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The story begins... If you are reading this right now I am most likely dead. Why? Well because it is supposed to be attached to my will. This is the account of the strange and crazy event which happened to me in the year of 1976, in Arcadia, Ohio. At this time I was 35 years old and was teaching Astronomey at Arcadia University. There was one very strange student enrolled in the school and in my class. Her name was Megan Smith, an ordinary name for an extrodinary "person." What was so strange about her was that she was 25. Now Arcadia Univeristy wasn't exactly famous for producing straight A students if you know what I mean. Megan ALWAYS had straight A's. Not only that they perfect A's, 100%'s in every single class she had. Another thing, she was an attative girl, with blond hair, fair skin, and dark blue eyes but never ever socialized with anyone. Infact she would ignore people sometimes.

If your reading this your (hopefully!) related to me but, if somebody happens to stumble upon this years later I guess I could tell you my name, it is Ivan Blue, or Professer Blue in this account. Ok now that I've explained everything I will start my tale....

Act 1 1/2

The story REALLY begins... I remember it was in Feburary, the Friday before the Martin Luthor weekend. All of my students were looking forward for class to be over so they could go home and enjoy their extra long weekend. However before my class started Megan asked to speak with after class. I was curious why she wanted to talk. It couldn't possible be about her grades, there literally perfect!

So after class I asked Megan why she wanted to talk. This what I remember her saying, "Professer Blue, are you aware of the Planet called Ceres?" I replied, "Aw, Ceres the largest object in the asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter. Yes Megan I know of it." Megan then said, "Well, your not going to beleive this but...Professer Blue, I am from there." I remember looking at her straight in the eye and an akward silence was present. I then suddenly burst out laughing and said, "Oh Megan thanks for that. I needed a good joke after such a stressful week. Who put you up to this?" "No one put me up to this Professer, I'm being honest here, I am really from the planet the people on earth call Ceres!" answered Megan. I then remember saying, "Listen Megan go home and relax over your three day weekend. I'm going to go do the same right now. I'll see you on Tuesday."

Megan replied almost irratedly, "Alirght fine. I'll show you." I turned around to look at her and to my shock she raised her hands up to her face and removed her face! I dropped my books and all my papers went everywhere all over the floor. I said, "Wha-What are you?!?" Megan replied while she was putting her face back on, "I am a robot built on the planet the people on Earth call Ceres." Still in shock and amazement, I asked, "So...does that mean aliens are real?" "No. Aliens are not real as far as my people know. My people are Atlantiens. They set off from this planet long ago to colonize somewhere else. The orginal group of people who left this planet were all scientists." Megan answered

I remember saying this rather humorous misunderstanding next, "Wow. So do you mean to tell me that a super secret group of scientists from Atlanta left Earth and are now building robots that resemble 25 year old women and then sending those robots back to earth?" Megan replied, "Not Atlanta, Atlantis. Those scientists left when the original Atlantis sank. The Planet "Ceres" is known as New Atlantis by its inhabitants." I laughed kind of nervously as I said, "Oh! hahaha...well ummm...why are you here and why did you tell me all that?"

Megan responed, "I was programmed to make the earth people believe that was from earth and human. Then I was programmed to have you come with me back to New Atlantis." "Well, I'd love to go to Ceres, but, the only problem is I'd be long dead by the time we got there." , I said. Megan then said, "On EARTH'S technology you'd be dead but not on New Atlantis's technology. Look Professer Blue please meet me tomorrow at 3:30 in the morning by the west campus, outside. You'll be going on a three-day trip so please bag what you need." Megan then quickly exited the room before I could say anything.

I thought to myself,....well I guess I'm going to Ceres or New Atlantis..I then laughed out loud as I picked up my papers from the floor and headed home for the night.

Act 2

I remember eating a sandwhich when I got home, and nearly choking on it because I was so busy thinking about tomorrow. I didn't get much sleep that night, I'd guess maybe only about two hours worth. I had my alarm set for 3:00 so when it went off I got up, got dressed, put my coat on, and drove down to the university.

