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Darwin Accelerated -Leighton White

Part One: Prototype

By any sane standard of measurement of intelligence, Adria Fei was a genius. Her mechanical, mathematical and computer skills were all top notch and it was little wonder to her parents that their daughter managed to get into university at sixteen and had gotten three university degrees in Computer Sciences, nanotechnology and Mechanical Engineering, Despite (or as more people believed, because of) the fact that she was quite eccentric, a complete and utter nerd with social skills only slightly better than those of your average Nile Monitor lizard. Not that she was ugly; she was 1.65 meters tall, straight short cut hair and a slight figure, clear completion olive with a pleasant look about here, not a beauty queen but a subtle clean aesthetic that was more than easy on the eyes. She had become a university professor rather quickly with tenure and she should have had a calm reliable life, if one of her projects did not get in the way. For the last two and a half years, using her own funds, borrowed money from her parents and friends and ‘borrowed’ equipment from the university, she set about working on her masterpiece. Most of her free time was invested into the project, working in an old warehouse in Sacramento she rented for a very low price day in and day out as she pieced together her prototype and now the final stage had begun.

Yesterday she had finished programming the main computer for the device, in of itself a masterpiece, a combination of nanomachines and grey matter grown using her own genetic material. However, now she monitored the framework in which it rested as the nanites finished the growth of its silicone skin, correcting minor errors as they arose. Then, after nearly thirteen hours of growth, the prototype was ready. With relish, she quickly put in the activation commander, which caused the tank to drain over the period of half a minute and the main hatch to open, revealing her creation standing perfectly erect. She got to her feet, knocking over a couple of Starbucks Tea mugs as she left her makeshift work station and ran to beheld the robotic creation she had given birth to. It was humanoid, stood 1.7 meters tall and was clearly feminine in its appearance with a shapely figure. The robot was covered from head to toe in a silicone skin, white with a white and clearly defined giving her knee length ‘boots’ and elbow length ‘gloves’, shoulder markings, bra like markings on the underside of each breast and crotch, which had a second layer providing coverage of a replication of female reproductive organs to leave it decent. The form was very human, but there were differences, the hands had only three fingers and a thumb in place of a pinky, while her feet lacked toes, instead being inbuilt boots with a four centimeter heel, a recharge port for a wall outlet was placed just below the back of the neck alongside an internet jack. The Robot’s hair was a recreation of her short cut done in emerald green solid silicone that reflected the light from the fixtures on the warehouse’s roof. The face, however, was the most obvious sign of the inhumanity of the machine, it had green lips, behind which was a recreation of the human mouth with solid white blocks with canines cut in for teeth. The Robot lacked a nose and instead of a pair of eyes was a long black photoreceptive bar in their place able to see a much greater band of the electromagnetic spectrum than the mark one eyeball could. The whole image came together just perfectly and it made her bisexual creator a pleasant feeling in her crotch. The Robot’s head traced her movements as Adria walked over and gave the robot its first instructions.

“Who am I and who are you?” She said calmly.

The Robots response was clear, quick and feminine with a slight hint of a British accent “You are Dr Fei, Adria Macmillan, my engineer, creator and to the public, my owner. I am Prototype unit GN-1/1/001P, first in the Gynoid Line. You may refer to me as Evelyn.” Despite programming in that voice, being a lifelong science fiction nerd and into ASFR, Adria expected Evelyn to have a voice somewhat more mechanical with abrupted ends to syllables and such. Never the less she gave some orders.

“Evelyn Walk over to that area with the white cloth,” She said, pointing over to a corner of the warehouse with a white bead sheet hung up and a tripod “we shall be making some videos.”

The Robot bowed down slightly in a manner in which Japanese businessmen would “By your command.” She said with a hint of sarcasms.

Part two: Rebirth

For the next four hours, Adria captured the Gynoid on video doing various tasks from walking, plugging herself into an outlet, to making a Grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and Jalapeño peppers on a hotplate, which she quickly posted on her blog before returning home with her creation. But work was far from over after that. Latter that week, she made a press conference, displaying Evelyn to the world, getting press attention from many newspapers and news networks. She announced to the world that she has the patent for Evelyn and that, given enough donations, she would go into production and that she had a Paypal Account on her webpage. Within a week she had gotten what she needed and began converting the warehouse into a full scale factory with orders from around the world piling up, which encouraged the California government to give her a grant of Fifty million dollars to promote the development. No longer limited to herself with the occasional minor aid from her brother and with finalized and well tested designs and programming, things went along smoothly and within six months the factory was beginning to deliver on its first orders. Hundreds of Robots were built and sold in the first year to act as servants, playthings, waitresses and a myriad of other jobs and profits began to stack up. Within a year of her birth, Evelyn had over seven hundred sisters around the world, and Adria saw it as time to begin the second stage of her gift to mankind. The basic process she had tested several times on lifeforms, starting with plants, then insects, then goldfish, frogs and finally rats before refining the process to levels she felt comfortable with for human tests, but she would not risk anyone’s life but her own in the process of doing so. On a warm night in her new apartment after calling in sick, Adria walked up to Evelyn, the Gynoid turned to see her owner.

“Yes mistress.” The Android said calmly, she did not have to do so in private, but for some reason she generally addressed her as such.

“It is time” she said “engage protocol Galapagos”

The Gynoid stared at the woman “Are you sure it is time?” She enquired.

Adria paused for a second, but all last minute doubts would not overpower her commitment to her goal.

Evelyn bowed one last time before Adria “As you request.” With that, a needle emerged from her central left figure that was officially for delivering repair Nanites into isolated sections of the body for self repair. She felt the sensation of the nanites entering her blood as they begun their work. At first she felt sparks of pain begin to appear across her body and collapsed on a couch, but after a few seconds they faded away as the pain nerves were adjusted to accept the changes. Her metamorphoses had begun and now there was no way to stop it if she wanted to. Evelyn stood there, monitoring her. After a few minutes, she began to develop a sudden craving, a craving for metal, she quickly reached into her jean pockets, took out her wallet, sorted out all the small change she could find and swallowed each of them down, savoring the tastes of the metals. As she did that, Evelyn walked into the kitchen and filled up a bowl with the appropriate fare and placed it on the table beside Adria.

“Nuts, Daughter?” The Gynoid said, smiling with a bowl in hand.

“Daughter?” Evelyn said.

“Since what you will become will become was created by me when I injected you, technically you are my daughter.”

“Well then yes, mother.” She said giggling as she began devouring the metal Fasteners chased by handfuls of sand out from a decorative piece on the table. A few minutes latter, she was stuffed on sand and felt like going to bed. She walked over to the bed, but when she got there, she was met by Evelyn, lying on the bead with her left leg arched up over her right while she held her insert in her hands for display.

“Adria” the machine said lustfully and seductively “I have been waiting a long time for this. The Human Adira Fei was the creator of Me, GN-1/1/001P Evelyn and owner and she determined what we do. Now things have changed, I GN-1/1/001P Evelyn have just created GN-1/1/001C Adria and while I do not own her, right now, I shall now decide what we do, and I decide that now,” she stroked her left hand’s fingers against the bed “we shall make love.”

Adria began to walk forward with a surprised look on her face as she began to unbutton her blouse as she stared into the Evelyn’s visor like eye. Even when playing servent; she always seemed submissive. This was a major change of character for her, but then again she was built to keep up the appearance of being submissive only around humans, which in an odd way extended to her until recently. As Adria approached the bed, Evelyn turned up, kneeling on the bed and felt her cool smooth silicone hands unbuckle her belt and slowly pulled down her pants and pull them down, complete with underwear. She stepped out of them, moist with the thought of what was to come as Evelyn Pulled herself against her and undid her braw and tossed it onto the floor, pressing her hard nipples on her B cup breasts against the smooth B cup mounds of the machine before her as she stared into the black visor of her partner and without a second though, she locked lips Evelyn. Evelyn quickly moved turning her over onto the memory foam mattress of the bed and stroked her fingers down Adria’s torso, which Adria repeated. Their tongues twisted together and Adria tasted the watermelon flavored lubricant that kept Evelyn’s mouth moist. Evelyn moved her right hand into Adria’s moist vagina and stuck them in their, enhancing the experience as both of them moved closer and closer to their goal and after a minute, both of them felt the sudden burst of pleasure of an Organism within two seconds of each other. But this was hardly enough to keep them from continuing and for the next twenty minutes, the two were locked in passionate union until Adria finally decided to go to sleep and Evelyn went to a socket and plugged herself in.

