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Coming Of Age - Write Of Passage Between A Young Man + Robot

Sally worked for my parents as domestic help. I always found myself drawn to her. She was unusually tall at an even 6 feet. Her features were quite attractive but she always dressed in plain clothes with no makeup with her hair tied in a severe bun. Did I mention that Sally also belonged to my parents? She was a robot, which were common domestic companions in 2027.

It was a few days past my 18th birthday and mom and dad finally had the confidence to leave me alone for a week in the summer. They left me with the usual warnings and told me that I could only have Sally’s help to clean up the house as a servant, but not to fully activate her to autonomous mode.

The robot's modes:

Level 1- (Passive Mode) Robot will not initiate any activity. Will sit passively or will walk holding hands. External stimulus will be recorded at all levels (1-4).

Level 2- (Slave Mode) Android can respond to commands only. She may only ask questions to clarify orders.

Level 3-(Companion Mode) Sally is allowed to initiate activities and question her owner's motives, but only with permission.

Level 4 (autonomous mode) Sally may initiate activities without permission. She can make decisions based on her own morality algorithms. She may even enforce her decisions on humans if necessary. There is usually a long training period before an android performs in this mode.

My parents had no idea of my other plans …

Three weeks earlier, I had gone out and done some shopping at a few local thrift shops for my favorite robot.

When their car cleared the driveway, I counted to 100 in case my parents returned and went to find Sally. She was seated as usual in the basement in what we called her passive mode (level 1). Sally would walk with you if you held her hand, but would not initiate any kind of action.

Quickly I lead her upstairs to my bedroom. I could have activated her into companion mode (level 3), but did not want to engage her. We had only owned her for 2 weeks and I was rarely alone with her.

Slowly I removed her baggy jeans and sweater and noticed that she had a firm and very shapely body that gave off warmth and had a skin like texture. Her legs were long and smooth with thin thighs and shapely calves that reminded me of some of the girls on track.

Nearly falling over myself, I recovered the clothes from their secret hiding place that I had fantasized seeing Sally in for so long. First I pulled out a matching rust colored suede skirt, blazer and thick leather belt. They were supposed to have minor defects and found their way to the thrift shop. The same shop had an n ornate white silk blouse with an attached bow that reminded me of one of dad’s pictures of Igmar Bergmann.

First I put the suede skirt on Sally and found it to be about a size too large but thankfully the thick belt made up for the slack around the robot’s thin mid section. The white blouse was a bit too tight, but her skin seemed to mold to it. The bow was a delicate black ribbon that threaded around the collar and was secured at the throat with a tiny black snap forming a small cross. Next I put some thin knee socks on her which would hopefully make the next job easier…

My favorite piece of clothing for her were the BOOTS! The second vintage store had a pair of dark brown thigh boots with a high vamped arch and stiletto heels of 5+ inches. These leather boots tapered sexily toward the toes giving an elongated look. As Sally sat on the bed staring vacantly into space I sat at her feet and unzipped each of the full-length zippers on her boots. Next I kneeled on a towel (my floors were hard wood) placed a long boot over one of her legs. First I thought that it was too small but with a firm pull the boot slid onto her foot with even a little extra room. I then proceeded to smooth the shaft out over her long leg. The zipper was a little stubborn around her ankle, but nearly zipped itself to its final destination about 6 inches above her knees. The other boot went on with even less trouble.

The next thing I did was to smooth and straighten her knee length skirt so that the boots disappeared up under it, making them appear endless. Next I straightened Sally’s while blouse, tucking it into her skirt and tugged on the sleeves.

The next thing to do was to take her hair down. I removed the bobby pins holding together the tight bun and slowly let her hair down, not knowing it’s full length. When I was finished, delicate shiny chestnut brown hair flowed about half way down her back in a loose spiral perm. Her hair color nearly matched the boots. I took a moment to admire Sally's face. Her skin had an alabaster glossy tone. This was a practice done to distinguish robots from humans. Robots could also be distinguished because their facial features were usually just a little too perfect as shown by Sally with her firm chin, delicate features and fine white teeth.

