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„Ok, Kate”, Nellie, her bags already packed, addressed her tall fembot girlfriend and mis-programmed world conqueress. She spoke slowly and decisively, repeating the commands thought over. „I am leaving for two weeks now, and I want to be clear this time. I want no world conquering, no evil plots, no murders, no kidnapping... Is this clear, Kate?”

„Yes Nellie”, the big blonde, wearing a floral print dress nodded modestly and smiled serenely. „I will take care of your house and wait for you.”

Nellie, a small Asian girl focused briefly. „Okay... Except taking care of my house should not involve heavy weapons, running mobs, commiting crimes... and a crime is a crime, regardless of anyone finding out.”

„Technically...”, Kate started to say something but Nellie raised her hand. „Shut it, robot-woman.” She rubbed her temple, exasperated. „You are an Artificial Intelligence, I shouldn't explain everything to you. Just act... normal."

Kate put her hand over her heart... well, over the place where her heart would be. "I promise I won't try to rule the world, or destroy anyone." Nellie eyed her suspiciously. Kate sighed audibly and leaned over, planting a heartfelt kiss on Nellie's lips. That... was enough for Nellie to sigh and hug Kate's busty body.

"Good. I'm leaving you a thousand dollars and the car keys, you can invite your friends... your not-evil friends.", Nellie gazed sternly at Kate who did her best to look like the dainty fifties' housewife. "If anyone calls, contact me if it's important.

"Yes, Nellie, I will do whatever you say.", she answered.

"I'll miss you", Nellie answered honestly, and hugged Kate for the last time. A little longer, to feel the curves of her beautiful gynoid girlfriend... And then she picked up her suitcase, waving from the cab.

Kate stood perfectly still in the gateway, observing the car leaving in silence, still smiling sweetly. She turned back, entering the house and for a while she stood next to the window, perfectly still and motionless, not even blinking her eyes.

Then, her full bright red lips curled in a sly smile. She slowly turned left, walking towards the computer terminal. Kate grabbed her right wrist with her left hand, pulling it up... and with a sudden click she revealed a standard data port. She grinned, satisfied, plugging herself into the control station.

Something clicked inside her mechanical innards, but Kate stayed up, observing the green letters shifting on the monitor of the PC. Her face, still smirking, seemingly froze in place for a moment, without blinking or nervous ticks.

After a minute or two she pulled the cable out and clicked the panel back in place... and then ran her hand through her long blonde hair. She laughed, pleased with herself. She turned back, toward the living room, with each step striding, making wider and longer steps. She walked into the bright blue wardrobe, and stood in front of the full-size mirror, observing herself.

Her smirk has transformed into a disapproving sneer. With a single flick of her hand, she let her blue, floral print dress fall on the floor. She tilted her head, observing her own body in pristine white lingerie, her large bust, soft belly and wide hips.

She laughed silently to herself, as she pulled out a cardboard box from under the bed. From within it, she took out a massive soldier-like green hat, and a far too revealing uniform. "As Elton John once sang..." she mused, her voice now lower, more intimidating... "The Bitch is Back, stone cold sober as a matter of fact."

Her shining faux leather uniform was at least one size too small - but her body accommodated, squeezing and showing in all the right places.

"Why, general Ekaterina", the fembot pulled a cigar and cut its tip with a small knife. "what plans do you have for the next two weeks?" She lit the cigar, observing smugly the flame, still whispering to herself. "Oh, since I can invite my friends, I let them do the dirty work this time..."

"I really love Nellie. This little girl is so naive. When I rule the..." something clicked inside Kate/Ekaterina. "The... ~tzzt~ the tri-state area, I will make her my favorite ~owner~. Time to..."

"HAH!" the door to the wardrobe busted open, revealing a tall girl with dark brunette hair. Cassie the fembot was angry. "I freakin' KNEW it. Took you just 25 minutes since Nellie left."

Kate stared at the fembot, eyes wide open. "You... you... knew?!"

"Merely suspected. Yes, Nellie told me to watch you in case of shit like this! Dammit, Kate, cut it out. That's an order, and you are..."

"... programmed to obey YOU.", Kate finished, saddened.

"You know I have nothing against dressing up..." Cassie sat down next to Kate. "... but rules are rules. I am programmed to take care about malfunctions and misprogramming. Instead of you conquering the world..."


"How about me and you bothered Bonnie and Ben?" Cassie grinned. "They seem a couple that's ready to abuse. I'll restore your core programming after we've had some fun."

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