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...My name is James Stiles, and I am the Chief Quality Inspector at Cy-Gen Pleasuretronics Corporatipn. What that means basically, is that I oversee all beta testing, analysis reporting, and overall quality of the androids we produce. We aren't the biggest producer of androids, quantity wise, nor the largest manufacturer. Just that we say we make one of the best androids on the market today. At Cy-Gen, we pride ourself on detail and realism. You won't see any visible seams, bar codes on a butt cheek, or a wig style hair piece that can be changed according to your mood, or anything you'd expect on a lower-end commercially available droid. We make our male and female androids, and our pleasuredroids, to be indistinguishable from a real human being. See for your self. Experience a Cy-Gen Pleasuretronics Android for yourself today and be amazed by todays technology.

James Stiles CEQ - Cy-Gen Pleasuretronics

I put the letter down, sighed, then looked up at Denise. "I'll put my approval on this my dear, just make sure that Paul Quentin's up in research goes first ahead of mine, before it goes out for publishing." Denise smiled. "Certainly Jim." She said then turned and started towards the door, but stopped after a few steps. She turned around. "Jim, The Kimberly model is prepped and ready now. She's in room 463." I flashed a smile. "Thank you." I watched as Denise left the room. The navy blue skirt she wore did little to hide the fact that she had a nice firm ass. That was one of the reasons I selected her as my assistant. I straightened a few things on my desk, grabbed my PDA, and stood up, taking a moment to stretch. As I left my office I began to make a mental checklist of what I wanted, and hoped to see from Kimberly. Our newest female pleasuredroid model, and hopefully the most realistic yet. Her in-house beta testing had completed with only a handful of programming tweaks, and one minor chassis modification. As Cy-Gens latest deign, Kimberly's primary core consists of three quad-core Quantum Duradyne Processors which monitored and controlled her internal workings, wireless access ports, her balance, and some basic emulation programming. In addition to those, she has two, six core IBM Omega Pheonix Processors which have adaptive capabilities for monitoring all her systems, and control of her primary personality core and thread routing matrix.

While walking the corridor I was pulled from my thoughts as I heard my name. "Jim, have you got a minute?" A mans voice called. I looked up to see a colleague of mine who worked in R & D. "Vince. I'm on my way up stairs, please be brief." I asked. “Thanks Jim. This will just take a moment.” He pulled out a piece of paper from a folder he had under his arm and held it out to me. “Here, you’ve got to see this for yourself.” He stated. I took the paper from him and quickly glanced through it. It was a power consumption analysis report of an Alison model, who had been refitted with one of the new Omega Processors. The Alison model is the predecessor to the newest Kimberly model. My eyes fixed on a line titled: Processor Power Consumption. "Wow!" I said looking back up at Vince. He had a smile a mile wide. "What did you have to sacrifice to get these numbers?" I asked. "Not a thing. It's what we added." He stated. I looked back down at the paper. "You wont find it on there." Vince reached out and took the report back. He had my curiosity. "That new Toshiba Polymegger. The one that has the integrated micro-farad capacitance monitor." He stated. I shrugged my shoulders. "I'm familiar with what it is." I told him. "Well, let’s just say it resolved several issues. But what I'd be interested to know is how she'll perform power wise against a Kimberly. Battery drain rate and all." He stated.

I let out a soft sigh. "You want to pit the two of them, that's your decision. Knock yourself out. I'm actually on my way up to give a final evaluation on Kimberly.” Vince smiled, "Well have fun, just thought you might find that interesting." "I will, and that is good news. We should be able to keep the Denise line in service for a while longer, knowing that this type of upgrade is possible." I said, patting him on the shoulder as I started back down the hall. I think Vince may have mumbled something else but I didn't catch it. I had my mental checklist nearly finished. I actually enjoyed these final inspections. Some inspections were fairly basic, like: what were the droids function, and does it aesthetically fit the required purpose. Can it do this or that. How human do they appear and act. However the more sophisticated, detailed, and multi-function androids often required more time and inspection. My staff was more than capable of doing these final inspections. In fact my inspection of Kimberly is mostly for my curiosity. I know she's ready for production, my staff has ok’d and cleared her. My curiosity lies with questions of just how real does she appear and act? One report dated just yesterday, stated she was close to ultimate, in realism and performance. I approached the elevator and pressed the up arrow.

