Building a Perfect Mate

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Building a Perfect Mate

I was excited when the release date for the Pygmalion Industries’ latest top-of-the-line home android system, the Perfect Mate. I spent months preparing for it. Thanks to my new job, I was ready to spend a good sum of money on it. Surprisingly, all it required was a computer with a holo-projector. Which I had. On the day of the release, the program automatically downloaded and walked me through exactly how this worked.

In short, it was a personal android builder. You could customize anything you wanted, but of course, certain features cost more. You could get a base model, buy a fully pre-built unit, or start from scratch, customizing every option fully. And boy could it be customized. The example models shown spanned the gamut from extremely stylized anime characters to ultra-realistic humans. They even had one preset that looked like a specific starlet. I wondered how much money it cost them to get the rights to use her image, although given who it was it only made sense she would want people to have copies of her to play with. People are weird.

I decided it was best for me to go the fully customized route. The presets were all interesting, and by far the most popular option, but there were probably dozens or hundreds of each of these manufactured and shipped. I was impressed to see that they even expanded outside the realm of human figures, and included fantasy characters like elves and orcs, science fiction characters like aliens and… well, robots, and other bizarre choices like translucent models and outright non-humanoid ones. Centaurs were particularly expensive. To my surprise, there was a market of “user-made” designs, although these rarely had the finesse and realism as the default models or customized ones. Although occasionally there were some particular well-designed ones there. Fascinating as it was, I wanted to test the limits of realism and passed on the predesigned units.

Upon launching the software, I turned on my holo-projector and set it up in the middle of the room. Moments later, a logo in 3D space flickered to life, rotating for all to see. I stood in front of the virtual interactive panels and pressed the start button. The cool thing about my holo-projector is that when you interact with it, a wave of air pressure is formed, giving you limited haptic feedback. In other words, I could feel the button being depressed in mid-air.

I was presented next with a choice, human or other. I selected human and was then told to choose between male, female, or other. Naturally, I chose a female. If I was going to build a custom robot and spend that kind of money, I was going to get one I was attracted to. A blue figure of a generic semi-solid female form appeared before me and rotated slowly in place, confirming my selection and listed a price for production, pending addition costs for customization of course. I accepted, and the entire interface changed. Now an array of option appeared to my left, with settings and adjustments on my right, and the full-sized figure “standing” before me. She was the average setting, but every single aspect could be adjusted.

It started with the overall height, and this was priced in tiers. The basic tier included all normal heights for a human female, with shorter and taller heights at additional prices. I decided I wanted one that was just taller than average but by no means a tall woman. Still shorter than me. With the selector highlighted, I grabbed the slider and adjusted the height until it fit my ideal standard. It then suggested I pick a basic body type. I chose athletic, even though I knew I was going to make a lot of adjustments. It was one of the special defaults thanks to the better joints and build throughout, and therefore would cost a little more.

The next section was grayed out, preventing me from making adjustments until I approved the extra charge to activate them, thus allowing advanced custom adjustments. Eagerly, I accepted, causing the items to become selectable. I started with the basic body.

Now that I had selected the basic shape, it was time to adjust each part fully. In order to aid in this, the almost solid blue model projected into the space in front of me and turned into a translucent blue model with a clear skeleton and muscles inside. They were not quite human, but almost. Some of the bones had slightly different features to them to allow for strong bonds with muscles and other internal parts. The muscles themselves were realistic, but made from a special fiber that had similar strength and flexing properties as human muscle, with added density for realism.

This display helped greatly in determining the exact measurements I wanted to give her. I selected the floating panel option, and the controls now hovered around me as I moved freely in the space of the holo-projector. This allowed me to move around the figure, and even interact with it while still having the readouts of what I was adjusting as well as the sliders to make fine-tuned adjustments readily available at all times. Using this, I stepped into the volume and approached the figure.

I decided to work my way out, and from the top down. First, she was too muscular for my taste, so I accessed a setting that allowed me to curb the detailing in her muscles, making her appear softer, more feminine, but still athletic and active. I then proceeded to adjust the size and shape of her head. I wanted her to look adult, and so giving her a large head would counter that, and yet I wanted her to be appealing. I decided to slightly adjust the length of her head while keeping it at a natural size and proportions, if slightly larger than the default. This made her look adult, but still youthful without being baby-faced.

