CandyBot 007 in ‘A Spy Unraveled’

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CandyBot 007 is ‘A Spy Unraveled’

CandyBot 007 walked with precision cadence up to the elevator. Swaying her hips provocatively, she ensured her plastic assets were on full display with each CLICK of her sparkling white stiletto heels.

Reaching a finger towards the UP button, just beside the elevator door, Candy paused. The advanced digital cameras hidden behind her polished blue eyes caught sight of the stairwell only several meters adjacent to the elevator.

She tilted her head to the side and her eyes rolled upwards against her mascara-darkened lids. Her cerulean irises flashed white several times and her eyelids blinked twice in quick succession as a graphic loaded across her Heads-Up-Display (HUD).


Options A,C, and D disappeared from her view and “Uh Huh” flashed next to option B, confirming its selection from the grouping of possible scenarios.

She pivoted exactly 90 degrees in her high heels and approached the stairwell entrance.

Candy’s servo motors whined audibly as she stepped up the 14 flights of stairs to the Senator’s hotel room. From a few feet away, a keen listener would be able to just barely make out the sounds of her linear actuators firing deep within her plastic thighs. Buried beneath layers of glossy synthskin and cable bundles, the servo motors fired with precision timing again and again to push her buxom chassis up and off of each step.

Her internal gyroscope worked harmoniously with her external sensory input data-streams to keep her body upright as she ascended the stairwell. With ultra-repetitive movements upwards onto each step, Candy meticulously made her way up all the stairs to the senator’s floor. Each push off of a step caused her round breasts to bounce in unison.

Opening the door from the stairwell into the hallway, Candy again cocked her head to the side as she scanned the room directory in front of her. The senator’s room, 1413, was to the left.

So, she walked down the hallway and turned left, her stiletto heels quietly thumping against the carpeted floor with each step.

Stopping abruptly at the senator’s door, Candy reached a hand into a recessed pocket on the side of her slender-waisted minidress.

She produced a plastic room key, given to her by the senator, and pressed it against the door’s lock. It blinked green. Candy tossed a few stray wisps of her auburn hair away from her face before grabbing the handle and stepping inside.

Closing the door behind her, Candy strode into the senator’s hotel room with measured steps, her eyes scanning each square inch with precision horizontal passes.

The bathroom door was closed but she thought nothing of it. A perfect espionage bot like herself hadn’t any need of its facilities anyways.

The room was quite a standard setup for a government-rate hotel room. One queen bed was set up with a small kitchenette opposite a couch and television. To the side of the bed was a full length mirror. This caught Candy’s attention and she stepped towards it.

Now inside the senator’s room, it was only a matter of waiting for him to arrive so she could utilize her seduction protocols in an effort to steal his phone upon her exit. She had been given a duplicate phone with a cloned OS of the senator’s own smart device; she was to replace his phone with the duplicate model and make her escape before the senator could figure out what had happened.

Facing the mirror, she hinged over at the waist and reached a hand up and underneath her maid’s skirt, which strained to cover the bottom-most folds of her ample derriere. Fiddling with a hidden compartment sewn into the revealing garment, Candy produced the dummy phone and slipped it neatly under the bed. She would retrieve it later and perform the swap when she was confident the senator was well distracted.

With the phone in place, she began to straighten her posture. However, the servo motor that worked to pull her top-heavy chassis upwards was severely underpowered and it took four jerky motions to bring her chest and head back up to a neutral standing position.

She looked at herself in the mirror, uber confident in the design of her perfect plastic features.

Another graphic pixelated into view on her HUD; this one individually highlighting her faceplate’s various attributes:

Plump, glossy pink lips. CHECK
Wide cyan “fuck me” eyes. CHECK
Long, dark, eyelashes. CHECK
Bright pink upper eyeshadow. CHECK
Slender nose. CHECK
Perfect, white teeth. CHECK
High Cheekbones. CHECK
Slender brown eyebrows. CHECK
Sporty auburn hair. CHECK

She beamed at her reflection as a new message replaced the previous graphic:


She pushed her breasts together at the behest of her deep-rooted marketing programming. Any opportunity to further display her market-tested physiology was heavily prioritized when compared against other sub-processes moving through her CPU. She stayed with her breasts accentuated for several seconds before eventually blinking in quick succession and loading up some foreplay subroutines that she estimated would be needed shortly.

