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The author is not responsible for Boom-Boom's stereotypical behavior. Her designers, makers, and owners are.

The metal and plastic skeletal frame was laying on the conveyor belt until a massive claw grasped it and attached an oval sphere of the skull. Metal teeth gleamed under the hollow plastic dome. The conveyor and the claw moved forward, reaching the station filled with electronics and wires. The three microcomputers, brains of every ReVerse android, proceeded to be installed in the prepared places. One of them, with open slots covered with plastic, was mounted at the base of skull by mechanical arms. The wires connected them, but they were also left opened for the future installments.

Next, the other indispensable subassemblies begun to be installed - slot for power cells, internal clocks, thermal regulators, all portable and compact to fit within the, now emerging, slender frame of the machine. It was also the time to work in the devices responsible for swallowing food. Sensors came next - a set of two optical sensors, shaped like big brown eyeballs, wired directly to brains, chemical sensors approximating the senses of smell and taste, and small gyroscopic device partially responsible for balance. The mechanical arms carried the emerging android further, installing powerful servomotors in its limbs, making it stronger, faster, and able to move. A pair of two hands - assembled by far smaller, more precise automatons - was finally attached to the arms (Feet didn't have to be particularly realistic - they only allowed for smooth walking. Only a few androids, custom made for discerning customers were able to wiggle their toes), and the frame was almost complete.

The android was heaved up, far away, and slowly dipped in a vat full of green slime. It coagulated around the frame, and the thin greenish layer made it resemble a vaguely humanoid silhouette - and when the set of four knives cut and melted the slime, it became vaguely feminine. The knives also reopened the few open wires, and another set of mechanical arms attached a thin wire of heating systems - a wonder of engineering - not only it gave the robot a constant body temperature of 36 Celsius degrees, but it served as a sense of touch, temperature and pain. The thin mesh was so sensitive, it would later have to be covered by synthetic skin. It was fairly loosely spread at places like the top of the skull or abdomen - but very dense at hands, crotch and nipples, hinting at the purpose of the machine. For an even shorter amount of time, she was dunked in a vat of green gel, and set on the conveyor belf for the one more time.

Small, thumb-sized machines emerged from the small chest nearby. Part spiders, part builders, their goal was to make a skin for the android. They spun something that could be a web, if it were organic, in thin layers around android's lifeless body. It was initially grey, but other swarm of spiders went, coloring it dark brown, precisely cutting wrinkles on hands and joints, spinning small hair to avoid the feeling of artificial plastic sheen. Even the flaws had to be precisely planned. Some of the robots cut deeply the artificial flesh, welding and shaping the plastic erogenous zones, others crawled inside the mouth covering the metal teeth with a plastic white sheen. Some mounted fingernails on the finger tips. Eventually, they covered the entire body of the android, and in one precise moment, they crawled away, leaving the shapely body of a long-legged athletic black supermodel... faceless and hairless.

The faces were assembled separately - they were too detailed to leave to massive machine hands, and required utmost precision - the heating grid intersected with delicate facial muscles, and the tiny movements had to be precise and true. The face laid prepared, waiting for a giant knife to cut the skin off the robot's head. It revealed the port and power cell chamber as well, and the facemask, together with black curly wig was placed on the woman's head. She was young, beautiful, with juicy lips and a curly nose and her face was absolutely blank. The nude body of freshly produced android was lowered, not loaded into warehouse, like all the droids assembled on this specific line, but onto a cart, speeding out of the assembly line and into an unmarked van. The van drove out of the small factory complex, into the night. After fifteen minutes it stopped in front of a small warehouse, and the cart drove out through the door that closed immediately after that. The car drove away, and the dim, brownish light illuminated the entrance of the warehouse. The cart brought the android to stand, and drove away. The robot flapped, spreading itself on the cold floor of the warehouse.

After a time that might’ve been a moment or a couple of hours, someone – a figure in long dark overcoat, with regular, rhythmic footsteps walked to the inert body of a woman, and raised an invisible skinflap on the back of her neck. From a small bag, the new arrival produced small, glittering crystal chip, and plugged it in the nest. A little green bar above it proceeded to crawl forward. It would take some time for the personality sim to fully load, and so in the meanwhile, the guest dressed the black woman – in a simple set of pants, boots, t-shirt and leather jacket.