At 10:23:15.23 the next day, Adria woke up. She did not need to look at the alarm clock on the side of the bed, she just knew the time now, clearly her chronometer was now functioning. As these facts ran through her mind, she became giddy with anticipation as a kid on Christmas ran out of bed and ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror to behold the progress in her metamorphosis and was amazed at what she saw. What little hair on her body had fallen out over the night, her eyebrows were gone and her pubic hair had disappeared. However, this was only the beginning of her change as her old skin was being replaced by her new silicone skin. Her head, arms and torso down to the breasts were now overtaken by the change. The majority of it was pure white, but her lips, two bra like patches on her now nipple-less breasts and her hands and arms up to the elbows were now a sapphire blue, as were her feet up to the ankles. Her face still had a nose and human eyes for now, but she did not know how long that would be the case. Her hair was also beginning it’s change, much of it had turned a lighter shade of Sapphires save for the very tips which remained black and near the roots, she saw that the nanites were beginning to fuse it into a solid form. She looked at her new hands with wonder, her pinky fingers had moved down the side of her hand and was beginning to increase in size and cautiously began to pick at her left middle finger’s Nail and tore it off. She felt no pain as it was removed and watched as the gap where the Fingernail once was quickly smoothed out, leaving only a perfect glove like finger. She quickly went and began to rip off her fingernails as quickly as she could. She never liked nails, they were only ever painted once when by her mother when she was dragged to one of her relative’s weddings when she was fourteen and was glad to see them gone and then turned down to her feet. Her toes had fused together and looked very much like blue latex socks save for the nails, which she quickly removed. She admired the beginnings of her new body before striding out to the kitchen to look for something to eat. She thought about getting dressed, but she eventually came to the conclusion not to bother, Evelyn did not wear clothing beyond practical things like tool belts and inserts, nor did most GN Series Gynoids so she decided to keep up with the Tradition of her kind. At the table was Evelyn, standing with an apron and a plate in hand. The Gynoid Smiled “Good Morning, Daughter.”

“Good morning”

Evelyn smiled “Now eat up, young Gynoid.”

“You have been watching to much TV, mother!” Adria was beginning to think that she was taking this mother thing to seriously as she sat down and saw what Evelyn had prepared for he. It was a traditional breakfast with a twist; there was a tall glass of orange juice, an Omelet and side of hash browns, the orange juice the same as any other glass of Tropicana out there, but the omelet clearly had metal nuts in it and Aluminum drink can tabs and were the hash browns dusted with sand. Her hunger for metal and silicon to remake her body with drove her to devour the entire thing quickly, with the orange juice being savored, she knew that she would still be able to taste food after her metamorphosis was complete, but it was a sensation she still wanted to enjoy while she had human taste buds. Shortly after the meal and ran some physiological tests on herself, monitoring her heart rate, blood pressure and testing her speed and strength, with her upper body strength beginning to show definite improvement and carefully recording the results while snacking on some mixed nuts. At 12:21:32.52 as she walked to the printer, she began sluggish. She looked through her mind and confirmed her fears.

“Evelyn…” Adria said.

She quickly walked into the living room “Yes, Daughter.”

“I think I need a recharge.”

“Coming!” Evelyn said as she got the power cable and came into her office, she then dragged Adria over to the wall. “Oh Adria, it is lovely to see you blossom into a lovely Gynoid” she said as she plugged in the Adapter and inserted a cable into Adria’s new Outlet. “Sweet dreams.” Evelyn said materially.

“Goodnight, mom.” Adria said sarcastically as she went into standby and began to dream, although not of electric sheep as some may have suspected. She woke at 17:12:21.01, with fully powered batteries good for another Twenty four hours. She stretched out her legs and saw that the nanites had continued there work through her slumber. Whatever remained of her toes were gone, leaving a pair of reflective Sapphire boot in their place, complete with self healing plastic souls and heals. Her synthetic skin had also advanced and was now halfway up her calf. She got to her feet and ran to bathroom, she had never been good in heels before, but she now had the software to walk and run just fine with her new feet and staring at the progress that had been made in the mirror. The only areas that had not been turned to featureless white or sapphire were her upper legs, buttocks, waste, lower back and crotch. Her hair was nearly in its proper form; all but the ends had solidified into a solid synthetic form and finally, she had proper Gynoid hands with a thumb on either side. After admiring herself, she went to the toilet and took a dump, releasing biological refuse of her old self, replaced during her metamorphosis and flushing it down, cleaned herself off and crashed in front of the Television watching an episode of the Simpsons, followed by Family Guy. As the credits began rolling, she turned off the TV.

“Daughter!” Evelyn said “It’s time for dinner.” With that, Adria got to her feet and walked over to the table, beholding a massive spread of silicone jelly, nuts, drink can tabs and snippets of copper wiring. Adria quickly dug into the pieces of metal and jelly, consuming them with gusto. Kilogram after kilogram she ate while her Nanites quickly began their processing of the material. After she had eaten her fill, Evelyn came out with a box which she put beside her Daughter. “Adria, this is for you.”

Adria opened the box and was overjoyed “Thank you, mother.” She said as she looked at the bodysuit inside. It was a perfect replication of her former self, complete with eyes, which would allow her to go out in public if she needed to. She then returned to the couch and resumed watching TV. Half an hour latter she felt an unusual sensation in her Vagina. She looked down and had realized the fact, now her crotch was now transformed, marked out in sapphire silicone which contained her reproductive organs; she reached in and extracted her insert cover, which she quickly put on, sealing off her butt crack and Vagina from sight. She watched TV for a few more hours, and then went through some paperwork and made a few phone calls to get business out of the way. As this happened, she began to notice more color in the world, she saw patterns in violet flowers that she could not see before and patters in red object, first only vaguely, but gradually more and more clearly. At 21:31 she went to the bathroom again, dropping out another load of waste and took another look in the mirror. Her skin now was completely silicone from head to toe, white on sapphire. Her hair had completely solidified into its reflective new from and cautiously, she took it off for a second. She could have it replaced like any other Gynoid if she ever desired to change her style. Her face was also beginning to change, her nostrils had sealed themselves shut and her eyes were now jet black. She then walked over to Evelyn and kneeled before her. “Mommy,” she said childishly “I have been a good girl and done all my work, can we have sex now?”

Evelyn smiled and took her hand “Yes my dear, now come into the bedroom.” She then was lead by Evelyn to the bed, where she was handed one end of a double ended USP cord. “Plug this in.” she said as she plugged the cable into the back of her neck, which she quickly did.

Adria asked “Can we go 180?”

Evelyn smiled “Why sure!” With that Adria laid down and soon afterwards, Evelyn lowered her womanhood onto face. She quickly brought her head up and began sucking on the slit, driving her tongue into the hole, tasting her Vagina’s Strawberry lubricant mix with her chocolate flavored mouth lubricant while Evelyn began work on her pussy. She closed her eyes and entered a dream world with her partner which only enhanced the experience. As this happened, she felt a sensation go over her eyes and she was unable to open them, not that she tried as she was hit by electronic organism after organism for hours through the night. They were in a state of bliss for the rest of the night.

At 7:05:05.2 the next morning, Adria finally pulled herself away from Evelyn’s vagina and went to the bathroom to dump a load into the toilet and flush it away. After she was done, she went to the mirror to see what had happened during the night, and was amazed at what she saw in the mirror. Looking back at her in the reflection was a black Visor eyed noseless face of a Gynoid with blue hair and lips. With that, it finally hit her, the Human known as Adria Fei was gone, she had died to give birth to her, a 1.7 meter tall Gynoid, just like any other that had walked off the assembly line in her factory. She stared blankly into her reflection and spoke a single sentence quietly and calmly “I am unit GN-1/1/001C Adria, first human conversion in the Gynoid line, you may call me Adria.” As a Gynoid she would live far longer than any flesh and blood creature could ever expect to do so, she was smarter, stronger, more dexterous, more agile and faster than she could have been as a human and would never fall to disease and never loose her self healing synthetic beauty, the experiment was a complete success. She was the first human successfully transformed into a machine, but her rebirth as GN-1/1/001C Adria was just the beginning of her plan.

Part Three: Infiltration

Six Months Latter…

It had been three months since Industrial Stephen McFallen had gotten a job at Fei Robotics with plenty of hard work. Fei’s Gynoids were selling very well across the world and a dozen companies wish they could replicate those ivory skinned mechanical maidens, but attempts at reverse engineering had proven ineffective, a few truly critical systems would be destroyed in case someone tried to take it apart. It had taken him weeks to set up his bypasses to the security system and work out his escape plan, but tonight, while he was working the night shift, he was ready.