Standing ramrod straight with her hands at her sides, another quick message flickered into existence on her HUD:


Her blue eyes again rolled upwards before flashing several times, a blatant outward tell betraying her artificial nature. The program loaded into operation and a series of hardware subsystems were activated in quick succession.

Elastic heaters built into the lining of her plastic sex turned on, steadily bringing her tight synthetic cunt up to the optimal temperature for sexual intercourse. Simultaneously, an electrically regulated check valve was activated at the bottom of her lubrication reservoir, letting some of her slick aphrodisiac liquid trickle through a short length of PVC tubing into her pink snatch.

Her two silver antennas, embedded into the sides of her black and white tiara, swiveled as they detected the sound of a door opening and closing behind her. She momentarily put a pause on the activation of her foreplay subroutines and spun around.

Expecting to see the senator, she narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips with pre-programmed values guaranteed to maximize her sexual appeal.

SEDUCE.EXE flashed across her HUD.

Hopefully the senator wouldn’t notice that it was the same eye and lip movement routine that she had used on him, successfully, earlier in the evening.

That would be like a total bummer.

However, the senator wasn’t the source of the noise. Instead it was a woman. A blonde woman with green eyes rocking tight gray slacks and a matching turtleneck.

Candy brought a finger to her lip and cocked her head to the side as her CPU worked to process this development, “Uhhhh. Uhhhh. Uhhhh.”

Her ocular sensors scanned the woman thoroughly, quickly building an accurate three dimensional model of her body. She compared her measurements against her own dimensions and the results were confusing.

Her body is like, almost as perfect as mine.

Candy straightened her head, locking eyes with the woman, “Hi! I’m Candy! Do you like my body?” She bent over at the waist to accentuate the sway of her jiggling cleavage.

The woman didn’t reply, instead opting to take several steps towards Candy as a smile slowly spread across her sparkly lips.

Stopping at arms reach from Candy, the woman brought her hand forward and gently stroked it through Candy’s smooth hairpiece, “Hi Candy! My name is Samantha...”

She moved her hand to Candy’s face where she traced a finger along the contours of her slender nose and plump lips, “...the senator sent me here to have some fun with you before he arrives...”

She gave Candy’s bosom a playful tap, watching her breasts wobble in her skimpy uniform, “...I hope that’s okay with you?”

Again, Candy cocked her head to the side, her language analysis software suite working to parse Samantha’s statement to generate an appropriate verbal response.

If the senator wants me to have fun with Samantha then I should probably agree to this! It’s like no problem, I’m programmed with all kinds of lesbian and bisexual subroutines!

She batted her magenta shaded eyelashes towards the woman, “Well sure, Samantha. Uh-huh! Totally!”

Samantha moved her fingers onto one of Candy’s model-esque cheekbones, reciprocating the movement with her opposite hand. With both hands on Candy’s face she forcefully pulled her towards her such that their lips met.

Samantha had to bend down several inches to bring her lips level with Candy’s. She pushed her tongue into Candy’s mouth and felt the bot’s tongue probe into her own.

A new message flashed across Candy’s HUD:


She closed her eyes and let out a synthesized coo as Samantha’s hands moved away from her face and began exploring her artificial body. The tactile sensors woven into her plastic breasts lit up with activity as Samantha began kneading them in between her fingers.

Candy spoke out, adding a _breathy_ tag to her speech’s synthesis patterns, “I like it when you touch me like that.” She moved her own hands onto Samantha’s rear, which was very round and exceedingly firm. Nearly as sporty as her own derriere.

Her butt can’t be as nice as mine. I’m like, way hotter than her. My body is like, totally perfect.

Samantha chuckled, “Oh Candy. I’ll give you this. You may not be the most convincing bot, but they sure made you feel nice in all the right spots.” She slipped a hand under Candy’s skirt, brushing it against the permanently swollen lips of her artificial labia; she could sense that the little espionage-bot was hot and wet in preparation for the senator.