Eventually, the girl on the floor took a (simulated) breath, and looked around, brushing the dust off her body and hair in a very human-like way. Her gaze focused on the character in an overcoat, who kneeled before her, claiming ‘It’s good to have you here… boss.’

Shadow was the trendiest nightclub in the city, where the offspring of rich and famous hanged out, listening to various music, from old-time R&B to the pop idols of today, and in general, lived the high life. In general, it was considered a safe spot – until now.

Two almost as wide as tall gentlemen in elegant black suits crashed through the club’s backdoor at three AM, completely surprising the security. After them, a gorgeous dark skinned woman entered, tall, busty, with round breasts. A fur coat was hung from her arms, but underneath it she wore a tight top, closely hugging her large breasts, and an impossibly short skirt. A close observer would notice a large Desert Eagle, casually tucked behind the skirt’s waist. The image was completed with dark sunglasses and a preposterous afro. In short, she looked like an advertisement for a violent videogame for pubescent boys.

“Yo, this joint is now owned by Boom-Boom”, she exclaimed to no one in particular, with her hands on her ample hips. “Let’s talk to the owners of the place, boys!”. Two more square thugs followed her, together with a small, bookish guy holding on to an armored suitcase.

After a climb through spiral stairs to the third floor, the six gangsters reached the office door, and one of them froze in spot. The three thugs heaved his body off, and rammed his head on the door - they didn't have to do it, though, since the door was already opened. They rammed through it, running into the small office, scarying the tall handsome man inside.

Boom-Boom walked into the room, swaying her hips, and closing the door behind her. She grinned. "You Jack Nelson?"

"Y... yes. Don't hurt me, please!"

"Oh, I ain't hurting you, dawg. Yet. All you have to do, is sign this..." she froze for a moment, and snapped the finger. The bespectacled man with a suitcase entered and produced three sheets of paper. A document ceding the property to a Chad Kalmeski.

"And you will get... this", she bent over the owner's desk, laying out the suitcase - that turned out to be full of money. "Twenty thousand simoleons, just a gift - no taxes, no nothing. And if your friends will ask why'd ya do it, you'll tell them you were going to get shot. Because you are". Boom-Boom reached for her gun and pointed it at his face. "So basically, your choice is get rich as shit and leave, or get a bigass hole between your eyes. Your choice, dog."

Jack swallowed a lump in his throat. That madwoman wasn't kidding, and she had a gun. The club was worth twice as much, but he could take the money. He owned a gun, though, and she wanted a club. Maybe he could use that, maybe he could distract her...

"That's not enough," he croaked. "The club is worth at least fifty grand."

Boom-Boom smiled, showing the plastic white sheen of her teeth. "Puppydog, I like that, you got balls. I like that in a man. Maybe we could negotiate."

"Uh, Boom-Boom? You shouldn't be doing that." The accountant looked worried.

"Go fuck yourself, Chad.", she barked, then looked at Jack and licked her luscious lips. "Don't listen to him, puppy, he's just being a jealous fuck. Maybe you would like to join us? I am sure that you would make... a good partner"

"Boom-Boom... boss, that's not what you are supposed to do..." Chad, stressed, ran his hand through his red hair. Boom-Boom bit her teeth and pushed him out of the office "Don't tell me what to do, bitch! Boom-Boom is da boss here, understood?!". The four thugs were frozen in place, blank faced.

Boom-Boom put her hands on the desk, letting her breasts stick in front of Jack's face. "Well now, dawg, want to check something with Boom Boom?", she beamed.

"Yeah", Jack answered, and fired his Glock.

The bullet hit Boom-Boom stomach, creating a large, fist-sized hole in her abdomen. Sparks and smoke flied from underneath her synthetic brown skin, and she reeled in place, covering the wound.

"That... that ~buzz~ waaaas a mistaaaake. You shouldn't do shouldn't do that", her face was frozen in a beaming grin, but she managed to speak somehow.

"You're a robot!" John exclaimed disbeliving.

"No.bzzzt.shit, Sherlock!", she answered, and heaved herself on one stiff leg.

"You're a robot!" he repeated, disbelieving. "Why would a robot...", he didn't finish, because Boom-Boom kicked him in the face with the paralyzed limb. Jack crashed against the wall, and, stunned, fell on the floor. Boom-Boom barked orders to her thugs, and they grabbed the owner of the club, immobilizing him. Chad entered the room again, looking at Jack. He walked to the suitcase and closed it.

