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Lori came back to her dorm room after what seemed like forever. She could barely remember when the day had started. Running her pale fingers through her long blonde hair, she rubbed the stress out of her scalp.

She opened the door to find her bookworm roommate, Mary Jane, in front of her computer, as usual. The redhead sat up quickly as if she had been caught doing something, straightening her bathrobe as she looked over to Lori’s entrance.

“Whatcha doin’, MJ? Surfing porn?” the sorority girl taunted.

“No!” MJ defended. “I was just… downloading something.” She turned back to her computer as she stowed a data cable under her desk.

Lori peeked over to see if there was anything incriminating on her screen, but only saw some website for VENUS CYBERNETICS. “Yeah, I’m sure you were.” Lori said this sarcastically, but honestly believed that her repressed roomie was in fact more interested in microchips than men. She sat down, removed her black heels and rubbed her gray-stocking feet.

From the corner, MJ moaned. “Uh-oh. Error in uploading virus protection.” She quickly started tapping at her keyboard and fiddling with her mouse.

Lori paid no mind to her as she stood and removed her white sweater. It was as she was unzipping her plaid skirt that she noticed that MJ’s typing speed had increased. The quick tapping had evolved into almost an erratic buzz. Lori glanced over to see MJ’s eyes open wide as the computer, now switched over to a C-prompt, filled with text at a phenomenal rate.

“Hey Mary Jane, you OK?”

“I am fine, Lori.” MJ replied without blinking. “Just a liiiittle problem with my central processor, Lori. There is a 114% chance of a critical error if I do not fix it, Lori.”

Lori stared at MJ quizzically. “You need to get out more, girl.”

“Get out! More girl!” MJ mimicked in a stilted voice. She shook her head as if to clear it, then looked over at the blonde. “Jeez, I’m sorry, Search>Roommate>Name:CurrentTimeIndex. Could I have some privacy for a few-few-few-few minutes?”

In the back of her mind, Lori thought about going for the phone. MJ was obviously having some sort of fit. But she found herself frozen watching her with the same fascination one would have watching a car crash in slow motion.

Suddenly MJ yelled, “DAMMIT! WHY IS NOT THE VIRUS PROTECTION WORK…” then stopped short, and stood up quickly, knocking over her computer chair. Then she bent stiffly at the waist, her nose a couple of centimeters over her computer keyboard, looking very much like a chicken pecking the ground. “Cascade-failure- personality-profile-partitions-deteriorating-sexual-systems-randomizing” The redhead bolted upright and in a series of three clumsy moves, placed her splayed hands on her breasts. Her lips pursed and eyebrows arched as an alto moan escaped her lips.

Lori, wearing nothing but her bra, panties and stockings, trembled slightly as she watched her roommate have her breakdown. Her nerves were completely on edge. She had no idea what to do.

MJ started to mumble as she jerkily rubbed her large tits through her terrycloth robe. “Uh-ma… uh-ma-ma… buh-buh-buuuuuuuuuh… fu-fu-fu-fuck me.” She turned ninety degrees to face the wall, then started to march face-first against her bulletin board. The notes there swished as she waddled in place like a blind penguin, mechanically repeating her request for fucking.

Lori suddenly realized that the voluptuous coed was a robot, and having quite a hard time at the moment. She looked down at her own breasts and saw she was as well. Her nipples strained at the satin B-cups of her bra. The revelation that her roommate was not a girl but a thing was, surprisingly, turning her on.

MJ spun around in place, her face screwed up into a joker’s smile. She beckoned to Lori in a sing-song voice. “I fucking need to fuck your fuck fuck fuck.” Her head cocked off to the side, her mussed hair flopping along with it. “Virus corrrrruuuptiiiing geeeenderrrrr recognition,” the malfunctioning android blithered. She refocused on Lori. “You are so FUCKING HOT!!!” Trying to get to the blonde, she spastically danced around the toppled chair and simultaneously attempted to remove her robe, tearing it in several places.

To be continued...

