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Simon and Eve walked through the large hallways of Companion Dolls. The stopped at a large reception desk counter. A lovely brunette dressed in a red skimpy business suit looked up to them, taking a break from her work at computer screen.

“Good morning Unit GX-3249” She instantly recognized Eve, “how may I help you.”

“We have an appointment for an upgrade maintenance.” Simon said.

“I see” the lovely blonde replied,” as they noticed loud clicking heels sounds echoing through the hall as a gorgeous blonde with a long fringe hairstyle dressed in a black business suit, black nylons and black classic leather pumps walked to them.

“Good morning, “she said with a soft lovely voice, “I’m Cara Peterson designation unit UX-44543, I will assist your upgrade session, please follow me”.

The walked through the corridors of the company and passed numerous rooms before entering a large room which featured a gallery of female bodies.

“Unit-GX-3249, please undress yourself and make yourself comfortable.” Cara said pointing to the nearby glass table. Eve unbuttoned her blouse and took of her skirt and heels, then she lied down on something which was looking like a large conference table. A device under the table started to scan her body and showed numerous data scrolling. Simon walked up the row of the female bodies and studied their beauty.

A hatch on the lover end of the table opened and a mechanical arm with some long antenna like connectors on the tip pointed toward Eve’s crotch. Cara turned to Eve and removed carefully her vaginal panel by gently pressing her artificial navel. The service arm intruded about a feet deep at Eve’s crotch with a noticeable click and a load beep came from within Eve’s torso.

“Connecting ASU...”she now said totally robotic. „Entering service mode.”

Eve shuddered slightly. Her subsystem now took over command completely. She was aware of everything but her body now only responded to the data which Cara did transfer to her. Thousands of numbers scrolled through her vision. She also noticed that she was charged now, a standard procedure of companion dolls. Suddenly a large red blinking message appeared in her field of vision:

“Orgasm sequence FR-V0067C executed”. She felt large cascades of electricity rushing through her cables, the main fan in her belly whirled franticly as her two main quad processors tried to handle the simulated orgasm sensation. Eve’s programming started her to move the hips rhythmically while she moaned loud using repeating well blended audio cycles. Quite in the middle of the simulated climax Cara pushed the escape button on her keyboard and cut of the orgasm sequence. Within nanoseconds Eve returned to service mode and became motionless again.

Cara UX-44543 typed some data into her terminal. “Unit GX-3249” I notice some fault chip sets in your backup hardware and certain sensors on different body parts do not respond. I do recommend replacing those parts.

Cara typed another code in the terminal and the connection port removed from Eve’s crotch.

“Disconnecting ASU” Eve said with a cold robotic voice. “Executing Human emulation mode.”

Cara gently took Eve’s vaginal panel back to her crotch. With a soft click it did fit and just left a fine barely recognizable seam.

“What about changing the whole chassis?” Simon asked as he walked down the row of different body types.

“Sure Mr. Anderson” replied Cara, “I think you may find something appropriate in our range”.

Simon noticed a body type which was quite different from all the others it was an extreme voluptuous body with an lovely hourglass figure and typical large silicone like breasts who were more ample than Eve’s present ones.

But the most interesting thing for Simon was that the body was made with shiny sky-blue satin brocade underbust corset. The body was also equipped with matching white nylons that were connected to the corset with six heavy suspenders. A pair of patent 4’ white spike heel pumps made the look perfect.

Simon gasped, he walked to that body and looked to Cara Unit UX 44543 “What about this one” he said.

Cara started to speak while typing some data into her console, “Good choice, this is the LX-6900A series, our most sold chassis for the adult movie business. It is optimized for heavy duty sex practices and has special lingerie integrated into the body type. Maintain hatches are integrated into the clothing for easier access of the robots primary systems. Please let me explain. Some film crew customers asked us for this type of model, because they had a lot of trouble with our standard models where power cells exhausted to often while shooting the movie and so they had to undress the powerless units in order to reach their service panels. So the crews lost a lot of time and money on maintenance. The LX-6900A is a good choice if you want a body model with a high sex drive, if you know what I mean!”

Simon looked to Eve. “Honey what do you think?”

