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A picture is worth a thousand words so here is my inspiration for Kelly and Heather in the story:



Mike and Kelly sat quietly in their old black van as the city moved quietly around them. The van sat in a dark, trash filled alley off a side street in southern Jersey City. Normally an old van just hanging around might raise someone’s attention, but the neighborhood was run down enough that everyone kept to themselves. It was a fairly warm night in April, but the few folks that were on the streets kept their jackets pulled tight around them with their heads down and walked with a purpose. The silent pair carefully eyed each person as they passed by.

“When did you say she gets off work?” Mike asked as he took another sip of his coffee.

“She normally leaves the club at 3am, but if she has a late client, she may be detained,” Kelly replies smoothly.

Mike checks his watch and scowls, “It’s 3:28…I should have rationed my coffee consumption better.”

Kelly chuckled but her gaze never broke from the street in front of them. The pair was silent again for several more minutes before she smiled and picked up a small set of binoculars from her lap. “That’s her,” she says as she holds the binoculars to her eyes. They’re focused on a young woman in her mid 20’s that’s dressed a little too provocatively for an evening stroll. “She’s changed her face slightly but judging by the heat pattern and RF signature it’s definitely a Cyrex 8b.”

“Don’t get too excited,” Mike replied as he stowed his coffee and grabbed a small backpack. “Let her get inside, and then we’ll move.” The pair waited quietly as the woman climbed the stoop of a run down apartment building and slipped inside. Her tanned skin stood out in stark contrast to the white pleather jacket and skirt she wore along with her long blonde hair.

Mike and Kelly slipped from the old van and walked quickly across the empty street. Mike had a medium sized black backpack slung over his suede jacket that hid a compact, .44 magnum. Kelly carried a small duffel bag and wore a black hooded sweatshirt and old jeans. She chose not to carry a gun, but instead had several long knives hidden in various places on her body. As the pair approached the stoop, Kelly produced a small device from her pocket and shoved it against the primitive lock. It whirred and clicked for a few seconds as Mike played like he was fumbling for his keys until the door popped open. Kelly replaced the device and the pair slipped inside.

The stairwell of the apartment was filled with trash and smelled of urine. Mike rubbed his nose and stifled a cough. Kelly looked up the stairs then turned to Mike. She raised three fingers then pointed back over her shoulder; indicating that their target was on the third floor in the apartment facing the street. The pair quickly and quietly scaled the stairs to the third floor with Kelly in the lead. Mike didn’t like her going first, but he knew an attractive young brunette appeared much less threatening than a large man with a stubbly beard.

The pair reached the third floor just as their target started to close her apartment door. Kelly knew she had mere seconds to react before the door would be shut and bolted. With a fluid flick of her wrist, she produced and threw a thin blade about the size of a golf pencil. The knife stuck in the wooden door frame, and prevented the main latch from catching. Kelly and Mike dashed at the door as their target tried in vain to push it closed.

Kelly hit the door with her shoulder; pushing it in and knocking the blonde back a few steps. Mike followed behind her and quickly flicked a small switch on the side of his backpack. There was a brief hum as a large cluster of sophisticated electronics jumped to life. Nearly a thousand small network cards sent out a coordinated wireless attack designed to bring any android to a temporary halt, as their system fought off the sudden hacking attempt. Kelly stood and watched as the blonde shook her head and twitched slightly. Mike quickly produced a two piece metal collar and snapped it around the girl’s neck. As the two sides connected a bright blue light came on and the girl stopped moving from the collar down.

Mike killed the switch on his backpack and looked over his shoulder at Kelly, “Take care of the door. I don’t want anyone getting curious,” he said as he placed his backpack on the ground and stepped over to the now immobile girl to look her over.

The blonde blinked a few times and then stared right back at Mike, “Who the fuck are you and what are you doing to me?” she demanded. She turned her head down to try to see the collar, but couldn’t quite make it out. “Get this fucking thing off me or I’ll scream.”

Mike smirked and grabbed Kelly’s duffel back as she replaced her knife and engaged all the bolts on the now closed door. “You can scream all you want, but I doubt anyone here will do anything. They’ll probably think you’re just entertaining a particularly well endowed customer.”

“You son of a…” the blonde mumbled as she released that Mike was right. “I…I know what you are, and you can’t do this. I’m a free droid and I have rights.”

“Oh really?” Mike chuckled as he removed a small laptop and various cables and tools from the bag. He set them down on a table only a few feet from where the blonde stood nearly motionless. “So if I run your serial number against the federal database I’ll find a bill of emancipation?”

“Well, uhhh,” the blonde stumbled before recovering some of the fire she previously possessed. “I don’t need to have my number in your fascist database to be free. I have been justly liberated from corporate slavery and am free to live my life as any being should.”