Now that MJ’s robe was in tatters, Lori found herself transfixed by the clear liquid running from the girl’s auburn snatch down her pale curvy leg. It seemed the synthetic coed’s artificial arousal had forced her vaginal lubrication into overdrive. Lori was finally distracted by the discovery that she had unconsciously slipped her hand under her stockings and panties and was caressing herself to the wondrous meltdown that unfolded before her.

MJ staggered forward toward her virally-misguided goal, freezing in place and arching backwards as a bright yellow spark flew from her face. The remains of her robe splatting in a puddle she had left behind her. There was a loud pop as her left eye clouded over like a burned-out light bulb, followed by a loud repetitive giggle. “Hee-hee-hee-hee-heeeeee! That fuh-fuh-fuh-felt SOOOOOO good. Need feel Lori Lori good.” She began to tremble and spasm as her twisted face turned forward. Then she slipped in her own juices, toppling face-forward onto the leggy blonde, causing the two of them to land like fallen dominoes onto Lori’s bed. The turned-on blonde pulled her hand out of her panties to break her fall, as the robot landed face first on her pelvis. Under the red mop of hair, Lori could hear MJ starting to gnaw through the crotch of her hose, her agitating head giving Lori the best head of her life.

Lori pulled the cups of her bra down to give her better access to her nipples, tweaking them as her roomie thrashed between her legs. MJ’s nose buried in the blonde’s shaved slit. Feeling that she was going to cum, Lori reached over her head and opened the drawer in which she hid her “toys.” Pulling out a big black plastic cock, she clicked it on, sat up and plunged it into MJ’s soaking pussy from behind. Both girls screamed in ecstasy as their needs were met.

The broken doll’s afterglow consisted of going completely stiff, rolling over onto her back and starting to vibrate from head to toe. She gibbered at the ceiling, “Badgirlerrorfullpussyspankingoverheatoverheathotfuck - OH?” There was a bang and an explosion of sparks as a semicircular panel rocketed off of her abdomen and hit the acoustic panels above her. MJ went silent as her spasms tapered off.

Lori dragged herself out from underneath the inert mannequin and shakily got to her feet. “Wow,” she sighed to herself. “That was awesome. What came over me?” She looked across the room to the full-length mirror mounted on the wall. She examined her image, standing there in her torn undergarments. A sooty fan was tattooed on her tight belly from the pyrotechnics. As she went to rub the carbon off, she found a deep cut under her ribs. She panicked as she gently poked at it.

A blue electrical arc suddenly jolted up her arm from the cut, making her jump for a moment. When she regained her senses, Lori repeated, “What came-came-came-came over me?” Looking in the mirror, she saw smoke rising from her ears and nose, then another spark - this time from her ear. “Ego-emulator-shutdown-sexual-loop-error”

She suddenly marched up to her reflection and bumped up against the glass - breasts first. She made eye contact with her image while masturbating her pussy with random hand motions. “You are so FUCKING HOT!” She grabbed her breast roughly with her free hand and started clawing. She danced in place as her ever-increasing orgasm blew capacitors throughout her body.

A panel finally fell open on her back as smoking bits of electronics sprayed the room. Lori fell to her knees, her wide eyes still staring at herself in the mirror. “Pretty…” She thrust forward head-first as a gyro lost its bearing, shattering the mirror and knocking over the camera behind it.


Jim stared at the snow on the screen in disbelief, almost dropping his beer bottle. “Tyler, dude! How the hell did you get this footage!”

Tyler unclipped his VENUS CYBERNETICS: PROGRAMMER ID badge and threw it on his desk near the TV. “They were both old models that had been written off due to poor virus protection. I just decided to do a little experiment. I uploaded a nasty crash virus onto MJ to activate upon seeing Lori. Then I reprogrammed Lori to have her sexual systems activated when in the presence of a malfunctioning android. Then I just set them loose in the dorm room simulation. I wasn’t expecting Lori to react like that to her own reflection. It was an added bonus. I fixed the mirror before I left work.”

“You have the coolest job, man,” Jim admired.

“I know,” Tyler grinned. “I know.”

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