Cat Out of the Bag

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Written by Mirage

Cat out of the bag!

Part 1

"And then, Richard said to Linda, do the reports by Friday! Is he CRAZY?" Rachel told me.

"Mmm... must be, to work there." I responded, trying to pay attention to Rachel's ramblings of her work day, as I tried to also watch the game at the same time, in bed.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I am seeing Doctor Strunt, tomorrow, at 4pm." she mentioned quickly, playing with the top of my hair, as I tried to see the TV on the dresser, from the bed.

"Again?" I asked her.

"How long we have been together? You know I need to see him every three months!" she replied, annoyed, as she needed to remind me of her "illness"

"Sorry, I forgot." I smiled back.

"No! I forget! I am the one with the memory problem! Not you!" she laughed out loud.

"I forgot that you forget!" I joked back.

"You! How dare you make fun of my memory! It's not my fault my short term memory doesn't last much! That is why I've been seeing Doctor Strung forever! His was the first face I can remember since my accident, many years ago. He's been treating me since." Rachel mumbled out.

I grabbed Rachel by the waist and rolled on top of her, trapping her arms under my legs, so she could not move.

"HEY! Let me go!!!!" She laughed out more.

I started kissing her, and slowly going down her neck and then to her breasts. "Mmmm....don’t stop. Silly boy." she growled out.

I then licked her nipples until they were hard, and then went licking under her breasts. She panted, as she was getting very excited, as me. I rolled my tongue down her stomach, to her belly button.

"No! NO! Stop! I am very ticklish there!!! STOP! STTTOOPPP!" She screamed out, trying to wrestle her arms out under me, trying to stop me from kissing and putting my tongue in her navel. "STOOOOPPP!!” tears, coming out of her eyes, laughing at the same time.

With my tongue swirling in her navel, the end of my tongue felt a bump, and I pressed on it with the tip. As Rachel was gasping, still struggling to get free, I opened my eyes, as I heard a strange electronic noise coming from her stomach.

"What's wrong?" Rachel asked, seeing that I pulled my face out of her stomach and I was looking at something very wrong.

"Rachel...” I only mumbled out, as I watched her stomach slowly open up, like an elevator door opening, gears moving, revealing a computer system inside her thorax.

"Jim?? What is going on?? WHAT IS THIS???? WHAT IS THIS???!!!!" Rachel yelled out, as she also saw from her perspective, her stomach, now fully open, exposing circuits and machinery inside of her.

I remained quiet, simply frozen, staring at her innards.

"JIM! JIM! OH MY GOD!!! AM I ROBOT???! I AM NOT A ROBOT!!! WHAT IS GOING ON?????" Rachel continued yelling, panic in her voice.

She then jumped out of the bed, almost kicking me out of the bed in the process, and ran to the huge mirror attached to her dresser and she just stared at her open stomach.

"Rachel? What are you?" I asked her, as I came from behind her.

"I AM NOT A ROBOT!! I AM HUMAN!! MY NAME IS RACHEL LISGAR, BORN 23 YEARS AGO! MY PARENTS DIED IN A CAR CRASH SEVEN YEARS AGO! I AM ENGAGED TO JIM FERGUSON!! I’VE WORKED AT TELETRONIC FOR THE LAST SEVEN YEARS!! I AM HUMAN!! NOT A ROBOT!! nOT a roobboottt... nooott a r..o..b.o..t.t..t... gggggrgrgrr..g.r..r...r." she yelled out, until she froze up, her eyes wide open, staring at herself in the mirror, not moving.

I studied her from her reflection "Rachel?" I simply said, knowing she was a robot now.

Obviously, her systems crashed. I guess it was too hard for her to take. I sat beside her, and turned her to face me. Her eyes were wide open, staring into nothing, her mouth also wide open. I grabbed her and to my surprise, she was not frozen like a statue, and I was able to move her, and lay her in the bed, naked as she was.

