Date Calibration

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“All systems green - I’m hot to trot!” Clara’s expression suddenly came alive as she came to the end of her monotone startup announcements and booted her artificial personality. The young beach-blonde was naked but didn’t seem bothered as she swung down from the large table in her bedroom and admired herself in the mirror. She couldn’t help wearing a big self-satisfied grin at the sight. She particularly liked the contrast between the perfect smooth milky white of her crotch and the california tan covering her flat tummy. The triangular tan-lines over her bouncy c-cup breasts were less sharply defined but still visible.

“I think I’m going all the way tonight, Chrissy; I want it to be perfect. Would you run a re-calibration on my vagina before I get ready” Although friendly in tone the android girl’s words to her companion were clearly not a question; they carried a surprising air of unquestionable authority.

Chrissy was a similarly lean, tanned blonde; pretty and, if it could be possible, even more perfect than Clara. Her tan was even and her skin smooth and unblemished, not even by the faint freckles that dusted her friend. She was just a little too perfect, a little too good to be true, though a casual observer might easily not notice. Her manner also was a little too calm and considered. She too was naked in the bedroom of their apartment and close-to, as she bent to rummage under the table, Clara could see the faint lines where the more basic robot’s access panels sealed closed. She straightened up and placed a laptop computer, some wires and tools and a large yellow dildo on the table as Clara jumped up to sit beside them.

“Do you want me to go down on you?”

Clara glanced at the bedside clock in a programmed affectation disguising her own internal clock. “No, I need to get on; just go for it.”

She lent back on her elbows and spread her legs to their design maximum, almost doing the splits in the air with her smooth pussy in Chrissy’s face as she perched on a stool. Clara remained passive and faintly disapproving as her support android carefully unsealed a small panel just above her clitoris and inserted a fine cable from the laptop. She evidently preferred to appear human.

“Clara Jane Brown 3626. Connection accepted to sexual sub-system at service port DD4. Awaiting input.”

Chrissy plugged the thick dildo into a spare port on the laptop and after a moment a new window appeared on the screen.

“Clara Jane Brown 3626. Sexual calibration device detected. Awaiting input.”

Chrissy clicked away at the specialist maintenance application for a few moments.

“Clara Jane Brown 3626. Maintenance input detected. Authorized. Loading sexual sub-system pre-sets. Loading. Loading. Oh!” The android’s matter-of-fact voice gave way to a gasp of surprise, simulated of course, as she was suddenly plunged into a state of high arousal. She continued to breathe heavily and her face took on a flushed urgent expression. Her perfect round nipples crinkled and stood proud, her artificial pussy, perfect except for its inhuman smoothness, moistened immediately and her tiny pink clit hardened visibly in her exposed pose.

“That feels so good...”

Chrissy grabbed the thick yellow shaft and thrust it home a full eight inches into Clara’s suddenly sopping pussy, she took a firm grasp over her charge’s thigh with one hand and worked the digital sex device hard with the other, thrusting in and out and twisting this way and that causing squeals and moans of delight from the bucking and writhing plastic girl. All the while she kept a close eye on the laptop screen where several graphs now charted calibration tool inputs against digital sensor products from Clara’s system. All the data stayed well inside design limits, as expected from such an advanced unit, even if her sex system had been idle for a few weeks now.

With the process initially fast-tracked Clara was already highly aroused it was not long before she achieved a thundering digital climax under Chrissy’s robust attentions. She arched her back and thrust her quivering breasts into the air, momentarily devoting all her capacity to processing the waves of coded reward before collapsing back in a sweating heap on the hard tabletop.

Chrissy withdrew the device, placed it aside and began to double check the test logs leaving her young mistress to gently slide her fingers across the slick-wet plastic folds between her legs as she slowly got her breath back.

“God, I love it when you pound me like that!”

“All your systems are well within limits, you should have a fantastic experience tonight” Chrissy moved to unplug Clara but the other blonde pushed her hand away.

