Christmas Surprise

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I had just finished my first semester at New Hollywood University. I was headed home. I was not surprised when no one came to pick me up at the transport pad. I was surprised when I came home and saw that all the lights were out and there didn't seem to be any activity at all. Now that was strange. Even if all the family was out, which wouldn't have been unexpected, the human and android staff members should have still been around. I stood there for a few moments trying to make sense of it all. Coming up with nothing, I decided to go in and see what's going on. I approached the front door. Usually, the automatic sentry system would greet me at this point, but nothing happened. I pressed my hand on the front palm scanner. The front door opened without fanfare or protest. Nothing was on. No lights, no power, no people. I went to the main terminal. It was in full shut down mode. I went through the startup procedure. "Greetings, Master Mark," appeared on the screen. "Where are my parents?" I asked the machine. "They and your sister, left for an extended trip to the Antares star system." "What about the staff?" "The human members of the staff were given paid vacation time, except for Don Markaway who is being paid a bonus for coming out here once a day to check on the premesis. The android staff members have been deactivated and stored with the exception of Cindy. She is activated once a day to maintain the household." "I see. How long will they be gone?" "No set date was given for a return, but the paid vacation for the human servants has been set for four months, twelve days from today." I sighed. If my parents had asked me to watch the house while they went on a vacation with my sister, that would not have surprised me. To forget that I was coming home all together without even a message was a new low. "Did they leave a message for me?" "No, sir." I sighed again. "Then let's do this. Turn on all the android servants, set the house for habitation and try and get a message to my parents." "Yes, sir. What did you wish to say?" A few choice words came to mind, but I was too tired to vent most of them. "Just tell them that I'm home for the holidays." "Yes, sir. Your parents should receive the message in two standard days. The android servants are in the last phase of their cold, start-up procedure. Mr. Markaway is due to arrive in two hours." "Get ahold of him. No sense in having him trek up here if he doesn't have to." "He is carrying his mobile unit." After a few seconds, I was looking at Markaway. "Hey, Markie," I said. "Hey kid!" he said to me. "Are you calling from Antares? I used to work at the docks there, and I can tell you..." "Uh, no. I'm calling from the house." "The house? Wait a second, you're calling from the house? I thought, I mean, when you're folks said that they were going to Antares for Christmas, I..." "It's okay, Markie. I understand. What I wanted to call you about was that you don't have to come by if you don't want to, seeing as I'm going to be here for the next few weeks." "I was going to pass the duty off for a while. I'm visiting my kids and my transport leaves later today." "You enjoy yourself, Markie. Merry Christmas." "Yeah. Merry Christmas, kid." I turned off the vid. At that time, the android staff came up. There were four of them, two men, two women. They were earlier models and looked like overweight, middle-aged people. The mass was to accomadate the power plant, artificial muscles, computers and so on. They literally had the personalities of calculators, but they did what they were told to do without making too many mistakes. "What are your orders, sir?" the first one, Alvin, said. "Make this house habitable. Concentrate on my old room, the kitchen, the bathroom and the living room, in that order." "Yes, sir."

