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Part one

Claire and Tom was flirting for 3 weeks now. They met 6 month ago when they both entered their second year of college. Since then, they've hanged out in the same group of friends before finally getting closer. Claire lived in a small apartment with her roommate, Gil. Both were in the same college, but Gil was in a different class.

Claire cellular was unreachable since the previous day and she was nowhere to be seen. Tom went to her apartment in the evening, only to find a "to rent" sign at the window.

This afternoon, Tom just entered his apartment ; where he lived alone, paying the rent by small jobs ; when someone knocked at his door. He found Claire, who seemed to be in a hurry, and looking behind her back like someone was chasing her. Her eyes were full of tears.

"Hey ! Can I enter ?"

Tom didn't finished to nod before she slided in his place. Something was definitely wrong. Her clothes were dirty and damaged at some part, and she had with her a backpack full of what looks like all she could carry. She dropped it on the floor and hugged him tightly as he shut the door.

"I was so scared that you'll going out after class..."

"Hum...what do you mean ? And what happened ? Gil and you have moved out ?"

She broke their embrace. Tom seen a dark expression on her face. He noticed that her face was barely cleaner than her clothes, thanks to her tears which was still flowing down her cheeks. She guided him to his nearby bed.

"It's a little more complicated than that... But first I need you to sit..."

He sat on his bed and she started to unbuckle her jeans in front of him...

"Wait ?! what are you doing ? You know that I wait for you to be ready as much as a boy can, but isn't it a little sudd..."

In front of him, just a few centimeter of his eyes, was now her bare pubis uncovered by the fall of her trousers and pants... ...and a small flashing red battery status screen !

"I suppose you didn't wanted 'specially' to show me that you're shaved down there...?"

"Not really," she said with a shadow of a smile, "more that I'm actually not a flesh girl, but an android... More specifically a gynoid, as you can see..."

Tom was shocked but not as badly as she feared him to be. She let him assimilate the information, actually by getting closer of her small pubic screen, which would help him to understand the relative urgent matter she has, with her 7% of battery remaining. She knew him enough to know he's not against her kind, more the opposite, and she knew that she can trust him as he's really a good guy... But she literally exploded the news in front of him, and with the long silence, she began to fear she have to flee from his rejection in the following second...

"So, you being an android and not a cyborg, useless to ask since when, I suppose ? I'd never guess... You look definitively as human as me... Even now !"

"I'm sorry I had to hide it from you, but it's in my directive... I'll totally understand if you ask me to leave..."

"No way ! You're still the one I love since the beginning, whatever you're made of flesh or composite. Now, would you put your pants back up, sit, and tell me what's happening ? ...well, if you have enough juice for that ?"

"I should be ok for the next 3 hours," she said, putting her pants back. "Needless to say, I'll apreciate to plug myself for a few hours afterward..."

"You'll be my guest !"

She wanted to sit next to him, but she realized that her clothes were too dirty not to dirt his bed.

“Just wait a sec while I put some clean clothes.”

She search in her bag and got a skirt and a shirt, and started disrobing in front of Tom. He turn around to let her some privacy.

"Come on Tom! You've just seen my pussy 10 sec ago, it’s not gentleman's time anymore !”

After all, she was still with her undergarment, which is not so new to Tom who have already seen her in swimming suit at the pool. But it confirm to him that she had a gorgeous body.

After putting her new clothes, Claire sat at the side of Tom.

“So… Let’s start from the beginning… Gil and I have been activated 13 month and 4 days ago, as 2 of around 100 Androcorp FAA6x prototype."

"Wow ! I thought that Androcorp was still in the 5 series ? That explain how advance you seem to be"

"Yes, we are, but don’t make me blush while I tell my story… After 3 months of a quiet life made of tests and fraternity in the main laboratory, we've all been dispatched in independent structures who handle real life testing around the country. In our case, RobTest. Gil and I had picked the wrong number by being placed here... After our arrival, at the local depot, we've been hastly shut down for the first time since our activation, and powered up about 3 weeks later, bare naked for no reason, and yelled on as we were nothing but annoying piece of crap. One hour later, we were left with our baggage in front of our appartment... Or what was our appartment... With strict order to not leave it until the start of class. I skip the part when we realized that the electrical installation was barely able to sustain one of us to charge at a time, and all the times we had to do battery marathon waiting for our supervisor to come with a fuse... They seemed to be out of town for several days, we didn't had any checkup or updates before the second day of school."

"They seem to love their job !"

"The worst has to come... So after some boring weeks where we definitely bound Gil and I, we started school. It was so good to socialize with our group of friend, to talk to other people ! The first time I've seen you was an instant crush, but at this time, I thought that I'd marry any guy of my type, as being just two girls for more than half of my life has cost me. Looks like finally you were the only one to do me this effect..."

Tom didn't hesitate to accept her implicit invitation to kiss her, which made her more confidence that revealing her true nature didn't changed his feelings.

"So, at the evening of the second day of school, we finally met our technician : Gregor... He bringed us our laptops and ordered an Internet connection... At last ! We used to borrow an open wifi nearby the first days, but as we were not quite up to date, we prefered to stayed offline to prevent some accident…"

"Better safe than sorry !"

"Exactly… And believe me that when I've seen some of my panel opening on their own when I was taking news from my fellow sisters, it definitely prevent me from taking the risk !"

"One month without update, if their was someone bad on you’re network, you’ll have other problem thant some random panels opening…"

"At this time we didn’t realized it… as we were to be kept up to date weekly since our birth, we weren’t trully concerned about security… Anyway, let’s return to my story. So we met Gregor… He seems nice, at first, but we quickly seen that he was some perverted redneck…"

"Wow ! Unqualified staff, too ?"