Eve smiled. Simon looked to Cara UX 44543, “I would like to know how Eve would look in that body.”

“Let’s see” answered Cara. She stood up and walked to Eve, then she pressed a hidden switch behind Eve’s cheekbone and Eve’s face panel released with a silent servo click and gently came into her hands. As she turned around, she fondly stroked the panel softly and admired the artificial beauty of Eve’s latex face which was now a cold piece of advanced micro mechanics.

A constant scrolling of data before Cara’s field of vision reminded her, that she also was just a machine, a highly sophisticated robot build in the likeness of a lovely young woman…and she loved to be aware of that. She converted from her human existence some moths ago, fully aware that her new life will have a lot of new advantages. The company altered her sexual affinity slightly by programming a couple of bisexual routines into her software which made sense as she currently had no companion. As she thought about it, while stroking Eve’s lovely face panel she got aroused her for a nanosecond, a message appeared in her field of vision:

“Sexual pleasure routine EV-00334F engaged”

A small beep came from deep within her body and she noticed that her artificial nipples instantly becoming hard, the two vials located above in her artificial pussy released some drips of clear lubricant that ran down the small tube to her artificial pussy. Nanoseconds later Cara’s subsystem took command over and stopped the pleasure routine that emerged for a brief moment from her elaborate software.

Cara liked that little competing between her artificial conscious and her logical sub system software. She knew that her robotic chassis was operated mainly by her subsystem software which controlled all her movements, voice and articulations processed by numerous well pre-programmed cycles.

She walked with the panel to the LX-6900 body and installed Eve’s lovely face module on the head. Because of standard size of all companion doll modules, all the company’s robot components can be easily interchanged, so with a gentle click Eve’s face did fit perfect on the LX chassis.

Simon looked most fascinated. Eve’s beautiful green eyeballs now fully exposed in the complex mass of wiring, mechanics and electronics in her head watched curious the scene.

“Isn’t it unusual to integrate the clothing in the robot’s design?” asked Simon.

“Oh no, it’s not”, answered Cara as she unbuttoned her Blouse. “I will show you something.” Cara revealed her well formed breast. Her breasts ended on the lower edges and the sides with a curvy edge on the white carbon cassis of her plastic robot shell. She unbuttoned her skirt which felt with a crackle to the ground.

Simon looked curious as he noticed the unusual, but very sexy sight of Cara Unit UX 44543, now fully exposed. When wearing her business suit, Simon did not recognize her artificial nature, but now he saw that just her face, the synthetic vagina and the breast panel was covered with artificial skin. Now he could see the robotic limbs, which were connected with visible motors and some cables. Even her delicate now fully exposed robotic hands were covered with a pair of black leather gloves. Between the exposed mechanical robotic components and the white plastic covering Simon could see some lights blinking, the whirling of the servo motors and fans was now fully sensible.

Cara started to explain to the now speechless Simon, “As I made the contract I was build as an administration unit. I’m a UX-4000E unit, the E is for economy. The company likes to sell more of my units soon because they can be manufactured and programmed much faster and easier than the sexual pleasure and companion units. So we’re much cheaper and more economical. Basically I’m programmed as an administration unit, but I’m equipped with 43 pleasure routine programs. Even if my audio system is just programmed with just a dozen of moan loops, you may not recognize it because they are blended randomly. The company felt, that it was not necessary to equip me with a full body skin covering, which requires at least three times of expensive sensors and artificial skin covering. You see, even my leg shells are made out of foam plastic covert with soft tights like fabric. They are containing no sensors at all. It looks like black silk stockings on skin, but it’s fake. It’s simply easier to maintain me that way…and to be honest…it really makes me hot to see my robotic nature. I love being build and programmed economic, that makes me feel more robotic then the companion units. For my pleasure the company has installed a very high sex drive vaginal unit from the latest assembling line. It’s equipped with numerous sensors, so I’m missing nothing. I simply love my appearance…well at least, I’m programmed to love it.” She smiled.

“That’s fantastic” said Simon, as he felt his dick swelling. “You are…well so robotic… and very lovely.”

