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Copyright 2013 by boolean2.

Chapter 1: Testing and Evaluation

The nude and beautiful brunette bounced on top of me with wild abandon. I had lost count of the number of times I'd felt her pussy convulse in pleasure around my cock as she cried out in orgasm. I'd never heard of anyone cumming so much from just fucking. I was barely even participating, but as her moans and cries increased in pitch as another orgasm approached, I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I shut my eyes to the vision of undulating tits in front of me and took a deep breath, struggling to reassert control over myself as she continued to jackhammer up and down on my dick. I raised the remote in my right hand and still keeping my eyes closed, pressed one of the buttons along the top from memory, then the zero button in the bottom center.

The girl's moans abruptly changed character. She pulled herself off of my cock and sat back on the bed.

"I'm very sorry sir, but I really don't want to continue having sex right now. Would it be OK if I did something else for you?" she panted breathlessly.

I looked at her, mildly amused. "Sure Megan. Clean my cock off with your mouth."

"No problem, sir." She bent over me and began licking around my balls and sliding her tongue along my shaft methodically.

I picked up a tablet lying next to me on the bed and studied the row of text and numbers across the top of the screen:

Initiative 7, Obedience 4, Drive 0, Deference 6, Independence 3.

I pulled out the tablet's stylus and scribbled down "Hates sex, but still wants to please and is willing to do unflattering tasks." below the line.

I lifted the remote back into view while she continued her oral ministrations. Along the top were abbreviated versions of the five labels on the screen. I pressed DEFR and then 7.

Megan finished licking my cock and looked up at me with large, dark brown eyes.

"Actually sir, I feel really bad about leaving you hanging like that. I still don't like the idea of having sex right now, but I want to make sure you're happy. I'll try and put up with it if you want me to finish riding you. I'm still really turned on so I can probably manage to cum if you'd like that. Or if there's some other way I can get you off, just let me know." She smiled encouragingly.

"Well Megan, since you just cleaned me off, I'm going to need lubricated again, but if you don't want to ride me, how about you masturbate until you cum all over your hand and then give me a hand job to finish me off?"

"OK sir."

I watched the sexy pale-skinned brunette begin to touch herself. She didn't seem very into it, but she closed her eyes and mechanically fiddled with her clit until her body shuddered violently and slid her hand down against her crotch while she quivered, her breathing heavy. She opened her eyes and reached out to grip my cock, sliding her newly lubricated hand up and down my shaft sensually, her face a mask of concentration.

The break from her fiery tunnel had softened me somewhat, but I felt myself hardening again under her attentions. With effort I shifted my attention back to the notepad and wrote "Increasing deference to 7 increased her desire to please sufficiently to resume sex, despite not liking it." I pressed DRIVE and then 9.

Megan's face changed from friendly and determined to pure lust as she continued stroking me, and her other hand moved to her sex and began sliding fingers in and out of her pussy as she thrust her hips forward and ground against her palm. Soon she was mewling in renewed pleasure, her eyes unfocused as she got lost in ecstasy. She finger-fucked her pussy in time with pumping my cock, both gradually accelerating as she got more and more aroused.

I never got tired how the remote could affect her. I decided to check something. Her sex drive was now maxed, so strong that even giving me a hand job was driving her to pleasure herself as well. I pressed DEFR, then 8. Her gaze refocused on my rod while she continued to play with herself. Her right thumb started to put a little extra pressure along the underside of my shaft with every upstroke, but her left hand continued to do its best to substitute for a dildo.

I looked at the remote again. DEFR 9. Megan pulled her left hand away from her vagina, trembling as two fingers slid out, and began using it to aid its twin, rubbing the head of my cock between her slick thumb and index finger while her right hand continued jerking me off. The sudden stimulation was more intense than I was expecting, and I involuntarily cried out in pleasure as thick white cum spurted onto her hands. The sight was apparently enough to send her over the edge yet again and she joined me in a shuddering orgasm, her moans accompanying mine. Once she recovered, she smiled at me in lusty satisfaction and began licking her fingers clean, locking her smoldering eyes on mine, her nipples diamond hard.

"That was so intense sir! When I saw you cum I knew I had pleased you and I felt so happy and horny that I came just from watching you. I've never done that before! How else can I pleasure you sir?" Her voice was deep and throaty with desire, and my cock throbbed and stirred, struggling to maintain erection despite having spent its load.

I tore my gaze from hers and back to the tablet. "Increasing deference to maximum makes the desire to please strong enough to focus even maximum sex drive solely on pleasing the partner." I wrote, my hand shaking slightly.

Megan began sensually rotating her hips and rubbing her legs together, drawing my attention to her swaying breasts as her freshly cleaned hands resumed teasing my cock, trying to bring it back to life.

"That's enough sex for now Megan," I said. "I need a break."