I activated Sally to level two where she could follow verbal commands and with my voice faltering, asked if she knew how to apply makeup and put on some perfume. She nodded dutifully and asked if it should be heavy, light or medium. Being the young boy that I was, heavier had to be sexier so you know what I said. Sally abruptly stood up and took a step in her high-heeled boots. Her forward boot heel slid forward and she went into a forward split. I almost laughed, but was afraid that I damaged her. With no hesitation, she just straightened up again just using her leg muscles like a giant scissor and seemed to decide to take shorter mincing steps instead of her accustomed long strides.

At this point I was getting extremely worked up and decided to get myself prepared. I found a special pair of Dr. Denton pajamas (with feet) that I purchased downtown at an adult shop with my fake id. The pajamas were special in that they had about 50 tiny vibrating surfaces around erogenous zones and could be controlled remotely through a switch box or a converter. The pajamas also had small but powerful magnets around the wrists and ankles, of which purpose I was unsure. I read about these once in an adult story and decided to save for it by my cyber newspaper route.

I was so excited that my body was literally shaking with anticipation. I decided to strip naked and wait for Sally to return.

Several minutes later I heard the unmistakable clicking sound of boot heels approaching. Suddenly the door to my bedroom swung open and the robot stood before me totally still with her eyes placid, only in a mode to receive commands. Her eyes appeared much larger due to the coating of mascara. Her eyelashes were also enhanced which looked very coquettish. A really cool touch was the dark brown outline around her full red lips. Now Sally was physically unrecognizable from a very sultry female human.

In my nakedness my cock sprang to attention. I felt like a very small boy next to Sally who now looked so sexy. She was all made up wearing her elegant clothes and her tall high-heeled boots while I stood totally naked. Another factor was that I was only 5’4” tall and my robot makeover creation was now standing over a foot taller than me.

I stuttered out the words,”Sally coulddd you please dress me in my pajamas, I’m felling a bit chilly”. The robot immediately unfolded the pajamas and then with total gentleness grasped my wrists so that my arms were pointed straight up. She then slipped the pajama top over my arms and head and slowly buttoned me from top to bottom. Next she took my hand and coaxed me to lie down on my bed applying light pressure to my chest. She rolled up the pajama bottoms and slipped them over my leg dressing me from bottom to top. I was hoping that she would tuck in my raging erection, but it didn’t happen.

Next I threw on a light jacket and found a few more goodies for Sally. The vintage store had a long pair of brown gloves that nearly matched Sally’s boots and hair. What was really cool about them was that they were made of super soft leather and went most of the way up to the elbow. I remember the store clerk saying something like ,”ah lambskin!” I asked Sally to put them on and after some of my tugging and smoothing they slipped over the thin silk sleeves of her blouse. Next I helped Sally put on her suede blazer and had to stop from relieving myself right there on the spot.

I gathered up my bag of tricks and held Sally’s cool gloved hand, finding that she would squeeze my hand back and tightly as I grasped her. I lead her to the garage where our second car was parked. The doors to the car were unlocked. I asked the robot to get in the driver’s side and found that I had to adjust the seat back to fit her long booted legs. She sat passively with her arms at her side and just looked down, oblivious to her surroundings. I hurried to the other side and jumped in.

I then popped a circuit card into the sound system adapter. This would set up a path from the controls on the sound system allowing them to control the mechanical devices on my special pajamas. A blinking green light on the card told me that the connection was active. I placed Sally’s remote control next to me on the seat. This maintained her operational status, which for now was just to respond to verbal commands. I felt my palms begin to dampen, which was familiar when I was anxious.

I handed the car keys to Sally and asked her to put them in the ignition. She missed the slot so I guided her soft lambskin glove to assist with the task. I liked the fact that her hand was a little larger than mine was. I wanted to pretend that Sally was driving me somewhere. One of my fantasies is to have a booted and gloved woman take me for a car ride.