"No… not really… I think he was pretty good at his job… Except the fact that he was really really creepy with us… When we were seeing him alone, which was more often the case, he great us with some “slap to the bum”, dirty talk… Nothing too offending, but nothing to put confidence in him… The more annoying thing was that he always started our maintenance session by shutting us down, which was not really in our test protocol… And we really quickly note some weird fact… Let’s say that our sex devices have to be tested sometimes… But every week isn’t in the protocol neither… There were also those missing logs we both noted by time to time… With Gil, we talked about it to talk to the direction of our test company about his behavior, but they didn’t really seems to listen… So we tried to live with it. After all, except for the heavy duty of our material, nothing wrong was made while we were conscious of it… At least we hoped so, until the incident… One of this maintenance night, around 2 months ago, I woke up from a distress trigger from Gil, which should occur only on critical hardware problem on her… I boot up on my bed, naked, with some white fluid on my belly, and I heard the scream of Gil... She was really suffering, screaming at him to stop and to shut her down ! I run at her room and I've seen him still fucking her like he lost all humanity, he was merely anything else than a beast ! Gil had a severe leak in her lady part and was in short circuit, she had all her lower chest circuits melting."

At this point, Claire was visibly in pain to remember the scene, so Tom closed the gap between them and took her in his arms. She let some tears run on his shoulders. After a while, he grabbed a tissue for her.

"You know, there is no rush for you to tell me your story right now... You seems to need some rest and I..."

"No, I need to !" she dried her tears, and prepared to continue. "She didn't even noticed me behind him as she was struggling with pain. So I did all I could do for her : shut her down by her remote program which was on her laptop just behind him. Gil sudden silence didn't stopped him to hammer her, which give me time to call 911 silently... He stopped just as I heard the operator saying a squad was coming, so I returned to my bed and "played dead" waiting for them. They burst through our door just as he was yelling at Gil's laptop when he discovered that she's been shut down properly. That meant that this time he would have been unable to erase her short time memory. Not that he would had the time anyway... When they cuffed him, he knew he was screwed. Even if this state doesn't fully acknowledge our rights, it's still a federal crime to damage a company property like we are considered here... Useless to say that the police officer wouldn't have been in such an urge if I told the operator that we weren't real girls..."

"You know, in this town we're not all against android !"

"I know that in your case, but let's face it, we're in a small town, far from big cities and all of our kind are more seen as soulless Terminators that are here to take all the jobs... Anyway, in the cops case, there's no doubt about it... Imagine the scene : they heard a man screaming, one of the officer forced open our front door with his shoulder (and seemed to have left a piece on it), burst in our place gun first to fight an unknown danger... And then, imagine me, jumping out of my room and yelling "here's the bad guy !", completely naked, and with my main screen panel open letting no doubt to them that they took uncalculated risks to save two piece of hardware dignity..."

Tom and her shared a faint smile to her tentative to un-dramatize the situation.

"In the end, they totally did their job... They placed him directly in jail, covered Gil body and bring her to collect evidence for the trial... But they didn't give me a simple look... ...after I put some clothes,actually... I would've been a microwave, they would have made no difference... I had to go to the police station the next day to file a complaint in this case, and here again, there was a complete change in the agent in front of me when I told him I'm an android... Believe me, you won't like this story..."

"Well... Ok, you made your point... And so it explain the week without Gil and you being so sad at this period"

"Exactly ! After experts analysis, she was sent back to our AndroCorp main lab with the whole story and she only called me, freshed and repaired, the morning of the trial, one week later. Androcorp wasn't aware that our situation was so bad, as they didn't managed to receive a single report from our test company. In the trial, we were helped by an Androcorp attorney that helped to placed Gregor in jail for the longest period of time here : 5 months. This incident changed a lot of things... First, Gil totally lost any faith she had in humanity... Useless to say that she was totally lost for our social test protocol... If it wasn't the case for both of us before. Since that she kept her distance with all of her friend, except me. In my case, of course I've been shocked, but the evaluation they've done to me after the trial told that I'm still ok... Other thing that changed, is that AndroCorp started the procedure to retrieve us from the test company here. But if they didn't seems to be specialized in androids, they are in lawsuit art when it comes to don't get paid... So after the trial, we returned to our apartment without knowing for how long... Gil of course hoped for the shortest, but in my case, I had still something to do here, if you know what I mean", she blinked. "The best change was the replacement of Gregor by Matthew... He's really a good technician who loves his subject of job in a professional way. At last our uptime wasn't broke at each maintenance and it was even a pleasure to have him handle our systems."

"I might get jealous of him..." Tom joked.

"I'm not sure you have the qualification... Yet. But it would be fun to have you maintaining me", she told mid-joking, mid-teasing. "Which brings us to 2 days ago... It was the day of our weekly maintenance, and we received a mail that Matthew could not make it for this night, so we'll just have a remote software maintenance... That meant that this evening, Gil and I had to hooked ourselves to our laptops, and waited for an unknown operator to remotely take control of them. Contrary to Gil, I wasn't pleased to be maintained like this : ok, no physical abuse, but I doubt that this operator had only an idea of how he should take care of us. One of the few times it occurs, actually a few days before we first met Matthew, he, or she or they or whatever, loaded us with some crap apps like a sponsor program, which made us act like advertising bimbo for random stuff..."

"Which explain you're exposé on this chocolate bar, the other day."

"...and it wasn't the worse ! You missed the one I did for a pad... Anyway, we were so full of useless apps, that our batteries barely long a day... Which make me called sick the afternoon to manage to reach the apartment before I run out of juice completely... At least that day, I received a full report of all the little movement any of my muscle or motor did, what was the atmospheric pressure by minute and how far I've been at every moment from the nearest fast food... So, to return to my story, I plugged myself to recharge, as this night it was my turn..."

"They didn't called an electrician to fix this ?"

"Never... But it wasn't so bad as we have an autonomy of around 48 hours in a normal day. She recharge a night and me the other one... There were 3 or 4 occasion where we had to plug a little earlier to stay in optimal condition, but I've never been as low as today except on the "advertisement frenzy day". Anyway ! Plugged to the wall and to my laptop, I waited for the show to start. Of course, I was unable to do anything if I see them installing weird apps to my system. I'm not allowed to touch to my laptop while one of my setting program is open on it, neither can I unplug myself, because my owner ordered me to be hooked to my computer this night for maintenance..."

"Weird to hear you talking of you like that... I can't believe someone own you, it just doesn't feel right !"

"We'll get to this... So I only watch to be sure to tell Matthew the name of all the apps that they install on my system..."

"You're not curious of if they change something to your settings ?"