"Alright." Megan's hands reluctantly released me, her fingers maintaining contact as long as possible. One hand moved to a breast and began to idly play with her nipple while the other rubbed a finger along the folds of her slick, bare labia and she quivered slightly. She took a deep, shuddering breath, making sure I got a good view.

"What else would you like me to do for you sir? Would you like to watch me play with myself or bring in another girl and watch the two of us show you what we can do? I'm sure you'd enjoy that." Her wide smile was eager with anticipation.

I thought for a moment. "I think that I would like a second girl, Megan. Go find me one about the same height as you, and make sure she is also a donated personality gynoid like you."

"Right away sir. Do you have any preferences for hair or skin color or physique?" She climbed off the bed and began gathering her discarded clothing, turning to face me as she bent over so I could get a great view of her dangling tits.

"A black or Latina girl, or a blonde, but with tits smaller than yours."

"Yes sir." Megan began shimmying into the tight pair of jeans she had picked up, struggling to get the waist over her hips. Then she picked up a T-shirt from the floor, bending at the waist again to make sure I got a good look at her denim-encased ass. Pulling the light green T-shirt over her head, she walked toward the door, her hips swaying seductively. She hadn't bothered to put her lingerie back on. "I'll be right back, sir." Her voice hadn't lost its sultry air, and as she opened the door she flashed me a megawatt smile and blew me a kiss, then sashayed into the hall as the door closed behind her.

I set the tablet and stylus aside and laid my head back against a pillow, letting out a breath I hadn't known I was holding, relaxing into the soft bed. Courtesy Suites was turning out even better than I'd hoped, and after tonight I'd almost certainly be able to move forward with the rest of my plan. In the mean time I was learning a lot about IPM donated personality androids and having a great time doing it. I smiled and closed my eyes, dozing off as the pleasant fatigue of post-orgasm overcame me.

I stirred at a knock from the door. A quick glance at the clock next to the TV showed only about five minutes had passed. It seemed Megan hadn't kept me waiting. In her current state she was both desperate to please and desperate to fuck, so she was probably very motivated to find my request and see what I had in mind. She would probably be disappointed, but then again with her deference maxed and her independence fairly low she probably would enjoy doing anything I asked of her, and any feelings of embarrassment or humiliation at my treatment of her would probably just turn her on even more with her sex drive so high.

"I'm back sir, with a new playmate for you!" Megan's voice came through the door.

"Come on in." I called.

The door opened and Megan entered, her denim crotch looking damp, followed by a lithe, dark-skinned blonde. Megan had outdone herself. The new girl fit the bill in more ways than one, with milk chocolate skin contrasting exotically with straight blonde hair down to her waist. I couldn't tell how tall she was from my vantage point, but judging from her long, athletic legs she was probably just a little taller than Megan, with small, high breasts.

"I'm Mike," I smiled at the newcomer and propped myself up on my side. "Pleased to meet you."

The girl was staring at me. Then she seemed to catch herself and looked away abruptly, embarrassed. "I'm Sandra," she said. "I'm sorry, I've never seen someone... like you before... sorry..." she trailed off uncomfortably.

Megan had reacted in a similarly uncomfortable fashion upon first meeting me. I was used to it. Neither people nor androids usually knew how they were supposed to react to a man whose legs ended just above the knees, and I was naked to boot.

"I was in the military." I said by way of explanation.

"Oh!" She exclaimed and seemed to gather herself, taking a deep breath. "Well I'm very sorry if I offended you. What do you need me for sir? I'm not really into threesomes, and she kept palming my ass and grabbing at my tits on the way over here." She shot a glare at Megan, who smiled coyly.

Sandra was probably thinking I was some kind of war hero or had lost my legs in a land mine or IED explosion and wanted to be properly respectful to my military service. In truth I hadn't been through anything so "heroic" or newsworthy. I was in the Army Core of Engineers, and my legs had been crushed during an accident with some heavy machinery. No insurgency, conspiracy, or PTSD, just bad luck. Sandra didn't need to know the details. Let her think whatever she wanted. I wrestled my thoughts away from bad memories and refocused on her.

"Don't worry, I'm used to people being a little uncomfortable around me, though I had hoped Courtesy Suites would be a bit more accommodating."

"I'm happy to accommodate you in any way you want sir!" Megan was already wriggling out of the jeans she had so recently put on, doubtless hoping to entice me into some more sex or at least please me with a view of her gorgeous nude body. I hadn't even noticed when she had taken off her T-Shirt.

"Oh you've been great Megan. But it's really difficult getting into and out of my wheelchair just to move from the bed to the couch, and I'd rather not crawl."

"I'd love to help sir. If you don't mind my asking, how much to you weigh?"

"About 180 pounds, sans legs."