In less than a day, they made the house habitable. The four androids, plus three permanent human workers, made up the household staff. A cook, a gardener, and Markie is the maintenence expert. He does everything from making sure the plumbing is working to maintaining the androids and the house system. "Hi, son," came the voice of my dad. "Sorry about that. I'm afraid in all the rush we completely forgot about you. You have full access to the household budget for buying food and so forth. I'm also putting extra money in your account as a present. Go crazy with it. See you when you get back." "Yeah, I accept your apology," I said to the screen after the recording stopped. Two days before Christmas, I had the house stocked. The fridge was comfortably stocked for one person for a month, including egg nog and turkey, which I would have to cook myself. The androids can take care of basic stuff like serving or basting, but they're not programmed for the kitchen. I was debating on whether I should stay at home and wallow in misery or take a transport to one of the theme parks when the system signaled me. "There is a delivery van approaching the door. Nothing is on schedual, but the company is a legitimate one and the drivers are registered." "Let them in," I said to the system. I was greeted by two attractive women in grey jumpsuits. I was startled for a moment before I realized that they had to be androids. "Greetings," said the red-head. "We're from Minx, Inc. Are you Marcus Redding?" "Uh, yeah. That's me." "That's good. We have a package for you. If you could just put your handprint here," she said, producing a portable terminal. I put my hand on the pad and it beeped. "Thank you, sir. If you'll just give us a moment, we'll load your delivery where you wish." They both went into the truck, and a few moments later, came out with a long, green, plastic box. I could glimpse the anti-grav pads on the bottom that made it easier to carry. "Excuse us, please," said the dark-haired one. I stepped aside to allow them to pass. "Where did you want to put this?" the first one said. "Uh," I said, looking at it. "I don't suppose you can tell me what's in this thing, do you?" "Sure," she said. She made a show of reading the side of the crate. "This is our Deluxe, Companion Model. Her name is Crystal." "An android? Uh, I guess she should go in the basement like the other androids around here." "The basement? Okay. Just show us the way." In short order, they had the coffin set up in the basement close to the storage racks for the other androids. "Is there anything else we can do for you, sir?" "Uh, no. Thanks." "No problem!" I watched as they drove off. I then went to the basement. I thought about how good they looked, how human. I compared them to the androids in the house. Before my brain could process anything else, the top of the coffin flickered. "Hey, kid," said the older figure. "In case you don't remember me, I'm your Uncle Art." I did remember him. "I had heard about your parent's plans some time ago. I was going to tell you about it, when a better plan came to mind. Why should I tell you about it and subject you to the horrors of a family vacation, when I can give you a little gift and a vacation that you'll remember for years to come?" One thing I remembered about Uncle Art was that he gave out few presents to kids or adults, but what he did give was really cool. "I hope you like this present. Don't worry about maintenance or anything like that. I bought the full package for this one. Merry Christmas." The holovid shut off. He was right about one thing, going on a family vacation would have been unpleasant, but less unpleasant than spending Christmas alone. The image of a pretty girl came up. "Thank you for purchasing one of our Companion Androids. When you wish to start activation, press the blue corner of the crate. This will open the crate. Inside is an instruction pad and android remote control. Have a great day." "I will," I said to the image as it faded away. I pressed the corner and it glowed for a moment before I heard a click. I lifted my hand and the crate swung open. The first thing that grabbed my attention was a girl lying inside with her eyes closed. I looked at her for a moment before doing anything else. She was dressed in a white jumpsuit. The top was short sleeved and left her midriff bare. The bottom was a pair of shorts that hugged her curves and went down to her knees. Her hair was black, her skin was a healthy-looking pink. Her breasts were large, but not ridiculously so. She had a cute face. Somewhere in there, I looked at the other, seemingly less important, contents of the crate. The next thing to grab my attention was what looked like an extra-large wristwatch. On top were large letters: Put this on first. A slightly smaller diagram under the letters showed that the screen goes on the inside of the wrist. I strapped the screen on. The moment it was secured, another hologram appeared. "Hello! You have just strapped on the remote control and manual for your Companion Android. Please take the time to review the instructions later on. For now, we are going to run the startup procedure for your android." The image disappeared to be replaced by an image of the android. "The android is controlled by pressing various parts of her body. For now, press the center of her chest." I touched the chest of the image. The view then went to a large heart surrounded by various graphs and meters. "This is the main power menu. The android is powered by a magneto-dynamic generator that feeds the main capacitors during periods of inactivity or shut down. There is more concerning the various power options and configurations, but for now, touch the main power button as represented by the heart. This will begin the startup procedures." I pressed the heart. I waited a few seconds before it started beating. "This ends your startup tutorial. Enjoy your purchase." "Uhhh." Came from the girl. She slowly opened her eyes. Once open, she blinked a few times, the startup looking like nothing more than an ordinary girl waking up. The wristcomp told a different story. Below the power screen, words appeared. Main power, online. Main capacitors, 100%. Running OS. Running 'Crystal' shell program.