I set aside the sliders next, and reached into the model itself, touching either side of the neck, and slimming it down slightly, giving her a slender delicate neck. I wanted her torso to be petite, but not too skinny or malnourished looking. I delicately positioned my hands to either side of her upper chest, adjusting and tweaking, while feeling the haptic feedback, helping me know what I was adjusting and by how much. I stepped back every now and then to admire my work, almost like an artist evaluating his sculpture.

Grabbing hold of either shoulder, I pulled and pushed them in and out of her core, drastically changing her silhouette as well as elongating and collapsing the skeleton underneath. I made sure her shoulders didn’t slope too much but were also not overly broad. I wanted her to look athletic, not man-ish. To help with this, I shaped them to be slender themselves, while giving a potential sports bra plenty to grab onto. I decided to just move onto the arms next, since I was there, and gave her plenty of subtle and gentle softness to her arms while still being fit and shapely. Not too much fat, not too much muscle, somewhere in between.

Her hands were going to be dainty. I lifted on them in the display, positioning her body so I could adjust her hands. I decided to design each hand was to be delicate and feminine. Of course, after altering one hand slightly different from the other, an alert appeared warning me that asymmetric models would incur an additional charge. I agreed, even though I knew it was only going to be minute adjustments. But such attention to detail is what really counts. Robots are almost always perfectly symmetrical while humans never are, and despite how subtle a change it was, the eye picks up on it instantly. After adjusting her hands to my satisfaction, I made sure to make similar asymmetrical adjustments to the rest of her arms and shoulders, and then I moved down to her chest. It was time I focused on her breasts.

I could sort of feel each breast in my hand as I messed around, trying to find the look I wanted. Granted they had no weight, temperature, or texture, only force, but the real thing would have it all. I pulled them out, making them elongate unnaturally, spread them around giving her unnaturally large breasts, and even pressed them in until there were no breasts at all. I really was just messing around, having fun and chuckling at the result, but it also helped me test the limits of the model and what looked best to me. I finally stopped playing and settled on a pair of B cups, tweaking them individually for realism. I wanted them shapely, with a slight tilt up and out. They were perky and youthful, and looked completely natural with natural weight and look to them. I made one ever so slightly larger than the other to add to that realism. Stepping back, I noted that adding those imperfections are what made this model gain her realistic beauty.

I spent at least half an hour just on her breasts, getting them just right, and I was still only adjusting the basic shape and nothing else. Other adjustments would come later, but I decided to move on and get to those later. I next approached her abdomen. As natural as the preset settings were, I decided to give her a slimmer waist and slightly wider hips. They were still perfectly natural in proportion, but it did give her a feeling of being more like a model than just a regular gal.

I hesitated while looking at this. While she still looked perfectly human, I feared I might have pushed it too far. Going through the options in the advanced settings, I enabled the “human proportion guide”, which would highlight anything that was “out of gamut” of a standard human body. To my surprise, nothing lit up. However, it did make suggestions around her hips and waist, pointing out the unusual exaggerated proportions. I decided to cut it back ever so slightly. Stepping back I was pleased that I did. Her less exaggerated form had a more natural appeal, still looking ideally attractive while also looking like the girl next door, so-to-speak.

I turned off the guide and continued making adjustments. Keeping her slim and fit was easier with sliders for her stomach and hips. I even adjusted how much her mons pubis protruded forward. I kept it back slightly, adding to her curves, while still having plenty to cushion any impact to the area. I wanted to make sure she had strong legs, so I gave her long slender legs with decent thighs and calves while keeping a small gap between her legs at the base of her crotch. One I finished with her legs and feet, adjusting them to my heart’s content, I took a step back and studied my work.

I gave her average but still feminine feet large enough to prevent her from having trouble walking or running. After all, I wanted her to look athletic and small feet defied that look. I also opted for natural form as opposed to feet designed for specific functions, like only wearing high heels. Making a few more adjustments to her calves and legs, I made sure she looked uniform in strength and weight throughout her body. And again I made a few minor tweaks to give her that subtle asymmetrical appeal.

