Boris The Repairman - Some Recharge Sessions

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Boris The Repairman - Some Recharge Sessions

It was 1325HRS in the afternoon, I felt pretty much lazy, and surfed on the YouTube and eBay, trying my luck to see if I got something interesting. Just then two message boxes popped up on the screen, they showed me that there were two gynoids, they had some sort of sleeper protocols activated, and they required recharging. I checked those units in detail and found their power level was just enough to come to the workshop by themselves, so I secretly logged on my technician credential into their systems and set the guidance data for them. By the way, I had the suitable hardware ready, including a pair of video recording goggles.

Both of them were moving toward my position on foot. The first unit was a DeF Tech Model 527 gynoid named Nadia, serial number 9d42ff46. The second unit was a DeF Tech Model 592 gynoid named Sandra, with the serial number of 8c3ff946.

After a couple of minutes, I heard the doorbell rang, and I scanned to confirm that the first gynoid has arrived. As I opened the door, I saw a young office lady with a regular Spanish-looking face in her mid-20s, casual cut pure blonde hair above her shoulder, and somewhat pale skin. She was in some sort of dark business suit, and a matching pencil skirt, she also wore a pair of matching stockings and shoes. Her body was curvy with possible B-cup chest, and she stands around 140 cm tall.

"Nadia, right? Please do come in." I led her into the room. "Thank you, Boris right? I really need some help." The small young woman answered. "My tablet battery is almost out, I'm here for a recharge." Sleeper units usually do not own portable devices by themselves, and I did not see her bring one. However, when they need a recharge, sometimes a repair, they often use a "mask" concept, it sounds as if they really have such devices, but actually what it means is, it is they themselves require a recharge, or a repair, something like that. "Very well, Nadia. Please sit in the chair over there by the wall." I pointed at the exam chair for Nadia and she dutifully walked towards it.

Nadia arrived at the exam chair, she scanned it, and maybe did a little processing, and sat on it. Inside her electronic mind, she has just loaded and activated the maintenance protocol, as she always does when under such circumstances.

"So, how would you like it to recharge your tablet?" I asked.

"Well, it's here, let me show you." She automatically put her legs on the leg rest of the exam chair, lift her skirts up and answered. Just then I found her wearing garter belt attached to her stockings, but there were no panties, she was presenting her pantyless and hairless crotch with some fancy lingerie in front of my eyes.

"You may insert the power adapter into here," she separated her vulva by her index and middle finger, "And it should get recharged."

"Very well, I have a compatible one, I'll get it." I got to the desk and brought the whole device to Nadia.

First, I plugged its power cable into a wall socket, the LED on the dildo-like probe flickered and started blinking steadily in green, showing it was correctly powered on. Next, I smeared some lubricant on it for easier insertion. Then, I made the insert into Nadia with the help of the lubricant, forcefully jamming it full-length into her. As soon as the dildo made contact and pressed against the inner end of her, she trembled a little bit, and the LED on the dildo started blinking in yellow, it should be injecting power into her.

I double checked this on my workstation and the diagnosing chart showed Nadia was accepting power, right now she had 30 percent with her, "Okay, I had your tablet plugged in, is it recharging now?" I asked.

"Let me check," She said coldly while looking up at the ceiling, and she answered by wearing a plastic smile at me, "Yes, my tablet is now recharging. Thank you."

"You are welcome, please be relaxed during the process," I answered. She continued her stare at the ceiling.

Just then, I heard the doorbell rang again, there was the other gynoid named Sandra as the scanning result told me. Looks like she was in her 40s something, and her face reminded me of Ashley Fires, and her hair was sort of wavy long and dirty blonde. She clad her body in a shiny but pitch-black, heavy-duty trench coat made of latex, and she wore a pair of same style knee-high boots. She was about 175 cm tall, I peeked between her boots and coat, guessing by her somewhat muscular legs she could be strong built.

"Sandra, right? Please do come in. "Like before I led her into the room. "Thank you, Boris right? I could use some help." The senior woman answered. "My laptop battery wouldn't last any longer, just wanna recharge it." Like the others, but this time, a laptop. "Very well, Sandra. Please sit in the chair over there by the wall." Again I pointed at the exam chair for Sandra and she as well dutifully walked towards it.

Just like Nadia, Sandra took some time before got herself seated on the exam chair.

"Say, how would you like it to recharge your laptop?" I asked.

Just like Nadia, Sandra put her legs on the leg rest of the exam chair by herself, "Here, I show you," she said, and she simply swung open her trench coat.

I was shocked to discover that she was stark naked in the coat, her body was a little bit muscular but still perfectly curvy of being athletic, with a pair of nice D cup chest. What shocked me more, there was a male organ standing proudly at her crotch: An orange, artificial latex cock. It was obviously artificial with totally shiny smooth latex surface not only the cock itself, but also the balls dangling below. Assembly line patterns can be seen too, I just wondered what it would look like if the whole component is being disassembled. I put a 18650 battery near it and found it was three-quarters tall of the cock, and its thickness was twice as thick as the battery, pretty much decent for satisfying any hungry target.

