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Peter Ellis came home pretty late this evening. By entering his house he shouted out his usual line.

“Honey, It´s me.”

When he got no response he undressed his coat and went into the living room. Cassandra Ellis was lying in a couch in the middle of the room. She was a petite lovely blue eyed blonde looking 25 years old. Her beautiful long hair was slightly tousled. She was barely dressed with a red satin suspender belt which was holding a pair of black satin sheers up to her flawless thighs. One of her black patent stiletto heel pumps was still at her foot the other one lying on the floor. Her voluptuous round silicone breasts pointed straight up, her nipples erected, the red satin tiny bra underneath. Her left hand still squeezed her left breast, the other hand lied two inches near her bald vagina. She was looking really delicious.

Peter noticed the open hatch in the middle of her belly, at first sight the only thing which separated her from a real woman. He came closer to her as he noticed some little buzzing sounds from within her belly panel and randomly small sparks emerging from it. Small wisps of smoke randomly emerged from her seductive open mouth. Now Peter could also smell the charred electronic components.

“Honey, are you O.K.?” he said, confident that his robot wife surely wouldn’t percept him.

“Unit TX-3342, please respond”, Peter spoke to his robot wife.

Cassandra wasn’t reacting, she was staring into nothing, here lovely blue eyes still looked very alive, but Peter knew, that something very bad happened to his sexual pleasure toy. He looked into her open belly panel. He was used to see a couple of green and blue status LED´s shining bright on her main board, now everything was dark inside her.

Carefully he reached into her open cavity and found the small switch which was labelled “OVERRIDE”. The technicians at the robot company showed him some of her inner workings, after they finished the conversion of his wife some months ago. With this information, Peter was at least capable to make an emergency restart when worst case situations make it necessary. Such situations can happen sometimes in the public, and as people out there are still not aware of the existence by those machines, the company still wants to keep a low profile.

Peter smiled as he thought about a ticklish situation some weeks ago when Cassandra suffered a malfunction of her energy cell while they were buying Christmas gifts in a shopping mall. He remembered the puzzled faces of some mall customers as Cassandra repeated error messages with a skewed voice. As they realize she hat a power drain they hurried to the parking lot, it really was a critical situation.

His face went serious again, as he gently pulled the switch, but it just did a small click. Still buzzes and sparks emerging from within her, so Peter realized that she still had some power recourses. He noticed a big wet spot on the sofa between her legs. It was obvious, that Cassandra’s lubricant vials had emptied complete.

Peter knew that Cassandra had a day of because of a schedule for her monthly diagnostic and upgrade check at the company this morning. He has requested a breast augmentation, which by the way was done perfect. She was also there for a repair of her artificial tongue which didn’t work since a couple of days. He also asked for some new sexual pleasure routine software upgrades, as she had installed a memory expansion some weeks ago, there was a lot of free disc space for their enjoyment.

Was the software update maybe responsible this massive burnout? It was obvious, that Cassandra had started a pleasure routine when she came home. Peter knew that she most enjoyed her new robotic body and he often found her motionless with exhausted power packs or malfunctioning when he returned home. It was allways possible to manually restart her or simply connect her to a power source for a reload.

But this time it was different, such a heavy burnout of his robot wife was new to Peter. He started worrying about Cassandra’s personality data, which was stored in a separate RAM card inside her connection bay. While he realized that he had no chance to reactivate Cassandra by himself, Peter tried to prevent even worse damage to her and turn her emergency master power of. He carefully pressed a hidden point right about her right hip.

Then he noticed a click followed by a small visible seam at her abdomen which separated her vaginal panel. Peter removed the sex panel carefully and reached into the now revealed connection bay. He spotted a small red switch labelled “emergency cut of” This switch should normally cut of her power source, well it did cut out her power accidentally twice while Peter was making Love with her from behind. Peter thought, that might be not the best location for such an important switch.

“Please excuse me honey”, he said to his damaged robot wife as he reached gently inside her. He pressed the switch twice. It made a loud click, but to his surprise, the sparks didn’t stop. Now highly concerned Peter dialled the hotline of the company. It seems like she will not go to her office tomorrow.

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