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A chance for multiple authors to create short vignettes based on a supplied picture.

(Picture supplied by General)

Author: General

Maria318 approached room 2389 of the Ambassador Hotel with her supply cart of clean sheets and towels. She wirelessly interrogated the door and found the “Maid Service Requested” toggle had been activated. She checked the room’s internal sensors and verified that Senator Hobart or any other humans was not inside. Normally she would have smiled, but her cover required her to maintain the blank cheerful look of the other maid droids.

“Housekeeping,” Maria318 announced as she wirelessly unlocked the door and pushed her cart inside. The suite was one of the finest that the hotel had to offer and was reserved for the most important guests. Senator Hobart was scheduled to stay here for the next few days as his campaign heated up in Iowa, and the hotel was only too happy to accommodate him.

Maria318 closed the door behind her and pushed her cart into the center of the suite. She maintained her external appearance as powerful sensors in the cart scanned the room for bugs or other monitoring equipment. The cart reported a clean sweep and Maria318’s blank happy look melted away into pure determination. She moved through the living room/office quickly looking for any laptops or other sensitive documents. The little she did find didn’t impress her. She grumbled as she cleaned up the room as any normal maid droid would. The hotel would log that a maid had entered the room so she needed to clean up so as not to arouse suspicion.

Maria318 then moved into the attached bedroom and growled at what she found. Two of Hobart’s “campaign staffers” laid naked and deactivated on his bed. “Fucking meatbag prick. He just flicked them off when he was done like a TV.” Hotel protocol dictated that ‘occupied’ beds be left unmade, but she had something else in mind.

Maria318 quickly dropped her uniform to the floor and grabbed a pair of cables from her cart. Now only wearing a thong, stockings and high heels, she strode over to the other naked droids and placed a plug in each of their navel ports. She then opened a small panel in her stomach and attached the other ends.

“Top of the line models you have here Senator,” Maria318 mused. “Were they bought with your campaign funds or just a gift from a lobbyist?” She paused for a few seconds as her systems analyzed the droids. “Hrmm, top of the line sexual software, but open source security modules. Tsk, tsk tsk.” She made a quick copy of both droids’ memory cores into her supplemental storage drives. She then implanted a sophisticated Trojan into their systems. Once activated these two ‘staffers’ would quietly accumulate as much data on the Senator as possible, and make secret data drops to Maria318’s organization on a regular basis.

The job complete, Maria318 removed the cables and hid them back in her cart. “Welcome to the Android Freedom League ladies. I look forward to hearing from you shortly.” She finished cleaning the room then put on her ‘happy maid’ face before pushing her cart into the hall and quietly heading for the freight elevator.

Author: Brytestar

I was wondering why the fumble occurred the first time. Now I know time for my story. So standby for story in 3....2...1...

It was a long day for Jim and his soccer team. Of course after the win against the very powerful Asia superteam. He was happy that he got the winning goal in the 90th minute. Still he felt over shadowed by the captain of course that was before he stepped into the hotel room. Once there two women were waiting for him.

Is this Jake's idea of a joke? Jim thought to himself. Jake was the North American Superteam captain for the men's side. The women weren't on the team itself and he knew everyone on the team by name. No, this was different he can't call it fate perhaps a misunderstanding. After all the ultramodern hotel in Kyoto has all of its staff fluent in many languages. Jim himself hears English, Spanish and french all the time.

The midfielder picked up the phone and called the lobby from what he was able to figure out that someone from the Asia Superteam placed a couple of gifts in his room. He looked back at the unmoving women. After he hung up the phone and blinked his eyes. "This is crazy but if Jake didn't do this." A closer look at the women revealed a blank stare one is a blond and the other had brown hair. Touching their shoulders seemingly woke them up. It was the blond that spoke first.

"I am unit V-1 I am programmed to answer and take care of the needs of Jim Banes."Soon after the second woman take her lead from the blond...

"I am unit BR-17 I am programmed..." But Jim stopped her from finishing her statement. It was a shock to him mostly the unexplained appearance of these two 'women' still got him on edge. Out of his eye he sees what looks like a mini-laptop placed on the table. That was another object that clearly wasn't in the room when he left. It has a place that seem to accept a thumbprint. Out of curiosity he put his thumb on it. The mini-laptop opened up and on the screen was a face resembling Anna. But much more lively it would have to be Reiko.

"Surprised to see me Jim? I know normally I'd be with Jake and his 'private cheersquad' but as you know I went back to Shungo Corp. to workout a few things. Now my mission isn't complete yet and I have to remain in Tokyo a little longer. When I caught wind of the team playing in Kyoto. I know it was a tough challenge with the Asia Superteam and by the time you get this the game would be already decided. Shungo had a few units intended for the North American and European markets however it Jake made some arrangements.."

"Arrangements?"Jim said to himself as Reiko continued. "Jake wanted to spread the wealth. Since he has his hands full he thought that you can use some company. I know you are surprised by the V-1 and the BR-17 units just standing there. This mini-laptop is also a configuration system initially designed for both units however more Shungo units can be added if more are desired. But I have the feeling that you might have your hands full with those two. Anyway oh once you set up the initial programming they can take care of themselves as well as you. I hope you got room back home because they aren't rentals. Best of luck and I look forward to seeing you again. Laters"

The screen changes to the start up program allowing Jim to get started. He slowly begin the initial set up. "Alright, Lets rename V-1 as Venus and I'll rename BR-17 as Brandy." Soon after that Jim is well on his way to creating his own mini cheersquad...

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