Before making any further adjustments or changes though, I needed to eat. The download finished in the morning, so I planned to spend all day on this and decided it was time to eat lunch. So while chewing on a sandwich and an apple and sipping my cola, I continued to evaluate my work so far.

After looking at the overall figure, I went back and made a few more adjustments here and there, tweaking her shoulders, her arms, even her torso, and back. At last, as I finished my drink, I was satisfied. However, to add another touch of realism to her appearance, I selected the randomizer adjustment, set it to asymmetry, and applied it while controlling it with another slider. This slightly altered the proportions of her body parts between her left and right while keeping the adjustments I made in consideration. It was a subtle change at best but did a better job of making these changes look more human, making only slight adjustments here and there. I kept the changes low, but it was a noticeable improvement in her realism.

I saved and decided to tackle the next section. Her skin. I choose her skin instead of designing her face because it was hard to see what you were adjusting when you couldn’t see the details as well as you’d like with just a blue figure. Adjusting her skin made the blue form fill in with a more realistic texture, and would let me make adjustments on her with more accuracy and with finer details. But the skin itself was going to take the rest of the day. Easily.

I was very impressed with the realism they achieved in the holo-projected display. The projector could measure light color, intensity, quality, and direction, and send that information to the software which in turn applied virtual lights with similar qualities to the subject. What this means is when the skin was displayed on her, the light and shadow on her looked like it fit the room, and as the day grew darker, and I had to turn on more lights, it automatically adjusted and relit the figure in real-time. Further, they used an advanced rendering system that allowed for natural flesh features, including subsurface scattering and translucency, among others.

What stood before me now was a tanned hairless European-looking girl with almost no details on her skin of any sort. I aimed to fix that pronto. I started with her basic skin shade and quality. There were literally hundreds of preset pre-built skin textures available for use, but I wanted to customize it, as always. Using a color picker, I chose a nice natural pale look and used a color picker from there to tweak it. I was impressed with how much I could tweak it, including what colors to make the lighter and darker parts of the skin, the amount and color of blush and the thickness of her skin (where blood on a human would appear), and even her natural lip color. I tweaked everything until she had a good base to build on. It only took an hour or so.

But the next part was fun. I got to hand-paint details onto her skin. The figure stood with her hands out to either side, her fingers spread, and her legs apart, in that sort of “T-pose” you see CG characters take when they make movies. I selected the paint toolkit and had to approve yet another charge. Suddenly, a virtual airbrush was in my hand, which I could feel. Now, none of these sensations felt like the real thing. They offered little to no resistance, had limited textures, zero weight, and were subtle at best, but it was better than anything else on the market so far. And it helped sell the illusion I was interacting with the model and the tools.

With an array of procedural patterns and colors available, I got to work. I started off by adding details like freckles and moles. I kept the moles small and subtle on her, mostly on her body, while giving her plenty of freckles on her face, upper chest, and shoulders. I went on the apply basic shading for her curves and creases. I found it easier to use an existing preset texture map for her skin and tweak it from there. I even got to paint the color of her fingernails, which I kept a natural shade with short french tips.

When I got to her breasts, I realized she had no nipples at all, not even the shape of them. When I found the setting and enabled them, I was warned that this setting will activate the level 1 adult features, which also came at an additional charge. I gladly accepted, and nipples appeared. There were plenty of options to look at, including the size of the nipple, and areola, the colors, the styles, the shapes…

In order to get a better look at her chest for this setting, I literally lifted the virtual holographic model a few feet higher, making her float off the ground until her breasts were eye-height for me. It was much easier to work like this than crouching down. The first thing I noticed was the grayed out selection titled “status” at the top of the options. Below it, another section grayed out was titled “Natural” and “Aroused”. It was permanently set to “aroused”, which is what I assumed most people would want. There was a checkbox at the bottom labeled “interactive arousal state”. It was unchecked, so I checked it, and was alerted to yet another charge. These were starting to add up.

