Commissioning Test

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Commissioning Test

Thursday morning and I was working in the cosmetics lab as usual; my client, Mrs Frost, stood beside the workbench in my booth and chatted as I worked. Her voice had a slight buzz but otherwise she was acting perfectly normally as far as I could tell. Some of the less well-programmed units don’t respond too well to maintenance and execute all sorts of inappropriate emotional routines that I have to deal with while I work on them: confusion, anger, distress, even arousal or all of the above. Mrs Frost’s human personality had obviously been thoroughly tuned after uploading to optimise her functionality as a machine.

“It’s a luddite policy, healthcare should move with the times. I’ve no problem wearing badge or something; I have no hang-ups about being just a machine now; but I spent a fortune on my looks…”

“You should take it as a compliment, Mrs Frost, I mean your employers obviously feel you’re realistic enough to pass as biological.” I made some small adjustments to the dermal sculptor on the bench where it was working busily away on the robot woman’s faceplate. I glanced up at the woman beside me; I was being polite.

The faceplate I was working on was indeed a beautifully detailed replica of an attractive late thirties woman complete with marks and tiny hairs but as a standard Class 3 android, Mrs Frost was hardly going to convince anyone she was human for long. She stood stock-still locked in service mode with arms and legs held slightly apart, her classic rounded top-heavy robot housewife figure slightly cartoonish in a fitted suit skirt and white blouse. I’d held her shiny brunette hair back with a band to detach her face earlier and, obviously, she hadn’t moved since; her plastic inner facial assemblies were also locked out, hence the slight buzz in her voice. Voice and her shiny brown eyes were the only components currently released to her control and she looked distractedly around the booth from her machine face in a way that might have looked creepy if I wasn’t so used to the sight.

“I think most people can tell what I am honey! No, it’s just a power trip. I’m proud of that face, it’s modelled on the original, but ‘rules’ say I need to be ‘identifiable’. I’m not even programmed for clinical work; I work in the finance department!”

“It is a shame but it’ll look fine, you’ll see. You won’t mind it a bit!”

I’d opened the top few buttons of the android’s blouse earlier to access her chest panel and plug her in to override her systems. Her smooth plastic cleavage bulged visibly under the open panel marked only by the embossed lettering over the curve of her left breast ‘Class 3 Android’ and her make, model and serial number. Like most domestic units, she had a hard activation switch placed for easy access on her chest, just hidden when she was properly dressed. This model also had a hard mode switch and I’d noted the settings for ‘norm’, ‘econ’, ‘sex’ and ‘comd’; pretty old school design. I’d left her in normal mode.

“I’m not sure about that at all… I’d like a second face ideally, to wear when I’m not at work but my husband isn’t too happy about swapping them out for me…”

I checked on progress. The machine was applying the finishing touches to the neatly embossed lettering over Mrs Frost’s left eyebrow, ‘Class 3 Android’; mirroring the larger lettering on her chest. Healthcare laws require androids in medical work to be visibly identifiable, I guess because of confused patients or something; I’d done a few of these before, mostly on nurse ‘bots. Mrs Frost had just started her new job and didn’t seem too happy about getting modded!

“So would you like a quote for another face? It’s a standard component and I could do a map of this one while you’re here, it could be ready in a week. Or you could go for something different?” I get commission on cosmetic sales…

“No. Thank you, but I’ll need to save up first!”

We were interrupted by a ping from my workstation; I keyed accept and a call window popped up. “Hi, I’m Keith from Commissioning. Are you Sarah 62103?”

“Hi Keith, that’s me! What can I do for you?” The commissioning department handles putting new units into service, pretty technical stuff making newly uploaded personalities function properly in their new robot bodies. Not usually much to do with my department, cosmetics is strictly aftermarket.

“Great, we need to borrow you for a while. Can you come up?”

“Um, I’m in the middle of something right now, can it wait twenty minutes?”

“Sure, thanks, see you shortly!” He cut the connection. I shrugged, what the hell was that about?

“Sorry about that Mrs Frost. Well anyway, all done, lets get you back together again!”

