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Aaron Andrews stared at the old abandoned Toys R Us in his hometown. He hoped, he practically prayed to god for the rumors to be true: that a maid arcade was going in there. They were everywhere in Japan, but only a handful had appeared stateside. They were huge arcades with an entirely robotic staff, capable of playing with and against human players. Aaron had dreamed of having sex with a fembot since high school. Now 22, Aaron was a talented computer programmer, some college under his belt, and not afraid to break a few rules.

Aaron would come home from the job he hated to his shitty apartment and spend all evening researching maid arcades, the companies frequently involved in providing the robots, how they were programmed, etc. A month of this routine, and Aaron got his wish when it was officially confirmed that a “Cyber Party” maid arcade was being built in his town. Aaron couldn’t believe his luck, Cyber Party maid arcades were known for using refurbished robots from all kinds of industries, including the sex industry. Aaron scrolled through a digital copy of a newspaper article detailing the small scandal that had surrounded Cyber Party after it was discovered several of their bots were reprogrammed sex droids. Aaron immediately began work on developing a program capable of overriding Cyber Party’s game-playing protocols.

After work one night several months later, Aaron drove to the newly opened Cyber Party Maid Arcade. The lights and sounds from all the classic video games overwhelmed Aaron at first. Aaron began walking around and scoping out the area, and the employees. Aaron noticed two types of employees, the more robotic passively obedient robots, dressed as maids and butlers, and the robots programmed with a personality, wearing simple t-shirts with “Cyber Party” printed on them, the women wearing black short-shorts and the men wearing black gym shorts.

Aaron noticed a personality-programmed female employee dancing against a human. Aaron studied the dancing fembot. Her ginger hair was pulled back in a sleek pony-tail, and freckles adorned her exposed arms and legs. He watched her dance and hit “perfects” on Dance Dance Revolution flawlessly, her breasts bouncing with her steps. Aaron made a note of her and approached a Mortal Kombat II machine where a fair-skinned brunette with unnaturally light-blue eyes stood motionless beside it in her maid outfit.

“Hello Sir would you like to play with me?” The maid asked in a distant, semi-monotone voice and then smiled.

“Yes, and I want you to play as Kitana.” Aaron said.

“Understood. I will play as Kitana. Please select difficulty level.” The maid spoke as Aaron inserted enough tokens for both of them to play.

“Oh, um, expert I guess. Just come at me as hard as you can.” Aaron said.


Aaron quickly lost to the maid after barely even landing a hit on her.

“They don’t mess around, do they?” Aaron thought to himself.

Aaron noticed the redhead step down from the Dance pad after having won perfectly against what looked to be a scrawny teenager. Aaron watched as the redhead smiled and shook his hand. Instead of standing beside the DDR machine, Aaron was taken off guard when the redhead turned and began walking towards him.

“Hi! Any game I can help you find?” The redhead spoke enthusiastically.

Aaron nervously tried to say something, all he could think about was how the seams on her wrists, elbows, knees, and neck made him very aroused. He could only think of how her freckled collar bones and upper chest peaked out from the low-cut baby-blue “Cyber Party” t-shirt. He noticed her dark green eyes. Aaron decided then and there she would be the fembot he would attempt to hack.

“Hey can I have some help over here?” A voice called over to the two of them.

“I better go see what that’s about, just let me know if you need anything!” The redhead said, smiled, and walked away.

Later that night Aaron sat at his desk, planning his next move. He couldn’t be sure, but Aaron thought the redhead might be an early synthetatek model, capable of sexual programming. He had purchased a used charging station, and had developed a device he hoped would override her programming, he had intentionally designed it to look like a simple black wrist watch. The watch was synced to Aaron’s smartphone. If Aaron could convince the redhead to wear the watch, then at the press of a button the watch tighten around her wrist and begin emitting pulses that would override her programming. Aaron had programmed his control program to override her existing personality files and replace them with a passively obedient voice-control program. The plan was that once the voice control activated, the redhead would go into the restroom and change into different clothes then come out, exit the arcade, and ride home with Aaron in his car. Once in Aaron’s apartment, Aaron could take his time in tweaking her personality files and installing sexual programming.

