Cyber Angels

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Part 1

NeoToronto rises from Lake Ontario, a gleaming landscape of crystalline towers grown with water and science. The cityscape exists hundreds of feet above the water, supported by massive pillars of calcified stone. Considered one of the most advanced cities in the world NeoToronto is the pride of Canada.

But even a city as advanced as NTO requires support, and the nearby shoreline is dotted with massive factories that produce all the necessities of life. The most notable of these factories are the Reclamation Plants, warehouse-like facilities stretching over a kilometer in any direction. Within these cavernous buildings, the mass detritus of tens of millions is deposited for the Reclamation Robots. These towering behemoths move through the waste, rendering each piece into its components, storing the raw materials in silos for transit to other factories.

But beneath one such Plant is another, darker facility. Light is not natural within its concrete walls, the automated machinery needing only their exacting programs to carry out their work. The silos above are siphoned for silicates, metals and plastics, all carefully mixed with each other to produce specific parts.

Robotic arms assemble the parts into pieces, which are then combined into humanoid frames. Latex polymers are cooled in molds to produce synthskin nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. Silicon and precious metals form complex circuit boards, allowing the artificial females to think and move. A dozen different face molds allow a semblance of individuality, as does several score of hair styles and colors.

Above the factory floor a glassed in room is easily visible from the plant floor. Lit from within from dozens of different monitors, some security cameras, other TV feeds and the rest technical reports from the factory. Sitting in a chair in the middle of the room, a woman with long white hair watches the screens with passing interest. Dressed only in a Lab Coat and stockings, she moans lightly as the attention of the head between her legs. The androids tongue skillfully plays over her folds as she turns her attention to one particular news article.

“And our top story today, another assault by a MechaDemoness and her Hollows rages through Old Town. The target of the cybernetic monster appeared to be a Laser Communications Factory. The plans of the beast were thwarted by the arrival of the Cyber Angels. Our footage here shows the Red and Green armored Heroines battling the Demon’s android minions, but having to call in their Avatars to deal with the Demon itself, who had absorbed several large lasers and converted them into weapons. Both Avatars took a severe beating from the Laser Demon, but in the end the Cyber Angels persevered. But once again the Blue Angel did not appear, leading many to wonder what has become of the missing hero?”

The question coincided with the climax of the seated woman. Reaching down, she lifted the face of her playmate. Wires trailed from both the open skull and empty neck of the android head. The woman’s grin was far more wicked than the obedient smile on the blue eyed face. As she held the head like Horatio’s skull, the Mistress of the Factory mused. “Yes, just what HAS become of you, my pretty toy?”

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