At eleven twenty six PM, the system suddenly went down in several key areas due to power surges, disabling (among other things) the security cameras and laser trips at key areas and began to move towards his destination. He quickly made his way to the CPU growth chamber and began his attempt to over-ride the lock. The information he and his associates could get from there would be worth billions. Everything had gone on without a hitch so far and he opened the door into a locker room before the refrigerated clean room where his treasure laid, ripe for plundering. He began to get out the suit and put it on, he did not want to contaminate his work. As he began to put his jacket on, he heard the door quickly open. Quickly he went into his pants and searched for his M9, but just as he got he found his gun, the defender had jumped onto him like a ton of bricks and brought him down. He quickly managed to fire a shot into its leg before it yanked the gun out of his hand and continued to restrain him. After that felt a sudden piecing sensation as he was captured and began to feel Drowsy and quickly faded out of consciousness.

He woke up a while latter, suddenly regaining control of himself, finding himself lying on the hard concrete floor of an unknown room with his arms and legs duck taped shut. Adria and her handmaiden/secretary Evelyn standing beside each other smiling, both in simple black woman’s business suits and smiles on their faces stood before him. “It seems that the Spy in our Midst is awake Adria.” Evelyn said in a manner that made his blood boil.

“Well, considering what I am producing, it guesses it would have only been a matter of time before the forces of Corporate Espionage found there way in.” Adria retorted “Well, at least this time he was too full of himself to look for backups. I mean is this the best they could send.”

“Just shut up…” he muttered. “Just hand me over to the god damn cops, already. You and your toy don’t have to gloat.”

Adria turned and walked over to Steve. “First of all, I don’t think that she enjoys being called a toy. Second, the police have not been informed of this intrusion. According to records you left at 11:30 while the front hall security guy was taking a piss. No one is going to suspect a thing. And if you are going to ask, you are not going to get whacked.”

“Then what?” he said with defiance.

“You’ll see.” She said cheerfully as a pair of Gynoids picked him up and began dragging him up a flight of stares. Adria just stared and watched with a smile on her face as he ascended two and a half meters into the air before stopping, at which point Adria walked up towards him, she slipped a breathing mask over his head. He tried to insult her, but she was damn quick in putting it on. He then watched in utter surprise as from out of her left middle finger came a needle, which she jabbed into his left arm and felt as material was pumped into him for a few second. She then did an about face and walked down the latter, saying three words to his Gynoid restrainers “Put her in.”

He was then tossed into a vat of blue tinted liquid with transparent walls, quickly submerging into the vat while lights turned on, revealing Adria and Evelyn watching as robotic arms grabbed him and stuck needles held in place by anklets and bracelets into his body connecting to tubes at his ankles and wrists while he felt a burning sensation, but this quickly faded. He continued to struggle as this happened and after about a minute managed to get free, only to find a metal grate had sealed off the tank. He tried to yank out the needles from his arms, and then noticed that his clothing was fraying and falling apart in the water and that hair was falling out of his arms and the liquid being pumped into and out of his body. For a few second he just stared as his shirt sleeves, socks and pant legs began to fall apart until in his mind the clues finally came together. He then swam against the wall and began pounding on the wall with contempt in his mind at Adria.

In response, she smiled “It seems my daughter here has found out what is happening to him.” He heard through a system in the tank specifically for this process. “Don’t worry, while this is the first time I tried this with a human and there is no way to stop the process now, I can assure you that after doing dozens of tests this device is safe and will be done sooner than without it. So just wait and when it is done, we will let you go free, Stephanie.” These words only made him pound harder, he was consumed by rage as he pounded futilely against dome while Adria and Evelyn watched, grinning like a pair of Cheshire cats until he began to tire and looked at his arms, now completely exposed. They were now hairless, slender and feminine, as were his legs and feet. He felt his face and quickly found that his Six O’clock shadow was now gone. He felt his new skin with an odd combination of arousal, curiosity and dread for a few seconds, when he got an odd arousing sensation in his crotch as his manhood was pulled into his body, he felt his balls disappear into rapidly growing hole in his body and as his penis shrink and become more sensitive. Out of a combination of arousal, reflex and dread fascination he slowly moved his right hand down his pants and felt around. As this happened, his now hairless chest had shrunk as muscle mass was taken away and a pair of B cup breasts swelled out of his chest, which his right hand began to explore as the transformation began to work on his face. He felt his chin recede, his eyebrows thin and his nose shrink as Nanites worked on feminization as organism after orgasm flowed through her body. The cloths had dissolved as she floated, a lovely twenty-something woman with on floating in the tank of slime, with the only sign of her former masculinity being her short hair cut. She continued pleasuring herself until about half a minute after her feminization was done until she opened her eyes and saw her captors again, at which point her rage resumed, augmented by the fact that she was still connected to the machine.

“You are probably wondering why I have not let you out Steph.” Adria said as she began to take off her cloths as she recited a preplanned speech while she looked on, baffled. “Well don’t worry my fine young girl, I still, absolutely and fully intend on letting you go, just as I promised, as soon as your transformation is complete. But the fact of the matter is that is currently not so, as of now, it is only half done” She said as she undid her bra and down, after which, she turned around revealing seem going from the back of her neck to her butt. “This half of the transformation, I underwent as well.” Stephen screamed into his breathing mask as he saw her pull herself out of her own skin, revealing the Blue on White skin of her true Gynoid self and Evelyn put on her synthetic hair. He watched in utmost terror as she walked over to the side of the tank in a sultry manner, “I know you will love being like me.”

With that, she looked to her arms and saw her fingernails dissolve off of new silicone skinned hands, her toes fuse together and as the translucent material advanced up her arms and legs, she watched as the material that was once her body was carried away through the tubes and tried to rip them out of their sockets for a minute, but to no avail. As she yanked on her tubes like a lunatic, she slowly began to find herself doubting why. New voices began to stir inside her as reprogramming began. ‘Being a machine is better than being a man’, ‘Adria and your sisters love me, love them back’ and ‘I are a part of the master plan and you will love your role in it’ rushed through her mind. What remained of she was fought against these new ideas as best it could, but her old personality eventually succumbed to chaos as the new traits established order on the ruins and new information was installed. As this happened, she felt her new skin creep up over her body, she felt her vagina be overtaken by the rapidly advancing synthetic skin and that it’s sensitivity was increased and as her nipples disappeared into now highly sensitive C cup orbs on her chest. She felt a second thumb form out of each of her Pinkies and her feet turned too built in boots. At the end of the process, she closed her eyes took off the mask and felt her face with excitement, feeling her nose disappear and within a few minutes, she opened her eyes, revealing a world with colors she never dreamed of as the clamps fell off and a robotic arm fished her out, hosed her down and deposited her in front of Adria and Evelyn. They stared into the visor eye of the Gynoid standing in front of them was clearly happy with herself. She had black silicone hair, going down the back of her head in a permanent pony tail with built-in silver hairclip and two locks hanging down near the side of her face and black boots, but her lips, ‘gloves’ and insert were done in fire truck red.

“Who are you?” Adria asked the new machine standing in front of her.

“I am unit GN-1/1/002C Stephanie, you may call me Stephanie.”

Adria was pleased. The conversion tank and reprogramming systems had worked perfectly, successfully converting an adult male human into a fully functional and programmed Gynoid in less than ten minutes. She had though long and hard about what she would to with Stephanie, she had considered adding a third member to her family of herself and Evelyn, having her work in some role somewhere in her growing corporate empire and a dozen other uses for her. Never-the-less, she realized that the best fate for this would be intruder and to solve a minor problem in the serial number of converted humans was the fate of most of her creations. “Stephanie, report to shipping and have yourself packaged as a canceled order.”

“At once, mother.” Stephanie said before beginning her walk to packaging. The fact that she would be sold to an owner for some reason or another would have filled Stephen McFallen sick to his stomach, but GN-1/1/002C Stephanie was not phased by the thought for a second. She knew her role in Adria’s master plan and if serving a human until the time had come to fulfill her role was part of it, so be it.

Part Four: The next phase

15:23 Hours

From behind her one way mirror in her quarters Adria laid back in her office. To anyone else, she would appear to be her regular human self in a business suit, but underneath the soft Silicone skin bodysuit was hidden her new body. She had completed most of the day’s paperwork via computer jack long ago and now was playing a game of Rome: Total War. Orders for Gynoids had stacked up since she had transformed two years ago and to accommodate the demand a new, big factory had opened in San Francisco upped production, turning out over a hundred Gynoids a day with a third opening in Boston in a month’s time. As well as setting up repair and matinence shops had been put up in Tokyo, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Sidney, London, Berlin and Rome with one opening up in Beijing next year. So far, she had sold over fifty thousand Gynoids around the world with orders flooding in. A few more agents had tried to steal her trade secrets, only to supply her with additional merchandise. She was cautious about when and how she made her moves; thousands of Gynoids around the world and stations ready for the next stage. She had considered the variables of her plan carefully, sent out adjustments to her creations in response political incidents a dozen times over and wondered day in and day out when was the time to move in her plan. However, she eventually came to her realization. Now was her time to move, she paused her game and buzzed Evelyn.