"We won't be so nice again, Jack."

"I guess I can take the twenty thousand after all", answered Jack.

"No, it won't be as easy, Jack"

"No *bzzt*. Give him ten grand, and he can go fuck himself. Go abroad or something. You know who made us? You know who's behind us? It's better that you didn't."

"She can break your jaw with her bare hands. Trust her", Nigel added, surprised at his own boldness.

Jack sighed, and got out with half the contents of the suitcase. Boom-Boom laughed and picked her desert eagle, and sit in Jack's chair. She pulled a cigar out of her coat's pocket, and pulled the gun's trigger.

"Well, we*bzzzt* did it, I have an HQ now."

"But you, you got damaged. Exposed, boss."

"No more more of that." She puffed a cloud of smoke, which mixed with the smoke coming out of her innards. "That can be repaired. What matters now is that Boom-Boom is now loose in the city. What matters now is us."

Boom-Boom leaned casually on the side of a huge black pickup truck. Both her perfect, tanned plastic body and the car's freshly washed chassis shone in the Californian sun. Boom-Boom dropped the bikini suit and an outrageous fur coat, wearing a t-shirt with an image of a cartoony bomb, and tight shorts. Her afro was replaced by light brown long straight hair, which neatly contrasted with her dark, tanned skin.

Of course, changing hair was easy for a robot, just a matter of a clip-on wig. With her repairs after the takeover of the Shadow club, some smaller changes in the appearance were also introduced. She observed the passerby’s with mild interest, but she appeared to observe the jeweler's shop on the other side of the street.

"Hey, what are you doing here?", she was asked, out of the blue, by a brawny, quarterback-type guy, wearing a cowboy hat.

"Waiting." she smiled seductively, with a smile carefully calculated to warm up any man.

"For what?", he couldn't help but smile back.

"Maybe for you", she nonchalantly answered. "Do you have what it takes, puppy?"

He paused for a while and thought. "I've got cash.", he answered carefully. She shrugged.

"Fuck, I've got cash too. Tons of it, man. Nah, I'm more into ya know, hard sex..." She smiled, not unlike a predator. The man backed off, but she walked towards him, and got his hat off his head.

"See ya, then", she said, pinching him on the butt.

And then the sirens started to wail, two masked thugs with guns and bags ran out from the jewelers, and Boom-Boom in an instant jumped behind the car's wheel. The police would soon arrive in the scene, and ask questions.

"The police will ask questions", Chad said to her, later.

"Fuck the pigs", she answered nonchalantly sitting in a jaccuzi, completely naked, save for the stolen cowboy hat. "What are they going to do, barge in? That's why I have bribe money prepared, dumbass. The club's bringing dough, the new robot-hos bring benjamins, and all shit is working out just fine. I am never mistake. Mistake. Mistake."

Chad reached for the base of Boom-Boom's skull, and opened her control panel, resetting the fembot.

"The club's bringing dough, the new robot-hos bring benjamins, and all shit is working out just fine. I'm never wrong, bitch."

"Well you've wasted a lot of time flirting with that guy. He might be a witness."

"I can't help that, that's how I'm programmed, dumbass." Boom-Boom shrugged. "I tell ya, we're going to hit it big."

A couple of blocks away from the Shadow Club, in a penthouse of a large apartment building, a nervous young woman paced nervously in front of the door. She was climbing the walls for a good reason. Mistress Wormwood did not reacted kindly to bad news and would even have the messenger flogged in front of all her android servants. Even then, the news had to be told - the mistress had also little patience if someone failed to inform her in time.

The door opened, framing the silhouette of a stern, authoritative woman, in a business suit.

"Mistress!" the girl shouted. "Have you seen the news? There's been a robbery in one of the stores under your protection."

Mistress uncharacteristically calmly answered: "Then the robber will be dealt with. Quickly."

"You can't smoke here", the young detective commented to a petite, mature, fair skinned lady with dark hair in an imposing beehive and impeccable makeup. She was wearing a scarlet coat and a matching hat casting a shade on her face, showing off a splendid pearl necklace.

"You can't. I can.", Mistress Wormwood answered, slightly raising corners of her red lips. The boy tried to protest even more, but she ignored him. Finally, after long five minutes the chief of police appeared. She graciously extended her hand for him to kiss. There had to be some orders issued. And some punishment for coming so late. She did not have her full collection of tools and paddles but there were loads of things on the police hq she could use - and handcuffs weren't even in top ten.