"Well sir, I could manage to carry you for short distances, but that much weight would be very hard on my joints, and any damage would have to come out of your room billing. Androids usually don't have enhanced strength like in the movies." Megan slinked over to my wheelchair next to the bed. "Can I assist you getting into your wheelchair? I'll make it as pleasant as possible!" She strutted over to my wheelchair and struck a sexy pose, giving me an excellent view of her breasts and cocking her hips to the side to show off the inside of one long smooth leg and a peek at her slit, one hand resting on her extended hip and the other resting causally on a handle.

"I thought I might be a bit much for just one of you. I was hoping the two of you could manage to carry me. If I'm going to be carried around the room, I'd rather it be by two sexy ladies."

"Certainly sir!" Megan exclaimed as she moved around to one side of me while I pushed myself up and turned to the edge of the bed. Her enthusiasm was actually starting to get irritating. I picked up her remote so that I could dial her deference and sex drive back down to something less cloying.

Sandra hesitated only a moment. "Alright sir." She walked briskly over to my side opposite Megan.

"Do you two know how to do a two person carry?" I asked Sandra.

"Yes. All androids are programmed with built-in first aid and safety techniques. I didn't even know that until I said it!" Sandra looked bemused as the two gynoids bent over me and each placed an arm under my thighs and another behind my back. They lifted me with eery synchronicity and started moving toward the couch smoothly. I was surprised at the lack of jostling.

"Stop!" I commanded. Both girls instantly halted, quickly anchoring their feet like an A-frame. I turned my head toward Megan, who I noticed had made sure to press her breasts against my side while she carried me. I could feel Sandra pressed similarly close, but either because of her smaller bust size or lack of interest, she hadn't been subtly rubbing them against me.

"Megan, how long do you think you two could hold me up like this?" I asked.

"Indefinitely if we spread our legs a bit more to distribute the weight better and locked our joints, sir. Androids aren't much tougher than humans, but we do have some advantages." she smiled.

"Do that. Hold me here and lock your joints." Megan glanced coyly downwards, apparently trying to draw my attention to the fact that she was slowly spreading her legs just for me. I lurched very slightly in the other direction and heard faint clicking sounds coming from Sandra as I whipped my head around in reaction to the sudden movement. Apparently Sandra had complied much faster with my order, and judging from her resigned expression, she wasn't going for any kind of sex appeal like Megan.

"Be careful Sandra!" Megan chastised her partner and quickly matched elevation, her own joints began popping softly as they locked.

Sandra rolled her eyes at Megan. "He's fine."

I looked back to Megan, finding her glaring in irritation at Sandra for not being concerned with my happiness and comfort at every single second. I craned my neck around and lifted the remote in my hand so I could see the buttons. DRIVE 5, DEFR 5. Megan's expression relaxed. She wasn't annoyed with Sandra anymore, as my happiness was no longer her primary concern. I had learned from experimentation earlier that deference 5 was friendly, polite, and kind without being anywhere near the mother hen obsessiveness of 9. My personal favorite with Megan earlier had been 7, which motivated her to pamper me a lot while still leaving her room to pursue what she wanted for herself if she thought I was comfortable. Her sex drive would also be more manageable now. With her independence at 3, my using her as a piece of furniture probably bothered her a little bit, but she hadn't complained. I decided to ask her.

"Megan, do you mind staying like this for a while?"

"Well, if it's all the same to you sir, I'd rather set you down on the couch like you originally asked. I'm sure it'd be more comfortable for you, but if you really want this I'll wait as long as you wish. Thanks for asking."

"I agree with her, can we put you down now?" whined Sandra.

I turned toward her. "What are your settings Sandra?"

Sandra barely hesitated. "Initiative 7, Obedience 7, Drive 3, Deference 3, Independence 7." Whoever had used Sandra last had wanted her free spirited and uninterested in pleasing but easy to control.

"Do you have your remote Sandra?"

"Yes. I'm not allowed to touch it except under orders."

"Hand it to me."

"I can't without setting you down." She smirked in satisfaction at my oversight.

"Alright then, where is it?"

"On a cord around my neck." She couldn't lie.

I lifted my arm off of Megan's shoulders and over her head, reaching across and down Sandra's exposed cleavage, fishing for the remote in her blouse. Now it was my turn to smirk. Sandra glared at me. She couldn't move, as her joints were locked and she knew I'd ordered her to hold me in position. There was no way her current obedience setting would let her try moving in direct opposition to what I'd commanded no matter how invasive and discourteous I was being.

I pulled the remote out and pressed INDEP 0. Her glare died and her face smoothed over into a look of patient endurance. I might play with her independence settings later, but for now I wanted to explore Sandra's possibilities without building any resentment for treating her like the robot she was. I pressed the same buttons on Megan's remote.

"How do you feel about your situation now Megan?"

