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Part 1

A little introduction for a longer story, I'm working on it since a moment now... Hope you will like it.

Hi my name is Mattew Avendale, I’m 26 year old, I live in New Jersey. Indeed I have nothing special to say about me, you know , I’m a normal guy with a normal life and normal friends... but sometimes ago I meet a girl that was definitively not...normal... and she changed everything for me.

Retrospectively, the first time I heard about her was not the day I meet her for the first time. No, in fact, it was in a article about robots in the New Yorker, at the time I couldn’t imagine I was so near to meet one of this highly sophisticated machine, but that was totally her :

The New Yorker 6 Mai 2044 by C.Shader

The company Softech was condemned by the New York State to pay more than 10 millions dollars for “illegally activated androids leaving them free to move and interact with the people of New York and states neighbors”.

In a press release publish yesterday by the group, Softech defend itself by arguing that the models deployed were prototypes and that the company has its own means of control to ensure the security of people that can be led to interact with them. But the company did not deny that the legal protocols “Reveal-10/42” were not implemented. This means that these models were authorized to hide their true nature or may apply for a job reserved to humans. Also latest sanitary measures particularly cleaning protocols preceding sexual intercourse, were not implemented.

This is not the first time these shameful Beta testing are happening. Since the 2 last years, Softech get used to test the realism of their ultra-Sofisticated dolls by making them participate to speed dating sessions. Obviously everybody sees that the girls are easy, but everyone does not necessarily understand that this is because they aren’t just "girls". Another method of unspeakable low cost beta-testing might happen when the manufacturer secretly agreeing with a dating website. The result is that instead of "Joyce_457" you may be chatting with a kind of super computer, which is chatting with hundreds of different people at the same time, then when you've got your first date Softech switch on the all new sexy and shinny android of your dream and send it at the "appointments" place.

These first ‘rendez vous” are always the same. She have a beautiful face, an incredible body, you guess she is not really smart but she look kind. You cannot go to her apartment (for sure when they are not in your bed they sleep in a box) Usually they have not so much to tell about their childhood and their parents (Notice that some new model are becoming better at this game), and they don’t touch their coffee but they want you, and they never meet somebody like you before (The fact that never meet somebody before is probably true).

Obviously the results of these shameful experiments are confidential, so we conduct our own investigation, the police reported at least 10 robotic girls, all illegal, all identical, all coming from the Softech assembly lines in New-Mexico and although their transmissions were encrypted, there is good reason to believe they were connected to a same server somewhere in New York. The major difference between all these girls was that for each robot the neural processor (the part that allow them to “think”) were from a different serie and production team. Unfortunately none are yet functional because they all self destruct when they are removed from their sockets.

The raison they are doing such test is that all the new robots are based on a Neural AI. The difference with standard electronics is that electronic brains are program and Neural brain are “feed”. That mean that the way the neural chip will process in formations is link to the way you interact with it. A realistic personality for a robot is what the Softech engineer call a neuron connection topology and before you “feed” a good one that will be copy and implement in millions of mass produced robots you need to test hundreds of prototype during thousands of hours.

Consequently Softech had the wonderful idea to spread their lusty rubber-lolitas among people unaware of they true nature that will “feed” them as if they were truly human before taking back the one that grew the most interesting AI...

Finally, all the illegal model had been decommissioned. But this was not the easiest part ! A large majority of the artificial girls were already involved in relations with some poor guys and some of them were imploring authorities to let they buy them with the few credits they have.

So be careful. it ‘s becoming common to chat with the nice waitress in the bar, and notice that the girl answer you twice exactly the same sentence with the same tone. And after some minutes you wonder.... Just ask them, if they are legal, they are program to says the truth, if not all I can do is to gives you somes little tricks to find them out.

It is becoming clear that for some heavily sophisticated and very costly models it is impossible to guess, they can drink, eat, cry, smoke and are protected against radio waves. But, it is also true that makes a perfectly realistic model is still very expensive (more than 200 000 $) so you won’t find a toy like that at each street corners. However makes an “almost” realist model is affordable and they are far more common than you can imagine. In this case their is still some hints:

-Some can now drink a very limited amount of water and food. Indeed they have a waterproof cavity behind their mouth, that is intent to be used for something else... But that can keep a small amount of water for a few minutes. Despite this “ability”, they all remains really uncomfortable with water and specially if it is raining hard or if their is a risk of immersion.