As the doors parted, I saw two women. One was a technician. She was wearing the standard light blue tunic with an ID clearance tag. The other I recognized as a Stacy model android, dressed in the standard receptionist attire. "Going up?" I asked "Yes." Answered the tech. I entered and turned around to face the doors as I pressed 4 to go up. The Stacy unit turned to me. "Do you like, ..uh prefer blondes or blowjobs dude?" I carefully looked past the android to the tech. "Problems?" I asked. The tech leaned forward a little. "Yeah, a couple of newbie’s down in networking thought it would be funny to hack her character protocols. I'm taking her up for a wipe and character profile re-install. " She said. Then the Stacy unit took a step between us and frowned. "Sir, my panties are soiled. Do you want to remove my bra? " She aked. "Uhm no!" I answered. The Stacy androids head did a slight twitch. " OK, but hey, underwear is fun to wear. Like, did you know Einstein really was a brilliant man?" I raised my hand and snapped my fingers in front of Stacy’s eyes. Her body visibly stiffened, then she blinked rather rapidly for a second. “Yep. Not all there.” Peering around the malfunctioning Stacy and looking at the tech. “Did they get fired?” I asked. The tech forced a smile. “One did, the dumber of the two. The other actually may have gotten promoted to Security Division. I guess if he can hack through a droids firewall, better to have him working for us to help prevent this sort of thing in the future.” She said somewhat disgusted. I let out a low laugh as the elevator chimed, and the car came to a halt. I turned to the tech, "Well good luck." I said, then turned back and exited the elevator.

The foyer of the 4th floor was actually well decorated with some arm chairs, coffee tables, some torcher lights, and the receptionist counter beyond. There are curtains as well as blinds on a bank of windows facing the east. Soft music played through a sound system. All this giving one a sense of welcome, and relaxation. One might say it had a homelike atmosphere. As I stepped up to the receptionist she greeted me with a smile. "Hello Mr. Stiles, We've been expecting you. Kimberly is prepped and ready for you in suite 463." She was a striking woman with light green eyes, short sandy blond hair, a porcelain complexion, and rather large breasts. "Thank you Ellen. How are you today?" I asked with genuine concern. "Great, thank you. I believe you're only the fourth human I've seen today, and the first to ask. So thank you." Ellen stated. I gave her a mock curtsy, "Ellen, with eyes like yours, I'd stop and visit any time, all the time." I told her. Ellen batted her eyes wildly at me and let out a giggle. "Oh Mr. Stiles, you are such a tease. Here is you're pass card. And yes, before you ask. A fully loaded Bob has also been placed in standby mode in the suite for you if you need." I folded my arms in defense. "Enough said, thank you Ellen." I said as I reached out to take the card.

Room 463 was more than just a room. It was, as Ellen had said, a suite. A living area complete with a sofa, love seat, and an entertainment center with a 60" plasma tv. There is a modest dining area beyond that, that has a refrigerator stocked with juices, sodas, alchohlic beverages, and a variety of finger foods. Through a doorway then lies the master bedroom and bath. Complete with a Roman Jetted tub. I stopped just to the right of the door. I swiped the card Ellen had given me. A small keyboard ejected out from the wall, and a display appeared . A list of information displayed in an orange color.

Quality Control Room 463 Ambient Temp : 72.2F Relative Humidity : 38% HVAC Mode : Auto

Cy-Gen Model : Kimberly F1139-B
Female Pleasuredroid - Beta Series Three SN: 0019AF08
Height : 5' 5" Age : 25 Eyes : Hazel Hair : Black
Specifications : 34C - 24 - 33 Skin Tone : Euro Bronze
Status : Active - Emulation - Human - Romantic Parameters : Adjustable Attire : Evening/Intimate
Evaluation Session Number : B4609 Inspector : J. Stiles

Cy-Gen Model : Bob M21936-G
Male Sexdroid - Gold Series Five SN : 0236GM0147
Height : 6' 0" Age : 30 Eyes : Brown Hair : Brown
Specifications : Athletic Build Skin Tone : Medium Tan
Staus : Standby - Sexbot - Basic Emulation
Parameters : Locked Attire : Boxers
Evaluation Session Number : N/A

Please Enter Authorization Code : ???

I entered my code, and the text flashed to green. I heard a small hiss, then the door lock releasing. I stepped to the door, turned the knob and entered the room. As I entered the room, Kimberly was seated on the sofa, half facing away from me. Her feet were tucked up under her and she looked very relaxed wearing a cream colored shear night shirt. She held a soft cover book in her right hand, while her left appeared to be twirling and playing with her hair. I caught the sweet scent of he perfume as I closed the door. She heard me enter and turned to look in my direction. She smiled. “Hey there!” She said, then she pulled a book mark from the inside cover, marked her place and set the book down. I took a step towards the table and sat down my PDA. Kimberly bolted up off the couch and took a few steps towards me. “How was your day? I’m so glad you here!” She asked.

