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Nick hustled through the terminal, dodging people as best he could. Couples reuniting after a business trip, children excitedly talking about their first flight, the occasional captain and crew, all of them were obstacles for Nick to somehow get past. Holly, his wife in tow behind him. Nick was sporting a polo shirt and khaki shorts, Holly a sundress which was rippling and flowing behind her just as her long red hair was.

Their flight left in exactly fifteen minutes, and with security these days that was going to be a close call. They finally made it to the gate with five minutes left and the final passengers of the final boarding party were just shuffling into the tunnel to board flight 182 non-stop from New York.

Nick skidded up to the ticket collector, two boarding passes in hand and with an exasperated breath managed to ask if they're was still time. "yes, of course!" the chipper woman behind the counter said. She looked at the passes and produced a blue nylon bracelet and handed it to Nick, then handed a yellow one to Holly. "Please make sure those stay securely on your wrists before boarding the flight, you will also need them to claim any baggage or other checked items you might be bringing with you." She continued on. Nick nodded and so did Holly and they got into line.

Once they entered the tunnel there was a secondary attendant who was scanning bracelets. Every now and then a passenger would be asked to step aside and sent down a secondary tunnel. When Nick and Holly made it to the attendant she scanned their bracelets and asked Holly to step aside. She of course did as if she had been expecting exactly this. Nick leaned in and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. "See you when we get there!" he called after her as she smoothly walked down the tunnel. She looked over he shoulder and waved.

At the end of the tunnel Holly was greeted by one final attendant. "Miss, would you mind telling me your registration number?" Holly smiled at the not so subtle questions they asked to distinguish sleepers from the rest of the robots who knew what they were. "CU78293375b" she replied and the attendant thanked her and passed her a large plastic bag. "If you would be so kind as to step over here, store your clothing in this bag and prepare yourself for packaging. Thank you." "Of course, thanks!" Holly said cheerfully. "wait, disassembled, what are you talking about?.." The voice came from behind Holly. She turned to see another woman looking around like she was perhaps lost or even sent to the wrong gate.

"oh dear.." Holly muttered, already noticing several other crew members approaching, trying to calm the woman. Holly quickly got out of the way. She moved to the area she was told earlier and started to bend over and lift her dress up over her head, her waist line catching under her breasts and causing them to jiggle as they spilled out of her dress. She slid her panties down her shapely legs and collected them with her dress.

She looked up just in time to see one of the crew members pressing a long tool of some kind into the woman's ear and sliding it inhumanly far into her skull. This caused her face to completely freeze in an expression of shock and anger. Holly couldn't help but smile as her sexual programming started its very first lines of code. She was programmed to not only enjoy being a robot herself, but other robots as well.

By the time Holly had her dress and panties folded neatly and zipped into the plastic bag provided to her the crew at the desk we're already gently removing the woman's still silently screaming head from her shoulders and loading the body onto a rolling cart of some kind. That was going to be one unhappy customer when they had to reactivate her. So much paperwork went in to malfunctioning sleepers that it made every encounter with one a hassle. Holly shrugged once to herself then stood up straight and waited like she was instructed.

Holly stood stock still, not even blinking for upwards of five minutes. All the while she had been sending texts to Nick about the pretty but confused girl from before. He joked that the Pilot had let them know they were just topping off the fuel tanks and that was causing a slight delay. "CU78293375b?" Another flight attendant holding a digital tablet of some kind had stepped up in front of her. "Yes, please, call me Holly...You guys are having enough fun down here already without having to call me by my registration number." The young woman smiled at her and let out a sigh of relief "Yes, we are...and thank you. you register me as a temporary admin to your systems?" Holly immediately scanned the badge on her chest and did indeed register her as an admin. "yes, of course" Holly replied. "good good, let me just.." she muttered as she spun around and dragged a heavy aluminum case packed with foam up next to her. "..ok there, sheesh these are heavy...alright lets get started shall we?" . The girl put both hands on Holly's left arm and moved it so it was at a 90 degree angle to her body. She pressed into Holly's shoulder and felt the catch release at the same moment that she heard a gentle hiss of Holly's arm depressurizing itself. She pulled Holly's arm away from the shoulder joint and placed it into the foam filled box. She repeated the process for Holly's other arm. "Alright, uh, Holly...go ahead and have a seat." The woman motioned to a bench nearby. Holly dutifully walked to the bench, armless, with a few connecting wires dangling from her shoulders.

The woman dragged the aluminum box along with her before kneeling down in front of Holly, she lifted Holly's left leg and running her hand up Holly's inner thigh for a moment, feeling for the catch to release her leg. "I can never find these damned release points on your model.." she stopped long enough to place both hands on Holly's knees and spread her legs wide. The girls face turned a little pink at the sight of Holly's perfectly built sex but she refocused and went back to work finding the catch. Finally she released Holly's leg and set it in the box. She did the same to Holly's right leg, but now much more quickly.

She placed a hand on the back of Holly's head and began to slowly guide her to lie down on the bench. "you'll probably want to shut down for this part." the woman said looking into Holly's eyes. "Do I have to? I think it's fun..I'll shut down once I'm all packed up." Holly pleaded. "erm..uh let me just check something.." the woman pulled out her tablet and frantically searched for something. after a solid thirty seconds she shrugged and put the tablet back into a pouch on her hip. "nothing in here saying that you can't..alright, off we go then!"

Another attendant came up behind her just before she was about to finish her last job of the day. "Val, you almost done over here? The plane is waiting and we still need to board." "yeah, two more minutes here." Val replied. "ok, get on with it then."

Val reached down and pressed into Holly's collar bone on both sides of her neck and heard the tell tale release as Holly's head came off in her hands. Val noticed that Holly had closed her eyes and was smiling in delight. Val Set Holly's head gently into the foam in the crate and finally stood up and hefted her limbless torso into the box as well. Holly looked up just in time to see Val's face freeze in a cross between utter shock and cold realization as the attendant behind her slid a long thin rod into her ear and into her skull. Holly shut down her remaining systems with the lingering sight of Val's head being lifted from her shoulders, still surprised that she too was just as much a machine as Holly was...

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