"No, not at all, it's a part of who I am to be changed. Sure I prefer to have a "stable me", but I live with the rules and sensitivity they set to my AI... It just make a variation of what would be the "average me" with whatever boundary rules they wish me to obey. You have to understand that I may be as sentient as you, I don't have the same definition of "free will" as you as I've been build to be set by others. So... After a while, my laptop did open my maintenance app, and the technician begun to scroll my logs system logs. After a while, he selected my "Mind" tab, and there begun something suspicious... He got to my "Rules" settings and add one with the highest priority, to disallow me from unplugging cable from my data port. Even if they didn't know that I was already bound by their previous order, I've started to be worried and warned Gil that something weird was happening. There was actually no doubt that something bad will happen soon when she get to her laptop to tell me it was on the "owner settings" part and was in the process of removing the current one : RobTest."

"So it wasn't a so bad news ? You're free from them now ?!"

"No, it wasn't ! Yes, they weren't our owner anymore, but knowing them, we directly knew that at best we were sold to someone and won't be given back to AndroCorp ! Seconds after Gil, I've been also set without owner, which is really not a good point in our state..."

"Uh yes ! That stupid law that forbid any robot to be without owner in public places ?"

"Exactly this one that reduce chances that you meet an advanced android like me here... And the worst had yet to come, as I heard Gil suddenly violently protesting and, as suddenly be cut mid sentence. Few seconds later, they went to my "Memory" page and click on the "Erase all memory", before hastily bring the mouse on the "OK" button of what must have been a confirmation box..."

"Damn, they literally tried to killed you remotely without any warning ! You managed to escape from this ?"

"Not exactly, 'cause at this point, It's blackout for me... Actually, after this confirmation box, our AI is suspend, and there's an interactive procedure to execute directly with our main status screen on our chest. If everything goes like I once read, after confirming and typing again IDs with enough privilege for this action, there's a small AI loaded which ask the user to confirm once again the action with a direct eye contact... Just to try to discourage the user to use this procedure. Anyway, they seems to didn't know all of this, 'cause in the morning Matthew canceled the procedure... That was really weird as we're not used to have our AI suspended like this. Usually, when our system shutdown we have time to realize that our consciousness "collapse" and then "rise" when we're reactivated. But there, it's like we jump in time in a nano-second... Knowing that I'm less susceptible to freak out, Matthew re-enabled me first. So my scream reacting that my memory was going to be wiped has been interrupt when I realized that my laptop was off, and Matthew was here, trying to calm me down. It was really awkward at this moment, I took nearly a minute to understand what was happening... And it was still awkward to have my tech here when I was still charging, even if... You know... My body really doesn't have a secret for him... But still, I asked him to check Gil while I unplug myself..."

"Why would you be so embarrassed ? As your tech, he tend to have to charge you sometimes, no ?"

"Well... Do you have an idea where is the recharge port of advanced android like me ?"

"I know that some of the first android had this port at their lower back, but I'm pretty sure to not have seen it earlier on yours... Unless it's hidden by some panel ...?"

"Ok... Did you ever heard of ASPET ?"

"Hum... I heard this before, but have no clue of what is this..."

"ASPET stands for Android Sexual Protocol For Energy Transfert..."

"Oh ! I remember ! But I thought that it wasn't used yet. You have no panel to open to recharge as you can be plugged directly to your pu... Arh... intimacy."

"Exactly... Actually, some gen 3 and every gen 4 and beyond, like me, have this system as unique way to recharge."

"That sound sexy... And perverted in the same time..."

"I see your point, as it touch my modesty, but rationally, it's a smart way to have no panel to open in our every day life. And no panel opening, means less seam usage and so a more reliable waterproof capabilities."

"Still... There are other part of a humanoid body where you could place a "recharge by contact zone"... Won't it be even more efficient if you could recharge by the palm of your feet ?"

"Actually, ASPET is more complete than just a protocol for us to recharge our batteries... It can also have a temporary influence over all my system. The most usual case is that recharge device give us temporary rules that we have to apply to our system during the transaction : what form our sex have to take before insertion (to prevent unnecessary material stress); what pose we have to take while charging if needed; it can also temporary change our directives or even disable our AI until the charge has ended, and/or someone unplug us. So, as it's a pretty critical system, I think it's again pretty smart that it's hidden in a private place."

"It means that anyone can disable you by putting this kind of device at your crotch ?! I'm not sure that the fear of being charged for sexual harassment will prevent certain people to use this..."

"No, not at all ! First, it use a very close field technology that is blocked by literally any tissues placed between two ASPET devices. Second, even if someone slide it in my panties, I normally have to agreed this transaction, having knowledge of all the rules included in it, to make my mind. Only exception is, if it's a device set to be my master plug. ... Or if I was a sleeper, I'll automatically accept any charging request, or temporary restriction without energy transfer and/or disabling. But I'll never accept those last, or transaction where I "give" energy..."

"Give energy ? It's not only in one way ? It means that you can recharge another android ?"

"Exactly ! If this mate is from the same gender, we have to use some kind of adaptor, if you know what I mean... ;) But it's natural in the cross-gender case. We can also use it to powering other devices, even if it's not really common so far. I've seen a vacuum cleaner powered that way recently, but personally I don't really want to give it a try..."

"And you talked about "temporary restrictions without energy transfer" ? Why would you accept them in any case ?"

"Well...To talk with analogy, it's like handcuff for androids... Before this, for example when an android was found lost in some place by the police, they had to power down her or him (gently or the hard way with taser depending of the will of the unit), to be sure that there's no risk of broken handcuff and "overpowered" escape tentative. Came the case of sentient android, which hopefully got the right in certain country or state to not be deactivated so arbitrary... So to help officer, airport staff, and other jobs that require "android control", android manufacturers regrouped to make a first version of what does ASPET today... It was an USB key made to be plug in any android data port, with her/his consent, to background their AI to spectate a small AI of the key taking control over their body and following any order given. This was far from a good solution, as it leads to thousand of abuse from "both sides" : some model have illegal patches to override this behavior, and some USB key wasn't taking only temporary control... That's why, all manufacturers agreed to include a feature of this kind to the protocol that's now in every android with sentient AI. Now, they have a device which looks like a guitar pick that they just have to slide to the android underwear, and the android receive a set of rules that she/he have the choice to accept or not during the time they have this device on their crotch. This device is linked with a remote controller to know if the transaction has been accepted."

