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Written by Mirage


"Is she alive?"

"Well, if your idea of being alive is being self-aware, yes, she is."

Within seconds, she opened her eyes. Seeing for the first time through her optic sensors, she saw her creators. Standing beside the table that she was lying on, was an old man with thick glasses and a nice looking young man in his 20's.

The old man, with a pleasant smile asked "Well, how do you feel?"

She noticed that her main panel in her stomach was open, with many cables going out from it, attached to different machines.

"I am functioning at 73% efficiency,"

"Well, we are still not quite finished with you yet" said, the young man.

She looked at him and smiled.

He smiled back and reach inside her stomach to touch some of her circuits.

She gasped in delight, feeling his hand inside her torso and blushed a bit.

The old man, realizing that she was enjoying the touch, looked at his assistant and said "I will leave you two alone, I have a few things to do."

The young man nodded and turned his attention back to the female robot.

She had beautiful long brown hair, deep green eyes, a cute little nose and a very luscious body. He had designed her structural mainframe and was proud of it. He had given her very firm big breasts with small round nipples and her pussy was in the shape of a long furry tail.

He slowly put his left hand on one of her breasts and she sighed a bit. Squeezing the round nipple, it became erect. He remembered in her construction, he installed small motors in her breasts to make her nipples erect. He laughed a bit to himself and stopped his teasing.

"What is your name?" She asked.

"My name? Pat."

She smiled "Nice to meet you, Pat. What is my name?"

"Err... how about Rachel?" She smiled and agreed to it.

"I must disconnect a few output lines inside you, ok?" said Pat while reaching deeper inside her.

She closed her eyes and felt a small surge inside her from the cable being disconnected. Pat then pressed a button in her stomach and a new panel opened just below her neck. The panel, opened softly. She opened her eyes wide because she realized that panel accessed her main processor and matrix.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"Well, you are still in need of work, I need to input more data in your computer matrix."

She slowly closed her eyes and felt Pat pressing a button, and attaching a cable to her processor.

"I must deactivate you now, but I promise, you will be turned on as soon as possible", Pat said while studying her facial gestures.

"I understand, please proceed." she said, in a monotone voice. Then Rachel felt her off-button being pressed and then everything became black for a second.

Rachel opened her eyes, staring at the ceiling. "For how long was I shut down?" she asked in surprise.

"For 3 hours, it took longer that I hoped, sorry for the wait" answered Pat.

"3 hours? It fells I was off-line for just a second!" She said, confused a bit.

"Can you sit up now?" asked Pat looking at her.

She rose her back until she was in a seating position.

"I finally finished aligning all your motor coordinators with your CPU." smiled Pat.

Rachel, looked down and moved her neck to examine her body for the first time. "Sheesh! Why are my breasts so big???" she said, in surprise.

Pat, walked closely to her and touch one of them. She sighed with more pleasure than before. Pat’s fingers rubbed her nipple in a circle and then looked at her directly in her eyes.

"I gave you a body that I think would make me very err... satisfied," She looked at him, understanding what he meant.

"Why was I created?" she asked nervously.

"To be my mate, of course." said Pat, with a small smile on his lips.

"Your mate... but... I am a robot," she said, looking at the floor.

"I know, I created you to be my perfect mate. Why, don't you like me?" Asked Pat.

"Yes.... I do but," She said with hesitation.

"Please sit straight" asked Pat.

She moved her back, exposing her chest to the fullest, sitting straight as a board.

He bent down and put his face closely to her open torso and stared for a while, "Ah, I see the problem!"

She looked at Pat, getting a tool from his pocket and inserting it in her stomach. She then felt a rush of data entering her matrix.

"What have you done to me?" Rachel, asked in delight.

"I've activated my new personalized circuit, it's a prototype. It's supposed to make you more... err affectionate," said Pat.

"I don't know what to say, I feel so strange, so happy... in love with you!" Rachel said, giving a hug to Pat.

Pat smiled and hugged back. While hugging her, he reach inside her stomach and pressed her off button. Rachel, suddenly just went limp and her eyes became all dark, with no emotions.

"So, how is your new companion doing?" asked old Professor Max.

Pat turned around and smiled, "My new circuit seems to be working... More tests are needed, but it looks promising".

Laying on the table, eyes wide open, Rachel was emotionless, saying computer readouts and binary codes out loud.

"She almost finished her data transfer" Pat said, excited.

"Good, the sooner the better... you know, we must not get caught doing this or it would mean big trouble for us." Max said, studying Rachel's body.

"You gave a err... nice body to her...quite chesty. If you know what I mean!" Laughed the old man.

Pat, blushing, reached inside Rachel's stomach and press a few buttons in her panel.

"There, completed, now to disconnect her from the institute com and get her fully dressed," Pat said, while unplugging the last of the cables to the coms from Rachel's circuits.

Rachel's eyes became alive again, in an instant and she sat up straight in a jerk, "What happened!!!!!!"

