Crashing and Some Sex Mode Action

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Written by Mirage

Crashing and Some Sex Mode Action

"Layla, How are you feeling?" She blinked, but didn't responded to my voice what-so-ever.

"Layla, are you okay?" I tried again.

No response from the frozen look she had. I managed to sit her on my bed. I paused for a second, not sure what to do.

"Not so good for a first date, eh?" I laughed out.

I sat beside her, as she was like a frozen statue. I then studied her slowly, as she had her eyes were wide open, a strange frozen smile on her lips. I kissed her deep, no reaction. I then slowly grabbed her breasts and started feeling them. To my surprise, her nipples got erect. I then undressed her completely and laid her on the bed naked.

She was a real beauty, perfect double Ds as breasts, a trim pussy, not a single blemish on her body. I got myself undress and slowly inserted myself inside her pussy deep.

After a few minutes, I came inside her good, as she still remained frozen in time. Finally, I gave up and sat up, went to get my laptop and inserted a USB cable into her right ear. Directly accessing her CPU, I saw she had a complete A.I. crash. I tried to reboot her a few times, but nothing was working, her A.I. was completely corrupted.

A few hours later…

"What are you doing?" Layla asked me, as she laid on the bed, naked.

"Working on your A.I." I replied, as I typed on my computer, from my desk.

"Wouldn’t you rather play with me?" she smiled.

"Later.. I need to finish this." I said, trying to finish what I am working on.

"I am horny." she then snickered, as she grabbed both her breasts and squeezed them hard, her nipples becoming erect.

"You are always horny" I smiled to her.

"You made me this way..." she smiled back, teasing me.

"True...try, masturbating." I then said to her.

"Fine." she pouted her lips and started to masturbate, using both hands and fingers to stimulate her clit.

As I was trying to type away, all I could hear was Layla moaning loudly, as she was slowly coming, breaking my concentration. I got up, and sat beside her on the bed.

"Please come inside me." she begged of me, as she opened her legs for me.

I reached behind her neck, and pressed her "off" button. Her eyes became all dark, as she was deactivated. She gave me a surprised look, as she went offline.

"There... peace and quiet" I mumbled out, sitting back at my desk. Forty minutes later, I finished my work. I grabbed the CPU stick attached to my computer and I sat beside Layla.

I inserted the stick inside her left ear and let the new data load up to her CPU. I then reached behind her neck and reactivated her.

"Bob? Where I am?" she asked, as she sat up, confused.

"You had a system crash and I had to re-install you." I explained to her.

"I am so sorry... What happen?" she asked, still a bit confused.

"Well, this was our first outing, to test you out. We went to McDicks, and I was picking something for me to eat, and you suddenly started listing loudly every ingredients on the menu, and would not stop. I was so embarrassed, I pushed you into the back of the restaurant and tried to reboot you, but you were stuck in a loop. I managed to get you walking and get you back home. For some reason, you had a total system crash in your A.I. programming. I had to reformat your A.I. and switch you to "SEX MODE" for now" I explained to her.

"I was in SEX MODE? I have a sex mode??" Layla asked quickly.

"Only in emergency situations, and when you have a "headache" I snickered

"Did we fuck?" she then asked.

"Layla, are you jealous of yourself?" I asked her before answering her.

"I.. it would be nice to know, like, if you are fucking me, or fucking "SEX MODE" me?" she blurred out.

"Ohh, Layla, don't move! Something is wrong… don't move!" I quickly told her.

"What? What is wrong???" she said, panicked.

I quickly insert my fingers her pussy and click on her clit hard for a moment.

"SEX MODE" activated, she smiled, as her A.I. deactivated.

"I think I need to work more on your A.I. programming." I said, as we started to fuck each other more.

"Bob, why don't you let me just in "SEX MODE" all the time? That Layla is a real bitch!" SEX MODE Layla smiled to me. She does have a point.

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