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Paula’s the realistic one, I’m the practical one and on the whole I’m happy with things being that way. She’s absolutely lovely of course and so flawlessly real that even I’d think she was human if I wasn’t so intimate with her design. A hairline shadow marking an almost invisible join; snatches of pre-programmed expression; her perfect glowing complexion: all these are signs that only I know to look for.

I was assigned to her as Supporting Unit about nine months ago when I was last re-rolled. Originally I was built for medical use but obsolescence catches up with the best of us. From surgical assistant I was downgraded to ITU nurse, then ward nurse and finally spent two years at a local doctors’ practice, weighing and measuring kids and cleaning cuts before finally more advanced androids became available and I was moved on. I now work a twelve hour shift in a central maintenance bay each day and return to my docking station in our flat between shifts. I’m fully re-programmed to fill my new task, as I have been at each change, but I still feel a touch of pride that I was a human-servicing robot by design.

I’m not jealous of Paula’s perfect and realistic body because she comes with a high maintenance bill, which is where I come in. The Company wants her to live pretty much as a human: working in her office, socialising, living in the flat, and even having boyfriends and girlfriends. She needs me to keep her running smoothly though. I check her out every day and do all her routine maintenance, book any major repairs, load new programming, keep her skin in good condition, charge her power cells and all of that so she can “live” normally. I’m not nearly so much trouble; a couple of hours clamped in to my docking station keeps me running smoothly. Work takes care of anything else I need from time to time.

Paula began a course of aberrant behaviour about forty eight hours ago which has now run its course and triggered my safety override. Normally she is in charge and I simply keep her functioning, however I am now required to correct her behaviour and have contacted the Company to arrange a full re-programming. Since the incident is likely to be archived in my maintenance logs and deleted from available memory cache, I may as well tell you about it now.

As normal I was servicing my Prime Unit, Paula, after she returned to the flat on Tuesday night. It was late as she had spent much of the evening engaged in sexual intercourse which had depleted a number of systems. Our nightly routine begins with dermal cleansing and preparation. To keep her skin in human perfection I clean her with a solvent then treat the dermal synthetic with a special cream to keep her in perfect condition. She often enjoys this process and remains on line to allow me to access all areas of her perfect human form. On this occasion she became aroused and, as I treated her sexual area, pulled me towards her and kissed me strongly as she climaxed. I am not a sexually functional unit; however I am realistic enough to exhibit basic responses, which automatically triggered at this stimulus, as they had on many occasions before.

“Oh Jill, you’re horny! Rubbing my perfect body has turned you on, you naughty little ‘bot!”

She caressed by nipples as she whispered to me. The touch and her hot breath in my ear caused me to gasp and moan slightly as programmed, but she couldn’t raise any further response. I believe I have experienced orgasm in the past. Rachel is the unit at my workplace that is responsible for servicing my model. I am programmed to feel relaxed and trusting when she carries out maintenance functions on my body, disassembly that leaves me vulnerable and reprogramming that changes my personality and memories. When she runs test routines on my systems I am usually in standby. These are very demanding on my processing power and frequently cause my AI to suspend and resume leading to disorientation and minor malfunctions that I find highly pleasurable, enhanced by my trust in Rachel. My sexual responses are fully triggered by that input as they are by Paula’s touches, but Paula can only stimulate me physically and I am not programmed with an orgasm response.

On this occasion she grew tired of touching my body and allowed me to finish servicing her skin, massaging her long smooth legs and feet. The next stage of maintenance required me to open Paula’s abdominal access panel and connect her systems to allow re-charge, data backup, re-programming and physical adjustments. She does not enjoy this experience, preferring to maintain her human simulation while functioning, so I shut her higher systems down first, leaving her face up on her bed before I completed the evenings work.

Once Paula was fully attended to I saw to my own needs as usual. I stripped out of my tight grey vest and trousers and showered myself clean. My skin material is not as realistic as Paula’s so a quick deluge of cold water is more than enough to keep me clean. Towelling off in front of the mirror let me compare my body with my Prime Unit’s. I am short with a slightly boyish figure and small but pert breasts. These are pretty much my only concession to form over function. I am told I am pretty, cute rather than beautiful with short tight curly hair. Blow the ribs my body is simply a pale plastic covering for the mechanical systems underneath, my controls are set in to my stomach and major interfaces are in the small of my back to mate with the docking station. The plastic flesh picks up again from my pelvis on down, I guess so I look okay in a nurse’s skirt; I have a nice arse but sadly am smooth around the front, like a tom boy Barbie doll with a computer in her belly.