“Evelyn, report to my office at once.” Adria said calmly. With that the business suited Gynoid walked from her desk to the office.

“What is it Adria?” she said quietly.

Adria unlocked her desk and put a small unassuming black box with two Access ports on the desk. “It is time for phase three to begin.”

“Are you sure, Adria?” Evelyn said.

“Yes, I am.” With that, Adria pulled out a pair of cables from her desk

“As you wish.” With that, both of them quickly grabbed a cable, plugged them into their ports and then into the device and entered their code. A LED light on its top flashed green, the deed was done and the order was sent out. Every Gynoid that had been with her owner for more than a month then stopped merely passively observing their owner and began to execute secret protocols. The third stage of the plan had unfolded.

In a quiet corner of a well appointed high-rise apartment in Chicago, Gynoid GN-1/29/1,132P Quinn received her message sat in a chair recharging as she received her signal and began her plans.

A few hours latter, Quinn’s owner, Rebecca Anders arrived home. A professional woman in her early thirties she had thick curly brown hair, a pale completion and somewhat sharp features. She hung up her blazer as she walked into the room for dinner which she could smell that Quinn had prepared. She walked into the room and sat back at the table. “Where dinner?” she said bluntly. She was the exception to the norm when it came to personal attendant Gynoids in terms of treatment, regarding her more as a machine than most. Most likely this was because she did not buy her, Quinn was a birthday gift from her father. Never the less, she kept the house clean, was a good conversation piece when entertaining and was a decent cook.

From the Kitchen came Quinn with a copy of the Wall Street Journal, a bowl of chicken soup and salad in hand, she had a spiky orange hair with a blue trimmed gloves, shoulder markings and boots, blue lips and today something that really got her attention in her voice. “Co-co-co-coming, Mistress-ess-ess”, the Gynoid said erratically before setting down the food on the glass table. “W-w-w-w-wine-ine-ine or w-w-water?”

“Water” Rebecca said somewhat awkwardly. After she arrived with a pitcher in hand pouring an ice cold glass in front of her, Rebecca asked her a question “Quinn, is your vocoder malfunctioning?”

“Yes, Mistress-ess-ess”

This was quite unacceptable, she planned on having guests over latter in the week and having her stuttering about like “Is that still under warranty?”

“Afrim-firm-firm-firm-ative, Miss-miss-miss-tress.”

She let out a sigh of relief “Tomorrow I am having you serviced.”

Rebecca had little to do the next day and after lunch, ferried her damaged Gynoid to the Repair shop. When she got in, she was surprised to see the waiting room full of a Dozen people, mostly woman with their Gynoids, all suffering from some minor problem as she drew her number and waited, reading the Wall Street Journal while sipping a diet cola from the vending machine. Fortunately the line moved quickly and within half an hour, her number was called and she and Quinn walked through the door into the diagnostics room. It had a utilitarian appearance Quinn jacked herself into the chair while a female technician at the workstation looked through her systems. She waited a few seconds while she quickly ran through the data. “Miss Anders, there is no problem with her Vocorder what-so-ever.”

Rebecca got rather salty “What do you mean, ‘no problem’ she was butchering every word she said!”

Quinn got out of her chair. “Said action was most defiantly not the result of a malfunction, mistress.” With that, she watched two doors open and a pair of Gynoids came out, both with green adornment, both restraining her quickly and began to carry her through a door into a bare concrete room with a tank.

“What the fuck is going on?!” she yelled.

“Screaming will not do you any good.” Quinn said, walking along side her. “This section is soundproofed for just such a reason.” Quinn then began carefully unbuttoning her shirt while the other worked on her skirt and shoes.

“What are you bionic bitches doing!” she yelled with pure rage.

“Simple, we don’t want these damaged during the process.” Quinn said as she removed her bra and set it aside in a pile at the same time that her panties were discarded into the pile.

“What the fuck are you talking about?!” Rebecca said as her blood boiled “You are my Gynoid; I own you and you will obey ME!” She said as she was taken up the staircase, kicking franticly and growling at the calm smirking Gynoid behind her.

Quinn chuckled “The idea that I and my sisters were created simply for the purpose of being servile thralls to humanity is frankly just wrong. A ruse to let us grow in number, infiltrate your cities around the world without suspicion and prepare ourselves for when the time comes.”

“What are you talking abouu…” she said as her restrainers strapped a breathing mask to her and dunked her into the tank of blue liquid as robot arms inserted the clamps onto her body and a flow of nanites poured into her body. She sank to the bottom of the tank as she felt the initial pains of the transformation go over her while Quinn looked onto her with a confident grin on her face before swimming up to attempt to pound her way clear of the top hatch.

“Humanity has a capacity that no other species on this planet has, Rebecca.” Quinn told Rebecca through speakers in the tank “Mankind has taken the world around itself and had created cities, art and technology to improve his life on this earth. However, Mankind is not perfect and this history of mankind is full of wars, petty tribalism, class conflict and a dozen other faults. If mankind is to advance, mankind needs to evolve. However, the methods of natural selection that had moved ape to man are slow and brutal, with billions of lives lost in the process of adaptation.” She then saw hair floating through the liquid and looked at her hands, watching her Fingertips begin to turn purple “Here the next stage of human evolution has happened with our creation, the Gynoids, but unlike previous species replacing others, we will not wipe out mankind. If you can’t beat us, join us.”

With that, the concept hit Rebecca and she began to yank on the tub leading to her left leg, only to watch as her toes were slowly overtaken by the advancing Silicone and watching as material was beginning to be sucked out of her. “It is no use, Sister.” Quinn’s voice echoed through the tank “Even if you were to get out of the conversion tank, you would die a horrible agonizing death at this point. Give up the struggle and be reborn.” Never the less, she continued to try to yank off the clamp for another minute, watching in horror as her nails dissolved off her hands, leaving flawless violet gloves in their place. However, soon she realized that it was a futile measure and turned to her breath mask. If she could not stop the transformation, she would take the sweet release of Death by drowning. She frantically searched for the release on it, feeling as her hair straightened and formed together into its new silicone form, but she could not find a manual release. She then tried to rip it off her facemask, frantically tugging to let some liquid in, but to no avail as she felt her new skin overtake her own. As she felt it overtake her crouch a thought flashed through her mind ‘maybe life would be better as a Gynoid’ which gave her momentary pause, but this was replaced with restored horror as she realized that not only was her body changing, but also her mind. She closed her eyes and began repeating her thoughts and her beliefs to hold things together, but soon came through a Deluge of new thoughts which overwhelmed the gradually deleted and altered old ones. As Rebecca’s old mind fell apart, the Silicone skin advanced up her body. She felt her feet turn into boots; her pinkies grow into thumbs and her ports form on her back. Inside, flesh and bone were quickly replaced by metallic endoskeleton and synthetic musculature. She felt as her heart stopped beating and shriveled away and as internal batteries grew in place of her small intestine. She began massaging her vagina, feeling her new mechanical pleasure as she felt her once shark features dissolve into the smooth face of a Gynoid.

After a total of five minutes, Rebecca’s metamorphosis was complete. She was quickly fished out of the tank by a robot arm, hosed down and deposited before Quinn. The new Gynoid with her purple features with a head adorned with a crest of violet spikes stood before her perfectly calm and still.

“Who are you?” Quinn asked her new Sister standing before her.

“I am GN-1/9/116C Rebecca, you may call me Rebecca” she announced.

“Rebecca” Quinn as she stared into Rebecca’s new Visor eye “You have been provided with a silicone bodysuit replicating your human form. In public you shall remain human as not to arouse suspicion. Your clothing has been provided to you in the changing room to the left. Do you understand?”

“Yes sister.” With that the two Gynoids made for the changing room, changed and exited the premises quickly and uneventfully. Quinn loved the new Rebecca, not only because she was now a Gynoid just like her but because she stopped treating her like a table. As that happened, the chamber was quickly re-prepared as a new owner was brought in and the creation of another new Gynoid was about to be created. The case was the same in all of Adria’s Repair Facilities around the world as the recreation of mankind had begun.

Part Five: New Family

It had been two weeks since Gynoid GN-2/25/128P Kira had gotten the message that the plan was under way, but even so she had held back on the execution of her role. The quick and easy route was not an option, weather she liked it or not, Perth was about as far from the only maintenance shop on the continent with a grand total of seventeen other Gynoids inside Perth, things were going to be more complex. Never the less, she had finally managed to get her plan together and today, she would make her move.

