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Johann folded his arms, snarling with delight. "These are the conditions, Sally. If you don't like it, you can find another agent." The red-headed Sally looked at her agent, slim, athletic, dressed in a well-fitted blazer. Somehow, despite Sally hauled her ass off from comedy clubs and bars all over the country, Johann always claimed the conditions had to be negotiated. The negotiations inevitably included a bigger cut for Johann.

"I just might.", Sally stared at him.

"An agent who wouldn't mind what you do evenings.", Johann nodded. Sally instantly stopped in her tracks. "Does your boyfriend know?"

Sally closed her eyes and counted to ten. "You know, maybe. Maybe an agent who wouldn't try to blackmail me."

Johann smiled. "You know, a cow that bites might not be work milking..." Sally frowned. "Of course, there's a surcharge for terminating the contract. We'll settle it like civilized human beings... of course, new evidence might arise in the court..."

Sally breathed heavily. "Jesus, Johann, you're really a human sack of shit."

"He's not". A newcomer entered the room - a middle-aged bald Caucasian man with unevenly trimmed beard, wearing a loose T-shirt with a backpack over it. "Well, as it turns out, he is a sack of shit. But he ain't human."

"Get out of my office", Johann slammed his palm at the desk "before I call the cops."

The newcomer pulled out a remote from his sweatpants' pocket and aimed it at Johann. "If you try it I'll..." >-click-< Johann briefly froze in place. With an audible click, his limbs straightened up. Stiffly, he stood alert, like a soldier on call.

"Wait, whaaa..." Sally couldn't believe her eyes. "all that time, he was a..."

"A robot.", Chance nodded. "Real nasty piece of work in my opinion."

Johann moved. "S-Screw you. My programm- my prog..."

"Hmmm, he's acting all weird. I have to take him to Dr. Bezukiel, but I'm gonna reset him to the initial settings first. Just in case."

Johann reached an arm towards him in a jerkily motion, just as Chance pressed the button. Johann stopped and reached for his face... which began to change.

Small plates under the synthetic skin shifted, slanting slightly, rounding the robot's chin. The nose retracted a couple of milimeters into the skull... and small gel packets in the lips expanded from the heat. Polymer-based hair changed their coloration and melded with the skin - causing the eyebrows of Johann to become thinner.

Adam's apple retracted, but the skin didn't become loose - other areas, like chest, expanded slightly.

"I... what's going on." Chance muttered. "I didn't..."

Johann's whole synthetic body was changing - the frame structure stayed roughly the same, the flesh in the legs just moved slightly to allow the new silhouette to take place. Still dressed in his now ill-fitting blazer and male suit pants, Johann was now undoubtedly Johanna.

“Can he… she… do it all the time?”, Sally asked, confused.

“I dunno.”, Chance shrugged.

“My prograaaa…”, the robot moaned in now higher voice, before collapsing on the floor.

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