When I got at the west wing like Megan had said to meet I saw her there, just standing out in the middle of the field with her hair moving in the wind. I approached her and said, "So uh, how are we supposed to get there?" "The spaceship from New Atlantis they gave me to use will beam us up." answered Megan I then said, "I hope you don't mind me asking Megan, but, who's "they"?" "They" are the rulers of New Atlantis. They wanted to ask a real person from earth who actually lives on earth some questions about it. That's why your coming with me." replied Megan.

Then I remember a bright, swirling blue light all around me. It felt as though something was pull on my shoulders and pushing my feet off the ground. I looked at Megan she looked indifferent but when she saw me she said soothingly, "relax." I then remember feeling a solid surface under my feet and I looked around, it was amazing. Lights, gizmos, and things so strange and fantastic I can't even describe them, were all around me.

Megan then said in a pleasant voice, "Professer, I'd like for you to meet the others on this trip. This is Bill Manning, a human like you." Bill looked as astonished as I did as he slightly waved. I waved back. Megan countinued, "This is Feena, the fembot pilot." the woman who was Feena turned around in her big chair to face me and bill and then said, "Hello, Ivan. Nice to me-meet you." Megan whispered into my ear, "She's only programmed to pilot this ship so she's not very smart in other areas." Megan then said to both Bill and I, "Well all leave you two alone we will be landing on New Atlantis within the hour. Prepare for take off please."

Now when the ship went into some ludcrisly high speed at first I felt like throwing up but then it just went away. It felt like I was moving along in some minivan on a dirt road. I jumped a little when Bill, who was sitting across from me, asked, "So how'd you end up on this thing, man?" I resonded, "Well for the last month or so I thought that Megan was one of my students, you see, I teach astrology at Arcadia University." "That's a crazy story man, I thought this woman I met at a bar was hot so I hooked up with her then she turn's out to be a fembot!" , bill said. I said, "Is that woman that Feena driving this ship?" Bill answered, "No. In fact I haven't seen her since I got on here."

A short while later, a VERY good looking woman came strolling into the room me and Bill were in. She had vibrent red hair, and she didn't wear much either. She said,"Oh hi Bill sorry I took so long." "Where were you Tina? I was worried." bill said. bill countined, looking at me now, "Oh Ivan this is the woman I was telling you about."

Act 3

I was still in awe of Tina's beauty when megan came into the room and said, "We're about to land on New Atlantis now so please prepare for landing." We landed very gently, I remember not knowing we had actually landed when we did. Tina, the beautiful red-head lead Bill out of the room. Megan instucted me to follow her to the outside of the ship. Now, when I stepped out, it was bright. It took me around a minute or so to get used to the light. Then I saw my first look at New Atlantis, there were huge grayish cone with strange shining blue writing on them, cyborgs were everywhere, it is an image I shall always remember.

Then an old man walked up to me and megan, he was tall almost 7 ft, with gray curly hair and a beard to match. the man said to me, "Greetings Professer Blue, or, should I call you Ivan? Well anyway, I, Hamuel, am the king of New Atlantis. Megan may have told you that you are going to be tested. I assure you it will not be painful at all, you might even find the later part of the test enjoyable" Hamuel then chuckled after he said that. I remember Hamuel pointing out all of the buildings and places on New atlantis, but I, being a Professer of Astronoly, found myself looking at the incredible skyline. It had hundreds of astroids and Jupiter looked HUGE from New Atlantis. Hamuel, after a while of walking, said, "Well Ivan this were the first part of the test is. It is a fill in the blank/multiple choice test about general questions about Earth.

I was seated at a marvelous table that looked transparent and had the same shining blue writing on it. Bill was sitting at a table a few feet away from so I waved and he waved back. Then Hamuel said, "The test will start soon but before it does Astra here, will explain the test more throughly." Astra walked into the room she another flawless, beautiful "woman" I remember her jet black hair, her bright blue eyes, and her oddly pale skin. Astra said in a voice that grapped my attention, "Now you see gentlemen this test is not to make you think it's to relax your brain. The questions are very easy for Earthlings, we think." Astra passed out two somewhat large question books to me and Bill. When she passed one out to me she smiled and whispered into my ear, "I think I'll be seeing you on the second part of the test too." I wondered what that meant before I started my test.