Candy cooed from the stimulus while also pulling back from Samantha, “I’m like not a bot! My body is just perfect!”

She cocked her head to the side, and again her blue eyes flashed. A graphic appeared on her HUD showing that Samantha’s threat level had increased by several factors. In response another subroutine loaded itself into operation:


“Sorry Samantha but I’m like, way hotter than you. My body is perfect.”

She smiled, her perfectly white teeth glinting in the hotel room’s soft light. She put her hands on her sides and pushed her hips out provocatively.

Samantha methodically ran her hands up and down the length of her own body, slowly smoothing her gray pants and shirt against her curves, “Candy, do you think my body is perfect too?”

Candy again stared at Samantha, “Yeah Samantha. You’re like, really hot. Your body is perfect.”

Samantha beamed, “Thanks! I think my body is perfect too. But, you still think you’re hotter than me?”

Candy flashed another pre-programmed smile, “Sorry Samantha but I’m like, way hotter than you. My body is perfect.”

“Well Candy...if your body is perfect and my body is also perfect, then how can you be hotter than me?”

Candy’s head again cocked to the side, her eyes flashing randomly, “I-I-I-I-I...” Her digital voice generator hiccuped as her underpowered processors toiled in their attempt to pull out of the logic trap sprung by Samantha.

“I-I-I’m like, totally perfect! Don’t you just love my body?”

Samantha chuckled, “I do love your perfect body! You’re basically a life-sized fuckable Barbie doll. Who wouldn’t love that?”

Candy’s eyes narrowed and her lips pursed as her language parser interpreted Samantha’s comment as a sexually charged compliment, “Thanks Samantha! I’m glad you think my body is perfect.” She bent forward, in the same stilted motion as before, further displaying her polymer cleavage for Samantha to see.

“You know’re so perfect in fact that I think I’d like to see more of you.”

Candy’s face was motionless, her facial preset associated with seduction already in use. She spun around and hinged forward at the waist, giving Samantha a full view of her plastic derriere. Her skimpy maid dress’ built-in underwear was still moist, from Samantha’s earlier teasing, thus rendering it transparent. Her pink puffy plastic sex was on full display.

Looking straight forward, Candy replied to Samantha, “Like this, Samantha? The senator complimented my ass earlier tonight; he said it was his favorite feature of mine.”

Giggling, Samantha again took several steps towards Candy, putting her hands on the bot’s exposed shoulder blades.

“Wow, that is a really nice feature, Candy. But, the senator told me earlier that he would really like it if you opened up your rear access panel for me. Think you can do that, Candy?”

Candy’s plastic face scrunched together as her processors chugged through an analysis of Samantha’s statement and fit it to one of several hundred preset response templates. Four options rapidly populated across her HUD:

A. Well sure. Uh huh. Totally. Like no problem!
B. Well, if that’s what the senator wants then of course!
C. Panel? What panel? I don’t have a panel. My body is perfect!
D. Fuck off Samantha.

Her Main CPU calculated through the four options and landed on B as the best response. If mission success was contingent on the senator’s satisfaction, which would allow her more opportunities to access his phone, then performing actions that would please him were prioritized.

Candy hinged forward an additional 10 degrees and lifted up the back of her miniskirt, pulling it up and over the plump swells of her derriere. A 3”x3” panel appeared on the small of her back as she turned off the current flowing through its electrically charged derma-seals, “Well, if that’s what the senator wants then of course!”

Two successive clicks emanated from the panel as its locks disengaged and it swung open, folding downwards.

The droning whir of her cooling fan was now audible through the hole in her back alongside the noisy hum emanating from her multitude of processor racks.

Inside the open panel Samantha observed a hodgepodge of wiring harnesses, circuit boards, and clear PVC tubing. There was limited labeling and no diagrams for one to make sense of the jumbled electronics inside.

“Don’t you just love my body?” Candy again spoke out, still facing away from Samantha.

“Oh I love your body, Candy...” She delicately reached a hand into the small of Candy’s back and tugged on a wiring harness, “...I think your middle school level design is just SO perfect.”