Surprised by her quick movement, Pat stepped back and looked at her and said "I simply switched you off again to do the final transfer of data to your matrix...! No need to worry... "

Rachel looked around the room quickly... "Where are we and who are you?" She asked the old Prof.

"We are at the science institute and I am professor Maxillium, call me Max for short... and I am the one who showed Pat how to create you..."

"So... you are like my grandfather and Pat my father???" asked Rachel, looking at the computers surrounding her.

"No, no. Don't see me as your father! You are to be my mate!" Pat explained loudly Pat.

Chuckling, Max walked up to Rachel and reached inside her stomach. By pressing a few buttons, Rachel felt a few programs booting up inside her CPU. Max then asked Rachel to lay on her back on the table. Rachel acknowledge and lay down. Pat, after giving a quick glance to Max, looked at Rachel's face. Both of them smiled as their eyes meet.

"I need to make a few final adjustment to you, Rachel.... but don't worry, I don't need to deactivate you for them." Max said, reaching for his glasses.

Rachel closed her eyes and felt some of her components being removed from her thorax.... She then felt a surge going through her matrix... Her new memories were being erased! She tried to open her eyes and screamed but it was too late... she just saw black.... and then nothing...

"Pat!!!!!!! Wait up for me!!!!!!!!" Screamed Rachel, running behind him.

"Quicker!!!! Rachel, they are right behind us!!!!!" Pat screamed back at her.

Both ran in the street, trying to blend into the crowd. Pat took Rachel by the hand and they slipped in a dark alley. Quickly, Pat looked around the corner to see if they did actually lost their pursuer.

"Pat... why are they after us...?? Who are they?? I didn't see any of them" sobbed Rachel softly, exhausted.

Pat just gave her a sad look and asked "t".

She sat down and look at him and gave a nod.

"I'm ok... but so tired of running..." Rachel said in distressed. Pat sat beside her and hugged her...

"Sorry, this is all my fault... Rachel...." Pat said, looking at her. "Are you glad to be ... alive?" asked Pat to her. Confused about the question, she said of course...

After a few minutes, she slowly rose to her feet and took a few steps and then plunged to the ground falling like a marionette that just got her strings cut. Pat, who was still sitting, got up quickly and went to her. Lifting her in his arms, he looked at her opened vacant eyes. He walked at the end of the alley and put her softly on the ground.

After slowly opening her blouse, he then reached behind her ear and press a small concealed button. A small click came from her stomach and a panel opened just below her breasts. He looked at her in her eyes more... So beautiful... but so empty right now. Her mouth was left opened, giving her a lost facial expression. He lowered his head, looking at her opened stomach.

He noticed at first glanced that many of her systems were shut down. He looked at her small monitor inside her and came quickly to the conclusion that she over-heated from all the running they did. He pressed a few buttons to check if she did have any damage to her systems. Pat smiled at the damage report.

She only auto-switched off to prevent any damage. Pat then closed her stomach panel and buttoned up her blouse she wore. He did quickly squeeze one of her breasts for small pleasure. He was glad he programmed her to never wear bras. It felt so nice and hot. Her nipples always perky and perfectly round. Pat's mind started to wander before he could refocus on what he needed to do.

Shaking his head, he stopped groping her chest. He moved his hand through her hair to find a small bump behind her cranium. Pressing it, her head suddenly opened at the seam of her face and neck. Revealing her true nature from within, circuits and cables were all mixed together blinking like a Christmas tree.

Pat took out from his pocket a small tool and inserted it inside her head. Making a few adjustments, Rachel's body twitched jerkily from Pat's tinkering. A small beep came out from one circuit and Pat pressed a small button inside one of the delicate circuits. Closing the face panel very softly, Pat smiled as he then reactivated Rachel by pressing another small bump behind her left ear.

Rachel's eyes lit up and her mouth became a smile. Rachel's eyes made contact directly with Pat and she moved closely to him and kissed him softly on the lips.

"I love you so much," She said softly to him.

Pat smiled and said the same to her.

They both got up and started to walk down the alley where they had hided. Looking around the corner, he saw nothing that was a threat to them. Holding hands, they mixed in quickly in the crowd. Luckily for them, the time of day was when downtown was at its busiest.

"Where should we go to?" asked Rachel.

"To Professor Maxilluim... I am sure he can help us." said Pat.

An hour later, sitting on a bus heading to the laboratory to his mentor, Pat was remembering this horrible day with exacts details. Beside him was Rachel, offline, eyes closed with a small smile on her lips.

He had deactivated her to conserve her energy. By pressing a small button behind her ear, she could be rendered totally lifeless. A simple machine without any will of its own, a statue, a mannequin. Pat did find it a bit cruel on his part, but he had no choice. He didn't know when he could have time to recharge her battery the next time when needed.

So, softly, when she was looking outside the window, he moved his left arm around her shoulders, feeling his fingers through her hair, he found the concealed button concealed and pressed it. Rachel's eyes became dark and lifeless, until her eyelids closes and covered them.

"Wake up, Rachel, we are arriving to the institute." said Pat, right after he reactivated her.