With that selected, I was able to make adjustments to her nipples on how they’d look when she was aroused, and when she wasn’t. The “status” selection became a toggle, so I could switch between states. I started with the aroused state since it was already selected. I made sure her areolas were not too large and rested nicely on her breasts. I looked through about 3 or 4 dozen options before picking the basic appearance for the skin texture on and around the nipple that I liked most, and then tweaked the colors and details, including how erect they got. I settled on some natural pink nipples that would be fun to play with. Once I was happy, I set the option to “Normal” and made only a few minor adjustments, making sure her nipples were soft and relaxed, and yet still stuff enough to make an impression on thin layers of clothing.

Apparently, the more realistic and expensive models could install micro-muscles in the skin to harden and relax the nipples, which were also used heavily in the face for subtle expressions. Adding this feature increased the charge, but also added that subtle realism most of these models didn’t have. The most common addition to all female models was to add nipples, which required the user to be 18, but my intention was to go well beyond just nipples. I stepped back to look at her chest, adjusting the figure floating in space, and was pleased with how they turned out.

I moved on to adding details on her back, her stomach, and even her butt. However, just like with her nipples, she lacked any genitalia. No anus, no vagina. So, once again, I accepted the multiple charges and entered the level 2 adult settings, which required an ID to complete. Luckily, I read ahead about this and prepared the documents weeks in advance. All I had to do was pull out my phone and type in the confirmation code they sent me, and I was in. Out of her ambiguous crotch grew the generic slit of a vagina and puckered hole of her anus.

By this time, it was already time for dinner. Again, I saved my work before heating up a frozen pizza while studying her body, focusing on her skin again. I couldn’t help but make adjustments to the levels the multiple layers of details presented. I kept her with only slight blemishes for added realism and enough natural shading to make her look healthy and human. When I finished eating, I was eager to finish with this final step before calling it a night.

I effortlessly lifted her body in the volume until her crotch was eye level, and set her hips as her rotation pivot, allowing me to quickly rotate her for a clear view. I outright turned off the visibility of her limbs and got in close. There were hundreds of vagina designs to choose from, and I went through them all, favoriting the ones I liked the most and going back to them later. I ended up deciding on a very pretty model with ideal folds that looked clean, petite, pink, and youthful. And then, as always, I adjusted things. I changed one thing here, another thing there, added some details and was generally impressed with how in depth the customization went. I spent longer than I should have tweaking her inner and outer labia and her clitoris.

However, the surface of her body was where the adjustments ended. She still had literally no vaginal canal. No actual vagina. At this point, she was incapable of having sex still. I eagerly accessed these options, and enabled them, entering into level 3 adult settings. I didn’t need any more proof of age at this point, but it did give me warnings and documents to sign. Apparently having sex with these gynoids was something they allowed, but came with its own legal hurdles, and I had to claim all responsibility for any injuries obtained during such activities. I knew these were safe, safer than with a normal human, so I accepted all the prompts and watched as the base of her vagina recessed in, forming the internal structure. Simultaneously, her anus changed as well, although it was less clear exactly how.

There were plenty of options here too. Textures, colors, flavors, and other special features. One of the more common features was the vibration function, as well as the suction function. I chose to leave these off. I wanted a girl with a natural human body, including her sexual organs, but I did make sure she at least had a pleasant taste to her. I also added the self-cleaning option, which was essential to remove the outline that appeared in the skin around the groin. Essentially it was required that either the vagina cleans itself or it has to be removable for easy cleaning. I didn’t want to obvious seams in her skin, so I made her self-cleaning.

When it came to choosing her anus, I was a lot quicker. I kept it small, simple, and pretty, adding a little detail, but otherwise left it alone. I was planning on allowing her to eat, but she currently lacked the internal structure. By entering into the level 3 adult settings it enabled the ability for anal sex, which formed enough internal structure for this activity without completing a full digestive tract. It wasn’t something I was particularly interested in, not that I was against it, and I was sure I would use that feature, but I wasn’t going to pay extra for it if it didn’t come with the level 3 settings. I didn't focus on that part too much, except to make sure the internal structure was a standard natural one. For me, I was done with the basic skin texture. However, there were still plenty more options for her skin to choose from, and I figured it was best to address them now, regardless of the time.