I smiled. “It’s been a good day. But even better now that I’m here with you.” I replied. A big smile crept across her face, then she did a slow spin to show off her attire which did little to hide her wonderful features. Aside from the nearly shear night shirt, she wore a lace bra and panty and no shoes. “Do you like it?” She asked teasingly. I closed the gap between us and took a mental picture of her face. She was strikingly beautiful. Her hazel eyes, her youthful face, her wavey dark black hair which flowed down and over her shoulders. “Yes I like it. On you, everything makes you more beautiful.” I answered softly, then I leaned in and kissed her. She reached up and put her arms around my neck, interlocking her fingers. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her close. It was a soft, quick kiss. I pulled back to look her in the eyes. I could see the artificial moisture which lubricated her optical sensors, giving her that additional faux sense of realism. “What?” She asked, as if she could tell that I had a question. When what I was doing was trying to remember every detail of her face. I pulled her close and hugged her tight.

She laid her head on my shoulder and I could feel the warmth of her breath against my neck. One aspect of her cooling system working as it was designed to. She lowered her arms to my lower back and met my embrace with snugness. I began to run my hands slowly up and down her back, gently massaging her back through her night shirt. “Ohh that feels good.” She cooed. She lowered her left hand down to caress my ass, making me jump. I pulled back a little, and with my left hand cradled her right cheek as I looked again into her eyes. I felt the warmth of her skin in my palm, she seemed so real. Then she leaned up on her tip toes and passionately kissed me. I kissed back and held her tight against me. I could feel the firmness of her breasts through the thin material, pressing against my chest. She began to probe her tongue in and out of my mouth, swirling and twirling it about as we both kissed. She had a sweet taste about her that reminded me of honey and cinnamon.

Again, something that reminded me of her being artificial and not human. Kimberly let out another soft moan as I brought my left hand up to cup her breast, which I then eagerly squeezed. She broke our embrace and pulled away looking at me with a teasing smile. Taking another step back, she began to slowly unbutton her shirt. She'd look down at the button, then sheepishly back at me, then down to the next button, then again back to me, till finally she took hold of the shirt, pulled it wide open exposing her supported bosom, then giving a shrug with her shoulders, her shirt fell to the ground.

Kimberly gave another quick turn of her body, then she reached out and grabbed my hand. "You're speechless right? Let's continue this in the bedroom." She had me. I'll admit I was entranced by her beauty, her sensuality, by how 'real' she did appear, to the point that I myself was lost in the moment. I allowed her to lead me, taking me a few steps, then I stopped dead. When she realised this, she turned around to face me. "You're not being shy are you?" Kim asked. I let out a soft sigh, "No Kim, it's just...." She smiled and took a step towards me. "Just what?" I gave her hand a squeeze. "I was not anticipating this happening so.... fast, not after just getting here." I told her rather sincerely. Kim’s expression changed to one of disappointment as she pouted her lips. "Oh. OK." she said solemnly as she pulled her hand from mine. She then leaned over and picked up her shirt and began to turn away.

"Wait!” I called out. Kimberly immediately turned to face me. Her look of disappointment had vanished and was now replaced with a renewed look of enthusiasm and anticipation. A flicker of hesitation crossed my mind, but then habit kicked back in. “Kimberly, Cy-Gen authorization 1149, Stiles, 1149 Delta, enable.” I spoke aloud. Instantly her countenance began to change, I watched as she let go of her shirt and dropped it to the floor. A blank look appeared on her face and she stood straight up at attention. I took a step towards her and waved my hand in front of her face. “I’m sorry my dear, but business before pleasure.” I spoke aloud. I reached up with my right hand and gently caressed her left cheek. “But rest assured Kim, I will enjoy your pleasure.” I let out a giant sigh and turned toward the fridge as I had a thirst that needed quenching.

After downing a half a bottle of ice cold water I walked back over to the now immobile Kimberly to commence my inspection. “Kimberly, how do you feel?” I asked. Her expression remained vacant as she answered, her voice monotone. “I feel fine, Jim.” I took a step back and sat against the arm of the sofa. “Do you accept my full authorization over you?” I asked. “Yes.” She replied. “Kimberly, please discontinue personal character profile emulation, but maintain autonomous breathing function please. Also please enable verbal status of operations and functions as activated or enabled by my inspection and examination of you.” I stated. “Acknowledged.”