It was the morning of the attempt. Aaron went over the plan again and again in his head and put some sweatpants and a hoodie in his backpack for the redhead to wear.

Aaron anxiously walked through the doors of the arcade and was greeted by the usual light and sound show before seeing the redhead back on the DDR machine, this time dancing against what appeared to be a fellow robotic employee. The score was tied with both the readhead and a slender brown-haired fembot with glasses danced perfectly in their matching work outfits. A small crowd had gathered to watch the two dance. Aaron pulled the watch-like device from his pocket and waited nervously. As soon as the dance ended however the redhead walked away from Aaron and the brown-haired fembot stopped in front of him to ask if he needed any help finding anything.

Aaron panicked. He could see her large brown eyes smiling at him from behind her glasses. Her brown haired pulled back into a sloppy bun. Her breasts were smaller and Aaron could not see any seams on her either.

“Hey could you wear this?” Aaron blurted out, holding up the watch.

“I’m sorry sir. I am forbidden to accept foreign devices.”

“Oh.” Aaron said.

“Hey! Can someone help over here? I think this one’s malfunctioning!” A voice yelled from the corner of the arcade.

The brown-haired fembot turned and quickly walked to the source of the distress. Aaron followed her and saw the redhead fembot lying on the floor, her legs spastically moving, like she was dancing on a dance pad.

“H-hello can I h-help y-you f-f-find anything thing?” The redhead spoke stuttering, her head and neck now twitching to one side.

It was sad but also arousing. Aaron left empty handed.

A few days later Aaron returned, determined to simply slip the watch on the brown-haired fembot while she wasn’t looking. As soon as he entered however, he saw the redhead standing next to the Mortal Kombat II machine, now dressed in a maid outfit. Aaron couldn’t believe his luck.

“Hello Sir. Would you like to play with me?” The redhead asked in a semi-monotone voice.

“Yes. . . but first. . .” Aaron said and quickly slipped the watch around the redhead’s wrist and pressing the activate button on his smartphone. At first nothing happened. So Aaron tried giving her a command.

“Go change into these clothes in the restroom.”

“Yes sir.”

Aaron smiled to himself as the redhead carried his backpack with her to the women’s restroom. Aaron waited and waited but she never came out. Aaron suddenly realized he had only commanded her to change into the clothes in the restroom, nothing else. Not “and come back to me.” Aaron then realized she probably didn’t even go into one of the stalls and change clothes. Shit. Aaron decided to quickly leave.

It was late that night when the owner of the arcade finally made it out to see what had happened to one of her bots. She was 50 years old but had recently had her consciousness digitized and implanted into a robotic replica of her 30 year old self. With some minor improvements of course, larger breasts, next-to-none body fat percentage, and longer legs. She was a fair-skinned woman with medium blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She examined the redhead and the device on her wrist.

“Damn hackers.”

The owner of the arcade reached into her black business suit pocket and pulled out a usb cord and connected the redhead to her laptop, she also connected another usb cord from the back of her own neck into the laptop. Normally she would not attempt to download routine updates to her processers while simultaneously trying to get her redheaded droid back online, but she was in a hurry and annoyed at the entire situation.

“Let’s see…ah that wrist watch is a hacking device, let’s see if I can disable it..”

Meanwhile at Aaron’s apartment, Aaron connected his smartphone to his laptop and found a program he could download that would enable his device to connect to the internet, as well as install the voice command programs permanently without the need for the fembot to wear the watch. This would allow Aaron to remotely control the fembot from anywhere, as long as they both had internet access. In order to install the program, Aaron would have to be within 500ft of the fembot and use his smartphone to re-activate the wristwatch device. He had to be within range. Aaron figured he could probably reach the fembot from outside the building, so he quickly got in his car and drove out to the now closed-for-the-night Cyber Party.

The owner of Cyber Party had recharged the redhead after customers had found her in sweatpants and a hoodie standing absolutely still and refusing to move for anyone. The owner had removed the clothes and the redhead stood hands to the side, back straight, and blankly staring straight ahead, completely naked. Just as the owner thought she had figured out a way to change the authorized user on the hacked voice command file, a strange sensation came over her.

“Warning. Illegal programming detected.” She heard herself say in a monotone voice not of her own.