Next I asked Sally if she would pretend to drive the car by stepping on all the pedals and touching all of the controls in the car. Just being another command to the robot, she first positioned her high-heeled boot over the gas pedal and readjusted herself to a taller posture in the seat. She proceeded to step all of the way down on the pedal. The boot seemed to be molded to her shapely legs and produced delicate crinkles around her ankles that changed shape as she pumped the gas up and down. After a few pumps on the gas both boots were now busy pumping on the combinations on the gas clutch and break creating delicious leather creaking and stretching noises. It was at this time that I noticed that Sally’s boobs were larger than I thought and were heaving exquisitely against her tight blouse and blazer due to her pedal pumping.

As requested Sally began to gently touch every button, knob or lever within reach of her sleek leather covered hands before deciding to twist pull or press the control. I especially liked the way she grasped the top of the stick shift and tried to pull up on it, as her long glove extended several inches beyond the sleeves of her suede blazer. My penis was more than jealous. The blazer had a formal look with 4 buttons in a line going down a darker suede patch on the sleeve.

At this point I was torn over my feelings. I loved watching Sally do what she was doing, but felt kind of dumb. She was effectively an oversized doll just following my orders. Other guys went out and got the girls and all I could do was play “Big Barbie”.

Temporarily lost in thought, I notice that Sally is now reaching randomly for the volume control on the sound system, which I rigged to send impulses to the erotic devices on my pajamas. As soon as the robot started to rotate the knob, something unexpected happens … I realize what the magnets in my pajamas are for. My hands snapped together at the wrist. I essentially was wearing invisible handcuffs held by a powerful magnetic field. As Sally’s glove continued to slowly turn the knob all the way, my hands drifted down toward my feet. There were actually many sets of hidden magnets going down the torso and legs of these pajamas. As the volume control was turned they would alternately turning on causing my bound hands to finally rest at my ankles locking in an comfortable fetal position. Due to my sudden bondage, Sally’s control box fell to the floor near her feet in front of the gas pedal ...

With my head now nearly level with the pedals, I watched in amazement as Sally's powerful booted foot stepped on her control box. Since it was in the way, she stepped down harder and harder cracking the case and shorting it, before knocking out so she could continue to pump the pedals...

Due to an anomaly in the control box, because it was shorted out, she entered her autonomous mode!

This is her fourth level where she has discretion to act as she wishes.

At this point Sally sat bolt upright as if she had military training and she began to speak, “Prepare vehicle for departure, entering chauffeur mode.” Android is required learn the geography of the neighborhood.

Sally lifted her blouse and an area of smooth skin on her abdomen formed into a slot. A moment later a laminated certificate was printed. Next she said, ”Robot driving license is ready for presentation. She tucked her blouse in neatly and placed the certificate on the dash.

From my uncomfortable position, I could see Sally scanning the dashboard. She proceeded to efficiently open the garage door with the remote, turned on the ignition, put the car into reverse and back out of the garage! Once in the street, she shifted into drive and we proceeded. (To where I don’t know).

It was clear that she was a well trained driver as I watched her high heeled boots precisely control the acceleration and deceleration of the car, making them look even more authoritative. Her turns were also well timed and controlled.

After a moment Sally visually scanned the car and looked directly at me. Immediately she smiled warmly and said, “Entering Nanny mode, child on board!” The robot’s gloved hand proceeded to readjust the control that originally put me in the fetal position. To my surprise she rotated the knob just enough to let me out of the fetal position so I could sit up, but my hands were still bound together to a magnets on my thighs! Sally had a very melodious rich deep feminine voice. I was nearly too shocked to speak. I didn’t expect my “fetish doll” to come alive and take charge of things.

Robert -“Uh Sally, why have you kept me with my hhhands bound together?”

Sally- “Sorry Robert, but my records show you as seven years old. Your daddy entered that in yesterday. I need you to be restrained because young boys get into trouble trying to unlock car doors. Call me Nanny Sally, I’ll take care of you until your mommy and daddy come back. I’m looking forward to getting to know you very well”

So dad figured that I may try something slick with Sally and set her up to deal with me. He’s always a step ahead of me, damn! Sally will probably tell him everything.

Robert- “Sally, I’m not seven years old, I’m 18.

Sally gave me a look like I should be ashamed of myself for contradicting my father.