I stood back up and began to circle Kimberly. “Kimberly, please raise your arms out to your sides at 90 degrees please.” I asked. “Raising arms to 90 degrees.” She stated. I stopped directly behind Kimberly, reaching out I undid the clasp on her bra, and let it fall to the floor. I then ran my index finger up her spine and to the nape of her neck. “Spinal and epidermal sensors activated.” Kimberly stated. I then lowered my hand and placed my finger at the waistband of her panty, then slid my finger inside and down the crease of her butt cheeks. “Anal sensors activating. Sexual stimulus detected.” I pulled my finger back out and finished my circle of her. Looking closely at her shoulders, and arms, examining the detail of her skin, the small mole or birthmark placed ever so carefully. I raised my hand to touch her dark luscious hair. “Right cranial sensors engaging.” Kimberly stated. Every root of hair on her head carefully placed, nearly identical to how a human females would appear. “Detecting scalp massage, engaging lower sexual subroutines.” Kim stated.

I brought my hand down over her cheek, feeling the softness of her face. "Facial sensors active, intimate touch discerned." Kim’s soft cheekbones gave her an alluring quality. Her eyebrows, the perfect shape and trim. Kimberly’s hazel eye color accentuated by the color of her mascara and eye liner, thus helping to bring forward her long eyelashes to my attention. Placing the back of my hand close under her nose, I could feel warm air exiting her nostrils, and as I placed my hand near her slightly parted lips the same. Her design took into account that she had to have proper cooling of her internal components, and it was accomplished in this manner. Upon closer examination of her face I'm able to make out pores and small inperfections in her skin. The make up she's wearing is applied just right, but the detail of her facial features is exquisit, adding to her sense of realism. Her soft pink lipstick color accentuated her lip tone. "Please open you mouth." I asked. "Opening mouth." She had a perfect set of teeth. Her entire mouth, an exact copy of a real mouth, texture and color wise. "Alright Kimberly, close your mouth and show me a smile." I asked. She complied with her verbal acknowledgement, "Closing mouth." Then smiled as requested.

I turned my attention now to Kimberly's ample cleavage. Watching her for a moment I can see the rise and fall of her chest, her human emulation programming designed to duplicate realistic breathing. Upon leaning closer, I can see little hair follicles, all over her breasts, chest, and abdomen. Exactly as if she were truly human. A marvel of modern engineering and design. Her breasts stand firm, unsupported, her nipples pushing outward. The areola regions on her breasts are not too large in diameter, and each one slightly different shaped than the other to give her that human look. Her breasts will never sag with age. Developed with the latest sim-skin silicon polymers, they’ll provide unlimited sexual satisfaction for her and her lover Reaching up I gently cup her both her breasts.

“Receiving sexual stimulus. Initializing primary sex subroutines.” Kimberly stated. I give them a firm push upwards and together. I notice that they are warmer than the skin on her cheek, as they should be. Then I lightly squeeze them, pulling back till I get to her nipples. Not only do they harden at my teasing touch, but small bumps, goosebumps, begin to appear on her inner areola. I cup Kimberly's breasts again, enjoying how they feel in my hands. Kimberly acknowledges further stimulus.. "Primary sex systems engaged. Sexual stimulus at 40%." I notice an increase in the pace of her breathing, she lets out a sigh, and her breathing becomes a little faster and deeper. I kneel lower to gaze under her breasts. No visible seams, she has one continuous epidermal layer by what I can tell.

Again as she stands before me, paused, awaiting my command and instruction. I run my hands down and across her abdomen. Her skin warm to my touch, almost human in texture and softness. I can feel the artificial muscles beneath her skin. Her belly button indents with an upward slope. I gently inserted my finger to feel it, then make a circling motion. "Sexual stimulus at 57%." Kimberly droned. Moving downward from her belly button to her pelvis and genitalia regions I continue my inspection of her. The Kimberly model has been designed with no pubic hair, the outer folds of her labia are smooth when not sexually aroused. However with proper stimulus they will open and swell as if real., Some earlier models had unrealistically smooth skin in and around their genitelia. When not sexually aroused Her legs are designed to keep a small separation at the crotch so as to avoid friction or any chaffing that might occur during walking or running where her thighs have the greatest diameter. “Kimberly, please spread your legs a little further apart.” I ask. "Adjusting stance position, increasing feet separation by 8 inches." Kimberly states as she makes a slight adjustment to her stance and spreads her legs another eight inches apart. I squat down in front of her, facing her crotch.

