Chopping Wood

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Jake woke to the echo of a maul splitting firewood. Light filtered through the bedroom window of his log cabin, warming his face. He could smell pine mixed with honeysuckle, and a grin stretched his lips. Apart from smelling it, he could taste honeysuckle on his lips as well. It was the taste of his lover. Still grinning, Jake levered himself up to sitting position and wiped a hand over his face to clear the sleep away, then he stood and donned his bathrobe. A shower could wait; if he took one now, he'd only feel like taking another in short order.

Thwack! Plonk. Thwack! The chopping hadn't stopped, and got louder as he made his way to the living room. He could smell fresh coffee with a hint of hazel emanating from the kitchen, and he ambled over to the steaming pot and poured himself a mug. He tipped the mug gingerly toward his lips and savored a scorching sip of rich brew. Jake released a contended sigh and pulled up a HUD to check the time; 9AM floated in glowing red in his field of vision. Usually he would have been roused by the smell of the coffee sitting on his nightstand, and warm lips wrapped around his cock, but he'd given special instructions the night before. Behind his bathrobe, his manhood already pulsed with blood at the prospect. He put down his mug and proceeded outdoors.

He stepped out onto his back porch and breathed in a lungful of crisp mountain air. He could still smell a hint of honeysuckle, and he looked out to take in the view. He could see the jagged horizon filled with the Cascades mountain range, great trees crowding him in from the sides, and a steep slope falling into mist only forty meters away. After he'd bought his artificial girlfriend, Amber, he'd set her to building his cabin up here, since he wouldn't have to worry about the hard work associated with remote living with her around. That experience made him realize that nothing made him hornier than seeing the female form exert itself.

He turned his head to the right, toward the chopping sound, and gazed upon a sight that seized his breath. A girl stood over a chopping block, her feet set shoulder width apart, wearing only rugged brown leather boots to keep her feet clean. Her perfect form glistened in the morning sun, slick with synthetic perspiration. Her ass, healthy and tight, quivered fetchingly with each chop, as she brought the maul down. Thwack! She bent over, revealing an attractive acorn-shaped pussy, seemingly engorged with blood. He could see a fleck of creamy white on her sex, which told him his settings were still in effect. Plonk! Amber set the next piece of wood on the chopping block, and her blond ponytail swung to the middle of her toned back.

He hopped over to her before she could bring the maul down again. Her arms rose over her head, hands gripping a maul that, were she a natural girl, might have been conspicuously too large for her. However, he'd seen her carry several times her weight with ease during the cabin's construction. It would have only taken a month, had he not stopped her for sex so often.

He said, “Freeze!” and Amber froze in her current position. Jake swallowed hard. He would never claim to be an artist, but he'd spent hours sculpting her body and with the AlterNet tools, and the word “thoroughbred” came to his mind. She was a G-5X Personal Companion from CyberNext, a highend model, and now he could see the quality of her technological lineage. He hadn't said “total freeze,” so her chest still rose and fell in time with artificial respiration keyed to the degree of her activity, and she turned her face towards him. The gaze of sunny devotion she gave him almost took his breath away. Her hazel eyes peered at him as though he were the ideal of mankind she'd been made to serve. Which, of course, was true. He reflected that he hadn't gotten tired of her worship, despite the danger of vanity.

“Good morning, Jake!” she said, beaming, “Did you enjoy the coffee?”

“Yes,” he whispered hoarsely, “it's delicious, as usual.”

“I'm so glad,” she said with feeling. She didn't look a day over eighteen, and he could smell the honeysuckle wafting from her nano-fiber pores. For what seemed the millionth time, Jake reflected that CyberNext had outdone themselves. “When I'm done, I can serve you a hot breakfast too! Would you like bacon and eggs again today?”

“I was thinking of something hotter,” said Jake, trailing a finger from her sternum down her taught belly and stopping with his fingers buried between her outer pussy lips. He could feel her engorged clit. He brought up another HUD and flicked over to her settings. Arousal was set to 7 out of 10, but Carnal was only at a 2, which meant she was horny but didn't know why or what to do about it; she understood reproduction, but not that it was connected to her arousal. Modesty was set to 0, which meant she couldn't be embarrassed by anything, at least physically, yet he had gone to a subsetting, Conversation, and set it to 8. This had the effect that if either of them said anything embarrassing it would humiliate her, despite the fact that she didn't take exception to being fondled.

“Oh, Jake,” said Amber, closing her eyes, “why do your fingers feel so good? I don't understand.” Jake moved Carnal to 8, and was rewarded by a lascivious smile spreading across her face.

“Why the smile?”

Her cheeks instantly flushed, and her smile vanished. “It's nothing, Jake,” she said. But he despite her words, he could feel her pseudo-flesh react to his touch, twitching with each stroke, getting warmer, slicker. Jake removed his fingers from her clit, and she opened her eyes wide, a look of loss on her face.

“What's wrong, Amber?” She just looked at him, her red cheeks telling him everything, and then she looked away. “Tell me what you want.” He moved her Arousal to 8. Her eyes bulged, and she let out a little gasp. Her thighs began to tremble slightly. A glob of translucent milky white cream trailed down her crotch. “Tell me.”

