Cyberknight Dreams

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On this warm evening in August. A young man in his late 20s returns from an evening out on the town. Lucky for Jake Brytestar he had a limo and he was driven home. Of course he is clearly attractive that short black hair and brown eyes as well as a fair complexion and an athelic build the 6' 3" frame completed his physical appearance. He took off his blue shirt and short as soon as he got to his room to relax. His summer home in Northern Michigan near Alpena was big even if it was on a island. He looked up at the ceiling.

Jake: Yuko, how much time is left for me to sober up and begin hosting the small gathering?

A voice is heard from out of nowhere..

?: 120 minutes or 2 hours.....give or take a few minutes..

Jake: Not much time I need a detox pill Yuko.

Just then a woman a few inches shorter and wearing a revealing french-maid out with short shoulder-length black hair with purple eyes walked into Jake's room with a tray with water and the requested item. However one feature that stands out is her sliver complexion. She looks at Jake as he sits up.

Yuko: These are Level 2 detox pills it should work to full effect when in an hour.

Jake: Prepare the hot tub.

Yuko: Understood Mr. Brytestar...

As Yuko turned and left Jake consumes the pills and the water after it. He rests for 15 minutes after he was notified that the hot-tub was filled and ready. He went downstairs and got into the tub. He loved this moment in which he can just fall asleep in it and it happened several times before. However Jake just needed to get his stimina back. The water got to his shoulders as he sat down.

Now Jake Brytestar is the most famous athlete on the planet. He mastered several sports like soccer, football, baseball, basketball and even bowling. But his social life wasn't as exciting and you can say it got started way back in high school. Jake was popular and rich however he felt that most of the girls he dated were outright golddiggers and he knew it. Norms mostly but he dated an alien from outside the solar system who went under the name Diana Star however that was short lived when she was discovered and had to return home. Only an object that looks like a crystal ball on Jake's desk in the study was the only remnant remaining from the time that he and Diana spent together. Its been nearly 14 years ago and he only heard from Diana once in all that time. Jake thought she violated some rule and was paying the penalty for that.

Jake's time in the hot-tub ended way too quickly. He got out, dried off and made his way upstair to put on another shirt and short outfit with slippers. Since this was an informal gathering and he was hosting it. The detox pills finally kicked in. Yuko was already setting things up and with another hour remaining things were going smoothly. Jake decided the card games. He went to the living as Yuko prepared the table and the chairs as well. Jake loved sitting at the head of the table. So his favorite chair was set. Yuko really worked with effienciency as she smiled at him.

Jake: Excellent Yuko with time to spare what's your power level at?

Yuko: I'm at 20% power in this mechashell Master Jake.

Jake: Place Cindy online before you recharge the guys seem to have a thing for her.

Yuko: I noticed not just her but Danielle and Kari.

Jake: The silver complexions are exotic. Cynthia can be the maid and Kari can be security and I'm having Dani monitor your systems.

Now Yuko was happy that another gynoid was to make sure that she recharged without incident. Yuko went to the basement command center. She closed her eyes and electronically transmitted Jake's orders. Yuko then activated her recharge cubicle and fell asleep inside. The other three woke up from their chambers. Dani, the redhead went to the control panel and sat in one of the chairs. Cynthia or Cindy as she prefers to be called had blond hair and sky-blue eyes. Finally Kari who has the same hair as Yuko but she has red eyes and an amazon build was the last to reboot.

Dani: Well Master Jake is wise even though I'll be trapped down here all night.

Kari: Hey I'll be right here with you. It'll be Cindy that Master Jake's friends will be hungry over.

Cindy: Hey! I'm just going to be the get the snacks and drinks and maybe catch a story.

Dani: Whatever how you and Yuko have that french maid outfit fetish is beyond me. Anyway I got to montior Yuko.

While Dani and Kari remained in the basement. Cindy changed into her french maid outfit and went upstairs. Since Yoshi the bulter was gone all week the task fell to the others in making sure they everything on the domestic front was in order.

Jake: My guests will be here in a few minutes. I got a few Cyberknight stories so it'll tie them over for a week.

Cindy: (giggles) More of our adventures being retold like the senshi of Japan.