-Note that if you kiss her or it... you may realize sometime that the tong is not realistic and abnormally dry.

-For newer models there is no more seams on the body or panels on it. There is still a manual control interface and this interface is generally in the back of the head because the seams on the back of the head are hide by the hairs. But some part on the seams can be seen sometime near of the ears.

-Sensitivity of industrial synth skin is still bad. Detection of temperature is also almost absent. Some models get used dress always like if it was summer... even at –10 outside !!

-Facial expression are always the same, this is maybe the easiest tips: It is still very difficult to makes facial expression which are not “frightening” or weird, So very little freedom is given to the robot, depending on the face mask, you will always see the same set of 2 or 3 or smiling face, 2 or 3 normal face maybe a sad look and some facial expressions dedicated to sexual activities and that’s all.

-To improve their balance at the lowest cost their feet are made slightly bigger than what you can expect for a normal girl

The next time you meet some of these illegal piece of machinery just lock them in a room and call the police.

You can find an ads of one of the very last Softech robotic girl model at this link:

Part 2

That was the first time I was going to this kind of place, some friends talk to me about speed dating and I think it was a way to meet interesting people. I mean, really, to meet, sex was something secondary to me… well ok to be honest maybe not totally secondary but … anyway that was something to try.

The first session was beginning at 8 o’clock, a lot of guys were already there but only a few women, I was getting a little bit nervous about this parity issue. Some other guy explains me that it was something normal for speed dating, girls are always late but they always come.

So we just wait for the girls and they finally come here. They were coming by groups of friends, chatting, staying between them, giggling and laughing, they were trying very hard to ignore every other men in the place, but there was one that was totally different from the others. That was a little brunette that looked to be around eighteen years old. She was wearing a tight, short, black silk dress that did little to hide every sexy curve of her figure and that nicely complimented her breasts. Her skin was nice but seems somehow unnaturally brown, and unnervingly radiant. But she remains strikingly beautiful.

The second thing I notice is that she acts totally differently than the other girls. First she came alone, then she seems to be really excited almost aroused, her enthusiastic big brown eyes were sparkling playfully to everything and everyone, like a little girl discovering the real world for the first time. At less she seems to have fun… that was strange, but that was cute. She was now staring straight to every guy in the place, one after the other, smiling excitingly at each of them.

She displayed the exactly same teasing smile to every one of us, that was a nice smile, I was mesmerized by this strange girl. As I was expecting my turn finally came and I decide to break the conventions a little, I returned her my nicest smile and walk straight to her.

“Hi, I’m Mattew, call me Matt, is that the first time you come here ? ” During half a second it seems that her eyes lost there focus on me, maybe I was just mistaking. She smiling with renewed intensity and took a step toward me.

“Hi Matt, I’m Cindy” Her high heels cliking on the tiled floor as they adjust them perfectly side by side, her breast bouncing a little into her tight dress. She was definitively amazing, a perfectly proportioned figure, only her breast seems a little… exaggerate… well not too much but I admit they weren’t too modest !! I was about to ask her if she likes the place but she cut me abruptly:

“I never meet somebody like you Matt” Then she stay with her lips half open a few second as if she want to be kissed, I was surprised by the attitude of the young girl, I was unable to do anything, then she continue:

“I enjoy talking to you very much” She tilt her head to the left her then begin to twirl and play with her hair, I was fascinating by her, we both stay saying nothing, looking lovingly at each other. After a few second Cindy let out a giggle, then continue to smile and look sweetly at me.

That was becoming obvious that the girl was not gifted with the best brain around, she just seems to have nothing more to says. Despite her permanent teasing smile, she seems to desperately expecting me to say something to her. Such a beauty could have been so much more cold and distant with me… Maybe she isn’t really smart but she was truly trying hard to be nice with me. So I decide to play nice too, every girl likes to heard nice words about how they looks, I was pretty sure Cindy was not an exception.