Amber whispered something, and her face became even more flushed. “Look at me, Amber,” he said. She snapped her face toward him, the look of devotion still strong, despite her obvious discomfort. A wet lock of hair fell over her brow, and her big eyes searched his, a silent plea for release from his intimate interrogation. “Say it loud and clear. What do you want?”

“Please,” she said, almost whimpering. Then she squeezed her eyes shut and yelled, “I need your cock inside me!”

At this point, Jake's erection felt almost painful, raging against his robes. He removed his fingers from between her legs and stuck them into Amber's mouth. She sucked greedily, her tongue sliding over his knuckles. Jake pulled his fingers away, and a trail of gynoid spittle dripped down Amber's chin. He curled his fingers and jammed them into her sopping pussy. Amber gasped, her eyes widening. She stared into his eyes, then down at the obvious bulge behind his robes. Jake dropped her Carnal down to 4, the equivalent to a virgin. “Which hole was that again?” he said. He slipped another finger into her tight pussy. She squeaked, but clenched down hard on his digits.

“Please, Jake. I said it, okay?”

“Okay,” he said, stepping behind her. He pulled his robe aside and grabbed her quivering hips. Jake spat on her butt crack, said, “Then I guess I'll take you here.” He rubbed the spittle over her asshole.

“No, Jake! That is wrong,” said Amber, a panicky note in her voice. “That place is not for sex...”

Jake pressed himself into her puckered hole, and she whimpered. Because of her low Carnal setting, Amber didn't realize she craved anal penetration. Her anus spasmed around his cock, as he thrust in and out of her. Jake bit down on her neck, sucking away her honeysuckle flavored synthetic sweat. She moaned, and he could see her shoulders tremble, her arms still holding the big maul high above her head. The “freeze” command had locked her joints in place, but her gynoid flesh still quaked at every wave of pleasure his touch sent through her body. He ran his left hand up and down her taut exposed trunk, finishing at her left breast. He pinched an erect nipple, and she gasped again. “Do you want me to stop?” he said in her ear.

“No!” she said, almost screaming into the mountain air. “Please, I never knew how good it could feel … there! Why does it feel so good there?”

“Say it,” he said, “say what I'm doing to you.”

“I cannot,” she said, panting.

“Why not? Don't you like it?” He could see the blush reach her ears, could see adoration and humiliation warring on her face.

“It is dirty, Jake! Why do I have to say it? Just ...”

“Just what?”

Jake brought up the HUD again and switched her Conversation subsetting to zero. In a low moan, she gave him what he asked for. “I just need your cock! Fuck my ass faster! Please, Jake, pound me deeper! I am burning up.” She nearly growled. “If you keep doing that, I am going to come all over your fat dick!”

Jake dialed her Arousal up to 10, and yelled, “Chop!” Amber's body spasmed, the muscles in her toned belly flexed, and her arms swung the maul down toward the wood. When the maul bit into the block of wood, Amber's ass spasmed in climax as well, clinching tightly down on his cock. Her rhythmic squeezing triggered his own orgasm, and he shot his hot load deep into her ass. Amber screamed in ecstasy, her back muscle flexing in time with her contractions, her ribs heaving with every breath.

Jake dialed the HUD's Carnal setting to 0, and Amber stood up, Jake's dick still insider her. Amber left the maul in the chopping block; she was still breathing heavily, and ran her hands down her sides, her face turned up into the sky. She licked her lips, still in the afterglow of orgasm.

“I feel so good! Why do I feel so good, Jake?” she asked him. He pet her bear back, running his fingers through streaks of delicious gynoid sweat, and smiled. Her ass still pulsed around his cock, keeping him hard. “And why is your penis inside of me? Is this a new game? I hope so. I like it when you are close to me.” She beamed at him, said, “I think we have enough wood. Do you want to cuddle in front of the fireplace? That always makes you so happy. I want to make you happy, Jake.”

Jake pulled out of her and closed his robes. He turned her around to face him. “You've just made me very happy, Amber.” Amber beamed at him, the elation on her face warming him almost as much as a fireplace. Jake dialed her Arousal to 5, letting her simmer at the edge of wanting to act on her desire, and brought her Carnal knowledge up to 4 again. He knew everytime he adjusted the settings, another preset altered her short term memory. She'd already forgotten the anal sex, despite being in the afterglow of orgasm, and at a Carnal setting of 4 and below, she couldn't remember ever having had sex at all.

“I am so glad,” she said, hugging him fiercely. A moment later, her hug evolved into a closer embrace. She nuzzled his ear with her lips. “I will take the firewood inside and have a shower. If you are a good boy, I might even kiss you!” He raised her overall Modesty to 4, and she seemed to notice just then that she had no clothes on, although this didn't disturb her too much. She just blushed, pushed herself away from him, and turned to deal with the firewood. When she'd gathered an armful, she stood and smiled at him again. “I do love you, Jake. Did you know that?” He liked the rhetorical question, so she always asked. It had an effect on him, made him glow on the inside. He didn't really know why.

“I know,” he said, smiling at her. She started back toward the house. Jake swatted Amber on her bare ass, as she passed by. She squealed with girlish glee at the intimate contact, turned toward him, backpedaling, and sped up her pace. “You just get that fire started, honey,” said Jake, “and we'll see if we can't do better than a kiss. Alright?” She turned her face away, glancing away to toward the ground, but as she turned back to the cabin the joyous smile on her face never left, nor did the scent of honeysuckle.

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