Cutie Honey

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Cutie Honey
Genre Magical girl, science fiction
Author Go Nagai
Original run 1973 - 1974
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Cutie Honey (also known as Cutey Honey) is a Japanese multimedia franchise that began in 1973 as a manga series written by author Go Nagai for the manga publication Shonen Jump. Since then, it has expanded into multiple manga, anime and live action adaptations. Although the adaptations do not generally have a shared plot, they are connected by similar elements, namely Honey Kisaragi, her superheroine alter ego Cutey Honey, and her fight against the nefarious Panther Claw crime organization, led by Panther Zora and her sister, Sister Jill. The series has been retroactively labeled a part of the "magical girl" genre, and is considered one of the earlier examples of said genre, despite being primarily marketed for young men.

Series Synopsis

In the original Cutie Honey, Honey Kisaragi is a student at a Catholic school, who learns she is an android following the death of her father at the hands of Panther Claw, who are seeking out the Airborne Device in order to satisfy their greed for personal wealth. Following this, she adopts the persona of Cutie Honey, and utilizes the Airborne Device to seek justice for the death of Doctor Kisaragi. She's aided by a kindly man named Danbei Hayame and his two sons, journalist Seiji and his younger brother, Junpei. The anime also follows this storyline.

New Cutie Honey, which takes place a century after the events of Cutie Honey and the original defeat of Panther Claw, sees an older and more mature Honey who has forgotten her powers and the Cutie Honey personality work as a secretary to Mayor Light of Cosplay City. After a violent encounter with a group of bikers, she rediscovers her powers and after defeating them, enlists the mayor's help in fighting a growing crime wave, headed by the self-proclaimed "Lord of Darkness", Dolmeck.

Fembot Characters

Honey Kisaragi: Honey Kisaragi, the protagonist of the series, is an android developed by Doctor Takeshi Hisaragi and modeled after his deceased daughter. She was built with a device that allows her to fabricate objects from the molecules in the air around her, dubbed the "Airborne Device", which is the source of her transformation powers. Using the device, she's also able to transform into a number of alternate personalities, chief among them being the pink-haired, superhumanly strong, curvaceous and beautiful Cutie Honey. Skilled with her sword, Silver Fleurette, Cutie Honey's other powers include a boomerang called the Honey Boomerang, an energy beam fired from her choker and the "Honey Special", which uses all her energy to unleash a powerful attack.

Honey Kisaragi is shown to have a mechanical endoskeleton and a computerized brain, with an organic outer layer whose default appearance is modeled after the late Doctor Kisaragi's daughter. In her default state, she is a young woman with long, blonde hair. When she transforms, she is shown to be capable of taking on entirely new appearances and is able to change the color of her skin, hair and eyes. Because of the energy required to operate the Airborne Device, she often eats a high calorie diet to maintain herself. In the anime, she is shown to age, as in New Cutie Honey, Honey is looking curvier and more mature, but she ages at a much slower rate than a human.

Honey's personality is kind but mischievous, and she's described as a "class clown" during her school years, with a tendency towards pulling pranks on her teachers. Nevertheless, she has a strong sense of justice, seeking to not only avenge her father's death at the hands of Panther Claw, but to protect those closest to her and the innocents who get caught up in their schemes. She becomes more mature by the events of New Cutie Honey, taking on a more maternal attitude regarding the people she protects.


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