Chilling With Maggie Again

From FembotWiki

He slowly wakes up with something very soft brushing him while also feeling something very pleasurable and tingly lower down. He hears a familiar whirring sound while he’s still waking up filly. He turns his head to see Maggie looking at him with a smirk, her large furry body pressed against him with her breasts cupping him. He smiles and chuckles a bit towards her, before feeling the sensation again lower down. His face tenses up and he grunts a bit, breathing out hotly as he looks down his body. He sees an aroused Maggie stroking his morning wood. Her movements create a looping whirring sound which satisfies him even more.

“Had a good sleep?” Maggie says with a sensual tone. Before he could even answer, she gives him a kiss on the lips, now taking her hand away from his twitching member and wrapping her arms around him to bring him closer. In the background he begins to hear the soothing and yet sensual sound of a jazz tune. The music gives an added warm and passionate vibe to what was going on. He started to grind up against her naked body. Every subtle movement that Maggie was making gave off a slow drawn out whirring sound as she still wanted to excite him by showing off her robotic nature.

While the two of them were making out, he heard a ruffling of clothes accompanied with heavy footsteps, mixed in with a slight muffled whirring sound. From that, he knew it could be only one other person in the house. He looks over Maggie’s shoulder to see another very large dog girl, though a little shorter than Maggie. She was however a lot more stacked and thicker in frame. The familiar dog girl to him was going through her chores not even noticing the two of them playing together in bed. She finally caught the attention of him and smiled even more so. “Morning dear! Did you have a good sleep?” She said in an adoring manner, seemingly oblivious to the awkwardness of the situation. He then responded, looking visibly confused, “Uhhh. Yeah?” He said awkwardly.

Maggie looked visibly frustrated, as she lowered her head back on the pillow deeper. “Okay moooom, you’re welcome.” Maggie said in an impatient and embarrassed way. The ‘mother’ giggled in return, finding her ‘daughters’ embarrassment cute. “Okay dear. I’ll just get back to working on my chores.” He decided to seize this moment to have some fun with the mother unit as well. “Uhhh. Hey. Don’t worry about that for now Holly. Why don’t you join us?” Holly then paused her motion, before lowering her basket and smiling at him. “Sure! That sounds like fun.” She says, still completely oblivious to how inappropriate it is for the mother/son dynamic to go like this.

“What would you like me to do?” Holly asked while standing straight, mostly motionless as she was waiting for a command. “Well… you can start by taking off all your clothes and sitting yourself up at the end of this bed. And Maggie, you can maybe brush yourself up behind me while I have some fun with Holly~” Maggie was initially a little hesitant, mostly wanting him for herself, but she then chuckled, humoring him for the time being. She then started to get up off the bed, her motors still letting off whirrs as she still has her noise suppressors deactivated. Maggie got up and leaned against the bedroom wall, waiting for her que.

Holly smiled even more upon his request, always happy to do what he wanted her to do and make him happy in return. “I can do that for you dear.” She said in a cutesy and excitable way, but still having that friendly, motherly undertone in her voice. She started to throw over her sweater and lower her pants, leaving only her white panties and bra left which exposed her massive rear and breasts.

He got excited again, looking slightly flustered as he quickly shuffled himself off the bed. While he was doing this, Holly then started to unclasp her bra and take it off as well as slide down her panties, throwing them both off and over her clothes. While she was doing that, he got out of the covers, standing almost fully naked with his boxers slid half way down but his body exposed. He gawked and stared at Holly’s now completely naked body, standing casually in front of both him and her ‘daughter’. Her body was so plump and fluffy, looking really smooth and massive in size without a single imperfection.

She then made her way to the end of the bed, turning herself around and sitting on the end of it. After she sat down, she looked at him walking in front of her. He’d taken off his boxers already and left them on the floor so he too was now fully naked like Maggie. His dick twitched a bit as he got in front of her, enamored by her very busty body and the way she was smiling at him in a friendly, loving way. It was a strange and uncanny look, but one that really worked for him. He soon knelt down so he was level with Holly, with his stiff member in position with Holly’s smooth folds.

