce ones like Nicole, get bought by a different class of person. The super-rich are already easily bored, and way too many units get returned or traded in, and negative word of mouth spreads.”

Jeff seemed to be working from a rehearsed speech, and Hank thought he understood what the techie was leading up to. He interjected “Nicole's meant to simulate an actual woman, isn't she?”

Jeff nodded. “Not just any woman, one with a slightly lower sex drive than normal. It takes a while for her to get really aroused, so you've got to work at it. She keeps track of all her sensory input, and reacts accordingly.”

“That's...actually really clever. Fuck, you could attach a numerical value to it. Douchebags could compare their high scores and post them online, with names like POO and ASS. You've revolutionized male competitiveness by reducing sex to an arcade game.” Hank was impressed, but also a little annoyed, He hadn't known that he was being evaluated and judged.

“Don't be a dick, man. I've got to present this software to my supervisor's supervisor's supervisor on Friday, and my alpha tester is buthurt that a sexbot wasn't wowed by his performance!”

“You could have told me she was frigid!”

The two men glared at eachother, then said, in unison, “Sorry.” Jeff followed up with “I'm kind of under a lot of stress here. I need your help.”

Hank subsided as well. The two men agreed to meet up tomorrow for another trial run, and Hank had trouble sleeping that night, thinking about what he'd try next time.

Part 2

“You cleaned it since yesterday, right?”

Jeff fussed around a lab-coated Nicole, who stood limp and inert on a sort of rolling hangar, hooks under the robot's arms suspending it, dainty bare feet dangling a few inches from the floor. As Hank watched, Jeff pulled a heavy power chord from a concealed port in her armpit.

“Of course, we've got a cleaner here in the lab. Normally, she'd automatically take a shower after any sex act. Last year, I even wrote an app that would let a robot determine if it should wait and wash with its partner later, or if its appropriate for it to surprise its partner in the shower. It was a bitch to code up; I had to consider things like an owner being in a hurry, or just not in the mood. It would be the sort of thing that COULD be awesome, but might just be irritating.”

As Jeff spoke, he went through the procedure of starting up Nicole, pressing on the subcutaneous button behind her left ear. Since she was coming online instead of just leaving standby, there was a complicated sequence of tests and calibrations. Hank watched as the robot flexed each finger in sequence until it formed a fist, rolled its head, and rotated its dangling feet. Eventually, her eyes opened, and Jeff lowered the hooks so that she rested on the ground. Once she was stable, he pushed away the rack, and stood next to Hank, admiring the way she managed to make a closed, shapeless labcoat look sexy. Hank voiced a suspicion.

“Your wife surprises you in the shower a lot, doesn't she?”

Jeff grinned at him. “Just enough that its still a surprise. Ready for a new round of testing?”

Hank shrugged. “Sure, I'm not going to turn -down helping my friend AND having sex. That's, like, a two-fer. Did you make any changes from yesterday?”

Jeff looked uneasy. “I'd really like to do another run on yesterday's settings. I want to see how she reacts without a Turing app active. Those trigger a lot of pre-scripted behaviors, and I'm testing my software, not someone else's. I fiddled with some of her initiative settings to make her more responsive, but that's it. Try giving her a command.”

Hank nodded and said, in a tentative voice “Nicole, go sit on the workbench.”

The replica android swiftly complied, sitting primly on the edge of the table, hands clasped in her lap. Hank walked up to where she sat and followed up his command with “Now, remove your coat.”

Nicole frowned, but swiftly undid the buttons and shrugged off the coat, revealing her soft, pale breasts and smooth midriff. Then she spread her legs slightly and raised her arms as through waiting for his embrace, but Hank saw the robot avert its gaze, disinterested.

“What's with the cold reactions, Jeff?”

The programmer coughed. “Her AI keeps track of previous encounters. Since she didn't orgasm last time she was with you, her “hopes” aren't high. If you want, I can leave. There's-”

“No, its fine.” Hank stepped between Nicole's arms, which she wrapped around his back as she leaned in, eyes closed, for an unenthusiastic kiss. But instead of meeting her lips, he instead lowered himself to his knees, hands pushing her silky thighs further apart. He continued “I'm not getting naked right now.”

Nicole didn't quite comprehend Hank's intentions until he'd started working his tongue under her hood. She twitched, then gasped, and jumped, pushing his head away gently but firmly. Hank heard Jeff walk nearer, and he asked “What, is she not programmed to like this?”

“No, she should...wait, did you go straight for the clit?” Hank looked up to see the robot looking down at him, eyes wide, head cocked to the side. “Yeah, I did.”

“Hank, her engine's stone cold right now. That's too intense for her when she's not fully aroused. She's got to reach at least 50% arousal before she can handle that kind of stimulation.” Jeff sounded like someone talking about his prized sports car to a valet. Hank rolled his eyes. “You even programmed that into her? I mean, props for being thorough, but...” Hank sighed, and began the foreplay. Reaching upwards, he began to stroke her waist and rear. He turned his head and began to nibble on the android's inner thigh. This made her giggle girlishly, and he felt one of his hands get lifted upwards to cup a breast. He began to work Nicole's large nipple, feeling it stiffen beneath his touch. As he worked his way along her thigh, he felt the robot's body relax, her artificial muscles slackening under three points of stimulation. Once one nipple was good and hard, he switched to the other one. After a few minutes, he'd gotten back to the spot where the robot's leg met her pelvis, and extended his tongue to strongly lick the length of her pussy, bottom to top, finishing with a rough lap.