"I'm fine with holding you up as long as you wish sir. I don't mind at all anymore."

"Good." I set Megan's obedience to 7 as well. Both of you set me down in the middle of the couch." Both girls freed their joints and glided over to the couch. I pulled the cord with Sandra's remote over her head while the girls set me down gently.

"Megan, fetch my tablet from the bed. Sandra, strip" Megan straightened and headed for the bed, Sandra started to methodically unbutton her blouse. "No Sandra, strip seductively. Try to make me hard for you."

Sandra obeyed immediately. She faced me and smiled seductively, swaying to imaginary music as she slowly unclasped each remaining button on her blouse, revealing a lacy purple bra beneath. Her motions were seductive and smooth, and I felt my penis beginning to stir again, even though it had been less than 10 minutes since I had last cum. She worked her way out of her slacks, turning around and giving me a nice view of the matching panties that covered her athletic, firm ass. She turned again once the slacks had been kicked to the side.

"What should I do with this sir?" Megan had apparently been waiting for me to give her instructions regarding my tablet and had eventually grown a little impatient.

"Give it to me and stay quiet except to answer questions." She wordlessly handed me the tablet and nodded affirmation.

"Megan, are you bisexual?" My eyes never left Sandra as she gracefully bent over and sensually slid the straps of her unclasped bra down her arms, allowing the cups to reveal her breasts and nipples with tantalizing slowness, smiling winsomely the whole time.

"No sir. I'm heterosexual."

"Then how come you offered a girl-girl show to me earlier?" I ripped my gaze from the beautiful Sandra to look at Megan --still naked-- watching me with no apparent interest in Sandra.

"Well sir, at the time I desperately wanted to please you and I thought you would enjoy watching. Plus I was so horny that the thought of a girl going down on me sounded pretty good since your cock was unavailable. That doesn't sound so great now though."

"Megan, be bisexual, no -- better yet -- be a lesbian. Believe Sandra is the hottest girl you've ever seen."

"Yes, sir," Megan whispered, her gaze warily snapped to Sandra's now topless form and her eyes began drinking in the dark woman's toned curves just as Sandra began sliding her panties down her legs while presenting her ass and revealing the folds of her bare pussy, still swaying to imaginary music. Megan swallowed involuntarily and licked her lips.

"Don't move from where your standing Megan, but feel free to play with yourself if you'd like. Keep the volume down."

"Yes sir." Her voice was quiet. One hand drifted to idly pinch and pull on a nipple, seemingly without the girl noticing.

"Sandra, quickly get dressed and stand in front of me where you started." Sandra wordlessly complied, putting her sexy lingerie, slacks, and blouse on efficiently, and I jotted down some more notes. "Forget the entire strip tease you just did." I glanced at Megan and suppressed a snicker as a look of puzzled disappointment flashed across her face. I set Sandra's deference to 7 from her previous 3.

"Sandra, strip for me. Make it sexy."

"Yes sir!" She enthusiastically agreed.

I grinned as Megan's eyes widened, locking onto Sandra with renewed desire. I set her sex drive to 6 while she was enraptured and noticed her swaying and caressing herself in time with Sandra's movements, moaning softly. She was smiling at Sandra and seemed to be trying to get her attention.

This time around, Sandra's efforts were more enthusiastic. Her motions were still smooth and sensual, but she smiled more broadly and met my eyes more often, her motions similarly gained a little more flair. The effect was night and day and I had a raging boner in no time. I repeated the process again with deference set to 8, but his time the effect was actually worse. Sandra kept giving me worried looks whenever I started to watch Megan's reaction or glance at my notes. I smiled appreciatively at her and her dancing got noticeably better. It seemed she wanted to please me so badly that she was worrying too much about disappointing me.

When she had finished her latest dance, I reduced her deference back down to 7 and upped her sex drive to 8. I bumped Megan's sex drive to 7 just to continue torturing her. I ordered the forget and repeat process one last time. This was by far Sandra's best performance. Now her eyes, in addition to meeting mine with smoldering lust, also glanced appreciatively toward Megan, who was quietly moaning and running her hands all over herself. Sandra started to caress her breasts and stroke her fingers along her slit while she undressed for us.

Megan started begging me with her eyes and whispering "please let me do her!" whenever she could tear her gaze away from the hot, dripping wet vision before us. She had already cum twice from touching herself while watching Sandra's successive stripteases, and her desire wasn't getting any weaker. I ignored her. Then Sandra surprised me.

As soon as she finished peeling off her soaking wet panties, she eyed my cock and moved to position her moist pussy against it, trying to sit on me. I almost gave in, but managed to growl out "Not yet, go to Megan!" She immediately obeyed and began sensuously kissing the hot newly minted lesbian.