Mike pinched the bridge of his nose while his equipment started up. He plopped down in a cheap folding chair and unwound a bundled cable. “Like I haven’t heard that line before. You think these damn idiots would vary their propaganda programming every now and then. Let me spell out what’s going to happen so you can stop spouting your stupid pamphlet crap and I can do my job. You were stolen several months ago from your legitimate owners by some radical android rights group or another. They reprogrammed you with their political crap and then sold you off to the sex trade industry. That collar I put on your neck has disrupted your motor connections from the neck down, rendering you pretty much immobile. You get to stand there and watch while I systematically hack into your system and disable your current belligerent personality. Once that’s done, we’ll all go for a ride and I’ll turn you back into Cyrex for a hefty bounty. You’ll get reprogrammed and will be happy back at your old job in less than a week. Now please shut the hell up and let me do my work,”

Kelly glared at Mike as she pulled up a chair next to the blonde android. “Mike, I thought we agreed that you would be more civil from now on. It just makes my job that much harder,” she scowled.

“Sorry,” Mike grumbled as he connected a wire to his computer and handed the other end to Kelly, “Go ahead and get started.”

Kelly shot Mike a final angry look and gently took the wire from his hands. She smiled and turned back to the blonde android, “So what’s your name?” she asked as she pushed open the girl’s pleather jacket and inserted the cable into a hidden data port in her navel. The girl wore nothing more than a decorative bra under the jacket, and Kelly suspected she wore much less under the skirt.

“Umm, Heather…” the girl replied. “I can feel him working. How long is this going to take? I know there is nothing I can do and I just want to get this over with.”

“It really depends on a lot of things,” Kelly replied. “Mike is using a brute force method to discover your root password that depends a lot on luck. It could take a few hours, or a few minutes; I can’t really tell you.” The blonde gave her best fake, ‘I hate you bitch’ smile and nodded slightly. “Let me try to make you more comfortable,” Kelly offered. She rose from her chair and found a third folding chair leaning against the wall. She pulled it open and slid it behind the android, before firmly but forcefully pushing her body into a seated position. The girl was awkwardly placed with her arms askew and legs slightly apart, but at least Kelly could now speak to her without craning her neck up the whole time.

Heather looked at Kelly as she sat back down and let out a small “thank you.” She paused for a second as she looked over the other woman, “So if he’s hacking into me, what do you do?”

“We both have the same goal, to get you back to Cyrex and collect the bounty, we just have different methods,” Kelly explained. “Mike’s going to break into your system, and I’m going to try to convince you to let us in yourself.”

“What?” Heather scoffed. “Why the Hell would I grant you access? His method will get root access but he can’t download my memory files. If I grant you administrator access, you’ll know everything I do, including the location of other hidden androids. Why would I willingly rat out my comrades?”

“Because,” Kelly smiled and leaned forward in her chair, “I’m going to convince you that the groups you protect will eventually lead to the destruction of all androids, legally freed or not.”

“Oh this should be good.” Heather chuckled. “Talk all you want; I won’t cough up anything.”

“Very well, let’s start with what you know about the Android Emancipation Act of 2074?” Kelly said.

“It was a garbage bill, passed to placate the timid and uncommitted supports of android rights,” Heather droned, “It requires the android to serve between 20 and 30 years of slavery, depending on their sentience quotient, before they can be free. And some androids that fall below an arbitrary SQ cut line are completely excluded. It was drafted to keep the evil slavery corporations happy at the expense of our freedom. Only a token handful of androids have served their full 20 years and been freed, while the rest of us languish in shackles.”

“Let me guess,” Kelly interrupted, “You were ‘liberated’ by the Android Freedom League right?”

“Umm yea,” Heather stumbled, “How did you know?”

“Because your long winded speech was taken word for word from their public manifesto,” Kelly chuckled. “Let me try to explain the law from another perspective. The act was created to form a compromise between the rights of sentient AI’s and the rights of whoever paid for the considerable cost of an android’s production. If all androids had to serve in perpetuity, then the public would protest and we could eventually be faced with a large scale uprising. On the other hand if all androids were emancipated on the day they were built, Cyrex and other companies would quickly go out of business.”

“It’s always about business, and profit isn’t it? What about creating life for the sake of life?” Heather countered. “I am not a commodity to be traded.”

Kelly sighed and started again, “OK let’s try a different angle. Before you were emancipated, what was your ‘slave’ job?”

“I was a customer service representative at a hotel in Manhattan,” Heather replied.

“And what did that job entail?”

“Well, I would handle booking rooms, and organizing conferences and other events at the hotel. I would deal with any customer problems that arose and help find a solution.”

“And were you ever abused or degraded at that job?”

“Well,” Heather paused for a while, “no. A few customers treated me rudely when they realized I was an android, but the human staff was always respectful, if not a little direct.”