“Nothing looks nicer than your sweet smile and your beautiful eyes, Cindy”

I was not expecting such a reaction from her. Her back arched almost imperceptibly, half closing her eyes as I think I heard some sort of very soft moan coming from her, it doesn’t even last one second, then Cindy leaned in and put her arms around my neck, interlocking her fingers. That was delicious… and fun ! even with her heels she didn’t came to my nose, she was so cute trying to reach my lips, I could feel the firmness of her breasts through the thin dress, pressing against my chest, she finally manage to give me a soft, quick kiss. I was staring at her in disbelief, but she didn’t notice it, she came back into place, still smiling and looking excitingly so proud of what she have just done, then proclaimed:

“I’m very happy you shows interests into my appearance” She seems to think a few seconds. “Matt, do you think this dress makes my body nice too”

Then she did a slow spin to show off the delicious curves of her nice firm ass, moving gracefully in her high heels then precisely adjusting them side by side again, “Do you like it?” She asked teasingly, I was wondering if the girl was toying with me but, I was really enjoying it, and I wonder how Cindy would react if I push the limit a little further, I hold both my hand on Cindy shoulder.

“Yes I like it. On you, everything makes you more beautiful” I answered softly looking into her deep brown eyes. I was looking closely at the aroused brunette, each nice words, each gentle touch seems to trigger into her delicious sensations that she barely managed to control, half closing her eyes, and mouth slightly open, she was trying to keep the same smile she gave to everybody since the beginning, but was clearly falling to keep it. Her facial expressions betrayed the deep emotions that were raising into her, she was not acting, and she was enjoying every of my words as they were the first time somebody actually show her some affection.

“Then she take my hands softly and says”

“I think I have find my perfect match” “just lets go to your pla..”

Suddenly a man speak loudly into the hall, she immediately stop speaking, not finishing her last word. I notice Cindy lovely eyes lost their focus exactly the same way they did just before, when a I just start to talk to her !

“Ok girls and boys" said the speed dating staff guy "we are full tonight, just go downstairs, the dating session will begin now”

Cindy head tilted a little on the left as releasing my hand. That was a complete surprise for me she leave me without saying anything and just go downstairs.

I try to follow her but I was not alone and I have to wait my turn, you know… girls first… I was thinking: “probably Cindy will wait for me in the dating room” “maybe that was a kind of bad joke…” Unfortunately I got a very unpleasant surprise when I enter the main hall. The club dance floor was full of table and chairs and I realize that Cindy was already waiting behind a table and methodically teasing every guys around her. I almost reach her but somebody else just sit in front of her. I was nearly shocked I stay behind the guys looking angrily at Cindy. But she was just ignoring me, looking excitingly at the other guy. I quickly understand that there is nothing more to do, maybe she is testing me, I will have my chance later in the evening. I leave the table, when leaving, in my back I could heard Cindy soft voice: “Hi, Justin , I’m Cindy, I never meet somebody like you”

2 hours later…

Caroline was a nice blond whose hair was pulled back in a pony tail. She just wear a white T-shirt. The girl drew a kind of array on her paper, it was hard to understand what she write on it, I decrypted 3 words at the top of each colon: “job”, “car” then the last one “place”. I just made the test, I state proudly : “Everyday, I like to go working at the company I always take my car, but it is hard to park it near my house” She look at me, smile a little bit then just made 3 cross on her paper. I laugh a lot, she don’t understand why. And I’ve been a complete ass with her until the end of the date.

I mean, I would prefer to date a crazy weird bitch like Cindy than somebody like Caroline… Talking about Cindy I was still looking at her from time to time, she seems to enjoy the evening, indeed she kiss at less two other guys, exactly the same way she did it to me at first. I was not dreaming anymore but I was feeling the need to tell her what I think about this little game. However everybody here notice that the girl was potentially fun and there was always a hard competition to sit in front of her. But now, the speed dating session was near to finish, I tell to myself “at worst I can talk to her at the exit of the club.”

Then, a sudden crackling sound makes jump some of the girls, Caroline even spill her gin tonic on her white T-shirt… lol… too bad… I was looking for the origin of the electronic noise, and it seems that it was coming from Cindy table, indeed almost every body in the club was looking at her.