Reaching up and placing a hand on each hip, I slowly draw my hands down and over her thighs, then when access allows, I extend my thumbs. "Direct sexual stimulation detected. Sexual systems fully enabled, stimulus at 75%." I continue down her legs, from her thighs down to her knees, then I change my hands from the front of her legs to the back. I feel the synthetic muscles of her calves. She's strong and tone. I raise my right hand back up to her crotch and run my hand over her sex and to her opening. "Primary sexual contact. Vaginal lubrication commencing. Sexual stimulus 90%." Parting her lips I gently slide in my index finger and search for her nub. "Vaginal stimulus received. All sexual systems enabled. Sexual stimulus at 100%." I take a moment to look up at Kimberly, "Kimberly, cease all verbal communication, and disable all autonomous functions as well." I commanded. I noticed a change instantly. Her breathing ceased, she was silent, and now she was standing stiffly with my finger up her pussy. I pulled my finger from her wet sex and brought it up to my mouth, tasting her sweet juices. She tasted like a baked apple pie.

At this point my physical examination of Kimberly was finished. I grabbed her shirt and stood back up, draping the shirt over her shoulder. I returned to the dining table for another swig of my water as I thought out what next to do. Indeed, Kimberly was an impressive android. Many advances in robotics and in android design had occurred within the last two years since the New World Government had passed legislation requiring all robotic manufacturers to "Open Source" their baseline character and personality programming, as well as formulas for epidermal texture and coloration. At first there was a lot of red tape to go through, as well as could everyone get along. But after several appeals, the courts sided with the Government. Looking back now a lot more good has come of it. Competition between the manufacturers is still there as they each strive to make better and more sophisticated androids, with different advances debeauing with each new design or model.

Before turning back to Kimberly I walk back to the table where I sat down my PDA. Picking it up I scroll down to a series of stored files and select one that integrates with my purpose here. Walking back over to Kimberly, "Kimberly, please put your bra and panty back on, take hold of your shirt, then auto-detect my PDA and locate the file '359bedroom', load it, and await my instructions to enable the file." I said as I sat my PDA down on the arm of the sofa. Turning from Kimberly I I walked back to the bedroom to check it out. The bed was king size with the covers turned down, the lighting was turned down to about 60%, and standing off to the left side of the doorway was “Bob”. Cy-Gen’s Gold Series Five male sexdroid. Walking over to him I patted him on the shoulder. “Ready big fella?” I asked aloud. Bob instantly awoke from his standby mode and turned to face me. “Hello Mr. Stiles. Yes, I am ready when you need me.” He stated. “Great!” I replied. I turned around and walked back out to Kimberly.

I reached up and gently stroked her dark black flowing hair as I walked past her, then turned to face her. “Kimberly, run file 359bedroom and re-enable all previously disabled processes and functions, return to previous operational status.” I stated. She blinked once, “File found…..accessing…….loaded.” She said in a more natural tone. I watched as her eyes closed for a second or two then she came back to life. “Do you want to continue this or what?” She asked placing her hands on her hips and looking at me intently. “I do indeed. But first I have a surprise for you my dear.” I told her. She had a look of interest cross her face. “Yes. Do you remember our conversation a few days ago in regards to those new male sex bots you heard about?” I asked her. She took a step towards me, her expression now one of puzzlement. “Yes, why bring that up?” She asked. I took Kimberly by the hand, turned her around and then placed both of my hands over her eyes. “Walk forward and I’ll lead you to the bedroom.” I told her. Kim let out a little giggle. “Jim, what did you do?” She asked in a very sincere tone. “Shhh.” I replied. I gently guided her back into the bedroom and up to the edge of the bed. “Keep your eyes closed.” Then I turned her around to face me. “I hope you’re not peeking.” I said. “Oh come on. What have you got in here?” She asked in anticipation. I quickly walked over to Bob and motioning with my finger I indicated to him to follow me, then pointed where I wanted him to stand. “Alright, open your eyes!” I told her.

At first her look was one of concern, she turned to me, then back to Bob. “What's this? Is he…..a robot?” She asked. I nodded my head. “Yes Kim, he’s an android. A machine in the form of a man, but built with one purpose.” She walked up to Bob, then turned her head towards me. “One purpose?” She asked quizzically. I walked over to Kim and placed my hand behind her ear, then as if whispering a secret that I didn’t want Bob to hear, I said. “He’s for you. Let him show you what he can do. He’s designed for sex and to please you. Then when you’re finished, we can finish what we started in the other room. But only if you want.” A small smile appeared on Kim’s face. She turned to me and placed her hand on my cheek. I thought I could see a build up of saline in her eyes, indicating her sense of joy. “Oh Jim! Would you really allow me to?" Kim reached out to touch Bob's chest. "He's warm, he's really capable of... you know?” She asked.