I retracted the dermal actuators and unlatched the android’s face from the machine. With her locked out it was simple to position the realistic features over her plastic internals, line up the connectors and press Mrs Frost’s faceplate home to dock with a soft click.

“Oh! Oh, my… yes… yes that felt odd.” The android’s voice was muffled behind her immobile face. I used a micro driver to lock the connectors at the seam on both temples and behind her jaw. “Hmm, I can feel you,” she giggled slightly. Next I keyed a few commands into the service console hooked up to Mrs Frost’s chest panel and caused her to open her mouth wide so I could reach the tool inside to the internal lock points. She said something but, with my finger pushing her tongue aside, I couldn’t really make it out.

“There, that looks good,” I tapped some more commands and adjusted Mrs Frost’s systems to a standard lockout, freeing her face and limited head movement. I noticed the seams around her face fading quickly away as her dermal layer integrated.

“Oh, that feels better; it’s always weird being without a face!” The robot woman worked her jaw and synthetic face muscles realistically and I glanced at the rapid scrolling readout on my screen – no problems. I tugged the band off Mrs Frost’s head adjusted her hair around her face before reaching for the mirror to hold up while she checked herself out.

She smiled then frowned, eying the new decal embossed on her expensively real looking face. “Oh, I really do not like that at all. Not at all. Do you think makeup would help?” She turned her head back and forth and tutted.

“I don’t think it will be a problem Mrs Frost, I’m sure you’ll get used to it.” I turned to the interface menu again. “Just a few settings to change then we’re done.”

“Great! Wait, what settings?” She turned her head sharply to see the screen, craning her neck as her body was still locked into a still standing position.

“Nothing to worry about ma’am, just a few standard adjustments…” I selected the appropriate selfware patches for Mrs Frost’s operating system, “You won’t notice a thing…” I had considered deviating from procedure to leave her dissatisfied with her appearance but since it didn’t look like she was likely to buy a second face anytime soon I stuck to the manual.

“Just wait one minute, I’m not here for reprogramming! You just uplu-“ The robot woman’s voice cut out suddenly; as the download maxed her systems. Mrs Frost gaped angrily in impotent silence for a few moments before lapsing into a vacant, slightly confused, open-mouthed stare.

A few minutes later, after I tidied away my tools and updated the work log, the installation completed and I disconnected the now inert woman from my equipment. I triggered a reboot from the controls in her chest then closed the panel and buttoned up her blouse while she restarted. I noticed her nipples had stiffened at some point, in fact it was hard to miss them through the crisp white cotton once I got her buttoned up.

“Synthetix Model 109 Class 3 Android Serial 109-XB-7104 online. Function test passed. Power at 47 percent. Opening tindra.francs.sw version 1.3. Attitude patch SD77197 installed. Restoring saved settings. Warning: saved arousal settings may impair performance. Please wait.”

I hadn’t noticed any errors in her selfware so I guessed she just *enjoys* being worked on. Usually I’d do something about that but they wanted me upstairs so Mrs Frost would just have to sort herself out if she was programmed for that.

“Ah, Sarah, right?” The techs on the commissioning floor are mostly human and the guy who let me in through the sliding glass door was a pretty typical nerd in his white coat and tech-specs. There were a few teams working around the large room, clustered around new androids being brought into service on the racks and tables surrounded by complicated tech which is all well above my function grade. We threaded through to a table.

“Thanks for coming up, I’m Keith, this is Morris and this here is Justine!” Morris might have caught my eye any other time, the black hunk to Keith’s pale dweeb, but the vision laid out on the table took my breath away. Justine was simply the most stunning android I’d ever seen, obviously a top of the line Class 2 model she lay exposed on the hard table, limbs splayed and I drank in the view with wide eyes. Long limbed and athletic, her tanned and freckled skin was human real all over and glowed with simulated health, her hair was a deep autumnal red in waves around her shoulders and a paler nest of curls between her parted thighs. Her breasts rose in full rounded curves, surprisingly large on her fit body but, even plugged in to external power and with her chest panel open and hooked up, she was real enough to trigger my human interaction priorities.

