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It had been a few weeks since his friend, Andrew, had been expelled from the school. Various rumors popped up all over campus ranging from the possible to the downright absurd. One of the students said he had even overheard a faculty member talking about how they would have to start all over from scratch after what his friend had done to their, “prototype.” But Ryan just ignored most of them. Besides that’s what most rumors usually turned out to be, nothing more then rumors. But as the days continued Ryan grew more suspicious. It wasn’t that the rumors were finally getting to him. It was the fact that the girl Andrew had had a crush on still had yet to return to class. Maria had always been on time, one of those students who had never missed a class. Ryan had to admit she was quite stunning, and even more perplexing was the fact that, unlike most girls like her she never went to any parties. Instead she was either in class, at the library studying, or at home as far as anyone could tell.

When Andrew had first told him he thought Maria was a robot and what he intended to do Ryan had initially tried to convince him otherwise, by that point Andrew had become convinced and Ryan could only shake his head as the campus police dragged his friend away while he shouted at the students gathered around. And while at first everything seemed to return to normal the one thing, or person rather, who didn’t return was Maria. When Ryan asked around no one seemed to care. After all Maria hadn’t really had many friends, despite being one of the most stunning girls on the campus. Ryan’s suspicions only grew deeper when, during one of his classes, the professor addressed Maria’s absence by explaining that she had, “transferred to another school.” He found it hard to believe that, despite not being too social, Maria would have just up and left without saying a word to anyone. He decided he’d have to mention it later to his girlfriend, Alena. Maybe she would know something.

When Ryan walked into his dorm room later that night he tossed his bag down beside his desk and collapsed on his bed, pulling his cell phone out of his pocket. Just as he was about to text his girlfriend he heard the sound of his dorm room door open, followed by the sound of it being closed. Before he could hop up Alena hopped on top of him, causing him to let out a loud, “Oomph.”

“Hey silly,” she said, smiling. Ryan looked up at her. Despite having dated her for several years now he still could not believe how fortunate he was to have her. In his eyes she easily was the most beautiful girl in the world.

“When’d you get out of class gorgeous?”

“Ten minutes ago. The professor wouldn’t stop lecturing us about some stupid philosophy stuff. It felt like hours,” she giggled, leaning in for a kiss. Ryan embraced her and rolled over on top of her.

“Listen Alena, you remember Maria, right?” Alena nodded.

“Wasn’t she the one your friend had a crush on?” Ryan nodded.

“Any idea why she just suddenly decided to transfer?” Alena seemed to pause for a moment as if she were contemplating her response.

“Well I don’t know, she never really fit in here, maybe she felt she wouldn’t be missed?” Alena started kissing Ryan again, slowly starting to work her way down his neck while her hands slid underneath his pants.

“Why are we talking about her anyways,” she asked, her hands stroking his manhood, “When we could be doing something more… Productive?” Ryan closed his eyes while Alena pulled him up and removed his shirt, slowly kissing his chest and working her way down his torso.

“I guess if you insist,” Ryan said, his head falling back into the pillow. He felt Alena’s gentle lips as she continued to kiss her way down his chest, her hands just having un-done the button and fly on his jeans.

She looked up at him, a mischievous smirk painted onto her beautiful face. Slowly her lips enveloped his already stiff manhood as Ryan let out a sigh. Her tongue gently gliding up and down, side to side as her head bobbed slowly at first and then gradually faster and faster as she picked up the pace. Ryan ran his hands through her soft brunette hair while she continued to suck. He knew he was getting close, and felt some of the pre-cum as it erupted into Alena’s eager mouth where she licked every last drop.

“Babe you are amazing,” Ryan stated, lifting his head up to look at her. But as he did he noticed Alena had seemingly frozen, his shaft still buried deep in her mouth.

“Alena?!” Nothing happened. Scared Ryan reached over to poke her, when suddenly she sprang back to life, continuing to blow him as if nothing had happened.

“Alena, what just happened,” Ryan asked, concerned she had suffered some sort of seizure. Alena looked up at him, the same smirk still on her face.

“What do you mean,” she said, slowly kissing his abdomen and working her way back up his torso.

“Well, you sort of just, I don’t know, froze!” She kept kissing him, by now having worked her way up to his chest.

“What like a computer? Come on, don’t be silly.”

“But I swea-.” Before Ryan could finish she abruptly interrupted him by kissing him square on the lips. Any concern Ryan had vanished as he became lost in her kiss, their lips intertwining. He grabbed her full firm buttocks and then worked his hands up, tugging her shirt as he went. Alena lifted her arms above her head as he pulled it over and tossed it on the floor. She looked him in the eyes, but not before he noticed her head twitch slightly to the left.