The first was blood. You heard right. Blood. Did she have actual synthetic blood, or did she only appear to have veins? At this time her veins were mostly for show, but I wanted her to be as real as possible, and naturally, this added a huge charge. But it was worth it. Normally the skin on these models would be cold and would either be heated in a charging station (which never lasted long) or warmed through heaters embedded in the skin, but adding synthetic blood gave her natural body heat and so much more. Instantly, she appeared to have more life to her, more warmth. I made a slight adjustment to her skin tone to compensate, but left the blood color alone… because of course it could be changed. For some people, green or blue blood gave their units that otherworldly look they desired. I also adjusted the level of translucency, but only slightly, making sure her ears had a nice glow when hit with light from the back. Body hair now became an option as well. I decided to leave her with a thin layer of peach fuzz, which added another charge, and a very thin trimmed mons pubis. I didn’t want her to bother with shaving, so I opted to leave leg and underarm hair off, and left the rest of her hair light.

Now that all of these were chosen, and a few other things, it was time for bed. Tomorrow I would finish her and send the instructions off to have her built. And silently cry at how empty my bank account would become. And yet I knew it was worth it. Besides, I saved up for this, and she was going to be my reward for all my hard work.

The next day, I took another look at the floating human analogue and was surprised at how much I still liked everything I set. Usually, I would second guess myself, but so far I have had no complaints. She looked so real, so natural, and so sexy. But her face was so generic… it was next on the list.

I stood close to her face with her elevated to my eye level and pulled up a picture of a human model I had researched on my computer screen. I decided she had facial qualities I liked and would use this as a reference for her face before tweaking it.

I started with the eyes. I used a combination of hand gestures, virtual tools, and sliders to adjust everything on her face, but her eyes had to be done with a procedural texture. I decided blue eyes would be perfect for her and started making fine tune adjustments, changing the seed value of the fractal noise procedure used to design the irises, and adjusting the intensity of her iris colors. Her pupils could be adjusted too but ultimately they were interactive, changing size in bright light like a human’s, so I left the limits of her pupil sizes alone.

I had to adjust the size of her eyes overall, giving her big round eyes, and adjusted their position on her head to match the model. Despite giving her big eyes, I made sure they were still within the limits of a human face, rather than one of those creepy anime characters. On screen, they looked fine but in real life it was creepsville. I continued to use the model reference to adjust these overall shape of her face, pulling and pushing at her cheeks and chin and neck and temples, until I achieved the approximate look I was going for.

I went on to adjust her nose. I shaped her nose entirely by hand like an artist shaped clay. I gave her a slightly asymmetrical noise with a cute playful upturn and petite nostrils. It was essential her nose be the right size, as it brought her entire look together.

At last, I worked on the mouth. I used sliders to make her lips slightly pouty, but not unnaturally so. I made sure her mouth had a good smile and range of expressions, and fit the rest of her. I even opened her mouth and adjusted her teeth and tongue. It was fun to play with the preset facial expressions, which were used for making adjustments. I got a laugh out of some of the more silly looks, before setting it back to the default expression.

I moved on to her ears. Since they were human in appearance, I didn't worry about making too many adjustments. Most of the ear customizations were for elves or orcs or even aliens. I just made sure her ears didn't stick out too much and added piercings so she could wear earrings.

Finally, I got to her hair. I was no fashionista and had no idea what tends were in or what would look good or bad by today's standards. I played with the various styles they had available and found myself strangely drawn to a more modern look. I ended up giving her a female fade cut, which kept her hair short on one side and long on the other. I was surprised how good it looked on her and how much personality it instantly gave her. I chose a modern look for the color as well, with rusty-red hair and highlights of orange. Her pubic hair changed to the base red color as well, which I had set to match earlier.

I stepped back and looked over everything again. I could spend days perfecting her appearance, in fact, I already had, but I felt that she was as perfect as I could get her. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties, active and sporty, with plenty of attitudes and was just too adorable and sexy. She was everything I dreamed of in a girl, at least physically. However, I wasn't done.

There were still loads of settings left to adjust in her: Her level of intelligence, her personality, her sensitivity, likes and dislikes, knowledge base, etc. Not to mention other functions like eating, charging, connectivity… It was going to take the rest of the day today going through all of these. And yet I decided that while I would define much of these, knowing everything about a woman destroyed the natural mystery and demure a girl has. I decided to leave more than half of these settings to chance. In fact, there was a setting that allowed her personality, traits, and knowledge to be built by an advanced AI. After setting some requirements, I allowed the AI to make the rest of them. The nice thing about this was that I could change them or have them altered in the future if there was a problem.