Her voice was laced with sarcasm. With the wiring harness firmly in her hand, she yanked on it hard, ripping it out of its socket. She watched in the mirror as Candy’s eyes crossed themselves and her tongue shot out of her mouth, hanging listlessly. A few blue sparks flew out of her open panel.

Candy just stood there, bent over, her facial template resetting itself over and over again, for several seconds as her buxom chassis gently rocked up and down.

Samantha eyed her curiously as she finally straightened herself up, the sound of her straining servo motors echoing through the room without her soundproofed back panel in place.

Candy spun around 180 degrees, facing Samantha directly. She smiled and cocked her head.

Samantha grabbed Candy by her shoulders and threw her onto the bed.

Candy’s cheap processing core couldn’t respond to the quickly changing sensory information from her internal gyroscope and she crashed into the bed. Although the surface was soft, she hit it hard, with no arms stretched out to break her fall. Her plastic chassis whipped into the surface and the sound of snapping metal could be heard from the hole in her back.

Candy’s gyroscope had been dislodged from its flimsy vinyl carriage and it now outputted nothing but gibberish. Her movement sub-processor cores, thinking she was upright and walking, moved her legs back and forth in an exaggerated strut.

Samantha cackled as the ‘spy’ bot in front of her air-walked while laying face down on the bed.

“Oh Candy! You’re just so predictable. One little issue and now you’re trying to stride down a catwalk while laying down on a hotel bed. Add to that, those gravity-defying breasts of yours which make it so you can’t even lay down straight. I’ve legitimately seen microwaves with more adaptable software packages than yours.”

Candy’s legs stopped moving; her ocular sensors finally registering her location relative to the floor, were able to supersede the faulty data being fed from her jumbled gyroscopic system.

Is Samantha like, totally a threat to my mission?

A graphic flashed across her HUD with each of their body’s silhouettes outlined on either side of the display.



Candy began to push herself off the bed but a few more blue sparks jumped from her open panel and she collapsed forward, “Hi senator - Hi senator - Hi senator. I’m Candy!”

“Hi Candy!” Samantha stepped towards the bed and straddled Candy, positioning her groin just beneath the plastic swells of Candy’s ass cheeks, “The senator’s not quite here just yet. He just wanted me to warm you up for him, I hope that’s okay?”

Candy’s eyes crossed themselves as her sexual software suite struggled to make heads or tails of the puzzling situation. Eventually it settled on continuing her sultry engagement with Samantha.

She was like, straddling her perfect body after all!

“Oh Samantha! You make me so hot!”

A few white wisps of smoke drifted up and out of her back panel as she spoke.

“Oh I can see that Candy. It sure seems like you’re getting quite hot!”

“Oh-Oh Samantha! You make me so hot-hot-hot!

Samantha laughed off Candy’s repetitive speech; she had more fun things planned as she continued to slowly grind her own synthetic mons into Candy’s plastic derriere.

A cap lifted from the tip of her index finger, exposing an incredibly thin data transfer wire. She quickly extracted it and pulled it into Candy’s open panel. A few scans of her disordered electronics and she eventually found a matching data receptacle. She plugged the cable in and paused momentarily, as did Candy, as their OS’s established links with each other.

Candy’s self-defense protocols identified Samantha’s OS as a foreign data source and appropriately limited her system access. However, with only a few pinpointed zero-day software exploits, Samantha navigated right past Candy’s defenses and granted herself full access to her entire software directory.

The first thing she did was grant herself full verbal command access over Candy’s systems.

Now, anything she commanded, Candy would carry out without hesitation.

“Candy, can you please disengage your left shoulder’s joint locks?”

Candy’s eyes flashed a handful of times as she processed Samantha’s command. “Well sure, Samantha. Uh-huh! Totally!” A few muffled clicks emanated out of Candy’s open panel, audibly indicating the locking mechanisms had been released.

“Thanks Candy! Now, I wonder how robust your structural integrity is? I’m guessing it’s very low.”

Samantha put her hands on Candy’s left arm and pulled it backwards at an impossible angle. Error alerts flashed across Candy’s HUD as Samantha steadily ripped her ball and socket joint apart. Her carbon-fiber assemblage of a humerus shredded the joint completely as it was ripped out.