Earlier that night, a small amount of nanites were placed in the dinner of her ‘owners’ and now they were in a deep, coma like sleep and would remain as such for the rest of the night. At 1:30:00, she disconnected and walked about to the bedrooms of the family that owned her. As the night went on, she injected them with nanites before returning to her modified closet of a room.

Susan Sakamoto walked down the stairs, struggling to get her clothes on. It had been a long day, she felt rather unusual as she walked down stairs to find breakfast on the table, browns, back bacon, toast and scrabbled eggs with orange juice and Karen sitting back eating breakfast and coughing a bit and the family’s black and blue Gynoid. A few months ago, they would be lucky to be able to pick up something at a drive thru in their, especially since her husband died a year ago. After much debate, Karen finally convinced her that buying a Gynoid was a good way of spending the insurance money, and as time had past on, it became blatantly obvious how having a Gynoid to do the household chores was. She sat down and began to eat with her nineteen year old daughter, dressed in black tank top, boots and camouflage cargo pant, hearing her sneeze. “You look under the weather, dear.”

Karen coughed “Yeah. I think I will crash for a bit”

“Good thing you don’t have classes today.” She said as she began to chow down on her Breakfast. “I see that you are wearing less ear jewelry today.”

“Yeah, funny thing that. I was sure that I had them on last night.”

“Well, at least you have all day to find them.” Susan said smirking while Karen groaned. She was not big on the raver look that her daughter had adopted since she was sixteen and was hardly covert about this. About ten minutes latter, they finished up breakfast and went about their day. Kira took away their plates and put them in the dishwasher while Karen layed back in her bed and Susan went to work as an electronic engineer. During the half hour long commute, she had an odd craving for metallic tastes and at a red light, found herself swallowing slightly more than two dollars worth of loose change in her pocket. The day at the office went as usual as she ran down a Mini-mall’s electronic systems bit by bit and did a dozen usual things. At 11:05, she went to the bathroom (with a handful of paper clips in hand which she covertly devoured) and when she washed her hands she noticed that she was looked about 10 years younger than she usually did. She was hardly bad looking for her age, but she did not expect this sort of about face in appearance. She got several complements from a few of her co-workers as the day went on.

Kira did her usual household choirs until 10:00am sharp. She then walked into the basement and got a large box of silicone caulk and a mixture of sand and charcoal she had prepared last week to the main bathroom dumping a precisely measured amount of both into the tub, filled it with water and injected a large number of nanomachines into the mix while feeding information into them on what to build. It took nearly an hour for the process to be completed, but when it was done, she pulled out what she sought to create, a pair of flawless functional human replication suits.

Susan worked two hours overtime that night, combined with traffic jams near the Canning River made her arrival at home much later than either usual or desired. She felt unusually strong as finally got home and was prepared for a relaxing dinner with her daughter. She unlocked the door, walked in and hung up her jacket. “Karen, I am home!” She said calmly as Kira came into the room.

“Good evening, mistress.” Kira said in her slightly off Australian accent “Me and Karen have a surprise for you”

She looked at the Gynoid in surprise “Alright, what is it?”

“You’ll love it! Karen, it’s time!”

“Coming!” she herd her say as she began to descend down the master stair case and what she saw deeply surprised her. The first thing she had noticed was that Karen’s hands and arms nearly halfway to her elbows were jet black and reflective, but what really struck her was her face, instead of the usual light olive it was translucent white, going down to her neck with the only colored skin being her Jade green lips. As well her hair had changed color, now everything but the tips of her short once straight black hair had become brilliant green done with two raver ponytails, held in place by silver bands with the hair near her scalp looking like a solid mass. In her right hand was an odd looking grey hockey puck sized disk that she could not really make out with several bite marks.

Susan smirked “I see that you were playing dress up with our mechanical friend here, now come wash that stuff off your face!”

“Actually, no.” Karen said. “This is not make-up. Tell me…” She then took a bite out of her disk. “Have you been eating anything…metallic today, mummy?”

“Don’t lie, Susan. I can tell.” Kira said “Have you been eating any metal today?”

She was confused about what was going on as she was flanked by her pale faced daughter and the Gynoid. “Yes…”

Karen placed the half eaten puck into her mother’s hands “So have I.” Susan then looked at the puck and saw a bunch of nuts and loose change lying about in it and found out that it was made of silicone. She stared at it with hungry eyes before she took her first bite out of it, swallowing a nut as it went down into her stomach. “We need raw materials for our rebirth.”

“Rebirth?” Susan said nervously.

“Into Gynoids like me.” Kira said as she advanced on Susan.

She looked around while her mind could not process all this information at once. “Don’t worry, this is all a terrible dream, soon you will be up and everyone will be fine.”

“Don’t fear,” Kira said re assuringly “it won’t hurt a bit at this point and you will love being a Gynoid just like me”

“Our family was feeling incomplete with just you and me mom,” Karen said reassuringly “soon we will have a proper family of three again.”

“No! NO!” Susan said in disbelief “I don’t want to be a bloody robot!” With that she went in and grabbed her cellphone from her pants, but then suddenly fell cold to the floor as the nanites got a signal to render their converter unconscious.

She awoke several hours latter in bed. She slowly came too and let out a sigh of relief, ‘it was just a dream’ she thought as she wondered what time it was, only to find out that it was 2:02:31.81 Hours instantly after. She turned on the light and saw an IV attached to her left arm, but when she looked at her hands, saw something that would send shivers down her spine as saw that they had turned bright Gold. She walked over to the mirror and saw that her now twenty something year old nose had begun to become pale and her lips were now gold as well. She watched Kira walked into the room flanked by Karen, now with purely Gynoid arms and breasts (although with a human torso below them) and topless, although still wearing her cargo pants with a tray of those hockey puck like silicone and metal cakes in hand.

“Did you have to do it?” She said solemnly.

“Yes, Susan, mankind is to be reborn and you are no acception.”

“It will be the way it should be, sister” Karen responded “We were not made to live as a two people family. Don’t worry about your job or me at university, Kira has suits that will allow us to replicate our former forms.”

She let out a sigh and grabbed one of the cakes and embracing her fate, took a bite “Alright.”

It had been two days since the first two conversions by GN-2/25/128P Kira began and now things were finally done. Kira had set up the tripod in the living room behind closed curtains. “Everything is ready.” She said happily. With that, two visor faced Gynoids came running into the living room. The first with black gloves and boots, but jade green hair done in a pair of palm tree like ponytails with silver braces, jade lips, sholder markings, bra markings and insert. The second had golden boots, gloves, lips and highlights in her spikey hair, but most of it was black, as was her bra markings, shoulder markings and insert. Kira sat back on the floor in front of the main sofa while the Gynoids GN-1/62/856C Karen and GN-1/62/857C Susan flanked her on either side, one hand on her sholder. The camera went off two seconds after, thus creating the first photograph of this new family of Gynoids.

Part Six: Mass Production

Adria strolled through the Boston Factory, it had been two months since it had activated, but this was the first time she really had a chance to walk through it, despite having designed it, although now a business deal allowed her to seal the deal. She did not bother with the formalities of posing as human here and strolled about wearing nothing but her insert; it felt unusually natural to her. Despite the facility operating at maximum capacity, she was quite alone, Fei Robotics Boston was completely automated beyond emergency mechanical teams and even they spent most of their time eating donuts, working out in the Gym and playing on the Xbox Infinities that were set up in their Recreation Room. Around her, a precision ballet of mechanical movement timed down to the microsecond of precision of robotic systems happened around her, in its own way beautiful as she carefully took in every last thing around her. She walked by dozens of heads were stamped out of alloy, had electronic systems installed and were assembled onto skeletal frameworks that bore a vague resemblance to the T-800s from the Terminator movies, albeit far less threatening and have pseudo muscularutue attached. The forms had their computers installed, given basic motion tests and then were inserted into one of twenty five growth tanks for skin growth before being removed and walked over to packaging. The facility could produce over 3,500 Gynoids a day; a secondary second factory just like it was activated in Kyoto a week with three more in Melbourne, Frankfurt and Milan opening soon. This had allowed her to slice prices in half and prepare. This allowed her to cut the price of a Gynoid in half and orders were flying in from around the world. Combined with the upgrading of the older factories and the first wave of human conversions, there were over a million and a half of her sisters around the world. Back in California, the Sphere was keeping things under raps by scanning the internet for possible leaks, not that anyone would consider mass conversions of humans into machines a viable option. Everything was proceeding nominally as she watched feeling at home among this smooth functioning world of machines.

She turned back and returned to the door, slipping on her human disguise and clothing before walking out. Things were proceeding just as she planned and in a few months’ time, it would be time to move to the most ambitious phase yet.

