Can't Sleep

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Brenda lay in the bed staring off into space, one end of her charging cable plugged into the port in her hip, the other end into the wall outlet. Normally during the night, she goes into a hibernation mode, much like a computer does, in which all of her systems go dormant unless a disturbance is detected. For some reason tonight, she could not remain in sleep mode as her CPU consistently seemed to be giving her errors whenever she tried to enter it. Had she picked up a virus while she was out with the other girls tonight? She had been dormant for about 2 minutes when her field of vision came back online.

Hibernation Deactivated....

"Shit....what the hell is wrong with me?" she processed as her systems were coming back online

Entering Human Emulation... . Her mannequin still body jerked back to life as she re-entered Human Emulation. Her CPU began to compile a list of system diagnosis information. One by one the diagnosis protocols entered her field of vision:

Core Central Systems...Model SX-3900...Loading Model Info... Designation: Brenda Roberts....Emulated Age: 27 Measurements: H: 5'7" Weight:125lbs...36d-22-33 CPU Type: CCS Hypercore Processor....Test OK! System Age: 0yrs...6mos...22days...12hrs...14min...27sec Last Config: Human Emulation: NightOut.EXE...No Errors Current Batt Life: 71% Power Mode: Charging....

Brenda needed to know what was going on inside of her. She could just run while tethered to the wall to charge to capacity, its not like she needed sleep, but the Human Emulation programming made her system feel that it needed it. Besides, its less of a strain on her electrical system, not to mention the CPU, if she charges while dormant or off. She decided to perform a system analysis. Although time consuming, the analysis would completely test her system to capacity.

Loading SysAnalysis.EXE.... Testing CPU.......OK! Testing HDD.......OK! Testing RAM.......OK! To begin Motion Test, the system must leave Human Emulation and enter Service Mode, leave Human Emulation? Y Begining Motion Test....

Instantly Brenda's body became rigid. Her arms both slowly flexed and jerked to a stop in perfect 'L' shapes. As if doing an effortless sit-up, her torso slowly raised and like her arms jerked to a stop at a perfect 90 degree angle to the mattress. Her head turned slowly to the left and slowly to the right, jerking to a stop at each change of direction. Then it tilted in each direction. Once the head completed, the arms began to move first each arm moved at the shoulder, slowly pivoting and rotating, then at the elbow, her head remaining perfectly still staring straight ahead. Once complete they returned to their default position. Her whole torso began to twist, taking the rest of her tested limbs with it. After only a moment, it also returned. As it stopped, slowley her right leg began to raise and bend at the knee. She took notice of the fact that she still had her high heels on from being out earlier. Aside from that, only her black lace bra holding her d cup breast and matching thong had made it with her to bed. As left leg straightened out and found the mattress, her field of vision updated.

Motion Test...OK! Human Emulation loaded....

Brenda's arms fell naturally behind her. She arched her back while she balanced on her palms, which caused her breasts to perk up as the System Analysis continued.

SysAnalysis will now scan for Viruses.............None Found!

SysAnalysis will begin test the Human Emulator by running the default programs, this will cause the system to do things unprompted by external stimuli....continue? Y Loading Program Professional.EXE

Brenda tilted her head and smiled naturally, she extended her hand as if to shake someone's hand.

"Hi....I'm Brenda Roberts...its nice to meet you!" she said aloud as if she were rehearsing for a job interview. She nodded as if she were listening intently.

Program OK! Loading Program CsSvc.EXE

Her head cocked up. "Thank you for calling CCS...This is Brenda...How may I help you?" she again said aloud to no one, as if she were answering a call.

Program OK! Loading Program BFF.EXE

She turned to her right to greet someone. "Hey Claire...where we headed?"

Program OK! Loading Program Tired.EXE

Her expression changed, suddenly she looked like she had just worked out. She just heaved in and out, her breasts rising and falling with each synthetic breath.

Program OK! Loading Program Seductress.EXE

"Mmmmmm......" She moaned and caressed her breasts, eyes closed. Seductively she opened them to stare at someone she would be trying to seduce while licking her lips.

Program OK! Loading Program NightOut.EXE

Brenda slid out of bed and stood, in high heels and underwear as if she was still in service mode. Suddenly she began to dance the most convincing Robot, although being a robot certainly helps with that. Jerky movements...crossed eyes....and finished with a power down bending to 90 degrees ath the hips. Then she straightened up..."Whew!....I need a drink!" she said.

Program OK!

Brenda couldn't figure it out. All systems tested ok except for the final test she had yet to run. "One more to go....then I guess I'll just have to shut myself down, if I can't enter Hybernation Mode. At least this one's..."

System Analysis interrupted her. Brenda went back to laying in her bed. Her eyes closed. Her legs spread into a perfect split.

Converting chassis to Intercourse Mode Loading Program Horny.EXE

Brenda's nipples became erect. She began to rub her hands up and down her body. Her pussy moistened itself. Her right hand slid down and rubbed it outside of her thong. She breathed heavily and moaned. With her left, she managed to reach around to her back and unclasp her bra. Freeing her perfect breasts she began to play with her nipples.