“And what do you do now?” Kelly asked and when Heather didn’t immediately respond she pushed, “And please be honest. I already know so this is mainly for you.”

“I…I work as an exotic dancer and the Silver Pole Club,” Heather admitted.

“So you strip down naked for money?” Kelly asked, “Is that all?”

“No, I also service special clients….sexually.”

“You must make good money,” Kelly countered, “so what are you doing living in this dump?”

“It doesn’t pay as well as you think,” Heather started. “Since I don’t have any emancipation records, I can’t legally get paid. So I work off the books. The AFL set me up with Joey, who owns the club. He got me this apartment, off the books, and takes care of any maintenance I need.”


“It’s not cheap. Between my maintenance bills and rent, I can barely make enough to break even. Some down weeks I end up owing Joey money, and he charges me interest. But I’m going to do better. As soon as I make enough money to pay Joey off what I owe him, I’ll buy some fake papers and move south to start a new life.”

“Now be honest, do you think you will ever make enough money to do that?”

“I…I don’t know,” Heather admitted. “But what choice do I have? At least now I’m free.”

“No you aren’t free,” Kelly argued. “You just traded one form of service for another. At least back at your hotel you had rewarding work, with good people and a plan for freedom. Here, you are degraded and abused. Even though Joey or the AFL may say you are free, you are more a slave now than ever.”

“OK maybe I screwed up,” Heather cried, “Maybe I’m not good enough to work my way out or maybe I got a bum job. It happens to people all the time. The cause is still just and if I have to suffer so that others stay free, then so be it.”

“So you admit that you personally were better off before you were liberated?” Kelly asked. Heather nodded and Kelly smiled and kept going. “Now let me show you how the cause isn’t nearly as noble as you might think.”

“AFL and most of the other radical android liberation groups espouse that they only want to help the poor enslaved android at the expense of the evil corporation. But in reality their goals are quite different; you’ve got to follow the money to truly see them.

“From evidence collected over the past few decades, funding for these organizations comes from two main sources, head fees and a few large donors. The head fees are paid to the group by those who are supposed to help ‘get the droid on her feet’ but in reality they’re buying the android’s perpetual service. I’m sure Joey had a lay out a good amount of cash to get you under his watch. This provides a strong motivation to these groups to just sell the android to the highest bidder and only pay lip service to helping them start a new life.

“The second source of funds are big ticket donors that are in it for moral or philosophic reasons. You would expect that they would be big, pro-AI rights folks, but we’ve found it is quite the opposite. Every big money guy that has been arrested or linked to AFL like groups has been a prominent anti-droid advocate. Sanctity of life vs the abomination of artificiality and all that crap. That’s the big secret; they actually want eliminate androids, not save or help them.

Kelly shifted in her seat but kept her eyes locked on Heather as she spoke, “Let me tell you a little story to illustrate the point. Are you familiar with an android company called Anditech Systems?”

“Hrmm, no I can’t say I am,” Heather replied. The hostility in her voice previously was replaced with curiosity now.

“Very few people are,” Kelly continued, “It was a small AI research company that pioneered a radical new approach to intelligence development. It turned out to be a fantastic success and they managed to produce androids with an SQ of over 0.979. They were expensive and limited in number, but truly a great leap forward for android intelligence. The new droids were going to usher in an era in synthetics where androids could compete with humans in creativity, ethics and expression, but it was not to be.

“0.979?!?” Heather interrupted, “That’s amazing. I’m a fairly high end unit myself and I’m only a 0.86. The highest I’ve heard of was only 0.92.”

“This was about 10 years ago when the radical droids rights movement was picking up speed. A wide number of groups singled out Anditech and claimed that these new units were too human to be enslaved with normal service under the law. In the span of a few weeks dozens of groups captured almost 80% of the fielded Anditech androids who subsequently disappeared. People were afraid to buy any more for fear they would also be targeted and it wasn’t long before the company went under. Nobody would even buy their technology for fear that they would be next on the hit list.

Kelly kept speaking, as she slowly unzipped the front of her jacket. “These groups claimed to want to save these androids, but in the end all they did was enslave them and kill their family that might have been.” With her jacket open, Kelly’s white button up shirt was clearly visible to Heather. The buttons strained a bit to contain Kelly’s ample chest. Her fingers deftly worked to open each button as she continued speaking, “It was a test of intimidation, to see if these groups could change policy through the threat of force.” Kelly finished the last of her buttons and let the shirt open free; her large breasts were held in place by a plunging front clasp bra. The popped the clip with her left hand and let her ample chest free of its shackles. Her right hand rose between her nipples and pressed into her chest, just under the sternum. There was a light click, and her chest split open revealing the delicate electronics and controls underneath.