Maggie snickered and started to walk sensually behind him, stroking his shoulder as she knelt down behind him, wrapping her arms around him and stroking his chest while her big breasts cushioned him from behind. He looked down to make sure he was in position and then looked up at Holly, who was still smiling at him with a calm demeanor. “I am ready sweetie~” She said cutely, as he then blushed, gradually shuffling himself forward. He then slowly inserted his hard dick into her awaiting folds. While he was inserting himself into her, he let out a staggered moan while Holly let out a giggle and a soothing breath out.

Maggie was pressed against him, continuing to stroke his body up and down. She started kissing his neck while really getting into it. He started to thrust into Holly, getting faster with each thrust. He was feeling incredibly aroused from the scenario he made up for Holly and Maggie to join into. He could hear Maggie’s servos whirring behind him which fuelled his lust even more. Maggie kept her speakers silent so he could enjoy the sounds of Maggie’s very audible whirrs and Holly’s slight whirrs from age.

He continues to thrust into Holly faster and with more intensity as he pants out and grunts heavily. Holly giggles some more and moans more frequently, smiling more. “You’re doing great dear~” She said with her usual soothing tone which sounded a little breathy as she continued to moan. Maggie started to grind on his body from behind, also enjoying the pleasurable moment. She pulled him back towards her a bit, still slightly jealous of having the attention and love diverted to Holly.

Eventually as the intensity grew, he found himself very close to finishing. He let out a few heavy thrusts which made Holly moan even more passionately. He let out a loud moan as he pressed himself into her and orgasmed into her. Maggie pressed herself against him while he unloaded himself into Holly’s folds. He pressed himself into Holly, hugging her while giving her a tired kiss on the lips. She giggled before letting out a sigh of relief, happily kissing him now. “Mmmm good boy~” She said, as she cuddled up close to him.

Maggie started to look more impatient, cuddling and pressing herself close to him and resting her head on his back, trying to get his attention. “Hey, how about we have some fun now~” She said in a lewd manner while brushing his back. The guy groaned, having most of his energy taken from him. “Mmmm. Maybe later… Why don’t you and Holly have some fun while I watch?” He droned out, while humming in pleasure but still feeling tired. Maggie looked half disappointed but she was also willing to do anything for him.

He then shuffled himself off of Holly and then sat on the end of the bed. Maggie took Holly’s hand and directed her in front of him so he could get a good view. Holly giggled and smiled joyfully as she walked with Maggie in a dainty manner. Maggie then started to slowly make out with Holly, not playing any music as she was still letting out audible whirrs. Holly was also letting out whirrs but they were a lot more subdued than Maggie’s which was more down to the fact that Holly was an older model than Maggie.

While they were making out, Maggie let out a mischievous grin because she had another idea in mind. Maggie continued to feel up her “mother’s” body, both of them were moaning and giggling a bit while she was doing so. Suddenly, she took one of Holly’s arms and sharply twisted it out of place while her shoulder’s servo let out a harsh whine and a few clicks as the motor still tried to spin with a looping whirr. Maggie then tore off the arm as the wire snapped off, letting out a few sparks while the motor continued to spin aimlessly. Holly continued to giggle and make out with Maggie, seemingly unaware of her damaged state. Maggie dropped the arm and let it fall onto the floor. The arm twitched and whirred in place aimlessly.

Maggie looked back to him and smiled with a mischievous look to her as with one swift motion, she yanked off the other arm, letting it fall to the carpeted floor. This left behind more sparking wires and another disconnected motor that whirred aimlessly. The other arm also twitched aimlessly. Maggie looked back and then lowered a hand to Holly’s folds, which was still leaking a bit of cum from the owner still sitting on the edge of the bed, having his member twitching at the sight of Holly in a damaged state. Maggie inserted a couple of fingers into Holly’s folds and started to thrust them in, still making out with Holly as Maggie leant towards Holly. Holly then started to lower herself down onto the floor with Maggie leant above, looking down at her armless mother who was still unaware.

Holly twitched a little but she was still fully functional, gazing at Maggie with a blushed expression but still trying to look her usual cute and innocent motherly self. Maggie held her hands on Holly’s knees and slowly started pushing them away from each other, bending Holly’s legs to her side. The motors on her hips started to strain as the two continued to kiss passionately, Holly still not noticing what was going on while her shoulder servos were still sparking out a bit and whirring aimlessly, with the arms still twitching on the floor.