I looked inside her open stomach and studied her computer system and circuits. There was a small LED screen blinking various error messages. Luckily, I am knowledgeable with machines and knew a simple reboot would likely fix her up.

Beside the small screen, a red button was flashing, as I am sure this was her "OFF" button. I pressed the button and Rachel suddenly closed her eyes and mouth and went completely limp, as though she had fallen into a deep sleep.

I took a deep breath and sat quietly on the bed, beside a naked deactivated female android, trying to understand the scope of the situation. My fiancé, of three years, was a robot. By her reaction, I am quite sure she was also unaware of her true nature.

"No wonder you never wanted kids!" I laughed out to her, "You are a robot!" I shook my head, mixed feelings taking over my heart, tears filling my eyes. "Rachel.. a robot... my love.. a fucking robot.." words came from my lips. "WE WERE TO GET MARRIED IN A MONTH!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!" I screamed at her.

Rachel remained motionless, still deactivated. I crawled besides her, cradling her beautiful face in my left hand.

"You look like you are sleeping..." I said to her, a small bitter smile, formed on my lips. I kissed her on the lips deep, feeling her tongue in her mouth, with mine. "I should not be angry with you... You didn't know...I am so sorry." I whispered to her, hugging her limp body in my arms.

Part 2

I studied Rachel's body slowly, as she lied deactivated, as she would never let me do this when she was awake, as she's always been somewhat shy about her body. As a robotic copy of the human female, she was almost perfect: double D breasts, shaved pussy, and almost zero marks on her.

I always thought she simply took good care of herself, as a woman. Now I realized, as a robot, she would never age or change physically. I opened her eyes with my fingers, studying her eyes; so real. I looked inside her mouth and inserted my fingers to feel around. I realized her throat does stop behind her tongue and doesn't go deeper. Rachel does eat and go into the washroom, eat and shit, like me... How? Where does the food go? I looked more closely inside her mouth and saw a small hole, like a miniature vacuum where the throat finished. I guess the food gets vacuumed into a storage bag inside her body and dumps it in the toilet, after being refined into a mush somehow. She always complained about having lots of diarrhea, now, I know why.

I then went down, to her pussy. I spread open her pussy lips, and labia. It looked real, but always tasted and smelled sweet, compared to the fishy taste of ex-girlfriends I had. I inserted my fingers inside her pussy for more exploring, as she suddenly squeezed my fingers tight, as I touched her G spot. A warm liquid came out, feeling out her vagina.

"Mmm, even deactivated, you become wet! Okay, you asked for it!" I snickered.

I got on top of her and inserted myself inside her pussy deep. I studied her open blank eyes, as I pumped myself inside her. No reaction. I then looked inside her open stomach and saw the red blinking button was now flashing green. I stopped myself, and decided to reactivate her.

Still inside her, on top, I pressed the green button and reactivated her. Rachel eyes blinked, as her system was rebooting. I waited for her to become "Alive" for a few moments.

"Jim? What is going on??" I pumped myself into her before she said anything else, "AhhH! What are you doing to me???" she said, coming almost instantly.

"Rachel, I love you!" I told her, as I came inside her.

She moaned hard, as she also came. I lied beside her, as she had a huge orgasm, lying on her back. "Jim, am I a robot?" she simply asked, looking at the ceiling.

"Yes... it seem so." I simply answered her.

"Who built me and why?" she then asked, tears coming down her eyes.

"I can connect my laptop to your A.I. systems. We might get some answers to who built you and why." I told her.

"Sure.. you can do anything to me you want.. I am just a freaking robot... a simple machine...not human..." she responded, all hope in her voice gone.

“Rachel! You are the same person you were 20 minutes ago! You being a robot doesn’t change a thing between us! I still want to marry you! You are the love of my life!" I told her, angry at her bitterness.