What was Cindy looking at was the second question that came to me, she was fixedly staring at something but she looks totally different than before, her enthusiastic smile totally faded, from time to time her lips were moving, indeed that was the only sign of life she gives to us. It was hard to understand what she was saying from my table and Caroline was getting really annoyed by the way I behave with her. By chance it was just time to move to an other table, that was the last date of the day and Cindy table was free for the first time tonight. Indeed the other guys seems to avoid her table!

I sit just in front of her...

Part 3

Cindy was certainly not my first disappointing experience with girls. But all happens in such a strange way with her. The way she move, the way she talk, with this sweet voice, it sound maybe a little too high pitched but it was cute, and that permanent soft smile that never faded until now… Indeed the brunette nymphet seems to be in a total meltdown her slightly opened mouth and half closed vacant eyes show nothing else than an extreme confusion. Despite I sit just in front of her Cindy doesn’t even seems to notice me, that was strange.

I was looking at her again, Cindy was clearly the hottest girl that ever kiss me. I remember the sweet sensation of her firm body when she wraps her arms around my neck… that’s the kind of things that are hard to forget. Ok I know she was some kind of mindless easy girl, but I can't help to feel myself concerned about this strange confused girl.

"What happens to you Cindy ?"A the second I talk The girl arched a little, then she instantly get back to life, Cindy look at me with her usual slight smile, but her eyes seems cold and lifeless, it seems she was far less enthusiastic than in the beginning, but she keep the same lovely voice and said tenderly :

"Just wait a few moment, I cannot understand you" for once I was tempted to believe her. It was as she was looking at me from an other dimension.

"Honestly I don't understand you t..." I try to answer her but she cut me.

"I'm very hurt" It was as she don’t even notice I was actually talking to her, she continue "please, wait I will get better very soon" Her enthusiastic tone wasn’t corresponding at all to what she was saying, I was wondering if she was understanding her own words…

"don't worry it happens to me since I am a little girl" She giggle a little but it was obvious she was faking, she just seem to be interesting in earning time without boring me too much... I was not really bored, honestly your can never be bored when such a nice thing is moving and talking in front of you. But I was worry about her…mental state… and I feel a little uncomfortable too, a lot of people were looking at us in the club.

Then a kind of beeping sound distract me from the confused Cindy, it was near of me but it was hard to detect the origin of into the ambient noise of the club. It was sounding like a rebooting computer.

“Ohhh ? Are you Mathew ?…” The girl focus on me for the first time, I was clearly not expected !! She blink her eyes a few time in disbelief, but accepted my presence with a renewed smile.

“Hi Mathew !!” I was dumbfounded. She tilt her head to the left and began to twirl and play with her hair, in exactly the same way than before when we first met. Cindy let out a giggle, the same… again !! then continue to smile.

“Are you enjoying the evening ?” I begin to feel her high heeled feet searching for my leg under the table. She stay a few moment playing like that, giggling, half closing her eyes as if she was at the edge of some kind of total extasy, that was the most obvious tease I ever see, and it was a lot too much to be true.

“Are you enjoying me ?” Her soft voice began to sound like phone sex. She continue to tease me, she seems to desperately expecting some words from me, something was so wrong , so fake with this girl !

“Let’s come to my place, I feel so good with you Mathew !” It was too much for me ! How dare she ! To offer me this again after what she done, saying it like that ! almost in the same way !

“You leave me alone !!” I yelled at her, the girl giggle again inexplicably continuing her teasing routines.

“you abandoned me !” she jerk a little this time and try to answer something, she opened slightly her lovely mouth but no sound came from it.

“Girl you hurt my feelings” Her continuous teasing smile finally faded, the inexplicably aroused brunette sighed incredulously, interrupting her caressing high heeled foot.

“I hurt you” She repeat in disbelief, it was incredible to see how Cindy seems to struggle to understand such simple ideas and sentences. Each time it was as if she was solving complex mathematical equations.

“Are you angry ?” Was all she find to ask ! Indeed she don’t seems to fully understand the fact that somebody might be angry at her !!