“Enjoying the view?” I closed my mouth; caught staring. I would have blushed if I had that feature as the stunning woman raised an eyebrow at me.

Keith chuckled, “She’s quite something right?” He ushered me over, “Sarah here’s going to help us out,” indicating a deactivated blonde standing to one side in a lab coat he explained, “we’ve been having some problems with Kim there but your specs should work fine.”

The vision on the table looked me up and down sceptically, “Really I prefer blondes…”

“Don’t worry about that, Sarah’s perfect! I just need to hook you up for telemetry, do you mind?” The question seemed to be rhetorical, as Keith didn’t wait to pop open my uniform top and click my control panel open. He plugged in a long data cable, “Mo, she’s live on input seven…”

Morris grunted and tapped some controls to establish a data uplink to my systems, which I announced automatically. I was feeling a bit out of my depth here, I’m not programmed for the advanced procedures needed to commission new androids and, with a big portion of my smooth plastic cleavage now on display I was slightly embarrassed, not that any of the dozen people going about their business around me seemed to even notice.

“Great, now I need you to touch Justine for me please…”

“oookaay…?” I stepped hesitantly towards her.

“Go ahead, just… be affectionate, you know? I’d normally do this myself but she’s running a firm lesbian personality.”

Justine sighed, “Like I’m into geeks either! It’s okay umm,” she peered at my name badge, “Sarah, I won’t bite!”

“Right, um…” I reached out to stroke her fiery hair, “Like this?” I caressed my fingers over her perfect cheek, feeling the finely textured features.

“Honey, you’re cute but this isn’t going to work. Not exactly romantic here is it? And I really do prefer blondes, no offense.”

I gave an embarrassed smile, this perfect machine was way out of my league and we both knew it but I noticed that my sex systems were running an involuntary warm-up all the same.

“Mo?” Keith glanced over at his colleague.

“Hum, yeah she’s prompted, just go ahead.”

“Sarah, just go on and… you know…” He nodded at Justine’s perfect body, “get in there…”

I caught the robot woman’s eye and she gave me a questioning look back. Nervously I ran my fingers up her side and down then over her flat belly and upwards. A quick check around and nobody seemed bothered at all by what I was doing, Keith had turned to a display screen and Morris had barely looked up from his since I’d arrived.

“You really are very beautiful,” I said shyly as I slipped my hand over her full breast.

“Well thanks, this body is top of the line! I’m looking forward to having fun with it once I’m run in. That’s not really doing it for me by the way…” I was gently kneading her breasts now with my other hand stroking her body.

“Keith, I don’t think I’m Justine’s type…”

“Don’t worry, we’ve prompted her sex response, just do what comes naturally…”

I shrugged and bent to put my lips gingerly on Justine’s pink nipple. After a few moments kissing and nipping I felt the artificial skin stiffen and pucker in my mouth and I leant over to do the same to the other, twisting the hard wet nipple in my fingers. The android sighed under me.

“Ohhh, I can feel that response… that feels… good.” I smiled and worked my lips up her chest and throat to kiss her glossy lips. Justine seemed a little surprised but her breathing had deepened and skin flushed with arousal, which she gave in to, suddenly returning the kiss with interest. Our tongues wrestled and she moaned softly in my mouth as I caressed her.

“Hmmm, oh honey that’s nice. Mmmm you’re turning me on, I can feel my arousal routines coming online!” As we kissed and I fondled the beautiful machine the techs were muttering data readouts between them and the room around me bustled with activity but Justine and I tuned it all out in our private world of programmed sensation.

When I felt the moment was right I trailed my hand down Justine’s motionless body and through her light red pubic hair to slip one finger into her exquisitely crafted fold, “Oh, you’re so wet!”

“Hmmm, honey that’s right… oh that’s right, I’m wet for you. This body’s never been wet for anyone before; you’re running me in. Oh yes, like that… hmmm…”

I built a steady rhythm between her legs with one hand while I used the other over her body and breasts, my lips on hers. She began to moan deeply as I slipped another finger, then two then all four into her, thumbing her clitoris in firm circles. My full sexual suite had loaded by now and I could feel my hard plastic nipples rubbing inside my top and was vaguely aware of my hot wet panties. My processors started to max out and several higher systems suspended as my system closed personality elements to support prioritised sexual data. Even so I kept my attention focused on the job in hand, on Justine’s pleasure.