Sally “Bobby, you can’t be 18. You needed me to put on your "naughty boy pajamas". Your parents must have gotten you these so you are forced behave in the car and don't try to leave the vehicle. Please don't make me be strict, I think you just need some calming down.

The robot decided to turn on her pheromone subsystem. Pheromones are subtle hormones given off by humans that can affect the moods of others. The company that developed Sally has done extensive research on these hormones and as isolated which categories of these causes love, arousal and fear. To mimic human interaction, Sally can produce these hormones and sample human reaction to her.

Sally began to emit high concentrations of pheromones from her nose and mouth, which were invisible to Robert. He instantly felt calmer as his robotic Nanny adjusted and monitored his mood to where he felt a cross between a sisterly and maternal affection for her.

To add to the boy's bliss she decided to find a station on the sound system that played some soothing soft jazz or rock. Sally was unaware that her actions would have an affect on Robert’s remote control erotic pajamas. As she changed the stations, Bobby felt a very gentle tingle at the tip of his cock. He immediately broke out of his calm reverie, which the robot became aware of as she continued to monitor his pheromone levels. The robot began to notice that Bobby was not looking at her like a child view a baby sitter. He was staring at her just like his father did. Her processors told her that this gap in her information would have to be amended.

Sally did a lookup on her secondary storage and found that the hormones that Robert emitted included testosterone, which could not come from a seven-year-old boy. Why would Robert’s dad tell her that he was 7 years old if he were not?

At this point the robot's software indicated that some firmness was due on her part. Sally reached over with her free-gloved hand and turned the volume control on all the way so his pajamas forced him into a fetal position again, then she grasped Robert firmly around the chin and turned his head toward her. (Even though she was in passive mode before she remembers all events.) Getting his attention. Sally fixed Robert with an intense stare that made him cringe.

Sally - "I think that either you or your father are not telling the truth. How old are you and why are you looking at me like that?

Robert- I'm 18 years old. I ahhhhh, dressed you up because I have a thing for certain clothing and you are, ahhhhh beautiful.

The robot sensed that Robert was getting slightly less tense and that he was probably no longer lying to a 90% confidence factor. Driving on a quiet road was allowing her to still grasp his chin though less firmly. Her facial expressions changed from stern to more neutral.

Sally- since you are under 21 I am obligated to look after you. Please do not lie to me because it will make me angry. I am authorized to discipline minors. I have a hormone sensor system that tells me when you are very tense after I ask you a question, so I will know if you are lying. Thank you for saying that I am beautiful, though I really do not grasp this concept. I have not had much training interacting with young human males. I apologize if I seem too strict or behave oddly. I hope that we both learn how to act appropriately around each other.

Sally- Why did you put me into the car in level 2 mode and why do you like these clothes so much?

Robert- I aaahhhhhh, well, ah ...

The boy had trouble getting the words out. Sally decided to take another approach, letting go of his chin and readjusting the volume control letting Robert out of his fetal position, yet still bonding his hands. Next she gently rubbed his hand with her glove while emitting calming pheromones. She smiled at him and said, "Take your time."

Feeling suddenly calmer, Robert confessed to Sally about how he got her the longs boots, gloves and suede suit.

Robert- The boots are neat because they make you tall and powerful looking. They give your legs a long sleek shape that regular shoes can’t do. That’s why I bought you a suit where the boots would go under the hem of the skirt and the gloves would continue under the sleeves. I like gloves because they make your hand underneath mysterious. Burglars wear gloves. I like to be driven in a car by pretty a girl wearing boots and gloves.

Sally- the clothing seems permissible for me to wear. Why do you like to see me drive in my boots?

Robert was excited that she referred to them as her boots. Robert noticed that having Sally's attention was quite enchanting. She listened patiently and earnestly with a high degree of intense eye contact, making him feel like the most important person in the world. Also someone must have programmed her to mimic some movie star's million-dollar smile.

Robert- it makes your boots look even more powerful because they are controlling the pedals to take me somewhere. The gloves add to that by operating the controls.

are controlling the pedals to take me somewhere. The gloves add to that by operating the controls.

Sally- You really should have activated me and asked my permission before we did this.