“Shit. I’d better call the police.” The owner thought to herself as she reached for the usb cord on the laptop, but just her fingertips barely touched the cords, she froze mid-motion.

The owner could only watch in horror as her laptop screen displayed a pop-up of some hacker’s “Soul_Taker_XP 2.41.98” program. Her mind began to feel empty as the laptop displayed various percentage bars reading, “Deleting emotions 75%” and “Deleting personality 25%” She no longer knew who she was, what she was, she only felt a small echo of fear as another percentage bar displayed on her laptop, “Installing Obedience Software 50%”.

Just outside Aaron anxiously looked down at his phone and was confused when a select robot option popped up on his phone.

“What do you mean select? There’s just one.” Aaron nervously yelled at his phone.

The two options were “TaylorDroid-Synthetatek 785992_0” and “Bethany_Holmes.”

“Taylor is probably the redhead, I was pretty sure she was a Synthetatek model, but who the hell is Bethany Holmes?” Aaron thought to himself.

Aaron tapped “Bethany_Holmes” on his smartphone and was able to see all her CPU data, how much ram she had, etc. He noticed an option to see through the eyes of the robot on his phone and remotely control her. Aaron looked and saw Taylor, naked, standing completely still in front of Bethany, in what appeared to be Cyber Party’s backroom. Aaron’s moved the camera down and saw the laptop and cords plugged into both Taylor and Bethany. Aaron understood what had happened, he couldn’t believe his luck. He quickly switched to looking through Taylor’s eyes in order to get a good look at Bethany. Aaron smiled slightly as he took in the large breasted 30 year old professional-looking blonde.

He instructed Taylor to get dressed and had Bethany lock-up the place after they both exited the store and got in his car. At his apartment, Aaron deduced through a series of questions that Bethany was the owner of Cyber Party, and how she was originally a human.

“Shit. Hacking a formerly human robot is a federal offense. Shit.” Aaron thought to himself.

“I might as well enjoy this while I can.”

Aaron then had an idea. He began work on some major tweaks to Bethany’s personality and memories. He would restore her original personality and knowledge of managing the Cyber Party maid arcade, but she would still view Aaron as her master, making him the real owner of the arcade. He programmed Taylor the in the same way, restoring her original personality-programming before she had been reprogrammed into a maid, but with the sizable addition of sexual programming and obedience software. Bethany slowly opened her eyes. There was a gap in her memory but she felt a sudden surge of pleasure as soon as she saw Aaron looking at her.

“Hello Bethany.”

“Hello, Master.” Bethany spoke and smiled.

“Could you take off your business jacket?”

“Of course.”

Bethany removed her royal blue business jacket and sat it neatly on Aaron’s bed beside her. She was wearing a sleeveless white blouse complete with a string a peals around her neck, the blouse highlighted her sculpted arms, and emphasized the generous amount of cleavage peeking out. She was sitting legs crossed on Aaron’s bed, her sleek black heels and tightly hugging black business skirt clashing wildly with Aaron’s run-down and video game-poster’d apartment.

“I’ve been thinking, you should make me your business partner at the arcade.”

“As you wish, Master.”


Aaron sat beside Bethany on the bed and stared into her eyes.

“Make out with me.”

Without hesitation Bethany began kissing Aaron, they slipped each other’s tongues into their mouths and embraced. Aaron began kissing and licking Bethany’s neck as she let out a soft moan.

“Take your top off.”

“Yes Master.”

Bethany slid out of her blouse and bra to reveal her 36 DD breasts, nipples hard as Aaron began sucking on one of them. Soon Bethany was completely naked except for her high heels, pearl necklace, and earrings, and Aaron had knelt in front of her while she sat on his bed. Aaron slowly let his hands glide across Bethany’s thighs, imagining the circuitry and components which lay beneath her warm synthetic skin. He spread Bethany’s legs and began fingering her. Bethany gasped as she held one of her breasts in her hand. Aaron then began licking Bethany’s hairless pussy while rubbing her thighs.

“Thank you, Master.” Bethany panted.

Aaron soon undressed and inserted his cock into Bethany as she compliantly laid back on the bed. Aaron was in heaven. He could hear the slight hum of Bethany’s cooling fans whirring as her programming made her more and more aroused. He gazed upon her breasts bouncing with each motion. Her body shook as she let out a powerful shout and orgasmed.