The two moaned out more passionately as her hips were starting to strain more. They then started clicking as the legs were struggling to move further. Maggie applied more pressure which caused more strain to her hip motors. Holly was still unaware and was still moaning out at Maggie. “You are so sweet dear~ I love you.~” Maggie then chuckled and responded in a mischievous way, “Heh… I love you too, mother.” She said, as she slammed her hands down as far low as they could go and suddenly the motors on her hips cracked. A seam became more apparent as sparks shot out from inside of it. It was clear at that point that the motors had broken and the legs were more loose as a result. Holly tried to move her legs to accommodate the moment but they moved in very jittery and stiff motions, barely usable at this rate but regardless, Holly continued to moan out while being completely unaware.

Maggie continued to finish off the job as she pulled the legs back hard, causing them to completely tear off from the hip motors. This left behind a glitching motor and wires frayed out from both hip motors which sparked a little as well. Her legs let out spasmed motions as they fell onto the floor as well. The remaining parts attached to Holly also twitched after this happened, but she continued to function normally. Even though she was now completely immobilized, Holly still continued to kiss Maggie sweetly and try to brush up and down Maggie’s body. Her motors however would just be left whirring aimlessly. “Mmmm. This f-feels really good dear~” Maggie chuckled again, tracing a hand up her body and up to her cheek, “Why don’t I give you a taste of yourself mother~ Heheh.” Maggie said in an alluring tone while reaching another hand to the other side of her head.

Maggie then leant back out of the kiss while staring into her mother’s eyes, grinning mischievously. She then sharply twisted Holly’s head one way, causing the neck motor to let out a hefty crack. This causes Holly’s face to freeze and leave her mouth jittering up and down as most of the wires break inside. Her speech glitches and stutters in place for a moment as Maggie gives her head another sharp tug to the side, this time lifting it up slightly. As Maggie did, he could start to see the seam widening where her head connected to her neck. A few wires broke inside and started sparking as a result.

Holly’s voice went more processed sounding and slightly distorted as she was running her systems through backup resources in her head. “I lo-love you dd-dear~” She said while staring out blankly, her mouth moving up and down but not synched up to her speech. Maggie then yanked her head up, completely breaking her head off from the neck’s servo and snapping the remaining wires, causing a stump of wires to dangle out from below Holly’s head, all sparking out while Holly’s eyelids twitched down and up a bit while power was being diverted.

Holly then became somewhat functional again in just the head. Maggie took her head and placed it just in front of Holly’s own folds. “You should start licking mother~ It’ll be good for you~” Maggie said as she then turned her head to look at him, who was still on the side of the bed, leant forward and enjoying the show, his dick hard and pent up, ready for more.

Holly started licking out with an audible motorized sound, staring vacantly forward while her eyes twitched a bit and flickered while licking out on loop. “This is so much fff-fun de-dear~ We should ddd- do this mo-more often~” Holly said in a processed way while licking her own folds, not stopping or slowing down.

Maggie started walking towards him seductively, “Now that my mother is taken care of. How about we have some more fun~” He looked down at the slightly glitchy mombot who was continuing to mindlessly lick out as well as her still twitching parts which were sparking out from the connectors. It felt strange but in a way he really liked the feeling, as Maggie was getting close to him, sliding herself onto his lap so that his hard dick was standing up and brushing over her folds.

He’d never seen a robot dismantled in front of him, let alone one he found really sexy like Holly, so the feeling was new, but he was continuing to feel more aroused with everything going on. “Hmmm. Never seen your mother broken like this? Well I hope you’re enjoying the view in the background~” She said to him seductively as she shifted up and down, rubbing his hard member with her already lubricated folds which felt incredibly smooth to him. He moaned a bit as he held onto her very big rear.