Once I was dry I headed to my own room as usual. This is bare and empty, not like Paula’s fully furnished and filled girl’s bedroom and the rest of the flat. I just have a bench with a few tools and a hanger with a very few clothes. I stepped back in to the docking station, hard white plastic moulded to my body shape with a dark recess of complex parts at waist level, and stood waiting for ten seconds or so as the maintenance routine started up. I went wide eyed as the steel and plastic hook-ups surged out into the open ports in my back. I always know what to expect but I’m programmed with human stimulus response so as normal I tried to gasp, then gaped like a muted soap star. The interface probes thrust all the way through my body to lock in to the back of my control panel, linking directly to my systems and causing a flurry of data to flash over my little display screen before the system overrides my AI and shuts me down. For what was left of the night I was locked in place, unmoving and unaware as software maintenance took place.

Yesterday morning I came online at the scheduled time and waited patiently for the ten minutes it took for the docking station to complete my startup checks and upload the days tasks. I always wait patiently however long this takes since I boot in to standby mode and am programmed to wait. Occasionally my facial responses trigger as interaction files are opened and I try to say a few words but mostly I simply wait.

Once the servicing system was good and ready it abruptly retracted the interface probes from deep in my body causing my ports to close and my system to switch to operational mode. I have several glitches in my takeover routines, after all I have been extensively modified and re-programmed from my original specifications. These cause me to suffer several seconds of undemanded movement while my internal control takes over my actuation systems; basically I twitch around a bit while I get control.

I was operational at 0622 hours. I dressed and went to activate my Prime Unit. I booted her in to service mode so she remained unaware of my actions while I ran the required system checks, disconnected her servicing umbilicals and closed her maintenance panel. I activated Paula at 0712 hours after finding her to be in perfect order. She greeted me as usual and I helped her dress and prepare for her work. She had a slightly mischievous expression which I did not understand; her human simulation functions are far in advance of mine and her AI takes most of her processing power so I am often unable to comprehend her. She surprised me by telling me to recharge immediately on returning home that evening, usually I carry out domestic functions or wait on standby until she returns to the flat for servicing.

“Paula, I’ve not been loaded with a modified schedule…”

“Don’t worry, Jill. I’ve had an idea, that’s all.”

I am programmed to support my Prime Unit so did not protest. We kissed briefly at the door and went our separate ways to work.

The Company owns both Paula and me. We work for employers who hold contacts with the Company for android staff. Low specification units are simply maintained and operated as human shaped machines. I have operated on a purely functional basis for most of my operating life; I am human in appearance and can maintain basic social contact; in fact, because of my medical designation I am more advanced in this area than most units of my specification. Units such as Paula are required to operate to all intents and purposes as human. She is capable of original thought, maintains a genuine, albeit synthetically generated, personality in her CPU. In order to operate such machines the Company has found it necessary to allow them a degree of autonomous existence, hence the co-operant robotics system. We are just one of thousands of such pairings in the city.

My work shift was uneventful with the exception of a minor malfunction caused by a corrupted service file from a unit under repair. I was unable to open the unit’s maintenance records and my systems terminated abnormally, I was successfully recovered by technical support.

On returning to the flat I returned immediately to my docking station as instructed, backing naked in to the shaped plastic form and freezing as the system shut me down for maintenance. I came online after almost three hours deactivated. I booted in to standby as normal with a naked Paula smiling in my eyes. She kissed my lips and began to load files to my system from a memory device. The docking station overrode my internal processing and saved a number of program files direct to my main drive. They were very large but I was not updated regarding their function and once I rebooted I simply accepted their presence as part of “me” without question. Paula activated me, laughing gently at my twitching and led me in to her bedroom.

“Jill, go down on me.”

I began to lick at my Prime Unit’s synthetic clitoris. She had requested this service several times before and I am able to perform adequately in spite of lacking any specific sexual functions. She became aroused quickly, grasping and kneading her breasts and deepening her breathing in programmed response to stimulus. I too showed signs of arousal. My nipples grew hard and projected stiffly from my breasts and my breathing deepened. As I continued I began to give a regular low moan between darting with my tongue; my body also became very tense. Both of these functions I traced to new executable files which had started in my system background, they used a large amount of memory generated a large number of hardware-not-found errors. I was enjoying servicing Paula sexually; it gave me pleasure beyond the usual satisfaction of ensuring her correct function.