I nodded then turned to Bob. “Bob, show Kim what you can do.” Bob reached out and gently took Kim by her waist, pulling her forward, then leaned in and kissed her. While I watched, I waited for the bedroom program to initialize. Kimberly's default personality leans towards the submissive side, she doesn't resist being lead when it comes to her sex drive and programming. She can lead well when she detects her partner has a more passive or submissive personality.The file she downloaded enables a more aggressive passion in her, a lusting for sex, a need to be satisfied, and to satisfy her lover.

Kimberly reached up to cradle Bob's head while they kissed, meanwhile Bob moved his hands up to her back and began to unfasten her bra. That's when Kimberly's new programming took hold. She pulled Bob even closer against her body. Her hand went from cradling his head to grabbing his hair and holding tightly to it. Kim raised her left leg up along side of Bob's. He then grabbed Kim's ass and gently lifted her off the ground. She began to grind against his pelvis, as he slowly walked the two of them to the edge of the bed. When they arrived he pulled away and sat her on the bed. Kimberly released her hold and quickly scooted farther back, once there she slid off her panties and tossed them over towards me. She turned to me and smiled, then turn to Bob who had also removed his boxers. "Fuck me! You mechanical man. Fuck me now!" Kim yelled out. I found it ironic that she, herself a machine, yet programmed to believe she was human, would call Bob what she herself was also. I backed up and sat in chair, close to the bed, so as to have full view of the scene as it played out before me.

Bob slowly and carefully positioned himself between Kim's legs. His artificial manhood was impressive, after all, this was his primary purpose. His member was a stout 7" long, but diameter wise he was nearly 2". Kim let out a squeal as Bob took a finger to Kim's wet pussy. Slowly guiding it in then out. Giving it a twist here and there, getting Kimberly's juices flowing. "Now! I want you now!" She exclaimed as she thrust her pelvis up hard against Bob's inserted finger. Bob pulled his finger from Kim's primed pussy. then slowly positioned himself at her hole, till finally he gave a gentle push and entered her. "Oh God, yes!" Kimberly yelled.

Over the span of the next forty-five minutes I watched Kimberly as she enjoyed Bob’s untiring sexual prowess. From the classic missionary position, to the spontaneous position, and the woman on top. From basic sex to oral, then anal. They maneuvered as they both were designed to. Sex toys. Very, very expensive, high end sex toys. At the end of it all Bob had stood back up off the bed after Kim’s last orgasm, she lay on her side, on the bed, breathing heavy, panting. Her left hand between her legs, slowly stroking herself. I stood up from my seat and began to unbutton my shirt. “Bob, return to the corner.” I told him. He looked at me and nodded, then turned and headed for his destination. Kimberly heard me and rolled over and whispered “Thank you.” I dropped my shirt to the floor and began to unbuckle my pants. After removing my pants and briefs I took a few steps back. Kimberly’s eyes never leaving mine. “You’re not too tired now are you?” I asked. She sat up raising her arms above her head, stretching. “No actually. Kind of funny huh? You’d think that after all that I’d want to just roll over and sleep.” She said.

I shrugged my shoulders a little. “Are you game for a little fellatio?” I asked, pointing to my slowly stiffening member. Kim brought her hand up to her mouth and faked a yawn. I knew that she was toying with me. “I thought that maybe you’d gotten bored watching me and Bob fuck each others brains out.” She stated. “Hah!” I replied. Kimberly crawled off the bed, stood up and moved to stand a foot or so in front of me. She tilted her head slightly and smiled. “I saved the best for last. You.” She said, then she slowly fell to her knees and reached forward with her left hand, and wrapped her fingers around my hardening cock. Then closed her thumb against her curved fingers and began to gently pump my shaft. She licked her lips and looked up at me with a wicked smile. “Oh my, you are a big boy aren’t you.” She stated. As my dick became rock solid, thanks to her expert massage, she began to rhythmically move her hand faster up and down my shaft. I had to admit, it felt really good, and after having completed my inspection of her.

