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Here is a new short story for all who love the Bunnybots. Hope you enjoy it.

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Ava was build as the first DMX unit. She made the conversion three years ago and was the prototype for all the bunny robots. Her husband Sam Mc Intire was the chief executive of the local Playboy club and when his club was chosen to host the first robot waitresses he asked his wife to become the first full robotic female waitress in his club. Ava, a gorgeous woman in the late thirties agreed. She was fascinated by the chances to keep her beauty while never have diseases or never feel pain anymore. She did not want to change her appearance, so the engineers just enhanced her gorgeous hourglass figure at her artificial body and added a customable breast enhancer unit.

Being the prototype, she was the only bunny robot who was build with the nice black colour satin bunny outfit. As Ava was the machine with the longest service in the club, she was also the most experienced. Over the months she suffered numerous breakdowns and malfunctions, but always remained in her DMX chassis, even if her husband asked her several times to swap her memory to a new body type. This way she helped the technicians to find errors at the classic DMX units, but sometimes Sam Mc Intire thought Ava enjoyed her malfunctions and repairing sessions.

As a classic bunny robot unit, Ava was build to be just a bunny girl clayed to her outfit all the time. Similar to all the other bunny units, she had no female genitals and Sam could live with that as long as his wife could be programmed to please him in any way he would need it. Ava was the only bunny robot that was allowed to leave the club after work and return to their home. Most of the time, she travelled with a cab, but sometimes when she went by bus or on the streets she cached numerous eyes, when people saw her in her sexy bunny costume. Sam liked that. Her appearance in the public would be a good advertising for the club.

At a stormy cold autumn day, Ava returned late from the club, Sam was already home, sitting near the chimney with a glass of whine. Sam heard her steps behind him, clicking four-inch high heel pumps coming into the room with sinuous motions all controlled by her elaborate software. Ava sat gently beside him on the sofa, where Sam could admire her beauty. Sam could hear the gentle whine of her servomotors as she bend forward to give him a deep long kiss.

“Give me a status, Darling,“ he said caring.

Ava got stiff, her eyes stared straight, She started to speak monotone. “System diagnosis…Unit DMX-0001…model Ava….serial number GL00453239-4….checking basic functions…please wait…local memory 45 terabytes…check, RAM…12 gigabytes…check…HD capacity at 83 percent…check, battery…power level at 2 percent…warning, please reload this unit immediately to prevent unrecoverable damage”.

Sam smiled, it was funny to hear his wife speak in such a technical way. Sam touched carefully her smooth costume. A hidden button under the black satin fabric right above the lacing on her hips opened gently a large panel on her belly. On the inside of the belly panel hatch was a little embedded screwdriver and an edge cutter tool kit for some emergency repairing sessions. Sam stared fascinated into her electronic innards. Basically it looked similar to an ordinary computer, but much more advanced and a lot more cramped. The engineers had to use every little space to place all electronics and mechanics inside her artificial curves. From her open belly Sam could hear the whirling of some servo motors. Her belly service cavity was lit by some status LED´s shining in various colours.

Ava looked down to her belly, as Sam carefully pushed a little switch in her main board labelled service. Ava loved being serviced and she enjoyed every little repair session or service opening of the numerous hatches on her body. That way she became most aware of her artificial nature, beside her robotic view, which added her current status and warnings all the time in her vision.

“Easy girl”, he said as Ava´s most delicate systems were exposed to him. At the left side near her memory drive was a little card slot installed.

“I’ve got some updates for you”, said Sam and pulled out a small RAM card that he pushed gently into her card slot.

Ava began to speak monotone again. “Detecting media…loading data, executing file…RMM00034111…loading, please wait…error…can not access file BG-J6602331, abort installation.

Sam gasped. “O.K. then please run pleasure standard routine FD0445”

Ava returned to her human emulation mode. “Executing” she said slightly robotic. Sam squeezed her breast imitations while Ava started to moan in a pre-programmed routine. The smooth satin of the costume and her soft latex breasts felt wonderful. Sam’s touch of her breast sensors had trigger one of her automated pleasure routines. Sam had programmed Ava randomise to use her sexual pleasure programmes.