"I don't really see the point, if you can reject the device at any moment, how can this serve as handcuff ?"

"We can't reject it at any moment : once we've accepted the transaction, it can only be halted by removing the device for at least a few seconds. Anyway... if you want more information, I'll fetch you a technical manual if you need !"

"Yeah, sorry, I'm just curious."

"No problem ! Now back to my point... As from our birth, we always, except few exceptions, plugged ourself, we consider our charge as part of our secret garden. The symbol of our independence, as most of our kind have rules to prevent them to plug themselves. It's actually a default rules, historically set to keep a master/android based relation. So in our case, having someone entering this private garden is always a little weird... Moreover, when it means that I was visibly bottomless... Anyway ! Enough digression, let's get back to our story..."

Claire slightly moved away from Tom in what looks like a tentative to be more focused on her tale.

"Unfortunately, Gil was just in underwear when she's been freezed in front of her laptop... Which wasn't going to be good for her confidence in human race if Matthew woke her up, so, after having put some bottom, I volunteered to make it myself while Matt wait for us in our main room... As expected, she had her main control screen opened with the confirmation message for her memory wipe... I closed her laptop and turned her head to face me before touching the cancel button. At the moment I've done this, she continued her scream from the last day a sec before realizing I was in front of her. So she jump to cry in my arm even before her main control screen was fully closed. After comforting ourselves, Gil put some clothes and we join Matt which seems to be kind of nervous... Then, he told us that RobTest tried to put him out of town for a couple of days, postponing our maintenance later in the week. But this seems really too suspect, so when he didn't manage to get us by phone, he headed back here... Meanwhile, he got the info that RobTest have already sold both of us to someone who should have picked up us later that day. Than he confessed that he was a sort of an "undercover AndroCorp engineer" who got the job to watch over us... He said that he got a plan to extract us from RobTest, now that they have done a visible mistake. All we had to do was to hide in a hotel room for a couple of days, maybe a week. Once all the evidence regrouped, we could be free to continue in solo here, directly headed by AndroCorp, or start a new life... That was a relief for me, but Gil became even more suspicious, as it was a little too good to be true for her...

"Sound a little too good for me too, seeing you like this today..."

"Actually, I'm still not sure it was the case... But that's not really what happened... Matthew advice us to take some stuff before going quickly. He gave us the hotel address and the name of the reservation, and told us to under no circumstance answer to a call from anybody but him. Then, he hastily returned to his out of town assignation to let the trap closing on RobTest without them noticing. So we packed our stuff, including our laptops, and left our apartment... Just a few minute later, Gil stopped me to share with me her fear : she won't be able to go to this hotel, and she beg me to follow her intuition. Her plan was to exit our state and to go to our nearest neighbor state, which is a lot friendlier with sentient android... To summarize our situation : first, we were currently without owner, which mean that we could be tasered at view at any police control. Two, we had to walk at least 60 miles, as Gil was definitively against the idea to do auto stop because of her "trust in human" issue. So that we'll need to charge at least once in our journey if we started at full charge. Three, Gil wasn't at full charge at all... When I canceled her memory wiped, I notice that she was only at 41%... I argue as much as I could with her about this points and that our better chance to survive was to get to the hotel but she hadn't heard anything... One moment, I analyze the idea of shutting her down to bring her by force to the hotel, or even to leave her go alone... But I just couldn't do any of this to her, so I resign to follow to give her the best chance of success... So, for a start, Gil made us hide deep in the park so no one can see us... And we started what she called our "system optimization"... She asked me to plug her to her laptop to change her administrator password to a new one and removed all other profile. I also disabled her cellular network connection and localization system. After unplugging her, I had to open her main abdominal panel to be sure there was no unknown module or device that could track us. Of course, she proposed to do the same to me and I felt obliged to comply as all I've done to her would be useless if they find us because of me. After dropping our cellphones and payment card, we started our long walk..."

"You should have warned me at this point, you know... I would have helped." Tom said, with a bit of disappointment.

"And what should I've said to you ? Make a story with a good reason for two girls to leave the state ? Even if I could have found a good one, I wouldn't have lied to you..."

"You didn't need to, I would have understand..."

"Would've you really trust me if I've told you this by SMS, or even by phone ? Anyway, at this point, I couldn't have revealed my true nature to you... One of my rule state I can't reveal my true nature to anybody. I could tell you earlier only because that rule has a lower priority than the one to protect my existence. And even with this, believe me, it wasn't easy."

"I guess that's why you revealed so "spectacularly"."

"Exactly ! So... We walked all the morning until noon where we arrived in a small town café. Having Gil battery problem in mind, we took advantage of the crowd to sneak to the restroom where she found an outlet in one of the stall. She could recharge quietly, with me taking a coffee nearby with the little money we had, to watch over any unattended attention... After one hour, as the influence was getting low, we decided it was time to continue before we catch anyone's attention... So we continue our journey, walking at a fair distance of the road to avoid being taken for auto stoppers... It wasn't the most energy efficient, but Gil didn't want that we only catch an human eye... We walked making frequent and frequenter pause so I can check her battery level on her main screen

"Wait... You mean that you're not aware of your own battery level ?"

"Well... Technically, we could, but we weren't set that way : we basically feel that we're tired but we have no detail on the numbers... We don't have all sort of technical schemes of our system in our vision, you know ! We have to rely on our feeling just like you ! Moreover, we had to hide every time for doing this as there's no way to open this screen discreetly..."

"Hum... Don't tell me that you can't open your panels by ourselves just by thinking about it ?!"

"Again, technically, we could... But we're set by default to have absolutely no control over our own panels or screens... Even more, we're restrained to open them manually only in emergency case..."

"So basically, you couldn't open your main screen right now if I ask you to ?... Just to check how's your battery !"

"I caught you, techno-pervert ! ...but you're right, I can't. Wanna try to open it ?"

"Of course ! I'm really concerned about your battery, and I'll be really a "caught techno-pervert" if I looked under your skirt to watch on it..."

"Which tell me that you have no clue on how to operate a gen4+... You have to know that you can interact on our system by pressing two places of our bodies at the same time. With this, you can open our panels, our screens or even shut us down. Actually one of this place is constant, and it's right between my legs..."