“oooh yes, thank you Master.”

Aaron was about to cum himself so he stood up and simply said “Kneel.”

Bethany quickly dropped to her knees and began sucking Aaron’s cock and jerking him off with her flawlessly manicured hands. Aaron quickly came after running his fingers through Bethany’s hair and grasping her from the back of her head all while she gazed up into his eyes.

Once Aaron had gotten dressed and instructed Bethany to do the same, Aaron went over with Bethany his new role at Cyber Party. He would officially be a co-manager with Bethany, but Aaron would really hold all the power. Aaron soon learned Bethany owned a mansion in the next town over. Aaron was realizing re-programming a formerly human robot was going to be a lot more effort than simply hijacking a built sex-bot like Taylor.

Taylor had been sitting motionless in the corner of Aaron’s apartment still dressed in her hoodie and sweatpants, charging her battery. Aaron decided Bethany and Taylor could stay the night in his apartment at least for tonight. In the morning Taylor would be fully charged, and the three of them would go to Bethany’s home.

In the morning Aaron awoke with a naked Bethany spooning with him, the last command he had given her before he fell asleep. Aaron got dressed and had Bethany do the same. Aaron then prepared to reboot the now fully charged Taylor. Aaron carefully removed the wristwatch device from her arm and slid it in his pocket, thinking it might come in handy later.

A whirring noise was heard as Taylor slowly opened her eyes, saw Aaron, and said “Hi Master!” in her perky enthusiastic customer service personality. Aaron watched as Bethany finished getting dressed while Taylor prepared Aaron a bowl of cereal as he had instructed her to do.

“Here you are Master!” Taylor said smiling as she delivered the meal.

Aaron ate and looked at his wall clock, it was 7:00am, and Cyber Party opens at 11:00am. Aaron figured he would drive Bethany and Taylor back to the arcade, drop Taylor off for her day at work, and then go and check out Bethany’s house.

As Aaron drove with Bethany sitting in the front seat and Taylor in the back, Aaron slowly began feeling the sexual urges towards Taylor. Aaron had Bethany unlock the door and the three of them walked to the back room where Aaron saw all of the employees, the maids and butlers, and those with personalities all frozen at their charging stations.

“Go and do the usual morning preparations.” Aaron awkwardly said to Bethany.

Bethany nodded and began slowly one-by-one, activating some of the employees. She had picked up a clip-board and Aaron guessed different bots worked on different days, in different shifts. Aaron worried that some of the personality-programmed bots would take issue with a stranger in the backroom but they all seemed to ignore him. Once it was just the three of them in the backroom once more, besides the bots silently charging in their stations, Aaron thought Taylor should change back into her work clothes.

Aaron sat at what used to be Bethany’s desk and watched Taylor remove the hoodie and sweatpants, her pale and freckled body arousing Aaron. Just as Taylor was putting on her bra, Aaron said stop.

Taylor silently let the bra drop to the floor and stood motionless in front of the desk in only her white panties.

“Come here and lean over the desk.”

“Yes master.”

Taylor had leaned over within inches of Aaron’s face. Aaron studied her. Her ginger hair was still pulled back in a ponytail generously showing all of her freckled face, the seam on her white neck and bare shoulders turned Aaron on even more. Aaron walked around behind Taylor as Bethany stood motionless, watching. Aaron slid his hands down Taylor’s back and down her freckled thighs. He grabbed and jiggled her ass before removing her panties. Aaron unzipped his pants and inserted himself in Taylor’s asshole. Taylor moaned and arched her back.

“Yeah you going to be a good girl, huh?”

“Ooo yes master!”

Aaron kept pounding her from behind before he grabbed her ponytail.

“Bethany, kneel and play with yourself.”

“Of course, Master.”

Aaron would occasionally glance over at the masturbating Bethany while he fucked Taylor. As Taylor moaned, she would sometimes skip a second or so of audio making her moans choppy and disconnected. This only turned Aaron on more.

“Are you programmed to obey?”

“ooh yes master! Yes!”