Next, the hundreds of cables that ran from her sensitive-rich hand to her main processing core, buried in her chest, frayed and split.

Finally, her synthskin tore in half as Samantha increased the force with which she pulled Candy’s arm out.

The frayed wires emerging from Candy’s metallic stump of a shoulder sparked wildly, and she spasmed uncontrollably as a wave of nonsensical sensory data from her newly disconnected arm flooded her Main CPU.

She could only help but to stare blankly ahead as she struggled under the growing computational load. Mer Main CPU failed to correctly identify, tag, and process through the hundreds of newly generated hardware errors. It could only lean on her vocal synthesizer as a crutch to generate something, anything, in response to Samantha’s action.

Her lips didn’t even move as she spoke, instead the digital feedback-laced sentence just leaked out from behind her still-pursed lips, “Don’t you just love my body?”

Samantha cackled, “Oh Candy, you’re so funny! Of course I love your body. You’re so fun to play with!”

With a physical connection made to the cheap bimbo-bot, Samantha was quickly able to download Candy’s internal wiring schematics. After doing this she unplugged her tether from Candy’s panel and reeled the wire back into her finger.

She then decided to tear the built-in thong out from Candy’s slutty maid outfit, after which she hastily buried two of her fingers into the espionage-bot’s waiting sex.

Candy’s eyes widened as she processed the sudden increase in sexual sensory input.

Samantha then grabbed the back of Candy’s brunette mane and pulled it back sharply, “I want to see your facial expressions as I screw with you!”

“Mhmm yeah baby-baby-baby! I’m like totally built to screw!” Candy’s lips moved this time, but their timing was completely off with digitized words emerging from deep within her flexible throat assemblage.

Samantha registered Candy’s plastic pussy increasing its tightness around her fingers immediately after she had spoken. Intrigued with just how tight Candy’s sexual suite could go she hatched another idea.

Samantha reached her hand back into Candy’s panel and, now familiar with her wiring schematics, tugged out a few of the wires that governed the operation of her robotic sex. She switched them in her fingers and then intentionally plugged them back into incorrect receptacles.

Immediately, the motorized elastomers of Candy’s pussy clamped tight around Samantha’s fingers like a vice.

One eye blinked shut as the other drifted aimlessly in its socket; her puffy lips twitching erratically, randomly exposing different sections of her teeth, “Oh senator! You’re so big! You must really love my body - my body - my body! I was built - built - built to screw!”

Again her lips moved completely out of sync with the verbal delivery of her words.

Samantha then ripped the cables out of their receptacles and Candy responded by spasming underneath her. Samantha grinded her own plastic clit a little harder into Candy, refusing to admit that her systems were a bit turned on from all the abuse she was administering to the inferior bot.

Candy began dumping lubricant out of her slick pussy in wave after wave as her legs kicked aimlessly in the air. She tried to push off the bed, but failed as her servos gave out with a clamorous whirring, unable to handle the extra weight of Samantha perched on her back.

“Oh Candy, you really were built to screw weren’t you?” She slipped her fingers out from the bot’s pussy with a slick POP.

“Now I’m going to screw...with you.” Digging her wet fingers into the crown of Candy’s head, Samantha ripped her brunette hairpiece back. The top section of Candy’s plastic skull came with it, its lone locking mechanism sheared in half.

Up here Candy’s circuit boards were slightly more organized than the mess of electronics buried inside her torso. There were a few see-through shelves built into the sides of her cranial casing, upon which sat a plethora of jump-drives. Samantha giddily ran her hands over the drives, randomly ejecting a handful of diskettes. She looked them over in her neatly manicured, and still lubricant soaked, hands. They read:


Samantha threw all but one of the glistening diskettes to the side, “Oh Candy! Your core programming is on diskettes!? You’re just full of surprises aren’t you?”

“Hi! I’m Candy!”

The jump-drives that had held both of the CANDY_PERSONALITY.EXE diskettes were each labeled on top, ‘Personality Diskettes ONLY’. Samantha’s eyes grew wide. Still holding the COITUS (III OF V).EXE diskette in her hand, she shoved it into one of the Personality jump-drives until it slotted in place with a loud CLICK.