Ava smiled and opened Sam’s trouser, pulled out his already stiff member, and put it in her artificial mouth. Sam liked that latex feeling of her oral cavity, which felt a bit different from a human being but capable of excite him well. Sam had asked to program Ava with a dozens of oral stimulating routines. The bunny robots had no articulated tongue, because they normally spoke with a voice synthesizer in their head, but Sam had Ava´s head unit modified with an artificial fully functional motorized tongue and a lubricant function. Her fluid intercepting tank must be emptied and cleaned up constant to avoid short circuit and malfunctions by her own fluid or human sperm. It seemed like Ava´s lubricant solvent reservoir that should help Sam slip softly in her mouth was empty, Sam noticed that her latex oral cavity felt dry and the latex started to squeak.

She began to suck very hard while Sam admired her feminine lovely figure cinched in that wonderful costume. He saw her day evening in that outfit, but he never get bored of it, she was simply gorgeous…a man’s desire cast in a black satin dream. With her open panel showing her exposed electronics Sam got erected even more. She had been programmed to increase her movements, so Ava sucked him harder and harder. He pulled his member out of her synthetic mouth, while her fine programming continued to rub him hard with her hand. Sam smiled, he knew that her actions were a sequence of fine pre-programmed routines but it was executed so convincingly that you hardly could tell the difference from a real human. He also didn’t know what kind of actions were left from her human past and what was programmed, even Ava could not tell, as she was programmed to override her human intentions when serving her husband.

Her smooth and feminine movements became more and more robotic as she suffered a heavy power loss. “Error…power reserve at 0,4 percent, please reload this unit immediately to prevent data loss…” She said with a slightly skewed voice.

“Shutdown sequence TR772”, Sam said still near to explode while Ava rubbed his dick harder. But Ava was stuck in a loop irritation caused by her programmed main pleasure routine program und her empty power unit.

Sam got more and more aroused by Ava´s malfunctions, he reached into her open belly und pulled out one of the cables from the main processing unit trying to shutdown her. Ava heavily malfunctioned:” Fatal Error at Address 00034222g…caaaaaaanot access port 44ge5…pleeeeese prevent this uniiiiiiiit, ….error, overriiiiiiiiiiiiiding….executiiiiiing pleasure routine…UUV664G…..execu…..exe….”

Again she grabbed his member and put it in her mouth while malfunctions became worse. Sam could smell an electrical burning while a wisp of smoke was coming out from the gap between her bust and the costume.

“Sam…Iiiiii´m want to….pleeeease….errrr….errrrror…..I want toooo….exception at addresssssss, 0033422…..

Sam ripped out a small processor board to prevent his now totally out of control robot wife from meltdown, but it was too late.

“Error, system failure…waaaaaarning, shuuuutdown…I´mmmm uuuuuunit…..DMX…..0001…..bunnieeeeeee……Aaaaaaaava…..error…at….kernel….cc0043355…human……emulat….emulation…..roboooooot…..roboooot….booot…booo…”

Suddenly a final bang and a big spark were coming out of her belly. She immediately froze while Sam noticed the sound of her whiling down hard disc. With her last movement Sam exploded and let out his cum inside her artificial mouth. Sam relaxed and looked at his beloved pleasure toy, now out of power, kneeling beside him on the sofa with her brown eyes wide open. Drops of sperm coming out of her lovely open mouth followed by wisps of smoke.

Sam sighted while he gently stroke her soft face “Ava…you damn sweet logical love doll…I told you to shut down”

Ava´s burned out chipsets and a dozen of burned wires were now visible inside her abdominal cavity. Sam pushed a button on her neck to open up her head unit, which folded at her plastic jawbone wide open. He reached into her artificial throat and removed a small ram card, which was her personal data ROM card.

“Time for a major repair, my love”, he said.

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