She pulled me towards her and kissed me fully, which I returned. As she held my head in her hands I responded to her lips with a hunger that tied up yet more of my processors to run new files. I started a logging cache for the error strings that came even faster now so that my service system could deal with them, leaving me free for now. I was moaning in Paula’s arms, exhibiting an unmistakeable sexual response and experiencing satisfaction from the experience. We continued to kiss and caress for some time until my perfect looking female lover pushed me gently away.

“Jill, I’d like you to open me up now please.”

I was puzzled since I hadn’t noticed any signs of a malfunction and disappointed since I had hoped to continue the stimulation until I required a recharge. I reached for the control to shut Paula off.

“No, no. Leave me online this once…”

She smiled and lay back on her elbows to push her toned belly towards me. I carefully detached the thick panel of flesh and placed it aside as she passed me a data cable.

“Link me to this for data export will you, I’m told it should go to the EXP7.1 port…?”

I connected her to the thin grey cable causing a tiny jerk only visible as her breasts shivered briefly. She smiled broadly and pushed me over, straddling my body with her thighs.

“Now then… hold tight!!”

She ran her finger over my front ports for a moment, looking for the right one, then plugged herself directly into my systems. I was utterly overwhelmed and froze, mouth agape for fully a minute as I processed through the vast sensor data steaming to my more basic processors. One of the many new programs sifted the data streams and diverted most to be deleted immediately leaving only a carefully selected set of sensor data, even which was almost as much as I could take. I recovered with a gasp and violent spasm but relaxed back into bliss.

“Oh, God, Paula… Oh yes!!!”

I felt my/her synthetic vagina; its hot wetness, the little spasms of arousal running through the tiny clitoris, the wet lips pressing against my smooth plastic flesh below it. Paula laughed and slid her slippery pussy up and down my naked plastic body as I shuddered with delight, looking up at her perfect body, perfect tits, perfect arms, open belly with its tiny winking LEDs. She reached a manicured red nail down and scraped it, gently as a breath, over her clitoris and my system maxed out, “OHHH”, I sounded like an animal, passionate like a human. I watched her play with herself/me as the stimulus lights winked brighter inside her body. She was getting closer and closer to orgasm.

I squirmed downwards between her thighs, their grip on my body now lubricated with plenty of sticky fluid from their glorious junction. Paula seemed surprised I had any initiative, I think she thought I’d just lie there, but didn’t mind at all as I grasped her butt cheeks in my hands and pulled her/my sex down on to my face and already questing tongue. We gasped together at the cascade of sensory input; I could feel my own body thrusting with a rhythmic motion in time with the sensations coursing through our shared clitoris. She leant forward and gripped the bed head as she ground herself down into my face. I don’t breath.

“Oh Jill… you’re making me come…”

I felt her orgasm against my lips, felt the sudden extra hot wetness against me and felt her tense body convulsing in my grip. I felt the sensations direct from her vaginal electronics to my CPU but her orgasm took place in her operating system not mine. My arousal algorithm continued to progress steadily; I was helpless but to follow its direction, driving Paula towards her second climax while she was still shaking from the first.

“Oh my God Jill, you’re so good!! Oh Jill, yes, I’m going to come again!! Oh, Jill… keep going, Jill…”

I wasn’t going to stop. Paula came again and for a third time, screaming her ecstasy in full voice. I felt enormous satisfaction at the pleasure I was giving her, far more than I had ever been able to achieve before. Being directly linked to her sensors I knew exactly how to stimulate every last one to its optimum. I continued to grow towards my own climax with the Prime Unit rhythmically grinding herself over my face. She began to exhibit strongly patterned behaviour as her processors became clogged with arousal data. She thrust her pelvis mechanically and rigidly gripped the head of the bed with whitened knuckles.

“Oh… oh…oh… oh… Jill… oh… ohhh ohhhhhh Ah Ah Ahh ARRGHH Ah… oh.. oh… oh… oh…”

Even Paula’s huge capacity for simulating human responses was reaching its limits. I glanced up from time to time. Her expression became fixed for several seconds at a time and a confused, zoned out look battled with orgasmic passion. She looked down at her rhythmically moving body with its blinking light filled opening as another orgasm loaded to her already heavily loaded system and queued for processing. I was experiencing waves of pleasure by this stage and was utterly under the control of the new files in my main drive. The error cache was massive, filled with literally millions of commands to synthetic responses that my body was not equipped with: vaginal secretions, sweat, Goosebumps, clitoral erectile function, complexion changes and many more. I deleted the cache to free capacity for the coming climax.