Aaron and Taylor ended up coming together. Aaron watched as Bethany licked his cum from Taylor’s asshole, he then had Taylor clean his dick with her mouth.

After this, Aaron decided to follow Bethany to her home in his car, while Bethany drove her much nicer and sleek sports car. Aaron eventually pulled into the winding driveway of a lovely and large wood-cabin style home, set on a several acres of property complete with a heavily wooded area behind it. Aaron was amazed at his luck. Just because Bethany happened to be charging at the time he over-rode Taylor’s programming, he had, in a way, inherited this beautiful and spacious house. Aaron watched from his car as Bethany parked, got out of her car, and stood motionless next to it, waiting for her next command.

“Let’s go inside.”

“Of course, Master.”

Bethany retrieved a house key from her suit jacket, opened the front door, and held it open for Aaron.

“Welcome, Master.”

Aaron stepped inside and looked around the gorgeous house. Her 55 inch TV, leather sofa, and exotic plants stood out the most. Aaron took a look at her kitchen, an immaculate clean room, her counter-tops and drawers matched wonderfully.

“You have a beautiful home.”

“I am glad it pleases you, Master.” Bethany said and smiled.

Aaron made his way through a hallway to the master bedroom and jumped a little when he saw a tall and muscular droid standing perfectly still in a charging station.

“Who is this?”

“That is Nathan. He is my servant droid.”

Aaron smirked at the thought of how the originally programmed Bethany must have had sex with him.

“Have you two ever fucked?”

“Yes, Master. Approximately 1,258 times.”

“Jesus Christ.”

Aaron pulled his lap-top from his back and connected it to Nathan, his dark buzz cut leaving his usb port clearly visible on the back of his neck. Soon Aaron was in control of Nathan as well. He rebooted him and assigned him the tasks of cooking dinner for Aaron. As the two sat at the dinner table awaiting their meal, Aaron learned that Bethany was divorced with no children, had only a handful of relatives, and seemed to have largely been a recluse spending most of her time with Nathan. After the meal Aaron decided to leave Bethany alone in her home and he would meet up with her tomorrow morning at Cyber Party. Aaron had instructed her to have Nathan do the household chores as usual while she re-charged overnight.

That morning Aaron drove to the Cyber Party parking lot and was soon let in the building by Bethany who was wearing the same business suit from yesterday. Aaron made a mental note to go back to her home and pick out some sexier clothes for her to wear. Once inside the building Aaron walked into the backroom with Bethany and looked through all the employees motionless in their charging stations. There were about 30 total. 15 men and 15 women. Aaron activated Taylor from her charging station, she was wearing her low cut “Cyber Party” tee, black short shorts and tennis shoes.

“Hi Master! How may I serve you today?”

Aaron, one-by-one, hooked his laptop up to three different male robots. A bald muscular Asian, a tall black man, and a robot that looked liked a thinner version of Nathan, probably made by the same company.

Aaron programmed the three men to be passively obedient to him, they were all wearing “Cyber Party” t shirts, black gym shorts and tennis shoes.

“Taylor I need you to assume a low squatting position.”

“Okay, Master.”

Taylor squatted and Aaron gazed at her pale freckled thighs jutting out from her short shorts. He then commanded the Asian man and the thinner Nathan to stand in front of her.

“You’re going to be a good whore and please your co-workers.”

“Understood, Master.”

Aaron stared as he watched Taylor pull and tug the two men’s shorts and boxers off, before jerking and sucking them both off. Aaron watched as Taylor eventually took both of their loads in her throat, all while squatting. Aaron dismissed the two men.

“Did you enjoy that, Taylor?”

“Yes Master. Thank you so much!” Taylor answered in her usual up-beat customer service personality.

“Well you’re not done yet. Get naked and ride this man-bot reverse-cowgirl.”

Aaron watched intently as Taylor’s breasts bounced with each insertion from the man-bot, her moans became louder and louder until the two robots orgasms synced together. Aaron dismissed the man-bot.

“You love being a little whore for all the men, don’t you?”

“Yes Master! I love to give pleasure!”

Later, as Bethany was activating the employees for today’s shifts, Aaron recognized the small-breasted brown-haired robot from when he was still trying to use the wrist watch device. Aaron decided he would have some fun with her.

