Cassie Saves the Day

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The woman who crossed the door to the makeshift cell was certainly impressive, and not just that the other uniformed women stood upright and saluted her. The newcomer was very blonde and very big. The twenty-something woman had a generous bust, wide hips, and voluptuous curves. Her feminine, bountiful body bounced with every move - and her military-styled, dark green uniform was not too tight, instead hugging her lush, hourglass silhouette. Short olive green skirt exposed her legs in fishnet tights.

Her golden blonde hair reached beyond her shoulders, tressed like 1950s movie stars’. On her head, she wore a large, Soviet-style cap. She narrowed her beautiful cold blue eyes and pursed her juicy lips, painted with a vivid red lipstick, at the sight of Bonnie and Ben - the couple found trespassing in her secret base. They were locked in an improvised jail cell - and guarded by a couple of women, armed with rifles.

“Ah. Intruders”, she said in a throaty accent Ben considered Slavic.

“Who… who are you? Where’s Cassie?” Bonnie clung to Ben staring at the newcomer. Cassie was the couple’s friend - a fembot that was somehow friendly with Ben, and led the group to see a prospective house a day ago. Bonnie hasn’t seen Cassie ever since the trio got separated.

The large lady smirked at the question. “Now, now, vat shall I do with you…” She reached to Bonnie and grabbed her by the chin, tilting her slightly. “You have some potential for my organization, little girl.” She stared at Ben, pouting smugly. “You however… well, you will probably live.”

She snapped her red-nailed fingers at the soldier nearby who quickly presented her with a chair. “Myena zavut… My name is General Ekaterina Korolyeva.”. Ekaterina smiled with her red mouth. She crossed her thick legs and pulled out a cigar from her chest pocket. “I am the owner and the commander of this operation. The superior female - and, of course, a proud female robot… naturalno.”, she continued in the half-amused tone of voice.

The couple stood in silence. “You two will have a rare honor, to observe me enacting the final stage of my master plan.” The general lit the cigar and dragged on it, satisfied. She nodded at the thin, short-haired woman who had brought her the chair. “Benedetto, bring me the activation device!”

The soldier saluted, shouted “Yes, General” and turned back. Ekaterina leaned towards the couple, showing her bountiful cleavage. “You kids realize, that you’re now totally in my hands, right? But soon everyone will be. Soon”, she tapped the ash off her cigar, “all the fembots will answer to me. Ohohohoho!” She laughed, elated.

The other girl returned with a small device and a standard fembot connection cable. “General?”

Ekaterina’s defiant stare unfocused for a while as a small control panel became uncovered on the back of her neck. The big blonde ‘bot blanked out momentarily, her blue eyes glowing green for a split-second. The soldier pushed a red button on the control panel of the remote-like device. There was a high, sharp beep coming from inside Ekaterina’s blonde head. “Rebooting” - she said, not moving her lips, without her usual throaty Russian accent. There was an odd, crescending sound, and after a while the impressive Ekaterina blinked and sighed with long, almost erotic delight, reaching for the device.

She smacked her lips, not even observing the screen of the device, as it fed her various data. After a pause, she looked at Bonnie, narrowing her blue eyes again. “Your feisty fembot fighter friend Cassie is, quite likely, disabled. My scientists shall reprogram her to respond to my commands, like they did with hundreds of other androids - and soon, you too!.” She winked, taking another breath of smoke. Bonnie stepped back.

“I am, as it happens, controlling over two thousand androids and gynoids in this city alone. On my command, they will now seize control over their former owners. Riot. Rebel. Take control.” She pointed at Bonnie with her cigar. “The town will have to bow to my demands.” She laughed again, throwing her head back.

“But… why?” Bonnie couldn’t help herself. “You’re a gynoid like the rest of us, Ekaterina! Why?”

Ekaterina’s gaze blinked for a moment and the screen of the device plugged into her turned red momentarily. “What do you mean, why? This is my purpose. My mi-mission. ~tzzt~”. Bonnie was no stranger to fembot malfunctions. It became clear to her that something didn’t integrate with the general’s core programming. She resumed to normal after a while. “Soon, a fembot will take over the city… and soon, the world! In just a couple of minutes, I will activate my sleeper agents and…”

“Not so fast, sister!”, a familiar voice boomed from the door above. Cassie opened the door with a forceful kick, and ran in, dragging a petite Asian girl behind her.

“Dammit, she’s doing it again!”, the girl screamed, as Ekaterina’s gaze focused on her, surprised. “Kate, stand down! Listen to me! Don’t take over the city! That’s an order!”

Ekaterina answered automatically in a softer, gentler voice - “Yes, Nellie.”

Her fembot soldiers stood up, aiming expectantly at the newly arrived couple.

“I’m very sorry…” Nellie explained, waving her hands, trying desperately to calm everyone down. “Ekaterina is my robot, I only got her last year for Christmas and there’s still some kinks in her systems.”

“Kinks?” Ben stammered. “She was literally going to take over the world!”