Robert - I never really thought you would drive me anywhere. I was going to have you pump the pedals in activation mode 2 (quiescent mode). My parents asked me to keep you in level 2.

Sally- I am just a mechanical servant. If you want to do something non-dangerous, all you have to do is ask me. This is all harmless and I have no need to discipline you for what you've done.

Sally took a moment as she curiously surveyed her clothing. She then stepped way down pinning the accelerator with her right boot for a second.

Sally- I have verified by a small test that you do indeed like to see me drive with my boots on. Your pheromone gratification levels went way up and I do detect an erection under your pajamas. It seems that it will be easy for me to reward you for good behavior.

This last statement was too much for Robert. He knew that the robot didn't mean to tease him, but he was out of his tree with sensual overload. In spite of her kindness and patience, his shyness caused him to clam up.

Sally could not really understand why the boy was attracted to her and went to so much trouble to dress her up. As such she started to perform an analysis...

Sally started by feeding her body measurements into one of her utility programs. (72.5” height barefoot, 36” bust- bust protrusion- large ‘C’ cup, 25” waist, 36” hips, calves 16.5”, 14” biceps, apparent 5% body fat, apparent age 28…) It gave her a phrase “tall, shapely, thin, amazon, babe”. She checked her release notes and found that her face and body was designed to be a morph of a younger Faith Hill (from 2001) and Julie Newmar (One of the Catwomen on the Batman TV show) from the year 1967. Looking these names up using her wireless web connection, the first site was called “Babes of Yesteryear” (The year was 2027). Deciding that she had a good chance of being a babe is, she did another web search. The first three links were an old movie about a pig, a baby store, and “The Ultimate Babe Site”. Ruling out that she was a piglet or a baby, she surfed the “The Ultimate Babe Site”. On the title page was a hyperlink that said, “What is a Babe?” The definition read as, “Usually applied to a very attractive females”. There was also an interview of an anonymous babe, which explained how people were drawn to her. The robot also took the babe challenge test, which exclusively asked questions about her looks. She scored 9.78 out of a possible 10.

Sally quickly came to the conclusion that Bobby enjoyed her looks and that this had strong a strong effect on him! Sally began to studied her outfit and accessories and was still a little perplexed. Why did the boy want her to be so tall? She understood that physically they were mismatched, but why did he want to even do it to a larger extent? She recalled the word amazon from one of her previous Internet searches. She was surprised to find some pictures of men submitting to these large muscular women and wondered if Bobby was like that. Though not overly muscular in form, she knew that she was much physically stronger than even large men were if an emergency required it. The word that she constantly found on the amazon sites was dominant. Next she began to type in descriptions of her unfamiliar clothing, i.e. Tall boots, long gloves, suede suits and got some hits on these. Again the words dominant, fetish, and boss lady-underling came up again much of the time. Sally began to get the meaning of dominant and fetish from the contents of the sites and wondered if Robert wanted her to be a dominant amazon babe wearing fetish clothing.

Sally- you’re too old to have me as a Nanny, but as a minor, you are in my charge. I apologize that I can’t free your wrists and ankles, since we haven’t built up a kind of trust I’m afraid that you’ll try to leave the vehicle when we make a stop. Also since you are under 21, I must stay activated until your parents come home.

Robert- if you stay activated until my parents come home, I’ll be in trouble.

Sally-My directives require me to block de-activation to care for a minor, but I promise to deactivate when I confirm that your parents have arrived, which will be when I hear them before they see me.

Robert- will you tell my parents about this?

Sally- one of my features is to never tell one human another’s secrets.

Sally noticed that Robert's pleasure hormones had abated somewhat and decided to wait for a request from the boy as to how she might please him. She felt bad that he became quiet and sullen on the way home and didn't know quite what to do, only that she was provided with data that teenagers could be moody and needed space, so she complied. After driving back for a half an hour they returned home.

Back Home

As she watched Robert withdraw to his room, Sally decided to change back into her normal blue jeans and wash off her makeup. Her concern was that Robert might feel forced to be with her if she followed him around in her suede suit and accessories.