Boom-Boom sneaked in the back of the mall. When she spotted a camera she smiled dazzlingly with her pearly teeth and sent it a kiss. The door were locked to a simple lock and five minutes with a pick were enough, and so was the grate. Strangely enough, it didn't turn the alarm on, and Boom-Boom was free to sneak inside the mall itself. She crouched, flexing her shapely ass and sneaked stealthily thorough the narrow alleyways of the mall. Finally she reached the facade of a bank.

The door was sturdy and the lock was good - but the front window was made of just glass. The pane shattered, and the glass shards jammed into Boom-Boom's android palm. She picked the largest ones out. Hopefully, the mall cops didn't hear it - but she wasn't in a hurry, she was inside the bank. It was dark and Boom-Boom was equipped only with a basic vision package so she lit a flashlight. The beam of light moved across the inside of the room until it focused on exactly what she was looking for: A young, pleasantly looking Asian woman with dark hair and red lips set to a permanent smile. Boom-Boom licked her lips, and walked towards the bank android. She found the dataport on the back of her neck, and ejected a small crystal chip, entering a new one. She pushed an activation button.

"Welcome to Raff... Hi, boss" the teller smiled.

"Follow me", Boom-Boom ordered. "We need to get out now"

"Wait, what's going on here?", a voice was heard. A male silhouette outlined in light appeared.

"Nothing, sir" Boom-Boom stood up, flexing her body, showing her shapely breasts and ass.

"Completely nothing", the former teller walked to the mall guard, taking her conservative jacket and unbuttoning her shirt off.


"We were just... having wild, lesbian exciting sex." Boom-Boom smiled.


"Ladies, I don't know who you are but..." he stopped when Boom-Boom punched him in the solar plexus.

"Run!" Shouted the black fembot and the two androids ran out of the mall.

The van waited for them already, with Chad at the wheel.

“What, just one? You said you were going to get at least three!”

“Yeah, I say a lot of things.”, Boom-Boom replied nonchalantly. She and the new android undressed at the back of the van. The new girl took off her shirt. Her breasts were firm and shapely, but she had no nipples, and when Boom-Boom slid her hand under her plain red skirt, she found nothing.

“Watch the road, bitch”, she growled at Chad, who kept peeking in the rear mirror. “You’ll have plenty to watch later”, she added with a calmer, sweeter tone of voice.

Boom-Boom ran her hand through Japanese cashier’s hair. “You smell nice.” She whispered in a low voice. “What’s your name?”

“Yuriko, Boss”

“That’s a silly name for a gangster. We gotta call you something else, what da ya think Chad?” Boom-Boom whispered sofly in a sultry voice.

“I think that daffodils are pretty.” Chad answered, startlingly. That was, however, enough for the Nubian android to instantly blink, turn her eyes milky white and froze in place.

“Was that a safeword?” Yuriko asked, confused.

“One of many.” Chad admitted slowly. “Put your boss down somewhere, so that she won’t distract me when driving. You might turn yourself off too, I’m trying to get us to the club in one piece.”

Yuriko always did what she was told and so she did. And when the police stopped the car they did pay no attention to two mannequins hidden under the blankets. A couple of days later, Boom-Boom’s gang counted five androids – all formerly occupying menial positions – and not especially valuable for the former owners. Sure, they filed a complaint, but the insurance companies covered these...

But Mistress Wormwood was FURIOUS. For all her influence she could not capture one mobster wannabe, and she had her sights set on the Shadow club before. In her private sanctum, laid with red plush and black leather she vented out her rage, obviously on unsuspecting servant girl. The trollop moaned with delight as Wormwood flogged her back and sensuously moved her slim hands on her abdomen. After a long embrace, she untied her, and nodded politely at the bottle of wine near the bed. The exhausted girl politely obeyed, and poured a glass of wine to her mistress.

“Jessica”, she said, pensive. “Now I came to realize that I approached the problem from the wrong angle. In short, when you want something done, you have to do it yourself.”

“You mean… Mistress…”

“Yessss…” She sipped from a glass of wine. “Bring me a combat body.”

