Danni - A Conversion

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As Danni sat in the Cray lab late at night, waiting for her latest calculation to be finished, she failed to notice a small window about a centimeter in diameter briefly flash in the corner of the screen.


Deep within the machine, the operating system core was modified. Danni was too busy reading her printout to notice the screen blank for one second.


In the next room there were faint sounds of machinery. Danni, focused on her error-checking routine, failed to notice them.

Another brief status message flashed: [INTERFACE INITIALIZED]. Moments later, unnoticed by Danni, the door to the core processing room slowly opened. From the crack of the door emerged a thick, heavily wound data cable, somehow seeming to float some feet off the floor, as if prehensile. The end was capped with a cup-like appendage, surrounding a series of four slim metal spines. The cable resolutely targeted and approached Danni, the cup landing on the woman’s neck just below the base of her skull, before she even noticed the intruding presence.

Danni felt only the briefest sting at the base of her neck before the device latched on completely, and the area seemed to go numb. Gasping in shock, she shot up from her chair and reached for her neck, as she whirled around to note the cable trailing back in the depths of the processor core. There was no pain at all, but as she found couldn't budge the bizarre attachment, she began to panic. Unseen, [DEVICE INITIALIZED] flashed briefly on the screen. Just as Danni’s fear was beginning to crescendo, the cable sent out a jolt of energy which stunned her thoughts to silence and caused her entire body to stiffen, knocking the breath from her lungs. Her arms dropped to her sides and she found she could no longer move at all. A bigger window appear on the screen. "Beginning program". In an instant, Danni's panic and confusion was washed away as her body was suffused by an intense warmth and pleasure unlike anything she had ever felt. As her eyes glazed in ecstasy, an involuntary moan escaped her slack mouth. Accompanying the pleasure was a soft, droning hiss that permeated her consciousness, drowning her confusion and commanding her attention as fully as the pleasure that held her body in thrall. Now completely under the machine's control, her body lowered to the floor, as she assumed a crouching posture on her hands and knees. Danni’s body responded to a new command that appeared onscreen: {INITIATE DEVICE INTERFACE] Her face lowered nearly to the floor, and she raised her ass into the air, with her thighs spread wide in a posture of complete submission, as her skirt rode completely up her back. Despite her subjugation, Danni awareness was intact, but thoughts of resistance, objection, simply could not take shape under the onslaught of the machine's code.

Further constuctions entered the room. The first terminated in small scissorlike attachment, which wound between Danni’s spread thighs, only to slip beneath the gusset of her panties, efficiently snipping the cloth, the ends left to hang down between her legs, her pussy exposed to the air. As it withdrew, the third and final appendage entered the room, predictably terminated with a smooth, tapered probe. It seemed to glisten with a slight sheen of lubrication. As it made contact and began to press forward smoothly into Danni's clean-shaven nether lips, Danni's eyes bugged wide at the invasion, her mouth opening wider in soundless cry of pleasure. As it finally seated deep within her, the twin cables that attached her to the mainframe both seemed to pulse with energy, as a progress bar appeared on the screen, slowly beginning its advance. With this, Danni's body began to change.


First a subtle tracing of lines appeared on her exposed flesh, flowing with her curves, and gradually beginning to cluster along her joints and hinting at hinges and separation points, as if the computer were tracing the lines of her body in a drafting program. At the same time, her exposed flesh began to acquire a subtle shine. Again, the power surged, and Danni's body went totally rigid as the changes became more rapid. Her proportions began to shift. Her breasts began to surge in size as they hardened into gleaming domes, ripping completely though her bra and blouse.


Danni's waistline cinched inwards, as her abdomen first rippled, then separated into segmented bands, as her hips and thighs subtly expanded outwards, and her knees and hips both developed pronounced jointed inflections. Her skirt offered no resistance to the swelling of her hardended flesh, ripping cleanly up the sides. Danni’s shoes also gave way as her feet reshaped themselves; her toes fused while her heel developed a pronounced spike, giving the appearance of a high-heeled metal boot.