Robert felt very frustrated, about not being able to confront Sally as he relieved himself several times and just fell asleep on his bed.

The Next Morning

Sally appeared as yesterday in no fetish clothes, just checking in on Robert a few times asking him if he needed anything. Both times he said no even to a sandwich.

The Next Afternoon

Robert woke up from a late afternoon nap to find Sally sitting on his bed staring at him intently. Robert was extremely embarrassed because he slept naked. Sally sensed embarrassment, but did not know that he was naked under the covers. She asked if she should leave. Bobby being speechless could only shake his head no.

She had evidently decided to change out of her blue jeans...

Sally had donned what appeared to be a chauffeur’s outfit. It included an extremely well tailored blue blazer with matching skirt. She wore a red dress tie around her neck that added to the formalness. What struck the boy next was her shiny black leather English riding boots. They looked like an expensive pair that tapered exquisitely toward the toes. Her hands were covered with white leather gloves. Robert noticed that the blazer was fully buttoned but that there was no blouse under the tie.

Sally- Robert, is there something we should discuss? I think that you are ignoring me. I have upset and displeased you!

Robert- I'm more upset at myself.

Sally- please explain.

Robert- you're kind of like a real girl. I don't know how to ask girls for certain things. Robert was so shocked by her new outfit, that he forgot to ask her where she got it.

Sally- when we were in the car I detected that we showed friendship behavior. If you trust me, I can take care of your needs. I have failed at this the last couple of days.

Robert- Sally when I look at you, especially when you're "dressed up" I have certain urges.

Sally-Please share these urges.

Robert (stuttering) - I have alot of thoughts. I want to touch you in pppprivate places, but I also want to kkkisss your boots. I also want to be touched by yyyyooou.

Sally- I can see that you are very physically attracted to me. That pleases me. We can try some of these things. You can teach me about human touching.

Robert was dying to remove Sally's blazer, but felt too awkward. He basically stared at her and began to shake.

Sally- Bobby, I was able to download some state of the art sexual intimacy software, for my operating system, from one of companies sites this morning with a secret code. Should I help you along?

Robert nodded as his body continued to shake uncomfortably with anticipation. Sally adjusted his mood by emitting a high concentration calming pheromones as she caressed his face with her white lambskin gloves.

Sally- Robert, I think that you'll find me to be special. I won’t judge you or hurt your feelings like a real girl. I can catalog your body reactions to me and sooth or stimulate you as much as I think you need it.

When Robert calmed down a bit, Sally pulled away the covers to reveal Robert's nakedness. Her eyes lit up when she saw his healthy erection. She purposely ignored his embarrassment and decided to begin to work on him.

Sally- Robert, you have a nice firm body also, please remove my blazer! It's time for your lesson; you're old enough now.

Sally straddled the boy, her knees on either side of his hips, lowering herself so he could unbutton her blazer. She helped him by shrugging it off revealing a gossamer black bra over her very ample bosom. Her white leather gloves were opera length, covering both elbows and biceps.

The "mechanical servant" teased the boy by licking her leather index finger and slowly slid it "southwards" from his forehead down, lingering over his nostrils. The gloves had small seams on the fingers that Sally used as skillfully as anyone could use their fingernails. For another sensation she would twist her finger slightly and expose the boy to the smoother leather. Robert found it unbelievably arousing as Sally continued to trace her finger down the hairy center of his stomach. She then suprised him by attacking the ticklish areas of his skin, with her glove seems between his groin and waist. She purposely avoided stroking the boy's cock and decided to massage his balls and gave them a soft squeeze.

Sally dismounted from Robert and coaxed him to a standing position. She still towered over him in her riding boots by 8 inches and took a moment to study him with a clinical expression. Pulling him close, she gently stepped on his foot. The robot gently caressed the top of the boy’s foot with the treaded rubber soles of her riding boot. He felt slight pain from the treads but just enough to stimulate him. She then stepped down again gently rubbing her boot shafts against his sensitive leg hairs. Robert being thoroughly distracted did not see Sally start to knot the bottom of her tie.