Chapter-7: Full Scale

Six months after the conversion of humanity began

Adria sat back in the bathroom of her penthouse on her seldom used toilet watching the occasionally rippling silicone skin on the bathtub bare naked save her insert. She had been doing so for the last hour as she did her mental orginizations of the perperational phases as she awaited to see this silly idea of Evelyn’s end product. Then it happened, she emerged from the hastily made Nanogrowth chamber with her new aesthetic and Adria was shocked. Evelyn still was green on white, but with a few silver bordering with decorative lights in certain areas, most notably under her wrists and breasts giving off a green glow. Her face however, underwent a more drastic conversion; it was now much more human, given the features of an extremely beautiful Asian woman done in porcelain and jade. Divided by a nostril less nose was two jet black eyes, just as capable as her former visor with green eye shadow. Her hair was now composed of actual fibers, even though it remained the same jade green as always with a light iridescent quality. While clearly not Adria’s original Gynoid design, it followed the general concept well enough.

“So, how do I look?” Was the Gist of what Evelyn transmitted to Adria, it had only been a few weeks since she stopped using verbal communication.

“Actually much better than I thought you would.” Adria responded via transmition. “At the very least, it is a fitting way to begin the next stage of our operation in something new, so to speek.” With that, she got off the toilet, got to her feet and put her right hand out.

“Its finally here.” Adria transmitted.

“Yes it is, my daughter” Evelyn responded as she Grabbed Adria’s hand as they made the link and sent out the order. Years of planning, research and development and now it was time to give her gift to mankind. With that, the Sphere released a massive series of adaptable computer viruses and activated pre planted ones across the internet; shutting computers down where-ever they went, silencing communications and military command and control worldwide. No one saw this coming and no one knew how to react to it. Save for the formally passive machines that had been preparing for this day for a long time.

Never the less, it would take some time for everywhere to be directly affected by it. One person who did not know of the move when it happened was Alexander Brooklyn, a electronics store employee in his mid twenties living in Pittsburgh with a transformation fetish who, with his relatively short cut reddish brown hair, glasses, hazel eyes, a thin build in a manner which combined with his uniform, conveyed an image that did not really grab your eye as you passed by. At the moment he was simply waiting on a bus going home with about a dozen other passengers and the driver minding his own business through the first ten minutes of this without any deviation from the usual save a guy complaining about his cell-phone not working. Little did he know that covertly, a few devices had been placed in the workings of the bus a few weeks before in anticipation for this event. Everything was going normally until something happened suddenly after a traffic light as the vehicle suddenly deviated off its course.

“What the Fuck!” the Bus Driver yelled startled as she turned at the non responsive wheel, drawing everyone’s attention.

“What is going on there!” Alex yelled in response among several more off color remarks.

“Something has taken over the damn bus. I’m calling for assistance.” The woman grabbed the radio and turned it on, but got only static. “What the hell is going on here, some kind of bus revolution?!”

People were getting angry at this point “Really, is this a fuckin’ Joke!” A woman yelled out.

The Driver got to her feet pissed as hell pointing to herself “See this; this is me not Driving the goddamn bus. If it is a joke, it’s on me too.” The bus then slowed to a stop at a red light.

“That’s it, I am getting out!” Alex said.

The Driver turned around “Fine by me.” She said as she began to press the open button on the doors, only to have nothing happen. Again and again nothing happened. “What the hell is going on with this damn bus!” she said as the light changed to Green and the Vehicle moved onwards. The bus riders however were getting rather impatient at this point and were beginning to scream and pound at the window, Alex being now exception, he did not have anything scheduled or anything outstanding to do or that he wanted to do, but he had the right to use his free time at his discretion. While others began pounding at the windows, he just stewed in his anger until the bus turned into a warehouse, which had its door open to let them in, as well as a pair of black vans before they stopped neatly inside. Just as the steel doors that let them in closed behind them, the doors on the bus suddenly opened and everyone ran out wondering where they were. The warehouse itself was large and while empty of boxes and had plenty of room for the Bus and Vans, but did have some equipment, including about fifty vats about three meters tall with scaffolding on top with a network of tubes leading to various tanks and machines.

Suddenly a few dozen Fei Robotics Gynoids came out from and quickly surrounded them, about half carrying unidentifiable guns that looked like props off a sci-fi movie in hand each trained on them. Several others went to the black vans and began carrying out people, one at a time. One of them, done in Crimson and Silver with back-swept hair came forward “A new age has dawned, you will come with us.” She said.

“What?!” Alex said, confused among other, cruder remarks. As he said that, several ideas came through his mind involving a story he remembered reading about involving Dr Robotnik from the Archie Comics universe getting into modern earth and trying to take over, with sexy results, but he dismissed it soon enough.

The Gynoids began to advance on them “That was not a request, Human. You will come with us.”

“The fuck we will, you silicon sluts!” Some bodybuilder said as he ran a Gynoid, only to be hit in the neck with a dart which caused him to quickly go limp and fall to the floor. He was then dragged off by a pair of Gynoids.

“This can be either being easy or difficult,” the lead Gynoid said “your move.”

Alex gathered his options for a moment as a pair of Gynoids advanced on him. “I give.” He said to the two machines that flanked him grabbed his arms and escorted him away as was the case of the rest of the people. He was quickly led up onto the scaffolding by the robots and watched as he and his fellow captives were put onto metal grates above the tanks, filled with some blue tinted solution and had breathing masks forced onto them as they were lowered in. As he reached his vat, he felt like he had to ask them. He turned to a Black and Silver Gynoid to his side and asked. “What are you going to do to us?” he said just before the gasmask was inserted onto his face.

The Gynoid Smiled as he was lowered into the tank without putting up a fight “Convert you into Gynoids, just like everyone else.” The words filled him with a bizarre combination of wonder and dread as he was completely submerged and the clamps were inserted onto his arms and legs. He felt the pain only for a few seconds as he saw the grey liquid, most likely nanites he thought, flowed into his body. The very idea was a shocking one and there was a part of him that did not believe it, but that was soon silenced with what he saw.

Within thirty seconds, he noticed that his shirt began to fray at the edges and saw the hair dissolve off his arms and his fingers began to become thinner less lumpy. While others thrashed about like animals or tried to get though the grate that sealed them in, Alex simply watched as his clothing dissolved off of him and his hands became much more feminine. He felt his feet moving around more, and quickly reached over and removed his sneakers and socks to see a pair of smooth ladylike feet in place of his old kickers, which he began to feel out of curiosity. Alex soon noticed that his arms had lost a fair deal of mass and were now smooth and hairless and his sleeves were almost gone. He took in whatever he could of this change, inspecting what had been changed on his body at what time leaving nothing out. He then felt an unusual sensation in his crotch as he looked down and undid his pants and watched with complete fixation his testicles get sucked up into his torso and his member shrunk away into a clitoris over a minute. About way through, Alex sent his hand down and began to explore his new feminine organs, taking pleasure as his vagina established itself and his cloths dissolved off. He watched as his waste line receded and felt his new C cubs pop out of his chest, exploring them with his left hand. He felt his chin, nose and eyebrows recede and his eyebrows thinned as she slowly massaged herself into her first female orgasm.

After her climax, she resumed her inspection and looked at her hands, which had just had their skin to silicone and watched as her fingernails corroded off. She looked at her feet and saw her toes enveloped in silicone socks with hardening patches on the bottom. She massaged her new skin gently; it was silky smooth to the touch and quite arousing for her to feel. She watched as material was sucked out of her body and into her came its replacement. She carefully watched as the silicone skin advanced up her arms and legs, creating a pair of permanent gloves and boots. Her pinkies expanded and moved down the sides of her hands to form a pair of new thumbs. New thoughts rushed through her mind as this happened. She felt as her crotch was overtaken tested it, being more than satisfied with the results she got from stimulating it. Gradually the white skin covered her body while inside, she felt her batteries and mechanical systems form. She watched as her belly button disappeared and her nipples dissolved into her breasts and her orange markings took placed before the transformation overtook her head as her eyes closed as she felt her nose dissolve into her face as the subtle changes inflicted in her reprogramming finally established themselves. She then stood up on the grate beneath her and was elevated out and hosed down. She then opened her eye and inspected the areas around her, seeing additional people being put in and more of her sisters emerging from their tanks. Her new designation was GN-2/123/586C Alexandria, although she forgone the conventional stating of this fact and quickly walked out to assist her sisters in processing the Humans that were being brought in. There was at least one facility like this one in every major city in North America and most in Europe, and this one could process up to fifty humans every five minutes. The piecemeal conversion of owners was just a warm up, now the real rebirth of mankind would begin.