Nicole reacted to the touch, making a noise of discomfort and trying again to push him away from her nethers, lifting her legs as she did so. But this time, Hank didn't relent, pressing in harder as one hand tightened around her waist, and looped his arm under a raised leg to clutch her ass from behind. He redoubled his licking, working up and down as the robot attempted to free itself, wiggling her hips away from his mouth. Hank moved with her, finding his chest resting on the edge of the table as she scooted backwards, both arms on her rear now. She lifted her legs, closed them above his head, and tried to lower them in a stronger attempt to dislodge him, and the robot's noises became more desperate. He heard Jeff say something like “knock it off, she doesn't like that,” when Nicole's distressed squeals abruptly lengthened into surprised moans.

Hank felt Nicole shift above him, her legs spreading again as she let herself recline, cooing softly. He placed both hands under her wriggling ass and pulled her hips back to the edge of the bench, giving himself a better angle to continue. He moved on to penetrating her with his tongue, running it in and out between her lips, making the replica jump slightly each time he did. Hank felt soft hands begin to caress his head, fingers running through his hair as Nicole began to make the most interesting sounds yet. Light, salty fluid began to run out of her vagina. Hank was surprised that it was salty, but otherwise unflavored, not some sort of sweet fruity concoction.

Hank continued to work dilligently for several minutes, as Nicole's legs splayed wide in relaxation, and he again raised his arms to squeeze the android's waist. Her little moans were becoming sharper and more rapid, and he increased his rhythm accordingly, working his way up to the soft nub of her clit. Abruptly, Nicole pressed her thighs against the sides of his head, back arching through an orgasm. He let her finish, then went back to eating her out, listening to her long breaths slowly turn back into moans.

The Replica had a second, softer orgasm before Hank's mouth got tired from the unfamiliar exercise, and he rose from his kneeling position, disentangling himself from its legs. As he stood, Nicole sat up, face flushed and eyes wide, breathing heavily. Jeff was sitting some distance away, absorbed in a tablet computer. He spoke first “Her system really lit up for a moment there when you were manhandling her.” Hank nodded. “I figured if I just pushed through the resistance, she'd get aroused quicker. She didn't seem to like it, though.”

Jeff shook his head. “Data's data, she can't help but physically react that way. As long as it had an orgasm, her AI is happy. Seems a little like cheating, though.” Jeff's eyes widened as he looked past Hank, but he didn't seem to notice.

Hank grinned. “I was kind of tired of her giving me dirty looks. Is there anything specific-” he felt a surprising tug on his pants, and looked down to see Nicole crouching next to him, soft hands nimbly loosening his belt. She must have gotten off the bench very quietly, and was now looking up at him with an impish grin. It took him a moment to figure out what was happening, and when he looked up at Jeff for help, the programmer had pointedly turned his chair away from the pair, giving him a modicum of privacy.

He felt a sudden draft as Nicole pulled down his boxers, freeing his cock, still erect from the cunnilingus session. Soft hands caressed his testicles, and he felt warm breath on his rod. He looked down, and the replica locked eyes with him as it began to suck him off.

It was very, very good at it. She held him deep in her throat, tonguing the base of the shaft. It used suction, a little teeth, lots of tongue, and a little ball fondling. Hank felt his legs go weak, and he leaned back on the workbench for support. Nicole moved with him seamlessly, lips creating an airtight seal as her head bobbed back and forth. He felt himself start to come, and the robot reduced the stimulation, taking him back from the edge. When this happened a second time, he growled. If he didn't stop her, she'd be at it all night. He managed to gasp out “Nicole, finish.” In response the robot increased its pace, sucking in so that he felt the insides of its cheeks on his cock. That proved too much, and Hank felt himself explode into her mouth, enjoying the sensations of her swallowing each successive spurt.

Hank rested for a moment while Nicole thoroughly sucked him dry, finishing with a final wipe that left a string of artifical saliva linking her smiling mouth and the wet tip of his cock. Hank awkwardly hitched up his pants and began to fumble at his belt. Jeff cleared his throat, and spoke. “Are you done yet?” Hank blushed, and finished doing up his pants, Nicole still kneeling before him, eyes wide and smiling. “Yeah. I, uh, didn't tell her to do that.”

Jeff turned around, still fiddling with the tablet that was apparently linked to Nicole. “Well, I did turn her initiative up. And while she puts herself first, one of her directives is to give pleasure to her partner, particularly one that pleases her. And your biometrics told her that you were aroused. So, frankly, I'd call that a successful test of my software.”

Jeff put down the tablet, and pulled out his phone. “You can head out; I've got work to do, backtracking that last process and isolating it. I want to make sure that feature stays in subsequent versions. Also, I've...well, same time tomorrow, okay? You can put her in standby.” Jeff was looking a little flushed as he said all this.

Hank shrugged, and reached behind Nicole's ear, fumbling for the subcutaneous switch. She looked up at him sweetly as he did so, until he felt the raised circle and pressed it. The robot's eyes rolled back, then closed, as she slowly slumped lower. Hank left her, head hanging down, shoulders limp, in a splayed kneeling position, as he heard Jeff begin a phone conversation. “Yeah, Jen? Looks like another late night. Listen, are you home yet? Well, then, maybe you can swing by the office for a while? ...yeah, there's a couch in the break room. God, I love you.”

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