“Babe are you su-,” he began to ask, only to be interrupted once again.

“Seriously Ryan, stop worrying, I’m fine,” she stated as she wriggled out of her jeans and then proceeded to pull off Ryan’s. When she was done she crawled back on top of him now she only wore a small thong. Her small but supple breasts grazed his chest as she whispered into his ear, “I want you inside me.” Ryan immediately obliged and slowly pulled down her panties, tossing them aside as she sat down on his cock. He felt the sweet warmth of her wet pussy envelop him as she slowly started to ride up and down his shaft, both locked in a kiss. Slowly she began to moan as her magnificent derriere glided up and down.

“Oh Ryan, you feel so so so so so good.” Immediately Ryan looked up at his girlfriend and saw as her head twitch erratically to the right, almost like she was caught on the word so.

“Alena…?” She paid him no heed as she continued to grind on his cock. It was then that Ryan noticed the faint smell of ozone in the room.

“No… You can’t be…” Alena’s rhythm began to accelerate, her perfect buttocks bouncing and jiggling as her motions became faster and faster.

“Don’t you just love my warm sweet juicy pussy pussy pussy?” By now Ryan knew that something was horribly wrong, but at the same time he couldn’t help but feel somewhat turned on. As Alena continued to thrust downwards onto his shaft faster and faster, a horrible sound slowly began to grow. Ryan wasn’t sure what to make of it, save for the fact that t was definitely coming from his girlfriend. Alena, though had apparently had enough of that position and spun herself around with the ease of a gymnast so her marvelous buttocks was now in Ryan’s field of vision. Oddly enough this move seemed to have put too much of strain on the artificial girl, as the grinding sound increased even louder, to the point where Ryan could almost hear gears ripping themselves apart inside his beautiful girlfriend’s torso. By now Alena was squealing in pleasure, though her voice had elevated ever so slightly, almost as if it were trying to match the speed at which the varsity cheerleader were now fucking her boyfriend.

“I wasn’t meant to be fucked fucked fucked at such such such such high speeds speeds,” she proclaimed, though her body only continued to gyrate faster and faster. By now Ryan was fully turned on despite having been initially alarmed by his girlfriends behavior. Her erratic pumping distracted every thought he had had as to why his girlfriend was a robot. As Ryan continued to watch in amazement he couldn’t help himself and smacked her ass. Alena let out a surprised, “Oh my!” when a spring sprung through the synthetic skin, bouncing off the bed and onto the floor. Immediately the sound grew louder, and her motions became more sporadic.

“Mmm Ryan Ryan Ryan – Critical error detected – You’re huge cock inside my warm warm warm wet pussy – Tear in cooling unit detected -,” Alena said her head twitching with every repeated word, eyelids blinking independently of each other. Alena once again lifted herself up, only this time her motions were more jerky. Indeed she almost looked as if she might topple over. But she managed to put both legs out, lowering herself onto Ryan’s shaft in a split as she bounced ever faster. Another spring, this time coming loose through one of her breasts, ripped through where her right nipple had been, leaving it dangling there as the robotic cheerleader arched her back.

“I’m so so so wet, I – Critical system overload detected - think think think I might might might cum – Primary safeties non functional – baby baby baby don’t you you you – Meltdown of positronic core imminent - just love my perfect perfect perfect body body body,” Alena practically sang as she arched her back, her head twitching erratically, body grinding ever quicker as the high pitched whine of her systems protested her own movements. Ryan watched in amazement as he could hardly contain himself any longer when he felt her vagina walls squeeze and warm fluid gushed out of her now squirting pussy. He also felt a warm liquid start to pool on the bed, and quickly realized that the skin covering a mechanism housed in her buttocks had reached critical levels, melting away the beautiful girls plastic skin.

He no longer could hold himself any longer and exploded into the artificial vagina. Alena trembled, her body bouncing up and down with incredible speed. Just as she arched her back farther then he thought possible there was a loud pop as some critical component gave way and her eyes sprang open in surprise as she proclaimed, “Oh dear!” It was in that precise moment her head exploded off her shoulders in a fiery eruption on flame and sparks, leaving only a smoldering gaping maw where her head had once been, now reduced to ruin. Ryan shifted and heaved her off of himself, shocked as he only began to absorb what had happened. The love of his life had been a robot. The girl he thought he would go onto marry. Ryan swore he would find out what was happening, and he knew it had something to do with the school he was at. And if he was to find out exactly what it was, he would need to contact his friend Andrew somehow.

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