“YES !” was my very clear answer to her. Cindy jerk backwards as she seem to realize for the first time that she did something wrong, she removed uneasily her heels from the crease of my pants, her eyes blink a few time, as she was trying to cope with the situation, they was a uncomfortable silence between us, again she seem to be lost in her thought, her eyes lost their focus on me, it seem too much for her. Suddenly, Cindy back arched repetitively, she twist uncontrollably on her chair as her thighs seems to spreads a little, all her muscles tense a few time her lovely breast bounce in her tight dress. The troubled nymphet was apparently fighting to keep some control over her increasingly aroused body. She seem to struggle in re-adjust her high heeled shoes perfectly side by side as I hear them clicking erratically on the tiled floor.

Cindy stay a few second aiming at my lips, her sensuously half opened mouth were begging for a “reconciliation kiss”… it didn’t come…

Cindy finally manage to do something, she take my hand on the table, her lovely fingers playing with mine. I look at them, they seems incredibly weak and fragile. I notice that not a blemish or even a wrinkle were visible on them. I wonder to myself “Her hands looks not right, fake, like the rest of her… is she a kind of robot, is that possible ?” I look back into her eyes trying to find the answer, deep into her abnormally dilated pupils… Cindy enthusiastic, sparkling eyes that married so well with her just renewing smile … they seems like glowing in the inside... I was not totally sure, Cindy voice was so sweet

“Honey I…” She desperately search for the next word but her tone was still natural, warm “I feel ohh…” She stop abruptly again…

I already heard about robotic slut, but they remain into closed places and cannot do so much things except sex. If Cindy is a robot she might be one of the most advanced. Some kind of prototype, she can hold a basic conversation, I never heard about something like this…My mind was spinning “she must be malfunctioning…I’m still so excited, Is that wrong ?…is she a sexbot”

Cindy lips were slightly agape, I touch her lips tenderly with one finger, then two, they were soft and feel natural, I insert my finger a little into her mouth, she let me do. Cindy moan softly, as I introduce my fingers deeper that became a long, warm and breathy moan as she slowly close her eyes. I feel her teeth, then the tip of her thong, the “girl” was clearly aroused.

I notice that the inside of her mouth was warm and soft but her thong feel a little like rubber and this was surprisingly dry, I swallowed the lump in my throat “it’s dry…” Anyone know that robot slut lubricated themselves at the last moment, but for keeping their inner parts in good condition they are dry most of the time.

I realized that I had inadvertently 'thought' my last remark outsold and Cindy catch it. Her head twitch a few time as it seems that my inserted finger forbids her to process her answer, I retract them all

“My mouth…” She stop again, it was clearly a machine, it was now obvious to me, and it seems to be a total mess in her circuits.

“Don’t worry I…” the clearly confused artificial girl lost her idea again. A new spasm rocked Cindy body but this time her head twitched a again as she focus on something else, that was a glass of water at the corner of the table, she promptly take the glass, to her mouth. I was taken by surprise, without thinking I spill the content of the glass on her before she can “drink” the water in it. The water splashed generously over her chest then flowed quickly down the curves of her body. The feel of water on her generous breast trigger a long deep sensuous moan. Suddenly the electronic brunette arched more violently than ever. Her wet breast bounce wildly, she hit the back of her chair so hard that she and almost fall over, her orgasmic sight modulating a little under the violence of the choc. The chair came back in position with the disordered clicking of her high heel shoes as Cindy overheated circuit try recover her previous position.

That was bad ! I feel again one of her delicious high heeled foot against my jean but it was moving erratically down and up, the robotic girl stopped… then both her hand fondle and press clumsily her wet generous breasts, her left hand abandoned her breast to twirl and play with some of her hair as her head twitch mechanically on the left a few time, she giggle a little then moan again maybe even louder than before. The clearly erroneous robotic girl act disorderly, it seems that her fused logical circuit were melting clumsily everything she done since the beginning of the date, the poor machine seems totally lost. In a last effort her whole body lean other the table her waist pushing furiously on the edge of the table, Cindy cute face rise, aiming urgently at my lips as her breasts were unnaturally shaking and bouncing under the effect of her internal struggling motors. Her brown hair were increasingly messy, long strands shaking loose from above and hanging down over her shoulders, others getting caught in her mouth.