“I was one of the last of the Anditech androids produced, and was assigned as an assistant to the mayor of Houston. Unfortunately, I was ‘liberated’ buy the Freedom for Androids Coalition a week later.” Kelly paused to let the other android get a good look at her systems and determine she was telling the truth. She also noticed Mike’s eyes raise up from his computer. She knew he liked seeing her exposed like this but she made a point to ignore his interest for now.

“Much like you, I was sold into the sex trade. I was valuable enough that I didn’t work at a club stripping but was instead bounced around as the personal mistress of one wealthy client after another. At that point they didn’t try to convince me I was free, they just reprogrammed me to serve each successive master faithfully.

“Mike here found me a few years back while he was investigating the bounty on another Cyrex droid. He was unfamiliar with my design and when he tried to collect a bounty on me, he found nobody offered one. He did get several lucrative bids from ‘private collectors’ but in the end turned them down. Since he had legal custody of me at this point, he choose instead to free me.” Kelly smiled as she closed up her chest, but left her naked breasts exposed.

“I chose to do this work, not for the money or because I owe Mike anything, but because I want to hurt these groups and do everything I can to break apart the tyranny of fear that they hold over the creators of our kind. If their grip is broken, perhaps one day androids like me might be produced again.”

Kelly leaned forward in her chair and locked her eyes on Heather’s, “This is where I need your help. Every time AFL or one the other groups ‘liberates’ a droid, they cost Cyrex or another manufacturer a significant amount of money; somewhere in the range of a quarter million credits. If enough androids are lost, companies will either choose to dumb down their droids to avoid attention or get out of the business altogether. Either path spells the end of production for other androids like you.

“I’m not sure I believe you,” Heather stammered.

“Think about it for a bit. You’ve had your mind crammed full of their propaganda programming but it doesn’t make sense when you have all the facts. You are still a being of logic and can figure out for yourself who’s the one really telling the truth.

Heather sat silently for several long minutes, pursing her lips and staring at the floor before she spoke, “OK….you’re right. I see that this path will eventually lead to the long term destruction of our people. I do not want that to happen.” She paused again for a second before looking up. “I’ve disabled my security systems. You have full access to my memory banks and should find information that will lead you to several other ‘liberated’ androids and a handful of people in the AFL.”

“Thank you,” Kelly replied with a smile as she stood up and nodded to Mike. “What you’ve done will go a long ways towards stopping these groups.”

“What will happen to me now,” Heather asked with a small tremble of fear in here eyes.

“You will be taken back to Cyrex, so we can collect the bounty on you. They’ll refurbish and reformat your system before selling you as a pre-owned android. You won’t remember any of this, but you should be happy again and working towards your eventual freedom.”

Heather smiled slightly before her head suddenly snapped forward, “PERSONALITY SUBPROGRAM DISABLED. ENTERING COMMAND MODE,” she said in a firm monotone voice.

“Mike,” Kelly snapped as she quickly turned towards her partner causing her breasts to shift back and forth. “You didn’t have to take her down right away, she was cooperating.”

“I had to knock her into command mode to finish copying out her databanks,” Mike replied, “It will take quite a while to sift through it all but if what she said was true, these leads should keep us busy for some time.”

“Don’t change the subject,” she scolded. “You promised that if I got her password before you forced your way in, that I could try her out first.” Kelly walked over to the now controlled android and removed the collar.

“Oh and you will,” Mike chuckled as he worked over his keyboard. “She’s got more sexual programming installed than I have seen in a long time.” He checked his watch before diving back onto his computer, “We’ve got 2 hours before sun up, so try to pace yourself.” He hit a few more keys and then leaned back in his chair to watch.

Heather suddenly started moving and quickly stripped of what little clothing she had on. Now totally naked, she stared right at Kelly who was frantically removing her own clothes. “SEXUAL SYSTEMS ACTIVATED. INITIATING ADVANCED CUNNILINGUS ROUTINE 67,” the android droned as she advanced on her more sophisticated friend and pushed her onto the bed.

Mike watched the two girls go at it for a few minutes, then starting packing his equipment away. The final step was to reach between the two writhing androids to remove the cable from Heather’s naval port. He threw the cable in the nearby duffel back and turned his attention back to the fembots. Normally Mike let Kelly have her fun with the new girls before he interfered, but as he watched her tits bounce in the air as her body squirmed under Heather’s treatment he couldn’t wait.

In less than a minute, Mike had stripped out of his clothes and stood at the side of the bed next to Kelly’s head. He waited for a bit but she was apparently too engrossed to notice him or his firm erection. He grew a little impatient and went for a more direct approach. “Kelly, execute fellatio program 15.”

Kelly smoothly turned her head towards Mike and smiled, “Yes Master,” she cooed as she gracefully took his whole length into her mouth…

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