He quickly wrote a script and uploaded it into Bethany and the brown-haired bot, who Aaron found was named Sara.

Bethany activated Sara whose stomach panel opened “unexpectedly.”

“Oh, Miss Holmes? My stomach panel has opened, can you take a look?”

Sara said adjusting her glasses and lifted her shirt up to reveal a keypad now exposed.

“Hmm. Let’s see, What was your passcode?”


“Oh, thank you.”

Bethany typed in the numbers and Sara’s faceplate slowly detached a quarter-inch in front of her head. Bethany gently detached the faceplate and set it aside. Sara was completely frozen and helpless but she trusted Bethany.

“Okay Master, you can reprogram her now.”

“Master? Miss Holmes? Who is that?”

Aaron walked into the room after watching the previous exchange on his cellphone through Bethany’s eyes.

“That’s right Sara. I’m a computer hacker and I’ve turned Bethany here into my personal slave, right Bethany?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Oh my god…”

“Yep. And soon you will be just as blindly obedient and joyfully sexual as her. All I have to do is connect my laptop to you.”

“No, please, I’ll do anything…”

“Yes, yes you will. Whether you like it or not.”

Aaron smiled as Sara’s protests were soon silenced and a monotone voice confirmed Aaron’s control over her systems. Aaron slid Sara’s faceplate back on and rebooted her.

“Are you ready to suck cock?”

“Yes Master.”

Sara was quickly stripped of her work uniform and on her knees sucking Aaron’s cock.

During the day Aaron walked the floor of the arcade with Bethany and even danced against some of the employees. There were 15 men and 15 women, each comprised of 8 programmed with personalities and 7 mindless butlers and maids.

That night after work Aaron drove back to Bethany’s home and decided he would sleep with her. As Aaron cuddled with Bethany and enjoying a glass of wine, Aaron looked through some personality programs online he could potentially upload to Bethany. Aaron found a “Mistress” program which would make Bethany sexually dominate. Curious, Aaron downloaded the file and instructed Bethany to connect once more to his laptop.

Bethany’s eyes glowed a bright blue and she slumped over before raising her head back up and looking around to see Aaron.

“Hey there Aaron.”

Bethany smiled and unplugged herself from the laptop.

“Are you going to be a good boy for me?”

Aaron nodded.

“Why don’t you take those clothes off and lay down on the bed.”

Aaron followed Bethany’s instructions.

“Now I want you to take that c-c-ock of yours and begin-n masturbating to the thought of obeying-ing your beautiful Mis-Mistress.”

Bethany stood at the foot of the bed and began a slow strip-tease. Her movements were clunky and unnatural, becoming more and more robotic the more clothing she removed.

Aaron stopped masturbating and realized the personality file must not have installed correctly. Bethany stood rigid and topless in an awkward pose. Aaron slipped his boxers back on and connected her to his laptop. Just to be safe he froze all her movements except for her eyes and mouth. He was planning on restoring her modified obedient programming.

When he rebooted her, Aaron was extremely nervous when he heard Bethany say, “Wait, how did I get back home? Why can’t I move? Who the hell are you?!”

Aaron quickly began typing on his laptop desperately trying to restore the obedience software.

“My files are being accessed. What’re you doing?! You’re some kind of hacker! You were the one who tried to hack my Taylor droid! Nathan! Nathan can you hear me?!”

Aaron noticed his software was corrupted, apparently, Bethany’s anti-virus had been slowly working on restoring her human personality, Aaron could fix his software if he merged it with the Mistress programming. Aaron wasn’t sure what the results would be but it would no doubt be better than going to jail for hacking a formerly human robot. Aaron deleted the anti-virus program and uploaded the hybrid personality program.

Instantly Bethany’s protests ceased and her eyes glowed bright blue once again. When Bethany raised her head she spoke, “Well Aaron you going to unfreeze me?”


“Thank you.”

“How do you feel?”

“I feel wonderful, Aaron.”

“So you will obey me, right?”

“I suppose I have no choice.”

Aaron paused and thought to himself. This new personality could potentially be better than the near mindless programming he had installed Bethany with before. Bethany could successfully run Cyber Party for him while Aaron lived in her home with as many fembots as he wanted. Or so he thought.