Jake: Well more like the altered version. They'll never believe the 'real' story anyway.

Cindy: Can you make Cyberknight Bluewater the ultimate hero instead of Cyberknight Redfire?

Jake: I'll concider that.

Dani/Kari: We heard that!

Cindy: (sweatdrop) I'll begin the final preparations. (leaves)

A few minutes later Jake's friends arrived and Cindy escorts them to the family room. Jake enters and sits at his favorite chair.

Jake: Gordon, Tim and Larry its been awhile. You remember Cindy?

Tim was staring at her chest while Gordon and Larry sat down.

Tim: Oh I remember nice to meet you again Cindy. You never called me back..

Cindy: I was busy.

Jake: *Oh brother and he thought I had wondering eyes!*

Tim: Oh sorry guys so what's the first game?

Jake: Poker.

Jake deals out the cards and after a couple of games Gordon spoke up.

Gordon: I read online that there was some crimefighting team in town.

Tim: Yeah the ones that look like cheerleaders with bows on the back of them right.

Larry: Yeah...called themselves Cyberknights.

Tim: I was hoping that they were robot kung-fu cheerleaders from dimesion Z.

All: Tim!!!

Tim: I had to get that in there. They got silver paint all over them only one of them is a guy but the rest are gals!

Larry: Yeah the guy acts like a commander or something and the others follow their orders and the like.

Gordon: I heard you know this commander Jake.

Jake: Actually I talk to him thru a go between. He's rather secretive but he did authorize me to release another tale. After a game of go fish I'll tell ya.

Tim: Those women Cyberknights are sooo dreamy.

The other just shook their heads it look like Tim wanted more than a story. Gordon won all the go-fish games as time for the tale is at hand...

(End Of Part 1)

The four gentlemen finished their last go-fish game and took a brief break. Tim was in dreamland when the women Cyberknights were mention.

Tim: That Commander must lucky...Hey where's Cindy we need some more lemonade.

Almost on cue Cindy appeared as she fills up the gentlemen's glasses and Tom was in awe.

Larry: Honestly Tim youre acting like a frat guy.

Jake: Now Lar, leave him alone and let him have its fun. Thanks Cynthia.

Cindy: Youre welcome...

The gents sat at the table once more. Jake begins to relay the latest story.

Jake: Ok....So the Cyberknight were all recharged and installed the latest firewall software to prevent the evil Dr. Virus into turning them into puppets.

Tom: They're androids? Like circuits and relays?!

Jake: Yes ANDROIDS like Terminator, Cherry 2000, Buffybot and MegaMan X....Need I say more.

Tom: Oh man can't they be windup dolls?

All: Tom!

(Kari giggles slightly from her security station.)

Jake: So Commander Cyberstar and his Cyberknights head to Dr. Virus' latest hideout battling metal scorpions and metal cheerleaders..

Tom: Evil cheerleaders? This Dr. Virus must be a sports fan like you JB.

All: Tom!

Jake: Rumor has it that Commander Cyberstar fought Dr. Virus while the others were Dr. Virus' battle cheerleaders of evil.

Larry: Hmmm...

Gordon: Well thought exactly Lar...

Tom: Not the cheerleaders of evil!

All: Tom!

Jake: What I heard is that Dr. Virus had the ultimate weapon.

Tom: What is it?

Jake: It's getting late maybe next time.

Tom: No fair!

Jake: Next week gents I'm not feeling too well.

Jake escorts his friends to the door as Cindy cleans up the room.

Cindy: Master....Do you plan to embellish the story?

Jake: Just a little anyway is Yuko back online?

Cindy: not for another hour..

Jake: Ok anyway I'll be turning in now.

Cindy: I understand.

Meanwhile on a distant island a mad scientist is looking at his computer.

MS: Blast those Cyberknights!!!! I could have reprogrammed them to serve me! No matter I got the ultimate secret weapon! I, Dr. Virus shall rule this planet and then the universe!

Dr. Virus looks at a man-sized capsule and grins...

Dr. Virus: Soon my pretty I'll remove those pesky Cyberknights! They will be flies!

<Dr. Virus laughs evilly as the scene fades.>

(End of Part 2)

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