I look around me in despair maybe for some help, I realize then that almost everybody here were looking at us. Some were shocked by the malfunction of the artificial girl, others were laughing and some were leaving. Cindy was suddenly silent, indeed she totally stop to move, no smoke, no spark, no electrical noise, just crashed software…

Was that my fault ? Why did she try to drink that glass of water ? I look at the damaged android, Cindy moistened cleavage still dropping on the table, her slightly opened mouth and half closed vacant eyes… she was clearly expecting a deeper kiss. She was dry she know it… She short circuited with the previous guy…I look at the empty glass… did she drink from it to try a French kiss ? I remove the glass, maybe I save her ?

I look at the lifeless robotic nymphet… She became instable when I yelled at her but her circuits were probably already ruined before I sit in front of her… poor thing she didn’t deserve that, but I guess there was nothing more to do about it.

I was about to leave the defunct robotic girl, suddenly, the second I move a mechanical buzz sounded, followed by several short bleeps. At the most unexpected moment when everything seems lost Cindy emitted a brief electric hum, then the young woman sprung back to life ! Cindy look at me with a very slight smile.

"– Activating voice diagnostic mode – striptease mode – platform walking mode – cooking mode – Enlarge feature m... – Stop, Aborting oral list – Error multiple signals detected incoherent data – Activating safeguard strategy – Ignoring all previous command"

Auto-diagnostic mode… she is a smart piece of machinery, I wonder to myself. I’m sure she is still badly damaged maybe the better thing to do is to find a way to stop her before things get worse, I ask her:

“ Cindy is there a way to turn you off ? ” but the electronic girl was continuously babbling.

“– Error systems data corrupted – Just wait a few moment, I cannot understand you ”

I recognized one of her pre-programmed automatic answer, caught in the middle of her technical rambling… The damaged android girl detected my voice but I guess that some part of her AI were offline when recovering, it seems that the poor thing cannot process a better answer yet…

“– Error voice diagnostic mod cannot be close – Error enlarge feature mod cannot be close before completion”

I notice that her breast were slightly bigger, I feel really sorry for the half crashed android girl, Cindy looks so smart and sophisticated, still trying to save herself despite the malfunction that was progressively ruining her circuits. But for now, it seems that Cindy was handling the situation. I mean : being stuck into in a diagnostic mod is not the worst thing that may happen to a malfunctioning android. Also, it might be interesting to heard everything happening into the brunette electronic mind… I laugh interiorly ! If real girls were gifted with a voice diagnostic mode maybe I would eventually finish to understand them !

“– Cindy 20 malfunctioning – Starting Cindy 20 hardware check-up – Check up forbidden, human emulation prioritized – Activating Cindy 20 emergency reboot protocol”

Her whole body seems to relax a little, but her faint smile still seem… somehow…unconscious like a kind of pre-programmed or neutral waiting smile. The robotic girl was so strange, Cindy was almost continuously talking but she says every thing with her natural soft voice, she describes her malfunction calmly serenely as if she was solving mathematical equations.

“– Current body position accepted – Recovering last speaker data – recovering last neural pattern – seduction strategy loading – Recognizing Matthew – Hi, Mattew…”

All this “smart recovery” program was aiming at hide her malfunction as much as possible. No check-up or long rebooting sequences, she was trying to hold a basic conversation during her restart. That was smartly done, it might had worked if the girl circuits were in a less desperate state…

“– Loading Mathew profile – I’m Cindy – Detecting new parameters on profile – Mattew, What’s your name ? – Mattew profile loaded – status : friend, companion, boyfriend,lover....ohhhh”

At this second, her back arched almost imperceptibly, half closing her eyes as I think I recognized the same soft and warm moan I heard from her before. The rebooting electronic girl suddenly realize that she was standing in front of “the chosen one”… and this seems to trigger something special into the girl circuits.

“– Warning lover proximity detected – Cindy 20 must be sexually available – Warning tear in secondary sexual unit – Liquid contact with sexual input sensors – Cutting power to secondary sexual unit until repairs”

Cindy was clearly talking about her initial short out, her secondary sexual unit… her mouth ! Wow… what a little dirty toy !