“Thank you” said Cara, then she turned to the LX-6900A in order to remove the unit’s faceplate, while Eve stood up and walked to Cara. Eve embraced Cara from behind and caressed her well formed breast.

“You are such a breathtaking unit.” Said Eve while squeezing Cara’s plastic nipples. While she touched Cara’s breasts she automatically started a sexual pleasure routine in Cara’s lesbian software library. A message in Cara’s field of vision informed her.

“Sexual pleasure routine EVD-033487B engaged”

Cara instantly moaned loud. She turned round to look in the mass of cabling and electronics of Eve’s still exposed robotic head. Eve’s perfect white row of plastic teeth opened slightly with a gently servo whirl and her plastic tongue came out, alluring Cara to play with her. Cara’s well programmed automated sex routine answered by extracting her own artificial tongue and touched with it Eve’s most sensual sensors.

Her pleasure system routine software release some drips of clear fluid which was coming from the two lubricant vials located near her cheekbone. This of cause was not necessary when having oral contact to another robot, but it was triggered automatically and normally helped fulfil her sexual routine when having contact with a human companion. A small fan inside Cara’s belly went wild as it tried to cool down the now overheating arrays of her main processors.

Cara looked down to her belly where a plastic covering plate slid down with a whirl to reveal her most delicate processor array and her memory bank. Most of the LED's at her control status panel who were bright green in normal status were now rhythmically blinking orange, some flickered from orange to red.

When Cara signed her contract companion dolls offered her the robotic body and maintenance for free in order becoming the property of the company, so by having no companion yet, she welcomed every moment of pleasure she could get from customers. She gently kissed along the edge of Eve’s face panel and stroked over Eve’s mechanical and electronic components carefully not to risk an electronic shortcut.

It was always a bit risky stroking those exposed electronics, but her hard disc contained some memories of her recent shortcuts and shutdowns where she always could be repaired. In fact she loved to be malfunction and the more heavy those shortcuts are, the more she got aroused from them.

Simon curiously watched as the two bots touched each other on their delicate parts. Eve pulled a finger deep inside Cara’s artificial bald vaginal panel while Cara squeezed Eve’s beautiful rounded breasts. Cara’s pussy actuators whirled gently to adapt Eve’s slender finger. A message appeared in Cara’s vision:

“Orgasm sequence loading. Executing in 8.342 seconds”. Cara moaned heavy as Eve recognized some repeating samples in her voice programming.

“Oh, I’m coming…please, I…error…make me…me…uhhh…err…error...system error at address 0044382…warning…. Cara’s malfunctions turned Eve on to rub her even harder. Her sensors noticed Cara’s pussy actuators pressing rhythmically her finger inside her. Cara’s field of vision started to blink red:

“Executing Orgasm sequence in 3.2332 seconds, failure in speech sythesis mod...modduuuuuuuule…ohh…it feeeeels sooo….feeel…errrror…I aaaam Uuuunit UX 44543 economic rooooooobot….roooob….execuuuuuting orgasm seeeeequence…. EVD-033487B.”

A white spark came from inside Cara’s belly Cara started to shake wild while she moaned heavily. Then her orgasm sequence executed and she let out a load gasp. The numbers in her sight blinked franticly and for a nanosecond she thought her systems would break down totally, but an emergency subroutine managed to cut of the orgasm sequence in the middle and saved her.

Within nanoseconds Cara instantly came back to a normal expression. A small wisp of smoke came out of her lovely mouth and her artificial nose as she instantly informed her customers about her status:

“Orgasm sequence aborted, return to customer care protocol JE-0220054....Warning....Error detected… fault chipset on main card. Using default settings. Please service this unit in order to prevent this product from damage lost.”

Cara turned to normal mode. Eve’s systems ignored Cara's change as she still penetrated Cara’s sex panel. Suddenly Eve’s belly panel opened. Eve looked to Cara.

“Please take me to the new body unit. I want to make love to you in this new body.”

“But this unit has not been charged yet”, Cara replied, ”you may suffer a shutdown soon.”

“Please!” said Eve again while stoking Cara’s pussy.