"What ?! Your designer are the true techno-pervert !"

"Haha ! I see your point, but once again, it makes sense : it's the safer spot to place such an important switch ! You actually have to slide two fingers under my crotch and press hard at the both side of it, on my perineal body... Just between my asshole and my vagina, if you prefer."

"Hum... It's weird... There's a risk of you to trigger it just by masturbating, or just in some sexual position, no ?"

"No, you'll see it when you'll try, it's hard to trigger if it's not by a hard pression from the tips of your fingers... It's possible to press it through small tissues like my panties, but if I wear regular trousers or shorts, it's practically impossible to reach by the outside, which protect us from the random guy to deactivate us without a fight. So, for the other place to touch simultaneously, like every panel, you'll just have to press on it. In that case a few centimeters under my collarbone, here, on my sternum.", she pointed just over the neckband of her shirt. Just in case you press it accidentally, but please take care to NOT do it, my ON/OFF switch is my left nipple. Same for my "pause" which is on the top of my head. But I trust you that you won't touch anywhere else, will you ?"

"Of course not ! You're my Claire !"

"Happy to hear it ! Ready to give it a try ?"

She get on the bed on her knee in front of Tom, pulling her skirt to her belly and spreading her legs, letting him have a full view on her stripped panties, even allowing him to see through the light of the small screen he've seen earlier.

"Are you sure you have no problem having me doing this ?"

"If it's you, that's ok !"

She bite her lip while trying to look sideways to make him more comfortable. That was a gambit for her, as now she was really vulnerable... He positioned himself in front of her and slide his right hand under her crotch, trying not to grind on the tissue, and begin to probe around the indicated place...

"Just a little further...", she try to guide him without showing that his touch was affecting her more than she thought, "Ok ! Now spread your fingers a little more and press hard, you should feel a click when you're in... Ah... ! Again a little further... Yes ! You should be on it !"

Tom did felt a click on the left, as much as he felt that she wasn't cold at all at his touch. He could swear that his clumsy fingers aroused her as much as him. But it wasn't the time to go this way, so he focused on his right index to finally click on the second spot. Claire didn't seem to acknowledge he was at the right place, but he tried anyway to move his left hand to press on her sternum. Suddenly a blue rectangle glow around his left finger for a second, and has he released his hands, this skin rectangle slided down under her chest to reveal her main screen. Than the screen move at her skin level and seems to close all gap except for a small blue button in the center-bottom of the screen. She was now only at 6%, and except a small square of her body status, all her screen was glowing red to emphasize this information and its consequences.

"Hum... You're at 6% now, and it says that you may have memory corruption if you're not plugged soon... Are you sure you don't want to charge ?"

"No, not yet, I have to finish what I've started or it won't matter if I'm charged again."

"Well it matters to me !"

She paused for a moment and smiled to him, but tried her best to keep her serious look.

"So let me continue... Now you understand why it was complicated to watch her battery level, even more when she had a jean and I had always to slide my hand in it to trigger her screen opening... Anyway... Hey ! Stop looking at my screen all the time, that's disturbing ! Just close it, so your eyes don't get caught : press the blue button."

As Tom did it, the screen gone black and disappear the same way he appeared, letting her skin without any clue of it 2 seconds later.

"Thank you ! And so, we walked like this until the end of the afternoon and she got under 20%. We planned to wait the night to get some occasion to recharge quietly in a 24/7 business, with hopefully not too much late customers... As we were at around 5 miles from a city, it was a good place for us to wait discreetly for the darkness."

"Why not having done the same plan that at noon and sneak in a restaurant at the benefice of the crowd ?"

"I proposed it, but Gil denied 'cause we have too much chance to get boy's attention... She feared that we met some sticky guy that won't stop following us until her battery goes too low... So she napped to preserve the best she can her battery, and I watch over her until around 8…

Two hours later, after searching for a functioning outlet in several gas station without success, we arrived at the city. Soon we found an open laundry without anybody with a calm surrounding… and there were plenty of functioning outlet there ! We took the advantage of an out of sight side of the laundry to change our clothes to something more convenient for recharging, with the less sex appeal possible to avoid unnecessary attention. Gil put a dress that was long enough to hide her ankle, but I personally have nothing better than a skirt like this one, which as you can see, make too much of my legs visible. So I prepared a blouse to try to hide the best I can. Gil was now below 10%, as she felt her pubic screen panel slide under her underwear. Before you ask, it opens automatically at 10% without us being able to close it, but it’s not so bad as its normally out of sight under our clothes… In the other hand, the 5% level is a bit more complicated to hide, as it's the turn of our main panel to open without notice… And it’s not so easy to hide in this season… So Gil plug herself and I helped her to hide her cable to the outlet behind her bag. Sat where she was, there was no way to guess she was charging. I had some hesitation to plug myself at the same time, mostly because I wasn’t sure that we’ll stay alone for a long time, and also partly because I was a little concerned that I blow the fuse if I charge beside her… But after preparing my own spot like her by hiding the cable the best I could, I insert my charging device in me.”, she told with a wink, knowing she was touching a sensible cord of Tom.

“Stop it with this techno pervert thing already ! It’s not because it might be partially right that I don’t see you as you’ve always been to my eyes… Beside, I want to stay focus on your story ! ...but just… You can sit while having ...hum.. your device in you ?"