Maggie shifted herself up more, hovering her folds over his hardened member, both primed and ready. Maggie then slowly lowered herself down, slowly inserting herself into his hard rod. Both of them let out a long and drawn out moan while she was still lowering herself down, eventually making contact with his hips, reaching as far down as she could. Her arms were wrapped over his shoulders, embracing him as she went in for a kiss. The two kissed deeply for a while as Maggie shifted herself slightly up and down with looping whirrs, stroking his member with the inner walls of her socket, one that adapted itself for optimal pleasure. Her vaginal unit then started to vibrate, letting out a buzzing as her socket massaged his hardened member while it was inside.

He broke out of the kiss to catch his breath as both their jaws hung a little lower as they were starting to pant out. Maggie then started thrusting her hips up and down slowly, speeding herself up very gradually as the moans were getting more frequent. The whirring was getting gradually louder as well. In the background Holly’s voice suddenly got very robotic sounding as she let out a status report. “WARNING: CRITICAL DAMAGE. RESERVE BATTERY LEVELS LOW. PLEASE CHARGE.” She said with a mostly monotonous voice as her licking and whirring was starting to slow down slightly.

This made him start thrusting into Maggie as well, keeping in sync with her thrusting as he was letting out grunts and louder moans, using up all of his energy as he was gritting his teeth giving it his all. Maggie leant her head up a bit while her maw hung even lower, sticking a tongue out as she was overwhelmed with sheer pleasure, thrusting into him harder as her motors were letting out more strained whirrs. Her vaginal unit also kept vibrating slightly faster over time, massaging his dick more while it was thrusting into her

Holly let out another status message, this time the tone of her voice was wobbling a bit lower than usual as the whirrs of her licking were continuing to slow down. “RESERVE BATTERY LEVELS CRITICALLY LOW. PLEASSEEE CHARRGGE.” She said with a slightly slower voice around the end.

He continued to thrust harder into Maggie as she did the same. Maggie too was letting out a robotic sounding status report while the fans inside of her were spinning faster. “SYSTEM TEMPERATURE HIGH. CPU USAGE HIGH.” She said while she was still moaning in the background in a slight loop. Maggie’s vaginal unit also started to vibrate as fast as it could, buzzing much louder as she was nearing her limit. Holly’s licking and whirring were crawling to a halt as her batteries were almost completely drained. “RESEERRVE BBATTERRYY LEVVEELLSS CRITTTIICALLY LLOOWW. PPLLEEAASSEE CCCCHHHHAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR—--...” Her voice droned out, getting lower as her speech slowed down, with everything grinding to a halt while the backlight in her eyes was fading out and going darker.

Right as Holly was shutting down completely, he was giving Maggie his all, the two moaning out and panting in unison as the sound of ecstasy and whirrs filled up the room. Eventually he let out a few final, powerful thrusts while letting out an orgasmic scream. He started shooting out cum into Maggie’s folds, filling her socket completely as he then slowed down, groaning out before he then collapsed onto the bed. As he retracted from Maggie, her vaginal unit detached from her hips and was still attached to him, still vibrating as it was connected through a long, thick wire and pump. He was left panting out as he was completely drained of energy. Maggie quickly stopped panting but hummed out as she leant forward and onto him, cuddling him and stroking his body up and down and kissing him on the cheek while her detached vaginal unit continued to massage his member.

The two cuddled close together in bed, Maggie starting to play some atmospheric soundscapes and music while the two relaxed. He then shifted himself slightly so he returned to sucking on Maggie’s breasts, trying to get some form of sustenance. A motorized sound started coming from her breast as milk was dispensing out from her nipple. Holly’s dismantled body was left slumped on the wall and her head was frozen in a mid lick position, everything completely shut down within her. Maggie giggled as she looked over at her mother unit, her detached limbs still twitching and sparking out. “Thankfully mother’s still got her extended warranty.” He stopped sucking, looking down at Holly and back up to Maggie. “You think they’ll cover that amount of damage.” Maggie smiled back at him, stroking his head and ruffling his hair. “They will. I might cut them a deal.~” She said with a wink, as she pulled his head back over her nipple. He smiles and chuckles, going back to sucking on her nipple, leaving only the atmospheric noise and the motorized sound of her dispensing breast milk, as well as the buzzing from her detached and vibrating vaginal module. In the distance there was a slight whirring of Holly’s detached parts as well as occasional sparks.