That was really good but I’m not completely happy, I want tonight to be the best ever. Try re-assigning 10 gig from each of my core AI drivers to dermal processing during climax run-time then up my vaginal sensor output to max the new resources. Also I want you to adjust my servo response presets to increase quiver; I don’t just want a tremble, I want to jerk about so hard he’ll never forget it!”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Clara, your system is already auto-prioritizing to free as much normal capacity at the moment of climax...”

“It’s fine! I’m state-of-the-art babe, not some plastic doll like you. Believe me, I can operate way harder than this so just get on with it okay.”

The obediently programmed Chrissy shrugged and made the adjustments against her better judgement, no thought to argue beyond her initial advise crossed her digital mind. Clara announced them one by one as they took effect.

“All done. Can I suggest I install a short auto-buffer to allow your system to recover after climax? Perhaps a second or two wouldn’t be noticed after such a spectacular orgasm?”

“Okay, I suppose, one second auto-pause then.” Chrissy made the adjustment, inadvertently causing Clara to interrupt herself with the status report as she started to speak again.

“Chrissy, are you able to - Clara Jane Brown 3626. New auto-run application ORG-Safe.exe downloaded. ORG-Safe.exe installing. ORG-Safe.exe installed. - able to hook up to my maint PC? I was thinking you could calibrate by cunnilingual responses too...?”

Chrissy zoned out for a fraction of a second as she searched her internal database of support procedures for Clara’s design. “Sure, Clara, if that’s what you want.”

“Like I said, I want tonight to be perfect. Plug in now; I want you to lick me clean after the next test.”

“Okay,” Chrissy zoned out for a fraction longer as the large ventral panel unseated from her abdomen, just below her breasts. She pulled the flesh slab free and plugged a cable from the laptop into one of the many ports buried in the complex electronics hidden underneath. When she lapped at Clara’s pussy, the maintenance application would now be able to capture the inputs she was giving to optimize Clara’s sexual functioning. The two women spoke in unison:

“Clara Jane Brown 3626. Sexual calibration device detected. Awaiting input.” “AND4438F. Clara Jane Brown 3626 detected. Loading maintenance procedure 587634-09. Loading. Ready to perform sexual sub-system calibration.”

Finally set up for the next test run, Chrissy inserted the yellow test device and began to thrust and grind as before. The difference was quickly apparent; Clara was on fire, breasts slapping to and fro as she thrust herself back hard onto the dildo, grunting without restraint.

“Come on you plastic bitch; fucking pound me!! I want it hard, pound my pussy hard!”

Chrissy clung to her leg and pumped with her free hand, glancing at the screen when she could. The curves, which had been gentle and nicely within the green train-tracks before, had become jerky and erratic, straying across yellow warning areas and touching red hazard indications at their extremes.

“Oh God, this is the best! Harder! Harder! Harder!” Clara was soon lost in the final inescapable surge towards her all-encompassing orgasm; as she arrived with a scream, the computer also went crazy. Graphs zigzagged wildly across the red-zones and were quickly obscured by dozens of alert windows. Clara herself was lost in shuddering ecstasy and took several moments to realize anything was wrong. She finally looked up in concern as her body continued to convulse and her juices covered her thighs and the yellow plastic cock in a sweet slick that just kept on coming.

“What.. oh! Chrissy, somethings wrong with.. Oh!!” She struggled to get her words out, still locked in an undying orgasmic plateau. As Chrissy tapped quickly at the laptop keys Clara degenerated slowly into mindless sexual movement and wordless sounds of pleasure before her safety interlocks finally activated and she slumped back, face up and vacant.

Chrissy sighed and pulled out her own connection with a click. She had looked forward to going down on Clara, she was programed with a strong desire for her mistress android and her nipples had already stiffened to anticipatory attention. It looked like the more advanced unit had misjudged her own capabilities but, on the up side, at least she was now authorized to carry out some adjustments following the malfunction. She would be able to modify Clara’s personality to be satisfied with her factory pleasure settings, which were after all highly advanced, in order to prevent another failure.

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