"Of course we can, there’s not much of the "dildo" who stay outside of me, actually. And the cable isn’t so thick that it’s not a problem. I hope to have the occasion to show it to you, Mister non-techo-pervert. So we charged quietly side-by-side, for around 2 hours, making some low chit-chat to looks like two girls who was taking advantage of the lights and the wind cover… Until, 3 guys passed in front of the laundry and saw us… They were so close to missed us, but one of them turn his head at the bad time... First, they tried to start a conversation… They seems from the beginning pretty bad guys, and Gil harsh talk only tend to make them more aggressive… One of them sat in front of us, at around 3 meters, and the 2 others turn around us. We repeatedly told us to go away, but that was nothing we could do… They rapidly begun to bully us, starting to talk about the dirty thing they could do with us… We told them that if they didn’t stop right away, we would call the police and scream to the neighborhood… Which make them think a second… ...before one of them pulled my blouse away. As expected, seeing my leg made them whistle, but the cable clearly exiting from my skirt lead the guy in front of us to discover that we were hiding something from them... He jumped on me to spread my legs to take a better look… And I was defenseless to show them my pussy, the head of my charging device exceeding from it, and moreover my pubic screen indicating my charging status… They realize instantly that I was just a robot for them to play with. I struggled to get him off me, but one of his two pal grabbed my arms to restrain me, as the other dive under Gil dress to confirm their suspicions. The guy at my crotch started to touch my pubic panel, hopefully that could just browse my charging statistics, and then to feel what he could, from my legs to my clitoris. Once again, I was lucky that my charger disables my sensors down there, as he was far from gentle... But this point was compromised as he pressed, involuntary I suppose, the "eject" button of my charger, and its restrictions had only a few seconds to live... At this point, I was totally in shock of what was happening to us... The only issue coming was them disabling us, before selling our piece to the black market... This guy had a direct access to so much of my sensitive parts, in every senses of the word... My pubic panel was closing before his eyes, when Gil surprised me to be the first to react. She suddenly scream to alert our owner who were "certainly coming back to us right now"... She yelled at the guy between my leg that damaging one of us would automatically send them in jail as we could not forget their faces now. Her tone was very impressive, and that made the two other guys backing a little, so I had the opportunity to push back the first guy who was commenting that my "screen totally vanished without a seam", and who didn't seemed frightened at all from Gil threat. Nevertheless, he backed too and they begun to debate of our fate. It was really surrealist to hear them... We're used to be considered as regular flesh girl, but for them, we were nothing else than some good they've just have found. They talked like we weren't in the room, without even paying attention to not call their mates by their name... The guy who looked under Gil dress was the more moderate. His name was Jack, called us "dolls" and proposed the first to shut us down and to bring us home so they can quietly work to dismantle our bodies. The second, Wyat, used to name us "fuckin' robots" and was more for the idea to enjoy our deactivated bodies once at home... And the last, but not the least, was Doug, who was determined to reprogram his "new sex toys" with his father's taser. Lots of fun, isn't it ?"

"Hum... I'm a little out of word right now... Don't tell me that Gil is..."

"No no ! We have escaped them without damages ! Sorry to make you worry about Gil by being so descriptive about it, but the words just have to flow for me to heal..."

"No problem ! But glad to hear this, even if you spoiled me your own story."

"So now that you're more at ease, I continue... After less than a minute, they conclude that they first have to toggle our power switch if they wanted to bring their loot at their place without problem. Wyat, who visibly was only aware of the original Asimov's laws, tried the first move : "Robots ! I order you to tell us how to shut you down !" ...Too bad for him that he was neither our owner nor from any authorities... We both kept staring them disapprovingly, searching desperately for a plan to escape, implying unplugging quietly, grab our mandatory stuff and run from them. Jack tentative to disable us helped us a little as he pulled our chargers from their outlet, having only as effect to stop Gil charge... And soon, for her to join me in the joy of having what was no more than a dildo deep in her, and with all her vaginal sensors back online... Like it wasn't already hard enough ! Anyway, it also meant that we could flee, literally "tail between legs", at the first opportunity.

Finally, Doug tried his chance by pushing my head down and looking behind my ears and hairs for a secret switch. As there's none and we both screamed to protest, he backed off quickly, returning to his facing chair, furious, and tried to think a little... And he found an idea : he ordered Jack to search, on his smartphone, common ways to "shut down a robot". Despite the fact that I doubted he would have found rapidly with those keywords, I had to act now before he fell on something... So I execute the plan which had the more chance to let Gil escape. I'll try to keep all their attention for as long as I could ! I've started to slowly stand, not to alert them. Taking care to not readjust my skirt, I slowly pulled my, looong, charger from my intimacy and to delicately bring it to my lips... I licked the tips who was covered with my own synthetical juice, before putting it sensually in my mouth almost entirely. At this point, I had all their attention... Like yours ! The next phase was a little more tricky... I put my charger back on my sit, always with the most seductive moves I could, and I approach Doug while removing my sweatshirt, exposing my bra. I spread my legs to sit on his lap, moving my bare crotch to be against his unfortunately fully erect manhood, which made me thanks his jeans for its protection, and I whisper in his ear : "If you want, you just have to examine my body, if it can motivate you to activate me again at a more comfy place...", she repeated with the sexiest voice Tom as ever heard.

"Wow ! What ?! You literally give yourself to him to save Gil ?!

"I didn't have a better plan to get their attention" she answered jokingly. "And actually, my move was focused on protecting my weak spot... Even if I still feel dirty from that moment, it was the safest I could do, as my perineum was out of reach. On the other hand, as you guessed, that expose me to a lot of groping... And the less that I could say is that Doug and Wyat didn't hesitate... They tear my skirt and my bra off, and also my shoes and socks. I was now totally naked with two pair of hand searching for any anomaly on my skin. Meanwhile, Jack who was distracted but still committed to his task, found a site referencing shutdown methods by brand and model... So he asked them to find my serial number... Which they had no risk to find..."

"Oh ? I thought that you must have a visible serial number ?!"

"Exactly ! But nothing force us to make it visible to everybody."

She unzipped her skirt and made it slide a little with her panty to reveal her upper left leg, at the same level of her crotch. Slowly, a bar code faded in with her serial number, her brand and her model.

"It's the only special thing that I can control on my body... Not the best superpower, is it ?", she slide back her bottom and zipped up her skirt again.