Shadow Club was alight with music, dances and guests having fun. The dim light, the beats of techno and rock songs, and the smokes from the generators all appealed to the youth visiting the club. The new dancers – beautiful women – bent their bodies seductively to the music. And in the VIP box on the first floor, the new queen of the club reigned.

Boom-Boom was sitting on the leather couch, surrounded by two ladies. On her left arm, android known as Yuriko – now wearing a sharp make-up, and nothing much except it and a blue bikini – hugged her, occasionally putting head on the boss fembot shoulder. On the left arm Melanie, a skinny white blonde – previously a flight attendant, now reprogrammed as a gangster – was downing a glass of champagne.

Boom-Boom was wearing a see-through tight red body suit made of some kind of mesh. The only things she left to the imagination of anyone staring at her – and her perfect plastic body drew many looks – were her nipples, covered by tape with an image of grinning devil and pussy, modestly covered behind a pair of white lacey panties. “So, Mr. Radulescu, how do you like what you see?”

Radulescu, a stocky man with a goatee, nodded slowly. “Very interesting place. Very good music.” Boom-Boom smiled, flashing her pearly white teeth. “It brings mad cash, dog. We got top crowds, top dee jays, top bitches”- Yuriko purred and tugged her boss’s lacey suit – “everything is top-notch. I don’t want no crackheads in my classy establishment. Is your yeyo top-notch too, Radulescu?”

The man again nodded, this time at one of his bodyguards. The one holding a small bag took a thermos, apparently filled with snow. “This is just sample, try it if you want to.” Boom-Boom froze. For a couple of seconds she just stared in space, vacantly. “I don’t want no crackheads in my classy establishment,” she said. Radulescu smiled, puzzled.

“I don’t want no crackheads in my classy establishment.” Boom-Boom repeated. “You said so that before.” Melanie, with a practiced move jumped in front and posed seductively, reaching for the thermos, while Yuriko reached for the base of Boom’s skull, and momentarily switched a small button on and off. “I don’t want no crackheads in my classy establishment. That’s why I’m not trying the yeyo now.” Radulescu shrugged. “Some would say it is not wise, but Radulescu is man of his word. Cheap crack is bad for business.” “Mmmmm-hmmm”, Boom-Boom agreed lighting a cigar – a simulated vice that had exactly zero effect apart from establishing style.

A nude, peach-skinned redhead girl prostrated herself in front of a laptop. Her body arched as she reached for her snatch with her right hand, and stroke her nipple with the other one. “Ohhh” – she moaned. She sucked on her right index finger, sucking the juice in, and returned to poking the depths of her pussy.

Without knocking, door opened, and a young twenty-something blonde in a jumpsuit ran in. “Mistress Wormwood! Mistress! Your new body is almost ready!” The redhead stopped, startled, and looked at Dorothy with a quizzical look on her face. Then, she turned the laptop computer towards the door. The screen displayed a complex application with blinking bars of variable length. The center of the screen was occupied by a green line, that formed peaks and valleys when the computer spoke: “Very well Dorothy. Carry me to the workshop. I wish to examine my new body”

Dorothy carried the laptop to the cellar, watching carefully not to drop it. While Mistress Wormwood was real pleased, she would never forget about a slight. Despite her not having face and body, Dorothy knew what her Mistress thought. After all, she had created her for that.

The lamps in the workshop lit up, exposing a powerfully built blonde hung by the wrists in the middle of the workshop. She was wearing a latex suit, that exposed her best assets.

“I like the blonde hair, but these breasts are too much”, the laptop stated as the webcam examined the silhouette of the new body. “Were they really necessary, Dorothy?”

“Well... You specifically demanded ‘Amazonian’ physique, Mistress. They are large, because the body is larger than average.”, Dorothy answered. The Mistress said nothing, even as Dorothy circled the Amazon with her in hands. Eventually, the program laughed. “Do it. Plug me in.”

Dorothy, reverently, set the laptop aside, and closed the application. A small window with saving prompt appeared, and she made sure that she saved the memory state. Even in the age of advanced processors, it took a while, but eventually the computer shut down. Dorothy took a small, glittering crystal chip from the special slot in the side of laptop, and walked towards the hulking blonde. The body automatically lowered itself, and Dorothy inserted the personality matrix into the slot at the base of the Amazon’s skull. Loading also took several minutes after which the blonde stretched her arms, breaking the tapes. In a lower, sultier voice she said “Good. Now let’s get to ass-kicking.”