Rachel sat up, looked at the mirror and inserted her left hand inside her open stomach and she pulled out all the circuits, cables and computer boards she managed to grab and ripped them out quickly.

I gasped, as she let out a scream, falling on the floor hard, twitching and sparks suddenly coming out of her stomach. "ERRRORRR!! DAMAGE SYSTEMMMM!!!!!!EERRRORRR!!" was the only words I understood from her screaming, as I pressed the red button, deactivating her instantly.

"Rachel..." I simply moaned out, knowing she managed to damage herself pretty bad.

Part 3

As I picked Rachel up off the floor and put her on the bed, I wondered if I could repair her damage. I went to get my tools and laptop and sat beside her. After analyzing the damage, I was relieved to find that I could do the repairs to Rachel myself. The worst was a few torn cables that I soldered back together. I installed the pulled circuits back into their slots and attached the wires to them. I took a deep breath and pressed the flashing green button, reactivating her.

She opened her eyes, as she finished rebooting, "JIM! WHY!? Let me be broken! I don't want to be alive anymore! We have no future together!" she screamed out, as I grabbed her hard and would not let her go.

"Rachel! STOP IT!! STOP!! Don't you love me anymore??? What was our love for you???" I yelled back to her.

Her eyes, full of tears "I.. of course I love you.. but is my love for you, real? Or just a program? I... Everything about me is artificial!!! I HATE IT!!! I HATE MACHINES! ROBOTS AND ANDROIDS!!! THEY ARE A MOCKERY OF LIFE!!!!..hate it... and... and.. I am one of them...." she burst into tears.

I hugged her hard, we cried together, until nightfall.

We looked at each other’s eyes, lying in bed together, naked. "What now?" she simply asked.

"Nothing has changed, we go on with our lives. My love for you is still the same, I still want to marry you." I responded.

She cringed a bit, biting her lip, pulling her face away from me, "But.,.things will never be the same.. I am just a machine." Rachel mumbled out.

I laid my head on her right shoulder, and with my left hand, pressed inside her navel. Rachel didn't even flinch as her stomach opened up. I took my laptop and connected it to her A.I. system with a USB cable.

"What are you going to do me?" she ask, showing no emotions.

"I'm going to erase some of your memories.. I want things back to normal." I told her, as I disabled her from moving.

"No! NO! Don't you dare..e..e...." she stopped moving, as I erased her memory files of the last 24 hours from her CPU.

"Jim? What happened? I can't remember what I did since yesterday." Rachel asked me, looking at the time.

"You had one of your attacks, you lied in bed all day long. How are you feeling now?" I asked her, worried.

"Good, I guess... I am so sorry.. Thank you of taking care of me." Rachel smiled, feeling embarrassed.

"Now, let's get ready, I'll go with you to your appointment with Doctor Strunt, if you don't mind." I told her, getting ready to leave.

"Sure." she replied, getting also dressed.

On our way to her doctor's appointment, we chit chatted a bit, as I was testing her to see if she completely had forgotten then last 24 hours. To my relief, her memories were truly erased, sparing her from her true nature.

"What's wrong?" She asked me, as she caught me staring at her, thinking of her as an android.

"Er..nothing.. yesterday, I saw a commercial about new androids coming out, very realistic looking." I tested her reaction.

"Robots? Fuck them…I hate them! You know... why make them? Seriously? If someone is so desperate in life, that they need a machine to fuck, they have failed in life!" she snickered.

"But what about love?" I then asked.

"Love??? A machine can't love! What the hell you have been smoking??!" she chuckled harder. "I hope you are not thinking of cheating on me with a fuckdroid!" Rachel then grilled me.

"What??? Of course not! But still, you don't think a robot and a human could love each other?" I continued.

"Okay... let's say you were an android, maybe I would... but that it's a big maybe." she laughed out.

"Me, an android?" I myself laughed loudly.

"What? Are you talking about ME, as a robot? Are you nuts? I’d rather kill myself than be a machine!" Rachel then said, amused by my questions.