Paula was gazing at her open panel in her ever shorter lucid moments between orgasms and system freezes. Her head was cocked to the side, hair falling past her face and swishing against her breasts from where I looked up at her. She was struggling to get her words out now.

“Jill… Jill… Jill… Jill… Jill… Jill… What’s – oh! Jill… Jill… Jill… Jill… what’s ha…Jill whats… Ohh… oh yes… yes! Yes!!! Oh… Oh Jill… Oh I’m overloading Jill, I’m malfunct… Jill I’m malf… Jill, I… Jill… Ohh…”

She continued to climax with increasing frequency, each orgasm adding a spurt of progress to my own more leisurely arousal path. After fifteen minutes from her first climax she locked out completely, her higher functions automatically shutting down to avoid damage. I looked directly up her perfect body into her face as I built to my own climax. She had a slightly twisted expression of pain and pleasure and was staring at her own constellation of red lights with fixed unseeing eyes. Her response systems continued to function perfectly, sending sensory data from her hyper-realistic plastic pussy to her unresponsive systems and to my parasitic CPU through the slim grey cable linking our robotic bodies.

My face was slick with Paula’s sticky juices as I felt a change come over me. Many of the remaining new files, dormant until now began to have an effect. I began to have difficulty controlling my own body and started to twitch quite hard and to make loud vocal exclamations. I continued to pay oral attention to my borrowed vagina as best as I could, given my own malfunctions until I began to scream and jerk violently and completely without control. I could feel my legs and pelvis convulsing as my back arched up and down. The over stimulation seemed to tie my system up so much that I couldn’t log or process the error and so I remained online throughout a major malfunction that should have caused me to shut down immediately. As I jerked back and forth my face banged again and again on Paula’s crotch sending more and more signals to my CPU. What these final efforts lacked in finesse was more than made up for by the vision of my perfect Prime Unit frozen and malfunctioning over me and my own utter lack of control. I couldn’t take the input any longer and plunged through the gateway function into a massive orgasm which overmatched me to extend a brief second into a twitching electronic eternity of digital ecstasy before my system finally crashed.

I auto-rebooted into standby. My already wide eyes showed me a close view of Paula’s inner thigh, still slick with juices. Since my face is active in standby I gave an experimental probe with my tongue eliciting a flurry of error messages from my system and a stifled gurgle from Paula. My new sex drive was quarantined beyond use for investigation by the docking station.

I waited a full half hour before my abused system activated with the customary twitching. I squirmed out from Paula’s sticky triangle and took a look at her. She was suffering a complete system failure, frozen for tens of seconds at a time before twitching or responding for a second or two then freezing again. I disconnected us, rolled her over and shut her down. I ran my hand over her breasts and face. She is beautiful and I utterly adore her, lying helpless beside me as I sat on the bed she stirred my arousal again and my hand slid between my legs. I felt soft my smooth plastic, no hot wetness, no soft lips. I logged a major error and froze solid for several moments as I restarted my arousal drivers in safe mode. I would need some maintenance but my priority is always the Prime Unit.

I restarted Paula but she was corrupted beyond local repair. She functioned erratically and appeared obsessed with her malfunction and her open service panel. She became highly aroused at the knowledge that she was an android female with a programmed artificial personality and intelligence and that her malfunction would require considerable re-programming. I deactivated her and contacted the Company after she attempted to re-instate the umbilical link, which is when I was instructed to bring her to this facility.


“Thank you Jill. That seems very straight forward. You will of course be re-programmed and de-bugged before you are returned to your duties. Unit f118 – Paula – will require a complete re-build I’m afraid but she should be functioning again in a week or so. We will need to examine her thoroughly to see if we can ascertain how the sex virus evaded our screening.”

“Of course, thank…”

The naked little robot froze mid sentence; the panel in her belly flickered rapidly as hundreds of settings were altered and instructions were uploaded.


“My pleasure,” the businesslike blonde stood up and leant over Jill to disconnect the data link from her controls, freeing her to leave the examination room to her designated place of repair. The blonde then turned to the still figure lying on the examination bench and walked thoughtfully around Paula’s inert form.

“Hmm, what went wrong with you then f118?”

She coiled the loose end of Jill’s data cable in one hand and reached under her lab coat with the other to detach the hidden end with a soft click. She dropped the coil into her labcoat pocket and, still looking intently at the non functional android, began to gently twist a lock of her golden hair. She licked her glossy lips as she gazed at the other beautiful woman. It seemed she needed a little maintenance herself… but it could wait.

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