Cara reached into Eve’s belly and pulled out her memory hard disc from its socket. Instantly Eve’s stopped her movement, her fingers still intruded deep inside Cara’s artificial pussy. As Eve powered down, her words, came out robotic and slightly skewed,

“Unit UCX-45534, unable to find host software….emergency cut out,” then Cara’s audio processors noticed the whirling down of her motors and systems. All lights inside her belly stopped blinking. Eve was now just an empty shell of advanced machine hardware. Cara gently pulled out Eve’s finger from her own plastic pussy. She had to manually interrupt her sex routine in order to swap the disc properly.

Cara walked to the new unit and squeezed booth nipples of her gorgeous big breasts slightly. A seam in the fabric of the corset belly appeared and the panel opened with a silent servo hiss. Cara carefully placed the hard disc inside the new robot.

She removed the vaginal unit of the LX-6900A unit and located the main power switch deep inside the crotch. Then she gently pushed the switch, as a white flash opened a menu panel in Eve’s sight. Thousands of numbers were scrolling in her sight, while she powered up and started to speak with a robotic voice.

“Unit LX-6942A…model Lindsay…human emulation sexual intercourse cassis, serial number 00070343422e. Checking hardware….…processing…..please wait…… all servo systems calibrated, gyro systems balanced …….checking running capacity…..please wait……….power cell resources at 2.34 percent, remaining activation time 7 minutes 32 seconds……please reload this unit to prevent further product damage……sensor check……..all necessary sensors working within parameters……ready for sexual intercourse…….Unit LX-6942a is ready for human emulation mode…..

“Execute human emulation mode”, said Cara who couldn’t wait to find out if the new robot fulfils the advantages, she told Simon before.

“Executing” said Eve with her new sultry voice which noticeable came out from a loudspeaker inside her still open stomach panel. Eve looked down at her new enhanced large breasts and squeezed them slightly. Her action triggered a sexual protocol from her library and instantly a menu appeared in her field of vision where she selected a lesbian preset within nanoseconds. She started the sex protocol and laid down on the nearby table to wait for Cara.

“Come to me Unit UX 44543, fuck my new plastic pussy.”

Cara now removed her own plastic pussy panel and carefully placed it on the table where Simon sat down still curious watching the bots. She opened a drawer from the wall panel and pulled out a long plastic penis panel. It was designed to fit at her now fully exposed crotch. With robotic preciseness she attached the plastic penis to her abdomen. Then she spoke with a robotic voice, “new hardware found...human intercourse device...searching for hardware driver...error...driver not found...will use default settings.”

She moved to Eve who was still lying motionless on the table. A command line in Cara’s field of vision appeared: “Activating male sexual intercourse device”. Within a second her artificial penis device became large and stiff. When Eve’s visual sensors recognized Cara’s stiff plastic member, her automated love program routine instantly spread her legs wide open. The two vials above her plastic pussy released some drips of clear lubricant to ease the sex with her robot mate.

Cara caressed Eve’s shiny white silk stockings caressing her long slender legs, she stroked of the shiny white patent spiky classic pumps that were now an inherent part of Eve’s body. Then Cara pulled Eve’s lovely legs over her shoulder and slowly pulled her artificial member into Eve’s alluring hairless plastic pussy. Eve’s automated love programme selected a new routine matching the penis and she started moving her hips rhythmically.

Cara’s love routine accelerated her movement. Eve’s audio unit started moaning convincingly from her still exposed loudspeaker in her open stomach panel as she randomly switched between half a dozen audio samples.

“Oh yes”, she said, fuck my silicone pussy, take me...”, the she switched to a robotic voice again, ”Warning...activation time 3 minutes, 23 seconds... please reload this unit to prevent further product damage,” then she turned to human emulation mode again and continued her moaning cycles.

Cara’s sensors recognized an intruder at her anus panel as she turned round and saw Simon, who couldn’t hold on and was now sliding slowly into her plastic anus panel. Cara’s elaborated software tried to accommodate the new situation as she searched her database for a matching sex routine.

“Error”, she said robotic, “No adequate intercourse routine found, update necessary...error...upda...updaaaaaaate...Uuuuuuu....Uuuuniiiiit UX.....I ammm an am.....a.....roooobot”.