"I have the ability to hide it as it's shown by default if I'm unpowered for example... Pretty handy at the beach or in situation like this... So... I was there, playing horny to pay us the more time I could, and they was definitely enjoying the show... They really felt all my skin and groped my breast a thousand times, and even licking it, to be sure it doesn't reveal my main switch or at least my user manual... It was really horrible, and I was starting to become really desperate as I wasn't seeing any issue... All that made me continue at this point was the idea that it could help Gil to escape... At some point, much more quickly than I hoped, Jack said he found a "top 5 common ways to shutdown a rogue robot without damaging it". The first was already checked, as it was the neck panel ; second was "under the armpits"... And the third was the right one... I think that when I heard it, I couldn't hide my reaction... Doug was even more smiling when he asked Wyat to get me up... He completely blocked my arms behind me, and I was now as vulnerable as never, just a sec away of being supposedly turned off forever... It was really scary and I couldn't play my role anymore as I was now too busy to scream, cry and beg them to stop... Doug slided his hand on my lower lips, without the care you had, despite me crossing my legs the best I could from being pulled by behind, and put his other hand on my left breast... Suddenly, Gil screamed : "I called the police ! You gonna visit the jail for what you're doing to her, fucking pervs !". All three of them turned to her, hopefully stopping all other movements, to confront her obvious lie... Which it wasn't, as I really hear a couple of sirens coming at a perfect timing ! A second later, I was still in shock and naked in the center of the room, but free from all of their touch as there were already outside the laundry. I turned to see Gil only to see her throwing me some clothes and whispering me hastily to hurry. I literally jumped on my jeans and shirt, and she was already pushing me outside with my backpack, just before the two patrol cars arrived... And passed at full speed in front of us... I didn't had time to realized it before Gil told be to run the faster I can at the opposite direction of our former dickhead friends...

Part two

"We ran for around a mile before we caught our breath behind a battlement, making sure there was no trace of our former aggressors while we changed back to some more efficient clothes for walking. There, Jill told me what she did... Actually, while I was freaking out for her to be frozen in panic, she was already scanning our neighbourhood for an open Wi-Fi... She managed to find a poorly secured one and brute forced it even before the time my charger got off. So she started to scan this network for any activity and found someone browsing the web at that exact moment to something like, so she tried to yell to get some attention from a potential friend... But as she finished her yell, as the user was still browsing, it seems that he was too far away or didn't care...”

"Wow! You can do that?! Hack into a Wi-Fi network and scan the network activity?!"

"Personally, I don't! I stay as far as I can from connecting to unknown network since my ‘accident’. So far that I didn't even think about trying to do so! On her side, Jill never gave up on her wireless capabilities, and was even hacking all of our neighbourhood for fun... She was even doing it more and more after Gregor, for some reason. So after her first fail, she gathered as much data on the local opportunities before making some plan... As I was in a critical situation, she started the more ‘aggressive’ plan she had when they started to tear my clothes. She found a bank where the fastest way for the nearest police station was passing in front of the laundry, and managed to remotely start the alarm. It was risky, but everything went as she planned. Unfortunately, they didn't seem to let us go, as we spotted them at a distance, still searching for us. We even saw them in a car at one point. So we hastily quit this city to not risk failing on them again. At this point, Jill's battery was at 20%, just enough to reach the next city to find another charging spot. When we got far enough to the city, I insisted on sharing some power with her, but she refused, giving the reason that I could always shut her down and hide her somewhere until I found a power source, which would give us more time to search than the two of us sharing the 52% I had. It was dark and without our smartphones, we were without light. But thanks to the near full moon, we could guess what was in front of us. So we kept walking at a short distance from the road, not even periodically checking her battery level, as we had no other choice to get to this city anyway. After a little more than three hours, her main panel opened, announcing she was at 5% a little sooner than expected... We were now close to the next city, so we kept our way with her keeping her screen hidden as best she could. We were getting close to the city limit when I suddenly heard Jill heavily fall on the ground. She had fallen face first and her arms were still along her body...and she wasn't moving at all..."

Claire’s eyes were now full of tears and Tom cuddled her to cheer her up.

"I turned her, removing her backpack and she had this blank stare in her eyes... She didn't seemed to have a visible scratch on her face, but something was terribly off... I checked her main screen and it was flashing red indicating a power problem which prevented her A.I. from coming back online! I screamed at her to come back... it would do anything... Then I tried to act to help her come back. First I pulled her bottom to have access to her triggering spot and in case I have to charge her. Then I try to reboot her. It was pretty long as her A.I. had crashed, her systems were attempting to restore any recoverable memory it could get, which made me wait more than two minutes... To see her blink and crash again, always with her power management system unable to get her A.I. online. I tried to power her down completely, wait a minute and switch her on again, and make profit from the two minute wait to drag her against a tree where I was able to get the most light I could. When she once again crashed after having only slightly opened her mouth... Then, I tried to pull her sweater over her breast to have access to her belly panel. I had to check her power management system, to see if any of her cable were unplugged during the fall… Of course, inside her, it was even darker and I couldn't see a thing, even powering her to have some of her inside LEDs. I forced myself to open my own main screen to have a little light, but I couldn’t manage to see any loose cables or circuits… She could have a broken link in her body, but I needed tools that I didn't have to investigate further anyway. So my best guess was that for some reason her battery output wasn't enough to maintain her online. So I tried to disconnect her legs to gain a little more power, just to see if she can boot like this and to tell her we have no other choice than share some battery… But just after I triggered her boot sequence, a red and blue light flashed at the corner of my eyes and took my attention. I didn't realize until then that we were so close from the first habitations, so close from the road, and that I put Jill at the roadside where her flashing red screen could not be missed! The police car was far enough for me to escape, but I couldn't do a thing for Jill, so I ran cowardly for my life. I closed my main screen and tried to see the scene at a distance… They actually illuminated their searchlight, searching around for a while before getting to her level, so I guess that my stupid screams must have worried some neighbours who then called the cops... When they saw her with their light, the car quickly stopped and the two officers ran to her, guns out, before noticing that the hole in her belly, and the screen on her upper chest, clearly indicated that she wasn't human at all... To be fair, from where I was, out of range to hear what had been said, they seemed to be nice guys. Jill finally seemed to have come back to life, and somehow convinced them that despite being bottomless and having her belly panel open, no one was around assaulting her, or even giving her a hand, because they didn't try to search anyone else. For what I had seen, they talked a little and then one of the officers gently reached inside her and visibly disconnected her battery, as she clearly powered down without resistance. After that, they put her belly panel back in place, same for her trousers with a respect I didn't expect. Finally, they put her in the back of their car with her stuff and returned to the city where they came from... And that's how I let my sister die, while she saved my life until her end!"

She burst in tears in Tom’s embrace after this long story that she struggled to finish. But Tom didn't quite understand her last words.

"Why do you say that? Not everybody's a jerk to androids, you know? I'm sure they just took her to the police station where she had been given a full charge!”

"And in that case, they've already scanned her, realized that she has no owner, and wiped her memory and torn her in pieces!"