I put one hand to the side of the holodisplay and pushed it. This shut down the window without shutting down the startup procedure. Her eyes focused on me. She smiled. "Hi, I'm Crystal," she said. "I'm Mark. Do you need help getting out of that box?" She struggled for a moment. "I think so. I think I'm tied down." I looked closer. Some clear, plastic straps were holding her down. "Hang on just a moment." I grabbed her shoulder to hold her down while I undid the catch on one of them. I was undoing the last one on her leg when I realized that I was holding onto her very nicely shaped leg. The part I was holding onto was the bare part of her leg. It was warm and smooth and I would be hard pressed to tell that it didn't belong to a human. I undid that last strap and stood up. She stepped out of the crate with a few easy steps. I supposed that there were a ton of things I had to do to get ready for owning an android girl. She didn't seem to object when I leaned down and started kissing her. She opened her mouth and let me kiss her long and deep. "You don't kiss like any android I've ever kissed before," I said to her. Before we could continue on in this pleasant vein, my stomach growled as if I hadn't eaten since the dawn of time. It was strange. Where a few seconds before, I was concentrating on getting her out of her clothes for a good look, I was now acutely aware that I was really hungry. She laughed a cute litle outflow of giggles. "Maybe we should take care of that first," she said, her feelings not hurt by the change. "You can cook?" I asked her, startled. "Yes, I can cook."

I helped her as she prepared the kitchen. My own skills weren't as good as her own programming, but it was such a pleasant change to have someone to talk to. Someone who laughed when I grabbed the salt by mistake, someone who applauded when I did my egg trick, someone who was pleasant to look at when the water was boiling. We cooked way too much for one person, well, one and a half. She ate with me, although her portions were a lot smaller than my own. "You are a great cook," I said to her. "Its all in the software," she said, waving a celery stick in my face. I grabbed the celery stick. I munched on it while I looked at her for a moment. "Crystal, I want you to unzip your top." She smiled, then pulled the zipper all the way down. "No," I said to her. "Leave it about mid way." She zipped back up to just below her breasts. She parted the top until it almost showed her nipples. "That's perfect." I stood up and she did the same. I noticed one of the android servants. "Clean this up," I said to it. "So, what did you want to do now?" she asked me, impishly. It was a loaded question, but after the meal, I wasn't in the mood for sex, but for play, as strange as that sounds. "I'd like to talk," I said to her. Her face showed surprise for a moment, then she smiled again as I unzipped her top completely, but made no move on her. "Let's go to my room. I've never had an android like you before." My room is actually a miniature apartment. It's divided into three rooms; a bedroom, a sitting room and a small bathroom. I sat down on the loveseat and patted the area right next to me. When she did so, I parted her jacket and began to lightly caress her breast. "Now, how so I use this thing?" I asked her, showing her the remote I still had strapped to my wrist. "Mmm. You turn it on just by touching it," she said. I did so, the display turning into a picture of herself, naked, but with her feminine attributes deleted. "There are many areas you can touch. For instance, my head will let you modify my software, including my personality shell program. The belly will let you control my access points. Touching either foot will control my motor functions, and touching the hands will let you access programs that you can use with the remote. Your four fingers can be used to access any program or control, but right now, they are blank." I nodded. This was actually one of the newer holocontrols. I was still more interested in the nuts and bolts, but you can't get a beautiful, female android and think only about her, uh, software. I touched the head on the display and it turned to a display that looked like a human brain made of metal blocks. Each block had a name attached to it. One was marked: Shell Program 'Crystal' : On. I touched it and it then read: Shell Program 'Crystal' : Off. I looked at Crystal. She had a blank look on her face now. That wasn't quite what I wanted. I fiddled with the controls for a moment before I found what I was looking for. Shell Program 'Crystal.' Now running Passive sub-program. I looked at her again. The difference was better. Instead of looking like a dumb robot, her personality was still running. Yet, she couldn't move or talk unless I gave her a direct command. "Crystal, stand at attention, right here," I said, pointing to a spot on the floor. "Yes, sir!" she said. She was able to respond with relish, but she couldn't say anything else. She was standing at attention, her arms back with her fists lightly curled and touching her buttocks. Her chest thrust out and her legs spread apart slightly. I spent a few minutes kneading her breasts and rubbing the nipples. She was able to gasp and moan, but not move. I was aroused myself, of course, but I was also having fun figuring out her controls and teasing her. It took me a couple of tries, but I figured out how to hook that passive program onto one of the finger buttons. My interest in technincal stuff was just about done, so I moved on to my interest in other things. "Are you aroused, Crystal?" "Yes, Master!" she gasped out. I figured that it was a fairly obvious question, but I was still having fun. "Take off your cloths." With her personality on Passive, her movements were a bit stiff, but I suppose that's another little tweak for another day. When she was bare, she once more stood at attention. She looked like any other woman, save that extra pains were taken to make her look attractive naked. I was now in the mood for only one more thing. I pressed the finger button to take her off passive. "Oh, please," she said, dashing up to me. "Please fuck me. I think I'm going to go crazy if you don't fuck me." "Go to the bed and play with yourself for a second," I said to her. As she dashed away, I carefully removed the remote, then quickly began shucking my own clothes on my way to join her.