What I did do was go through her settings and made sure she was likable, social, outgoing, but still had a shy, introverted side to her. I made sure she was smart, top of her line smart, and made her fully-equipped with all emotional settings. The company restricted violence on these models, which was fine with me, I didn’t want her to exhibit that except maybe in self-defense. I also spend another fortune on adding a digestive system, allowing her to eat. This completed the digestive tract into her anus, but it also allowed her to pee. To my surprise, it added several more sexual options, which were activated with level 3 adult settings. I enabled her ability to squirt, as well as deep throat, but kept these at a level 1 setting, meaning she would be inexperienced and would have to unlock these features through use, kind of like a game. In fact, there were several options like this that were unlockable later on, which I found to be really exciting.

Eating itself was not only useful for the illusion of blending in, but also for refilling liquids and making internal repairs, not to mention extracting energy from the food. Naturally, she could charge through an inductive charger, but she also would have a power generator inside her abdomen that could process her food and liquid intake for energy. And of course it came with, you guessed it, another charge. She would be able to eat but I could feel my bank account starving to death.

Her specific likes and dislikes, her music tastes, fashion sense, even her libido, and sexual knowledge and behaviors were left controlled by the AI, among other settings, but within acceptable social standards. It was risky, but I wanted to learn about her, and I wanted her to grow and change and learn. And of course, all these advanced options added more charges. The one thing I made sure was that she would at least find me favorable. The last thing I wanted was for her to be aggressive toward or dismissive of me, which had been known to happen on occasion.

But to hell with the charges, this is exactly what I wanted. Money was no object. I reviewed everything, making sure all the settings were right. Again, I looked them over. I made a slight tweak here or there, took a break to rest and eat, and came back and reviewed again. I was really just delaying, this was a lot of money.

As I prepared to make the purchase I notice one final option light up. “Sleeper.” This wasn't the ability to sleep, that was in the software I already selected. This was an option that gave her that last illusion of life… The illusion to herself that she was alive, that she was a human. It was an additional charge and came with many long warnings. I had to decide if it was worth it.

On one hand, keeping her nature from her might be fun, but also challenging if she were to break down. On the other hand, having her know what she is could be just as fun. Ultimately, I decided to leave it off. I wasn't out to trick people or deceive anyone. I wanted her to know what she was, it would make things easier. To start a relationship off with a lie was a bad idea. The only thing I really wanted from her was for her to like me, and see where it went from there, but on my mind making her a sleeper was bound to backfire. Besides, gynoids were my thing, and pretending she was anything else was a disservice to us both.

I looked at the enormous price hovering before me and smiled. Without further ado, I approved the purchase and sighed. It was a giddy sigh. This was happening. I was promoted to give her a name. I already planned it out and started typing on the virtual keyboard. Vivian.

The image of the girl before me vanished and was replaced by a much smaller simpler version of her floating in the air as a series of windows appeared. They listed all the things I purchased, the progress, the delivery information, and information to help prepare for her arrival. I was already prepared, but it made me excited. The simplified image of her was faded out, and next to it was listed in light gray all the steps needed to complete her. The first was receiving the order.

Over the next few hours, as the system began processing my extensive requests, the list next to the icon lit up item by item. I left it alone and went about my day, catching up on things I had neglected thanks to this endeavor.

By the next day, I was able to see a skeletal system highlighted inside the icon of the girl. They had started working on actually building her, and the software kept up-to-date with where they were. It was fascinating. All week I was engrossed in the progress. I would check in on my phone with it at least once an hour, sometimes watching intently as one system finished and the next began.

By the end of the week, the entire figure was lit up and rendered. She was almost ready. Her software was just about finished, and to my surprise, the company sent me a questionnaire to get a better idea of who I was so the AI could customize her settings better. I was giddy with excitement as I thought about her being here. There was still another two days of work estimated on her, but I knew it would be worth it.