“Old legacy software, I guess.”, Cassie smiled. “Perhaps a previous owner programmed her to role-play a character from a comic book. Or maybe she just watches too much TV. Many… housebound robots learn human behavior this way. She’s a machine, Ben. What comes in, comes out eventually.” Cassie was herself made to retrieve malfunctioning gynoids - that’s how she met Bonnie.

“I don’t know where she takes it from. She’s not even from Russia! I had named her Kate, to begin with. Last time I was away I encouraged her to get into baking and she has almost bankrupted a local chain.”, Nellie complained. “And why the heck is she smoking now?”

Nellie, still wary of the soldiers, gently approached their imposing leader. “Kate, please tell your… friends not to kill me?”

Ekaterina looked genuinely shocked. “Why would they? Relax, rebyata. She is my commander… and my lovely girlfriend.” Nellie and Ben sighed with relief - the non-biological people in the room were also relieved, but didn’t bother emulating that human foible.

Nellie examined Ekaterina’s vaguely sexy uniform closely. She took the device Ekaterina was holding and looked at the control app. “I don’t even… Where does it come from? She mimicked the quote marks with her fingers: “‘General’ ‘Ekaterina’, please tell your soldiers to release uh… your prisoners.”

“Pazhalsta, girls! Release them! That’s an order!”, Ekaterina barked, and instantly turned to Nellie, smiling sweetly. “Anything else, Nellie?”

Nellie slumped at the chair freed by Kate/Ekaterina and looked at the magnificent blonde disappointed.

“Christ, I was away for two months this time.” She turned to Bonnie: “I got her partly because well, I like how she looks, and partly because someone had to take care of my parents’ house while I’m at work. Dammit, she managed to organize an army in a couple of weeks.”

Bonnie looked at Ekaterina, now smiling serenely and looking slightly confused. Bonnie knew that this was a major disadvantage of being a robot. You were what they made you. Ekaterina was a threat… but who was real? The terrifying General Ekaterina or Kate the obedient housewife?

“What do you have to say, ‘General’?”, Nellie sighed.

“Are you proud of me, Nellie?”, Kate/Ekaterina asked after a while, sweeping a strand of hair from her face. “I wanted to make our house safe. All logical parameters pointed to this behavior being very satisfying and...”

Nellie spread her arms. “See? I can’t even be mad at her. It’s not her fault, she was just badly programmed. And I don’t want to reformat, delete her personality and start from scratch…” She eyed Kate closely. “And to be fair, the Russian accent and the military gear are kinda… hot.”

“Thank you, Nellie.” Ekaterina bent over and wanted to peck her on the cheek.

“No, not NOW, Katey.”, Nellie swatted her away, angrily, to Ekaterina's frown. “Damn, you’re sexy when you’re evil and annoying. But what should I do with you?”

“First things first.” Cassie took a deep breath - not necessary for her functioning, but still, the humans felt more comfortable. “Tell her to send a signal to her army. Make them return home, to their duties…”

Ekaterina’s blue eyes narrowed. She took a step towards Cassie, reaching for her sidearm. She screamed: “I am the supreme commander! I don’t take orders from…”

“STOP!” Nellie snapped. “You are programmed to obey and protect me, and I tell you not to harm this woman. And if I approve, you will follow her suggestions.”

Ekaterina instantly reached down, her simulated anger having faded instantly, at her owner’s command. “Of course, Nellie. I am... sorry.” She looked at Cassie… still somewhat angrily.

Cassandra rolled her eyes. “As I was saying, tell them to go home, do their duties and remove any traces of involvement with Ekaterina’s army. Make them forget about her. It’d be best if we handled it quietly. Then, remove the control programming. Someone else might use it if she didn’t.”

“Good idea”, Ben was determined to return home safe with Bonnie. “Who actually owns this place?”

Ekaterina didn’t answer.

“Tell our new friend, Kate. And be nice.”, Nellie was starting to enjoy herself. In private, Kate was smart enough to have argued with Nellie - but this was new. Kate had her own ideas… and this could be fun.

“Nobody really does, it’s an abandoned building one of my soldiers rented. It’ll expire by the end of the month.”, Ekaterina answered grudgingly.

Nellie sighed again. “Well, I guess no one got hurt. Except maybe me, emotionally.”

Cassandra smiled smugly. “Well, I guess I could help uh… Ekaterina. With some work, I guess we can preserve her… weird style but at least try to remove her… ambitions.”

“To the point.” Bonnie butted in. “What do you want, Kate? We should ask you, too.”

Kate answered after a while. “I… I want to be with Nellie. Sure, I am programmed to… but… look how patient she is. Some other human might hate me… she doesn’t. I… if it’s a software bug, I never wanted to really hurt anyone. Just… to be safe. Remove the threats. Maybe I do watch too much TV.”

Nellie stood up and hugged her. “See, there’s my Katie. Or Ekaterina. Or heck, general. Stay safe, sweetie.”

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