White smoke immediately began drifting upwards out of Candy’s exposed head casing. A flurry of bright orange sparks crackled inside, jumping from drive to drive. Simultaneously, a series of loud pops started up within her torso, the violent sounds again being funneled out the hole in her back.

It sounded like a handful of firecrackers had been thrown into her mechanized body.

Samantha watched as Candy’s eyes again crossed themselves as her systems desperately tried to rectify the litany of failures cascading through her chassis. Her lips, eyebrows, eyelids, and cheeks all twitched erratically, pulling inhumanly at incorrect angles.

“Don’t you just-just-just want to fuck me? I’m built to fuck! Don’t you just love my body! I’m perfect. I’m perfect - I’m perfect - I’m perfect...”

Candy grinded her plastic clit harder into the bed, her legs kicking harder and faster in the air behind her.

Laughing, Samantha reached a hand around Candy and grabbed at her breast. She tried to pull the maid’s uniform down but found it was permanently affixed to Candy’s bust with a small set of screws.

“Your uniform doesn’t even come off! My goodness this is just too much! You have even less features than a Barbie!”

“Hi! I’m Candy-Candy-Candy! Don’t you just love”

Samantha leaned in close to Candy’s ear, “Come on Candy, you can get it out. I believe in you. Don’t I just love your...what?

Candy’s eyes uncrossed themselves for a moment and her plastic lips pulled into an alluring smile, “ body!”

Wow, she was like so smart! That was a hard question and she had figured it out all on her own!

Samantha was again reaching her hand into Candy’s open back panel when her audio detection suite picked up on the electronic hum of the door’s keycard reader activating microseconds before it chimed and blinked green. She turned her head, finding the senator walking in.

His eyes were bloodshot, his lips drooped, and his tie hung loosened from his neck.

He was drunk.

Samantha hopped off of Candy’s buzzing chassis and tiptoed over to him.

Without saying a word, she went to work removing his blazer, tie, and collared shirt. Then, embracing him in a thick hug, in which she intentionally pressed her buoyant breasts into his chest, she artfully unlatched his belt, letting his slacks fall to the floor.

As she did this, she could sense his focus shifting to Candy, twitching erratically on the bed.

“Hi senator! I’m Can-Can-Can-Candy! Don’t you like my body?”

The bargain-bot pushed her ass skyward and shook it violently. Candy’s few remaining functional servo motors and software packages were barely holding her together.

The senator broke his embrace with Samantha and slowly walked over to Candy.


Branching Path 1 --> Slurring his speech the senator let out, “Samantha, I’ll have fun with you later tonight. For now, I want you to leave Candy and I alone.”

“Sure thing senator, I’ll just wait outside!”

Candy turned her head and watched Samantha leave the room. Her systems were barely holding on, but her facial recognition suite was still able to quickly match the approaching man’s face with the matching profile of the senator stored within her plastic, carbon-composite chest.

“Hello senator! I’m Candy, don’t you just love my body?”

Stripping out of his undershirt and briefs, the senator casually replied, “Certainly Candy, your body sure is...something else.”

Candy tried to coo in response to the senator’s compliment but all that escaped her lips was a garbled digitized buzzing.

Still laying face down, she repositioned her body so that the senator could more readily see her pulsing hot sex.

Stepping up to the bed, he grabbed the hem of Candy’s skirt and ripped it up around her rib cage, fully exposing her glistening inner thighs and supple plastic cheeks.

Amidst the flurry of error alerts flashing across Candy’s HUD, a new message appeared:


Her blue eyes flashed repeatedly as her systems tried unsuccessfully over and over again to load the executable from the appropriate jump-drive. As the senator entered her from behind, her Main CPU finally located the executable in the incorrect jump-drive.

My diskette directory must be mislabeled. A perfect bot like me should always have full usage of her coital functions. I’ll activate it anyway! I’m going to feel like, so perfect for him!

She activated the diskette and the jump-drive immediately exploded out the back of her cranial casing, taking with it a series of small springs and potentiometers.