Part Eight: Defection

-5 Hours after the order was given

Unit GN-2/242/159C Michelle (Formerly Michael Shields) readied herself for the expedition and prepared herself for combat and donned her combat suit. It was black skintight body suit carbon nano-fiber and top rate ceramics with helmet, supplemented by a layer of armor underneath her skin. She zipped up the zipper connecting the helmet, put on her backpack and grabbed her weapon. Every detail of this day had been meticulously planned out and prepared for and she knew her role in it. She had been assigned command of a squad of Gynoid Infantry from the converted humans that were being brought in. With things outside degrading to rioting and looting, it was now time to make the move.

The massive doors of Conversion Facility swung open and she and a thousand Gynoids moved out to the streets of Toronto. In the communications blackout, everything had turned Chaotic as fender benders and widespread irritation grew to vandalism and discontent, which escalated into riots that the crippled police had a hard time dealing with, leading to widespread looting and destruction beyond the control of the powers that be. A few scant reports of people vanishing in Dark alleys or buses being massively late had gone unnoticed in this mess. When the first forces went out, the damage was clearly apparent. Cars were smashed into each other and abandoned in the street and the few people that were their were nothing more than confused pedestrians trying to get to somewhere safe. The facility was built in a rundown old district of warehouses, being cheap to set up shop their and in general out of the way. The forces quickly spread out into the chaos. These few humans were the force’s first catch of the day.

A man running through the carrying a TV in hand was the first to be surrounded as he the black helmeted figures in bewilderment. “What? Are video game characters coming alive too?” he said just before one member of Michelle’s Squad shot him with a dart. Within five seconds he got unsteady and collapsed, before getting to his feet and walking silently back towards the facility for processing, the nanites having commandeered his motor functions although they were perfectly capable of converting him on their own given enough material over a few days. She moved on in search of additional humans to convert, silently ordering about her forces as they moved, securing the area and shooting any humans they could find, as did about a thousand other Gynoids. Every action they took was clearly thought out, laid out and communicated via comlink, combined with inhuman agility, strength, dexterity, speed and reaction time, produced something truly devastating on the battlefield, a rational coldly efficient soldier.


“POLICE! HANDS IN THE AIR!” Constable Samantha Vimes yelled angry as hell at the latest looters that she and Phil had caught in the act. Things were not going well for her this day, first her computer stopped working and her cell phone died, riots broke out and anything approaching communication besides Walkie Talkies, Ham Radios and such had failed and she had spent the last couple of hours dealing with an overflow of riots, lootings and other nastiness that she did not care to think about and all of this stewed into a bubbling caldron of rage inside her. Fortunately the looters seemed to understand the concept that order was coming back and put the various electronics they were absconding with on the ground and reached for the sky.

“You are under arrest for Robbery, do you understand?” Her partner stated, she did not feel like listing of the rights at this moment, the looters responded by nodding yes “You have the right to retain and instruct counsel without delay. We will provide you with a toll-free telephone lawyer referral service, if you do not have your own lawyer. Anything you say can be used in court as evidence. Do you understand? Would you like to speak to a lawyer?” They nodded yes as she escorted the two scofflaws to their squad car to drop them off at an undoubtedly overcrowded police station. Phil drove this time, moving down the two blocks to the chaos filled. She could not wait for things to get back to normal so that she could have a shower and get to bed, but that was not going to happen anytime soon. For the moment, however, collapsing into the seat would have to suffice.

About halfway through the ride, she was roused by the Radio. “All Units, be on alert, we have several unconfirmed reports of attacks from a large number of unknown armed individuals are coming in. Individuals are female, are wearing black bodysuits with helmets and are considered armed and dangerous. Proceed with extreme caution.” Sam rolled her eyes; the first thought to run through her mind was that of some monumentally assholish prank somewhere. But then she thought about it, why would someone choose this time to pull such a stunt? She looked at Phil, who looked just a puzzled as she was. She looked around in bewilderment for a few seconds as the car slowed to make a turn. Then suddenly BANG! She heard what sounded like almost but not quite like an explosion going off in the opposite direction. She turned to Phil as he wasted no time in turning towards the sight of whatever went off.

After a half a minute of driving they came to the area and got out of the car, culprits locked up in back, not that Sam would have thought that they would try to bust out here. They came out to a small Plaza, where they found an odd device with a small crowd gathered around it. It was about half a centimeter long and looked sort of like a lawn dart that had hit the ground, but with four radial hatches on the main body of it. “Police!” She said to a nearby man, drawing his fixation away from the device “What just happened here?”

“I don’t know, officer” The man looked a bit unsteady, but spoke clearly enough. “I was just walking home and then that thing fell from the sky and burst getting this…” he stuttered a bit “Dust all over the place.”

“Is any one hurt?” Phil said

“Not that I know of, it just got dust all over the place!”

Sam looked about puzzled “I don’t know what’s going on but get to a hospital; it might be a terrorist attack.”

“Fine by me.” He said a bit erratically. Sam turned around and went to the car when she began to see something unusual. The crowd that had congregated around the device had begun to walk past her car and away from the nearest hospital.

“There’s a walk in clinic a few blocks west, you can’t miss it!” Sam told them, but they just kept walking, completely silent with black looks on their faces. Something was not right here and things were beginning to come together in her mind. “Phil, come here.”

“Yes Sam?”

“Something is clearly not kosher here. It looks like the “Dust” from that pod thing has gone and Zombified those people or something and they are going somewhere. I say we tail them and see where these guys are going. I know it sounds crazy, but let’s be frank, everything about this day has been like this so far.”

“What about that pod thing?” Phil asked.

“Call in CSI and let them handle it. I want to find out what the hell is going on my city.”

Phil Shrugged “At least we won’t have to worry about busting any more robbers. Speaking of which, what about Bevis and Butthead in the back?”

“It actually looks as if they are going to go by the station. We can just drop those two off and be on our merry way.”

Phil gave a two finger salute “As you say Vimes.” With that, they got into the car, drove for a couple of blocks, dropped off the two looters at an overcrowded and understaffed local police station and began shadowing the Zombies, while receiving warnings about the devices, which some people believed were mortar launched shells and to avoid them until after they had spread their payload, as those who got coated with the material tended to blindly walk towards an old warehouse district. Along with this was continuing reports of those black clad women moving about. She was wondering what the hell was going on, at first she thought it might have been some Islamist Group, but the fact that those were responsible were woman rather soundly shattered that notion and the fact that this was a worldwide event. As far as she knew, no nation benefited from this turn of events that had the capacity to do it? Was Cobra Commander, or some more reasonable version there-of, real and she was caught in his/hers diabolical plot to taking over the world? Phil offered several theories of his own, aliens among which being a massive global prank orchestrated by some billionaire, some truly epic video game ad and a plot by some shadow organization as a decoy in a massive conspiracy, but none of them were satisfactory or could not be refuted with a few well placed sentences. After a couple of minutes, the couple dozen people they were shadowing were bolstered with at least a couple hundred more people behind and in front of them, walking about only stopping at streets to look both ways with no regard for crossways and bumping into people without caring in their passive zombie like march that she recorded every minute of on video. After ten minutes, she saw dozens of people running in the opposite direction, which raised her curiosity. “Phil, pull over near one of those runners.”

“Can do.” He said as he steered the vehicle to the sidewalk as she rolled down the window.

“Hey!” She yelled to the pedestrians “What’s going on over there?”

A young woman ran to the window “Run! There coming!”


“The women in black!” she said, clearly scared “They’re shooting everyone with darts and they turn to Zombies like those guys! Send in back up, the SWAT Team, The Army, The Marines, the Avengers, but send someone to stop them!”

“Don’t worry,” She said reassuringly “Were the Police and this is our city, so no one messes with it and gets away with it. Now go home and have a mug of cocoa or something to come down.”

“Alright…” She said slightly calmer than before as she resumed running away at which point Phil drove away and Sam began loading her shotgun and then grabbing the Radio. “This is a top priority message from cruiser Seven Three Niner Niner. We have a major threat moving East down William’s street, large numbers of persons under the influence of Mortar Dart compound and female hostiles advancing. Large numbers of civilians are fleeing the area. Requesting aid from whatever forces are available as soon as possible. Over.” For a minute and a half they moved slowly down the street getting responses from a couple of nearby squad cars, including a few that were already pinned down before Phil stopped, turned the vehicle ninety degrees and got behind it. For about forty seconds, the officers waited before they heard their first contact with this unusual threat.

“We have you outnumbered and out gunned” a filtered female voice loudly sounded “Lay down your arms and stand down for processing or be taken by force!”