Loading Program Sex.EXE Searching for Mate........None Found Unable to locate suitable mate, engage self-stimulation? Y Loading Routine Masturbation.EXE

Brenda's hand slid under her thong. She shoved her middle finger deep inside of her pussy, and used her thumb to play with her clit. "Ohhhh....Mmmmmm" she let out. She was losing herself but System Analysis continued to monitor her functions.

Fluid Levels.....Optimal Hydrolics.....OK Arousal Level.....98% CPU Usage.....98% Internal Temp.....Optimal...Equivalent to Human 98.6 degrees... System Prepared for Climax. WARNING: Climaxing under current conditions may cause malfunction or temporary system freeze...engage Climax? Y Orgasm Initiated

Brenda screamed. The orgasm sent surges of electricity throughout her body. System Analysis reported everything that was going on. Her body writhed through the orgasm.


Then a strange message:

System Arousal and CPU usage parameters matching an earlier configuration, load video? Y Video will cue....System has initiated a Reboot Sequence...System Shutdown....

Brenda's power shut down. Her body froze relaxed on the bed hand still in her thong, the other clutching at one of her breasts.

Core Central Systems...Model SX-3900...Loading Model Info... Designation: Brenda Roberts....Emulated Age: 27 Measurements: H: 5'7" Weight:125lbs...36d-22-33 CPU Type: CCS Hypercore Processor....Test OK! System Age: 0yrs...6mos...22days...13hrs...2min...38sec Last Config: Human Emulation: Sex.EXE Masturbation Routine...CPU OVERLOAD! Current Batt Life: 80% Power Mode: Charging....

Her body jerked back to life. She loaded the video that her system cued earlier.

Video Log Timecode: 0yrs...6mos...22days...10hrs...11min...4sec

Video from earlier that night ran in her field of vision. She was looking at the floor. Suddenly a hand caressed her butt grazing against her pussy lips through the short skirt she had been wearing. She turned to make eye contact with the owner of the hand. It was Claire's.

"Mmmmmm...." Brenda moaned. She let out a little giggle.

"Damn you do that so good! How do you do that?" asked Claire.

"Its simple...I'm a robot." responded Brenda with a smile.

"Haha...that'd be awesome!" Claire laughed. "I gotta tell you...that shit is HOT!"

"What do you mean?" asked Brenda.

"When you move like a robot...I don't know...something about" Claire gulped a sip of her drink. She moved in closer to Brenda. "Sometimes I fantasize about being with a perfect lover....a robot. Could you imagine?" Suddenly Claire stiffened up and acted robotic. "" she said in monotone "let'!"

"Yeah that is pretty hot!" said Brenda. She changed over to System Maintenance Mode. "Can...I...have...a...kiss?"

Claire dived on her. The two kissed passionately....robotically.

End Video.

Brenda snapped back to life. She sat up in the bed still topless. Suddenly she realized why she was so restless after checking her log. Something her sensors had picked up.

Open Front Access Panel WARNING: Opening an access panel can only be done in System Maintenance Mode...change mode and proceed? Y Leaving Human Emulation Entering System Service Mode

Brenda's body became rigid again.

Opening Front Access Panel

Suddenly a seam appeared in Brenda's skin, from just below her breasts to just below her naval. The panel spilt down the middle slid into her sides. She jerked up out of her bed and looked at her open panel in the mirror. Lights inside flashed various colors as neatly organized wires made their way throughout her insides, all of which was protected by a chrome ribcage. As she looked at herself she began to run programs.

Converting chassis to Intercourse Mode Loading Program Horny.EXE Loading Program Sex.EXE Searching for Mate........None Found Unable to locate suitable mate, engage self-stimulation? Y Loading Routine Masturbation.EXE

Brenda's nipples grew hard again. Her pussy moistened again and she went for it robotically. Her hand slowly jerked down to her pussy. The other pinched her left nipple. She moaned in monotone. Her internals lit up. Her CPU went to work.

Save Current Configuration Saving......Name current configuration: Fembot Fantasy Mode Fembot Fantasy Mode Saved

Brenda had a network cable located near where her charging port was to download updates or other information. She attached it to a port in her open panel.

Contact Claire


"Hello...Claire..." Brenda said in monotone.

"Brenda? Hey...I was just thinkin about're still on that robot thing huh? See? Told ya!" responded Claire.

"" said Service Mode Brenda.

"Mmmmmm....that sounds like fun! I'm super horny rite now from that kiss earlier too! I'll be right there! You know I'm only across the street." said Claire


Claire changed to monotone "Affirmative...stating unit diagnosis information..."

"Core Central Systems...Model SX-3900...Designation: Claire Thomas....Emulated Age: 27 Measurements: H: 5'7" Weight:126lbs...34d-22-34..PU Type: CCS Hypercore Processor....Test OK! System Age: 0yrs...6mos...14days...10hrs...5min...49sec...Current Configuration: Human Emulation: Horny.EXE...No Errors...Current Batt Life: 98% Power Mode: Battery..."


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