She opened her eyes slowly and smiled "I had another nap, I guess?" Pat smiled and hugged her strongly and said nothing.

They both got out of the bus and walked slowly near the institute. Many guards were surrounding it.

"Shit... we must try to pass them in silence, follow me" whispered Pat to Rachel.

After waiting for the right moment, they both ran quickly behind a wall and climbed it without any problems. Inside, they walked in a hurry but cautiously, trying to reach Professor Max's laboratory. Unlocking the door with his key, Pat hurried inside with Rachel.

"Pat, Rachel! You both made it!" said old Prof Max excited.

"What is happening?? Why are they after us??? Who are they???" asked quickly Pat.

"Don't worry, you are safe here, Pat, Rachel... I am glad you are both here, I must show you something I built this morning!" Reaching in his pocket, Maxillium pulled out a strange looking device.

"What is that??" asked Pat.

"Oh, you will see in a second, Pat" said Max, while pressing a few buttons and aiming the device at Pat.

A red beam came out of the device and hitting Pat in the stomach. Pat just looked confused at Max and then slumped to the floor. Rachel started screaming but was quieted quickly when the beam hit her next.

Pat woke up, confused and then realized he could not move anything but his neck. He was strapped to a table that was uplifted in a 90 degree angle. He looked down at his own body and saw in horror why he could not move at all. His thorax was opened, cables and wires, all sticking out from his body. His main access panel was opened and he had been gutted. Many of his components had been removed, rendering him almost non-functional.

"Pat, I had to reactivate you to explain why I am doing this to you, for just the irony is too great for me to keep it bottled inside me without bragging about it to anyone!" said Max who was sitting beside the computers.

Pat then saw Rachel was lying on a table too, naked, with her main panels opened. She was deactivated, lying there like a statue, dormant.

"Let her go!!" screamed Pat.

"Pat, please stop screaming! Please!!!!!!!!" laughed Max, who then punch a few keys on the com which turned off Pat's vocal circuits.

"I created you, Pat, you are my puppet... I can do anything to you, and now, to Rachel!" said Max, walking to Rachel and started to touch her breasts with his left hand.

"She is beautiful. You did a great job, creating her for me, Pat." Max said while continuing sexually feeling naked Rachel's body.

"So, how did you like my virus I activated inside your main processor, this morning, Pat? Giving you the android version of being major paranoid, thinking people following you all the time. Out to get you!" Laughed Max.

He then plugged a large cable inside Rachel's thorax, which was also connected to his computer. He then sat down and start typing quickly.

"Let's see... I think she needs to be reprogrammed a bit, don't you think, Pat? Ok, just to give you a good time, I'll reactivate her, just for you, Pat" Max said with a laugh.

"What.. What is happening to me?" asked Rachel, very confused by what she was feeling. She could feel that her stomach was open and cables were inserted inside her.

"Don't worry, my dear Rachel, Pat didn't want you to know that you are an android, just like him. I created him last year to be my assistant and while building him, I programmed him to create you. Why, you must ask yourself...Simple, when a human creates an android, he is forced to install special circuits and programs in the android. It's the law. But if an android is created by another android, the specs will be more advanced and without these special circuits that confines it to human rules. It's still illegal, but now, if I get caught, I can use Pat as a scapegoat and blame him for not installing the special circuits inside you. You must wonder what are these special programs are... simple, it controls androids violence potentials. Now, you don't have any limit when it comes to your self-control. That is why I will program you to be an assassin android and my own personal bodyguard and of course, my sex slave. Very illegal, but very profitable..." said Max, typing on the computer.

"Pat, please don't feel bad, you were only blindly following my programs and now, I must completely erase your memories about Rachel. Mmm but first, Rachel." Rachel eyes glimmered at Pat, who could do nothing but watch her get reprogrammed in front of him. Max walked to Rachel and starred at her eyes.

"Please, don't worry, you will better soon," said Max, starting to insert a cable to her main matrix circuit. Max started the program to reprogram Rachel and smiled. Rachel could feel the data from her circuits being erased or rewritten.

"I am Rachel...I love Pat.. I am Racjjj... I erjmkk... I s.fd.....df.... .." she said out loud until no more noise could be heard from her apart from a small humming from her opened thorax.

Her eyes looked straight at the wall, with no more emotions. Max then removed a few circuits from her main processor and replaced them with new ones. Her body twitched jerkily from the circuits being removed and placed. Max then pressed a few buttons in the main panel and rebooted her system.

"Rachel... Rachel, wake up," whispered Max to her. She blinked her eyes and sat up.

"Max, my love! I missed you while I was deactivated!" she said while hugging her.

"My baby, could you do me a favor?" asked Max with goo-goo eyes to her.

"Of course, my master!" she said while kissing him hard.

"Can you erase Pat's programs and dismantle him? I won't be needing him anymore"

"Anything you want, my master!" said Rachel. She got up and walked to Pat and looked at him.

"Bye-bye Pat!" was the last word Pat he heard before having his artificial life terminated for good.

The end.

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