"Are you done checking my laptop? Can I recharge it now? Its power level is relatively low now." Sandra asked expressionlessly, "Alright, I got it," I told her quickly. I scanned the model of her organ and got the compatible hardware from my inventories. I lowered the leg rests for an easier access to her.

First, I plugged a power brick to the wall socket, attached with the brick there was a probe, it was half-length of any disposable chopstick. Again I smeared some lubrication on it. Gently closing my grasp on her cock with my left hand, I slowly pressed the probe into her pee hole using my right hand. Sandra squirmed as she underwent the session, however she was unfazed for what I was doing to her. Then, with a click came from deep inside the cock, the probe was locked by her mechanism, indicating she was ready to be injected with power. Finally, I flipped a switch on the power brick, activating it. With a little hum, her cock throbbed, and Sandra twitched with it, a long beep emitted from her body.

I double checked this on my cell phone and the diagnosing chart showed Sandra was accepting power as well, right now she had 12 percent with her, "Okay, I should be having your laptop recharged, how is it going?" I asked.

"Let me check," She looked up at the ceiling and she answered by smiling at me, just like Nadia, "Yes, it's having power, thank you very much."

"You are welcome. Please be relaxed during the process." I answered. She continued her stare at the ceiling.

Now both ladies were in the exam chairs, fixing their eyes on the ceiling and being injected with power. Nadia had her legs high open in the air, a dildo-like thing plugged inside her vagina, an LED blinking on it, and the power cable ran from her into a wall socket behind her. Sandra however, had her legs low opened, she had the probe inserted into her proudly standing cock, a cable ran from it and ended at a power brick, plugged into the wall socket as well.

What can I do? Enjoy and record the scene.

Just then a new message box popped up on my cell phone, it says there is another gynoid was running out of juice and she was driving her car. I contacted the target gynoid, telling her to pull over near my workshop and I'll go for help. As the message was sent, I went to the window and saw a small black sedan slowly rolled over, and finally stopped behind my van. I collected several recharge devices in a pouch and covered Sandra with her trench coat. I told the ladies, "There's someone needs my help, you ladies stay here, I'll be right back." "Affirmative." They answered in unison.

As I got downstairs, I saw the target vehicle. I stood in front of it and faced the driver with my technician ID near my face. The vehicle unlocked itself, and I got into it and sat beside the driver seat. The driver is a skinny young African lady, her ID showed that she is a sentient synth, and she was totally unmoving and expressionless as I saw her. Just then my phone chimed, she began texting with me.

"I'm sorry, but my power level is too low that I can only text you, because I've disabled many of my functions. But the fact is, my car plug wouldn't recharge me."

"It's okay, I'll lend you one of my rechargers, and you just have to return it later. By the way, how do you get recharged?"

"I'm wearing a sports trunk under my skirt, it acts as a close contact power source, you may find a cable attached to it, and connect it to the plug."

"Oh, that's sort of smart, let me see..."

I unbuckled her seat belt, rummaged around her waist and found the cable she was talking about. I checked the port on the cable and found a matching adapter in my pouch. I plugged the adapter into her car and then the cable, her body responded with a short beep, and she texted me.

"Thank you, I'm having power now. You saved my life!"

"You are welcome. See you later."

"See you."

I left her car and got back into the workshop, those two ladies should be fully recharged, I'm going to disconnect them so that they can leave.

I came to Nadia first.


"Yes, Boris?"

"Your tablet should be fully recharged now."

"Let me check... Yes, they are 100 percent recharged."

"Let me disconnect it for you."

"Yes, please."

I grabbed firmly by the dildo and started gently pulling it out. Nadia's body twitched a little as the inner mechanism disengaged by themselves, however, she was ignorant to it and complained nothing. Some of the liquid brewed out and I wiped her clean with some paper towel.

"I'm done, Nadia, you may leave as you want." "Thank you, Boris. Goodbye!"

Nadia got up from the exam chair, tidied her suit and her pencil skirt, concealing her pantyless crotch, and left the workshop.

Then, I went to work on Sandra.

"Hey, Sandra?"

"Yes, Boris?"

"Your laptop could be fully recharged now."

"Let me check... Yes, they are 100 percent recharged."

"Let me disconnect it for you."

"Yes, please."

I gently grasped her cock and the probe and gently pulled it out of her. The inner mechanism disengaged themselves, her body twitched with it and then got relaxed afterwards. Some of her pre-cum brewed out of her as well and her cock became weak, I wiped it clean with some paper towel.

"I'm done, Sandra, you may leave as you want." "Thank you, Boris. Goodbye!"

Sandra got up from the exam chair and wrapped her body with her trench coat, hiding her topless body with it, and left the workshop.

As they left, I secretly deleted their memory of recharging in my workshop and started editing the video clips recorded by my goggles. Today was an enjoyable day!

The End

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