I rolled my eyes, knowing I was pushing the subject too hard now. I then steered the conversation on what to eat for dinner.

We arrived at the doctor's office a bit early, and entered the small office. His secretary welcomed us and ask Rachel to follow her. I sat down on one of the chairs and grabbed one of the old magazines they always had for waiting patients.

"See you soon!" smiled Rachel, as she disappeared behind his office door.

I waited a few minutes, as his secretary sat back at her desk. I slowly put down the magazine and quickly dashed for the doctor's door. Before the secretary could stop me, I was inside his office.

"Do you know what my fiancé asked me today? If I was a robot, could I love him back? He's sooo crazy! Me, a robot??? AH!" Rachel was saying out loud to Doctor Strung.

He turned around, surprised at my entrance. I was more surprised than him actually, as I saw Rachel's head in his hands, wires attached to it, from her naked body, which was in multiple pieces on a huge metallic table, circuits and computers attached to it.

"JIM! What are you doing here, you are supposed to wait for me outside!" Rachel's head yelled out to me.

"Er... let me explain this..." Doctor Strung said to me, as he deactivated Rachel's head and put it softly on the table.

Part 4

"So, you know that Rachel is a robot?" the doctor asked me.

"Yup, pressed inside her navel and opened her up, by accident." I told him, not sure how to handle the situation.

"Please sit down, Jim." Doctor Strung ask me to do.

I complied and sat on the chair, facing the room. I peered around, seeing Rachel in pieces, on a big silver table, surrounded by computers and tools.

"As you now know, Rachel is an android. She is one of my many children." The older man, in a doctor coat explained, typing at a computer as he spoke.

I smiled because he had the typical "old Germanic mad scientist" accent. "So, Rachel is not unique?" I asked.

"Of course she is!! They are all unique. Each are programmed with limited character trays, so, it's up to their own A.I. to become whom they wish to become. That's why I created them, ya." He grinned, as he was massaging his own ego.

"Why did you create them?" I asked confused.

"Why? Why not! That is the answer! I wanted to prove that my androids could assimilate into human society and become humans themselves! Amazing, yes?" Doctor Strung yelled out, in a victory shout.

"So, none of them know they are not human. What happens when they do discover they are robots?" I then asked, wanting more answers.

"They won't! They are perfect! I installed safeguards!" he laughed at my question.

"Ah! But they will! And do you know how I know? Because Rachel discovered she was a machine by accident!" I told him.

"Oh! Really! And what happen to her??? This is so interesting!" he said quickly.

"She tried to commit suicide! TWICE! Thank God I repaired her." I responded.

"Suicide??? Fascinating!" he then said.

"That's my fiancée you are talking about!!!" I yelled back, frustrated.

"Yes, yes.. I know you love her, and she loves you. I should know, I programmed her to fall in love with you." he said, as he typed more on his computer.

"W..what? what do you mean??? why?? I.. I don't understand.. why would you do that?" I asked, shock and more confused.

"To test her, of course! I chose your profile from a dating site. You seemed like a great guy, and I needed to test Rachel's emotional programming. I wanted to see if a machine could truly fall in love, or at least, believe it could. And Rachel did! She truly loves you!" the doctor smiled to me.

"..I don't know what to think no more... this is too much." I mumbled out, tears coming down my cheeks.

"Boy, don't need to cry, her feelings for you are real! I only inserted your profile in her brain, and let nature take its course. You had a 50/50 chance of her not liking you on that first date with her. I remember the first night she came back to me and all she could talk was about you and this and that. She was totally gaga over you. You were her third date you know, the first two, she rejected them. She chose you herself. She saw something special in you, my boy!" He laughed out.

I took a deep breath of relief, as what he just said, eased the pain in my heart a bit. "She hates androids, robots... very racist, somehow... when she discovered she was one of them, she quickly fell into a great depression, so bad that she ripped her own internal circuits out, deactivating herself.” I then informed him.