Megan came violently, her hand going wild on her clit, breaking the kiss with a panting gasp that was trying very hard to become a scream. Her legs trembled and she fell to her hands and knees, then shook her head, regained her senses. Seeing Sandra's pussy close by, she dove in, her hand renewing it's furious assault on her own clit even as her tongue worked over Sandra's. Sandra, under no compulsion to be quiet, cried out in ecstasy, her pitch rising with each ragged breath until she came on Megan's face. Megan responded with another orgasm, and I watched with amused fascination.

I didn't think Sandra was a lesbian. She had indicated that she wasn't into threesomes and hadn't shown any interest in the almost immediately naked Megan when she first came in, but then again her sex drive had been set low. But she had also gone for my cock as soon as she had finished stripping, and her deference wasn't set so high that I believed she would prioritize pleasuring my cock herself instead of giving me a hot lesbian show when she knew I would enjoy that too. Her personal desire was for me, but that apparently wasn't enough to stop her from enjoying Megan's tongue if I was not an option.

I hadn't intended to go about things quite this way, but I decided to move on to my next experiment. I made a few more notes, then picked up each remote and set initiative to 0. Both girls froze in place, Megan's face still buried in Sandra's crotch.

Megan's fingers still twitched slightly against her clit and her body shivered in the barest hint of yet another orgasm. Apparently she really wanted to cum, and I had told her she could touch herself, so she took that as enough encouragement to manage it even with minimum initiative.

Sandra was in a similar predicament, gently rubbing her crotch into Megan's face and moaning very softly to herself. Time to proceed with the next test. I set their sex drives to zero. The slight stimulation they could manage ceased instantly.

"Girls, stand at attention on either side of me, with your legs shoulder width apart and your hands at your sides."

Both gynoids scurried to comply, there faces relaxed and expressionless.

"Forget and completely quell any feelings of arousal you are currently feeling. Acknowledge when you feel no arousal."

After a moment, both girls spoke in near unison. "I feel no arousal."

I set their respective deference and obedience settings to zero. Now both girls were at completely minimum settings. I was a little wary of setting obedience to zero, as that meant that they didn't have to obey me, but with no initiative, they couldn't act on their own either. Next I set their independence to 9. At maximum independence, they would feel no duty to me and feel any imposition on their wills was an affront to their freedom.

I had experimented with minimum obedience earlier with Megan, setting her deference to max and her sex drive at a teasing 6 and telling her that I wanted her to avoid doing anything I told her in the next ten minutes while still doing her very best to please me. Once she agreed, I had set her obedience to zero. When I told her to sit down in a chair, she had laid down on the bed instead and scissored her legs enticingly at me. When I had told her to take off her top, she had started undressing me instead, while making no effort to stop me from pulling her shirt and bra off myself.

This was different. I wanted to get a feel for the strength of obedience at different levels. In their current state, the girls would dislike the thought of sex, feel no arousal initially, have no desire to please me and resent any action on my part to make them do anything. That was what I was counting on.

I set their obedience to one and said "Would you like to masturbate to orgasm girls?"

There was no response. I realized that with their obedience set so low they probably didn't have to respond to my questions. I temporarily boosted Megan's obedience to 8.

"No!" she shouted immediately. A second later, when I finished boosting Sandra she responded with "No, damn you!" The forcefulness surprised me, but at maximum independence they probably deeply resented not being allowed to move or do anything and would take every opportunity to express it.

I reset obedience to 1 for both girls. Time to experiment.

"Masturbate yourself to orgasm!"

There was no reaction, their faces remained impassive. I wondered if I needed to repeat the order. I had assumed that a value of 1, being above the minimum, would have required at least a token obedience, but perhaps I was mistaken. I checked the clock on my tablet and waited. At 3 minutes I had almost decided to try repeating myself when I saw Megan's fingers twitch. Then her hand started to inch toward her pussy. Meanwhile, Sandra's hand began a creeping, steady journey toward her own. Megan's fingers started rubbing back and forth over her clitoral hood, while Sandra started to stroke her fingers along her labia. It was eerie how impassive their faces were, but after minute four their hands were working with increasing speed. Sandra was the first to cum, her hips were involuntarily grinding against her hand as her fingers moved back and forth vigorously. When her legs quit shaking and her body stopped quivering, she went still. As if on cue Megan's own orgasm began just as Sandra's subsided. She bucked against her fingers, her juices running down her legs, then she too went still.

I upped their obedience back to 8 and cleared their memories of the experience and any lingering arousal, then repeated the process for each obedience setting. The speed at which they complied rapidly increased. By obedience 7 their hands were flying to their pussies and masturbating aggressively.

At level 8 they surprised me by asking a question. "Is that a condition or an order to act, sir?" They said in near unison.

"An order." As soon as the words left my mouth they were furiously stroking themselves, cumming in record time.