I, myself was ready to test her out. Then Kimberly placed her mouth over the tip of my penis, slowly sucking all of it in. I placed my hands firmly on the back of her head as she began to bob up and down. I could feel her synthetic tongue swirl around my tip, sending waves of ecstasy through me. I held her head firm, and began to ram my penis deeper into Kimberly’s mouth. She let out a moan, and continued her rhythmic motion. I was in bliss. Kimberly was performing exactly as she had been designed to. She reached around with her free hand and cupped my balls. Then teasing them with her fingers at first, then as she felt my member stiffen, she picked up the pace. Sliding her mouth all the way down, taking in every inch of my penis. Then she would slide back up to my tip, flicking her tongue all over my head, then gently sucking on it. “Oh God Kimberly! Uhhh…..Fuck yeah!!!” I cried. She moaned in acceptance as she knew I was about to explode. Holding her head, I rammed my cock deeper down her throat, exploding in orgasm as I came in her mouth. “Ohhh yeah.” I cried out. She reached behind me to help steady me as my body began to relax from it's tense moment. She swallowed everything I shot out. It was as if she were truly hungry for it. After making sure she had sucked up every last drop, she slowly stood up, gave me a hug, then kissed me.

An Idea came to me as we embraced, something that an associate of mine down in programming mentioned to me some months ago. When the Alissa model was first being tested, she had several conflicts arise in her personality matrix when undergoing intense sexual stimulus. Those had issues had been resolved, but my idea made me want to try something that may or may not affect her personality subroutines. Besides the programmers would have probably thought of this scenario already. I carefully organized my thoughts, then pushed Kim away. "Kim, wait here a second." I told her, then turned and ran back to the livibg room and over to the sofa. Reaching down, I picked up my PDA, then logging on to the quality inspection servers and finding the aera I wanted. Androids on this floor for testing, evaluation, and in standby. Another list of models displayed. I scrolled all the way down till I found the one I wante. Cy-Gen Model : Kimberly F1139-B Female Pleasuredroid - Beta Series Three SN: 0019AF16 Stauts: Standy - Emulation: Sexbot.

I selected her and quickly made a few notes, then requsted her to come to the suite. I set the PDA back down and returned to the bedroom where I found Kim bent over at her waste, her arms outstretched on the bed. She tilted and turned her head to see me. "I saw the look on your face when Bob had me in this position. I'm yours now. Fuck me, and fuck me hard! Take me Jim, and play wih my tits!" She exclaimed. I walked up to her and ran my hand across her smooth perfect ass. "Oh Kimberly, your're so perfect." I told her as I placed one hand on her back and took hold of my hard dick in the other, then I stepped right up behind her, positioned my shaft at her awaiting pussy lips, and gave a hard thrust into her. My forced thrust almost knocking her down. "Uhgg....yeah baby! Give it to me." Kim said with pleasure in her tone of voice. I felt her warm pussy wrap around my dick, holding tight to it as I rhythmically pushed in, then out of her hole. She was designed to auto adjust for each mans varying size and girth of penis.

Everytime I had intercourse with a Cy-Gen android, I felt like I was fucking a virgin and popping her cherry for the very first time. Kimberly was no different. "Oh you feel so good." I told her as I pumped her from behind. Kim reached up behind her and took hold of my right hand and guided it down to her right breast, wanting me to play with it. I leaned down and over her and firmly took all of her tit in my hand. Squeezing it, then pulling it. "Ohhhh" Kim gasped. I released hold for a moment and held my index finger to her lips. She opened her mouth and began to lick and moisten my finger. I slowly pulled it out , then went back to her tit and began to swirl my finger around her nipple. Making it hard and firm, then flicking it several times, keeping her nippled sensors maxed out.

Kim squirmed and writhed in simulated exstacy as I picked up my pace. It wouldn't be long till I was ready to cum again. With my left hand I reached around Kim's left side and grabbed hold of her other breast. "Eeeeee....oh yeah! ......Uhhh...Harder! Fuck me harder baby." She cried out. Kim was building towards her impending orgasm as well. We continued in our moment of heat, I heard the muffled hiss of the living room access door unlocking. I wanted to time this just right so I slowed my thrusting, then halted completly. I could still feel Kim's artificial vaginal muscles flex and constrict around my dick. Then, while holding her firm luscious globes, I gently directed her to an almost upright position. I was still close to ejaculating and didn't want to slip out of her. I knew by now that the other Kimberly android was almost to the bedroom doorway. There she would wait as per my instructions. Leaning in to Kimberly I spoke, "Kimberly, I think you're an android."