The test's first set of questions was under the Bill was still working on it Hamuel looked up and motioned for me to follow him out of the room. I looked back and saw Astra collecting my book and smiling at me. Hamuel said to in the other room, "Ok Ivan, now it's time for the other part of your test, well, it's more of a....sample collecting of sorts." I know I must of looked confused when I said, rather loud, "What?!?" Hamuel then said to me, "Ok I'll just be honest with you, we need a sperm sample and what's a better way to that than to use one of our robots eh?" "But why?" I said quickly. Hamuel responed, "Well we want to know if earthling sperm is different from New Atlantien sperm."

Hameul countined,"Now Bill will use Tina of course but Megan is one of your students and she doesn't have any sex features anyway so...that only leaves....' "me", Astra cut-in. "Ivan please follow me to the collecting chamber so we can perform the second part of your test."

Act 4

Ok so this part of my recalling of my adventure you might find....nasty...but keep reading if you want the WHOLE story...So, I remember following Astra, I couldn't help but look at her butt, Astra was dressed in skin-tight light blue clothing of some sort. She opened a door to room and I followed. The room had white walls, white ceiling, and a white floor, it was very mind-boggling. I noticed the slam shut and lock behind me, I turned around to see Astra, with a mishievous grin on her face. Without warning her skin tight blue clothes turned into a blue robe. Astra then said, "Now Ivan, I can collect the smaple in my butt, in my mouth or in my vagina. Where would you like to deposit your sample, hmm?" Before I could say anything she let her robe down, exposing herself.

I still couldn't talk when Astra asked if I wanted her to pick where I was going to "deposit my sample" so I simply nodded. Astra then said rather happily, "Oh goodie, let's see....I think vaginal would feel wonderful...Let's start." So as soon as she said that she lunged on top of me, unzipped my pants and we did it, it's as plain and simple as that. As soon as I had "deposited my sample" Astra thanked me, got dressed and led me out of the room. Astra told me we were in a waiting room. I guessed we were waiting on Hamuel because Bill and Tina were sitting across from me basicly eating each other's faces.

Hamuel then came in, along with Megan, and said, "Thank you very much gentlemen. Your test results will prove to be very useful, I'm sure. As a reward you both get to KEEP the fembots you just "deposited your samples in". Bill, Ivan, please proceed to the ship while we extract your samples." My head was still to busy with the experiance I had with Astra that I forgot about Megan. 25 minutes or so later Astra and Tina got on-board and the ship took off. I spent half the time talking to Astra and the other half gazing off at Mars and wondering what ever happened to Megan.

Two days after I got back on earth, it must've been a Wednesday evening I belive, my doorbell rang, it was Megan! I hadn't seen her since monday on New Atlantis. She smiled and said, "Hey proffeser. Just wanted to let you know I'll be in school again, but, after I graduate, The New Atlantiens are going to install sexual features in me and reprogram me to be a domestic-private use robot. They say I'll get to pick who is my owner, and, your on the top of my list." She then kissed me and ran away into the evening. I heard Astra say behind me, "So are ready for another "sample desposit" session?" I turned on saw her streched out on my couch, naked, smiling at me. I remember thinking to myself, "I am one lucky man."

P.S. This is still Ivan Blue and I wrote this part of the document 30 some years later. Now, if your name is Tray or Ann (my son and daughter, your probabley wondering what ever happened to these two "women" and were does Marcia (my wife) fit into all of this? Well after about a year or two, Astra shut down I couldn't get her to come back on. Megan told me her power crystel needed recharged but you can only do that on New Atlantis. Then 4 years after that, Megan shut down. I buried them somewhere. Where they lie is a secret I intend to take with me to the grave. If you do stumble upon them, please just let them lie in peace. Then of course I went into spiraling depression, due to lonelness and that's how I met my wife Marcia, the theripist. I hope you believe all the robot stuff because it really did happen.

Yours, Ivan Blue


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