I wondered at their question and tried level 9 after resetting them again. "Masturbate yourself to orgasm!"

Nothing happened. I thought for a second, then said "Masturbate until you orgasm!" Their hands flew to their clits and they started cumming almost immediately. Max obedience apparently didn't leave their personalities any room to interpret the order and seemed to interpret the order to "masturbate yourself to orgasm" very literally, setting a condition that if they wanted to orgasm, they had to masturbate. Since they didn't want to orgasm, their was no reaction until I rephrased the order. I made a note on the changes in behavior.

"OK girls, I think you'll like this one much better." I set their sex drives to 8 and independence to 0, and kept obedience at 9 and initiative and deference at 0. "You are not allowed to have sex with me, and you are only allowed to get each other off, not yourselves. Face each other." The two girls turned and stared at one another impassively. I held a remote in each hand and upped their initiative to 1. The girls blinked at each other and started whispering.

"Please touch me!" pleaded Megan.

"I need you to get me off!" begged Sandra.

He upped their initiative again and there hands started to glide over each others bodies. By 3 they were making out and moaning into each other, by 5 they were cumming on each others hands, 7 had them licking each other out in a passionate sixty-nine, and by 9 they were cumming almost continuously in a writhing, screaming tangle of limbs with an intensity that I hadn't thought possible.

I let the girls continue their intense private orgy while I finished my notes. By this point my cock was so hard that my balls ached for release and I was ready to have some more fun. I felt comfortable with the basic effects of all the behavior settings and how the IPM donated personality androids worked, and I knew that two would be sufficient to meet my needs.

It was time to spend the rest of my afternoon having fun with my playthings.

"Sandra, Megan, stand at attention please." The two girls pulled apart from each other and stood up facing me. Please let her help me cum!" Megan cried. "I'm so horny!"

"I need her!" begged Sandra, her face distraught.

I set their initiatives to 6, obedience to 5, sex drives to 7, deference to 7, and independence to 2.

"You can masturbate if you like girls, you don't need each other to cum anymore." There hands flew to their pussies. "You are both bisexual, and you can move as you please."

Megan shuddered again as she got herself off once again. "That's so much better! Thank you sir, I thought I was going to go crazy." She sat down next to me and reached down to fondle me. "Would you like that threesome now? I'm still really horny!" She smiled at me, her face still slick and shining with cum.

A moment later Sandra sat down opposite Megan and started running her hands over my back and chest and watched her play with my balls.

"Can I ride your cock while I lick her pussy sir?" Sandra asked. "It looks so good!"

"Actually girls, I think a threesome in the shower sounds really good. We could all use some cleaning up. Carry me to the bathroom and we can take turns washing each other.

"Sure thing sir!"

Megan and Sandra picked me up from the couch and carried me off to the handicap accessible shower. They set me down on the foam bench inside and Sandra turned on the water, one hand in the stream checking the temperature. Megan knelt down in front of me and leaned up to kiss me and massage my shoulders. Soon I was making out like a teenager, and I felt water on my head and back as Sandra started to rinse the three of us down. When I broke our kiss, Megan reached for the soap and started lathering up her tits and rubbing them against me.

Sandra stood at my side and lathered my hair with shampoo, moaning while I sucked on her nipples and rubbed her pussy with my hand. Sandra's moans intensified and after a moment she cried out as she reached yet another orgasm.

Megan covered me with suds, then knelt in front of me, saving my dick for last. As she knelt and leaned into me, she scrubbed each side of my cock with one breast at a time. Sandra moved behind her and started grinding herself against the back of Megan's head while leaning over her to rinse out my hair and give me a nice view of her own small but perky tits. I reached up to squeeze them gently in my hands, grazing the tips of her nipples lightly with my thumbs and prompting another moan.

Megan drew my attention downward. "Sir, may I clean your penis with my breasts? I want to please you with them but you ordered me not to have sex with you earlier and this is the best I can do right now," she complained, still alternating between breasts as she rubbed down my dick.

I had forgotten about that restriction. "You girls can both have sex with me in whatever ways you like." Megan immediately wrapped her boobs around my cock and began giving me a wonderful tit fuck. With some bath oil as lubricant and the sight of her large breasts wrapped around me she soon had me cumming all over her neck. She smiled like she had just won the lottery.

Once I was squeaky clean, I instructed the girls to clean each other, and was treated to a sensual display of intimate caressing that gradually grew more and more erotic. While not as intense as their earlier insane display of desperate passion, I found the sight of the two smoking hot ladies running their hands over each other while their lips locked in hungry desire as warm water cascaded down their bodies much more pleasant to watch. My cock was already trying to come back to life despite have cum twice in a relatively short time. I didn't think I had much more to give for a while, but Sandra spotted my half-hard cock throbbing to my heartbeat. She whispered into Megan's ear and next thing I knew the two gorgeous gynoids had knelt to each side of me and resumed their make-out session with my dick in the middle. Then they started moving their mouths up and down the sides of my cock while their tongues explored the underside. I was too spent to cum, but it was definitely the hottest blowjob I'd ever received. The girls continued to rinse each other off with the shower hose, their mouths taking turns licking, kissing and sucking on my penis, making sure their was at least one mouth on me at all times. When they finished rinsing off, they stopped and looked up at me.