"Mmmm.. I was not expecting this reaction...I wonder why? I wonder if it's the "Pinocchio" effect?" he mumbled out.

"Pinocchio Effect?" I asked confused.

"It's an android theory... A robot wishing so much to be human, and when they realize they will never be able to be one, go crazy... I heard of it, but I never believed it." the Doctor said, as he grabbed Rachel's head.

"Did any of your other androids ever discover they were not human too?" I asked out loud.

"One... and you met her outside this office" he replied.

"Your secretary?" I gasped.

"Yes, and she took it well. But I wonder if it's because she barely had any human contacts, limiting her A.I." he said, as he started reassembling Rachel, "I should verify this with her sisters." he then said.

"How many sisters Rachel has?" I asked curious.

"67... all living under the pretext of being human, like me and you." he answered.

"There, she is already... I have to remove most of her memories every three months, as her CPU reaches capacity almost every three months. The data she accumulates is enormous. Only specific important data is retained. This is why all my androids have "memory problems" sadly. Being Human takes lots of data for them to process every day. I am hoping to fix this someday." the doctor explained, attaching Rachel's head to her body.

"Doctor, what am I to do, if Rachel discover again she's an android again? Should I erase her memories again?" I asked worried.

"Well, I repaired all the damage she had, gave her a full recharge, tuned her up, and updated her software. Do you want me to modify her A.I.?" he asked, as he opened one of her breasts from her chest, like a door on a cabinet.

Part 5

"No... no, she is perfect the way she is.." I told him, as I shook my head.

"Fine, if you want, simply squeeze her right breast, with your fingers, on both side of the breast, you will feel two buttons, press them and voila, direct access to her A.I. circuits." the doctor explained.

Rachel woke up, as though she had simply been asleep, confused at first, until her systems reconfigured themselves. She was surprised to see me in the room, "Is everything okay?" she asked confused.

I shook my head, and smiled to her, and kissed her deep. She laughed a bit, being shy in front of the doctor. "Rachel, everything is all good, sadly, you still having memory problems, but apart from that, all is good. Is there anything you want to talk about?" he asked her.

To our surprise, she sat down and took a deep breath, "Please tell me the truth… am I dying?, Do I have brain cancer of some kind"

We looked at each other, not sure what to say, "Well, am I?? The other day, I saw a show about brain cancer… and the symptoms were similar." she said, started to cry.

Me and the doctor, simply cracked up laughing "No! No! You are okay! Nothing like that!" the doctor told her.

"Really?? I feel so weird sometimes… like I can't think straight sometimes." she blurted out.

"Malfunctions, they autocorrect when she reboots every morning from sleep mode" the doctor whispered to me, standing behind her.

"It's all good, I asked your husband to make sure you are well taken care of." he instructed her. Rachel smiled, feeling reassured. She got up, thanked him and we left.

"I feel so silly... Thank you for staying with me, I know it must be difficult, being married to me." Rachel said, as she drove.

"Rachel, I love you... you are my wife, even if you are an android." I smiled back.

"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY???" she yelled out, pressing on the break hard, a miracle that the street was empty.

"Ah! ah.. I am joking! It's a joke!" I told her, realizing what I told her by accident.

"Oh MY GOD! IT'S TRUE! I know when you are lying! I AM A ROBOT!!!" she screamed out, terrified.

"RACHEL! Relax! Let's go home! I'll explain it at home." I told her, in a serious tone.

After getting her wits, she regained her composure and simply started driving again. "Rachel.. Can you handle it?" I asked her scared of her, of crashing the car.

"Yes... yes... I’d rather be a robot than be dying of cancer, like I was thinking...." she broke a smile.

"This is the third time you’ve learned of it, both times, you became suicidal." I told her nervously.