Simon noticed a small wisp of smoke coming out of Cara’s lovely latex mouth as her words came out more and more skewed. The poor robot was stuck in a program dilemma between her missing sex routine program and her main program order to fulfil her basic customer service program activated by Simon’s penetrations. More and more sparks came out from her belly panel as she gasped in arousal. Simon slowly pushed in Cara’s tight anus panel. Inside he felt her anus adapters as they carefully tried to stimulate his member. He pushed deep as he noticed a sensor at the deep end of her back love hole which worked as a pleasure point. She was truly a pleasure chassis. He kissed the back of her carbon chassis and gently squeezed her large plastic breasts. Cara moaned load.

“Oh, yes,....pleeeeeease make me malfunc...malfunc...error in speech synthesis module...uhhh...I feeeeeel so Northbridge chip set...will use default backup...warning...emergency shutdown is eminent.”

Cara’s movements became more and more unstable, but her programming was giving her customer care top priority. This would make sure that her systems would obtain her pleasure routine as long as possible, even if her other systems would break down, her pleasure routine would go on, so her program was still executing randomly movements of her plastic member into Eve’s plastic pussy. Those movements where intensified by Simon’s penetrations too.

Eve moaned loud as she informed her lover about her power status again.

“Battery power at 0,4 percent, warning...please shut down this unit to prevent data loss.”

Cara was now malfunctioning very heavy. She repeated the same line over and over. Simon noticed a franticly whirling fan inside her belly panel, which obvious wasn’t able to cool down her delicate system components anymore. He felt that her body temperature was rising critically. Simon was experienced with a lot of robot sexual pleasure routines, but the heavy malfunctions of Cara made him so hot, that he orgasm way before he wished, so he let off his full load in Cara’s plastic anus.

Cara’s sensor recognized Simon’s orgasm, so her elaborated software tried to adapt the situation and started an orgasm sequence too. Here field of vision started to blink red as she executed the artificial orgasm sequence. But it was too much for her processors now. Her field of vision started to flicker as a wide cascade of sparks emerged from different parts of her exposed mechanics and systems, as her subsystem desperate tried to save her by emergency shutting her down. With her last system resources, she looked down to her belly panel where more and more sparks were coming out. All system control LED’s were now constantly bright red as some

LED’s went dark because of the system failure. A constant trail of blue smoke came out of her lovely mouth and her nose. She expected that her programming forced her sex routine to stop after the orgasm, but a failure in her system had set her in a constant rhythmical movement loop in and out of Eve’s lovely pussy.

Eve moaned loud as the penetrations of Cara’s plastic penis repeatedly triggered a sensor deep inside her plastic love hole. Eve’s voice became unstable and robotic as her last power reserves were fading.

“Uh, yes, I’m coming...yes...errrrror....malfunction in main servo control circuit...uuuuuh, yes....I feeeeeel so robotic.....” A red blinking message appeared in her field of vision:

“Executing orgasm sequence DS334399A”.

Eve let out a load moan and then finally stopped moving.

“Full system 4....3....2....emergency shutdown engaged.”

In the middle of her orgasm she completely froze in her movement, her mouth invitingly open, booth hands squeezing her large breasts. All lights in her still open panels stopped blinking instantly. Sounds of powering down hard disc and fans came out of her now powerless body.

With a skewed voice Cara informed them about her desperate status:

“Ooooohhh…I….feeel…soooo…roboooootic….robot…I…am…a…machine…chine…mechiiiii…Uuuuuuhh...erroooooor…at addresssssssssss…0002100023765…shuuuuuttdown…is…emineeeeeeeeent….Uuuuuuunit… UX-44543…ecooooooon…econ… economyyyyyy…warning…shutdown…engaged.

A final large spark with a loud bang came from Cara’s belly as the poor robot finally was powered down by her emergency systems. Exhausted, Simon pulled out his member of Cara’s anus love hole. He gave her a thankful kiss on her blank white plastic back and dressed himself on again. He looked at the robots now frozen in an awesome statuesque pose right in the middle of their orgasm cycle. It will be an interesting maintenance session for both machines.

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