"All clean sir!" Megan smiled up at me.

Sandra rose and turned off the water.

"Would you mind if we dried you off and moved this back to the bed sir?" She gave me a sly grin.

"Sure that sounds great."

Sandra stepped out of the shower to get the towels, and Megan gave me another hot kiss. Sandra returned with the towels and we took turns drying various body parts. The girls seemed especially concerned that I get their tits, asses, and pussies thoroughly dry. Then they picked me up and carried me to the bed, laying me down onto my back.

"Please leave this to us sir, we'll make sure it's really good for you," Sandra assured me as she climbed onto the bed. Megan nodded her agreement. Sandra straddled my head between her thighs, facing my cock. She leaned forward onto all fours, her small but perky breasts grazing me stomach as she made her way down my body, planting kisses. Megan met her over my cock, leaning over the end of the bed. The two girls exchanged a brief but intense french kiss, then started taking turns licking my penis like a tasty ice cream cone that they were afraid was going to melt. Once I was fairly hard, Sandra gave my dick a nice deep french kiss all his own and lowered her crotch to my face while simultaneously lowering her face onto my crotch. I enjoyed the exquisite sensation of Sandra's mouth sliding down my shaft and the sight of her hairless pussy up close and personal, and then I starting licking obligingly. Megan meanwhile started lapping at my balls, and Sandra moaned around my cock in response to my tongue and redoubled her efforts to swallow me whole. Soon she had me hard as a rock again and amazingly deep down her throat.

I felt Megan's weight deform the bed as she crawled toward me and straddled my hips. Sandra lifted her head off my dick and positioned the head at Megan's entrance. The next thing I knew I was being enveloped in slick, hot, velvet softness as Megan lowered herself onto me. Sandra shifted her weight, sitting back on her haunches. This lifted her clit out of a comfortable reach for my tongue, but her asshole was much closer. I'm not usually a fan of anal sex of any kind, but androids don't defecate and we were all clean from the shower, so I decided what the hell.

Sandra cried out in surprised pleasure at my tongue's new target, then her body started swaying side to side slightly and I figured she was probably making out with Megan. Then Megan started milking my cock with her pussy and I forgot all about Sandra and her asshole. I bucked against her involuntarily and could feel the pressure in my balls gradually building, but I'd cum so recently that I knew it'd be awhile. Megan had started convulsing on my pole and I paused to enjoy the sensation, then renewed my attack on Sandra's anus, which set off a new bout of moaning and convulsions as Sandra came, her legs shivering around me and moisture dripping onto my chin. I pushed against Sandra's ass with my hands, urging her off of me. She yielded, shifting her weight forward to embrace Megan, who was still recovering from her own orgasm.

"Girls, I'm sorry, but my cock's getting a bit tender from all the attention, and I need a time-out. I'm not an android. I don't have unlimited stamina and an invulnerable cock."

"Oh I'm so sorry sir!" Megan started to lift herself off me.

"No, stay on me for now Megan, just don't ride me. I like the warm wetness of your pussy."

"Certainly!" She gently lowered herself back onto me, trembling slightly. "I love feeling you inside me sir!"

"What would you like me to do, sir?" Sandra wiggled her hips, her pussy still hovering enticingly over my face.

"I'd like to see how many orgasms I can give you with my tongue, and I want you to try to keep my cock hard in Megan's pussy by giving her just as many."

"Yes sir!" Sandra enthusiastically started lowering herself onto my face and lowered her shoulders to bring her mouth in line with Megan's clit. I lost sight of her as her pussy made contact with my mouth and nose, but felt her breasts press pleasantly against my stomach as she began an oral assault on Megan's love button. I began my own assault, and quickly discovered that Sandra went wild when you licked her just to the left of her clit. Soon she was cumming all over my face, and moments later I felt Megan's soft tunnel rippling around my shaft, both girls moaning in pleasure that quickly rose to cries of ecstasy. After that, both girls came with great frequency, and Megan's involuntary massages kept me nice and firm inside her. I couldn't tell if a few of Sandra's orgasms were two back-to-back or one extra long one, but by the time my tongue got tired and wanted a rest, she'd had at least 10. I pushed Sandra off of me enough to catch my breath and she yielded smoothly holding herself off of me. Megan shuddered one more time around my shaft, then the girls paused. Apparently Megan had caught up with however many orgasms Sandra had enjoyed.