"Even if an android without owner was given that treatment, which I doubt is being the case even in this state, I'm sure that it won't be before at least some investigation! Listen, let's give them a call, they'll tell us what's going on for her!"

"I'd be so relieved if you're right..."

Tom swiftly searched on his smartphone for the police station of the city where Jill was supposed to be, and called their number.

"Hi! I'm an AndroCorp representative and I'm looking for a lost android that you may have spotted last night... Hum hum, please... Her name's Jill... Oh perfect, great news!... Perfect! Thanks a lot! We'll take care of it... Oh... Ok. ... Ok! See you tomorrow! Bye!"

He hung up and gave a light Claire a wink: "Apparently, I make a perfectly credible AndroCorp representative!"

"Come on! What's the news!"

"Well, when she arrived at the police station they plugged in her battery back, reactivated her and, after a quick examination from their own ‘android staff’, they charged her. Bad news is they didn't catch why her legs weren’t functioning... I suppose that they don't handle models they don't know. ...and they deactivated her as the standard procedure, but everything seems ok for her! I'll tell them we'll get her tomorrow as their android service was closed for the day... But they didn't even mention that she was anything illegal! We'll just have now to have you reconcile with Matthew for him handling this..."

"You think he could be mad at us?” she told with a childish look, regaining her natural cheerfulness now she knew her friend was out of danger.

"Haha, we just have to give him a call to know..."

"We'll do, but in a few moment, we have to settle something first!"


"Well, after Jill being ‘captured’, I had several choices in front of me: To continue the journey I started with her, get to another state and reach the nearest AndroCorp maintenance centre: as a prototype which has been freed of any owner, I would be assigned to an AndroCorp job where I could earn my life and live freely as a self-owned unit. Or I could get in touch again with Matthew, and, contrary to Jill, I'm pretty sure it would end up with the previous conclusion. My last viable choice was to get back to your apartment with approximately all my remaining energy (literally) to put my freedom in your hands, because it's the only way I can stay with you for sure.

"Wow, I'm flattered! ...But what do you mean?"

"As my nature could have been compromised in this region, AndroCorp would've never allowed me to stay here with you, and..."

"I've understood this part, but I may have missed the part of ‘putting your freedom in my hands’."

"Oh! That one!" she answered sheepishly, "I talk about giving my ownership to you! As a freed prototype, I can also give up my freedom indefinitely to an important person. But the question is... Am I an important person for you too?"

Tom embraced her and whispered in her ear: "Of course you are! I fell in love with you at the very first sight!"

Then he released her a little to look her in the eyes: "It's just that I'm a little afraid of all it means! Even after seeing your screens, I can't see you for anything else than the girl I love. So I'm a little concerned of not getting the full understanding of what owning you means, as I want our relation to stay on an equal basis and not in some owned/owner schemes..."

"That doesn't need to change anything! It's not because you'll have my root password that you'll have to alter my personality or give me orders! It's just a way for us to stay together..."

"I rationally understand that, it's just that it's a little shocked for me right now.... I'm really sorry to bring the subject, but you know that, materially speaking, you’re giving me a multi-million dollar gift... And I don't know if I'll be able to pay for the maintenance you'll need!"

"No offense taken. I realize it's a sensitive point, but actually, as I'm a prototype, I'll get free support, clothes, accessories, and even a little money for extras, from AndroCorp for a two year period starting the day you get my ownership. I'm not aware of all the details, but you'll have to sign a contract to settle this. And in fact, "materially speaking", my dollar value might be legally close to zero for you, in this period, as you'll be forbidden to sell any of my pieces or accessories."

"So I won't really own you, actually?! That's a lot simpler!"

"There will be no real differences besides not being able to sell me for these two years. After that, I'll be yours completely, like you've bought me for real. Since then, I should hopefully find a job to pay for my own maintenance, so I might even earn some money for us! "

"I'm a bit confused... I'm not complaining, but what's AndroCorp's interest in allowing this?"

"Well... I don't really know... I suppose that their cost enters in the real life field testing? You might learn more with the contract..."

"Even if I had to do a daily report, it would be too good to be true, actually..."

"So...Do you want me to be your personal artificial companion?"

"Totally! How could I refuse to stay with you?!"

Claire jumped on Tom to give the deepest kiss they've ever shared.

"I was so scared you’d reject me!"

"Don't be silly, I love you so much..."

Their embrace continued for minutes, hotter and hotter. Slowly, Tom's hand slid from her back to her lower back and was reaching some softer part when suddenly, they were interrupted by the sound of her main panel opening between her shirt's neckband and her neck.

"Looks like I reached the 5%..."

"Indeed! Your screen sounds alarming... Maybe we should recharge your batteries now?"

"That's not so bad, I can wait until I'm yours. We'll just need to plug me to my laptop so I can access my settings, and it'll be done in a minute."

She searched inside her bag and pull out a thick white cable.

"First, help me open my data port panel, under my right boob." she showed him the point where to press on her shirt, "You know where the other spot is now", she said blinking.

"Not to be rude, but shouldn't you take off that shirt for better access?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't want to show you my inner parts for now..."

Tom was a little confused by that sudden shyness of her true nature, but respected her will. He pressed his fingers between her legs and pushed the spot that she had indicated. A small sound of a sliding panel escaped after he released his pressure. Claire slid her hand under her shirt with the cable to plug in to herself. Then, she grabbed her laptop, put it on her lap and plugged the other end into it while it was booting.

Tom was amazed to see various windows opening indicating that a connection was establishing between his more-than-a-friend, and this computer. Tom briefly saw a window with a nude torso overlay of Claire, some of her info, and what seemed to be a duplication of her main screen panel screaming for her to be charged, before she minimized it and opened what seemed to be her main settings program.

"Can you turn around while I type my password, please?"

Tom complied, and once she had finished typing, saw her access the "owner settings" tab, which was asking for an internet connection.

"Wait a sec, I'll grab you the post-it with my Wi-Fi password. My brother helped me set it up, and made it pretty long."

"The longer the better!"

She typed the password, which made Tom realized that she made much less keystrokes for it then her previous precious password. Tom was putting the post-it back when Claire's laptop finally had online access.

"Uh oh... It's seems that I've been declared stolen..."


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