I woke up the next day convinced that it was all a delightful dream until a warm mass snuggled next to me. "Good morning, sleepyhead," she said to me. "How do you want to spend your Christmas Eve?" I must have had the world's biggest, stupidest grin on my face as I realized that it had not been a dream. "Let's get some clothes for you, this is going to be the last shopping day for a while, plus, this house is actually a bit depressing." "I have to tell you something. I come with a clothing package, but I don't think that it'll arrive for another week." "What sort of clothing? And why didn't it come with you?" "Well, some underwear, mostly lingerie. A few dresses, skirts, sweaters, shoes, socks. Its supposed to be, 'a small, but complete selection of women's garments fitted to the android.' Minx actually contracts it out, but this time of year, the contractors are usually overwhelmed with the Christmas rush." I nodded. It made sense. Still... "Then we'll only buy a few items, but I want out of this house. The outfit you came in should be enough to get us into some shops." She smiled, then kissed me lightly. "I'll go make you some breakfast while you get ready then." She then got up and I was once again treated to the sight of her well designed body. She raised an eyebrow as I watched one of her breasts jiggle a bit. "Unless you want to take care of something else, first?" she asked me archly. She spoiled the statement by giggling, which caused her bosom to jiggle again. "Come here, you," I said to her. So, she made me lunch instead as we went out. I ordered one of the android servants to drive us to the shopping district. Someone once asked me how an android can be programmed to drive a car, but not cook. The answer is that the newer ones can do both (Crystal probably could) but the older ones were more limited. It turns out that driving is simpler than cooking, especially since the older androids didn't have taste buds.

"I would like to buy a few outfits for my ladyfriend here," I said to the manager. All of the regular stores were packed to the gills with last minute shoppers. This was actually a rather expensive tailor. "Yes, of course," he said. He turned to Crystal. "May I please have your factory measurements please?" "Wait," I said to him. "How did you know?" "When I see a young man walk into my shop with a beautiful, young woman wearing an android remote control, that can mean only one thing." Crystal put her hand on his extended pad for a quick second. He then looked at the pad. "Very good. What sort of outfits were you looking for?" They both looked at me. That took me back for a moment until I realized that as Crystal's owner, I could make any decision I wanted regarding her clothes. But I had almost no ideas about fashion and had no idea what I wanted to see on her. "Perhaps the young lady can try some garments on and you can decide which of them to take home," he said. "We can do that?" I asked him. "You've never shopped in a place like this before, have you?" he asked me. "Hey!" Crystal said, peeking around the dressing room curtain. "No picking on my Owner." "Yes, young lady." She spent a few moments behind the curtains. "By the way, this isn't one of those places where you'll make her dress like a chicken and try to convince me that's its art, is it?" "Take a look," he said to me as the curtain twitched. The curtain parted and out walked Crystal. My jaw dropped as I took a good look at her. She was dressed in a black party dress. It was strapless, but fit snugly around her body. It was not trashy, it did not reveal too much, but she was real sexy in it without having to worry about falling out of it or having the hem rise past her butt. "Hey, are you wearing underwear?" I asked her. She carefully raised her hem until I could see the matching panties she was wearing. That was also when I noticed she was wearing a matching pair of high-heeled shoes. "Hang on," she said. She vanished behind the curtain while my jaw was still hanging off the floor. That's the way it went for quite a few hours. In between one set, I quickly reprogrammed the remote to slave the pause motor function to one of the finger buttons. She came out dressed in a set of sleepwear. It was a fairly modest affair with long sleeves and pants that went to her ankles. "What do you think?" she asked me, spreading her arms wide. I used that moment to pause her. I prefered this to shutting off her personality too. I got up on the raised stage to look at her up close. "How much did you want for these?" I asked him. "Its Chrsitmas," he said to me. "I'll let you have them for a real good deal."