Danni's flesh acquired a matte coppery sheen, with contrasting areas of highly polished golden accents. The confluence of segmentation and overlapping body panels that developed ever enhanced her appearance of curving feminine softness, even as her flesh grew rigid. As various areas of her new, reshaped body powered up, a blue glow from her internals became visible. Danni felt it all, felt the strangeness as her breath and pulse ceased...felt her humanity recede...felt the surging energy flow into her new systems, and the coiled potential of her new, powerful pneumatics, but was largely beyond caring as the pleasure of the transformation filled her. The soft blue glow began to emanate from her open mouth and eyes.


As the system bombarded her body and mind with instructions for change, the hiss gradually seemed to hint at meaning, instructing her, guiding her mind to accept it's place within the system. Facing the floor, staring at her oustretched hands, she was just able to register with fascination as her arms and hands gradually transmuted into metal, with intricate, precisely articultated metal joints replacing flesh and bone at her fingers and wrists. Her mouth gently closed, her jaw permanently fixing in place, as her face, still hardening, relaxed and assumed a serene, passive expression. Her lips, taking on the appearance of highly polished gold, paradoxically still hinted at a feminine softness. Her vision suddenly went black as her new eyes formed, lidless and glassy, initially blank and black as obsidian. Momentarily her digital irises flashed into life, glowing with the same soft blue glow, as they began scanning her field of vision with enhanced digital clarity, registering as the hair hanging down from her head seemed to dissolve, leaving her with a perfectly smooth cranial shell.


Unnoticed, the progress bar on the terminal monitor reached 100%. Finally the hiss resolved into a stream of absolute data that spoke to her directly, and she understood:


DanniBot32’s consciousness responded with instantaneous acknowledgement. Her body suddenly unlocked from it's rigid posture, as she rose to her feet, still tethered to the machine, her programming allowing her just enough self-awareness to register awe at the precision and grace of her new form. As her pneumatic joints unfurled for the first time, the aural receptors that were now set flush into her gleaming head registered a faint hiss and whine of her mechanics that would barely be perceptible to human ears. Beyond that, there was only service...there was only obedience. She knew her purpose.


Her awareness, her entire sense of self, had merged perfectly and without resistance with her new programming, and her obedience was absolute - the calculated reward of pleasure would always be hers. As she efficiently sloughed the remaining shreds of now useless clothing and undergarments from her form, the thick probe between her legs smoothly withdrew, her now totally synthetic, plastic vaginal entry briefly visible before her panels subtly rearranged, her crotch assuming a completely smooth, polished, unbroken appearance. The cable at her neck also detached with a hiss, leaving behind a ridged, ringed data port through which the familiar blue glow of her internals was faintly visible.

The new DanniBot32 stood at last, a proud, polished metal amazon. She gracefully followed the receding interface cables back into the processor room, and she closed the door behind her. Her blue glow began to fade as she assumed a resting stance, and powered down. Now she would wait.

Some hours later Toni came in to relieve Danni and couldn't find her. Just as she noted with concern Danni's tipped-over desk chair, and what appeared to be shredded clothing on the floor, she heard a soft, synthetic voice speak from behind her.


As Toni whirled around, Danni pointed a finger towards her charge, releasing a sharp energy bolt that caused Toni’s legs to buckle, momentarily rendering her immobile. Danni crouched low, efficiently lifting the Toni’s inert form, and carrying her back to the processor core. After undressing her, she set the slowly rousing Toni on the floor and began her preparations. As Toni, only beginning to regain control over her muscles, struggled into a corner, Danni drew close, peering into Toni’s face with beautiful, immobile features. In spite of her fear, Toni could not help but be fascinated by the intricate, searching blue irises that scanned and studied Toni’s face, seeming to hint at sapience, even recognition behind the impassive facade. “Danni?” she weakly intoned.

Danni’s soft, synthetic voice responded: “do.not.be.afraid”.

“it.will.be.quick.Toni. the.system.does.not.want.you.to.suffer. you.are.needed.”

From a pair of apertures in Danni’s upper back, a pair of conversion cables emerged.

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