“– Lover must be protected – Testing primary sex module integrity”

At this point, I don’t know exactly what happened into her partially popped logical circuits but I guess the chair wasn’t considered good enough for her. She rise elegantly then put her nice firm ass against the edge of the table and spread loosely her nude left leg on the table, I was staring fixedly at her nicely arched left feet, it married delicately to the shape of her high heeled shoes, this perfect flawless skin, her delicately manicured toes, that was a true work of art. The foot shake a little when she manage to balance her sweet ass on the table. It seems so firm it slide smoothly in front of me as the robotic girl adjust herself in the middle of the table, then she finish by spreading both her legs around me. Her high heeled feet were continuously adjusting beside me as if they were looking for the ground. A white liquid appears at the inner of her tights. It was totally soaking the back side of her skirt as she sat there. It was her artificial juices. Her moistened panties gives me a good view of her most intimate parts, they looks incredible, I can guess the outer folds of her labia, it seems smooth but they were progressively opening and swelling as if real. I was dumbfounded…

“–No short circuit detected – Cindy 20 primary sex module is safe – Cindy 20 is ready for lover”

I realize that the girl despite her amazingly realistic inner parts didn’t show anything except the same permanent faint smile but she seem to take no real pleasure in it… she was truly a machine, a malfunctioning machine that was just configuring herself for sex.

“Recovery protocol complete – Opening AI – AI activation forbidden, damages at booting are 70 % probable – Starting Cindy 20 hardware check-up"

For a few moment she began to move more robotically, she don’t do it a lot until now but the poor machine was clearly reaching her limits now.

"– Check up forbidden, human emulation prioritized – Opening AI – Error programming conflict”

This was a invisible battle between 2 program one trying to save her from totally shorting out and the other one trying desperately to restart her AI to continue her seduction routine in a desperate try to save the appearance. Obviously, the malfunctioning girl circuit don’t even realize that her true nature was clearly revealed to anyone here and that the seduction game was definitively over. I was truly sad for her, before malfunctioning she was so close of getting a man, any man indeed, we were all crazy about her ! I know that was just programming but she was looking so sincerely for her “mate”, so happy and willing to give him everything she can possibly gives... she was build for that, now it’s obvious...With a little more luck she would have been perfect, now she just seems to be a very expensive sex toy drowning in her internal command and struggling to function a few more second. She focus again on me and smile shyly.

"– please, wait I will get better very soon" I recognized an other of her pre-programmed sentence, I was sure they were aimed at filling the gap between the time her AI crash and the time she recover from it, the only thing is that she still not understand that her voice diagnostic mode was ruining all her effort to look human despite the malfunction…

"– please, wait I will get better – get better – get – Error programming conflict” her renewed smile faded as fast as it come. Her state was clearly worsening as she was now more capable of hide her malfunction with her pre-programmed waiting answer...

“– Conflict solved starting AI” I heard again the same beeping sound coming from the brunette chest. I understand she finally choose to restart herself, regardless of her desperate state and the risk to irretrievably damaged.

“please babe don’t do that” I can't help to ask her, even if I know it was useless, she finally activate her AI back online

"Thank you so much to be so patient with me, I feel far better now" She look excitedly at me, a full bright smile appears on her lovely face, as I heard a flurry of crackling sound coming from Cindy chest. The poor android girl immediately let out a long synthesized moan, multiple spasm rocked Cindy body ! But Cindy inner "thinking" don't seems to be much disturbed by her overloading circuits, after a few second she start again her technical rambling.

"– short circuit in AI primary interface – Alert fuse protection compromised" The malfunctioning android try to re-adjust her balance, her firm ass slide a few time on the table spreading her lubricant all around her. A last flash of sparks illuminate the inside of her moistened cleavage.

"– Cindy 20 shutting down – Shut down forbidden human emulation prioritized – Re-configuring AI inputs – Opening AI" Cindy blinks a few time then focus on me, she stretch herself clumsily, trying erratically to adjust her full spreaded legs around me, then look at herself.

"– Recognizing – Cindy feet – Cindy ass – Table – Evaluating – Cindy is on table – Cindy Vagina can be accessed – Cindy is available for sex"

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