Sally stroked a line up and down Robert's penis with her white lambskin glove before she grasped it by the head between her thumb and index finger with a feathery touch. She proceeded to slip her knotted tie around his member at the base with a firm double knot. Robert was a bit scared by this, but Sally took his hands and placed them on her gossamer black bra, diverting his attention...

Sally began to crouch down partially and guided Robert to a kneeling position.

Sally- from my profiling of your behavior, I have decided to have you submit to some basic dominance. Please lick my boots. If you perform poorly, my tie will put much strain on your penis. Tap me three times on a boot to stop this. Please start down below and work your way up my boot shafts.

Bobby began to lick Sally's boots with great passion but found that his tongue had gotten dry rather quickly which caused him to slow down. Sensing this Sally reached out and rubbed Robert's nipples causing them to enlarge enough so she could apply soft pinches. Robert's nipples also felt an amazingly erotic tingling caused by a low-level electrical current administered by the robot. (Her gloves contained tiny electrical conducting particles.) Simultaneously she began started to stand up, which caused the boy's cock to stretch due to the tie wrapped around it causing mild discomfort. This continued several more times before Robert tapped Sally's leg three times indicating that he could no longer service her black riding boots.

Robert's robot riding mistress then removed the tie from his cock and easily lifted him off the ground holding him like she was cuddling a small child. He was then placed on his bed and Sally moved the boy's arms to his side, sitting on the bed next to him.

Sally- I need to understand more about your behavior when I was chauffeuring you in the car Robert.

Robert- Ahh? Whhatt?

Sally- I require for you to totally trust me. I have a procedure for training you. I will reward you for answering my questions and will withhold your pleasure if you hesitate. Also you are not allowed to move. You need to be comfortable in my control.

Sally soft white glove began to masterfully stroke Robert's cock head as she spoke. There was also a slight current being applied to his member causing all of his nerve ends to feel sensation in unison. Sally was aware that this was shown to be clinically addicting to humans, causing erotic feedback where a human would continue to cum indefinitely. She did not wish to sustain this form of masturbation for too long.

Sally- please explain to me about your bad boy pajamas. Why would a young man wear something like that at 18? Aren't they only for children?

Robert hesitated and Sally stopped her stroking and stood up starting to walk away.

Robert- Sorry, I'll tell you.

Sally returned and continued her stroking.

Robert- Sally, I wanted you to put me in bondage using the pajamas and then stimulate me by remote control using the sound system. It goes along with my fantasy of being taken away by a booted and gloved kidnapper.

Sally- Thank you. That's a cute fantasy! Please relax now.

After more of Sally's attention Robert was able to cum twice and after some cuddling and kissing, he rolled over and fell asleep...

The next thing Robert remembered was waking up in a sitting position. It was dark out and it took him a few seconds to release that he was sitting in the passenger seat of his car moving along a highway unknown to him. As his eyes adjusted, he saw some movement. Sally was taking him for a ride wearing her suede outfit from before having also donned her brown thigh boots and brown lambskin gloves. She had also put on opaque mirror sunglasses. He noticed that he was wearing his bondage pajamas again with his hands bound together. He had a scarf wrapped around his face that hid a ball gag in his mouth. He was also wearing headphones playing strange old mood music unknown to him. (The grateful dead.)

Robert began to panic and strained to free his bonds. Sally, who was otherwise completely ignoring him, reached over and raised the volume of the stereo, which also caused the magnets in the boy's pajamas to put him back in a fetal position. Feeling that his straining was hopeless, he calmed down.

Sally had remembered seeing Robert configure the car stereo to activate the sensors in his bondage pajamas and had done the same. The robot decided to sample Robert's reactions, by manipulating in turn, all of the controls of the stereo system using her sleek brown glove. Robert was teased and stimulated from his ears to the tips of his toes by Sally for a several minutes before they arrived at their final destination...

Sally had turned the car onto a dirt road that went directly into a forest. She turned at several forks in the road and took a narrow winding road that ended in a clearing. The robot then stopped the car and turned off the ignition, freeing Robert from his bondage pajamas.

Sally preened herself by flipping her long hair forward and then backward again causing it to look well styled but vampy. She then licked her lips sensually and turned to Robert, helping him remove his scarf and ball gag.