We left the store after buying more packages than was probably good for us. We sent them, plus her original outfit, to the house. "Merry Chrismas," I said to Crystal. "Thank you," she said, hugging me. She was wearing a pair of tight, black slacks with a red blouse with a white cardigan over it. She was wearing a pair of sneakers that was colored to match the outfit. "But I'm supposed to be the Christmas present." "Yes, but I like giving you Christmas presents. You're my girlfriend, you know." She looked at me for a moment with tears in her eyes. "Uh, did I say something wrong?" "No, no!" she said, wiping her eyes. "I'm just glad that you think of me that way. Do you want me to cook something?" "Well, using logic, if you're my girlfriend, then this is a date. On a date, we go out to eat. Among other things."

Christmas. I never really thought about it much. Not that I ever really missed out, but my parents would lavish all the attention on my sister. My best gifts actually came from Markie. His gifts weren't usually expensive. Home made art, or some electronic gizmo. When I got a little older, he got me some second-hand, though still cool, games. Seeing as how he thought that I was not going to be on the planet, he didn't get me anything but a really nice Christmas card. I woke up and turned to the beautiful android girl who was sleeping next to me. "Mmmm," she happily sighed. She slowly opened her eyes. "Merry Christmas, Master," she said to me. "Merry Christmas. Get ready. I have a few plans for us today." "Yes, Master," she said. She kissed me, then got up. I watched her wiggle out the door before getting up and getting ready to go out myself.

By the time I took a shower, brushed my teeth and so forth, she had already dressed and had made a simple breakfast. Cereal, french toast. She was dressed in a vest and skirt combination. "So, what are we doing today?" she asked me as I ate. "I figure that we'll go over to Utopia Inc. for thier Christmas celebration. Its good, but its not as crowded as some of the others." She was looking at me for a moment. "Can I ask you a favor?" she asked me. "Sure," I said to her. "Can we have more sex?" I paused for a moment while munching on some cereal. "I can only have sex..." "I don't mean actual intercourse," she said. "I mean, I was wondering if you could feel me up, cop a feel and otherwise use me today." I walked over to her and reached into her vest. She wasn't wearing a bra and I felt her breast. "Merry Christmas," I said to her.

So it was that we took the public transport to the island that Utopia was located on. At every opportunity, I lifted her skirt to finger her, or cupped a breast. By the time we set down, the both of us were panting. We got out of the landing area and found a quiet corner. I unsnapped the vest and she unzipped my pants. "Welcome to Utopia!" said the voice over the public address system. I bend down to kiss her breasts, while she stroked me to full hardness. "Today is the day for our Christmas Celebration! Enjoy all of our special events and reenactments. Eat at our fine restaurants and stay until our evening celebration gala!" I lifted her leg. She wasn't wearing any panties. "Ahh!" she gasped out as I thrust into her. With some difficulty, I tapped her control pad. I swiftly manipulated her voice controls and turned on her mute. It had never occurred to me that I might want to shut her up. I thrust into her again and her mouth opened, but nothing came out. We kissed because I didn't have a mute button. I grunted down her throat. Her body shook as her orgasm programming ran. There was no way I was going to be able to ignore that. I came right after that. While we calmed down some, I turned the mute off. "Let's get cleaned up and meet back here," I said to her. She nodded and walked away, the clear juice mixing with my seed down her leg. I put my dick back and walked to the men's bathroom. I had just cleaned up some when an idea came to me. I looked at what programs had just run and figured out which ones were part of what she did when she had an orgasm. It took me a few minutes, but I finally figured it out. I fixed it so that my fourth finger trigger caused her to have an intense, but brief, orgasm. I then activated her remote sensing. Basically, it allowed me to see what she sees. I can rig it to also hear what she hears. It can even be set to show what she tastes, smells and feels, but I've never wanted to go that far. She was looking at herself in the mirror as she straightened everything out. I pressed the finger trigger. Her eyes widened as she felt something. Her whole body shuddered for a moment as the full force of the orgasm program came over her. Before she could collapse, the power were rerouted from flexing her vagina and energizing her sensors to going back to her normal motor functions. I grinned as I saw her reach under her skirt to touch herself to see if she had actually felt that. I turned off the view and walked back to the allyway. She still hadn't arrived. I guess she cleaned herself again. I tweaked the program so that it affected her less and in a shorter space of time.