"OK girls, that was great, but my tongue's worn out and I'd like to relax a bit. Back to the couch please."

The girls obeyed, though they both looked at me with longing, clearly wanting to continue. They sat all three of us down simultaneously, my arms still around their shoulders, and cuddled against me, kissing the nape of my neck and around my ear. It felt nice, but I wasn't interested in continuing any foreplay at this point, my dick really was tender. I asked Megan to retrieve the two remotes from where I had left them on the arm of the couch. I turned their sex drives down to a 5, and their necking ceased, though Sandra still ran her fingers over my chest and Megan gently rubbed my balls.

"What now, sir?" asked Sandra, her expression devoted and eager to please.

"I'd like to watch a movie with two beautiful girls."

"OK" Sandra got up and fetched the TV remote, then returned to snuggling against me. She turned on the TV and brought up the pay-per-view menu. I didn't see anything particularly enticing, but I wanted to relax and see how the girls handled extended idleness with their initiative fairly high. I ordered her to select an action flick I had seen previews for but hadn't been interested in paying the money to see in a cinema. The opening was actually pretty decent, in a turn-your-brain-off-and-enjoy kind of way.

After the first half-hour of bullets flying and over-the-top explosions, Sandra looked bored out of her mind. She kept trying to start up a conversation with me until I told her to be quiet until the movie finished, but Megan actually seemed interested. During a slow part, I asked her if she liked it.

"Yes, sir. I grew up with two older brothers and no sisters, and I've always enjoyed watching action and sci-fi movies with my brothers."

"Do you miss your family?"

"A little sir, but I'm sure the real me still visits them often."

"Do you like it here?"

"I don't mind it too much, sir. Sometimes getting ordered around constantly gets a little old, and I can't remember any details about a guest after they leave, so I don't really get to know anyone too well outside of some of the other androids, but the sex is great and I did volunteer for this."

"Well I hope your enjoying your time with me."

"Yes sir, I've enjoyed our love making, and I don't think I've cum this much in a long time, maybe ever. I think most guests are more interested in getting themselves off then having me cum. I didn't like it when you made us masturbate when I couldn't move, but now I don't know why I minded so much. I'm just an android. It makes sense for you to do whatever you want with me. Plus I don't normally get to watch movies, so this is real a treat."

"I don't think Sandra is enjoying it as much as you are."

"No sir, I think she probably is more the type to enjoy a chick-flick."

Sandra sighed quietly, giving me a shoulder and neck rub, apparently trying to do something I would like that didn't require her to watch the movie.

"Well, let's see if I can change her mind. Sandra, get turned on whenever you see a weapon. Whenever you hear bullets fire, feel intense pleasure, especially around your nipples, anus, and clit. Whenever you see an explosion, orgasm."

I hadn't tried ordering sensations before, so I was curious how it would turn out. The protagonist had his gun out, and Sandra was now watching with rapt attention, her nipples stiffening. As he exchanged shots with a group of thugs, she gasped and started squirming, beginning to run a finger along her labia. Then the hero shot a barrel of flammable chemicals to take out the mooks and it was all over for Sandra. Her mouth opened in rapture to silently scream as the movie replayed the explosion from three different angles and she was treated to a spontaneous triple orgasm, but barely any sound escaped her lips as she bucked against her hand.

"I'm actually envious, sir," Megan smiled ruefully.

"Alright, Megan, follow the same orders I gave Sandra." I was curious if this would work, as I was technically not giving specific orders to Megan, just making an indirect reference to them. I had to wait a moment while the hero recovered from the blast and made his escape, but then a sniper fired from the roof as our action star ducked for cover, and Megan started aggressively playing with her breasts and fingering herself. Sandra was way past that, one hand vigorously flicking her clit back and forth while the other pulled and pinched at a nipple, her body quaking in another silent orgasm. I decided I didn't like the result of my order to "stay quiet."

"Girls, you can make noise as long as it's quiet enough not to drown out the movie, and you can only cum during an explosion."

"Nooo, please let me cum sir!" Sandra moaned softly in frustration, already close to another. She moaned in quiet frustration, while Megan shot me a mischievous smile before quickly turning her attention back to the TV as she heard another rifle shot and gasped in pleasure, fidgeting uncomfortably in her seat.

"Just watch the movie." Both girls apparently took that as an order, their eyes nailed to the screen, Megan wasn't far behind Sandra in the arousal department after another gun fight. Whenever the camera showed anything flammable, grenades, or a bomb, the girls soft cries of desperate pleasure intensified and their breathing, full of gasps and moans, accelerated. Their hands tried desperately to get them over the edge to an orgasm that was always just out of reach. I've never seen girls so eager to see something blow up. And to think we weren't even halfway through the movie.

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