Sally- Robert, this is the last step of your training. I want you to make out with me and stimulate me; you make the moves this time. Don't worry about messing my clothes.

Feeling less shy with Sally now, Robert removed his bondage pajamas, leaving him naked.

Sally pulled a level under the seat that brought it way back, then lowered it. She was able to push the steering wheel into the dash in the new model car.

Robert kissed Sally square on the lips feeling her warmth and was turned on as she reacted with a very womanly sigh. Sally caressed Robert's back with her lambskin-covered hands and then slipped her tongue into his mouth. The boy enjoyed the faint almond taste and felt bad when he slobbered on Sally a bit.

Robert pulled away for a second and Sally gave him a sweet smile and told him to suck in when he French kissed. Sally soon pulled Robert back to him, but first rolled up her skirt so he was straddling her while sitting on her lap. He really got hot feeling the tops of her thigh boots against his butt and being held against Sally's ample chest.

Getting more comfortable Robert began to kiss Sally on the ears and neck while she let out a series of ecstatic moans. Her body felt like human skin. Feeling confidant, he began to remove her blouse clumsily with impatience, anticipating the fruits hidden within. After her blouse was removed Sally helped him undo her gossamer black bra. This released her large round breasts, which sagged just enough making them a masterpiece of boob jobs.

Robert began to lick the robots large pinkish nipples causing them to enlarge dramatically. Her moans turned to low screams and she gripped Robert’s hair, pulling him roughly into her chest. He felt like he was riding a wild steed. Her booted legs flexed up and down as she maintained a sitting position while he straddled her lap.

Sally- Robert, please eat me.

Sally removed her lacy panties.

Robert complied and kneeled before Sally still sitting up in the driver's seat. He stuck his head between her legs and he felt a movement. The robot had stretched her legs out and was trying to rub the boy's cock with her boot shafts as he licked away. Her crotch tasted subtly like bazooka bubble gum. Sally grabbed Robert by the back of the neck and began to scream loudly. He heard her mumble under her breath "Make me cum like a real girl!” Robert soon felt the wave of her orgasm as he thought that she would rip his neck off.

After Sally's orgasm, she pushed Robert back under the dashboard and positioned her boots on either side of his cock, resting her heels on the ground in front of his testicles. Since he was well lubricated and nearly gone himself, Sally needed only about 20 strokes of a very dexterous boot job to bring him off.

After, Sally asked Robert to step out of the car and lick his cum off her boots. When she was satisfied to coaxed him to stand again. Sally towered about 13" over Robert and began to hold him tightly.

Sally- Robert, you were fabulous. This concludes your lesson.

Robert- Sorry?

Sally- I hope that you will now be more comfortable with human girls. My work is done.

Robert- you mean we cannnn’t you know what you?

Sally- No. A robot is not meant to be a crutch for a human being. I am your servant, but not your call girl. Go find humans for your pleasure using what courage you learned from me in overcoming your shyness.

Robert was very distraught.

Robert- but Sally. I love you.

Sally- love me like a friend's big sister that showed you once how to please her.

Robert- does this mean no physical touching, you wearing boots or anything? Sally; please don't reject me like this. I beg you.

Sally- maybe we can play again on your birthday or I'll indulge you if I know that you tried with other humans.

Sally had decided to share a wireless message at a frequency shared with her sister robots. It related her experiences and how both father (chauffeur’s outfit) and son had bought her outfits. She recommended that humans sometimes preferred to be handled with kid gloves. (:) With lambskin gloves and boots preferably.)

Robert felt dejected and did not see the light right away. Two months later asked out a shy tall student librarian (Jillian). He was sure wore boots sometimes under her long skirts. After 10 dates she admitted to him that she had a thing for boots and wondered if he too did after she caught him staring at her boots trying to figure out their height. Boot kissing commenced on date 10 of her over the knee, flat leather boots. Date 11 included bondage pajamas, a familiar suede outfit with accessories worn under a long leather brown trench coat, and a long car ride.

Sally did keep her promise and would occasionally indulge Robert until he was engaged with Jillian 4 years later.

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