"Take a look at that," I said to her. "Ohhh," she sighed as she watched. It was a royal procession, with a prince and princess sitting in an open carriage. In this day of few animals and advanced robotics, a pair of what looked like real, white horses were pulling the assembly. On either side of the carriage were other people mounted on other horses. Most of them were robot horses, you can tell because of the artificial material used to make the hooves. "She's so perfect!" she said. I nodded inanely for a moment before I realized that she wasn't talking about the princess. She was talking about an elegantly dressed lady-in-waiting riding a real horse. "You know, most human girls like to fantasize about being the princess," I said to her. "That's human girls. I can't think of anything better than to be such an elegant servant." She sighed again while I reflected on the fact that she wasn't human. I kissed her neck. "You would just love it if you could cook my meals, clean my rooms and warm my bed for all time, wouldn't you?" "Hmmm. That sounds great."

One part of the evenig gala that she was really looking foward to was a ballroom dance. Like most guys, I had two left feet and could dance as well as I could juggle upside-down while balancing on three balls. Crystal, on the other hand, wanted nothing more than to spend the evening having me lead her on the dance floor while she was wearing a pretty dress. Now, if I really wanted to, I could have ordered her to not dance. I probably could have reprogrammed her to not like dancing. But what fun would that be?

It did take a bit of cash, but I was able to scramble some ballroom dancing clothes. In a remarkably short amount of time, I was looking at Crystal from across the great distance of her skirts. "Crystal, I have something to confess," I said to her. "What's that, Master?" she asked me. "I can't dance." She blinked a few times. "Do you mean that you don't know how to dance at all, or that you just dance badly?" "I think the first one." "We'll start here. Put your hand on my hip. That's right. Now, put your other hand here. That's right. Now, when the music starts, we'll do a simple step." The music started before she could really get any instruction in. I stepped out of line, I stepped on her feet. I twirled her around, once a little too hard. Our attention was then diverted by a couple who were sweeping into the dance floor. It was two women, probably androids. One was dressed in drag. She had small breasts and was wearing coattails, slacks and polished shoes. The other was more voluptuous with a pale, yellow ballgown that was artfully draped over her body. They danced beautifully with each other, moving in time with the music, each motion fluid and sure. "They will be serving the evening dinner very shortly. For those of you who are attending, you may want to change into something more appropriate at this time. If any of you wish to remain, the dance floor will remain open."

"Shall we?" I asked Crystal. "Of course we shall," she responded. It took us fifteen minutes to shuck the elaborate outfits, don evening wear, and get ready for the dinner. It took another ten minutes as we changed clothes in sight of each other and got a bit excited. The arrangement of the banquet was rather unusual and interesting. Instead of large tables set up with the food and large tables for the people to sit in static positions, the entire room was slowly moving around. Android waitresses, holding trays, would go to each table and offer a few morsels to the people. We sat down and had a great time. Especially when Santa Claus came in and gave people gifts.

Dear Uncle Art:

I don't think we ever actually met. I'm Crystal, the android you bought for your nephew Mark for Christmas. He's a terrible correspondant, so I asked him if I could write to you for a proper: Thank you. We had a wonderful time together, and we still are. I can only guess, but I think that Mark enjoys me. I can honestly say that as an android, I must be a very lucky one to get Mark as a Master. The dorms that Mark lives in considers me an appliance, and so allows me to live there. He had to lay down a few rules with his roommate, but that didn't turn out too badly as he has an android of his own! Well, sir. I just want to thank you again. If there's anything I can do for you, just ask.

Sincerely, Crystal.

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