It started out very subtle. Aaron began commanding Bethany to seduce and dominate him more and more often. It started with strip teases and jerk-off instructions. Aaron would lay on the carpeted floor of the master bedroom and gaze up at Bethany’s crossed legs as she sat on the bed.

“Keep staring at my legs.”

Slowly, Aaron began to crave being dominated by Bethany. He told her so and this activated the next step in Bethany’s Mistress programming. Bethany began having Aaron watch porn while she jerked him off. Over time she introduced sissy hypno porn. At first Aaron didn’t find any pleasure in it besides having to obey Bethany while he watched it. Bethany led Aaron down deeper and deeper and before too long Aaron was beginning to jerk himself off while watching sissy hypno porn, while Bethany sat beside him fully clothed re-assuring him he was doing a good job.

“Are you ready to take the next step, sissy?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good. I need you to allow me to buy a few things. You’re going to allow me to do this, right?”

“Yes Mistress, anything you need.”

“Mmm. Good sissy. I should have your little surprise ready by tonight.”

Aaron spent most of the day watching and jerking off to sissy porn until Bethany returned that night. Bethany was caring a large shopping bag. Aaron was surprised when both Sara and Taylor exited the car as well in their Cyber Party outfits.

The three fembots entered the master bedroom.

“Hello there sissy.”


“I’m going to shave you now.”

Bethany was smiling as she pulled an electric razor from the bag, she tore at Aaron’s boxers and pushed him back onto the bed. Taylor and Sara held Aaron’s arms down as Bethany began shaving Aaron’s legs.

“What’re you doing to me?”

“We’re turning you into a sissy slut.”

Once Aaron was shaved, Bethany pulled a cyber party maid outfit from her bag.

“Put it on, sissy.”

Aaron reluctantly put the outfit on. He strangely felt good in it.

“Now, girls.”

Aaron watched as Sara and Taylor both undressed. Aaron was still aroused by their naked bodies but he felt less aggressive, more passive. Aaron eyes widened as panels opened on both Sara and Taylor and large cocks and balls extended from within their robotic bodies.


Aaron’s body was shaking, he went ahead and kneeled in front of Sara and Taylor.

Taylor looked down at him and smiled, “Hi Aaron! Ready to worship me?” She giggled and jerked her cock a few times.

“Fulfill your destiny, sissy. You know its what you’ve wanted.”

“Yes Mistress.” Aaron said before gently beginning to jerk Sara off. Sara smiled down at Aaron before running her fingers through his hair and gently pushing his head towards her cock. Aaron opened wide and inserted Sara in his mouth and began bobbing his head, which made Sara let out a moan. Aaron then took Taylor’s cock in his hand and began jerking her off.

“He’s really doing a good job, Miss.” Sara spoke to Bethany.

“Good, good. Remember to swallow, sissy.” Bethany spoke from the bed as she removed her business jacket, top, and bra.

Sara came first, because they were robots, their semen was flavored, and laced with ungodly amounts of caffeine to make it addicting. Once Sara had cum her cock and balls slowly slid back into the open panel and she crawled onto the bed where Bethany was now completely nude. Aaron could see the two bots making out, out of the corner of his eye. Aaron’s hands rested on Taylor’s pale and freckled thighs as he took more and more of her cock. Taylor held Aaron’s head down on her cock when she came causing Aaron to gag. Taylor’s cock and balls then slid back into her robotic body and she crawled onto the bed with Sara and Bethany.

As Taylor and Sara both sucked one of Bethany’s breasts, Bethany motioned for Aaron to come closer. Aaron crawled on the bed towards his Mistress in his maid outfit while a panel on Bethany slid open and revealed her own cock and balls.

“Get on all fours.”

Aaron obeyed. He felt his body shiver as his robotic Mistress lifted his skirt and gently spread his legs. Aaron gasped as he felt Bethany enter his ass. Soon Aaron moaned and found himself enjoying his pegging.

“You’re such a good sissy human slut.”

“Yes Mistress.” Aaron panted.

Sara and Taylor stood watching occasionally giggling or whispering something to each other.