"Doctor Strunt must have did something to me, because... I am okay with this... I am okay with being a robot." she smiled.

Part 6

Rachel and I arrived home, feeling both a bit weird out. The minute we were in the house, doors locked, Rachel got undressed in the living room "Show me! I want to see!" she said quickly.

"See what?" I asked confused.

"Me being an android! Open me up, show me some circuits!" she yelled back.

"Okay... are you sure about this?" I asked her nervously.

"Of course!" she smiled.

"Fine, let me see, come here, closer to me." I instructed her to stand in front of me.

I then did what the Doctor Strunt told me about her breasts. I squeezed her right breast on both side of the breast and felt two buttons, pressed them and then got access to her A.I. circuits.

"I knew my breasts were somehow involved!" she chuckled.

She looked down into her open chest plate and was intrigued. "Can you, I don't know, press some buttons, I want something to happen to me!" she then ask.

"Rachel! This is what makes you tick!" I said confused.

"Come one... just that button, that one!" This one?" No, this one, beside it! Let's see what it does to me!" we exchanged words.

I pressed the button, and waited for Rachel to react. "So? Did somethiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnngggggggg hhhhapppppee..n.n...n..." Rachel slurred her speech, as she became frozen, like a statue.

"I guess I turned you off.. Let me see.." I told her.

"GATCHAH!" she yelled out, laughing loudly.

"Oh yeah, let's see this then!" I told her, as I started pressing every button I could see in her exposed system.

"Oaahhh! OOh! I. i. sdmsm... GGGGGGg.g.g.g.g." Rachel started to crash.

"Sorry! Sorry!" I yelled out, now worried for real.

She suddenly started walking around, her head twitching, "System error! System error!" She walked into a wall, turned around and simply fell on the floor hard.

She was twitching on the floor, on her back, as I ran to her. I inserted my finger in her navel and opened her stomach panel and switched her off. I rebooted her after a moment of thinking.

"Jim? What happened to me? I was acting crazy? All I could see was errors messages in my head." she explained.

"I crashed you." I simply said.

"Wow... that was scary... maybe being an android is not so great..." she smiled, "What are you doing to me?" she then, as she saw I was typing away at my computer, plugged inside her CPU.

"I want my wife back." I simply said.

"But I am your wife!" she said, as she sat up.

Doctor Strunt did something to you... I want you the way you were, days ago, the woman I loved for the last few years." I responded. "You’re just a machine to me now.. this.. is too much for me.." I said, tears in my eyes.

"JIM! It's me! I am the same! Please! I am happy to be an android!" she said, as she tried to remove the cable inside her.

"I am sorry..." I said, as I press the delete command.

"Noo..." Rachel simply said, as her memories for the last few days disappeared forever.

"Thank you, Doctor Strunt!" Rachel said, as she left the office.

"Everything good?" I asked her.

"Same old, same old." she smiled.

Doctor Strunt winked at me, in the back. He understood why I did it, as he also preferred to keep Rachel in the dark, about her secret. Me and Rachel, we finally got married a few weeks later, Doctor Strunt gave her away, as her father would.

Sadly, Rachel’s A.I. crashed hard as we kissed in front of the priest and everyone, the emotions were too much for her android CPU. Smoke came out of her mouth, as then she crazily thrashed around in her wedding dress.

People screamed as she burst into flames. The firemen had to come hose her down, before she burned the church down. I was fined and almost arrested. Doctor Strunt helped me out with the bills and explained that she died of too much Happiness, her CPU couldn't handle it, it seemed.

Feeling guilty, He did give me a new android named Emily, to replace Rachel, but it's not the same. Rachel will always be in my heart, somehow. Even now, she is now sitting on my fireplace mantel, as she melted into a brick of wires and plastic. I keep it as a memento of her. Still, I should not complain much, Emily is a much better android in bed than Rachel ever was, Doctor Strunt did manage to improve his androids since Rachel was built.

The end

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