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A chance for multiple authors to create short vignettes based on a supplied picture.

(Picture supplied by 1001011001)

Author: 1001011001

Dave knew something was wrong with Jessi from the moment he hung up the phone with her. He couldn't put my finger on it, but she just didn't seem to be herself. Definitely a trip back to maintenance was in order for her.

Of course, that was his initial thought before he opened the bedroom door to find his girlfriend half-naked, absently stroking herself on the floor with his ex-girlfriend, also half-naked, sitting behind her seductively stroking her breast.

"Hello, David," Holly purred.

"Hello David," Jessi repeated blankly.

This was not a good thing for David. Holly was best described as a bit off-kilter, madly in love one minute, and insanely jealous and possessive the next. Making things worse was that he never knew what kind of Holly he would come home to each night. For nearly a year, David walked on eggshells to put up with her. The final straw came when she flipped out after she saw him with another woman. It was an ugly breakup, but after the smoke cleared, he could finally breathe a sigh of relief that she was out of his life for good.

Or so he thought.

"What are you doing here, Holly?" David asked warily.

"Oh nothing. I was just in the neighborhood visiting some friends when I saw your place. It made me think of the old times and the wonderful fun we had together. You remember how happy we were don't you?"

"No, I just remember how you tried to castrate me when you saw me with another woman."

"Well, how was I supposed to know that was your sister?" she said innocently. "I did forgive you for that, don't you remember?"

He almost laughed at that. Holly was definitely in top form, always finding a way to turn the situation around, no matter how wrong she was. He would've pointed that out, but wasn't in the mood to argue this with her.

"What are you doing with Jessi?"

Jessi started to mumble something, but no words came out. "She's quite an impressive toy you've got here. She looks real, and she feels real, but she's not." She cast Jessi aside and stood up, leaving Jessi absently stroking herself awkwardly. "Is this what you left me for? An automation? A mechanical copy of the real thing?"

David started to back up. She was turning possessive again. Even after all of this time, she's never gotten over him, apparently. "I thought we could patch things up, but it seems like you have other ideas."

She looked down at Jessi. "I'll have to show you what I do to anybody who tries to steal my man away from me!!" She reached into her purse and pulled out a letter opener that was crudely sharpened.

"Stop!" David yelled. She looked up to find him holding a remote. "What are you going to do with that thing?" she sneered.

He said, "Something I should've done a long time ago," and pressed the button. She froze in mid pose for a second before collapsing on the floor.

He let out a sigh as he surveyed the scene. One woman still stroking herself, the other collapsed on the floor with the look of total surprise on her face. He chuckled to himself at the absurdity of the situation. He should've changed the locks when she left. She should've changed her remote access code. He was sure there was a saying about turnabout and fair play, but he didn't have time to remember what it was. Not when he has two broken bots lying on his bedroom floor.

Author: Allenzo

What is a man to do? Looking around, you see what can really happen when jealousy gets the better of these droids. In this case though, I think ill make an exception and only lightly punish her for the problem.

Two days ago I acquired a new Care and Orginazational Replacement Droid, or CORD, to replace my old model. I had been hearing that these new models now looked more human, instead of those horrible pixilated droids of yesteryear. Much to my surprise, if she hadn't come with a remote control and a giant access shaft, id have sworn it to be some sick joke. I had been waiting for this replacement for well over two years now, and had only gotten it now because my old driod decided to up and kick the bucket. She had seriously malfunctioned, and the extended warranty (well worth its weight in processors) had stated that if it became salvage (far more expensive to repair than to replace) it would just simply expedite an existing order as well as reimburse for the cost.

Everything started out fine, until about 4 weeks later I came home and she was glued to my computer, accessing my files. Seriously upset at the infringement on my privacy, I started to yell at her (not like it really helped, but it made me feel better)

"What are you doing?!"

"Acclimation and acquisition of personal data has been deemed inefficient, and thusly I have been programmed to take matters into my own hands." she replied.

Surprised, and then quickly grabbing the remote, I respond, "Great, I got a defective CORD, now I'm going to have to wait even longer!" and I proceed to hit the power down button. Nothing happens and I start to panic. I had heard stories of CORDs accidently killing people due to fatal malfunctions in their core logic program or sudden memory loss, and I was fearing the worst when she replied,

"I am sorry master, but I cannot power down during the final stage of conversion, I will gladly power down and report for disassembly if you do not like my present for you." She then stiffly stands up, after unplugging from the computer, and walks over to the next room. To my surprise I find a stripper, twitching on the floor, completely naked with several cords "plugged" into her for a lack of better terms. The CORD, finding out I had quite a bit of threesome pron, decided to kidnap a poor stripper and somehow convert her into another servant. I ask without hesitation,

"What can she do for us?"

In the only time I have ever seen the CORD react perfectly like a human, she smiles a smile the Cheshire Cat would be jealous of, and states, "Based upon gathered information, this woman would be your perfect woman. However, since I cannot adjust to look like her without conciderable cost and time, I decided to canabalize certain parts of my hardware, allowing her to be controlled via the remote at a much less automatomictivity."

"Automatomictivity???" I ask, thinking maybe she invented the word.

"she will basically be a robotic slave that I will need to take care of, if master allows it." she states coldly.

What is a man to do? Well guess what route I took; heres a photo of her a few days after the Conversion completed. On the bright side, apparently she was not missed and we now have a daughter and a son, both of which may end up as vessels.

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