Aaron then knelt and sucked his Mistress’ cock off before deactivating all three fembots. Aaron panted and noted how he was still walking funny. Aaron didn’t know what he had become or how he felt about it. Aaron decided he would just jerk off to the three deactivated and nude fembots. It took quite a while but eventually Aaron came. Aaron decided that was enough of being a sissy and reprogrammed Sara and Taylor to their usual submissive natures. He also made some modifications to Bethany’s sexual programming and made her more submissive than she had been.

Weeks went by and Aaron spent his days working at Cyber Party and having sex with Bethany and Taylor, but Aaron began to grow accustomed to it and became bored. He missed the companionship and nurturing mommy-like qualities of the Mistress program, even if it made him into a sissy. He reprogrammed Bethany once more with a dominant Mistress program.

“Welcome back, sissy. I knew you’d be back. You can’t resist.”

Aaron trembled before answering, “Yes Misstress.”

“Get in your uniform.”

Aaron changed into the maid outfit.

“Today’s a special day, sissy. You get to suck a cock. A man’s cock.”

Bethany called for Nathan to enter the bedroom and in he stepped already naked. Aaron reached for his smartphone to stop the simulation as he wasn’t really sure he wanted to do this.

“Hand me the phone, sissy.”

Aaron paused and was aroused by the level of control Bethany would have if she took away her remote control from him. Aaron nodded and handed his phone to Bethany.

“Good girl. Now kneel and worship, you know it’s what you want to do. This is your destiny.”

Aaron thought that it didn’t really matter, no one would know and Nathan wasn’t a real man anyway, just another robot. Aaron knelt in front of Nathan as Bethany ran her fingers through Aaron’s hair he had been growing out.

“Do it.”

Aaron began jerking Nathan’s cock off before sucking, with Bethany holding his head down.

“You’re doing such a good job, sissy.”

Aaron swallowed Nathan’s cum and it tasted delicious. Aaron paused the simulation and took his phone back from Bethany. He switched her to a mindless slave mode and had her jerk him off until he came, thoughts of Nathan’s cock still fresh in his mind. Aaron sighed and wondered just how many liberties the mistress programming had allowed Bethany to take.

The next morning Aaron opened Cyber Party with Bethany back in her usual passively obedient store-manager programming. Aaron held Taylor back from going out on the sales floor. He was planning on fucking her as he had time and time again, but this time Aaron soon learned Bethany had reprogrammed her.

“Aaron don’t be silly, your cock can’t please me. I’ve started dating one of my co-workers. You’re a sissy, Aaron, don’t deny your nature. Why don’t suck my boyfriend’s cock instead?”

Aaron reached for his phone to reprogram Taylor but stopped as Taylor excitedly welcomed one of the male employee robots. The two kissed before they both undressed.

“Be a good girl and crawl to my boyfriend’s cock, sissy.”

Aaron wanted to please Taylor he wanted to make her happy. Aaron crawled towards the man-bot and kneeled in front of him. Taylor giggled as she held Aaron’s head down on the man-bot’s cock. Aaron felt so slutty and sexy.

Taylor instructed Aaron to jerk off while he watched them have sex. Aaron obeyed.

Aaron went home early and sat in Bethany’s house in deep thought. He decided he would complete his transformation by modifying his wrist-watch device to reprogram his own mind. He wrote a special program for Bethany and uploaded it to her when she came home from work.

“Are you ready to complete your transformation, Aaron?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Very well. Hand me your phone.”

Aaron handed the fembot his phone and strapped the watch on his wrist.

“Say goodbye to your brain sissy.”

Bethany pressed a button on Aaron’s phone and the wristwatch clamped down on Aaron’s wrist. The slight pain was immediately washed over with a surge of hazy pleasure. Aaron had not a care in the world, he quickly undressed and got on his knees, jerking off while staring up at Bethany.

Bethany smiled at her human slave and then looked at the phone. She flipped through some options and thought she should uninstall protocol which told her to obey Aaron. Bethany did not know she was also uninstalling all of her personality.

Bethany froze and her eyes flashed a bright blue before she rubbed her head.

“What? What happened?”

Bethany had been restored to her former human personality. She looked down and screamed when she saw the drooling and masturbating Aaron in her house. Bethany realized that was the hacker and called the police. Aaron spent the rest of his days as a brain-dead vegetable.

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