The senator, finding himself fully erect, continued to ram himself into Candy’s tight pussy with more and more urgency. The fact that she was falling apart around him only further increased his arousal.

He heard something within Candy’s frame begin to hiss angrily. Again, this only encouraged him to push inside of her harder and faster.

Candy matched his movements as best she could, pneumatically working her synthetic cunt up and down his shaft. The torrents of sexual data-flows were piling up in her Main CPU, grinding her every internal process down to a halt.

She could only manage to part her glossy pink lips in an O shape as repetitive pre-recorded moans escaped from her throat.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!...”

The hissing within her chassis continued to grow louder and louder. Her lubricant pump had emptied the last drops from her reservoir into her slick vagina, and it was now spinning up in a frenzy with no remaining working fluid.

The signal from her lubricant reservoir’s level sensor to her Main CPU, indicating its critically empty level, was lost in the pileup of data-streams in her processing cores.

“I can’t believe how good you feel, you stupid plastic bitch!”

Encouraged by the senator’s words, Candy increased the speed at which she slipped her sex back and forth over his stiff member.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Don’t you just love my-my-my-my body!?”

The senator managed to reply in between grunts, “Yes! I fucking love your body!’

The hissing from inside Candy’s chassis was reaching a fever pitch as her lubricant pump continued running dry, working desperately to move any remaining droplets of lubricant into her synthetic pussy for the senator’s pleasure.

The senator felt himself growing close to orgasm. He tried to hold on for as long as he could, prolonging the sweet sensations as Candy’s mechanized sex masterfully worked his length.

Yelling into the air, he finally erupted inside of her just as her lubrication pump cavitated. Its bearings seized up and its casing came apart in a comical explosion of springs, switches, and circuits. A few of the bearings, now fused together and red hot, jumped out of their race casing and began melting through exposed wiring.

Candy’s face scrunched together monstrously. Every micro-motor that governed her faceplate’s setting pulled at her synthskin covering simultaneously with irregular, choppy movements.

She tried to load her own orgasm protocol but gave up when she couldn’t locate the correct diskette. The same thing happened when she tried to load up details from her espionage diskette.

She knew that she was supposed to do something with the senator tonight, but what was it? Wow, she was such an airhead sometimes!

The senator pulled himself out of Candy and took a few steps back from the smoking, sparking, malfunctioning sexbot.

He put his briefs on and gave her a cheeky smack on the rear.

“That was a good little ride! I’ll probably have to pay off the hotel cleaning team though...”

Candy tried to smile but her teeth just ground into themselves as one of the ultra-hot bearings seared its way through her Main CPU’s protective case and began to sizzle her most delicate circuit boards one by one.

Through unmoving lips she managed one last sentence, “Hi-hi-hi senator! I’m Candy! Don’t you just love my body-body-body-body?”


Branching Path 2 --> Slurring his speech the senator let out, “Samantha, I’ll have fun with you later tonight. For now, I want you to leave Candy and I alone.”

“Sure thing senator, I’ll just wait outside!”

Samantha tip-toed over to the door and popped it open, silently slipping through. Right as the door closed she simulated a sigh of relief. Looking down at her right hand she smiled; she was holding the senator’s phone.

Now, better get this downstairs to the gentlemen from corporate before the senator needs me again…

Samantha pranced towards the elevator, parading her features for all to see. She beamed a magnetic smile; her circuits were flushed with simulated endorphins.

Tonight had gone as well as it could have. She had never felt better about her resilient robotic chassis and state-of-the-art software packages then she had after dealing with that BimBot, Candy.

Ugh! What an utter bucket of scrap!

Add on to that, she had carried out a successful bait and switch with the senator’s personal Samantha-bot. Now, all she had left was to hand off the senator’s phone to the corporate boys and upload her experiences with Candy into the actual Samantha-bot, currently frozen downstairs in her hibernation cycle.

She wondered what her next mission would be? Maybe they’d pair her up with one of the newer Chantelle models? She couldn’t wait to see the internals that made those cheap bots tick. Or perhaps they’d allow her to impersonate an Avant unit of some kind? That would sure be fun…

The options were limitless for a perfect bot like her.

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