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This is the current events page.
Projects being worked on by the ASFR community will be listed here.
To talk about these projects, or to give suggestions for articles or other ideas, go to the "talk" page by clicking on the discussion link above.


  1. Upload images & stories
  2. Create articles on ASFR media including TV shows, movies, etc
  3. Keep the gallery and articles up-to-date with the latest film and television releases

Current ASFR related events

  • Detroit: Become Human (Released 5/25/18)
  • AMC Humans - Season 3
  • Altered Carbon (Season 2 - Pending)

Article drive

We now have an Article drive project for new members to list what kind of articles they want created. Anyone is welcome to list more or to go ahead and create them.


The photo manipulation workshop and the story writing workshop are now open for business as well. If you have tips to give, or want to learn how to create awesome pics and stories, than this will be the place to go.

Master list of ASFR

The Master list of ASFR is the ultimate list for the novice ASFR enthusiast to discover which movies, TV shows, or independent projects contain fembot content. Even though the list is now complete, it still needs to be updated every time a new movie, TV show, music video, animation, or independent production is added to the gallery.