Boom-Boom looked at the contents of her closet. Redulescu left the premises but he has spent some time in the bar, downing some glasses of vodka. Boom-Boom accompanied him for a while, but this was going nowhere. There were plenty of interesting men in Shadow, though, and Boom-Boom wasn’t going to be left alone tonight. Chad was being whiny again and the other ladies, despite reprogramming and first hardware modifications were still not fully operational.

She relaxed, although not visibly. The strain of social interaction was obviously taking much of her processing power, but now she could operate more efficiently. Most of this was directed into choosing a different outfit for the night but a small part of her triple brains calculated plans for the future. The Shadow brought profits and in a month or two it would be good to extend the range of operations…

She detected a touch on her butt cheek. It took her processors nearly two seconds to save the processed data, switch to the reaction mode and decide what to do next. She turned back.

“Boom-Boom”, Chad said staring at fembot’s face. “Drugs? Shit, Bee-Bee, you’ve gone too far this time. What if we get nicked?”

Boom-Boom put one hand on his shoulder, then gently but firmly pushed Chad back. “Fuck that shit, Chad! You wanted me to do shit like this, you have to live with the consequences!” Seeing how he slumped, defensively, she altered her sex plans for tonight. Wimpy or not, there was one thing that would always work for his whining. “How about I took your mind off your concerns, sweetie?” She pulled her slinky bodysuit off, showing her perfect plastic body off to her creator.

“Err...” Chad was momentarily distracted. His moral concerns evaporated, as usual, at the mere sight of pussy. Boom-Boom grabbed his penis and pushed him gently to her bed. Chad started to take off his pants, when Yuriko peeked inside the room, looking visibly nervous. “Boss! There’s someone who wants to see you!”

Indeed. Mistress Wormwood was already busting up the place. Dorothy looked in awe as fembot athlete was breaking the door – much like Boom-Boom did a few days ago. “Where is she! Where is the bitch?!” Android body did not produce adrenaline, but simulated emotions were even easier to evoke. Dorothy thought that she should scream “Me smash!”, but she left that for the next version.

Boom-Boom lazily reached for her gun. “The bitch goes down”, she said slowly and walked out of the room. Confused, Chad rushed after her. It only took a moment for the Boom-Boom to take a look at her new opponent, assess the threats and fire the gun. Accurately. Amazingly, the opponent did not fall down, but instead stared at the gaping wound in her chest. “Sorry, but you have to have something stronger to take me down, bitch.”, Wormwood grunted.

Boom-Boom jumped over railing and graciously landed on her bare feet. “Get over here and have your ass kicked, cuntbucket.” Wormwood didn’t, but instead threw a heavy chair at the dark-skinned woman. Boom-Boom’s head snapped back, with a horrible cracking sound... And the android quickly snapped it back, though it dangled a little bit.

“<bzzt>Oh yeah, it is on.”, Boom-Boom jumped and threw a first punch. Wormwood dodged, and replied with a quick wide haymaker. They hit each other without much effect for a couple of minutes. Robots do not get tired, after all.

Dorothy stared at the fight, wishing she brought a camera. Of course, some scenes would be recovered from her Mistress’ databanks but that wouldn’t be the same. Chad walked towards the girl.

“Is the big girl yours?”

“You could say I’m hers”, she answered, a little bit annoyed.

“Same with me and Boom-Boom.”, Chad answered hesitatingly.

“Oh. Sorry about that, I’ll try to refund her. Then again, she provoked the Mistress.”

“Nah, no problem. She’s been so annoying recently, so I’m thinking of getting a new one, anyway.” He paused for a minute. “Would your Mistress have some free time in her week?”

Dorothy laughed. “I don’t think so, but I can copy her for you, if you give me a copy of your one.”

“Isn’t technology wonderful?”, Chad asked when finally Wormwood, with her face half-torn off managed to rip off Boom-Boom’s arm and hit her with it, burning African’s fembot hair with sparks flying off from exposed wires.

“Hey, listen, would you be up for a coffee some times?”, Dorothy asked.

“How about now? Let’s leave these two together.” Chad said, and they left, leaving the two fembots. Boom-Boom ripped Wormwood’s head off, and started to laugh uncontrollably. “Ahahaha!” She threw her head back, and loosened, it rolled down, still laughing. Sparks and strands of smoke flied over the battlefield.

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