I received a prompt over the telemetry link to my chest panel; Keith or Morris must have entered a direct command to my system. I gently eased my fingers out of the robot’s hot sopping pussy, broke the kiss tenderly and moved down her body. The part of my personality that would have been concerned about going down on a woman in a room full of technicians must have been offline because that’s exactly what I did. I kissed and licked and probed that perfect component with my own synthetic face, tasting her juice, tasting the polymer moulded lips and clit, blowing gently and running my fingers through her neat curls.

Justine moaned harder and faster. If she could have moved I’m sure she would have pulled my face into her but she was limited to craning her neck so she could see me pleasuring her new robotic body.

“Oh yes, oh that’s so good, I can feel – ah! I can feel my sexual application rendering – ohhh oh yes! Rendering my pleasure response! Oh god yes, keep doing that… that’s – Oh! My system just maxed out! You’re making me close functions – Oh! Oh!”

I built my rhythm patiently but steadily, delighted by the excited exclamations from Justine and the growing twitching tremors running through her pelvic module.

“Oh God, you’re going to make me cum! Oh! Oh God! Oh Ohhh! Oh – I’m… I’m not Oh! I’m – wait – I’m I’m I’m loading a - Ah Ah! AHHH!!” The beautiful redhead came loudly with incoherent cries as I smiled into her sex; it seemed to go on for a long, long time before her volume dropped back into hoarse panting and I let myself up to look at her.

Justine gazed back at me over her flushed body, more beautiful than ever with a look of puzzled, adoration in her eyes. “Oh God! Maybe I do like brunettes!” I leaned over to kiss her gently as she chuckled. “I’ve never felt anything like that before, this body is amazing; you’re amazing! I thought I was malfunctioning I came so hard… Can I look you up later? I kind of feel-”

“That’s enough of that,” Keith reached past me and put Justine into standby, casually clicking the tiny stud behind her ear. “We’ll re-baseline her after lunch. Good test, thanks Sarah.” He clapped me on the shoulder and popped the data cable free from my panel. I was a bit dazed and looked around to get my bearings. Morris was closing his workstation down and a few people were looking our way after the loud display but most were turning back to their own work, obviously not such a big deal.

Justine lay perfectly still, her beautiful offline blank face stared sightlessly past me with just a hint of the loving expression of a moment before. I felt a surge of compassion for the perfect, helpless feminine machine and at the same time was suddenly almost overwhelmed by my own system demands. No wonder I was dazed, my sex application had displaced so much of my routine system activity that I was practically immobilised.

“-,” I made to speak to Keith but nothing came out, “-.” He wasn’t paying attention and I could do more than just stand there looking desperate, “Error.”

“What? Oh bollocks!”


“Mo, you got the code to clear this unit’s cache?”

“No, dude, she’s not one of ours is she?”


“Shit, I borrowed her. Can you call down to Cosmetics and get someone to come up and reset her?”

“Hassle, dude! Here, let me…”


I am a bit vague about the next few minutes but I remember standing unmoving against the table with my uniform skit hitched up as the big technician rubbed vigorously between my legs. He was perched casually on the table beside me and, I’m not totally sure, but I think me was eating a sandwich with his other hand. It made no difference to me; it was input I desperately needed to resolve my hanging arousal routines and free operating capacity. I came quickly and loudly, hearing my own high pitched gasps; then, as he didn’t let up, I came a second time, jerking against his strong hand as my motion restored.

I straightened myself up and took a final lingering look at Justine. “Right, thanks for your help umm,” Morris squinted at my nametag, “Sarah. It’s lunch break now and I’m guessing you probably need to recharge so you can go back downstairs now. Let yourself out.” He licked his fingers and turned away.

“I’m happy I could help. Have a good day!”

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