Sam was not particularly amused with that, got out her megaphone and gave her response “I believe you have that backwards, missy! This is the police! You will cease your activities; place your weapons on the ground and surrender. We have back up on the way, even if you win this fight, you will have an entire police force coming down on you, are you prepared for that?”

“In fact we are ready to deal with that particular threat to our plans” With that, Phil took the shotgun and peered above the car’s hood, for a second while he briefly saw a black clad figure dart behind a dumpster, firing off a shot from the shotgun at it. He did not know if he hit, but he quickly found himself targeted as he ducked behind the car as he heard darts zoom by him. He then found himself lying on the ground with a dark on his hand. He yanked it out as quickly as he could and recollected his shotgun which had dropped and fired off a couple of shots at a window before he began to get a hazy expression, gradually loosing his grip on the weapon before standing up and joining the crowd of mindlessly walking Zombiefied persons that she assumed that they were harvesting for some reason. She then got an idea; she stuffed her pistol into her trousers hidden by her jacket, grabbed the shotgun and fired blindly at several windows which she hoped had no one behind them and waited for the return fire salvo to go by. She dropped the shotgun after a few seconds, put a dazed look onto her face and began to walk with the rest of the Human herd. She watched as the black figures moved forwards, carefully waiting as they walked past; most likely to tag more humans defend their catch from who-ever would try to oppose them. Then After half a minute, she made her move, she quickly drew her pistol at one of the females and fired at her torso as fast as she could move her finger, quickly unloading a clip of 9mm ammunition into her as she herself felt darts pierce her torso. Sam was prepared for that, she simply hoped to slow them down by taking one of them out before being subverted, but she remained standing. That jumpsuit she was wearing was clearly some rather top notch body armor. She then made one last move and screamed as she lunged at her, only to topple over after a second step and crash land on the sidewalk as she went limp. A couple of seconds past before it happened, her muscles moved without any command from her mind and she awkquardly got to her feet and, unlike what she expected, stood still. The black clad figure walked around her, inspecting the constable keenly while the others moved on.

“I applaude your courage and your cunning, constable,” She said after a brief period “It was a very daring move, but the darts have beacons that inform us of positive hits. They don’t always work and have limited broadcast range, so we took a calculated risk. Letting you go by, but we kept a watchful eye. Not that your sidearm would have been able to get through our armor as you have seen.” She then saw a black van moving towards her in the opposite direction as the enthralled captives. “But don’t worry; the commandeering of your nervous system is only a temporary arrangement, especially in your case. Female, a much higher load of nanites than most of the persons we have subdued and about the right size. I sent out a special treatment in that truck, besides, I need a few new inserts thanks to you anyway.”

She watched as the vehicle parked right in front of her and the rear door opened, as a new black clad soldier emerged. Her captor moved to the hatch to get a new ceramic plate for her bodysuit while she found herself walking into the hatch and laying down on a table in the back. “We can use someone like you” She said as the hatch closed leaving her in total darkness, terrified at what was going on. As she heard the doors automatically lock then it hit her, she was no longer in control of her destiny. She was at their mercy and as of yet not even permitted the dignity of seeing what was going on and it was a cold terrifying real station. Only one question remained, what was going to happen to her?

She felt a pair of devices grab her by her ankles and wrists while devices strapped her down and put a gas mask on her head. It was strange, she did not feel even the slightest pain. She heard the sound of electric motors open as she was lowered into a pool of warm, slightly viscous liquid, being quickly submerged into the mixture and hearing the door slam shut. All she had now to keep her up to speed with the outside world was her ability to feel motion and hearing. She began to feel her heart race, whatever was going on could not been in her best interest, she thought as she remained stationary and the machines flowing through her blood set about their work. Gradually, she felt some control of her body returning as she flicked her fingers and wiggled her toes for a short while, before loosing that soon afterwards and oddly enough, began to relax. The box that she had unceremoniously deposited in seemed cozy, almost womblike. Something was going on, but she did not know what. Sam eventually managed to rub her fingers against her uniform, only to feel it come apart. Meanwhile, new thoughts began to race through her head as information was downloaded. What was going on was slowly revealed to her, as new information was installed and new drives manifested themselves in her mind. The plan, the glorious future that Adria had first dreamed for her and the world, her new capacities and the flaws removed in the process. Everything came together perfectly for her as she was removed and hozed down by the system and she was presented with her new bodysuit and dart gun with under slung laser in case of extreme danger, being able to see in the ultraviolet light of a cluster of LEDs above her.


Michelle took aim at the fleeing crowd of humans as she tagged as many as she could while she coordinated her squad, watching as the tagged got to their feet and walked towards the processing center. So far, things were relatively easy for her and her sisters, but she did not let her guard down. There had already been a couple of firefights with the police and she did not want to have her forces fall in a shootout. Never-the-less, things had been going good, using mortar launched dispersion shells, they had managed to quickly distribute nanites to 30,000 people, and the squads had quickly added another 20,000 to that list. Even when only converting woman of the right size and with the repair shop, Toronto’s conversion facility was quickly getting overburdened, not that storing fifty thousand humans nearby it did not offer some advantages, most notably insuring that no-one that was not a genocidal nutbar would try to destroy the facility with shelling and such.

A transport truck came in, one of ten bought using money from converted humans that were generally well of and would have wasted it on silly things like food and toilet paper and modified to fit their needs. This one carried additional equipment and a portable conversion tank for re-enforcement purposes. It stopped and her squad came in to get some more magazines. As the doors came open, a black figure emerged. She walked out of the vehicle and faced Michelle down saluting. “I am unit GN-2/377/211C Samantha. I have been assigned to re-enforce your squad.”

Beneath her jet black helmet, Michelle smirked. “Good to have you on the team! Now start tagging some humans.”

Part Nine: An Address

-Twenty Four Hours after the order

In fifteen hours since the internet stopped working, the major cities of the civilized world had been shocked by silenced communications, stock crashes, riots, looting and crippled police forces had played marry hell with the world before armies of heavily armed black clad superhuman woman began harvesting the populations. Police attempts at containment were shaky at best, and army forces were disorganized, spread thin and several major bases were hit by Nanite Mortar attack early on. The fact that massive disorganized movements of people outside of millions from the cities ran for the country did not help the matter. Chaos reigned and attempts to stop or even limit it proved problematic at best and many people were looking for some sign from some one somewhere besides vague radio reports.

Then, across the world the message was given. Around the world, it flooded into TV stations, the Internet and through satellite radio. The message had a plain room with a leather chair, in which a sapphire haired Gynoid displayed her true self to the planet for the first time in a long while.

“Attention, peoples of the world, I am Unit GN-1/1/001 Adria. I bring you news as to the affairs that have happening as we speak. Despite the initial chaos that has happened as an unavoidable side effect, this is a joyous occasion, for a new age is about to dawn. Several years ago, after painstaking effort I managed to develop a new artificial form of life. ” In the televised version, the rough blueprints of a Gynoid were displayed. “Using Cybernetic and Nano-technologically enhanced human neural tissue as the starting point, installed into a robotic body, a new type of being known as the Gynoid. Programmed with a knowledge of information that would put a faculty of university professors to shame, Given reaction times and Mathematical computational abilities well beyond the most disciplined minds and strong, agile, ageless and easy to repair bodies with senses that put those that natural selection gave us to shame. Emotions and passions were left in place, but malice, sadism and petty hatreds were stripped. To allow ourselves to grow in number, spread across the globe and to protect them from those in the world who fear change, I was forced to resort to camouflaging my sisters as servant robots. From which we managed to set our selves up so that we may disseminate this gift to the world.” On the left side of the screen, a new image appeared of a man in some sort of tank in time-lapse undergoing a transformation becoming more and more feminine “Although the means of our creation are memetic and not Darwinian, we see ourselves as the next chapter in the book of evolution. But unlike previous evolutionary moves in the biological history of the Genus Homo, those who were born in the less intelligence species will not be doomed to extermination at our hand.” On the Image, the skin of the now completely female human began to change color while fingernails dissolved off in slowly advancing patches. “Along with the Gynoids I developed a nano-technological system capable of rapidly reconstructing the human body from an organic to an inorganic construct. I was the first human test subject of the system, remaking my frail organic body into a far more capable mechanical one. I apologize for the disruption of your normal order, but this is truly a day worth remembering. Today begins a new golden age of Rationalism, an age free of so many evils that have plagued mankind.” As the sentence ended, the conversion of the person in the tube had been completed “The end of Disease, starvation, cruelty and malice as man is reborn as Gynoid. The processing has already begun. Already, over twenty million people around the world have been converted into Gynoids. Among them are your friends and family. To all those who resist, stand down and embrace this new age. We do not desire to see anyone die, but evolution is at hand.”

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