She tilted her head to the left. "You're only saying that to make me more horny." She replied. Taking my right hand away from her breast, I moved it down over her right thigh, to her crotch and began to rub and massage her. Keeping her stimulated and near orgasm. "Oh really Kim, don't deny it. I know you're an android too! Doesn't it feel good, the sex? How it makes you fee. Wanting it, needing it!" I said softly. She attempted to pull away, but I held her tight. "What? Jim, why are you saying these things?" Kim asked. I brought both my hands up to Kim's shoulders and gently pushed her forward again, so I could get a deeper penitration. "uhhnn...mmmmm" Kim moaned. Then grabbing her hips I started thrusting harder and faster, giving her synthetic pussy a real pounding.

"Why? ...Why Kim? " I asked her , as I builded towards my own orgasm. "Jim baby.....ohhh. I'm so horny. Tell me more....uhh fuck....yeah...I can feel deep inside me." Kim cried out. I was pumping Kim so hard that I saw her breasts bouncing wildly, I was seconds away from cumming in her. She was truly a work of art. Doubt crossed my mind about her programming being unstable, then I felt her vaginal muscles constrict once more, sending me over the edge. "Oh God Kimberly! Uhhhnnn.......You.....Are.....An.......Ohhhhhhh....Android!!!" I yelled as I filled her hole with my cum, she too orgasmed as I did. "Eeeeeyyyy ....... Yess, yesss ohhh yesss!" She moaned. I reached forward and under her, cupping her breasts, then pulled her straight up, tight against my chest. "Kimberly, Kimberly!" I whispered into her ear as I spun her quickly around to face the doorway and her twin. I felt Kimberly's body tense slightly. I loosened my grasp slightly so as to begin playing with her firm nipples with my fingers. "She looks me." Kim said with a noticeable stutter.

"Kimberly, approach us please." I called to the android in the doorway. The sexbot Kim started walking towards us. "You called her by name?" Kim stuttered again, as she reached up with her left arm and pulled my left hand away from her breast, then held it there. She turned her head to look at me. “I don’t und…understand. Why would you make a robot duplicate of….of me?” Kim asked as she forcefully broke my embrace and took a step directly towards the other Kimberly. It was also evident that something had manifested itself in Kimberly’s thought and vocal processing threads as she now had a stutter and repetitive dialog. A problem that would now have to be researched and resolved before Kimberly could be mass produced and deployed. I came around between the two lovely ladies and looked at the first Kimberly. "My dear, you're not human. You are an android like Kimberly here." A look somewhere between confused and sadness shown on her face. "But I'm not! This is a hurrr....hurtful prank annnn.....and it's not.......not funny any muhh......ore." Kim said.

Her eyes welling up with artificial tears. I felt a little remorseful at the fact that I had caused her to malfunction, yet glad that I did, as this could have been potentially very costly once discovered after production. Kim reached out and took my hand. The Kimberly sexbot turned to me, "Kimberly, I am designed, built, and programmed for your pleasure. Would you like to have intercourse with me?. I love a good threesome." she said. Before I could say anything Kim raised her free hand and slapped the android hard across the face. "I am nottt.....not a lesbian. You're.." but before she could finish, "What? Hot and sexy, curvacious and perfect." The sexbot said, then she turned, leaned over and kissed me passionately. Out the corner of my eye I saw Kim's mouth gape open. Kimberly then grabbed the Kimberly sexbot by the shoulder and spun her around to face her.

"Look youuuu.." Her head cocked to the left suddenly and she had a blank stare, then as quick as lightning her features softened and she was back. "I'm sorry, we got off to a rocky start. I'm Kimberly." She said extending her hand out to Kimberly. Kimberly extended hers and they shook. "It's nice to meet you." She said in a perky tone. The first Kimberly turned to me, "Jim, if you're not too tired. I'm game for a threesome." Now my mouth was near the floor. She had some how recovered, I think. "Jim, doesn't every man want to have two beautiful women in his bed at least once in his life?" She asked. "Yeah! How 'bout it Jim?" Asked the other Kimberly. I looked from one to the other, then to the first Kim. "You're OK with this?" I asked. In unison they both answered. "Yes."

I decided to let go of the technician in me and enjoy my self. Kimberly reached out and took my hand and began to guide me towards he bed, while the other Kimberly ran her hand down my chest and to my dick. This was going to be fun! I'd never been with two pleasuredroids at the same time with different personality based programming. I'm James Stiles, and I have a great job. Solving the kinks can wait till tomorrow.

The End

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