One morning I woke up to see her icon had been replaced by a box. A shipping container. She was on her way! I paid extra for expedited shipping but it was still going to take 2 days to get here. When I wasn't working, all I did was watch the live GPS tracking of her delivery. It was like watching a TV show for me.

It was a Saturday delivery, and I watched it every moment I could, eager to see it drive up my street. My heart skipped a beat. She was almost here! I pulled out my phone and watched the truck on the screen slowly navigate closer to my residence. At last, I could see it out the window! I got to my feet and waited by the door, realizing how childish I was being but not caring at all. I opened the door before the delivery man even knocked. He smiled, hauling the crate almost as tall as him on a dolly, and handed me a tablet to sign. I did and guided him inside. He left the wooden crate in the middle of the living room, right next to the holographic projector, and left.

She was here at last! I didn't know what she was going to be to me yet, or even why I was so determined to build her and have her in my life, only that I was excited to have her here. I grabbed a hammer from the garage and started pulling the nails out of the wooden crate. Inside was a box of plastic and plexiglass. I pulled it out.

It was a flashy box, with large graphics for Pygmalion Industries and the Perfect Mate logo with “Custom” written on it and my name and hers below that! Next to the graphics was a window into the box and I could see her face. She looked completely human, almost like she was asleep except without any movement, like a mannequin, and her body was padded all over with plastic form-fit to her body.

I opened it up. The box wasn't just a packaging box but doubled as a maintenance and charging bay. It hinged opened and I got a good look at her. Vivian was standing, her body completely covered in form-fitted padding. I carefully lifted it all away of her and tossed it into the now empty create.

She was wearing a stylish gray dress, which went down to her mid thighs. I removed the head protection and saw her hair was slightly more red at the base than I intended, but somehow I liked it even more. It was styled slightly differently though, but still the right length. Thinking about it I realized her hair was able to be restyled, and even the length could be changed, so the final look would be something done after she was activated. She came with some clothing options, charging cables, and fluids capsules to keep her maintained properly. A quick start guide showed how to get her up and running. For now, I set it aside.

While she was still inactive I decided to get a good look at her, to make sure her hair was the only thing off. I gently touched the skin of her face and was pleased with how soft and natural she felt, despite the lack of warmth. I started to feel a sort of sexual excitement as I ran my hands down her face, past her neck and shoulders, over her chest, down her stomach, and down to her thighs, right where the hem of her dress lay against her skin. I felt my heart beat loudly as I allowed my fingers to caress her thighs before grasped her clothes.

I slowly lifted the gray dress over her head, watching closely as it revealed her body one inch at a time, and studied her. She only wore panties underneath, but no bra or anything else. She looked perfect. Beyond perfect, She was exactly how I pictured her, if not better! Her skin was a little pale, but I knew the circulatory function would fix that once activated. I held my breath as I kneeled down and lowered her panties slowly, revealing her neatly trimmed mons pubis, and smiled to see it matched the hair on her head. I continued to pull her panties down enough to see that she did indeed come fully functional and with the proper appearance. I wanted to touch her, to feel her fully realized body, and her advanced and fully functional womanhood. But I resisted.

I stepped back with her panties still caught around her mid thighs and looked at her again. It was hard to believe but she was standing right there in front of me, for real. The girl I had fantasized about my entire life, and whom I spent endless hours designing and perfecting, was finally fully realized in the flesh and was standing before me. I couldn’t prevent getting physically excited but ignored it. There would be plenty of time for that later.

I quickly pulled her panties back up, adjusting them until they looked comfortable, and then put her dress back on, making sure it was settled naturally on her body. I sighed deeply, prepared to start her up. Placing my hand on her bare shoulder, I said the activation phrase. “Sigma Theta Alpha 28113”

At first, nothing seemed to happen, except for a quiet short tone from inside her chest. I put my ear to her chest and listened. Nothing. At least not right way. Moments later, she breathed, and her skin started to change hue, warming with the flow of her artificial blood. I stepped back and smiled. She looked even more human now, more than I ever expected. The synthetic human girl opened her eyes and blinked. She looked straight at me and smiled. “Hello, Charles, my name is Vivian, it is a pleasure to meet you. How can I serve you?”

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